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REVIEWS OF Healthletic Meals IN South Carolina

chad delaney

Amazing healthy food at very affordable cost! Truly pleased with the service.

Nikki Bailey

The meals taste amazing....and the customer service is phenomenal! Even my kids love the meals. Helps me stay in track during the busy work week. Definitely would recommend them!

Maria Delprado

me encanta la comida saludable muy nutritiva y deliciosa su sabor fresco y el aroma delicioso a tu nariz y a tu paladar es excitante y no se diga a tu cuerpo los beneficios que optienes de mantener tu cuerpo equilibrado y nutrido claro acompañado de ejercicios. les recomiendo probrarlas deliciosas comidas se siente que están preparadas con el profesionalismo y con mucho corazón

Yamira Valentin

I love the quality and flavor of the fresh food! I am having great energy after clean up my daily diet to this perfect lean meals. Thank you so much! I am going for the big package!

Jessica Abrams

I’m new to the local area, and was in search for a meal prep company. Came across Healthletic Meals via google search. My experience hasn’t been ideal being that we are in the digital age. Web-site is hard to manage, and I went on it over the weekend and the web-site seemed to be down, and I’ve called multiple times and haven’t had anyone pick up to answer questions regarding the programs that are offered. I called a competitor, and my experience was to my expectations which is to have someone help me and answer questions on the services provided.

Jackson Batson

Great option for a busy lifestyle and also for those looking for a healthier meal. They deliver weekly to my office and have exceptional customer service.

Morgan Bridwell

The best of the best when it comes to food and meal prep service! So many different options to choose from- I love that I can buy my protein in bulk and am able to switch it up and choose a little bit of each protein when I need something different. Healthletic meals has been the reason I can stay on track with my nutrition and they never disappoint. Communication and response time is always so prompt. I’m lucky to have found such an incredible company to help me with my meal prepping so I can continue to focus on my training while continuing to work my full time schedule. Thank you Healthletic Meals!!!


Just tried this for the first time and I was not disappointed in any way. I have tried meal delivery before and it was always to expensive for mediocre food. This meal was delicious, filling, AND reasonably priced. All the nutritional information is printed right on top of the microwaveable container ( I heated my meal on a tray in the toaster oven ) and could not be easier to track calories. Highly recommend!

Lauren Dean

Healthletic Meals has changed the game totally for me. I have a high-pace, high-stress career and having my macros and meals planned out, prepped, and ready to go is so important and vital to reaching my fitness goals. Fran and the team at Healthletic Meals are so helpful and take pride in the quality of their food and the meals are absolutely DELICIOUS. I have been completely satisfied with the meals, the service, and the results so far. I have been a consistent weekly customer for a few months now and now that I am planning a wedding and have specific fitness and aesthetic goals, I know I can reach them with the help of Healthletic Meals!

Benjamin Poole

Best meal prep service. Food is excellent! The difference is the staff. You can quickly see how hard everyone works from top to bottom and it shows. The service is 2nd to none and the Westwood team has created an amazing company that serves others with purpose and kindness. My fitness goals would not be complete without their awesome meal prep! Thank you!

TrRah R

I was in a crunch with selling my house, moving to an apartment and deadlines at work and challenge of eating healthier, THEN I remember a card from my gym about Healthletic meals. What a lifesaver!! I was able to order healthy balanced meals and no overloaded with salt, preservatives or all that other junk you get with restaurant takeout. Plus it simplifies my lunch and dinner meals. Its only been 2 weeks but I am already planning my next order. Plus they deliver! Loving it.

Sean Brownwell

Not satisfied with the service provided.

Marcy Jessica Way

I was given a gift card to use for this company as a gift. I’m glad many feel they’ve gotten value out of the service, but I’ve tasted competitive products, and I don’t taste the difference. What made me not continue was that other competitive companies offer more, for less, and have locations I can sit down and eat a meal. I hope this company reaches its potential, but it my personal experience it’s behind its competition, from sit down service, non-user friendly web-site, and food isn’t in my view as good as there marketing says it would be.

Derek Horton

I have been a client for a while and the food is always great. The convenience of having healthy food when you are busy is wonderful.


I’ve been ordering from Healthletic meals for a while now. The food is healthy, fresh and always delicious. Your macro nutrients are always printed on the label and it’s very helpful if you have a busy lifestyle. If your looking to eat right and don’t have time to meal prep, consider Healthletic meals! One full meal is a lot cheaper then a drive thru value meal without the processed food or guilt!

Joy Wright

Delicious, healthy, generous portions, and great prices. I have tried many local meal prep services, and Healthletic Meals is by far the best!

Mark Watson

compared to other local providers such as Clean Eatz, and Farm Fresh. I found that Healthletic meals is higher priced, hard to find, doesn't offer sit down service, and only opened 3 days per week. Im sure there products are similar, but why pay higher price when you can find a easy location to sit down, pick up, and have delivered for a fraction of the price. its hard to want to pay a premium if you have competitors who offer more, for less, and have nice locations to visit with your family, friends, or if you go alone. There location is in a warehouse area that isn't a place i would want to go pick up my food.

scott martin.

I have been get these meals for 2 years now, consistently every week and it has been super beneficial with my hectic work schedule. I would highly recommend.

Chris Pedraza

Food is amazing

Lynne Hawkins

Ralf Ortega

I started purchasing Healthletic Meals from my local gym 4 months ago. At first I was pleased with the quality of the food that my girlfriend, and I had been purchasing. Over the last 2 months we have notice a significant down turn in the quality of food, as if the products were being bought less quality or cost cutting had been put into the business practice. The food hasn’t tasted, or looked the same. Its unfortunate, but we stopped purchasing from our local gym as other members have also stated the same. It seems that their on-line pictures portray very healthy, fresh desirable food, but that hasn’t been the case over the past couple of months. Hopefully they can control their quality, and get back to what my girlfriend and I first experienced.

Meagan Wilson

The food is amazing and fresh. The employees were very kind as well. I definitely recommend for anyone who wants to eat healthy, but doesn't have the time for prep.

Pedro Berrios

Great service!! The meals are delicious. It is easy to complete the orders through a very user friendly website. The delivery is always accurate and on time.

Diana Mercado

Always good quality food. Good Service. Always responsive to our questions in a timely manner. #satisfiedcustomer

Avara Jones

Higher priced in comparison to similar competitors, and location isn’t easy to find.

Gabriela Angulo

I love their meals. I’m a personal trainer and powerlifter competitor I love that they have different options for my clients and for me! Plus their prices are better than other mealsprep companies in the area

Beth Casey

Bess Adair

Life-changing! I’ve always struggled with proper proportions, keeping fresh ingredients and preparation time. This is so easy and honestly delicious! I look forward to every meal!

Angie Culbreth

Lisa Alexander

Great food, great folks, great price and great convince!

Mattie Rodriguez

I’ve been using Healthletic Meals’ services for about 2 years. They have great variety, their meals are fresh, are punctual with deliveries, and very friendly. I really love the disclosure of the macros counts, and also how they come up with healthier versions of some of my favorite foods. When it comes to fitness, nutrition is very important, but hate spending so much time in the kitchen. I also have to like what I eat. Healthletic Meals is a great choice for that.

R Scott

Food and service were both great. I couldn't make the pick-up time, so they delivered to my office!

Rob Harrington

My gym offers this companies meals, and the food has been good at times and on other occasions it has been below the standard expected. The web-site when I went on it to see what new menu options are being offered has been not working or slow to operate. Lack of consistency has been a concern, and should be addressed.

Ryan Arnold

Henry D.

Good, Tasty, Nutritious meals. Convenient to heat up. Excellant protein choices.

Alida A

I’ve always said that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring and that’s why we love Healthletic Meals! It’s healthy, delicious, and affordable too. What else could you asked for? Wonderful service as well. Thank you Healthletic Meals! Blessings to you all!

David Ramirez

Delicious meals and extremely convenient. Easy for a kitchen-illiterate person like myself to eat healthy while bulking up. Definitely recommend.

Suhail moda belleza salud y mas


Tim McNamara

It’s not easy to find healthy, affordable food options in the Spartanburg area. Healthletic Meals allows the health-conscious student or working professional with a busy schedule to eat nutritious meals on the go. Large variety of customizable meals delivered to my door so I don’t waste time preparing the same foods over and over again. Owners are friendly and the food tastes great - glad I found Healthletic Meals!

Billy Messer

Love it!!!!!

Lorraine Tucker

I met the owners at an event in Greenville and purchased quite a few meals to try. I enjoyed everything. Very tasty! Hard to believe they are healthy. I especially ially like the labels which break down exactly what you are getting so i can track calories, protein, carbs and more. The convnience if heating the meals in the microwave is a big deal as well. I work 90 hours a week and do not have time to prepare meals myself. Their pricing is also competitive compared to larger companies in the area AND they deliver. What more could you ask for? I plan to be a regular customer for as long as i can.

TriFit Barbell

Some of the best tasting and healthiest meals I have ever enjoyed! Super convenient and easy to get in the macronutrients I want, and keeps myself on top of my nutrition! With all the nutritional info I need right on top of the box for the meal I know exactly what I am getting. This is how meal prep should be done!!!

Sarah Grace Barton

Healthy, tasty, customizable meals at reasonable prices. Food prepared with much care and attention to detail. This is a great option for health-conscious folks, those engaged in intense athletic training or strict food regimens and even for those who simply want quick, delicious, hassel-free meal options.

Kimberly Crossley

Great tasting meals! Good variety!

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