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1326 N Pleasantburg Dr, Greenville, SC 29607 Located in: Lake Forest Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Bucky’s BBQ IN South Carolina

David Warren

Good authentic BBQ

John Trapp

Best bbq in Greenville!!!! Nice proportions and great prices. Employees very friendly and welcoming..Got the rib dinner and they were cooked to perfection. Definitely "fall off the bone." Pork was perfect also. Not at all the dry texture you find at other places!! Recommend Buckys BBQ to anybody looking for that good southern style flavor..Will surely be going back for more!!

John Griffin

Good barbecue. Drink cups could be larger

Daniel Healy

Jim Craig

Great BBQ, but THE BEST fried chicken strips I have EVER had! What a find!

Stephen Mulkey

Good food, good portions. We will be back

Muchere Russ

Great tender ribs.

Devin Perkins

Good food, good sides, reasonably priced.

Fred Delaney

Very good barbecue. Simple and not elagant dining. But you'll always enjoy the good food

Joel Delaney

Best quick BBQ in town! Get ya some!

Faith Henson

My fav

Mari D

ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!! I have always enjoyed Bucky's, Ribs are great chicken is perfectly smoked and the pork is my kinda bbq. Not that minced stuff like M&J. Did i mention the Ribs were great, i meant excellent!!

J 3

Bucky's is a great local BBQ spot. They also have fantastic sides and I love their mustard Yellow BBQ sauce.

Joe Lehecka

Love this place

Harry Johnson

Probably my favorite barbeque joint in Greenville. Always delicious.

Carol Moye

Went there today. Ordered two pork sandwich plates with sides. Also ordered a large container of potato salad. This was a to go order. The pork as usual was great. The other sides were also good. The container of potato salad was terrible. It was a runny mess. Mostly dressing. If I would have noticed it before hand I would have never had taken it home. It was not up to their usual standard.

James Cartee

Tasted good but had to remind staff about our bread twice

Mike Adams

Outstanding smoked meats, especially the ribs. Sides were okay and two were included in the price for a plate and also included a drink. No soda available

Parker Sweet

I'm not sure what is more off-putting... the food, the location, or the staff serving the food...

Chris Satterfield

Best bbq in town

Bach Wilson

I think Buckys has some of the best barbecue you can find in the upstate, however many of the sides are quite institutional. All of the locations are no-frills, Pay for your food at the counter and pick it up there, take care of yourself from there. All of the locations are kept clean. The owning family also does much in the local community and around the world in charitable work.

Haine Moi

Great BBQ!

Amber Rose

Convenient, friendly and a good BBQ sandwich joint.

Judy Byrum

Very good BBQ, fair price, and great staff

Linda Susan Harnisch

Good BBQ not a great place to stay and eat

Alex Wood

No beef

Joe Mason

Great food

demetrius sims

By far the best bbq, in the Upstate...everything on. the menu,,sold everyday !!!!

Kyle Doehla

Great food, great price and quick service!

John Duddles

Great BBQ! If you go, you really should try their sweet potato crunch. Even if you don't like sweet potatoes, like me, this is almost like a dessert. Even better, they give a Bob Jones student discount.

Wayne Riley

It’s finger licking good.

Richard DiBona

Once you've eaten there I guarantee you will be a continual customer their food is beyond reading

virginia ayers

I ate here this past Saturday. I usually love your food but not this time. I got a chopped plate with sweet potatoes and green beans. Someone got very heavy handed on the salt on the green beans. I’ll ask for a sample next time before I get them again!

Brian Styx

Food is always good. Staff Is friendly and welcoming! Best BBQ in Gvl!

Todd Scott

Can't go wrong bbq. Always great!

Edward Pitts

Great barbecue

Chris Givins

Extremely delicious bbq

Gail Young


Johannes Blanker

Out of towner trying it out . Bucky's was good BBQ. I had the Ribs n Pulled pork plate. It came with a drink and white bread .The pulled pork was not to smokey, and went well with the house BBQ sauce. It wasn't dry but not moist either . The ribs were, I think brined first. I'm not a huge fan, but it does keep them moist but alters the texture. I'm not into that texture. It also left them a bit salty, and without a true hardwood smoke taste and texture. I preferred Henry's. The sides Mac and cheese and slaw were very good and fresh , not old soggy Mac n cheese. The amount of food, and value was exceptional. The service was not so friendly, I had to ask for bread, and figure out a drink came w my meal instead of being told . I liked Bucky's sides and pulled pork over Henry's. Overall Bucky's is a great deal and food you won't be disappointed with.

Doug Wintermute

Its good and decent prices

Rusty McCombs

Great sides

David Ortega

Love it

Andrew Huff

Good barbecue and really good Sweet Potato Crunch!

Joe Roberson

Some good bbq! Nice burnt edges on the pork. Chicken was A+. Sweet potato crunch was delicious. Nice peppery macaroni and cheese. Portions were huge. Absolutely going back.

David Vojnar

Tried Buckys for the first time today.. 5 stars for sure! Rib Combo Plate with Pulled pork was great. They mixed up and gave me coleslaw, so he gave me my potato salad as an extra. Very small place, food was 100%, customer service was 100%. I will definitely be back.

norman brewster

Gaynell Watson

The potatoes salad was not same that I have been getting.on plentburg I am there at less a 2 × a week.I told the man that it wasn't the same all he did was at like I was brother him. Just smile and wave his hand as to say that I didn't know. I love to go to bucky's now I'm not sure that I need to go back there. One of other customers got up sit because the way he disregarded me.I am really hurt about that.

Will Weaver

Good barbecue

Tiffany Pruitt

Good food

Carol Abrams

One of our favorite places for barbecue! Only reason for 4 stars is they will run out of certain items so go early.

Shay E

Just Good Bbq. The Sweet Potato Crunch is amazing! I wish the Pulled Pork and Chicken was more moist. The taste of the sauces make up for it. Service is straight forward and causal. I've never had a problem. Quick lunch for me, usually in and out within 7 minutes.

Kristen Wolfe

Perfect take out for a quick BBQ lunch. Easy to eat keto here, just order the sandwich without a bun! Staff is friendly and quick to prep the food. Pulled pork tasted fresh and perfectly cooked.

Donna Chandler

Always good!!

Justin Najarian

Good food and cheap. Got a pulled pork sandwich with potato salad and Cajun beans. Will definitely go back to try their other BBQ.

Michelle Strickland

Excellent food

Robbie Gilbert

Was in a bind at the last minute for some tailgate food, called them up as soon as they opened and ordered pulled pork and sweet potato crunch for the same day. I've always been a fan of Buckys but to say they gained some new customers from the reaction at the tailgate is an understatement!

Robert Miller

Awesome food for a decent price.

Mathew Geevarghese

Chicken, pork, rib platter plates were good but not overly impressive. Ha had good sweet tea and Dr Pepper and they had tennis on the TV when we walked in. Sweet Potato crunch side dish was definitely a winner

Allen Barker

Outstanding food and always pleasant service

Ray Grimes II

Average compared to when first opened

Kathy Hope

This is the real deal. Smoked chicken so good that it stands on its own - no sauce needed!

Chad Nuese

Simple BBQ joint with solid Southern staples like pulled pork and sweet potato crunch. Don't overlook their smoked chicken plate.


The sweet potatoes were great! The BBQ was a little dry for me, but I prefer my BBQ on the wet side. The portions are generous. If you want hash with your BBQ, this is not the place.

Travis Floyd

The wife and I were out and about when we saw Bucky's and decided to give it a try. A small no frills spot with outstanding service and food. I had the sandwich platter and my wife had the chicken platter and they are very generous with the portions. Both of our platters were amazing so there were no leftovers. If you are in the area worth a stop for some delicious BBQ and friendly service.

Mark Evans

Best BBQ n Greenville. Flavored really well dont need sauce

Rob Davis

Got some bulk pulled pork, smoked chicken and sweet potato crunch. The best!

Marcus Brown

Tara L

Best barbecue in town.

James Collins

The counter staff is very rude everytime. I have been. Does not know how to keep customers.

Mark Grissop

Good Q. Good portions.

Travis Mercer

I always enjoy the food there...the only problem I have with this location is that the food doesn't be warm much and today..the tall heavy set guy wit the eyes wasn't as welcoming..but to be honest he always seems like he is in a bad mood!!

William Walker

Great food

Charity Mobley

Great food

Frank Signor

6-8 is ALL YOU CAN EAT.. RIBS! CHICKEN!!! PULLED PORK!! I can honestly say everything is good.

Richard Barnes

Smoking good barba. And sides were even better

Angie Cook

I've been in love with Bucky's for the last 6 years when we moved to Greenville! My friends and family will vouch for that. Every 4th of July for the past 6 years I've dragged dozens of friends, coworkes and family members out to the amazing feast that Bucky's puts on. I've loved everything from the hog to the band and all the sides in between. This year, however, the event left a very sour taste in my mouth. The parking lot was full, crammed and neglectfully unmanned which made it very difficult to navigate in and out. As a result I got a hefty scratch on the side of my Ford F-150 which cost me $1,600 in body work. I approached Bucky's on friendly terms and asked them to do the right thing and help me pay for half of the damage they caused by neglecting the parking situation and allowing drivers to block the exit ways, but unfortunately the owener, Wayne Preston is too greedy to do the right thing. He pays lips service to gratitude for freedom and independence but will not put his money where his mouth is. My husband has been serving overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan for 6 years and I've been going to Bucky's in his honor every July 4th as that's his favorite BBQ place in Greenville. I will no longer go back or bring any friends or have anything to do with Bucky's. They may serve good food but they have greedy hearts. SO SAD!

Angela Blanchard

The best BBQ in the Upstate.

Dawn Jolley

Fast friendly service food was excellent

Timothy Oakley

Wonderful food, great customer support

Kathy Feldman

Good was great. Great for quick meat or to go.


Lots of parking space. Great food.

Stephen Cummons

Great, simple BBQ

Seth Saler

If I could go every Friday for their buffet-style meals, I would.

Kevin Strickland

Good bbq and not crowded

Steve Lawton

Load up a to go box and take it anywhere. The store is not an appealing place to eat. Go to the park. A memorable and delicious plate of ribs. Hefty portions.

Derek Stroud

Great food, service was wonderful

Randolph Scott

Great place to eat really love the BBQ it's amazing and the sweet potato crunch is really really good I could eat it everyday. I really look forward to eating at Bucky's BBQ

Dale Thomas

Ok BBQ. The bun for pulled pork sandwiches is so big and thick you can't taste the pork. Not much smoke flavor. You have to add a lot of sauce, which to me is like having to add steak sauce to a steak. You should never have to add sauce to give it flavor. Sides are just ok too.

Kevin Allen


Charlene Chapman

Very moist without adding sauce but, do LOVE the mustard bbq sauce! YUM! Great customer service when I picked food up.

Mann Tucker

Great price

Bart Thackston


Tim K

Great food, you have to get there early for the chicken and ribs.

Ronnell Hill

Man. Love this place! Their sweet potato side dish is so dang good. Not too mention how fall off the bone and flavorful their chicken is.

sherry Raushenver

David Moon

Great food, reasonably priced and helpful staff

Robert Ridgeway

Food and friendly service was awesome.

Robbin N.

Great bark, yellow sauce is yummy!

Arsena Glover

Great bbq ribs

Conner Hill

Good service, clean restaurant, and great food.

Mr. 84

Nothing but smiling faces with amazing food!

Tye Cantrell

Been eating here for a number of years and I really love this place, the food, the setup, the huge sandwiches and the pink lemonade keep it up y'all I'll be back

Linda Huckaby

Bucky's on Pleasantburg is not as large as the Roper Mtn Rd. restaurant, but it's the same delicious food, and the people there are always very nice.

Jonathan Bradley

The food is pretty good but i feel like the owner dont like black people he gives me this weird look every time i go there huffs and puffs when I ask for extra stuff. If it wasn't for the fact my wife likes the food i wouldnt be coming back

F Yongue

Great place to eat and take out!

Paul Konnikov

Pretty good barbeque, slightly expensive in my opinion. Maybe I just ordered too much?!

Bennett Rogers

Delicious food, generous portion, friendly service. Great job!

Michael Heaton

Great meat, great sauce.

Ms. Sabrina Fletcher, LMT

Slightly average barbecue nothing to rave home about. They offer mustard and vinegar-based sauce neither of which I found very good.

David Folkner

Read a blog that said this was the #2 BBQ, but in my mind it is #1. Fantastic food, good prices.

Julie Higgins

Went on a Saturday night to the Roper Mtn location. We had never been there before but we tried it based on reviews. I don't know where these people eat bbq but this was not 5 star bbq. The pork was barely warm enough to consider it room temperature. When i boxed it up to bring it home you could press it together because the fat had congealed. The sweet baked beans were too sweet. They tasted like maple syrup or something. The potato salad was also warm. Didn't eat it because I didn't know how long it had been sitting out like that. Very disappointed. I guess some people consider the grumpy staff cute but they could at least acknowledge your presence. Not one word from anyone! Oh well.

Brad Simmons

We're now regulars after a BBQ tasting. Nice people, great BBQ and sides. Try the sweet potatoes!

Corncob Sutton

Great dining experience! Customer service is lacking but they are just trying to get the crowd through the line! When they run out, there is no more since the food is coked offsite. Love the seasoning salt mix! Great on the beans!!

Cliff Fennell

Great bbq

Russ Dixon

The best BBQ in the upstate. Get the ribs.

Marv Cagle

Great B B Q and "Fixings"

john stevenson

Simply put, Bucky's has the best pulled-pork barbecue in the Upstate. They start with slow-cooked Boston butts, and do a good job of removing the meat with a minimum of fat, gristle, or veins. Generous portions of the smokey-tasting meat are complemented by a set menu of freshly made sides including cucumber salad, sweet potato crunch, and a solid, Southern-style mac & cheese. The mustard-based sauce is scratch-made and compares favorably to the best Midlands BBQ joints. As good as Bucky's is, however, it would not be my first choice for ribs. With that caveat, there's no other place I'd rather have bbq locally; it's not even close.

KC Miller

Pleasant staff. Fast service.

Lacy Hill

One of the worst restaurants I've ever been to! The manager was super rude and he didn't wear any gloves

katherine olvera

Quick service (although I did call ahead for a to go order but they had ready in 15 min) DELICIOUS FOOD and for really good prices! The baked beans are so delicious as is Mac and cheese and pulled pork. Haven’t had the chance to try anything as it is my first time trying but will definitely be going back to try other menu items!!!

Orlando Wright

Great place to eat!

Joyce Linnon

best bbq in the universe, you go up to the counter, order what you want and then sit down, great food!

Stokes Music Studios

Bucky's has great tasting BBQ! Thanks, The Music Place

David Crum

I love this place!

Katie Moody

It was delicious!! I got the bbq plate with mac and cheese and sweet potato souffle and it comes with a drink, tea or lemonade. So good! Very reasonably priced too.

Julie Davy

Thank heavens for tongs. The man running the counter was rubbing his nose w his hands and then grabbed bread for my sandwich without washing his hands or putting on gloves. Yuck. Did I mention he ran the register, handled money and the pen you signed your bill with not to mention he was unfriendly and my food was cold? Good idea to leave the back door open when it's 50 degrees out. Won't be back.

Albert Jenkins

Absolutely wonderful, some of the best bbq I've ever eaten. My wife and I had the bbq sample platter, pull pork,ribs and chicken. Everything just melted in our mouths, the bbq sauces were are wonderful too. The staff was very pleasant and on our way out we spoke with the owner who was very nice and answerd every question we had. Looking forward to him opening a restaurant in Boiling springs on day. We shall return !!

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