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141 E McBee Ave, Greenville, SC 29601

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REVIEWS OF Jimmy John's IN South Carolina

Trinity Weskamp

derrick todd

Love me some JJ. OK so you should try a variety of sandwiches to get a good feel. I love the #9 Italian night as well as the #12 club Beach Club. The tuna is great also. So here's what you do. First visit get the #1 just the way it comes or if you're hungry get the #7 and work your way up numerically until you have had them all.

Matt Kschinka

I've ordered from them once a month over the past 2 years. The quality is superb and they are extremely fast. I just ordered the Vito and it was delivered in 5 minutes. That's amazing! The girl on the bike was very pleasant as well.

Beth Burlage

Our order was not correct. When my daughter and granddaughter went back in to tell them they forgot the lettuce on one beach sandwich and the other had zero avacado. They were very rude and through some lettuce on the one and threw it at my granddaughter. The other said you only get a small amount on the cheese and threw the beach sandwich at her. I have been a business owner for a long time. I believe an apology is in order along with some retraining on customer service. Very disappointed.

David Rushton

Service was very rude and uninviting. I felt as though the girl behind the counter didn't want to be bothered to speak with me. She even made disparaging remarks about my son who was with me at the time.

Chasidee Norris

This location has gone way down hill, I order at least once every single week if not multiple times each week for the convenience of it. However lately my orders keep getting screwed up and they are forgetting basic things like napkins and straws for a delivery. When I let a manager know how I felt I was told "I am sorry that happened and I will talk with my staff." I have never given a bad review before but this really fired me up. When someone pays $10-$30 a week on your subs the least you can do is get their order right and give them a straw and some napkins. I would not think their business is that difficult.

Ivy Abel

Always good and fast food

Luke Hilgeman

Good location. Quick service. Decent food at fair price. Solid quick lunch option.

frederick lazenby

Good sandwich love the pic on the men's restroom. Very fun

Stephanie Moscaritolo

Simon Russell

Very fast and good

Tameka Massey


Excellent service, clean, very polite and courteous staff.

randy shulak

Horrible service and food

Chris McQueen

As a customer I loved the menu. I then began to work there, now I am a manager there. I Love it, the atmosphere, my customers and my employees.


It's alright

Andrew Shegda

Super fast delivery! Placed order and it only took 50 minutes to arrive... will never order from jimmy johns again.

Dawn Gossett

Deliciously consistent, fast, and friendly service located in the heart of Main St Greenville. Parking's a bear, so be prepared to walk if you're not partaking in the "freaky fast" delivery service. Don't forget to purchase the Day Old Bread for .30 a roll; you won't be disappointed! Also, serious meat lovers should try The Gargantuan; it's loaded with awesomeness!

Jack Monday

decent prices for fast subs.

Neil Johnson

Benjamin Adkins

Zach Jordan

Good sandwiches

Jessica Steen

Super fast service and the food is always made fresh. Great quick place for the whole family.

Ashli Smiley

Jane Wylie

Best sandwich in town

Caitlin Cantrell

Jenifer Weeks

Only have one kind of cheese !!!

Vania Gregory

The best sub

Brad Densley


Jaden Brown

johnny l

Emanuel Duncan

Awesome food, fresh, and fast! Always on point. Even used them for catering at last minute and they were ready.

Alison Thompson

Wow, so good! Love the food.

Finn Brooks

Brian Neely

kelsey weilep

The reason they're so fast is because they only deliver to certain areas. It's ridiculous.

Melissa Skinner

Fast service and delicious sandwiches. Jimmy John's day of dollar subs... this organization knows how to serve their customers fast during an event.

Laura Merrifield

Best Totally Tuna and fastest time yet! Freaky fast was true today. Great service, well trained friendly staff. Great location. Yummy!

Saira Martinez

anna Derrick

Ernest Rackley Ivey

Great sandwich for reasonable price

Christina Neff

Great and friendly service!

J. M. Marsh

Always good and fast

Allen Jordan

Freaky fast is right.

Tony Clinkscales

Laura Elstrodt

I love there subs and there plain chip

brandon most

Okay I got a sandwich too, but I was too hungry to wait for a photo to eat it. It was good though!

jason bowers

Mar Centers

Always friendly, fast and delicious

Steve Tillotson

Cavarus Miller

I had a friend order us sandwhiches. Mine had mayo on it, and I don't like mayo. I kindly asked the guy behind the counter if he could remake it, because I can't eat mayo, and he said he couldn't, because I had already taken a one bite out of it. So to make up for it he gave me two mustard packs, and more chips. Not the best customer service. Not to mention they rushed us out with 10 minutes to close. Again not good service at all!!

Trista Roach

Fantastic service and food!!

Jacqueline Nemeth

Great sandwiches!!!

Alex Nast

Always delicious, and easily the fastest place in town. Update: this is one of my favorite places to eat however, the last three times I've been here the service has been trash. There's nothing good to be said when employees make their guests feel uncomfortable and stupid.

Susan Johnson

Fast and delicious

William Curley

The staff an.sandwichs are awesome an amazing

april wyant

Freaky fast.

Angie M

Nothing special sandwich. But these guys are pumping out the sandwiches and feeding downtown employees! Their delivery people are devoted and earn gold stars for martyrdom

M Royalty

Great service, had sprouts, and good food. Just a weird location for it. You have to know it's there because you won't see it from Main Street.

Noah Hopkins

Good sandwich, a little overpriced. The bread is what makes it stand out.

Chasing Rainbows

Very quick service but the sandwich wasn't great. There wasnt much meat on the sandwiches, and the bread was tough.

Dominik Lippolis

Jimmy Kennan

jamie kelly

Has to be my favorite sub shop hands down


Brad Mikes

James Crow

Great for a quick grab and go. Always fast. They deliver as well.

Alfonso Alvarez

(Translated by Google) Good clean and fast treatment (Original) Buen trato limpio y rápido

Jeff Stevens

10/10 would smash

Marty Markey

Jimmy Johns makes great subs. Always consistent and fresh ingredients.


Online order an hour in advance and the driver never found the place just three blocks up the road. Driver sounded like he was EATING while calling for directions.

ken grunder

Awesome food. And fast

Patrick Dalby

Service was fast and Speedy and the food was great the meat was good and the bread was fresh

Paige Smith

No welcome when we arrived. Two workers behind the counter were anything but fast and a bit freaky. They couldn’t figure out our drink size when we said “30 ounce.” It wasn’t busy so we figured after a quick stop in the bathroom our sandwiches would be waiting for us. I came out of the bathroom to find only one of them working on some guys sandwich who came in after us. The other girl never did help. No apology and we had to ask three times for our drink. Not the friendly sandwich shoppe.

Terry Riggins

Staff are friendly and quick during delivery and the food is always exceptional and accurate to my order. I would recommend Jimmie John's to any one.

Derrick Whittle

It's a Jimmy John's. If you've eaten at one you've eaten at them all. Not the usual chipper greeting that I'm used to from the JJs back home, but the sandwich was good.

Michael Wynn

Best Sub Sandwich

Don Harris

Very bland sandwiches.

Shenn Hern

Made fresh the way you want it.

The best CAT queen

Great food

Brian Pollock

James Whitaker

Tonight was my first time ever partaking in the Jimmy John's experience, and to be perfectly honest, this location could not have done anything better. This was a difinitive moment in all my 36 years of sammich consumption.To think I have went this long without partaking in this sublime sandwich society, is nothing short of a travesty. The ordering process, delivery time, and friendliness of the staff, was done with pristine professional precision. Upon grasping my dinner, I could tell by the neatly wrapped treasure in my hands, I was on the verge of confronting greatness. As a child, I have opened many gifts with great anticipation, but as soon as the tightly wrapped marvel gave privy to the sweet aroma of the freshly baked bread, I knew all those moments would now fail in camparison to the majesty before me. Simplicity at it's finest moment, the golden glow and perfect texture of fresh bread, freshly sliced meats and veggies, all brought the saying, "attention to detail" to another stratosphere. My wife, has brought this restaurant up before in previous ponderings of the, " what shall we eat" debate, and I must concede that she is now free to make every decision, every one of them, forever. Today was a rainy dismal day in the downtown G-Vegas world, and I personally had a sub-par day working for another one of the downtown food establishments which shall remain nameless, for I know when I return, there will be no fresh baked aromatic bread baking, no fresh sliced veggies, it will be a bleak day. Thank you to Jacob, whom I called immediately after consuming my delicious sammich, to thank them for the obvious pride he and his staff take in what they do. To anyone who may think this long rant was overkill, to you I say, order a meal, and prepare yourself for perfection at it's finest.

Clara Frederick

Jimmy Johns has always had good subs/sandwiches based on the food I have had. What they do not have, and what I would seriously start taking into consideration (if they expect to stay open) is their customer service skills, and principles. I come from a restaurant background initially and it doesn't matter if you think your customers are dead wrong, the customer is ALWAYS right. Especially if they are paying for you to stay in business. Too many times the McBee Avenue location in Greenville, SC has left items off of orders that were placed online and you would think that if they are placed online that would give the store even more room to double check and work as needed. If you're delivering to a company, especially if it's within 10-15 minutes cycling time away, there is no excuse for orders to be missing items if they have been paid for. And even if they haven't been paid for, you should still be required to get the order correct. You wouldn't want to pay for an entire tank of gas and then not get that entire tank of gas, right? There is no difference here. The fact that this particular location has gotten the same consistent reviews and has not done anything about it is a major red flag. For people to act as if I'm the one inconveniencing them by calling to get my corret order, that I paid for, is unreal. At this point you could call it stealing if you're truly going to charge me for things I'm not receiving. Furthermore, don't promise things you cannot deliver. Literally. We have had Denise in the McBee Avenue store promise things such as $5.00 gift cards, personally delivered by her, and then nothing. It's just bad work ethic, bad business and whether you realize it or not, it's a bad reflection upon your own character and your own personal customer service that you supposedly value and stand for. It's funny, if the tables were turned I'm sure that jimmy johns employees would feel the same way I'm feeling now, along with many other people in town. It's unacceptable. It doesn't matter if your staff is short, if your computer systems are down, if inventory is low, if management is poor, you should always go out of your way to help a customer have the best experience possible, if you value your job and take pride in what you do. It's unfortunate for Jimmy Johns because I've given them lots of business and chances and I do not believe I will be returning to their location McBee Avenue. Thank you and good luck!


love their sandwiches, but they suck at delivering. Which wouldn't be that big of a deal but that's pretty much their logo - "freaky fast." Not only do they screw up royally when delivering, they suck at making up for it. How about offer a bag of chips, or a cookie, or anything other than bad customer service when you call and ask where your sandwich is 30 mins after placing the order??! How about offering a free sandwich when you call for the SECOND time an HOUR after ordering? no, not this store. And no, this is not the first time it's happened. I've worked downtown for the last 5 years and have made the mistake of ordering from here whenever I can't take my lunch. And no, i'm not complaining for getting my sandwich 10 minutes late. Everytime they've screwed it up, it's at least an hour hassle of calling and chasing down my lunch, which is about the worst thing that could happen when you're so busy at work and starving. I guess they only thing this store has going for it is consistency in bad delivery. Sincerely, Hangry

justin Chandler

Natalie A. Williams

Generally good sandwiches...

Jasen Hansen

Tasty subs

J Williams

Always friendly staff good sandwiches when you're on the go

RPJ Kingdom

I only went in to use the bathroom, but the people were extremely nice and the place was very clean.

Laurie Boyd

We stop here every time we travel. Great service. Never had a bad experience. Nice & clean.

Shamra Zancanella


A Rancourt

While the #11 sandwich was good and I enjoyed my me time, the only worker appeared to be on a personal call with his back to the counter long enough for a customer to come in, wait about 5 full minutes without acknowledgement and then leave without being waited on. Either there should be more than one worker or teach them to acknowledge.

Sam Johnson

A sandwich from the freezer case would be the same thing

T. Fulton Burns


Nice atmosphere. Friendly staff. Great location. Food has never impressed me or kept me coming back.

marv jacobs

Unwich is a great low carb meal

Jordan Wilson

Denise Williams


Yummy I loved it....

Brianna Crews

Stopped here for lunch on my way home. Everyone I was with ordered the same thing I did and only one of the sandwiches were made right. I took my sandwich back in the store because I wanted what I ordered. The guy took my sandwich and opened it up with no gloves on to look and see what was wrong with the sandwich. Eww. Handed the sandwich to Tommy which is who took the order. She had an attitude the whole, huffing and puffing. She threw whatever was missing onto my sandwich, wrapped it up and handed it back to me. I'm very disappointed and will never be back. Should have went somewhere else. I Dont recommend this Jimmy Johns. Save your money for better service

Krissy Lee

Noelle Knutson

Good, basic sandwiches.

Tammy Kloefkorn

The service & food was great !!

Eric Nowland

Dhruven Parikh

Chrissy Nevin

John Max

Go there for a really good sandwich

C Dubbya

Consistently good.

Rudy Aiken

Food was OK But cost to much

Lee Marthers

Better than subway. Faster than a bullet.

Gregory Pittman

Jimmy John's has great sandwiches. But, perhaps because it's tucked into a small location in downtown Greenville, this store doesn't have as much to offer as others do. Only two kinds of bread French for subs and wheat for sandwiches. The staff was nice and service was quick. If you're in downtown Greenville for a while and want a sandwich, this not a bad option. But it isn't a spot you would choose to go to otherwise.

katie canavan

Yassssss! We order a few times a week at work and never had bad service or a bad sammich. Love the team there!

Anish S

Fast, super fast!

Mike Reed

Good food excellent service. And plenty of both. Allways stop there when go to Rock Springs. Never been disappointed.


I'm loving it.

Jason Stubbs


Shaun Wagner

Fast delivery is all they have. I ordered a sandwich at the counter. They don't like that. I never received my order. Everyone else I know that orders from them does it online. They say it is easy and fast, not good.

Jose Havana

Good food and friendly staff

Lance Ball

Great place for lunch, staff is friendly and place is always clean. Good food too.

John Sheely

There are better places to throw your money than mediocre service and food.

Ashley Deming

Jason Burns

Trula Thomas

Danny Martinez

Food is good. Staff makes it 5 stars. Super Friendly Team.

larry lauridsen

Good food from attentive, friendly staff. We love going here!

Lindsay Spindler

Go in person. Ordering delivery will not be fast nor will it be correct. I’ve tried on 3 separate occasions and every time is a FAIL. Today was the tipping point. I received a Diet Coke (ordered a regular) which was 1/4 gone because it had spilled in the guys bag making the paper bag and sandwich soggy. Dude. I love JJ’s in general but this location is a hard pass.

Nathan Clark

We had a wonderful experience during our impromptu stop at Jimmy Johns. Michael was very helpful as it was our first time visiting a Jimmy John's.

Steve Vandenberg

Joey Espinosa


Always good food and fast courteous service!

Nick Blechar

I walked in and the floors were gross and sticky. They made the bottom of my very nice sneakers awful, and I had to scrub them later to get the sticky goo off. I told the cashier, but was met with literally zero reaction. I don't want to eat someplace that ruins my clothing.

Caleb Patteson

Emily Lopez

Great service here. Really really nice staff. Place is always well maintained and clean!

Sean McMahan

Darrell Wieburg

They are always great.

Matt Damele

Awesome friendly staff.

The Pie

Service was nice and friendly. We were taking some sandwiches to go. We headed out and didn't notice that one of the sandwiches was meant to have avocado. Since we where already on the road it wasn't worth turning around and coming back to get it fixed.

John Liggett

Good food, healthy options

sushma alphonsa

Quick stop, clean, fast, easy when passing on I80 via rocksprings.

Donna Maynard

Good sandwiches. Now have wheat bread.

Dan Burgess

Great food really, really fast!

David Bryant

I really think this place has the best tuna sandwich around. Very good. I always get it and it's even better with the spicy peppers.

Chuck Wagon

Well they can't deliver to the cruel jacks truck stop and they can't deliver to the flying j truck stop. I don't know where they will deliver but I'm guessing it's just across the street and no further.

Christina Magagna

Fast, Friendly and always a great sandwich!

Leslie Hoyt Goodbye House Hello Home

A group of 6 of us came to have lunch and we all decided that the manager that was on duty is a very rude individual, we called him the "dude with a 'tude". When asked if the heat can be turned up a little because it was chilly inside, he replied, "no", not even looking at us. When asked if the avocado spread could be put on the side instead of on the sandwich, he replied, "no", again, not looking at the one ordering. As he was spreading mayo on a sandwich, he was asked if he remembered that the sandwich was to be made without mayo and he said, "this isn't your sandwich," and muttered under his breath and sneered. Then, each time the poor cashier was getting asked a question while she was taking orders, he would answer for her, gruffly, never smiling or having one ounce of friendliness toward her or us all. Maybe he was having a bad day, but my guess is that he is always like this, judging by the look of frustration on the cashier's face. None of us felt welcomed there, but rather an inconvenience. None of us will be back to that location, and in addition to this review, I will be mentioning to my Facebook friends to avoid that location. I am sorry to have to leave this comment... but the whole experience left a bad taste in our mouths. (Sorry for the pun, couldn't help it!)

N. Burke

Quick bite just wish they had better parking.

Bill Parrish

What can you say? It's Jimmy John's. Good sandwiches, blazing fast service, decent prices. Everyone is always friendly, even during the lunch rush. Great place to grab a quick lunch if you work downtown. (Hint: Order online and your order will be ready for you by the time you walk over.) :-)

Cody Pierpoint

Always consistent and great tasting sandwiches!

Chris Page

Sam Bragg

Love there sandwiches and they are super fast

jacob norton

Quick and friendly staff who all great you as you walk in. Orders made so quick, no wonder they are “freaky fast”

Quenton Brown

Meats have a great taste, bread is wonderful customer service is so friendly and efficient

Bailey Steele

The service tonight was great! I was very thankful for the hospitality the employees showed and they were very polite and positive. It was just before closing time and my entire swim team of about 40 people went in for a sandwich. They handled it beautifully. They had to call people in to help, another reason for which I am grateful, and make us all sandwiches. The service definitely made my night better which makes me feel a little bad because it may have ruined the employees’ night. But that is why I wanted to write this comment to let you know that you were great and We are all very grateful. - Thank you from the Rawlins Swim Team

Christian lowe

Clean. Bathrooms smell terrible from the drains

Jacob Brooks

Freaky fast but also freaking rude!

Amanda Webb


James Greenlee

Great, wish they updated the mobile app for when my order was ready and had fridge magnets with the store number for my other associates who DONT have smartphones

Arrington Reynolds

Haley Hill

I was just visiting Rock Springs with my husband. We were staying at a hotel that was about 3 miles from the Jimmy John's. We decided to order a sandwich for delivery, it was a Turkey Tom, add onion and extra mayo, cut it in half and oregano. They messed the order up, I got just a plain Turkey Tom with nothing added to it, and it was not cut in half. I left a very strongly worded review and was contacted by the management the next day. They were extremely apologetic and VERY kind to me after I was VERY rude. Then today, 1 week later, I receive a $10 Jimmy John's gift card in the mail. Now I live in Kansas, so that means this manager took the time out to write a short letter to me and pay postage to send that and the gift card to me. Obviously this Jimmy John's has a wonderful GM!! I highly recommend them!

Allen Lindsey

Joan Smith

The one on McKee is horrible. Nasty food

Joseph Tolar

I live 1.7 miles from Jimmy John's and can not get delivery to my house I could get at both ends of my street

Craig Swierczek

Blake Martin

You can't get your order finished before they're done making your sandwich!

Covenant Lazarus

I have never had them be wrong on an order. Pricey as hell, but good place to eat.

Ross Lyon

45 minutes, still no sandwiches

Jeremiah Feicht

Pretty good sandwich

Kevin Bryant

I love Jimmy John's subs. Fast service and never been disappointed buy the food quality. Saves me from eating subway!!!

Bob Kain

Fast fresh food and service you'd expect at any JJ's. Thanks for tasty alternative to burgers on the road;)

Matthew Woznick

Kevin D Babiuk

Order and pay online for pickup or delivery.

Laurs Allgier

Loved the food .

David Curran

Michael Montgomery

Dana Will RiseAbove

Truly wicked fast delivery! Service is always friendly andwhen I eat in store its always clean. They keep it simple stupid.

Gene Rivers

Thomas Wilkins

Amazing place!!! Their sandwiches are always fresh and delicious at the fair price. You just can't beat it! Excellent customer service. Highly recommend!

Kyle Albaughk

Anthony DiMarzio

Caleb Jenson

I submitted a large catering order last minute and they got it done right on time. More importantly, they were super happy to help. Even helped me carry it to the car...they were great!

Jeremy Green

Just ordered 2 8" subs online to be delivered because we have worked 30 hours in a day and a half. and just wanted some subs. food gets here and is on toast...... no subs. which would have been almost 5$ cheaper.. very disappointed

Ken Peterson

#14 w/onions is awesome

Michael Carotta

Trickydicky yo*

Mike Gilstrap

Great sandwiches, and really fast service. Keep up the good work

Micah Sherer

Nyte Fox

Welcoming and friendly staff as soon as we walked in. They were patient with us as we skimmed across the menu board. They helped to answer any questions we had in a friendly manner. And, of course, their service was very fast.

Gabriela Yoder

Sandwiches are awesome

James Kolczak

I'd heard many people talking about the food and the fast delivery and finally decided to give it a try. I had only tried a couple of sample sandwiches that they brought around when I was at my doctor's office one day just after they opened. I ordered a hunter's sandwich and a Gargantuan the first time with both bbq and plain chips and one of each cookie. The hunter wasn't bad. I love the big G! I get the french bread with bread removed and extra onions. I'm addicted to these sandwiches. The chips were okay and the cookies were nice. I later on tried the pickles and love them too. They remind of the pickles we used to get as kids in big barrels or jars at some of the little stores. I was also very happy with the delivery and it is fast. The delivery person even apologized for being a little late and it hadn't even been 10 minutes yet. Very good service and all of the delivery people I've had so far have been great. Some day I'll try the other sandwiches I'm interested in if I can get past the Gargantuan. Now to plan an order for dinner tonight....

Brian Isaacs

Super duper time!

Gary Guinard

Cindy Price

Always great sandwiches. On a Saturday don't go really bad sandwich makers.

Ashley Ferguson

Always super quick and sandwiches are always decent. Cheap too.

Jeremy Pierce

Fast, friendly delivery and good food!

ashley bozarth

You really can't deliver to the Preserves???? Wow!

Kasie Sheridan

michael bryan

Elizabeth Wheaton

I don't think anyone can really give JJ a bad review, b/c of what it is. Service to my building is generally within 10 minutes & they've only messed my order up 1x...out of like 20.

Keith Segien

Worst manager i i ever spoke to. Live a mile away ordered a sub waited 1 hour 20 minutes to have it delivered. Called every 25 minutes they promised it's on its way. Finally after waiting on hold for 10 minutes the manager Destiny wouldn't give me a time it would be delivered plus told she's busy now. UNREAL I'm a businessman here told my employees don't patronage that establishment terrible management. Delivery guy apologized after delivering 1 hour 20 minutes 1 mile away from my house. Dont fault him. But don't go there is my recommendation.

Tony Abbott


Thelma Robinson

Great Unwich

Krystian Babilinski

Get the JJBLT ! I always wondered why people went here, after eating here once I regret finding this place so late in my life. My only complaint is that the staff seems judgy.

Kyle Waller

Always fast!

Ted S

Fantastic cold cuts. The service here was prompt and they brought out well made sandwiches

Joseph A. Lawson

Nick Skowyra

Free smells

Mike Amundsen

Laura Hicks

I ordered a Tuna salad sandwich , chips and a drink - my order got here quickly - I couldn’t wait to devour it .... I opened it up and DISAPPOINTMENT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT !!!! It was turkey with lettuce and tomato

Michael Waters

Poor customer service, from one of their managers.

Holly J

Staff was very friendly and concerned about making the sandwiches the way we like them.

casey greene

Not a very big fan. I'll just say that.

Daniel Prado

Boner soup Best meatball subs in town

Marie Wood

Stanley Jordan

A good place to eat a sub sandwich

Henry Thompson

Bread was stale

Kayla Fall

Elena Bulkley

Very good efficient service.

Dillan Alderman

Sam Hanna

Cody Hanson

Chelsea Brewer

50 minutes to deliver one sandwich and a drink (bicyclist)... Considering I live downtown, this was ridiculous. Drink had no ice due to it being watered down. Soda spilled all down the side when he pulled it out of his bag. Called the manager and he said he would send me a $5 gift card and a new drink (never got the gift card)

Katie Poterala

Fast. Friendly delivery person. Nice that they keep your info on file for quick order processing.

Bryan Miller

Anyone who says they waited more then 10 mins is a lie...

Mike Franks

Great, freaky fast. Had my food before the card chip machine took my money.

Brad Boyer

Very tasty stubs, especially the bread. Service is unbelievably fast.

Victor Stewart

Lettuce wrap was tasty but a bit expensive.

Pacific Computer

The quality was good, but the product knowledge of the staff, and execution of making it as ordered leaves a lot to be desired. Asked how tuna was prepared, we were assured that it was only mayo after they conferred with two other employees. When it arrived it had more than just that. Had to return and get a different sandwich which was then made wrong. My wife ordered one type of sandwich, they charged for and made a different and more expensive sandwich. My sandwich was made incorrectly as well.

Tommy Wilkinson

It seems a little silly, but sometimes they are a little too fast. If you want to change anything at all on your sandwich you better say it as you are ordering!

Chad Dickinson

Kelly Franich

Great place to eat at, I highly recommend going there


Clean place. Pleasant staff and a great lettuce wrap among other things

Uriel Velázquez

Fastest service ever. The subs taste good. I was pretty amazed because I was still paying when my sub was ready.

Amber Plancarte

The sandwiches here are always amazing!

John Smoker

Small, but nicely situated. Good service, not usually too busy.

Pam Redding

Fast and good!!

Douglas Hearon

I actually like subway better, but Publix has them both beat!

Bianca Jorgensen

Too much mayo. The worst bread ever. More lettuce than anything else. I won't go back.

tracie Colley

Bland but the kids like it so I have no say..

Ron Reese

Mike Travers

I called and was excited about getting a sandwich but i was out of their delivery area. I was only 1 exit from them 2 miles.. i drive a truck and i couldnt move because of my computer on my truck. I asked if they could make a change in the area of delivery and they said no corp sets locations. Then she hung up. Will never order or stop at any jimmy johns again. They lost my business... period...

Riley Richter

It's ok

Melanie Gary

Best sandwiches ever.

Richard Waldron

Has gone to total dump in the last 6 months. Employees have gotten rude as hell, have not gotten my order right even though I order the same thing, delivery times have multiplied and also their wifi name is meant to harass someone.

Don Wygand

Always a super experience. They know us by name and really are freaky fast delivery with excellent subs!

Eva Thomas

Mark Kilinski

Pricey for what you get. Taste good, friendly staff.

Dane Wilson

My wife has Celiac Disease, so gluten free is a requirement. The guys helped understand what her options were. Great service, a really affordable option for quick and affordable downtown.

Cansas B

Normally pretty quick but either way I don't mind the wait. Employees were were very nice

Cassandra Smith

Very disappointed in the service. Waited forever for our food. Then we got our food before the people who ordered before us.. The people before us waited 15 minutes and still didnt have their food.

supa shark gaming

Lunch was great. I'd definitely go back when in the area.

Harold Thompson

David Lupo

Friendly staff. Excellent sandwich every time!!!!!

Faith Jones

I love Jimmy Johns, and I'm so glad we finally live less than a mile from one so that we can take advantage of the delivery service. However, this particular location is SLOW. We generally wait 40 minutes to an hour for two sandwiches. I wish they would let you know the wait times for delivery before ordering. . .

Jason Klear

Sarah Foster

They’re always fast and dedicated to making the sandwich correctly. Love this Jimmy John’s. Great customer service too! (Although the apostrophe is out in the main Jimmy John’s sign out front, minor fix)

Mike Hafner

I love this place

Donn Greenwald

Very good, much better than subway

Alison Silva

Fast friendly service and good food.

Nicole Alderson

VRi Forest Lolandi

Yummy, fast.. pretty great. :) Recommended for out of towners passing through.

Thomas Phifer

Been ordering from them for a while now. Real simple food, hand delivered to your door freaky fast. Order online and give them good instructions on delivery. Simple as that.

Johnetta Mancuso

Love it!

Cheryl G.

ben s

For the most part Jimmy Johns is wonderful. Usually the staff is friendly and attentive. Today I had the worst experience with Jimmy Johns yet. As we walked in the door no one greeted us. We stood at the register waiting to order, the staff didn’t even look up. Finally a man asked what we wanted in a grumpy way. He clearly didn’t want to be here. All three employees looked very miserable. They all seemed out of it. It’s unfortunate to see people so unhappy. It’s very unlike Jimmy Johns to hire people like this. Other than that the sandwiches we good. Friendliness goes a long way!!

Marc Duncan

Was great. Got exactly what I was out for.

Josh Pate

Lynn Foster

Great friendly service, food always taste fresh and fast service,would recommend them highly!

Kristin Hart

I've loved Jimmy John's since college -- perfect to-go food, awesome BBQ chips, just terrific! So when I started working downtown last year and noticed a JJ's nearby, I was excited to order. That was right before Memorial Day Weekend. My co-workers who ordered with me and I had the worst weekend of our lives. I'd NEVER gotten food poisoning before that meal (which was delivered via bicycle in 90-degree weather; I'd been naive enough to assume the deliverer had an insulated backpack). When I went to demand our money back, they laughed at me, tossed the money across the register, and told me they "hoped to see" me again soon. ?!

Linda Angel


Clint Eddy

Limited delivery area

Evangelist Ervin Wilson

Rebecca Silveston

Deliver to my home. Always what I expect and on time.

Jay Foster

Great food,fast service,friendly staff

Adrian Smart

Quan Rucker

Always good subs...quick and reasonable price

Mike Byrnes

Good food

Diana Fanuke

T.J. Woodd

Service was a bit slow but the unwitches were pretty good.

Kevin Digirolamo

bryan bear

Staff is friendly, got my sandwich quickly and the bread was fresh. It's always pleasant going there.

Brennan Williams

Steven Teeples

Busy place.

Adrian Babilinski

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