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8595 Pelham Rd, Greenville, SC 29615

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REVIEWS OF Salsarita's Fresh Mexican Grill IN South Carolina

Alice White

Friendly staff, clean environment, wonderful food. 10/10 would eat here again

Tripp d'Ablemont

Great chips and queso! Friendly staff.

G User

Good American "Mexican" fare. You get what you expect and the flavor is good. From burritos to taco salad, you choose your own meat and ingredients on the line, (like Subway for Tex-Mex?). Staff is friendly and the food is good.

coleman parham

Good food, not very friendly staff.

Paul D

Tasty product I find it to be better than most

Josh Hoover-Dempsey

Nice spot for take out. Family meal makes for an easy taco night.

Robert Gowan

Salsarita's was an overall unpleasant experience for me. Although the food did taste fresh, the staff and overall layout of the place seemed poorly thought out and confusing. First, the menu is strange. Salsa is not included with the meal, so with two kids and a budget, it is impossible to get something we all want considering you have to buy each kind separate, I got stuck with mild, and they have weird combos that make no sense and left me stuck paying extra. Worst is, I went there based on an ad I saw claiming kids eat for $1.50 with purchase of an adult meal, yet they refused to honor it saying that it was made for a different location even after I showed it to them and confirmed it was for their address! The lids for cups are hard to find and not labeled and there were no paper towels in a relatively unclean bathroom. Not big things individually, but piled up becomes overwhelming when you're watching kids.

Steven Goedecke

Good food. a little pricey for quick service Mexican food.

Liza Bryant

I don't know how they fix their chips, but they are amazing! I love this place!


The way they talk about their staff is so disrespectful. I don't see how they legally get away with not paying over time.

Sherika Johnson

I wish I can rate it a 0 because they don't deserve a star. Me and a co-worker went for lunch both of our first time eating there. The workers serving the food was rude and didn't smile and wasn't very helpful. So I go though the line I end up paid $10 and changes. I noticed I didnt have enough cheese on my nachos and I told them she didn't put enough cheese on my nachos and can I have some more cheese. She said yes but I had to pay $1.09 for a small cup of cheese because she didn't put enough on my nacho some customer service. Will not be recommending this place to anyone and it was my first time and my last time. The price isn't worth it.

John Tripp

Good food

Zach H

Great for quick lunch

Bryan Campbell

Always friendly and great food

ally blodgett

It was so great! the food is amazing! Lucy and Claudia are really good and helped me a lot with making my burrito. it was amazing! I highly recommend this place! it's so good and very clean!!

Tom W

Had a very good lunch here on a Saturday. The changes in the menu have been great and my Chicken Burrito was very good. All the vegetables were nice and fresh. The dining room and bathrooms were clean. Nice place to grab a quick and filling lunch.

Curtis Pacheco

The queso burrito they offer was cold. The queso was cold. The rice they used inside the burrito was hard and the employees were not friendly in the least. I will say that the food came out fast and that there was absolutely no wait. My family and I were the only ones there...


It's pretty good. Service is ok and they are a bit pricey..

Kori Knisely

The lady at the register is rude always. Pretty much throws your money/receipt at you. Every time I have come here she has been rude . The people taking your order are nice but she is consistently rude.

Caryn Schultz

Clean, the workers are very nice. I like the option to add shrimp as the protein. Yumm!


Good casual dining place for family

Phillip Bridges

Love the chicken anything lol

Nina Chism

Ate there one time and had steel from a wired cleaning scrubbing pad in my cheese sauce for chips. Never ate there again.

dan dakin

Food was fresh nice service clean place.

Trent Ritchey

Chips and Queso Dip are the best ever!!!

Andrew Zywotko

The chicken quesadillas are marvelous. Staff can be difficult at times, but the food comes out delicious! Fairly priced as well.

tim mcnamara

Rude behind the counter always in a hurry help. I never know what to get here and them rushing doesnt really help. Like Moes with a bad attitude and not as good.

Natalie Schwieger

Food mediocre- the restaurant is a little dirty. The service was terrible. I had to tell the server 4x what I wanted. It was very aggravating and difficult. It felt intentional. She was extremely rude. If my kids and I weren’t so hungry I would have walked out.

Jeff Fishman

Good food but a little pricey

David Fulfer

pretty good, nice friendly staff and consistent quality

Lori Black

I have to save this place is one of my main guilty pleasures. I crave the nachos covered in queso and a variety of toppings. Most of the time they top my nachos generously with anything I ask. The only complaint I have is how miserably stuffed I am when I'm done.

cory Burgess

Food is good. Staff is friendly be preformed them to be busy at lunchtime

phil childress

Fresh food and menu was easy to understand. 3 of us ate with drinks under 30 bucks. I will be returning.

Doug Mylander

Customer service has gotten worse, portions have gotten smaller and the queso is very watered down.

Beth W

They let my friend and I do a Bible study here. That's a winner in my book!!

Chris Griffith

The Subways of burritos but even better. Sell beer, fairly priced, and really good burritos. They give generous portions. Will definitley come back

Andrew Paquette

Waited 5 minutes until someone came out of the back. The servers were not very friendly and unapologetic for making us wait. The food was decent, but the experience definitely was subpar.

Clarice Watson

The guy working the register was beyond rude. Tried to change 7.49 for chips and queso. Then got bent out of shape when questioned on it. I won't give this place another dime of my money. Go to the ones in Spartanburg. It's worth the drive.

Jill Bellinger

Love Mexican food. Service is usually fast and the workers are nice. Only one soda machine, so it takes longer to get your drink.

Luann Meador Keller

A great place too eat. Nice atmosphere, great food, quick & friendly service, huge variety of beverage choices.

Pike Man

Since they got rid of the mean lady that never smiled and always acted like you were bothering her, the experience has been awesome!

Crystal Nichols

Love the fresh food and fast and friendly service

Brandon Banks

Amazing food speedy service

Joel Fuzia

Dont know why i dont eat here more, its awesome!

Brian Williams

Because I built my own to meet my diet requirements, i spent $15 dollars on not much food. Super disappointing. They just upcharge to death.

Shaun Wagner

This is similar to Moe's. We prefer Salsaritas because the chips are thinner and crispier. Other than that, both Moe's and Salsaritas are about the same.

Randall Brown

Great food. Always consistent.

Jordanna Tillinghast

I tried this for the 1st time with friends-good was good and reasonably priced!! Would go back!

Joey Carrano

The nacho bowls are always Amazing! Great for catering

Country favorites 1

I visited this location today for my 2nd ever visit to a Salsarita's around 3pm. I had a question about getting extra chips and queso sauce. The lady did not understand, so she asked another girl. This girl gave me such a hassle over it so I asked for an extra order of both. This must have set her off, because she got loud saying that I would have to pay. When I told her that it was ok that I would be glad to pay, she got even loader, so I asked her to stop being rude and went back to the original lady that started with me. That was not good enough she got even louder to where people sitting down were looking. I had enough and just left. Two weeks ago the same girl gave me a hard time because I did not understand how it worked (1st time there). I'm disappointed because I really liked the food and I live 1/2 mile away.


Love the fresh selection of items and the ability to be able to choose what is added to your dish.

Scott Moore

It's good - not great. You pretty much get what you pay for. Biggest complaint, as someone else noted, is that the meats are kept in a lot of liquid which make for very messy eating. Staff is generally friendly and helpful, restaurant is clean and service is very quick and accurate. I go there for that - quick, good food. It works.

Catherine Tolbert

Catering Order: Talk about scoring points with my office. We order catering at least once a month, and this catering order was definitely one that left notable positive feedback from my team members. They really enjoyed being able to make a soft/hard taco, even taco salads. Even the vegetarians were pleased. They said the food was delicious. There were plenty of accoutrements for the pleasing. At first glance I wondered if there was enough food, but there was more than enough. Thank you for bringing healthy, savory options for our office. Thank you for making me the office She-ro.

Tim Sams

Fresh food, served fast, friendly staff, the price is a little on the high side if you don't get the special.

Bryan Fraser

Quick service & decent food!

Brad Salyers

Twice the price of Chipotle, half as good.

Jasmine Pendergrass

I️ have been going to this place for months on my lunch break. I️ ordered two tacos and they were soggy and slapped together the manager on duty was very rude babied me and told me I️ didn’t need her name! Unprofessional and will not be returning!

Klincomfelt Loxdale

I love Salsaritas but the staff never smiled and the music was way too loud!! And it wasn't English which made it even worse being so loud. The limes were old and dried out.

Ashley Taylor

Really good. Employees were nice. I wish the queso was served hotter, since it was barely warm.. but it was still yummy.

chris pratt

Always great

Mario Gray

Helpful staff.

Elena Flora

Catered from Salsarita’s for a family birthday and very disappointed won’t use them again!! Only had 10 people but you have to order for a minimum of 15 people, which was fine because I thought we would have tons of food and left overs but I was wrong. There was hardly any food!! Then they only gave me 2 burners to heat up 5 trays of hot food. When I texted the manager to complain he responded the rice is supposed to just sit out!! Who wants cold rice?! If You need catering I would not use them I’d try Tropical Chicken or some other restaurant!

Peo Light

We have eaten here many times but my chicken taco Sunday was not edible. The chicken had chunks that were rock hard and burnt. We will not be going back.

scott Whitcomb

Steak much too salty..couldn't finish my meal.. Expensive fountain drink price. Never going back

Will Boje-Estes

Salsarita's has always been good. Today was the first time I almost had to just walk out. Once we got up to make our orders there was an overpowering smell of mildew and/or nasty floor sink water/ sewer gas. Even with the smell we looked past it and desided to stay and eat. The Lady at the register stayed on the phone and did not make eye contact or acknowledge that I was there at all. We were the only ones in the restaurant at the time. She finally asked what we ordered. Luckily the food was still good as what I remembered it always being like. The food trays smelled like mildew as well. TLDR- place smelled horrible, food was good, service sucked.

Brandon Smith

Food was decent but overpriced. Not much food for the money.

Patrick Robbins

The food tastes great for quick mexican, and service is fast. Always happy when I leave.

Ian Dodwell

This location has really gone downhill lately. Food is terrible. Not worth your time.

David Foster

Almost can't stop eating even when you're full

Scott Thackston

Friendly customer service, fresh food at a good price plus the kids love the chips & queso!

Rebecca Berry

Moderately clean. The onions were leathery and inedible. The tea tasted very old. Otherwise, the chips, beans and rice were fresh.

Sue Who

Stale tortilla shells...awful...used to be really really good.... disappointed.


A few years back when this place opened up, it was amazing the food was fresh the service was great everything felt authentic, however after eating there a few days ago, my opinion of this place has drastically changed, the "steak" was literally pot roast, not too sure how that can be called steak, the rice tasted like it came straight out of a box oh, I must admit the chips were good, if you're going to sell pot roast, call it pot roast not steak

Jeff and Traci Reddekopp

The food is decent and fast, but they are very stingy with their portions. There were maybe a dozen chips with my $3 queso and maybe 2 oz of chicken on the salad. I'll go somewhere else next time.

Jodie Hatcher

We wished we'd made different choices with meal building, some stuff was okay and some not so much. Clean in front tho

Dude Guyman

The food was, first of all, incredibly pricey for dinner, about ten dollars before tax just for one meal, so feeding a family of three became almost fifty bucks after all was said and done. The food wasn't terrible, but it was worth about half the price; the chips were thin and flavorless, the salsa was watery with a very strange aftertaste, the queso wasn't even hot, and the guacamole didn't taste anything like avacado. I'll probably go somewhere else next time I get a craving.

Chassidy Lindsey

Excellent food!!! Love it!!!

Stan Pauls

Good selection of food items. The chips were especially good. They have the Coke freestyle machine which gives you many drink options.

Ginger Hughes

We order a lot of catering each month. I had MANY problems with the the last catering request (yesterday). For starters, the website wouldn't allow you to pick a state or location, so I had to call the order in. I called BEFORE the store opened (not during busy lunch time). The lady that answered the phone said "she was busy" and would call me back. She never called back, so I then called her again & she took my order but was VERY rude about it. I had 20 employees ready to eat lunch & the food wasn't there 15 min after it was due. I called to see where the food was & the (same) lady said that "the food was ONLY 10 min late". I mean, late is late! She said she would call her driver to see where she was & call me back - but again, she never called back. The driver showed up and was very nice & apologetic. I called after the busy lunch time to ask if we could get a credit toward a future catering order and the same lady said she would check with the owner & call me back. She didn't. I called HER and she said she could do the credit. I asked for her to email that to me, so I could have it in the future. She said she would. I never received an email from her. I called the next day to ask for the email again. We will see if I receive (??). Long story short, the customer service was terrible. VERY rude. The food was late but good.

Courtney Crawford-Wadley

Food was great

Matt Holcombe

Fresh, more authentic than moes and chipotle

Ricky Hardin

Good food!

Danny Warner

Fast friendly service. Good food. Gets real busy by noon

Chan Johnson

Good place , chips and salsa good

Nicolas Frank

I was charged extra for grilled veggies yet the server didn't indicate any extra charge and there was no signage either. After noticing this on my receipt, I informed the cashier/manager, who shrugged it off as my mistake and told me she'd inform the server for next time. It seems she does have problems with customer service and is willing to lose customers. I won't be going back.

Jennifer Dinkel

I wanted shrimp in my order. No shrimp. Each employee that handled my food asked if I wanted something else... I would say, "Yes, my shrimp." Get to the end to pay for my food, they tried to charge me for the shrimp I never got.

e d

It's OK, friendly employees, nice food

Joey Cornetto

Came for lunch at lunch time and did not have food ready to serve. Small portions for the price.

Jaime Hester

Very rude staff

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