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Where is Smiley's Acoustic Cafe?

REVIEWS OF Smiley's Acoustic Cafe IN South Carolina

Brenda Ortiz

Very cozy place, good live music, good drinks, friendly service, you can be outside or inside, well decorated.

Mehul Soni

Music and fries were great, burrito not so much!

Keith Rampey

Great menu, drinks and atmosphere

Tim Raysby

Stopped into this local joint on the west side, really good music, local artists/bands every night! Good place to start a night out with.

Maegon Smith

The food was delicious and the live music was so fun!!

Kenneth Sherrill

Cool place, very friendly staff and the chicken wings are amazing

Laurie Taylor

Beware - you don't puncture a tire in their parking lot! There's a piece of a sign post sticking up, not easy to see at night. They don't seem to want to do anything about it.

Tim Rogers

My wife and I love Smiley's. We frequent Smiley's on Wednesday nights when they have live band karaoke. We also like to swing by on Friday and Saturday nights sometimes to see friends play or any of a number of excellent bands play. The acoustics here are great.

Luba Erickson

It's an average. It's not amazing or classy. Beer kind of joint

Jack Monday

love their live music and the bartenders are the nicest in town. very chill, great place

Michael Coates

Cozy atmosphere and great music. They've been under new ownership for the past year and have really turned around. The food is great and everyone is always having a great time. Open mic nights on Monday are great! And you can't do better karaoke than their love band karaoke in Wednesdays.

Brandon Power

Best place in Greenville for live music. As a musician, they have some spectacular jam sessions on the porch and a live band for karaoke on Wednesdays. Love it!

Monika Scott

I truly enjoy the ambiance! Now there is comedy on Sundays!

Deborah Seay

It's a small place sometimes it is too crowded

Jojo Matchett

I love this place. If you haven't been here you need to visit. Friday nights are so much fun

Tracy Tchirkow

We love Smileys! If you’re looking for great music you can find it here almost every night of the week! Bartenders are great too!

Tina Zukaitis

Great bands! Fun Times!! That's why they call it SMILEY'S!

Mike Anderson

Live music great food and the bartender Dakota is awesome!!!

Gavin Glover Live

After a long couple of weeks, I came here from out of town to go listen to some music and maybe have a beer. Everyone ended up being so kind and accomadating. From the locals, to the staff, and the musicians they hired.

Sherlen Crawford

Awesome atmosphere

Sam Barnett

Great spot for live music. They have live band karaoke. If you go, ask for Mike.

Kyle Danner

Great place to catch some live music downtown

Brandy Williams

Hustle Souls tonight was great! More than great! Hate I couldn't stay for the entire set. Smiley's is a good after dinner spot or for the late starters a good spot to begin the night before strolling downtown. Bartenders are always welcoming.

Lindsey Lustig

Fun karaoke night with a live band! Easy going staff. Dive bar type ambiance. Nothing fancy. Food available, but I can't really speak to that since I've only ever ordered the fries. They were good though.

michael franks

The owner is just rude. The place could have potential but not under this management, he will run off all the customers eventually with his attitude.


Food was awesome, live music, Grace Pettis!!! Very happy surprise!

arielle aviles

fantastic bartender and waitress! love this place!! perfect drinks every time! best place downtown.

Matt Diaz

Nice, relaxed place to hear some good, local music and enjoy some drinks.

Jasmine Poss

Theur open mic nights can't be beat! Moderately priced drinks and a relaxed musuc themed atmosphere. Check them out !

RidgeIsAliveWith TheSoundofMusic

Great place with friendly staff and wonderful live music.

Thomas Perry

Had a blast, house band was awesome, live band karaoke. They learned the two songs I wanted off the cuff, great friendly atmosphere, excellent, packed crowd.

Donna Adams

Great food and music!

Lizzie Barnes

I have never been treated so poorly by a bartender while downtown. Having never been to this place before, I asked the female bartender what they had on tap and she rudely said “does it look like we have room for draft beer?” I asked what they had and she pointed with serious attitude to the shelf above the bar that displays their selection. After explaining that I couldn’t read the bottles in the dimly lit room, She proceeded to toss a beer menu onto the bar in front of me. After making several more rude, snide remarks and treating me like I was wasting her time, I decided to leave. Customer service requires your bad attitude to be left at the door when you clock in. Being part of the downtown service industry, I understand having bad days but there is absolutely no reason to be blatantly hostile towards your customers. I also saw her snap at several other people that evening and couldn’t believe the way she spoke to them. The music was great, the venue is nice, but I will not be returning due to this extremely rude woman.

Scotty Howell

Different and fun

Amanda Neal

Mike is by far my favorite bartender in the whole city! Food is tasty and everyone is welcoming everytime I'm there. Great atmosphere, love the live entertainment!

Charles Salters

Small venue...good could use some help

Main Street Chiropractic Dr. Kym Williams

Love love love Smileys!!! Awesome music and amazing servers and bar tenders! Mike Frazier is just an outstanding owner! ❤️

Forgiveness, LOVE RESPECT Jesus is my savior

Awesome upscale down home hott

Stephanie Skewes

QWhether a local discovering a new hangout location or a tourist venturing for entertainment, both can be found at the infamous Smileys. Music, magic, food, drinks and more. Come listen to local artists while enjoying a beverage selection by the seasoned bar extraordinaires. Dance the night away listening to music that stands the test of time. You will leave with a smile and return for the making of great memories at Smileys.

Amy Welch

Band was great! Atmosphere was equally as awesome but the bartender needs to watch the sarcastic rude comments. Not cool!

Nathan Rife

Great atmosphere, great food and plenty of drink choices!

Kevin Mchale

Friday night's live music is amazing....the crowd is an eclectic mix and the food is superb. Highly recommended.

Bruce Lazenby

It's a fun smaller place always with live music of some sort.

Matthew Wisner

Great atmosphere. Great live music. The only negative is that the place fills up so seating is limited.

Nima Shahi

Music was great, beer was fantastic, and live band really created an enjoyable atmosphere. Recommend this place for hipsters!

James Williams

Good live entertainment

Chris Hughes

Great band, excellent atmosphere!

Mary Freeman

Always a great place to listen to live music

Tony Weathers

Enjoyed smileys

Debbie boozan

Loved it went when they had comedians had a great time and food was great

Kyle Merckle

By far the best music venue downtown! Little cramped for in there so don't get there to late

Joyce Burgess

The Substitutes play there.

Melody Morgan - Meisenbach

Brunch on Sunday! Try the lemon pancakes!

Bronwyn Barnett

Went for brunch and had the shrimp and grits. Very decent portion and actually had more than 2 shrimp! The staff was correct when they said it would be among the best I've ever had. The live music was really good and perfect for a brunch crowd. I always enjoy a trip to Smiley's.

Doctor B

Live music is decent. Drinks priced reasonably.

Konrad Lentschig

My favorite location in Greenville

Mike Smith

Nice little bar the band was pretty good so yeah I will add them to my weekend rounds..

TC Rothrock

Great music, and friendly staff if you can actually find a space at the bar. They double charged my credit card and after many calls and promises that "my refund would show up next week" I still have yet to receive it.

South Carolina Flat Fee

Great Décor and local talent!

Neon Wolf


Bronwyn Ellington

Music is always fantastic and Mike the bartender is great. He takes time to get to know you and makes good recommendations. Service has been great and better than a lot of other bars in downtown.

Mary Iacovelli

Awesome music venue!

Lakshay Grover

These guys made lime shots for my non drinker friends. The live music is the real attraction.


Great local bar. Hosts a myriad of different local bands, great food, awesome staff and great music.

Victoria Zambrano

Love the place, the people and the music. So much fun!

Starla Kelsey

Great little place to go after dinner. Good music and fun people!

Lisa Robertson Gadd

Cozy atmosphere, good food, great live music.

Travis Ginn

Great staff, excellent food and service, great entertainment! Definitely our home when we go to Greenville!

Kenn Klarich

Fun, good food and great music.

Mickey Kriese

Trivia felt like an Amway pitch.

Chade Gidcumb

Great food & decent selection of beer. Good service.

Carol A

New owner and new menu!!

Chris Megert

I had a good meal and enjoyed the atmosphere The people that work there and the patrons.......... Good peeps

Austin Rabon

Best music bar downtown

Mike Higbee

Good variety of talent on live mic night w friendly servers and greenvillians. Enjoyable evening.

Lisa Renner

I love this place! It just gets so crowded. Wish they could expand. They charge to park in their own lot. I had to wait outside 30 minutes to get in. I had fun though. The staff is great!

lauren murphy

It's very unclear if you're suppose to seat yourself or have someone seat you. If you order a beer at the bar and then move to a table, the servers clearly don't want to help you or advise you that you need to close out at the bar. Have been there when I sat at a table and waited so long for a server that I eventually just went to the bar for drinks. When my server asked if I wanted something, I told him I wanted to specifically order from him because I was at his which he brought me my one beer....and one beer one only. And when I gave up on him ever coming back, I went to the bathroom where I happened upon him smoking in the backyard with the other staff. Boo. I go back only because there's always great music.

Leo Robbins

No cover charge... great music!

William Lynch

Great staff+great music+clean bathrooms=a great night!!!

Mike Brinsko

Kind of a long wait for a waiter to show up at first, and to receive the first drink order, but the food arrived quickly. Music was excellent and the crowd was nicely involved.

Chad Smith

Wednesday nights I especially love here, live band karaoke is amazing! Great, super friendly staff, and very talented band!

Jeff McDermott

Fun, great food and service! Since intimate live music venue.

Lynn Bell

Great, Tuesday with Charles Hedgepath is so mellow.

Linda Goodin

Great band (Randemonium), a little too small to dance, but good atmosphere!

Michael Makowsky

A bit of a scene. Good vibe. Seems a place to make a friend. Friendly bartenders.

Lauren Moree

We love this place...just the right size bar for a night out. Great entertainment and great to see local artists perform!

Josh Lesko

Great local music and food!

Susan Luley

Awesome food and Barbara Blue is an amazing performer who plays there 5 days a week

vikas bollapragada

Good live music.

frank wilburn

Great music, great owner, great people

Vincent Orta

Good food, just a bit pricey for my wallet. With a tip it cost $20 for a burger, fries, and a water.

Helen Brock

They have won Best Kareoke in the upstate several times, and it is well worth a visit on any night of the week. They ALWAYS have live music and a great beer selection. The staff are friendly, but can sometimes be overworked. As long as you remet they are humans, and respect them, they're wonderful. Smileys fries with smiley sauce is killer. Surprisingly so is their spaghetti and meatballs!

Tom Jenkins

Manager RUDE with no regard for guests... Sharp metal post (believe from a cut off sign) sticking up a few inches in parking lot... Punctured tire... Instead of apologizing and fixing simply stated ".. so sue me" I will NOT come back and hope it is fixed before someone gets hurt!!!

Eva Smith

Loved it, loved it. The nicest dive bar I've been too and the biggest meanest besets burger around! Good Acoustic music (with sound man on the back).

Bob D

Great service and live music

Randy Hardenbrook


Timothy Glenn

Great place to chill !!

Dana Will RiseAbove

Great for music and is served to keep you sober....its not the best

Stephen Von Bokern

Food was good and seemed to be priced fairly. Men's restroom could stand a little attention.

kevin wardlaw

The owner !! Such a great guy the food ; well it was just absolutely amazing ! The BBQ TACOS ( party in my mouth ) decent music . It's not ur ordinary dive bar !

Andrew Van

One of Greenville’s oldest hidden treasures. Great food, from the hoagie to the wings. Live music and comedy. Check their schedule. You won’t be disappointed.

Sheri McCune

Great place for live music

Andrew Barkman

Went on a live karaoke night where a band plays the karaoke music. Then trivia, then regular karaoke with a machine. Sound system is great. Fun atmosphere.

Jenn Crass

Great music every night but Sunday, always free admission

Caroline Wade

Great little restaurant/bar with talented musicians always. Smiley's also has a wonderful deck in the back. It's a great place to meet friends and make new ones.

Echo Phyber

The live karaoke is fantastic and the food 8s amszing. Definitely a great place to visit.

Royce Vold

Great place! Good music and fun times

Krystian Babilinski

I love the live music and their food is good. Greenville doesn't have a lot of music and food places however out of all the places that do offer music this is one I would definitely recommend. Music can sometimes get a little loud.

Kelli Otts

My favorite bar in Greenville! I come every Wednesday that I can for the live band karaoke. It's fantastic!!! I'm here on New Years, they did a champagne toast and served everyone breakfast!!!! Great staff, great live music, great atmosphere!!!!

Teacher Krisia

Fun bar!

Sam Hanna

Live band karaoke night was awesome a new experience for me and my friends and they have it every Wednesday night will definitely be back again

Lauren Ford

Great music, great atmosphere!!! Gotta love Smiley's!!!

Carolyn B Melby

Fun place! Bartenders were fun to talk with. Had their Pink Gin drink...came with a Strawberry edible straw. Yummy!

Turin Storm

Mike Frazier is the best!

ed ed

Very nice place to spend an evening down town. Good food and live music.

Stan Mcilvain

Cozy venue with excellent local musical talent and the craft beer selection is just fine!

Ken Beierlein

Great live music, 6 days a week


Great venue for music but very small and only around 10 tables. Bar staff are great so if you dont mind standing in a crowded bar and aren't looking to eat a meal, it is good place. You can eat at one of the 10 or so bar seats and food looked good. But, grabbing a table is not likely even if you wait hours. First come on table system is a free for all unless you know someone.

Joe Powers

My favorite place in Greenville. Live music 6 nights a week. Mondays open mic is always fun, Tuesday is a rotating acoustic showcase, Wednesday is live band karaoke, not sure about the rest. Great place with good drinks and food as well

Gregg Fuller

Just a cool place to hang out and enjoy a drink and live music. I always get the brownie a-la-mode, and I refuse to share it with anyone! Great friendly staff!

Joseph Harden

Amazing staff. Great food and drink.

Mike Williams

Great live music. Small but intimate. The staff are top notch and really take care of you. Never had to ask for a drink. My beer never went dry. Awesome.

Donna Bush

It was fun despite that electricity was off. We love this place!

Marina Pariente

Great bar, great people I go there often and listen to my favorite bands.

James McCauley

Smileys is a awesome atmosphere with good food, music, drinks, and people.

Lenny Marlow

Great performers. Good service & food.

Kevin Joel

SMILEY'S FRAUDULENT CAFE... As much as we can appreciate the music this venue brings in, we won't be returning after a brief visit this past Saturday night, when upon returning home and reviewing our credit card statements for the evening, we had been OVERCHARGED.. My card was charged $21 for a club soda and a Jack n Ginger - over 3X the actual cost! This marks the SECOND TIME IN LESS THAN 6 MONTHS, that we were (at least temporarily) DEFRAUDED!!! The real kick in the teeth came when I called later that night to address the OVERCHARGE, and was promptly informed that the overcharged amount would be reversed.. Had I not shouted into the phone to keep the bartender, "Rob" on the phone, he would not have had a chance to even get my name, which he failed to request.. When I inquired how it was he would have been able to reverse a charge without even knowing my name, let alone card number, apparently he couldn't help but laugh - presumably because he was caught red-handed, as he proceeded to attempt his second DISHONEST move on us in he same night! It was at that point that he became somewhat apologetic, as he likely realized that I was not intoxicated, perfectly coherent and raising a legitimate alarm as a NON-DRINKING customer (it was my better half's liquor drink).. I'm actually looking forward to paying this shady joint a visit during daylight hours to hopefully address these FRAUDULENT practices, which are no doubt commonplace. If you cannnot avoid a trip to Smileys Fraudulent Cafe, at least do yourself a favor and pay with CASH, and KEEP YOUR CARDS IN YOUR POCKET!!!

Stevie Ray Charles

Great place. Get there early.

Carol Johnston

Food was good

Jonathan K

Great place for drinks with friends. Live music and good drink prices. Cool little spot.

Nate Moore

Great place but don't order the pizza.

Matthew Ivey

Cool, small venue, great band for impromptu kareoke!

Matt R

Fun space with live music and a good beer selection.

Lyndon Clayton

Great food n music..

Michael Knapp

I wish they had taps but they have a great coffee drinks

Rusty Greer

Love the beer selection. Also got to see some cool bands there.

Shannon Mouton

Good band, not nearly enough dancing room though.

Trevor McCurdy

Awesome place and awesome people. That’s Greenville for you. I like the place, can be a little cramped if a lot of people are in there, but that’s no issue for me. Small little stage near the front for local music makes it worth it to me.

Annie Myers

The man who runs this establishment has got to be the rudest human I have ever spoken with. I had a very legitimate complaint and he was so condescending and he made sure we knew that he couldn't care less if he lost our business because he had plenty of other patrons. If you treat every first timer like this, eventually people will catch on. As far as the actual business, it was clean and looked pretty cool. The food however was overpriced and not great.

Mickie Stevens-Hernandez

Small bar that features local talent. The drinks are not the best and beers are only bottled but the atmosphere is sometimes cool.

Jessica Martin

Brunch was amazing. Food incredible. Owner and bartenders are so fun and great laughs. And of course the live music is joyful to the soul. 10/10

Elaine Burgess

Awesome place for The #1 Fun girl to go!

Katie Moody

The bartender was really good, remembered names drinks and cards and he was really funny, clever funny too. I wish I got his name.

Nicole Waters

I absolutely love smiley’s. The live bands are great! Of course I have my favorites but the venue is cozy.

Kelvin Eichinger

Always fun

Christina Chivalier

Great place the live band karaoke is awesome. The sound committee. Amazing

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