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Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue

Great new place downtown! It's a little hidden in a busy area, but has ample parking in the back. It's a great little option for delicious sandwiches. Try the whole wheat croissant. It's delicious! Very friendly, great service, and easy to add a cupcake to any lunch order. So many to choose from. I think it's to make sure you come back again.

Scott Dodenhoff

Delicious baked goods

Sasha Shulak

there cookies and cream cupcakes are awesome and they have the best croissants i have every had. will definitely be returning.

Ethan Hawkins

Good luck getting in touch with them! I have messaged buttercream bakehouse through both wedding wire, email and there website directly with absolutely no response. I managed to get ahold of them via phone once and they instructed me to send them an email. After doing so again, I still have no response and weeks have passed. I recommend finding some place else to do business. Can you imagine not being able to get in touch with them as your wedding day approaches and you have no idea what is going on?!

Hannah Freeland

Amazing!! They created our wedding cake and we could not have been happier. It was a "naked" cake with layers of strawberry and white almond raspberry. I never seem to like wedding cake but ours was delicious!! Thank you Buttercream Bakehouse!

Vickie Willis

The food here is excellent. The boxed lunch is always fresh and delicious. As a bonus it comes with a cookie or cupcake. Service, especially through the drive through, tends to be a little slow but it is worth the wait.

Jacob blakely

Went for a late Saturday breakfast and was not overly impressed. The caramel macchiato was very good, but the pastries were cold and mediocre. I had a spinach and feta pastry as well as a strawberry and cream cheese Danish. The service was also slow with only one person working the counter. There was only one other person there besides my wife and I, and it took 10 minutes to get our pastries which were simply pulled from the counter display and put on plates. There were only 2 or 3 options for breakfast pastries left but we were there at 11 and they close at 12, so I didnt really hold that against them. I may give them one more try eventually but they did not make a particularly great first impression on me.

Courtney Smith

I order a starbust cake for my wife. She love the pink ones which are strawberry. The cake was designed great, just like I wanted it to be. I was disappointed because the cake was from a box cake. I was expecting a strawberry cake made from starch.

John Angie Bakewell

Always amazing!

Derek Wells

Got cookies for a work training event and they were a huge hit. Entire staff enjoyed them. Not a crumb was left!

Harley Butz

Bakery products were outstanding. Friendly staff. Under staffed

Nora Zapata

I have heard great story's about buttercream bake house and the story is correct. I ordered a blue white and silver cake for my boyfriend birthday it was out of this world.. the décor what was I actually wanted. the red velvet perfect tasting and everyone at the party great it 10 . we wanted to share it with the world. thank you butter cream bake house baker!!!!!

Julie C

Was greeted with a warm smile they were friendly and very helpful no I didn't get to try anything due to emergency phone call, it did smell amazing in the food looked incredible looking forward to going back again soon....

Cynthia Linkenhoker

Pound cake and brownies are to die for!! 8 inch cakes selection. Is wonderful 7 layers of yummy!!!!

Travis Cureton

Yum! Delicious!

Karen Hagman

I get treats from here frequently and give them to family, coworkers, friends. Everything was perfect on my last order of cupcakes for a 5 year old. The cupcakes are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Katie Thomas

Excellent food and beverages! This place in under rated. The owners lived in Europe for years where they have perfected they're craft. It is my Saturday morning go to! LOVE this place.

Alice Baird

Wonderful little gem of a bakery and eatery. Reasonable prices too. Support this bakery: don't let it go out of business!

Jamie Linder

Guys, they made me an emergency cake! My plans fell through for an anniversary dinner and they had a cake made and decorated in 30 minutes!! Saved me!! ❤

Jon Melton

I love Buttercream. Their food is fantastic. The cakes and cupcakes are always fresh and moist. It smells like heaven when you walk in. Plus the bakers and staff give top-notch customer service. Great place to grab a cup of coffee and treat with friends, have a meeting, or grab lunch on the go.

Kersey Clark

Great food. Desent prices. Fabulous baked goods!

Daniella Brantley

Their cupcakes are dry and stiff and the vanilla icing had a mint aftertaste. Also, their personalities were the same as they acted like it was an inconvenience to greet me when I walked in their bakery 2 hours before closing. Needless to say, I wasted 20.00 on cupcakes I put in the trash and I will never go back again.

Elizabeth Cazel

Buttercream Bakehouse made my daughter's wedding cake. Not only was it gorgeous, but it was delicious too. You don't get both with other bakeries. They painted the cake based on the invitations that the bride painted and it was perfect. It really was the most beautiful cake I've ever seen.

Kyle Kyzer

Great sandwiches and Joe's friendliness and attentiveness makes this one of my favorite places for coffee, breakfast, and lunch.

Jessica Skelton

My Mom has brought home 2 cakes from this place and they were amazing! I also went in for the first time and the food inside did not dissapoint either! They have a wider variety of goods than most bakeries in town, the danishes taste homemade, and the breakfast sandwiches and coffee were super filling. I will return!

Ken Luis

Jessica Westbrooks took my order and did an amazing job on my cupcakes. Looking forward to doing more business and having Jessica to work on them. Thank you again Buttercream Bakehouse!!!!

Jeff Vann

great bakery. nice stop on the way to Furman

Kimberly Van Pelt

Nice people slow on service but great pastry

Eve Hersch

Best cheese danish I've ever had! Not too sweet, pastry was flaky; perfection! I've tried a few of the other sweets but the cheese danish is by far my favorite. I'll be back Service was great, location is easy to find.

Richard Pullman

Nice bakery with many desserts option and baked nicely and were fresh. Environment is nice and I am happy with overall experience.

Donkey Booty

This place is delicious. Great staff. Enjoyed the knowledge swap. A LOCAVORE's Haven!

Brad Mikes

Great place! Will order a wedding cake from them as well.

Pig Of The Cosmos

The chocolate chip cookie is so good, IT DOESN'T EVEN NEED MILK! ✌

Tomika Blanding

As I have never had cause to look for a wedding cake I did not know where to start. I googled all the bakeries in my area and made appointments for many of them. When I got to the bakery I was ready to see previous works in a look book. Instead there were only five cake displays available and all of them looked the same. When the baker (who's name escapes me at this moment) came out she only offered us six flavors of cake. One of these flavors was carrot cake. There was one cupcake for three people who were tasting. Of course there were different flavors. Chocolate and carrot and white and red velvet, none of which were tasty or anything like their names suggested. Except the carrot cake. She was not energetic and did not seem to enthused to be apart of a wedding. The cake was dry and all I was being asked was how I felt about different types of flowers. There were no different flavors or fillings to choose. The only good thing I can say about the tasting is that they gave us big glasses of ice water to wash down the cake. I would not return to the store for any kind of cake. I have never been so disappointed but can only hope this was the worst problem of the wedding planning.

Tremaine Davenport

Buttercream Bakehouse is an incredible place to get your cakes made. Put in a request for my girlfriends birthday cake & it came out incredible. Keep up the good work!

Karon Caudell

1st time loved it decided to have lunch bunch there ❓

Lindsey Pace

I am giving two stars ONLY because the cakes, pastries, muffins, and food are all delicious. I got my wedding cake here and have friends who have done the same. They have all been AMAZING! However, if you want any type of customer service if you are planning to eat in the cafe portion of the bakery, go somewhere else! We planned to have a small brunch there over 2 months ago. We met with the owner and put it all together - she seemed a little short that day but I attributed that to her saying they were having issues with their heat that day so maybe it was an off day. Anyway, the get together was planned for today...we had approximately 10 ladies and planned to be there from 10-12. We ordered 15 quiches, pastries for everyone and a beverage. We also ordered a cake (which was amazing as always). There was NO customer service to speak of. We were not greeted when we got there, we were served COLD quiche and when we asked about it the guy said “I guess I can put it in the oven for a few minutes” ummm well yeah, who wants to eat cold quiche? They also weren’t even going to put them on a plate. We had to ask them to plate the quiches. Everyone had to get up and order their own pastry and drinks. There was absolutely no table service at all. Then when it came time for cake we inquired if they would plate the cake and were told no we had to do it ourselves. My friend was cutting the cake and the guy came by and told her that it wasn’t a pie and she was cutting it wrong. Well some help would have been nice! I say all of that to say, if you just want to be a catering company then do that! You don’t have to have a cafe if you don’t want to but if you are going to have a cafe and a cafe menu then you should serve your guests and at least learn to greet people with a smile and maybe be a little nice to your patrons. Just a thought. I hate to say I will probably not be going back even though all of their food and coffee is delicious. So disappointed.

Rachael Baxley

Sent them an email trying to order a birthday cake for my son and got no response whatsoever even though their website states that they "promise to respond within 48 hours". I've been using another bakery in Greenville and I thought I'd give this one a shot for a change, but no thanks, they've lost my business! After reading all their negative reviews, I'm actually happy they didn't respond... so I'll give them 1 star for saving me some time and money! ***EDIT: In response to owner: I contacted you directly through your website, so you might want to look into why you're not receiving e-mails, especially since you're promising your customers a response.

Linett Reyes

Absolutely delicious! Best Almond Cupcakes I've ever had, and the frosting was perfect. Excellent customer service from the staff as well!

Ashley LeBlanc

Surprisingly good place for lunch. A dessert is included in the combo!

Donna Pool

Incredible French pastry. Great customer service.

Nicole Embley

My first time trying this place & never even noticed it until today. I walked in and instantly smelled an aroma of biscotti and it was such a peaceful atmosphere. The combo of sandwich, side, cupcake/cookie & a drink was just enough to fill me up + it was only 8$ for the whole combo! The food was so fresh tasting and the workers were awesome. Would love to go again.

Jessica Pendergraft

Only gave a 1 star, because I couldn't leave zero. I was very unhappy with the service and the lack of urgency. We came to taste for a wedding and the designer had zero interest in listening. I will never visit this establishment again.

Angela Bashore

I love this place. Quiet relaxing atmosphere. Really good food with good people serving your every need. Its more then just a bakery its the sweet house of bliss.

toni burleson

Best bakery ever!!! Makes beautiful drip cakes!!

Janice L.

I am UPDATING my review, because, as I return to this bakery, I find the baked goods to be older and too dry or too hard. I have noticed that no worker is friendly. Also, the selection of items gets smaller and smaller. If this business can survive on catering and wedding cakes, then good for them. However, their daily customer base is reducing, from my observations. *You can IGNORE my ORIGINAL review, below: The prices are quite reasonable for fresh baked, beautiful, delicious pastries and cakes. The coffee and espresso is accurately made. The barista and the baker are very nice! Unknown to me, they serve a great lunch menu, and they even offer a special deal/discount/BOGO for each day!!! I, a native of Greenville, and a coffeeshop/bakery affecionado, can think of no better place than Buttercream Bakehouse in the Upstate. Not to mention the LOVELY decor, lighting, mugs, plates, ACCOMMODATIONS for children and for persons with a physical disability! ✓YES! *BRAVO*

Melissa Malone

I went in to schedule a cake tasting for my wedding and the owner promptly talked to me about what I needed and scheduled a tasting for the following week. The following week I went with a friend and tasted six flavors that were all amazing! We decided on vanilla, and almond with raspberry filling for our layers. I described my vision for the cake and the wonderful owner sketched it out perfectly as I described it!! She gave me a quote and we are so excited to have our wedding cake from buttercream bakehouse! I'll update my review with pictures in August.

Brooklynn Delaney

A friend had chipwiches at her wedding and they were amazing! I decided to go to the bakery and try another flavored chipwich and it was equally amazing! Great variety of cookies. Super tasty :)

Nelda Craig

Excellent! They made a cake for me based on a picture. It is beautiful. Friendly and helpful. Great place for coffee and a treat

Kevin Goodlett

Their cupcakes are great. Every item I have ever tried from here has been great.

Juliana Beltran

Well so disappointed I got my daughter Birthday Cake and some cupcakes to try different flavors the cake was only 6” and was $39 I don’t care to pay this much for a good cake but the cake was not good the cake filling feel like eating vegetable shortening the decorating looks so cute that is why I give you 2 stars that was so pretty but the inside was not good sorry then the cupcakes the vanilla cupcake like the cake super greasy frosting and super dry cake, the red velvet was bitter and the frostings was more white greasy thing why you don’t do cream cheese frosting for the red velvet cupcake the chocolate cupcake was mmm ok and the mint I didn’t want to try it

Robin Blackwood

One of downtown Greenville's best kept secrets. Amazing bakery with a huge assortment.

Kathy Cribb

Best cakes. Great stop for lunch

Cherie Ostrander

Quaint place, friendly staff and delicious food! The cupcakes are moist and pretty. The chicken salad on a croissant is divine. The food is so good that I placed an order of scones, quiches and cupcakes for a brunch I'm hosting.

Elizabeth Bee

Prices are fair and food is decent. Their service is inexplicably slow -- I spent 22 minutes in the drive thru and was the only customer. Meanwhile, the girl working was milling around and looked confused. I want to support local, but this is why the big chains do so well -- they're fast and efficient. Would rate higher if the service was more reasonable.

Danny Martinez

Awesome Everything

Susan Reeves

Wow! Is the word! ;)

casey O

Got the club sandwich combo for lunch and it was amazing!

Leo Newman

This place makes a great lunch stop for a light meal and a delicious cupcake. Their cupcakes are outstanding!

Jason Diaz

Great tasting food

Ames Cashin

Excellent staff, very friendly. Scratch made treats run out early in day so don't wait until 5 to pick yours up.

Christine Faust

Delicious modern interpretations of classic cake masterpieces.

Marc Burrows

Best pastries in this world! Great prices! Hidden gem

Dan Burgess

Great sandwiches, made fresh to order. The German potato salad is really good. Of course the cupcakes and cookies are really awesome too. :)

Ashley Hawkins

I chose this bakehouse after seeing lots of positive reviews online. Worst mistake ever. I came to this bakery over a week before I needed 10 custom design cookies delivered. I paid nearly $50 total. I specified that delivery would need to be before noon and the bakery confirmed this would not be a problem. Adding that there was one other delivery planned to start at 11 am already and it would be one of the only two so far. On the day of the delivery (which happened to be my first Valentines Day with my SO) I called at 1 pm after no delivery. It was then promised to be there by 3. At 2:37 I received a call from bakery stating they had “tried twice” and couldn’t make delivery. I ended up having to leave work and drive to make the pick up myself from the bakery. Upon arrival I explained I was picking up cookies that hadn’t been delivered. The gentleman pushed at me that he had tried twice but no one answered the business door. I reminded him of the initial order and that I had specified that it would need to be by noon because the office may be empty following that time. He offered no apology for any inconvenience and none of the other employees (including woman who took my original order) said a single word witnessing the entire conversation. I hate leaving negative reviews because I understand mistakes happen and no one is perfect but I felt I was treated absolutely nasty. If you’re looking to grab a bite I’m sure their food is wonderful, but if you’ve got a special occasion or anything important to you coming up.... learn from my lesson and DO NOT RELY on the Buttercream Bakehouse.

Hamsterboy Cartoonist

I don't typically eat sweets, so I'm quite selective when picking them. In the process of trying their cookies I realized something. I realized... They make some great cookies! They're a little sweet but still GREAT!

Susan Dermond

Good whole wheat croissants

Tonya Whitley

My absolute favorite bakery! I love the small town personalized feel in everything from the service they provide to the fabulous wedding cakes they create! Everything is always fresh and their cake designs are absolutely amazing! Truly the best kept secret in Greenville!

Mari Rays

Delicious. However, every time I stop by, their menu is very very limited on options and never have anything made.

Brigetta Wilson

The Buttercream Bakehouse made our special day even more special by designing and baking seven custom cakes and dozens of cake truffles for our discerning wedding guests. From initial cake and frosting tastings to a seamless deposit/payment process and finally the day-of delivery; everything was smooth and operational. Look forward to utilizing The Buttercream Bakehouse for our next big event!

Stephanie Epps

Love this place! Chicken salad is the best I've ever eaten! Such a great atmosphere with super friendly staff! The sweet treat with your lunch makes you smile!!!

brieana jackson

I had a baby shower and order cupcakes they were so good and the I icing was amazing they were the only things that didn't make it. Love them.

Brian Reeder

BEYOND delicious!!

Cassie Walls

The cupcakes are delicious!

Chris Jones

The smells alone will drive you wild! Great cakes and pastries! Excellent service!

JC Nixon

Only 5 Stars? They deserve 10. Unbelievable quality in their product and customer service. I've enjoyed several cakes for different occasions and one last minute emergency when they baked an 8" almond cake (my personal favorite) in 1 HOUR-they had no idea I was a many repeat customer when I asked about having a cake ASAP. Unique and creative designs have ALWAYS "wowed" everyone. We're so very lucky to have this business in Greenville as they'd enjoy success in a very large city with heavy competition.

Bertina Freeman

I went on Valentine's Day, the staff was friendly and helpful. Everything a tasted good, especially the Lemon pound cake. I will be going back, soon.

Lori Flood

1st time here. Excellent chocolate cake. Very good frosting - not sickly sweet. Other baked goods looked scrumptious as well. Nice people and environment. Will be back!

Rachel McKeown

Loved the caramel praline cupcake!

Breanna Waldrop

Buttercream Bakehouse provided cupcakes for our wedding reception and everything was delicious! Each flavor we chose was a huge hit and the entire reception space smelled like vanilla the moment they brought in the cupcakes. I was almost afraid I had ordered far too many but everyone enjoyed them so much, there was almost none left at the end of the night.

Elena Kisel

Delicious broccoli cheddar soup and latte.

John B.

Absolutely fabulous bakery!

Stacy Thomas

So disappointed! I wish I read the reviews first before I wasted my time and money here. I experienced just what all the other reviews stated... *Arrogant owners. *Horrible customer service. *Old stale bakery items. It's ashame because it's a beautifully decorated bakery set up but I guess that's what all their effort goes into. There are other bakeries in Greenville that offer fresh products with happy friendly staff, so I won't be returning.

Evelyn Pence

I absolutely loved our wedding cake from was gorgeous, delicious and the owner was wonderful. So why the 2 stars? Ever since they moved I can't even get a call or quick email back. I've called and left messages for my daughter's birthday (we just purchased elsewhere) and I emailed regarding my son's birthday asking if they could customize a cake for him as he has a very rare disorder and has special dietary requirements. I explained that I was a wedding customer that was so pleased with them and I understand if they can't accommodate but just wanted to ask. No reply at all. I totally get if they can't do it but a quick "sorry we can't" would have been nice. In their defense, I didn't hear back from about 3 bakers in town (seriously, how sad. This was for a one year old who had been so sick he almost didn't make it to see his birthday) but I had high expectations of them as a returning, previously pleased customer. It seems they are not interested in repeat business. And btw, my daughter's cake was just a normal birthday request.

Ed Rooney

Top-notch. Would give 5 stars except they were super short-staffed

marty m

Friendly folks, great sandwich and baked treats. My fav for a quick lunch in Gville.

Chantel Dicks

This is both a positive and negative review. If you are going to use them you need to write down what you want and sign off on it. Let me start out with saying the positive. The cake was delicious, even the fondant was good. They also had it delivered promptly. Everyone complimented the taste and how pretty the cake was! And it was a pretty cake! Well done on looks and taste! My negative review is this: First off, I picked a cake they had done before for a gender reveal party, it was a two tier with a white base, and green and blue decorations. I asked for the exact same thing but asked for the green to be pink so it would be even since the gender was a surprise. They made all the white areas pink. Which took away the surprise of the gender, which was supposed to be the pink inside. Every knew it was a girl as soon as they saw the cake. Secondly, I asked for the top tier to be white vanilla cake and the second tier to be strawberry (yay baby girl). They ignored that and made both strawberry (which tasted delicious, but not what I wanted). Next! I had the cake delivered (I was coming from Atlanta to Anderson and didn't want to drive an extra hour for a cake), so they delivered it promptly, it looked great (besides for colours) but it wasn't in a box. Or anything. It was just open! We had to transfer it to my friends (the mother to be) mother house for the party (the location moved the day before). It would have been nice to at least have it in a box in general though. Next, I called the day of delivery just to make sure everything was going as planned and asked them to send me a picture. Their response was "Why?" well because I paid for it and I want to make sure its right. They then wrote the number down wrong (not their fault) and I didn't receive the picture, so I tried calling them back and every time it went to voice mail. Eventually I blocked my number and they answered after two rings. I think they were completely ignoring me. Other than all that the cake tasted delicious!

M.D. A

WONDERFUL !!! They made the cake for my son’s birthday party. I couldn’t find anything they had already made that I liked so I brought in a picture I found on the internet. She replicated the cake perfectly. I was shocked and the taste was amazing. The fondant was even good and I don’t usually care for fondant. Will definitely be going back in the near future.

Amers klain

Very friendly! The chocolate covered brownie was delicious. It was so rich, I couldn't finish it in one setting.

Angela Taber

Best cupcakes in town !!

Average Jane Doe

Wow, what a let down. Fudge was dry and chalky. We were told everything was made in house but the strawberry filling tasted like a cheap gelatine mixture. The vanilla cupcake tasted like a dry cornbread muffin with gritty frosting. When asking the very friendly cashier a few questions about our order the, what I'm assuming is the Baker and owner, seemed upset and rude. Will not be returning.

Jonathan Valles

I've been a regular customer here for the past 2 years as I only work a couple of businesses down the street . It is always my first choice for coffee and baked goods, until today. I went in for the "Thirsty Thursdays" special 2 Coffees for the price of one. I ordered one specialty coffee and one regular black coffee as I have done multiple times in the past. Upon reaching the register to pay I notice the price was a little too high and I asked why. I was told that it only applies to specialty coffee(this was never an issue before) even though the regular black coffee costs about a dollar less. What bothers me the most is that the person helping me didn't think twice about providing a good service to a regular/returning customer and on top of that he let me leave without offering me the free specialty coffee (it was not a busy morning). I personally will be taking my business elsewhere since regular customers are not appreciated here.

Amy Rossi

Super friendly staff, such a warm and cozy feel all around when you walk in. I loved it immediately. EVERYTHING looks delicious! So hard to decide!! I recommend trying every item

Saige Irlacher

The most amazing buttercream frosting and super moist cupcakes! Hands down, my favorite cupcakes!

Beth Shattuck

This is best. I needed a cake at the last minute and they were kind enough to make one for me. Then I had an emergency and was late. They were kind enough to stay open for me. The cake was beautiful and so moist. The cake I ordered for Easter was just as nice. I got a loaf a bread for sunday and made french toast, was great. Will be back for more. I'm updating my review. This place is still awsome. The sandwiches are huge and fresh. Only problem with the treats is deciding which one. So I took a box full home I got a pound cake and froze it to take camping. Was just yummy. Service was great and friendly. 5 stars. My go to place

Grayson Vickery

Wonderful place, quality food and service every time.

Matt Carter, SIOR, CCIM

Excellent fried peach pie!

Staci Bryant

Beautiful and delicious cakes. They always come through for me in creating cakes that everyone always compliments me on.

James A Simmons

Good sandwiches, good service. Good price on the lunch - it included a cupcake! However, we chose a red velvet cupcake and a caramel praline cupcake. Both had buttercream frosting (I guess in staying true to their name, even the red velvet doesn't get the traditional cream cheese frosting) and as others have said, the buttercream was gritty, and somewhat greasy. The sandwiches were the better part of lunch.

Melissa Stokes

Great cakes cookies fudge I hear lunch is good too I will be trying it out soon

Mary Baker

Excellent job on a baby shower cake and always wonderful service!

Shelia Buss

I visited with an infant and toddler because I’ve been dying to try it and never had an opportunity otherwise!! I ordered the club sandwich on pretzel bun and it was amazing! It tasted delicious and was huge! The toddler had ham and cheese from the kids menu and it was just perfect, though a little too big for him.

Joe Passalaqua

Clean store, cool staff. Pastries we're absolutely delicious.

Evelyn Matveyeva

Working with them was a wonderful experience! They were so easy to work with and very experienced. They walked us through how everything would work if we picked them to do our wedding cake. We had a one on one cake tasting with the owner who was inquisitive and easy to discuss our vision with. On the wedding day the cake was delivered with no issues and it looked amazing but tasted even better! Would recommend and go back for any future events!

Paul Keck

Love this place. Great atmosphere and great lunch as well.

Brian Masinick

Good lunch with excellent baguette roll. Cupcakes and cookies offer a light dessert for those who want it

Jessica Sparkle

My family has been going to Strosner's for all the family occasions since I was born. This year for my birthday I wanted something different. I'm admittedly a particular person and Buttercream Bakehouse made it SO easy. I found what I wanted online out of SO MANY options and wrote it down. My dad took it there and gave the paper to them. On my birthday, my cake was the center of attention no doubt. The most beautiful cake I've ever seen AND so delicious. Reasonable prices, too! Such a simple process. Here's what I ordered: Yellow cake with chocolate chips in it, chocolate mousse inbetween three cake layers and topped with a chocolate hazelnut frosting. My family decided to switch. All of them. :)

John Burgess

Awesome Simply Delicious... Creative, skilled, professional, and courteous...

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