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REVIEWS OF Miyo's IN South Carolina

Brendon Shealy

The food is top notch. The service...not so much. If you go with a large group expect half of them to get their food 20 minutes before everyone else. Still worth eating here for the sheer fact that the prices are excellent for how much food you get

Kristine Kenealy

Love the Volcano Roll & Lobster roll!

Joey Bouknight

Excellent food and courteous service EVERY TIME!!

Emma Stiles

Inconsistent quality and service. Choose Antai instead!

Shawn Wilson

They habe a b rating. I'VE had coffee shops and I know what it takes to get a B. Michelle- I know you have higher standards. Anyone else they have at least a week to fix any issues before a bad grade- yeah I want sushi tnat has a B grade lol...


i haven’t written a review on a restaurant before...but I have to say the location (in Lexington,SC) is filthy! the salt and pepper shakers along with the soy sauce bottles haven’t been cleaned in 2 years. the tables were chipped so and every booth seat was ripped. bathrooms were disgusting . the service sucked as well as the food. Worst restaurant ever.

Krystal Laughead

Expensive and just ok food.

Chris Bussell

Still sitting at the bar waiting for my food. They said give them 20 minutes....that was an hour ago. Only reason for 2 stars instead of one, I know it's the best tasting Chinese food in Lexington. But the service gets worse every time I come in here. This is probably the last time, though

Rolando Torricella

The food is always great !

lauren harbour russell

My absolute favorite place to eat. Their hot and sour soup and avocado salad are to die for. They're always fast and helpful so it's a great place to have lunch if you've got an hour.

Ginny Landis

Ate here the other night. The restaurant is dirty. Never used to be. I love the food here and we eat here often but it makes me a little edgy when the restaurant needs a good cleaning. Updating wouldn't hurt either. The tables are sticky. We always have great service here and the food is very good but wish they'd clean up they're act.

Patti Sullivan

I guess the bartender thought I was supposed to tip her for a call in order. When she asked if I needed my change I said yes. Then I only got a dollar back. I hope she enjoys the 37 cent. When did calling in an order supposed to be tipped?

Maureen Govea

Great food.

Nancy Hillman

Love it. Great food, great service!

Pam Stephens


Just great all around.

Samueal Hisham

Great place for great eats and service excellent food staff very helpful and some food that isn’t the same as everywhere else LOVE IT

Collin Stevens

Excellent food and a great wait staff, Keep up the good work.

Bob Johnson

Great sushi. Always a very good meal here. The atmosphere is great for a nice enjoyable meal. I highly recommend Miyo's for a wonderful lunch or dinner.

Brittney Nickles

Sesame chicken super bready no meat and soggy. Singapore noodles la cked season

Harry Poole

Best meyos we tried yet. I think server/bartender is on drugs

Blake Furtick

Always great food, and great service. No other Asian restaurant like it.

Kira Havird

This place is going downhill. The food today...even the water was not good. And they changed the ginger dressing too and it is absolutely awful. I will say though that the Miyo's in Harbison and Forest Dr is much better. I will NOT be coming back to this location.

dwayne brucke

Riki maki roll is the best.

Jeffrey Leong

Usually the food and service is great here. Our last visit was tainted a bit by cold food and an order made almost entirely wrong. The manager was gracious though and comped the meal made wrong. Disappointed to say the least.

lauren howell

Our waitress today, during the tropical storm was so great. She and the chefs get an A+ from us. The mango chicken wok was excellent!

Gross Electric

We sent our kids to pick up a to-go order. They applied a 10% gratuity to the to-go order because the bill was over $100. They didn't serve us. They didn't do anything that gratuity is meant to cover. This restaurant is a rip off. They are underhanded and a bunch of crooks. DON'T EAT AT THIS RESTAURANT!!! They are CROOKS!!!

Abrianne Conrad

Service was excellent! Mathew was very good and attentive. Wonderful food options for all tastes.

Richy Brock

robert tallon

above avg. food above avg. prices.

Stanley McCarthy

Nice fresh food for good prices.

Lois Gaido

The miso soup was not hot, had a weird taste

Bart Weesner

Always love

va r

My family complains and demands A LOT to/from any restaurant we go to. Especially my sister. Luckily this time we got to Miyos, sat within 4 min, and had the best meal ever! The server was absolutely on point. I grew up working in the sevice industry. Trust me i usually give people credit when it isn't due, but this is well deserved. Big thank you to who ever the chefs are and our waitress (mandy/madeline? Short brown/red haired girl with a tiny tattoo on her hand?) Bad memory. Nonetheless the service and food was fantastic and my sister and parents had no complaints other than my sister saying the calamari wasn't "up to her standards". Feels good eating somewhere where the empl9yer knows a golden employee versus a crap one. Hoping to have the same server and entree thai basil chicken again soon!

Tifani Ayers

Green dragon roll and anything with spicy tuna is good... Also! The sauce with their crab wontons is so so good!! The savory butteriness of it!

Raz Bradley

Ned Plunkett

A bit pricey but good food and good service

David Stone

Stopped here with some friends while we were in town visiting with them. They suggested this place. What a great experience, the restaurant was nice, the staff was friendly, and the food was delicious!

Danny McLane

Staff at Lexington store are not friendly or professional. Food is good. Harbison is a much better experience!

Barbara Bullington

I love Miyos. One of my favorite restaurants. The food is always high quality and exceptionally prepared.

Jane Forbes

Dee Campitell

The staff is amazing. I've never had a bad experience. Very welcoming and accommodating for picky eaters (my daughter). I go there at least once a week just for the people. Ask for Matthew- he is a doll!

Marshall LeSuer

Place hardly seemed busy at all however it took about an hour for my food. I tip anyway.

Andrew Tran

An amazing place to go to! I thought it would be all oily but it was amazing!

Stacy Shelley

The food here is great, but the service leaves something to be desired... I'm normally not one to complain, because everyone can have an off night. However, the last time we ate here the waiter discouraged us from ordering more sushi because the kitchen was busy...not something you expect to hear when your hungry and are paying for the service! We decided to give them another try last night and it did not go well. The hostess (after taking our name and we waited about 10 min) came over to let us know that they had a reservation they were waiting to arrive in about 15 minutes and she wasn't sure how long it would be before a table was ready probably about an hour and a half! There were other tables available, but the waiters couldn't take more tables... She basically, without directly saying, was telling us to go somewhere else. Obviously we left! I would definitely recommend you make a reservation and don't have high expectations for your service. Very disappointed.

Melissa Ragland

All I can say is YUM!

Gary Gardner

Food was good and solid portions. Not too monstrous and not too small. Service was quick and friendly.

Eyal Shaked

The place is good the food wasn't..

Roy Dollar

We started our experience with extremely slow service, but the food was great. The feel good noodle soup was wonderful!

Jason Ellisor

great atmosphere and friendly wait staff, fresh food and oh so delicious!!!

TaraLynn Dugan

Awesome food and service

Sarah Kolb

Lexington location used to be a favorite. In the past year, the restaurant has continued to look dirty (dirty walls, stained ceiling tiles, heavy greasy smell, dated decor) and the food is increasingly over salted and greasy. Time for a revamp.

Scott Clark

Miyo's of Lexington is one of the worst Asian restaurants I have ever been to! Our waitress was wonderful but the food was disgusting, greasy, overcooked and under seasoned. My wife ordered a different dish than I did but they tasted the same as if they prepared them both in the same pan. Stay far away from this place and get a good meal at Red Bowl!

Peyton Greene

I had the Kung Pao Scallops...They were marvelous....seared to perfection. The best I've ever had !!!!


Food is usually good here but tried the sushi for the first time and wasn’t impressed. Smallest rolls I’ve ever had. Didn’t taste fresh either. They were nothing like the ones in their photos.

Joyce Welch

I give it 3 1/2 stars changed from 5. We have been going here YEARS on a weekly basis and I never had a complaint but the last 3 consecutive times I was unimpressed and their rice has been mediocre for a while. Michelle needs to get back here and kick some ass! Also the bathroom needs some attention.

Alex Hiatt

Great as always

Kriston Fox

Amazing manager with excellent. Service. I believe her name was Layla.

Darrell Boyleston

Great food. Sometimes have to wait a while.

Daniel Wang

Nice place with some authentic Asian food that has not been Americanized.

Gregory Pittman

While Miyo's is small and not crowded, the food is mediocre. I was hoping to grab a hibachi-quality dinner but the flavors were weak and unappetizing. I won't be returning.

Matt Gardner

Good food and good service. Dairy-free friendly too if that's your thing.

Russ Russ

We love this place. Go or order through the bite app atleast once a week. Great staff.

Liss Hill

THE best

Paul Kennington

Best in town!

Eugene Resch

Great food, great service!

Glenn Prill

Good food...great service and nice consistent atmosphere.

Stacey Coleman

Awesome place

Charmeka Childs

I had a wonderful dining experience. The orange chicken was delicious.

Laura Mazzone

Amazing food, great lunch prices, wait staff was very helpful!

Changwon Lee

One of the worst food in the area

George Hendrix

Laurie Alice Trotter

Terri T

As always great food and service

frank mccall


Usually good food, service tends to be slow but very polite and friendly.

Enidan S

Brittany McCurley

Great food and loved the atmosphere. Service was not the best but food made it worth the visit.

William Taylor

The food and service are good and the Tuna Tartare was excellent.

Blake 005

$6.00 take out Asian food for 3 times the price.

Suzanne Hackett

This restaurant has declined a lot, since we started going there several years ago. The building is in need of serious repair (bathroom), the tables were not cleaned thoroughly, and the majority of the staff was loud and rude. This used to be mine and my husband's favorite date night spot. We love the avocado salad and variety of sushi.


Came in got seated and waited and waited and waited. The hostess was notified that we need a waiter or waitresses no one ever showed up. I will not be returning.

Hillary Lundy

Good food, convenient location, and friendly people.

Holly Quick

Best lunch suchi! And the staff are incredibly sweet!

J Kam

Floor and tables were sticky. Build up of dust on window sills. Dead fish in fish tank. Months of grime on salt and pepper shakers. Oh yeah, my food was tasteless.

Adam Price

great place and good folks and wonderful food

charisa cureton

The Shanghai lo mein was amazing. And our waitress was friendly and did a great job Will be going back

Robert Yancey

Food was not where near acceptable for the price. We ordered take out and it took well over an hour before they were ready. Ginger dressing on salads had no taste. General's chicken and Sesame chicken tasted old and watered down, fried rice was mushy. One of the worst experiences we have ever had with Chinese. Usually I don't mind giving a place a 2nd chance but this place isn't going to get one. Hands down, worst ever.

Corndog Man

Sandra tucker

Great service,food and friendly people!

Kaieku M

Melinna McManus

Delicious! Great sushi & service!!!

Lynne Smith

Food is always good.....service team could use some training tho.....

Eric Davis

My go-to place for chinese

Daniel Walling

Kevin O'Brien

Food was decently good but not worth the price. Restroom was filthy and the men's room smelled like urine.

Jennifer Seablom

I did not like the texture of the meat, it seemed to be over tenderized. I've tried beef and chicken and it's always the same. Good service, nice atmosphere.

Paul Shivery

Great place.

Daniel Hendrix

I went for the first time last night for my wife's birthday. We got there less than an hour before they closed, and while I usually try to avoid doing that, we decided to go anyway. The staff was more than courteous and didn't try to run us out when it got close to closing time. When they didn't have enough for a full glass of the wine that I wanted, they comped me a glass of my choice. Both our waitress and the bartender were very friendly, and the food was delicious. We will definitely be going back.

Philip Brown

This is the ultimate date night place!! Plus Krispy Kreme is within walking distance!!

Jennifer Thompson

Always great!

Debbie Gardner

Love the sushi.Clean good service

Bill Reynolds

Great place for lunch! Second time at this Miyo's, love their Kung Pao Chicken!

Dick Hillman

Always a great experience at Miyo's great sery and fantastic food

Rodney Leacock

Excellent service. Excellent cuisine with outstanding variety. Recommend highly!

Kevin Kazimir

Quality of the food was excellent, however, the service was poor. I really expect the servers at an establishment at this price point to take some pride in their craft and know the menu/food that's offered. In our case (and I'll omit the server's name for privacy reasons), several things went wrong: 1) Server was unaware/forgot that my meal came with Miso soup. If it says on the menu that something comes with my meal, I better get it. 2) Server was not as attentive as I would like in refilling water/tea 3) Entrees were brought out 5 minutes apart for our party of five individuals. So my wife and I stared at the rest of our family while they ate for a good bit. 4) Again, despite the menu saying rice came with our meals, three of the meals were brought to the table without rice. After reminding our server, the rice eventually came. But I shouldn't have to do this. 5) I was charged full price for 2 bottles of beer instead of the listed happy hour price. I spoke to our server and expressed my displeasure. I felt some part of our meal should have been comped (and communicated as such to our server), but nothing was done. End result? A $2 tip and a negative review on Google from me. My advice? If you're looking for an affordable Asian dining experience in Lexington with good service, try Red Bowl. If you're looking for more of an upper scale environment with great service, head to Ganbei. Until Miyo's service staff improves, steer clear of this place.

Tanica Walton

Great service and super friendly staff!


Very good

Michael Madrid

Wide selection of delicious Asian food, from sushi to soups, fried rice to noodles, and all the classic shrimp/chicken/beef dishes. Not too expensive and well sized portions. The chicken dishes use white-meat chicken, which is always a plus. Take-out available as well.

James Mitchell Ullman

This location is not as nice as the one out behind Harbison. It was super hot and really cramped. Food was still great, though.

Lisa Self

Love the food and the staff.

Shane Durnin

Want to give them 6 stars. Far exceeded our expectations. Everything, and I mean everything we ordered was absolutely fantastic. Our server, Mathew was awesome. Definitely our new favorite restaurant.

Debbie Poole-Rowe

Great sushi!

Robb Maddison

Good grub , higher end Asian fusion

Steve Campbell

Third strike and your out. Greasy and cold. Wait staff pretty slow.

Ronald Anderson

Usually happy with the food, as we've eaten here many times over the years. Seems to have gone through some phases where our favorite meals tasted different for awhile, so consistency is a problem. If getting to go, check the order carefully that you got what you ordered, they are hurried and mess it up sometimes. Staff is usually nice but seem a little busy and slow other times. Never been dissapointed by the sushi. Still better than other Lexington Japanese food.

Lee Snell

Good food and very consistent. The service is sometimes slow but it is a relaxing environment. I would recommend this restaurant.

Ericka S.

Be warned if vegetarian... even though there is a section for such options all sauces contain a meat broth.

Eric Phillips

Caroline Delight!

Nate Martin

Daniel Warren

Visit this restaurant every time I am in town. Palmetto roll is the best and they make pretty good drinks too.

Rose Nickles5

No not for me.

Faye Kuperman

I have never written a review on a restaurant before. This location (Lexington) is filthy! The salt and pepper shakers and soy sauce container had not been wiped off in 2 years. Soy Sauce splattered all over the wall at table. Absolutely disgusting!! The tables paint and finish were all chipped off and every upholstered booth was ripped. Dusty hostess station. My avocado and crab salad had too much mayo and zero flavor! The owner needs to take a serious look at this location and remodel and teach her staff what cleanliness is all about. I’ll will not step foot in here again!

Tillman Mccall

Great little place

k b

Great Asian food.

michael mathis

Had the house rice and lobster roll, not too bad.

Jenna Filson

Russell Self

We love Miyos. My wife and I eat here at least once a week. Their staff are always on top of the table ans very friendly. The one time we went in and got a waiter that was over tasked, the bar tender jumped in and took care of us. Great food, great staff. Love the sushi. Best sushi place in town.

Erin Spencer

Really good. The bento box style lunch deals are really great as well.

Christine Carroll

Always fresh and delicious. The salt thing...I wish restaurants would lighten up on it. Especially when the food is fresh and spicy...they don't need to over-salt!

Francisco Javier Blanco-Silva


Great service and food was excellent

Kathy DeLong-Anson

Enjoy this place

Simply Regal

Used to love this place. I even named my dog Miyo. Just not impressed after all these years. The wait staff are lack luster wearing whatever they want while working. I don't prefer to have someone serving me in a Pink VS hoodie smelling like their bf. Drinks weren't refilled without requesting. The food was delicious but my salad was served on a plate with only 2 sides (decorative plate where only two sides curled up and the other two laid flat). Very difficult to pour dressing and mix salad together without it spilling over the edges and losing greens and dressing. The insane amount of dust in this place has become overwhelming over the past couple of years as well. Just needs a deep clean and some extra staff training.

Elizabeth Johnson

Food is great the bartender Susanna is awesome

Mary Wilder

Staff was very rude and not helpful.

Rebecca Funderburk

The food is always fresh and well prepared here. The waiter accidentally brought me the wrong cocktail last night. Soon after he brought me the correct one, without my asking, and told me I could keep the first. Two cocktails for the price of one. My favorite entree is Thai Basil Chicken.

william marshall

Always great service, the

David Wicker

The place looks nice. But thats about where it ends. The service was mediocre. Food was not timed or staged. I was with two others and our apps showed up over a span of 15 minutes after waiting about 15 for the first one. And then the sushi came the same way. Poorly executed. The sushi was not quite as good as the stuff you get in gas stations in Louisiana. The volcano roll was like one of those little volcanoes that some kid makes out of vinegar and baking soda for 3rd grade science fair and not the expressive explosion of flavor a volcano should be. I also had the "green tuna" app. Simply non inspiring. I'm surprised they haven't started putting that on Pringles yet. We just had to shake our heads on that one. I also had the Godzilla roll. MEH.. even given the roll is supposed to kind of bland. This was blanderer. Over all the presentation was weak and the flavor bland and unappealing. The rice was not done right. Mediocre! Next time some one suggests here for sushi I'd just find the nearest WAWA(the nearest being in NC or GA) and know Ill get better. Though my brother says the chinese food is supposedly pretty good.

Michael Risola

Sooo good!

Tanya Frederick

Just okay food and service was so so.


David Laughton


Food: absolutely delicious. Wait staff (full disclosure: only two visits to speak from experience): inattentive, forgetful, bordering on lazy.

Jenny Brady

This is my favorite restaurant. I would eat here every day if I could.

Wendy S. Delmater Thies

This has to be one of our favorite places to go out to dinner!we love what they do with the vegetables and sauces, and that they have vegetarian choices. They make marvelous steak, bento boxes, noodle bowls, and their appetizers are to die for. I love the fact that they have brown rice on the menu

julie burr

Miyo's is my favorite place in Lexington to get sushi. They have the freshest tasting sushi in Lexington. Only closest is Publix. Yes. The grocery store. The atmosphere is cozy. The waitress is so pleasant. She will answer questions and help you with your decision. Cannot ask for more than that.

Nancy Padgett

Don't like restaurants with a B rating.

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