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REVIEWS OF Jersey Mike's Subs IN South Carolina

Riannon James

Always good and always super nice!

amanda gilpin

Lori Fox

Zanyla Wallace

I'm a jersey girl and got the good jersey experience

l brown


Zach Lewis

Judy Bradley

Ryan Baermann

Cher Herryman

Just wish we had a Jersey Mike's in Wenatchee

Irish Bear


Angie Hacker

Love this place. Quick good subs reasonably priced.

Patricia Wager

They sell Philly cheese steaks but don't have ketchup. So stupid.

Pamela Schramke

The staff is always very friendly and professional. They always get our orders correct. They appear to enjoy what they do and it shows. I highly recommend this location.

Michael Stewart

mike adkins

Jon Neebes

Day old bread, same price

Katie Mansfield

I really like coming here. Everyone always seems genuinely happy to be working here, and the subs are ridiculously good. Normally I only go for hot subs, but Jersey Mike's cold subs are awesome. I highly recommend the club and the original Italian. Their hot subs are great too, I like their hot pastrami sandwich and the big kahuna cheesesteak. I've only had a few of their wraps but the buffalo chicken wrap is my favorite of those. We stop here a few times a month when we don't feel up to cooking dinner (or lunch the next day) and grab giant sandwiches.

Jeffery J

Food and service good. The teen-kid playing with the latex gloves was somewhat annoying, especially when lightly tickled the face of a co-worker.

JayRrah Anderson

I like the food

John J. Johnson

For the money it's not that great but still better than subway

Chad Shaver

Had the original Italian on rosemary parm "Mike's way" tasty sandwich, great customer service and very personable.


Tyler Kidd

Sandwich and customer service were good. However i couldn't help but feel it was a bit pricey for a sandwich.

Alan Wise

My favorite sandwich shop! The staff is the best, always so positive and friendly.

Michael Edwards

Food was awesome, staff was awesome

Wendy Wyatt Matousek

Henry Smith

Jessica Decker

In gluten free and was super excited to find it that their gf sandwich choice was actual Gluten free bread!!

RJ Dingle

Arista Black

Today was my very first time at Jersey Mikes, deciding to finally give them a try, I went in, expecting.... well nothing except to be served. Well, wasn't I surprised when I stepped through the doors! I was immediately welcomed by a lady with a big smile, who asked how my day was. As I contemplated the menu, I informed her that it was my first time there and not sure what I wanted. She was really nice, and informed me of the more popular subs, but I still wasn't sure, so she asked me a couple questions..... then sold me on a regular ham and turkey and bacon (Sorry, I can't remember what it's called), she also suggested it being done Mikes way, and I said sure. Meanwhile, as she is doing this, she's talking to me, as are the other employees, and everyone is smiling, and actually seem like they care about my day. I will definitely be coming here again! Great service and a big thank you to Livia and the rest of the staff, keep up the awesome job! Oh, and the sub was delicious!!


Went there later in the evening to try it out. Overall, good sandwich and loved the bread. After walking out, there were 2 guys sitting right outside the door that were pretty aggressively wanting money. Personally, I didn’t feel comfortable that they were right by the doors and that they said they are always there so next time bring some money for them. Would not recommend going there alone or after dark.

David Jeffers

Aaron Howard

Great service and sandwiches!

Sue Macko

It is always wonderful, but kind of pricey. We will still go there, but not as often as we would like.

brian gentry

One word delish

Larry Dillahay

Best Reuben I ever ate in my life. Carly the manager so friendly and cares about her job and even came to check on me in the dining room.

Bill Michaelis

Great Subs plenty to eat

Kellie McDaniel

All time favorite place for SUBS.....


Pretty pricey for what you get. And not that good. The service is fine. Won't be back.

Joe Borovina

Killer minus the wheat bread

Victoria Rice

Megan Anderson

Pretty tasty. Good portions for the price!

carol vota

Jonathan Fairley

Best subs around and their rewards program is worth it. Puts Subway and Jimmy Johns to shame.

Kodiak Dillon

Just the chicken bacon ranch melt

Jen Nafziger

Sooooo good!!

Darren Roller

this location let's transient and vagrants hang out inside while I'm trying to eat. And the girl behind the counter gives away free food to her friends that are driving a white Jeep. why do I have to pay for mine? I think the management needs to do a little bit of employee research

Alan Rager

Always good sandwiches.

Ravage Ray

Best subs around. Domanique is fast and friendly. Great customer service.

Dean Larsen

Donna Hutchins

They suck really bad customer service. They never get the order right.

Tina Hastings

Higher quality sandwiches than competitor (s). Friendly staff. I would like to see the tables wiped every time someone leaves though.

Myrna Dowden

Best subs anywhere. So very sad that the Noblesville location has closed. It needs to come back maybe at a different location.

Brandi Bullard

I love how friendly the staff is here!!!! Everytime I come here they are super helpful and nice!

Jake Hancock

Good food and service.

Leslee Lura

Jordan Powell

Hands down best subs. If you havent tried "Mikes Way" then give it a shot!!!

Pogo Wolf

Love the sandwiches. Better quality than subway

ginger bernardo

randy preston

Lester Harris, Jr

Madeline Hursh Alcock

Great customer service.

Wonder Woman

I can not give five stars as the customer service was no where to be found. It was out first time in and we let the girl know that. I expected for some type of conversation that would tell me how their subs worked and such. Instead we stood there for 10 mins with no talking from the girl. It was like we were not even standing there. When I asked anything, she would hardly answer it. I give three stars for the sub, it was good. But none for the worker.

Brian Rexroat

Great fast food

Jen Streby

Painfully slow. Staff was chatting amongst themselves and then some left to go to Starbucks.

Kevin Browning

Andrew Clark

Best experience I've had at a sandwich shop, hands down. The people were upbeat and very friendly, they made the food quickly and it was delicious! Shout out to the new manager Nick and the young lady (I didn't get her name) that I worked with, you guys are the best!

Linda Highfield

Great place. Friendly people. Generous portions. Love it!

Christian Andersen


Leslie Willmann

Delicious sandwiches. Wonderful staff...very friendly. We got a free sandwich and go back often now because they are so good.

Tim Jennings

Good food, fast, service was great and store was clean. Thank you!

Aaron Carnine

Stick with the classic philly, was very good. Ruben maybe should have had rye bread. Meatball was good, standard. That philly though...was great. Nice helpful staff.

jen P

Good sandwich but slow service

Philip Kaiser

Great sandwiches with fast service. Reasonably-priced.

Joe Trudell

Timothy Canaday

Great sandwich shop, and they even have gluten free bread available!

Kia s

Great service and the food is greatqulity

Bernie Leenercranz

Tony Tuite

Great food, excellent Philly cheese steak!

John Frazier

Elijah Gordon

Nicole Walker

Wiley is awesome!

gunmdown 5595

They have great subs here. Wish they had one closer to our house.

Chris Van Meter

Very good subs with a lot of kinds to offer. I suggest trying the rosemary bread.

Agata Drozdz

Person that prep my sub was very nice. Unfortunately the price was way too high and freshness of vegetables questionable...should of went to Safeway that is next door to that location.

David Diffenbaugh

Dakota Cox

Bradley Smith

Aaron England

Great sandwiches and the staff is always helpful

Ricci Miller

Terrence Buck

Great food but a litte pricey


Great food, long wait.

Suzanne Heideman

Michelle Atkins

Kyle Balk

Not very good

cal cunningham

Best sub in Monroe

Brian Price

Awesome food. Great service. Love this place

William Webber

Big sandwiches!!!

Jodi Hazen

Seems to make us sick more often than not.

Austin Workman

A bit pricey but definitely worth it. Amazing food.

Michael Christie

Good sub's...not great!!! Like I'd hoped...My name is Mike and I'm from N.J.... Maybe its just me but I think these guys should leave Jersey Sub's in Jersey

Katrina Walton

Not very impressed. My husband went in and ordered, then sat down to wait for the order. After a half hour wait, and 9 other orders being filled, he went up and asked for our two sandwiches. The woman behind the counter apologized, because she had forgotten to make our food, even though we had already paid for it.

Bill Epright

I really like Jersey Mike's. They are really overpriced. The food is good but I can't afford the take my family of four they're more than once a month. I can go to Red Lobster and eat for what for Jersey Mike's Subs chips and sodas will cost me for a family of four

Grant Jordan

Lisa Chrislock

Ever thing is so fresh

Scott K

Decent sub, Turkey is better than sibwsy!

Collin Connor

Sam G

If Jimmy John's and Subway had a baby.... They'd call it Mike

Mark Bailey

Roast beef not rare today! I usually love Jersey Mikes, and am willing to spend the extra 2 dollars over what it would cost at Jimmy John's to enjoy one of their sandwiches, mostly because their beef is proper and medium-rare. Well...either today was a fluke, or the party's over folks! Fully cooked and barely pink roast beef with no flavor in my sub today. The biggest bummer of it all is that I decided to spring for the $15 extra large version today...disappointed. I fear they have changed the beef they serve, and if this is true then from now on I"ll save my two bucks and eat at Jimmy John's.

Shereese Bunton

Yum yum

Damon Hollins

Fawzi Breidi

Travis Hailey

Fast friendly service great subs


Good food and great staff always a fun place to eat.

Elias Heydari

Brittany DiBattiste

AMAZING FOOD! They dipped out and closed up shop in Muncie before I could get my free food.. and haven't had a Philly steak n cheese as good since!

Deb Coffey

The Average American

Katie Carl

matt m

I have been eating here for a few years now and had the pleasure of meeting David the manager. Super nice guy, trains his staff the same. As for the sammiches, BEST Philly Cheese steak I have ever had! I don't have a review for any other food there, the Philly is all I have ever had lol. Philadelphia called, they want their notoriety back! Thanks David and staff!!!

Joshua Maze

Andrea Warner

Kevin Smith

James Putnam

Trinity + management is great! So kind! 10/10

Randy Mohr

The Big Kahuna keeps me coming back for more. Eager to try some other menu options, but my love for this sandwich is real!

Lee Graham

Friendly staff. Best sub sandwich!


Good food !! Just kind of rude I dont know if this is isolated or not

connor alger

One of the only sandwich places that offers gluten free bread; the staff are very understanding and even ask if they should change their gloves to accommodate your allergy

Yarik Marar


Gary B Huff

I'm a frequent flyer for their speedy service, positive atmosphere, and delicious sandwiches.

Curtis Turnell

Service is always fast and super friendly, and the sandwiches? Works of art.

vince iacono

Mike Rhodes

Love that the meat and cheese is sliced to order and stacked under Saran wrap.

David Ferens

J. Russell

Rory McGee

Best sandwiches in town by far.

Thomas Hall

Jersey Mike's has has some the best subs, always fresh made . No pre packaged meat here like subways.

Stefanie Rogers

Its ok....seems overpriced for what you get, but it's not bad food.

Steve Akers

Jason Baugh

Best quick sub shop out there. Never go to subway or Quiznos again

Victoria Cox

Terry Nelson

like it

Hampton Family

good stuff tasty.

Bret Nordby

Jake Methven

I feel like a was robbed with the horrible sandwich I paid over 10 dollars for chicken bacon ranch cheesesteak sandwich. The sandwich had a ton of lettuce on it drenched in ranch couldn't even pick it up because it was so drenched in ranch that it was soggy and fell apart what a disappointment for the sub above

Philip Mitten

Love the subs here! I recommend a number 13

Linda Parkins

Friends don't let friends eat bad sandwiches. You will never, ever have a bad one here! SO tasty, filling, a family favorite!!

Takeisha Young

Jon Hand

Nice subs. Mike's way is best. Little high on prices. Not outrageous.

Daniel McKenzie

#44 amazing

Brock Zagel

I just recently ate here for the first time. We got a BLT sub which they put a ton of bacon on and also a roast beef sub that had a lot of freshly cut meat. Way more meat than you get at Subway. Not quite as many vegetables choice, but that is probably fine because they have the basics like lettuce tomato pickle and a few others and you can taste the meat more that way.

brad Wilson

Staff is very friendly and the subs are delicious

Anthony Paul

Good subs.

Darrian Petruzzi

The veggie wrap is great!

Lori D Edwards

Joe Canfield

Excellent subs

steve wolfe

Brandon Scace

High quality subs, friendly staff, clean restaurant.

Joel Bourke

Jonathan Ratcliff

Madeleine Mills-Craig

Very nice sub shop. Their subs are ok, but a little pricey for just ok. It's roughly $6.50 for a regular sub but they come as a full subway size sub. I was able to eat half and save the rest for later. The reason I said it's a nice sub shop is that they have a great deal for kids meal. It's only $4.25 for a mini sub, a cookie and a drink. This was a great deal because me and my brother ended up sharing the drink and cookie which saved me from having to buy a drink for $1.29. Overall I liked his place.

Scott Ellman

Good variety of subs. Little on the pricey side, so a nice treat but would not eat here on a regular basis because of the price

Jeffrey Scott


Danielle Dutton

Angel Truth777

Best Subs in town!!

Megan Renae

Robert Coryell

Christina Lee

I cannot say anything bad

Nicole Wakelam

Josh Smart-Turner

Soooo much better than subway and Jimmy johns

Michelle White

Nathan Wilbur

Sherry Hatchell

Always a good place for something light and yet still giving you a sense of being full. And not weighed down. Its a treat for us to get out and have lunch. And we enjoy coming here. Fast and friendly.

T Thompson

Glen Davies

Really good sub sandwiches and the staff is very willing to accomodate my food allergies.

Buddy Sheets

Always great!

Rob Kline

Ryan Russell

Always great food, and friendly staff. Love that Chipotle Cheese Steak!

Juan Luna

This is a great place to go they always listen to my order. Never question why. I like to get my sandwiches plain so I can take the half I do not eat to work. Very nice workers.

Emily Anne

Nathan Moritz

Good staff and always fast even during lunch rush.

Robert Patrick

Robin Bryant

The Philly cheese steak was pretty good. They need to use provolone instead of american cheese though.

William Coles

Had excellent service and food. Will be going back soon.

JD Bills

Outstanding food... But a bit pricey. Turkey and provolone Mike's Way add pickle.

Dylan Benson

Got sick after eating a Chicken Wrap. Ordered online and it said 15 minutes wait time. Got there 15 minutes later and they hadn't even received my order yet.

George Hartdegen IV

Philly Steak is off the hook. Great food and friendly staff!

Sharee Johnson

Just moved here from NJ.... I'm a straight NJ girl and when we found this location, I was very happy! Makes me feel like I'm at home again. I frequent once a week, sometimes twice a week. I just ate a sub from there,now I'm contemplating on going back because it was that good. I love that I can direct them on just how I like it. Hmmmmmm delicious

stephen peek

Fast service good subs

Chad Carstens

The best subs

Joel Fennig

Aimee Beiter

Absolutely terrible customer service.

Tony Bixler

Best subs ever!!


Great tasty sandwich! My mouth just loved it.

Matej Manak

Richard Anderson

So frustrated!!! Standing in line 20 minutes to twelve and the are going to choose to do an online order due at 12 instead of serve me. Wasn't even greeted when I came in. This place use to be amazing but I am severely disappointed in it's current direction.

Steven Bryan

Freshest subs ever!

Per Pettersson

Jo Allen

Love there BLT

Ron Valinor

Jamie Stack

Tonya Falk

Food is good but pretty expensive if you have the hot sandwiches!

Drew Clyngenpeel

This is my favorite Jersey Mike's location. The staff is always friendly and helpful and I never have to wait long even when the place is packed.

Michael Rutigliano


Man Academy

Good food, clean, friendly

Megan Gallagher

Staff is super friendly, store is impeccably lean, and the sandwiches are always fresh and delicious.

Emanuel Popa

Great sandwich.

Gary Davidson

Good food and very friendly staff.

Yvonne Martinez

Ben Blas

Love jersey mikes! New to the area and was happy to find one here!! Had the Italian large done mikes way!!Friendly staff, clean sitting area...all in all a great visit!!

Brian Cummings

Great sandwiches and kids eat free on Sundays with meal purchase.

UndrA Nicholson

Always the best subs!

Bradley Khon

Andrew Brodie

Theresa Timmons

Always fresh and delicious. And. Big

Craig Johnson

Love these subs

nikki boyer

tasty, fresh hoagies and pleasant staff!

Natasha Detwiler

Best subs ever just can't get enough

Shelley Luster

Employees are so nice and great food!

King Rezzen

I love this place. Great sandwiches and the people are somehow always in a great mood. I have been here more times then I can count and always had friendly and prompt service which says a lot for a place that makes the sandwich fresh.

Mary Fernandez

Used to eat here all the time. Something happened, they are trYing to cut costs and not givery customers any meat. When you say something they just look at you or want to charge you more. It's expensive and that's ok if you get some meat to actually cover the bread. So disappointed. Next they will start making them smaller.

Nicolas Marien

Kevin Geisinger

Bruce Bracken

The subs are always great here, as is the staff. Never a bad experience.

Trish Kenagy

Sooooo much better than Subway. I love that you can order online.

Krissi Pike

N Odell

Good sandwiches, fast and friendly service.

Lindsay Battershell

Good service and great sandwiches!



BOMB!!!!! Place is fire every time.

Molly McIntire

Mark Nix

Great hot subs. Try the big kahuna.

S Stead

Great food! Beats Subway hands down! Staff was friendly.

Christine Carr

I love this place. Reminds me of sandwiches from home. Clean. Friendly.

Jeff Robinson

Great guys, Great Sandwiches!

Julie Winter

My favorite thing about Jersey Mike's is that I can reply in it always being the same great taste. Clean, friendly and Mike's Way!

Dennis Turek

moisés alonso

MJ See

Meatball Sub is superb! Fast service!

Kevin Adams

Rich Eizenhoefer

Great Service, Clean, Delicious Foods, Fast and Friendly! You'll love the smell of the freshly baked breads too!

Shawn Miller

Lynn Rinker

Always great food and friendly service.

Brad Anderson

The undisputed king of the sandwich/sub shops. Excellent sandwiches aww 2nd friendly staff.

Curtis Young

Not the first place you'd think of for low-carb...BUT, they have a "tub" bread. I had the Philly chicken cheese tub and it was amazing! Quick and inexpensive low carb lunch! #lowcarbsurprise

Kendall B

Chelsea Self

Dakota Oster

Well I ordered online for pickup. Bought a soda and chip separately and a soda chip combo. Only was allowed the combo and didn't get my other chips and drink. Took way longer then estimated and they were dead

Amber Holland


Always pleasent and accommodating staff. Surprised to always be greeted with cheer. Not easy in food industry. Subs to order in no time at all.

Nick C


BEST SUBS IN INDY HANDS DOWN. Get a #11 Mikes won't be disappointed..

Brian Lynn

Good sandwich

Mitch Rowland

The Best subs by far, Try it mikes way loaded and the pepper jelly is a must.

Scott Mitchell

Great food great service

Doug Ferree

Good subs


This store was amazing when it opened! I would drive all the way to this location even if it was out of my way. Today they got my order wrong,witch wasn't a huge deal. I came back to get the correct order, they informed me that they can't make the modifications to my specific sandwich anymore because the manger said no. This is a huge bummer for me ! I eat there once a week! Please bring back the previous manager!

Phil Spirito

Great customer service. Perfect sub! Cass and Dominique were super friendly, fun and welcoming.

Megan Manes

Brandy Kole

Just left and it was slammed(fair day). Lauren and the other girl (I didn’t catch her name) were wonderful. Our dinner was delicious and they had a ridiculous customer holding up the line and they both handled it gracefully. Be back soon!!!

Janie Knauss

Love their fresh sandwiches!

Tyler Blake

Always a go to! The ingredients were fresh, and I always feel like I get my money's worth when I order. The workers were fast, and got my order out to me quickly. The store is clean and there is someone constantly wiping the tables down. It's a well kept location.

H Simmons

They make great BLT sandwiches! Kind of expensive compared to like subway but well worth it.

Josh Keller

Try the Big Kahuna

Mel s

Kramer Kosak

Lee Blackwell

Marshall Gill

Always excellent service and great food. Even when they are busy there still so quick.

Christopher Marts

Delicious! Food was quick, reasonably priced, and the Giant was just that.

James Mccormack

Awesome sandwiches. Fresh bread and fresh ingredients.

Drew Jelinek

Pricey but good. The hot subs are amazing!

Blake Riggleman

Lee Brophy


best sandwich shop hands down chipotle cheese steak all the way!


Philly cheese steak was delicious!!


This location has been the most consistently good for my wife and I.

Mark Wilder

Terrific sandwiches! Best sub shop in the area hands down. I hadn't tried it before, but they knock it out of the park every time. This is definitely a go to place on my lunch breaks from work. You guys got my return business for sure. Great customer service as well everytime I come in.

David Rogers

Subs are great. I'm from NJ, living here about 40 years, and this is the first sub place that begins to remind me of Jersey subs. Mike's way is the best. Philly cheese steak is 9 out of 10. It just needs a good steak sauce to push it to the top - don't mean A-1 or pizza sauce. Dicovered it 2 weeks ago and been there 5 times - #5 super sub and #2 jersey shore are my favorite cold and #17 Philly cheese steak favorite hot. Tonight I'm trying #56, big kahuna cheese steak. Taking some steak sauce I brought back from NJ with me.

Jamie Hill

Great subs. Just a little slow when getting hot subs

Quiana Briscoe

Great staff and service and the food was great too.

David Joy

Little expensive, but it was a really good sub

Andros Kai

amazing sandwiches

Eryk Calvin

Nicholas B

Very Friendly staff, great sandwich and pretty fast.

Tyler Lawless

Philly Cheese

Kaitlyn McAuliffe

Christopher Jones

Christina Marie

Elizabeth Mills

Judy Bauerle

Did not have black olives for subs. Overall good sandwich.

Ada Wright

ki Silk

I'm a total fan! Love their Philly cheese steaks.

Eric S

Being a vegetarian, they have basically NOTHING to eat here. What a joke... pfffft... They have 1 veggie sub, and 1 veggie wrap... get real...

Gabriel Gurevich

Great food and service but a little pricey.

Nathan Shriner

Anahi Alonso


Really good sandwiches and a significant step-up from Subway. The Philly Cheese Steak falls just short of being awesome, but it's very good and better than you can get anyplace else within 10 miles. A little too pricey at $10/sandwich to make it an everyday lunch stop.

Lindsay G

We love Jersey Mike's however this location was HORRIBLE!!!! They ran out of white bread before noon and said they were almost out of other bread so we were stuck with wheat. 2 of the sandwiches were not sliced. 1 of them did not have mayo even though it was requested and the soda machine went out and when we got to our car and had a sip it was syrup and no carbonation. Get it together!!! Absolutely horrible waste of money!

Todd Pollock

Always great. Never found a bad Jersey Mike's

Justin Stephnson

Best subs in town. If only they delivered..

Laura Maue

Jersey Mike’s is such a wonderful place to eat at. The staff are super funny and nice. The bacon is super delicious I always eat a BLT. I definitely recommend this place over other places!

XMC 123

Justin Moll

First time I had ever been to Jersy Mike's food was great and the people were very friendly!

Debby Webber

Really good, but kinda far.

Jordan Miller

Trying to fit into the better than subway category and not doing it very well. This was not as good as firehouse subs but more expensive and they make you say no to a tip for someone who puts less ingredients on than at subway. A small bag of chips, medium drink, and 8 inch sub cost me as much as a sit down restaurant. Won't be going back.

Eduardo Rojas

Mike Nieto

Ok I see ya Mike .. Good sandwich

Susannah St. Clair

Had a tuna fish...yum yum!!!!

Stephen Oliver

amy zamudio

Eat here all the time and I have to say this is one of the best places I have ever eaten at that has great food and exellent service.

Lori N

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