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REVIEWS OF Palmetto Pig Bar-B-Q Restaurant IN South Carolina

Quinton Bolin

As good as Antleys all day long, Lol. Great fried chicken.

Phillip Cordell

Dont be turned off when you pull up. Looks like a little hole in the wall but you will not be disappointed. Wonderful food, friendly service and great sweet tea. There is no soda fountain machine if you dont like the sweet tea or water you will have to buy bottle soda.

Alicia Loudermilk

Walked in and right back out. Came here with a group of friends and it took one look at the food to decide eating here was probably worse than mall food. It looked disgusting! The mac and cheese was badly burnt, the food looked like it was there for days. The staff were just crowded around the tv this place just looked bad too. Did not want to chance getting sick on a camping trip.

Brian Wood

This is a buffet-style restaurant I got the takeout box but there was enough pork to feed me for 4 days

Madeline Stewart

I've been looking for a great BBQ place in Columbia and this is it! Great prices, amazing BBQ, outstanding service, and pitchers of tea on the tables! We were there around closing time and an employee asked us if we wanted anything else, and he was very generous and boxed up whatever we wanted for us to take home! I will definitely be back!

Mark Philipp

The best Mac and cheese in town

Kyle Miller

Co-worker brought me here and I recommend to anyone looking for a good place to eat. Best fried chicken of any restaurant in memory and the BBQ is right up there with the best too.

Rick Faggehti

4.5 Stars. The mustard sauce is PERFECTION. It was my first time trying this style of sauce and I was skeptical as I'm not a huge fan of the condiment. However once you taste it on the pork it made perfect sense. Unfortunately, the meat was a bit dry. I bet it's perfect coming out of the kitchen, but meat sitting under a heat lamp on a buffet line gets tough after a while. The hush puppies, coleslaw, and potato salad were also excellent. Beans and Mac and cheese were just okay. I only wish they also had made to order dishes and it wasn't just a buffet. It's definitely worth a stop.

Kris Mattingly

The food is excellent! I would like to see another side dish and maybe a dessert.

Janet Chargualaf

My first visit with them today....5 stars for me.... Y'ALL HAVE THE BEST MAC AND CHEESE... And I'm a cheese fanatic... Hands down to y'all

Angel Wise

Not as good today as it is most of the time

Brandon Corbit

Very good taste. However, the buffet is a bit pricey and much smaller than most. A mostly safe pick.

Glen Bramlitt

The food is always good. The buffet is small, but it's worth the wait in line. Service is great and I've never had an issue getting anything.

Caitlin Clem

I stop by every time I am in town and they are open. Their food is always hot, fresh, and delicious. They have a buffet, but you can also order or get food to go. The people are always friendly and they make sure to keep the tea full at the tables.

Stephen Vezeau

$13.00 all you can eat, most excellent



Lance Kingery

Best fried chicken in the city.

Stephanie duh

Nice little buffet, a little pricy but the food is good

Jarmel Smith

I had Palmetto Pig while on an evacuation with my disable clients. They were gracious enough to cater our dinner while we were in Columbia!!! Their food and customer was PHENOMENAL!!!!! WE LOVED IT !!!!

laura Williams

Great southern BBQ! Bit high prices but large portions so to me works out. Second time I've been, both times staff very pleasant, cheerful in fact. Basic small town BBQ setup with long community tables and several booths each with a full pitcher of sweet tea. Pleasant, small town atmosphere. Either purchase buffet or sandwiches/ chicken/ baskets and grab your drink/utensils at end of line. Fried chicken was fantastic, BBQ very flavorful and moist. All of our food was hot and not dried out as often is at other places. Each time I've been in staff were busy with cleaning tables, prepping, cooking.

Henry N Webster, II

Plus side - good sweet tea and a nice grandma lady at the register...slow, but sweet and welcoming. It all starts to fall apart after that. Nearly $12 for a buffet that's only half of what Doc's & Hudson's offers ...and only one vegetable....ONE !! For Pete's sake. Once the room fills even half-way at lunch, forget moving around or going back for seconds...packed in like sardines at long tables. Where's that fire marshall when you need one. Small buffet starts in a corner, so be prepared to butt in front of some other poor soul to get seconds. Pulled pork had a nice smoke flavor, but had been in the warmer so long it was dry and starting to curl & crisp on the ends. Banana-less "banana" pudding. So, if you are not the least bit budget sensitive, and like to live on nothing but meat and starch, have at it. Otherwise, save your money. Never again....

Bridgette Ginn

The best pull pork sandwich in columbia

Aaron Merritt

Terrible. I paid over $15 for a small wing, 3 ribs, a plate full of slop (hash and rice), 2 hush puppies, and a few fork fulls of mushy macaroni, and a side of water. The ribs were tough and dry The chicken was VERY small The Mac N Cheese was just mushy macaroni with burnt shredded cheese mixed around in it, usually in clumps. The "BBQ" sauce was actually some Mustard concoction which was awful. I don't know anyone that thinks of mustard when they think of BBQ, but I was sadly disappointed. Here I am in the South and I couldn't get a solid BBQ meal? There were a few silver linings: the water was cold and free, the hush puppies were pretty good, they have this mush that is called 'Hash and Rice' that is good for a handful of bites but then gets too heavy and repetitive. Oh yeah, the roll they gave me was tiny and firm. The only reason I rated Service 'Good' was because the girls that helped were smiling and ready to take my order. That was the only interaction I had with them though. I will NEVER go back here, even if they offered free meals for life.

Clifford Brooks

I ordered a BBQ sandwich with cole slaw. It was delicious. I ordered my BBQ sandwich with the mustard base sauce. You can place an order with other BBQ sauce options.

george burley

Besides being all you can eat and an entire fraternity dhowing up for dinner, there was nothing different or special about this BBQ. The fried chicken was better than the BBQ. There are better places.

Stephen Whiteley

Excellent home style cooking!

Daniel Kessler

For all you can eat, fantastic. Pulled pork and fried chicken were really fresh. Hush puppies were incredible. Everything else great too!

Mark Morris

it was ok hash was not good to much tomatoes, taste in it


Me and my daughter come here often and the food is always great. The atmosphere makes you feel like being at home.

Edmund Lavesh

Best tasting BBQ in town. They have a lot less variety than other BBQ places but what they have is better. They seem to focus on quality and perfection on a small number of products rather than serving lots of different things. They have the basics:. Pulled pork, fried chicken, hash and rice, beans, Mac n cheese, etc. All very very good. Tea included with meal and is likewise very good (at least the unsweetened is, I don't drink sweetened, but sweetened is waiting at the table for you in jigs). Very friendly staff.

Chris Moseley

If you like barbecue, it's a no brainer!

Nina Lambert

Awesome food, great service

Tracy H

Love the food and the staff is really friendly.

Curtis Smoak

Simple but delicious menu.

dixon rivera

Good! The end.

William VonHarten

It's my favorite BBQ on the planet. They make everything just like when I first enjoyed BBQ when I was a kid growing up in SC in the 1960's.

Jerry Dicken

If you like pork this is it ! Home atmosphere!


I got the BBQ sandwich here expecting a dinky little roll with some meat on it but instead I was pleasantly surprised when I received a large hamburger bun overflowing with some of the best BBQ I've ever had. Would definitely recommend for their takeout and I cannot wait to try the buffet!

Chris Austin

food is great.

va r

Pork and mac was reheated. The mac was okay but the pork tasted old and microwaved. As a bbq place you need to care for your meats. Shredded meats are best kept when vaccuum sealed. Everything else was par and the staff was very friendly and kept a very neat lobby area.

Michael Pinckney

Best fried chicken in the Columbia area.

Lorenzo Parker

BBQ's mediocre, fried chicken is good.


Good bbq buffet with a nice atmosphere. Only serves sweet tea to drink but has a vending machine with Coke products.

Steve Ort

Great food, good service. Bring a drink if you dont want Sweet tea

Angela Cauthen

Who was good just wasn't a lot of variety but the staff was nice to restaurant was clean

Jacob Eargle

Good Bar-B-Que. All you can eat. If you go away hungry, ain't somebody's fault but your own.

Claire Hann

Don't bother eating dessert if you ate the potato salad and cole slaw; they could add 1/2 the sugar and the recipes still would be sweet. I don't understand this! They are two delicious recipes, and their food is amazing, but if I eat a little of everything it's a sugar overload and I don't expect that from a lunch meal. Their hash is AMAZING and I could eat it forever. Their chicken is also not bad. Overall not a bad place to eat if you like traditional southern style BBQ lunch. I still go back from time to time, I appreciate their food overall.

Bradley Coates

The Mac n cheese was burnt so it ended up being very dry. By burnt I mean big black chunks of blackened bits. No one seemed to mind, so maybe that's just how it usually is.A lil buffet down by the university. There isn't a lot of variety on the bar but what's there is decently good. It is well manned, clean and there is sweet tea on every table. The unsweet tea was great too but you had to get up and serve yourself!!

Dave Shelton

It's Palmetto Pig...10 stars of I could, the best

steve myers

Good food sweet tea

christopher smith

Small buffet. Pretty good barbecue for 12.95. A great place for a quick bite before a concert or baseball game

Payne Seal

Unlike a lot of barbecue restaurants that have a thousand options, all of mediocre quality, Palmetto Pig offers a relatively small number, but all of outstanding quality. Everything tastes great and is fresh (nothing sitting under heat lamps for hours on end.) Very nice folks, and a fair price. Always love going there!

Rochelle Brooks

Palmetto Pig Bar-B-Que was good for their style. Although I was wanting some Barbeque rib tibs, they didn't even have Barbequed food they had pulled pork and I had to add my own (their home made) barbeque sauce. So probably....I'm from Indiana and we have real Bar-B- Que joints like King Ribs and that's not what we got. South Carolina "Bar-B-Que" is way different.

Amanda W

Ms Mary is my favorite. Food is excellent and price is AWESOME!

Nathan Hartis

Awesome home made barbeque and fried chicken buffet with all the sides. The cost is about 12 dollars for food and drink and it's all you can eat. This is really good food, you should try it!

Garland Lambert

The bbq is good but I go here for the fried chicken. Love it.

dj hall

This is the best friend chicken I've had in Columbia. Restaurant is very unassuming with its family style dining but the sweet tea is good and I always fill up on their nostalgic fixins. Seriously, give this place a chance (and the red velvet cake is awesome!)

Danita Jacques

Food is great. Staff is friendly. Restaurant is nice and clean.

James Cooper

Great place to enjoy a great BBQ Pull Pork All you can eat, the fried por skin is delicious and fresh-cracking. Rated A by SCDHEC.

Alessia Jones

Very good, hot, fresh food. Original sauce and Mac n cheese were amazing. Would recommend.

Brady Lambert

Disappointed that only had mustard based bbq sauce. I'm allergic to mustard and this was a waste of my money.

Todd Frye

Great food and staff. Best Mac & Cheese in this area.

Eastern America

Price hog high, small bar compared to rest of Cola BBQ restaurants.

Billy Whitt

I travel quite a bit and have never come across a gem equal to palmetto pig. The fried chicken is kiss your mama on the lips good and the pork bbq is some of the best I've had. Had never had hash and rice but enjoyed it as well as the rest. Not a huge buffet but you don't need it with the quality items they serve. Don't pass on this if you are in Colombia!

Named Nameless

Real southern sweet tea, awesome mac and cheese. Bbq and fried chicken for meat choices. Simple food, all you can eat. Nice mom and pop place.

Gary Brinkly

Very good. Chicken especially good. Good southern style Cole slaw. A little pricey but it's all you can eat.

Allison Dean Love

Great barbecue at a great price!

judy boatwright

Food is really good. BBQ you can put what kind of sauce you want. The best hush puppies. Will definely go back when in Columbia.

David Smith

This is a very good BBQ joint in downtown Columbia. They have fantastic chopped pork and the fried chicken is, well, OMG crust & juicy! Plus buffet too. You can get your fill. A little pricy for the amount of items on bar but still, delicious!

Tiffany Freeman

This restaurant catered the food for my husband's 40th birthday party. Everything was done in a timely manner and for the price, I couldn't believe all that was included! The food was delicious and everyone enjoyed it. I didn't give it a five because the main delivery guy made me uncomfortable with mentioning a few times about how far out he had to drive for a such a small party. Customer shouldn't have to hear that.

Paul Sagona

Best BBQ in town

Sir Chan

Pulled pork was ok. No other bbq available. Fried chicken? Green beans - only real vegetable. Mac n cheese don't count.

Marissa Pastick

Awesome no frills place for southern comfort food. Buffet with free iced tea. Banana pudding was SO good!


Great food!! Excellent service!!

joe turner

Decent BBQ. Great price. Yummy cake.

Delaney Harris

Our favorite place to get BBQ. Always delicious and fresh.

Jack Wyatt

Buffet is good and one of the BBQ places that still serve fresh pork skins with the buffet.

Tyler Sligh

Amazing food and a friendly environment for familys

James Bond

Very good food

Keri Wilson

The chicken was really good

Marcus Osborn

Pulled pork: 6/10 Fried Chicken: 7/10 Green Beans: 8/10 Baked beans: 2/10 Cole Slaw: 6/10 Potato Salad: 3/10 Mac and cheese: 9/10 Sweet Tea: 10/10 Hush Puppies: 9/10 Bannana Pudding: 8/10 Will be back for sure.

Marg W

Visiting from New Jersey,looking for Barbeque place,found this place.The food is awesome,friendly people, nice clean restaurant.My husband is a chef,and when he says the food was something to write home about.The fried chicken & banana pudding,couldn't get enough.5 star plus more☺

Reesie Brown

Best homemade skins in the city, hands down!

Nonica Livingston

Highlights are fresh juicy fried chicken and the BEST banana pudding ever! I enjoyed everything else as well.

J Debney

Grat food, great tea, and even greater atmosphere... GO COCKS!

S. H.

Hush puppies are the best. BBQ is good with original sauce. Hash leaves a bit to be desired.

Brandon Padgett

Good food for a good price, I like the fact that they leave the tea on the table for you to refill your cup.

Eric Galloway

All of the bar b q is orange...they will give the students at usc a discount , but not the military. The taste of the food is not that great.there are better places in the Columbia, SC area to eat bar b q. I want eat there again.


Totally disappointed!!! Maybe I have this location confused with another delicious BBQ spot w/ the same name that used to be located in Irmo, SC. The staff was very nice and accommodating. The resturant was clean as well but the food was not so great. The pulled pork had a peculiar "fresh" taste. The collard greens, tasted canned and heavy seasoned. The macaroni and cheese was an artificial orange color and very greasy. The only thing that I was able to eat was the crispy nicely fried chicken and potato salad. The buffet was very pricey for the quality of food however the buffet is nicely located in a great spot. I don't think I will be visiting again but I did enjoy lunch with my family there.

Ethan Thomas

A bit price, but it is all you can eat. The BBQ was good though!

Cody Snyder

Hush puppies are easily the best things on the menu. The casual atmosphere is relaxing, as the pitcher of iced sweet tea on the table is constantly refilled, and you are encouraged to choose the buffet option when entering. The food didn't lack from sitting out, mostly it suffered from a lack of interest or excitement on the part of staff. No one in the party thought the food was poor, but the consensus was certainly "unremarkable".

Lucy Morton

Always delicious BBQ. It's a small selection, but it's always fresh. There's only tea and water to drink, but their chicken and hush puppies are some of the best.

Mark Cannady

Great Southern BAR-B-Q, fried chicken and all that goes with it. Friendly staff and a warm welcome. Always hot, ready and great tasting!

Joseph Azar

Even though there is no bbq chicken, I give them 5 stars. The price is very good for the buffet, especially it being in downtown. The Q is good along with the mac and cheese. The fried chicken is quite good as well. Good food. All you can eat. Good price. A great deal!

Fred Cecchini

Great food friendly people enjoyed it again

Wanda Gardner

Best fried chicken and a very good bar b que buffet

Sharron Gleaton

Food is good but pricey for how limited the buffet is.


Great atmosphere!! Kind and friendly staff. Homestyle dining room with extremely long tables. Delicious pulled pork with southern side dishes. Terrific place and decent prices. Take out and buffet. The buffet has a very limited selection.

Ryan Coleman

A great southern style BBQ place to go to lunch, just don't expect to get anything done the rest of the day. I recommend the pulled pork, it's some of the best I've ever tasted. Their original sauce is great. The fried chicken is also some of the best available in Columbia.

Tekkias Jackson

Amazing place! The food is great and the tea was delicious. Definitely going back with friends and family! And I recommend it to everyone!

Breialle Coleman

Great soul food

Victoria Calloway

The food was great. Will be back

Christian Jones

Really strong BBQ spot in downtown Columbia. The have a decent selection of sides and a couple good sauces. All you can eat buffet will leave you hurting.

Jordan Montiel

Where do I start.. No lie, the mac and cheese was so greasy I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. The BBQ tasted like cat food, don't ask why I know how that tastes. Anyway, overall my experience was suicidal.

Jeff Soots

Best bbq buffet mo ey can buy

Kawaski Bell

Friendly and family oriented place the food is great and they treat youlume family

Edgar N.

Not too bad. Good value for your money. Good selection of food too. Be sure to try the beans.

Ryan Matthew Headley

Reliably good BBQ buffet. Sides are consistent, and I really enjoy the banana pudding. The price might be a bit steep if you aren't very hungry or are a light eater, but I plan my trips accordingly.

Nicholas Henry

Great food, great service.

Mark Metze

My favorite downtown Cola BBQ spot. Not a huge selection but they have all the essentials. Quality and taste are first rate. Save room for the bananna pudding!

Nita Godbold

Great food ,a real bbq place

Sue Love

They have a nice Buffet and the prices are average the food is good

Andy Kara

One of the best BBQ restaurants in Columbia. They have a buffet style approach to dinning in with highlights being the pulled pork fried chicken and hush puppies. Absolutely recommend to any BBQ lover.

Micah Gravelle

Great barbecue and great service!

Joseph Cutro

Delicious BBQ, price's could be lower.

Janice Geiger

Good home down chicken

Leroy Matthews

Weak not many options i miss vegetable melody or the other spot of sunset that closed..

mel perry

I was not pleased at all. Definitely not worth the price for dry unseasoned food.

Tina Marie Devlin

I have been patronizing this place since 2002 and the BBQ buffet is still delicious! Great food and prices are reasonable for all you can eat. Love the fried chicken, hushpuppies, cole slaw and sweet tea!

Melonee Godfrey

I loved the buffet. It was clean. The barbeque was delicious. I tried all the sauces. Not a bad one in the bunch. And the price was a bargain. We went back later to get take out. And they asked what we wanted and served it up in the take-out plate for us. That was great. We were tired. And they put more on it than we ate at the buffet earlier that day.

Jim L.

I recently gave an erroneous review of Palmetto Pig. I sadly mistaken it for another popular barbecue restaurant on the other side of town. You know the one, with bad barbecue and hash and some very sweet collards. Anyways, Palmetto Pig is a great barbecue restaurant with a different regional take on barbecue that you typically find a little further south of here. It's delicious and smack dab in the middle of Columbia. I love the pitcher of sweet tea on each table and the fried chicken is really good! I mean, even if you dont eat barbecue, at least go here for the fried chicken.

Gat Ontrax

This is my favorite BBQ in the Midlands. I believe it's based on Earl Dukes BBQ in Orangeburg. You have to use the original sauce when you go. Bbq and chicken is awesome, and those hush puppies are like golden happiness. This would be my last meal if I was in that type of situation lol.

tiffany benge

Food tasted great and the staff were very nice. Good value for the amount of food you get. Will be going back when I'm in the area!

Bob Barnes

Excellent fried chicken and BBQ

Gabe Britt

Went here for lunch, everything that I ate was very good and fresh. You can keep filling plate after plate until you're satisfied.

Kati Holland

A little pricey but good BBQ and excellent fried chicken.


I stopped in for the first time late last week to try this place out. It had been referred by a Customer Service Rep. who dropped by for a visit a couple of weeks back. A Rep from another vendor I deal with often invited me out for lunch and we decided to try out The Palmetto Pig. The food was good. Nothing extra special, but nothing bad from any of the selection of items on the buffet either. The Barbecue wasn't well seasoned for my taste ( comparing it to other local BBQ places in the area), but none of it was left on the plate at the end Lunch. For a change of pace so to speak, it was a nice place to eat, and the food and service were solid. ... I'll definitely make it back out there again in the future.

Jean Paul Villanea

Very nice people. The fried chicken is delicious. The pork is so good. Don't get me started on the ice tea. Really recommend this place

Evan Radzunas

Small buffet but good food. Would come again just gotta be in the mood for it.

Lauren Francisco

Delicious pork bbq and fried chicken! We discovered it last year and have gone back there several times! We took vendors from out of town there and they enjoyed it as well. While the selection is small every item is tasty. So in the end it is truly worth it.

Peter Prim

Great Q. Good sides. Missing the pork skins.

Doc Brower

Palmetto Pig offers a nice selection of pulled pork BBQ and all the fixins, as well as really good fried chicken. The all you can eat Buffet includes traditional Southern cuisine like mac & cheese, coleslaw, green beans, baked beans, hush puppies, etc. The owners and staff are pleasant and inquire to make sure you have everything that you need. You certainly can't go wrong eating here, however if you want a wider selection of food to chose from then make the trip across town to Little Pigs Barbecue located at 4927 Alpine Rd.

Aaron nunez

Not a huge buffet like some other bbq places. But the taste and the quality are incredible. Prices and atmosphere are excellent as well. I would highly recommend this place


Hands down some of the best tasting food in Columbia. We discovered this gem last year when we were looking for a place to cater our wedding. The food went perfectly with our rustic theme. All our guests loved it. Since then, this is our go to place for some good eating. Literally everything on the buffet is tasty. Everything.

Joy Breen

After tailgates or catering for our tailgates. My crew and I absolutely LOVE this place best bbq around! Their sweet tea is on point too!

Matthew Verme

I loved everything I tried for lunch! Fried chicken, pulled pork, coleslaw, pickles, green beans... all were fabulous. However, none compared to their hush puppies which were just outstanding! Perfect consistency and delicious flavor made those the star of the show!

Chad Lanham

If you haven’t been here, you are missing out! Always fresh and delicious, this restaurant makes everything from scratch and you can def tell. By far the best fried chicken, hush puppies, and mac and cheese around! But don’t forget to save just a little room for the homemade banana pudding. Staff and owner are super nice as well which makes the dining experience even more pleasurable. Enjoy!!

Mark Davis

Been enjoying "Antleys BBQ" for 45 years!

paul pizzo

One of the most iconic bbq buffets in the downtown Columbia area since 2002 with great bbq and amazing sauces including a superb hot sauce and - amazing fried Chicken, amazing sides, unbelievable sauces, and superb to die for banana pudding

Agnes McFarlin

Great food.

Sedrick Guess

The food was OK. Probably wouldn't visit again tho. The pulled pork was decent, but the hash tasted liked tomatoes (hated it). The mustard sauce was great as were the hush puppies and fried skins. The fried chicken was on point. Coleslaw and potato salad were good. Didn't get to try banana pudding because it was soupy.

Thomas Myers

My first time here. The food is excellent. The staff is friendly. The all you can eat buffet is worth the low price. If you go,you must try the banana pudding.

Alden Partridge

Fried chicken was good.

Murray Riley Jr

The food is on point! Enjoy the BBQ selected favorites! The green beans are to die for... The fried chicken is by far the best in Columbia! We will be back for plenty of seconds! All Smiles!

Ryan Kenney

Ate here after the A&M/Gamecock game. Fans and staff were so friendly to us Ags despite the loss. Felt right at home with them. The hushpuppies and Mac and cheese were personal highlights. If I ever end up in Columbia again, I’m coming back.

Lashonda Scott

Food taste awful. Whoever rating 4+ is a liar. The only thing tasteful is fried chicken. Hash and rice dinner

Casey McMillan MD

Limited buffet, but what they have is very good. I loved the baked beans, green beans, hush puppy, mac n cheese, and the sweet tea in pitchers on the tables automatically. BBQ and sauce nothing special but acceptable. Super nice people. Come expecting to make friends shoulder to shoulder.

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