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REVIEWS OF Groucho's Deli IN South Carolina

Amanda Johnson

Vern Rogers

Dionne's World

CNC Programmer

Allen Coleman

Great place but the manager or food preparer is not nice. He is bothered by customers.

Eugenio Mendez

Beth Fite

Love that they have such a variety of yummy food, including healthy options. We really like sitting outside and the service is just as speedy outdoors as well as the inside seating. I can't wait till my next lunch visit!

Brenna Branham

Went in almost 3 hours before they were supposed to close. Had 2 rude employees working. When we got our sandwiches the bread was hard, cheese was halfway melted and meat was dry because I watched the employee put both are sandwiches in the microwave and walk away for at least 30 seconds then take them out. We were the only people but one other table and a to go order and we were greeted like we should not be there. Plus both of them were sitting in chairs on their phones.

John Carter

The girl at the counter gave me an attitude and screamed at my wife when she asked for her sauces switched. Extremely disappointed with our visit, considering we go to this location all the time. We won't be back!

Autumn Corley

Chris Tillman

The staff here was very unfriendly and on top of that I ordered a my wife’s salad which is normally a pretty big salad and they only gave one dressing. I asked for another and they wanted to charge for it. Take in mind me and my girlfriend spent $30 on our visit to this restaurant with everything we ordered. The staff was not welcoming at all. I’ve been too other Groucho restaurants and it’s better customer service and I get more then one dressing when I order a salad from them. I definitely won’t return to this location again. I went to another location today and got another salad and didn’t have to ask for two dressing it was already in the box. IMG_2663.JPG

CodeRed Robinson

John Thomas

Macaroni Panda

Great if you want microwaved sandwiches. At those prices, might as well go to Henry's next door for a better sandwich and atmosphere.

Robert Stevens

Can get just about any sandwich that you would want. The STP is my favorite.

courtney currie

Food is great.

Britni Hartis

Great food and quick, friendly service. Definitely recommend the 45 sauce for all sandwiches!

Andy Warren

The quality and flavors in the sandwiches we got were simply lacking. Cheap, imitation cheese and inferior meats. The dining room has a distinctly foul odor and the tables were dingy and unkempt. I will not be returning or recommending this to anyone. I go 2 stars because I am not sick...yet.

terrell bryant

The sauce is the boss! The STP Dipper is great and addictive.


Richard Brown

Mondo Webb

Great sandwiches and salads

Kim Zieske

Ryan Bean

Jason Leiter

This was my first time but I definitely plan to go back! The food was excellent. We ordered take-out and it was ready when I got there (ahead of schedule) and it was delicious! I will definitely be back.

Tommy Herschede

anna holland

Ps J

Great food and great people. Great prices. Military discounts. What more could you ask for?

Nathan St. Onge

Robert Smith

Good salads and sweet iced tea!

Jeff Wyatt

Good soon subs salads people are friendly

Ap Goodie

Alex Owen

Always great food!

Nicholas Junker

gilbert pettus

Had it once,catered at an event. Stopped by while in the area....excellent!!!!

Justin Charlette

Amanda Kemmerlin

David Thomas

Craig Fahner

Good Food and good customer service

Bret Lowery

Great place, food was really great, fast service


Richard Carter

Theresa Malaga

Really good sandwiches


This was yummy and they didn't skimp on the amount of meat you get.

Kody Quickmire

Gera Foushee

Daughter loves there food

Shelley Cadena

I love Groucho’s, and this location especially. The food is delicious, the staff are customer service experts, and it’s always impeccably clean. Try the My Wife’s Salad — it’s huge and so fresh! My favorite sandwich is the all-turkey Apollo with a side of 45 sauce — so yummy! There’s something for everyone in the family here. Thanks!

Mallory Branham


Staff unfriendly. Customer service sucks. Staff act as if only certain people and their money welcomed threw. Will not be returning

Jonathan Steude

This location offers large portions....incredible

Restored & More! LLC

We just tried to call in an order but I told the guy we wanted to eat there (we are in a huge hurry and it is Sunday and the first Groucho's we went too was slammed so we thought we would eat at another one on the way out of town). The guy that answered the phone said we couldn't call in an order and eat it there. ???? That isn't very good customer service. We typically spend about $18 at Groucho's every time we eat there (which is about 5 times a week because we are always on the go and they have fresh food). I suggest more training with the employees about the value of a customer.

Sha'Kelah Wilson

Ben Battiata

Paula Eberlin

Dalvin Watson

Bad customer service

Victoria C

Always quick service even when getting there right before closing time

Mike Fields

Good local franchise

Vince V

I went into one of the locations in Columbia, SC at 8:15PM today. When the waitress/cashier asked me if I was dinning in she quickly responded that they close at 8:30PM. The whole time I was there she was a little pushy to get me out the door. I have never been to a restaurant where they tried to push me out the door. Great food, very poor Customer service.

Grat Maree

Great food, not expensive, and great service

Anthony Babilonia

Good food and service.

Wes Fryar

Just stopped off I-20. Servers were friendly, but sandwiches are microwaved and bread is chewy & slaw is gross. You have to eat with a fork and knife because bread will disentigrate ...first time eating and just my initial review, but will probably never go back

Autumn Simpkins

Harold Roacher

Great service and food

Diandra Randle

Anna Payton

love it! THE Food is excellent, no wait in line and staff is very friendly and professional.

Ryan McDermott

Food is soooo gooooood!

justen whitesel

Angela Ashley

Bashar Al Assad

Food was really quite good,

Edward Ballard-Sholly

Consistently good sandwiches and service. Great place for a quick bite.

Raven Badger

Tyler Elling

Literally my favorite place in the world. The food is amazing. I might get judged every time I go but I will always get 2 Apolla Dippers for myself when I go.

Hillary Meetze

Kevin Hogan

Asked for turkey and they gave me ham....have not eating ham in 15 years ugh!!!!

Matthew Bradley

Quick service for great subs. Make sure you try the Apollo Dipper or the Big Dipper.

Latoyer Thomas

Very good!

Samantha Hardin

Great place to get a sandwich

Chris Duke

Wells Doty

Tonya Dorsey

Lynda Benton

Charles DuRant

Larry Mccall

Kay Jay

Food is always great but the employees are not very friendly. I prefer the Forest Dr. location

Morgan Showers

Customer service is always great and food is always accurate and quickly put out. Love returning here.

CoCoa Carter

To start I must say i have came to this location every week for maybe two months and have ordered the same thing every week. So today I placed the order over the phone go into the store to get it and my turkey pita looks a lot different from all the other weeks it was very sloppy. So I say to the young lady this looks different. It was a very little of everything and broken stuff all over the place. The young lady goes and gets Liz the owner who starts with this is how we always do it and I say very quietly because I am soft spoken will I come every week and it's never looked like this before. She gets really frustrated tells the guys in the back to remake it then tells me she's never seen me in there before. I say maybe because my hair was a little different but I say you have been the one taken my money EVERY SINGLE WEEK. They acted as if I put then out of their way by me saying it looked different and was very very sloppy. I as a customer I felt that giving this business my hard earned money every week didn't matter. I only had just that one complaint. Liz was rude and her staff acted as if they were mad. It made me feel bad. I'm sorry I came into your store and wanted my food neat. I won't be back and I will tell everyone who will listen. I will make sure I post on yelp also.

Gregory Collins

Benjamin Lipton

Tammy Young

Jonathan Wade

Angela Love

It was just okay!

Casey C.

Rejensia GTX

Can't beat an stp

Ramachandra BK

Justin Reynolds

Melvin Ray

Corn Beef is salty!

Tom Tanner

Our Favorite Groucho's. Owner and wait staff have always been wonderful.

Daniel Porter

thomas wall

The food was fine, but very over priced.

Scott William

Horrible quality food that goes along with the unfriendly rude customer service. The Groucho’s in west Columbia is better then this rude location.

John Ghrigsby

I've been to Groucho's all over the state and I always find myself coming back to this one. Hands down best one in the chain. The service is always laid back, respectful, quick and accurate. MOST importantly the have never made a bad batch of sweet tea! Please stop by if you have never been here. I guarantee you will come back if you order the Apollo

Tommy Mattox

Excellent sandwich at great prices. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu. I had the deli club which was delicious!

Iz zie

I'm a simple guy. Simply called my order in and it was ready when I got there, and correct when I checked it


The store from front to back not attended to. Cashier's struggle with following orders. My order was made to go when I was clearly a dine in guest. I was asked as well when ordering. My reason for never returning again was I ordered a grilled cheese, with the cheese I wanted. It was commented that I managed to make the least expensive sandwich the most expensive. I ignored continue my order and paid cash. When I sat and received my order to go while everyone else was served at their tables i commented I didn't order my food to go. I opened my Togo containers to eat my food but guess what I received, Wow and uncooked grilled cheese... How sad is that. Will never return, the complaints of others are real. There wasn't even an apology, but a question to me that " It's not cooked?" Who messes up a grilled cheese...? Not s good restaurant. There is no soup in the potato soup.. I threw it away.

Willie Walker

First time love it

Kelly Medina

Place is good but it's set up doesn't cater to new people who haven't been here before. Where's the menu? What are my options? Not a familiar set up to other restaurants

Emily De Matos

Great as always. Need more staff during lunch.

Tyeon Moody

Was up in Columbia a few weeks ago moving a local couple back home from Jacksonville Florida and they brought us lunch. Had to say I’m a picky eater and the best sub i ever that was that simple. Just meat,cheese,bread and a dipping sauce had me making this review today. So what I’m saying its 420 baked and cant get this sub out my mind so please come here and make my life complete

Hannah Chaney

Delicious deli, very relaxed and the homemade dressings are amazing!

Dixie Poland

Love Love Love it.

Jay Kornder

Jay Thomas

Tried them for the first time last night and their club sandwich was great! And friendly staff

shannon ghrigsby

Katie Kanable Rogers

Love stopping at Groucho's when we are closed to one!

Kathryn Reynolds

Wesley Anderson

Doug Noll

Laura Bourdeau

Let me start by saying I LOVE Grouchos - have been eating it since started high school about 14 years ago - when this location started about. I love the food and love the healthy options when you're not feeling a sandwich. I have seen different employees and management come and go from this location and I must say it's been better. I have been twice in the last month - once ordering my favorite sandwich and the other a salad. The first time I ordered , they forgot the turkey on a salad that was turkey and bean that I ordered for someone else - takeout along with my order. So , that was a let down. The most recent time I was there - I ordered takeout again - and I asked to check the order (since last time a key ingredient was missing) , and they got my salad order wrong. The employees acted annoyed with me - when they are the ones who got my order wrong. It's sad when I feel like I need to apologize for something I am clearly not responsible for. Lastly, I get the salad home and half of the lettuce is wilted and brown. Who wants to eat that? Not me - and I assume not many people. I was very disappointed. The staff lately is never friendly recently - they always look like they don't want to be there. It's a shame such a wonderful place that opened has become a place I don't even want to eat at anymore. I love Grouchos - but I probably won't eat at this location anymore.


Miranda Moore

I was near this establishment, but did not go in. I can not give fair rating

Dara Haj-Hariri

Doug Onley

Trey Whitmire

Worst Groucho's experience ever. I will not be back to this location. Normally love Groucho's, but wait staff was more interested in their fantasy league than giving service. Sub was cold, no refills.

Matt M

Delicious food and the weekday lunch service would earn this location 5 stars. However, the night and weekend service is slower than any place I have ever seen. We once waited 30 mins for drinks then another 30 mins for food when there were only 2 other tables with people. Do not waste your time coming here on the weekend or evening unless you want to wait 30+ mins for a microwaved sandwich. Edit: based off of the owners reply I'm giving a star back in hopes the speed of service will improve.

Pruit Butlet

The food was delicious, great customer service from Anna and Cam always. I will definitely be returning. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

Serenus Lux

Ivy Sherard

The subs are great! They have their own brand of chips as well which was very good! We enjoyed the sauce that is given for the sandwiches as well. We will return!

Romando Webb

Good sandwiches and salad but no onion,And no substitutions. No exceptions and I mean no exceptions...


Staff here at 6pm is a joke

John Beckham

Good place to get a bite to eat.

mahayla bainter

Ellen Welsh

The food is fresh and tasty. I always make it a point to visit when I'm in Columbia.

Matt Monroe

Great sandwiches and staff

Trudy Noll

Very yummy food!

Cheryl Rose

Camilla Harper

I like the location, but if I paid about $30 for 2 salads, I expect to get a healthy portion, but this restaurant definitely don't prepare for you the amount of food in comparison to what you pay. Expect extremely small portions.

Dylan Hose

Faith DeVeaux

Little sandwiches with big ass prices. Taste good but just not enough food. I'm still hungry but now I'm broke. Should've gone to Subway


Excellent food. Great service. Family atmosphere. Nice country music in the background. Great wallpaper designs. Interesting history, established 1941. Good parking. Prices reasonable. We will go again, and again.

Jenn Dunham

Great food and great service!

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