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REVIEWS OF K&W Cafeterias IN South Carolina

Nancy Tissot

My favorite cafeteria. I wish we still had one in Charleston. They have great comfort food. The closest one to us is Myrtle beach. Whenever we go there, K&W is a must. My favorite is their coconut cream pie. Can't wait to go back!

Jonell Finley

The food was so good and so cheap. Four of us pigged out for under $44. The pound caked was made from scratch and you could tell. If you are looking for soul food at a great price, go to K&W.

Dallas Doll

By far the best eating spot we've come across while traveling.

Wade Owen

Very good food,big selection to choose from.

Preston Luman

Extensive food selection to please everyone. Solid, not spectacular cooked food. Very friendly service. Clean restaurant.

kermit tyler

The food was good service was good people with very polite very respectful like it coming are you again I would most likely recommend you you do got a high standings I'm passing through but I will be back to eat there again one day God might bring me back through here I might bring me around I'll close by but when he does I will make sure I stop by

Barbara Phagan

The food was not good potatoes was cold and macaroni and had not taste at all .the prices was really higher than the golden corral will not go back there and I sure don't recommend it for seniors to go to eat my dinner was over 20 dollars and it was just me

Tammy Norwood-Foster

Good food, reasonable prices and friendly service.

Baboon M

worst Thanksgiving meal; cold food; ran out of traditional Thanksgiving sides; food handlers not certified or they would use gloves, wear hair nets/caps, and kept their fingers out of the food when handing individual dishes to customers; appearance and personal hygiene clearly not required here to represent the restaurant and business. My two eight year olds watched the primarily black staff trip over each other to please white people; yet, treated us black folks as if we were peasants begging for unpaid leftovers- my Sons questioned me about this nuance. Following our hurried departure (the manager and employees rudely informed us the restaurant closed at 7pm, our arrival time, though the website listed it closed at 8PM. Also, I called ahead of time and earlier in the day to confirm the restaurant hours, which a Woman confirmed the restaurant closed at 8PM) my Sons told me they (my Boys) weren’t black; they’re white. Absolutely incompetent food handlers and clueless manager. Health prevention and food quality inspectors immediately needed here

Lexas Lockard

It was a great atmosphere for me and my family to go to! The food was also amazing!!! Definitely going on my, "What do you wanna eat?" list.

Elizabeth e

I always gave gete the white fish...absolutely delicious! Their side dishes are really good ad well. And I usually as a to-go box for my dessert. Too much food to eat at once. Great prices.

Purchaser Blaque

Good food. Great people.

Miya Mosley

If you love soul food then this is the place to go!! Mac n cheese is awesome!

John Tripp

Great food and friendly service

Donnie Suber

Love this place...good home tasting food

Diane Goodyear

I have gone to K & W since 1980, the choices, the food is great......prices are per item, so you decide how much and what you can pay.....

John Parker

Fast service, fresh delicious food, friendly staff!

Jordan Rogers

Great atmosphere and great employees make the experience of coming to this establishment. They have some of best home style cooking in the county. My family and myself enjoy coming here at least once a month. Definitely worth the trip.

Paige Heath

Love to get a veggie plate here.

Edward Horton

Great food and very delicious!

Kim Simpson

Great food, staff and price.

Charlotte Smith

Very good cafeteria style foods. Prices are clearly marked, so no surprises when checking out. Quick service, excellent selections. Friendly people to serve food. Awesome wait staff to fill drinks and answer questions. Good place to eat. Open 11am to 8pm everday, BUT, do close 2:30 - 4pm Monday - Friday.

meloney mattison

Food is good, but some of staff serving the food are rude. Today, I went through the To-Go side and the lady who took my order was rude. She practically threw my food in the bag, swiped my card, and handed my receipt with her head down. She never said "Thank you" or anything. This isn't the first time I've experienced this from staff here.

Kim Hawkins

Food was just nasty, dried out looking, cold food. What was good all the ladies taking care of me st the table.

Audette Fulbright

Can't get enough of this place, after all these years. Inexpensive, fast, friendly.

stephen hagerman

Good food, fair prices, and most all of the times good service.

Chyrl Copeland-Pickett

Pickled beets no vinegar, Loma beans horrible and I was charged individually for each dish. Country fried steak with mashed potatoes instead of rice. Two sides, cornbread was burned. Tea was great!

Sharon Lollis

Food was very good service and employees good very clean

Andrew Brissey

Good food. Get more than you can eat.

Barb Hansen

Previous visit great med rare roast beef, this time over well done and tough.

Lillie Hall

Great home cooking for take out for 90 yr old mom.

Rod Hughes

Good food at a reasonable price


Good food and service for near closing

eric baumgartner

Great selection, we go at least twice a month

Jean Keown

My favorite place to visit and eat.

Samantha Bolden

Great food but the waitress took her time & waited until we was about to leave before she offer us a refill. We had been there with empty glasses for over 20 minutes

krystal whitner

I eat here just about everyday! Nothing bad to say.

Haydn B

It was great, we always enjoy a meal from there! Everybody was nice! The food was good. Waitress was very helpful!

Scott V. McFadden

Fresh and hot food right up to closing time, (sorry I was so late). Very large selection of tasty looking dishes.

Jessica Addington

Great food at a decent price. Very nice staff

Kathy Gambrell

It agreat place to bring the family .but i have some concerns about the i will give it a three stars because of the food and cooks.☺

Audrey Anderson

Great Food, nice people & a big thanks to the manager for helping me when my car wouldn't start.

Jerry Norris

Good food, good prices.

Anthony Smith

Good southern food

Adrian Mcilwain

Great food and customer service

Mz Hawthorne

The food is so good

Brad Taylor

Food was bland "Not much taste." Ordered 1 meat, two vegetables, and a large sweet tea, at lunch. Cost me $13.87. Never again.

Mary Powell

I love the fish at K&W. It covers your plader and the last time I was there two could eat the fish, 2 vegetables, roll, desert and drink for $17.00. It was great.

Mark Evans

Great variety

Steven Bright

Good food and service.

Barbara Mullins

Food was good!

Susan Speed

We went for my mother-in-law's birthday. There were 50 people in our party, and we had a terrific time. The service was great, the price was reasonable, and the food was good. Great experience!

Lyn H

Food is good.

Samuel Young

It was nice the food was good

Anonymous Opinion

Love this place. Food is always good and there are always great, friendly people working behind the line. If fast food is not what your looking for and you want a more home cooked type of meal this is a good place to go!

David Krueeger

Always best value for the price. Staff great.

Tanya Wilson

Very busy, Father's day. The food and service is worth the wait.

Susie Neal

I'm not a cafeteria fan. But the folks who dish up the food here and the food itself are good, for cafeteria food. I particularly like the weekday special. It's balanced. The choices are awesome. Just wish there salmon could be added to meats you can choose!

Bill Moore

The chopped steak with mashed potatoes and gravy and Mac n cheese was great. The waitress was very nice and polite as well.

Jamie Robinson

The food and service are both just average. The server was more concerned about the other server's schedule than doing her job. The newest award on the wall is 2 years old, telling me that this place is past it's prime. Very few patrons in the place. Prices are fair though so that's a plus.

Debbie Phillips

Always good food and portions. Price a little high, but they have specials, sometimes. I have been eating here for years ! Friendly & helpful staff. Some of my group are elderly & can't p/u food trays. Courteous staff carries & unloads food to table,very appreciative, thank you ! Lots of variety too ! Salads,fruit,all types of meats,veggies,breads, desserts & drinks ! Enjoyable feast !

Elizabeth Smith

So- normally we have a great experiences when visiting k and w. However, tonight was not good. It was later in the evening and the staff was very rude that we were there. Food was ok, but wasnt great.

Timothy Tyler-Lemmond

Their food is mediocre and over priced dinner for 2 $28 dollars just for meat and three with sweet tea and 5hen would not cook a chicken breast for me because it was 1:30 and they had all the other chicken cooked. Now what kind of service is that?

Jessie Hawes

Love to goGreat Food,

Patty Reed

Good selection, good food

Gayle Mullen

I've eaten here several times, and the food is always very good.

Tony Smith

Very nice K&W. Food was good. Restaurant was clean. Good service.

Chris Poore

Has always been a go to for that heavy Sunday meal. This visit the food didn't seem as fresh as usual. Tasted like it had been sitting a while. Will still return, good value, and other selections would probably have been fine

Mertice O'Berry

Food is always good. They could provide a different menu.

Steven Frasher

Pretty good food, good selection, good prices. A meat and three type of place.

Thomas Griffin

Great food, clean and friendly staff, plus, very clean building both inside and out. Safe dinning environment. Decent prices on each food item purchased. The customer walks through the serving line and chooses what they wish to eat from a large selection of hot cooked food ready to eat. I always enjoy eating at this restaurant.

Kelvin Thompson

When it comes to personal taste it's my home away from home.

Devon Abblitt

Not bad, but there is really better quality food just about anywhere else in town. Greenville has a lot to offer, and although this is likely a favorite for the senior citizen crowd, I did not enjoy it myself. This had the quality of the food selection you might find at a Hometown Buffet or a Golden Corral. However, at those places at least you can have as much of whatever you can find that is appealing at a fixed price. Here you are really rolling the dice and paying every time you roll. The service was friendly and the staff seemed somewhat interested in helping. I really wanted to like this place, I have been to some really fantastic cafeterias in the Atlanta area and I was expecting the same here.

Grady Abney

We had a great and wonderful experience and all the staff members are friendly and very courteous!!!!

credit apps

Good selection and prices

Harold Roth

K&W is a Very Good place for some really good wholesome fresh cooked food. The staff is friendly and attentive. We recommend this place if you are in the area. Thanks.

Sue Rogers

This resturant is amazing!The people are so nice, the servers couldn't be any better!! And it's up to you as to what you spend. Everything is priced as you go down the line. So you get as little or as much as you want/can afford till you get to the end. And save room for scrumptious desserts at the end!!!

Matt Watts

Great food prices were great

Doug Bryant

Veal parmesan was very good and service was spot on for lunch time

Clara Goh

There are non-greasy options for their meats. Atmosphere is very laid-back, many retirees patronize here. Place is clean. Waitress, Kim, was lovely. My only grouse is the frontline server at the food line. She seemed impatient with us. Being not from around these parts I wasn't familiar with the options so I took a while than the average customer. A simple 'excuse me ma'am, I'll be right back with you' would be nice instead of walking off to serve the next customer and not returning to check in on us.

Ophelia Tucker

Good pace to eat a freshly cooked meal.

Jevialyn Robinson

Always love this place good variety of food price is right and the people are. Always on top of it Today beef liver yams brocolic casserole cabbage and rice (2lunches combine) tea. Bread was Delicious Easter Sunday will be rocking GREENVILLE SC

J Kelley

Not great but ok.

Priscilla Johnson

It was my daughter's first visit and she love it. Plus the manager was soooo Great

Scott Hardeman

Good home style cooking.

Larry Rochester

Nice restaurant. Good food

Joseph Church

I have been to this cafeteria many times, but this is the first time that I have been here since my wife of 37 years died in early August of 2017...and the food (I especially love the farmed Whitefish... but I have tried some of all that is offered) was I expected!

Louis Hackney

Food Was Good Vegetable Plate Cost Too Much! Will Be Looking For A Cheaper Place To Eat!

Elvia Pendleton

Nice but pricey some food was good. Need to be more organized

Jeffrey Fant

I waited so long in line, my 1st chopped steak got cold so I returned it while I was still in line. The manager on duty was very lackadaisical and nonchalant. Servers were arguing on the line, one was threatening to quit. I have frequented this resturant for the past 17 years and never had service so horrible. But the food was at least decent once we got it. I will not go back!

Tom Pritchard

The from scratch mac and cheese is delicious!

Virginia Ellis

They close at 2 we got there at 5 till happy faces served us

Angela Ellison

Father's Day...My GrandFather's Favorite Place

Joseph Mann

Good food and people

Alfred Newman

Good food, reasonably priced. I go once or twice a week. Never disappointed.

Brenda Jones

Great food, great price and excellent service.

Alan gentry

Best Egg Custard.

Stephen Winslow

Cafeteria food seems to be out of style these days. However, my desire to reduce meat has lead me back. The selection, cost and the ability to choose what I want are all plusses. Cooking veggies to death is my biggest complaint with most cafeterias. H&W does a pretty good job of not falling into the "over cooked" trap. The service was very good and the place was clean.

Connie Abeling

Food great and always consistent. Love K&W!

Jennifer Pettit

If I could give no star I would. This place use to be a great place to eat. When we went none liked the food. I don't know if the cooks changed or what happened I sure hope it gets better soon.

Arthur Butler

Today was a great day to eat at K&W,the food was very good,the service right on time There were no waiting

Trena Harrison

The food was really good. The atmosphere was nice although the restaurant was packed.

Sitting Duck

This place has a wide variety of things to eat but I found that a lot of the desserts were way WAY too sweet....otherwise, kinda expensive for the portions served. I don’t believe I would return on my own.

Mary Alexander

The food was not up to standard lady night. It was way too greasy and the country style steak was like chewing dried out shoe leather. Prior to this visit the food was fantastic. I travel from Asheville to eat here. After this experience I will not be back any time soon.

Lia Sizemore

Horrible service, no food was ready, we were able to get our sides but then had to wait 25 minutes for the meat. Ridiculous.!. Will never return!.! The excuse given for this horrible service was that there were no cooks. Smh..!

Sandra Wimphrie

Friendly ppl work at K&W. Good food.

Delilah Mcanelley

Good food & good service and friendly staff

tommy elkins

The food was very good and parking was good the staff was friendly the prices were a little high.

Chris Sumrell

The food is always fresh, hot, and delicious

Donnie Crews

Food great but needs total interior upgrade.

Martin Heinrich Mertins

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! THIS PLACE IS GREAT!!! I had went here with my brother and granny for lunch but they were actually closed BUT they let us in anyways and we got our food which was amazing 10/10. Our waitress was very polite and courteous and constantly made sure we had plenty of drinks. The price had to be about $12 a person but for the quality they had it was completely worth it way better then 90% of most places I've been to in Greenville. I will be returning soon to this place.

Linda Sullens

Good food. Best green beans ever. The whipped potatoes could be a little better though. Over all, it was a good meal

J Terry

The food was cold.Service was fine

Bailey Hiles

I come here every week just to see Henry! I love him! I love this place! It’s right beside my house and they make me feel like family! I would recommend this place to everyone!!! Actually, I came back when Henry wasn’t here and the black lady Janice was EXTREMELY RUDE AND RACIST. She snatched the menu from me and told me the only thing they had left was the food in front of me! (She just didn’t want to go to the other side to get what I wanted from the to-go side!) I wouldn’t recommend this place if Henry isn’t here! Janice is rude, disrespectful and she hates her job! She treats people with hate!!!! I will not be back if she’s working!!!!! She is a witch

Ken P

Good cafeteria style food

Preston Hoy

OK foods were half cooked but the strawberry pie were excellent

Anne Mckitrick

Great food and service!

Ceasar Bowens

I enjoyed the food and the quiet atmosphere!

Chandler Mardis

Foods great everything else is expendable

Tere Bar

You can see what appeals to you and ask questions right there to the server about any item. If you want all vegetables green and no bread, or meat & salad. Or just dessert and coffee!

Karin Curlee

Food tasteless at 6:20 out of fresh salad s waste of drive from simpsonville

amber Fox

All the staff was very nice. It was quiet and the veggies were great!

Donald Rodgers

Food was very good. Strawberry pie is truly exceptional. Service was excellent. The restaurant is clean and comfortable. The only downside I would say is it's a little bit pricey. Expect to pay about $10 or a little more plus a tip for a meat and two vegetables bread and a drink. For New York City or even Atlanta that would be a bargain. For Greenville South Carolina it's a little high.

Max Well

Veggie plate is great! The fried fish is delicious. Easy, quick, and friendly cafeteria style dining. Bring your patience on busy days the typical customer in line takes a long time.

Barbara Satterwhite

This is a great buffet where you pick your food from all the food groups and basically fix your own meal. I enjoy K&W, because the meat varieties are very good. I do not like their desserts at all, but others may. It's a good older people place to eat.

Paul Hammer

good place to eat, very polite staff, large variety of well prepared food ! always good !

B.A. #TS4L

Great Food Great Price

Al Turner

K&W didn't invent consistency in quality food service, but it definitely has made a contribution to that in this area. They offer typical, cafeteria style comfort food with a Southern bent. Their menu is broad in every category - entrees, sides, salads, bread, and desserts - and all are very good to excellent, and there is something particularly pleasing about moving down a line, being able to see the food items before you decide what you'll have that day. The pricing is excellent, the service always friendly and efficient - you'll be checked on several times while eating, to see if you need condiments, more drink, etc. Nothing chic or sexy about this place or its food - it's just a bright, clean restaurant with solid food choices, excellent value, and good service.

Kathy Williams

Great food, reasonably priced

James Tomlin

Busy place but service and food was good

Joshua Robertson

Good food,great selection

Jeff Easler

Great variety of food with a good value.

Cathy Collins

They have so much food to choose from it's hard to make up your mind. Everything is delicious.

Richard Rogers

Great as always, been eating there many years.

Barrett Alana

I've been going to this place with my family since I was a kid, tons of delicious options at a really fair price. Great service from really nice people.

Milton Cooley

My mom loves this place. It's kind of a nightclub for senior citizens that closes at 7 pm. When we take her out to dinner this is her default choice. She usually sees old acquaintances she hasn't seen in a while and gets to chat with other seniors. As for the food its okay but can be highly variable from one visit to the next. Great to take small kids or if you just have a hankering for cafeteria food from your school days.

Debby Brown

Good food

Steven Elliotte

Great food

Cheryl Davis

Roast beef was tough little potatoes was the only thing warm on my plate, got corn too.

Grace Reed

Very clean, plenty of seating, helpful staff of servers. Very wide variety of entrees and sides with salads and desserts. Excellent food.

pensfan 7187

Very good food friendly staff clean place nice atmosphere.

K Ashley

I like it. Some food items are really good and a few I won't try again so it mostly good. I go every so often my sister loves the place and I go for her.

Joy Purro

Always great food and kind staff

Elizabeth Darnell

Excellent food and service. Highly recommend.

Annette Davis

The sweet potato pie will keep you coming back love this place.

Jamie Garrett

Great food! We go after church for a meat and three

Helga Kurynka

The food is great low on salt but they always have a lot of confort foods

Rick Parkinson

My wife and I have dined here approximately 8 times. It is always excellent. Food is great with many chioces, preseneted well, generous portions, served by friendly staff, and the place is very clean. We really enjoy coming here.

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