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REVIEWS OF Dickeys Barbecue Pit IN South Carolina

David Brooks

Ribs were very good but I want to have them by the rack or half rack. Can you order them that way.

Nathaniel Hayes

I ordered their ribs without sauce and they were delicious! The ladies were lovely and the environment, though a bit dark, was pleasant. If definitely recommend the ribs!

Richard Erkus

When we got there, they were out of ribs and brisket. We got pulled pork, smoked turkey and smoked chicken. We ate there and the food was good. However, they had teens working at that time. They were loud, we heard some cursing and it was just very bad atmosphere. One of the workers had a friend sitting there waiting for her friend to get off. They were yammering back and forth. Good food. Well worth the drive. Just get it to go. Poor atmosphere.

Jay Still

The taco of the day is a great deal! Basically a BBQ sandwich with the meat of the day served in a soft flour tortilla.

Ashley Hyre

The only good was the smell, the ribs were so over cooked and dry it was hard to chew, the brisket was complete fat! Paid over 50$ for dinner for four and most of it was a waste! The Mac n cheese tasted so fake and processed not like homemade Mac

Terry Abee

Awful food nothing is home made every thing comes in already made slaw and potoatoe salad taste like chemical s couldn't eat it

Janet Montminy

Good food, friendly environment.

Jennifer Cole

Just got home and wanted to leave a review, the woman, and gentleman working today went above and beyond to make sure we had an excellent experience. Thanks to the both of you for being excellent.

Sheri W Mathis

Awesome service

Jabus Spires

Great food. Really impressed with the selection of side dishes. I will be back soon!

Debra Beringer

The experience was amazing and the people were so kind, can't wait to visit again!

David Burdette

The brisquit was fantastic

Serena Graham

The people and staff were so awesome. The food was incredible. They were out of a couple things we ordered, but they more than made up for it!

Lee Harris

Very good briscuit. Are second time there. We will be back

Amy Eggers

The food was very good and the staff was very friendly. . But the price shocked me so much that it was hard to enjoy the food.. Two people $28.00.. That was 1/2 lb pulled pork ,two sides and a drink. basically around $14.00 per person. No such thing as a pulled pork PLATE. .. Your charged for EACH item. Be careful what you order if your looking for reasonable prices. .

Vitaliy Kotyakov

Great food & great service. Their sauces are especially good!

Kevin Mallory

The smell of smoked meats greeted me at the door. It smelled good, but wasn't overpowering. I had the pulled pork sandwich with the "regular" barbecue sauce. The meat had a great blend of pork and smoked flavors. The sauce was tangy without too much vinegar, and thick enough to stay on the meat rather than running off, for the most part. The green beans were good, cooked with onion and bacon, but had a little too much pepper for my taste.

Deborah T

Good food, and reasonable prices. Very small seating area if you eat inside

Kay DuWat

Try the mac n cheese and pork taco

Trampas Ferguson

I have been fortunate enough to have eaten at the Original Dickeys located in Denton Texas and when i ask Travis Dickey when he was coming to Spartanburg he replied soon. Quite some time went by but he finally made it! If have rhe chance and time i can assure you you will really enjoy it. Brisket and smoked pecan sausage. An awesome meal. So stop in!

eric s

Literally everything we ordered was delicious the smoked turkey delicious the pulled pork delicious the jalapeno kielbasa delicious all of their dipping sauces delicious. This was my first time at Dickeys BBQ I used the drive thru which was very convenient. The customer service was just as good as the food was quick friendly and knowledgeable. I can't wait until I throw a party they even have a separate catering menu.

Frederick Roughton

Good food, good prices. Always our of something though

Matthew Baker

Meat was really good, sides on the ok side. All together I would eat there again.

Brian Boyd

First time ordering from this place and I can say they are on point with the food. I will definitely be going back to order more food. May not the number one customer, but I would definitely recommend this place to other people.

michael lecroy

Love the food here. Always great

Chris Montminy

A BBQ place that is good and opened on sundays. Dont forget your cup. Ask for Anthony.

Michael Grooms

Really good BBQ. A bit pricey, but good BBQ is worth it and as a pitmaster myself I know what goes into smoking good BBQ. A good selection of sides that go beyond the usual BBQ fare.

Ashley King

They are good

ishikabe Dot

Tasty food. The free pickles and ice creams next to the soda machines are free. The sides are nice. Basically it's eating at a catering business for lunch. But you get a giant cup with ice that resembles Zaxby's or Jimmy John's. I do agree with other poster that if they hired more workers or paid the ones they had more, the service would be better. The product is pretty good though.

Sheila Aker

Disappointed in the food

Mark Forkas

Can't wait to go again

Kimberly Quinn

Friendly service. Food is okay.

patricia jamison

Didn't have to drive over an hour for good barbeque Dickies in right up the street. When I asked how the ribs were today she said here try one. They were awesome.

Haley Braziel

Got there at 8 and they closed at 9 and nobody came to the drive thru and then I went to the front to see what the hours were and there were two girls in there just laughing having a good time then I turnt around and was leaving and then this man looked out of the drive thru window and said we will take your order and I said are y’all open and he said no we close at nine but we’ll take your order.

Pearl Puppie

Their water and ice is fantastic. I go to the gym so it's pretty much an easy go to for ice. They also have food but there's other reviews for that. I'm trying to loss weight not gain it.

Keith Medlock

Great barbque!!! Love the brisosh buns.

Mike Upton

Good food and the bbq sauces are great. Menu pricing is a bit odd to me, nonetheless worth the trip. Bbq is kept in steam heated vats, while wrapped in plastic, the flavor is affected quite a bit using this technique. Watered down is the best description to come to mind. Helpful crew and great service, however there's room for improvement in most aspects of the restaurant.

Debra Sloan

Pork was dry and tasteless, disappointed

DoubleM M

4.5 real good great food and service

Tuck Emswiler

First time there, it was good, want to try something different next time, thinking ribs maybe. Texas style BBQ in the Carolinas, have had better pulled pork. That's why I need to try something different to see how other items compare. A bit pricey too for my taste.

Sean Norton

This was our second time and I have to say it was a lot better than the first.

Stefanie Breece

I have been there on multiple occasions and the staff is not very friendly. I love the food but it's not worth the service.

Danyell Tucker

Food not tasteful very small amount.

Karen Martin

Dickeys Barbecue is very good. It will be our go to bbq restaurant. Anthony the owner us extremely friendly.

Anita Morton

Yumy barbeque ans ribs

Toni Otoole

Great too, very fresh and had that ion made feel. Also the people who work there are super nice! Thanks for making us feel at home!


I just had the corn bread chicken sandwich oh man that's all I have to say beyond yummy

Josh Beard

First time going tonight; Went through the drive thru. Big portion sizes, tasted great, and at a fair price.

Arthur Warlick

Excellent Brisket Ribs pork chicken and kielbasa.. Nice friendly staff

Stephen Gray

The people here are very nice. The barbecue is very tasty and the sauces are great. There is plenty of choice for just about anyone. I've had the brisket and the pulled pork on several occasions and it is very good. They also usually have a deal going where kids eat free on Sundays. It's not as cheap as your regular fast food, but it is not really expensive and you definitely know where the extra money goes.

Ryan Talley

Good food. Friendly service

danil cholak

First and last time visiting this restaurant I had the half a rack of ribs last night with mac and cheese and okra I'm not going to lie the okra was delicious but the ribs were dry and nothing but bones and it also happened to give me food …

David Belsito

Probably Beat place to eat in the area! Theres not much else other than all the Pizza around!

Crab A Shot

Insanely good for the price and tastes even better

Daniel Burns

Fantastic food. Could use a ceiling fan in there to circulate the smoke and air from cooking. Definitely would recommend to anyone. Great pork and great brisket.

Evalie Coston

Service was fast and the food was good!

Jerry Ellis

Update I had to change my rating do to not having Turkey when I went in they are never out of Turkey. I overheard the lady say I didn't think to check for Turkey earlier.

Mrs. Waldrop

I really liked this place. It was delicious. We ate for 4 people, 2 adults (a sandwich and a meat with 2 sides) and 2 kids for about $22. (On Sunday kids eat free. Kids meals are usually $5.50 each. And its plenty of food for mu kids, 2 & 8). The staff was mostly friendly and helpful. The pork was delicious, though a bit too cool. The chicken was tender and not dried out. The tomato sauce and mustard sauce were delicious as well. We will definitely go back I enjoyed the atmosphere. There was a rustic wood look that matches the style of food. My only real complaint is the menu. Its very difficult to figure out all the meals available with the menu being on an angled wall. I wish they had a smaller paper menu to look at.

Norman Vinson

It's was so good service was great every one should go there and see for the self

Kristy Leonard

Food was great..reasonably priced but not much seating inside

Josh Bridwell

Good bbq

Tim Sams

The worst restaurant I have been to in a long time. One of the staff was eating at the counter without her dentures in an she was smacking and slobbering her food. They were out of a couple of sides and I ordered brisket which was cold and half of it was fat, I don't mind some fat but half my order? I won't be back!

London gacha rock

Very friendly staff and great customer service! Placed an order for catering and got lunch. Pulled pork and okra so yummy! Sweet tea perfectly sweetened!

William Martin

Great food , friendly employees.

Sandy Rogers

Free pickle appetizer and ice cream dessert. I recommend the smokehouse salad. Great choices for kids.


The new Texas Frito pie was so good! Great flavor and value!

James Poe

Best BBQ this side of the mighty Mississippi!

Chris Plumb

Awesome food, and the desserts finish the meal perfectly

Josie Rykhus

Very friendly staff and fast service

Matthew Desrochers

Good food and friendly staff. What more could you want? It's not your mom's home cooking, but sometimes that's not the most important thing. It's a pretty small place, but it's not usually very busy, so it's a relaxing and cozy place to crush some lunch.

Kailey Kinman

This place is okay.. the bbq was really dry the back beans were over cooked. They are super pricy

John Appleby

Really enjoyed my meal. This is my first time eating at a Dickey's BBQ Pit. I will be back.

Grigoriy Shcherbina

It gud

Joy Morris

The Female working the drive thru didn't pay any attention to my order. I order 5 Bbq Sandwich plates with fries, slaw & beans. Pay over $50. Get home have no bbq sauce & I was given loose bbq and a roll & NO FRIES. Female at drive thru was to worried about a phone conversation. Needless to say, we will not be going back. Ate here twice today, the first and the last.

Kathie Davis


martin birenbaum

Fantastic food. Fantastic service. Jalapeno beans were great. Brisket was great.

Brandon Sill

Pice went up and took big drink machine out my pork cold and kids nuggets are hard and burnt one in boiling spring is pure trash

Erika Dial

Food was delicious as always.

Melinda Tucker

Enjoyed the bbq and sides

The Great Keo

The food was good and the people are friendly. It took however about 15 min for my "to go order" but for 12 bucks I got enough to feed 2 people with the meal it bought. Overall i would say they're 3 stars out of 5.

Lynn Baldwin

Good food fair price

Regena Andrews

Need to bring back the points machine

See What Big Girls Can Do !!!

This was a real treat, it was all good.

Jessica Aybar

Just like home cooked food.

Debby Whitsitt

Excellent food and service. Angela and Nicole are a great team... and we'll be bsck~ dw

Eric Roper

Really good BBQ

Jon English

Typical chain quality, the brisket was OK and lacked a smoke ring. It was probably cooked in an oven and only saw a smoker for long enough to say it's smoked...If even that. The pork was OK, at best and the sides were bland. Would not recommend

Eleta Ramsey

Enjoyed the food. Was given a sample tasting to help me make up my mind what I wanted.

Amber Halford

Pretty delicious!

bobby smith



Food is amazing, if you haven't tried it yet do yourself a favor. Grab some lunch here tomorrow.

Kimberly Knight

Great food!!! Love everything on the menu!!

Ross Payne

Never seen a bbq place with a drive through. Really think that was pretty cool and the bbq was the real deal. I think maybe if I went in I could of got the full experience but I didn't. I possibly would give it a five star if so. I will say I think the side portions could be a little bigger but other than that very good.

Patrick Hurley

Always good friendly staff one of my favorite BBQ places around. Chicken was amazing

Sue Swanger

Great BBQ

Matt D. Smith

Kind of poor quality as far as prep goes dry and hard in a lot of spots for the meat, sauce was sweet and Smokey

Brooke Jenkins

The brisket is good when you get it not full of fat. I bought daughter a snack sized bag of chips and was charged $2.25. Not going back for a while.

David Dunn

Great food. Try the fried okra.

Rita Gilbert

Always delicious and so friendly and get your food quick..

Scott F

Great staff and food. Ribs are a hell of a lot better then Fatz. Can get a little expensive though.

Wayne Harris

Brisket is no where near true Texas bbq. It tasted more like a poor quality roast beef

Kari Wall

Amazing! Delicious! Tender, flavorful smoked meats and folks that seem to care about what their putting out there. I loved it!

Bryan Sprouse

Ribs and BBQ are excellent

Crystal Lail

Our families new favorite addiction! I am obsessed with the beef mac!!!! It's so so good!!!!

OldSchoolSpeakerGuru 4U

The Westerner is pretty good.

Phillip Logay

The food here is decently good. However, I was in the drive thru for 20 minutes without getting any service... So i had to walk in. I looked at the menu but asked for more help... Being here for the second time (the first time i went through the drive thru fairly quickly). The staff member at the cashier basically told me to look at the menu. So no, im not too pleased with this place. Edit: came back and service was better. Brisket was great!

Cameron Lusk

Pretty good! Got it to go and loved it. Next time going to have to stop in and eat. The sauces are fantastic and perfect on some nice easy to pull ribs. The sides are also very southern and yummy.

Jeri Means

We had takeout and they put salt on the hush puppies,to salty to eat.

Gary Sherboneau

Stop in on our way from Central New York to Florida, great BBQ check it out

Gloria Mayo

The brisket is amazing - tender and flavorful and the sauce tastes great on it (I am very picky about my sauce). The yeast rolls were so good that I took some home for Christmas dinner. My sister had the frito pie, which was so yummy that I will have it next time. Give this place a try, worth the money!!


I was very impressed. We really enjoyed the food and the very friendly people

Robin Upton

Awesome food, friendly staff!

Preston Patterson

There things about dickeys barbecue pit... 1. Disorganized 2. UN-professional 3. Over priced I wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy!!! The best thing about dickeys is their free ice cream.

Johnny Hickman

It was good food that filled me up for cheap price. Staff treated me like family which was a nice experience.

Joe DiCarlo

The best ever BBQ in South Carolina. Be sure to get the fried okra.

Tiffany Beasley

We ordered a meal for the family on father's day from Dickeys. The food was fresh and everything tasted great. Dickeys also has great customer service the management and the cashier's were nice, polite and worked to make sure that I had everything I ordered and needed for my meal. I plan on going back this week.

Joel Bishop

Awesome bunch of guys with outstanding BBQ

Christina Robbins

Great! Good veggies and great selection of drinks

Mason Fuller

Staff was super friendly and helpful. The food was absolutely amazing!

Benjamin Willson

The food is awesome! The service was rather quick and employees are nice! The drive-thru is very convenient and the inside is cozy and comfy! I love this place!

kenny hiott

Good BBQ

Sheri Sanford

Exellent service amd super friendly staff! My kids loves the Mac n cheese!

Greg O'Shields

Been wanting to stop and try it for three years. Should have kept driving. First off the staff just stands and stares at you like you're a regular and supposed to know the procedure. Half of the menu board is out of sight from where you order, they don't try suggesting anything or offering a smile. The meat was the right portion and quite delicious. The sides were basically wholesale generic stuff from a bucket you could get at any restaurant. Also the sides come in a 1" deep cup and not enough. You get this huge steel tray with paper on it and it makes you look like you get hardly anything. Also who sells "plates" only to charge more for the drink????? Let's say this, $26 for two wasn't expected. There's better portions and better prices almost at every other bbq joint I have ever eaten at on the eastern seaboard. Shame on you Texas for letting this atrocity out of your state.

Michael Segrest

They have great sweet potatoes at this store

Noyb Noyb

Awesome drive thru bbq I've ever had!

Kelly Searer

Food was delicious, service was great

Tom Roe

Really good BBQ

Tina Lancaster

Good and fast service

Candice Mays

I liked the food, really liked the brisket. Spinach was not so good. Prices was a bit high for the quality and quantity but will return and try again.

Aubrey Boyd

Good Food

Teresa Pearson

Great food ! Great price !

Matthew Brady

Good BBQ. Large servings and great service staff

Janet Bujtor

Great place to eat. Fresh meat. Dark tasty coffee. Friendly people. Love it there.

David Kimbrell

We went by today and were very impressed. The food was a large plate and was very well presented and tasted great. We didn’t have to wait and the service was more than outstanding. I recommend this place to anyone! 5 star service and 5 star food!

Martha Bridged

Located in Boiling Springs on Hwy.9. Great pork, beef brisket, and ribs! Try the fried ocra! Awesome! Quick and friendly service. Nice staff. Small dining room and always clean.

David Mcleod

Best bbq in boiling springs.

Coach B

No Ice Cream...

Tonya Warford

The food really was good

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