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27 S Pleasantburg Dr Unit 155 Unit 155, Greenville, SC 29607

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REVIEWS OF Barberitos Southwestern Grille & Cantina IN South Carolina

Edwenna Ervin

Very much like Chipotle but less spicy....I like the spicy.

J H. Fergie

Friendly good healthy food

John Warner

Good lunch

Kaite Snipes

Great Southwestern food! Honestly better than Moe’s and Chipotle. The customer service is awesome! Have picked up two catering orders from this location and the owner has always been on time and over the top helpful!

Paul Murphy

Walked in at 9:00 wasn't greeted the girls that were working looked like dam someone walked through the door.the food tasted like it had sit all day mabee from lack of business. With customer service like this your business will shut down your only as good as the people you hire.

Kevin mILLER

Food was fresh and tasty.

Katie Smith

Andrew Danelz

We love Moe's but this place has so many more options!

Richard Dawkins

The food is Great!!!!!

Jody Woods

chad williams

Very clean. Good food. Better than Moes

Kate Luxion

Lara Knight

We just love this Barberitos. I usually get a salad and am happy to load up on vegetables, and my husband enjoys his burritos. Even our hard to please kids are happy. The owners always greet us and make us feel welcome. It's one of our go to restaurants.

Shayla Griffin

Bubba Bagwell

I went here for the 2md time today and was impressed again. There taco salad is great. I was impressed the first time when I met the owner and how great he was and how much her cared about the business and people. I love the fact that they try and use much fresh local foods that they can. I feel like a lot of people are missing out on this gem due to where it is located but I make sure to tell everyone I know about it.

Chad Parkison

Frizelle Yelverton

I go almost 5 times a week. It is so good.

Jamaal Stewart

Food quality was excellent and the owners seem like super nice people. Absolutely will come back.

Will Kelly

Matt McGee

Family run franchise from good ole Athens, Ga. Our food has always been delicious. Great service!

Teddy Cosgrove

Very friendly staff, that goes a long way. Very quick as well. I love how they have spinach for salad. Free chips & can get more if needed. Very good prices for a lot of food. Very fresh as well. Ate there 3 times this week at different times each time very fresh

Alyssa Price

This is my favorite place to eat!!!! Amazing staff and management. The food is always made fresh and the restaurant is always clean. 10/10 recommend.

Terry Bouvier

Elizabeth Oh

Not happy with delivery service

Jennifer Vittoe

Cleanliness: This place is clean including the bathrooms. Very well tended and I mean down to the corners and pictures being dust free. They seem to take great pride and care of the place. Employees are washing hands between glove changes, something you dont see a lot of these days. Cost: You get a good deal of food for the price. They have endless chips with the meals. And endless salsa from the salsa bar. That being said 35 dollars for 3 people getting the full experience. Its not bad. I mean you get much more that you pay for with this place. Food: Omg. The flavors here. I can build everything to my palate. And boy was my tongue doing happy little flips as I ate my burrito bowl. I mean I almost succumbed to licking the bowl. Well my finger did find the last of the queso to bring as an offering to my depressed taste buds when they thought the bowl was empty. Their chicken and steak are tender and just seasoned enough to blend with whatever you put on your stuff. Go early so you can lick you bowl without judgement! I kid. Seriously its that delicious. Options: From tofu to vegetarian to low carb or low calorie, these guys have it all. Fish fridays, turkey. Omg the options. Very healthy options too. Farm fresh and made in house sauces. All fresh and prepared daily. Nothing is held over. Friendliness: Owners and staff are super friendly. They answered so many of our questions even in the rush. Overall: This place cares about the customer experience from the time you walk in until the time you leave. Its great and cozy with a delicious fresh food and happy sming faces.

Debra Wray

The food was delicious! The service was fast and friendly. Super clean also! I will definately go back.

Tim Estes

Not your typical Barberitos. The owners here are health conscience and environmentally friendly. They offer a host of choices for your taste. Ground turkey is on the menu and fish is offered in Friday. I spoke with one of the family members who run the place about the fish. They are trying out different types of fish and this coming Friday will be Whiting. If you eat in they serve salads in plastic bowls to cut waste. All of their to-go containers are biodegradable. The serving area was impeccably clean as well as the seating area. This will definitely be a regular stop for me. Oh, one more thing, they have one employee that comes in from 6am to 2pm just to cut all the vegetables fresh every day.

Chris Dunlap

shameron young

Derrick Cannon

Fresh toppings, very friendly service. Will definitely visit again.

jenna c

Two of the workers weren't very friendly. I ordered guacamole and they just have me a a cup of guac w no chips. But when I asked they gave me a basket of chips. And one young white guy working there was very nice, came around asking every table how things were. Good prices. Nice vegetarian and vegan options.

Tina Arledge

Robin Morgan

I had a burrito with ground turkey and it tasted great! The tea was really good and i love the small ice that they have. We will be back !

Katie Evans

WW friendly menu! Not to mention DELICIOUS! I adore the spicy chicken so much yummy flavor! Great option for a quick, fresh and healthy meal whether for you or the whole family. Way better than Moe's! And way more zero point foods than them too! I am here at least twice a week :)

trent ropp

Wonderful staff, and a clean and modern facility with great food!! Thanks for the fantastic experience we will be back!!

Nichales Price

This place is 1,000 times better than moes and chipotle it is amazing you wont find better southwest food

Aaron Windham

Chicken tasted off. The chips are dry, the sour cream costing extra was weird. No one has done that in years. They messed up my friends food and gave him ground beef vs chicken. Wasnt bad, but nothing to write home about.

Drew Johnson

I used to go to the original location in Athens back in college. Twelve years later it has opened in in Greeneville. It was even better than I remembered.

Noel Adams

Dont know how i missed going here in the past but awesome food. The Burrito i got was great. Will be back

Roy Harmon

The freshness of Chipotle with the free chips (and no risk of foodborne illness) of Moe's. The ground turkey is amazing. So are the chipotle tortillas. And the corn salsa. Also, the owners of this particular Barbarito's are super friendly.


Wish I had found this sooner! Great food that offers a non spicy chicken and ground Turkey option. Clean and in a great location. Look forward to eating here before class each week!

Danielle Nolan

Amazinggg and love the owners they are so sweet!


Ate here for a quick lunch today with the family. As always the service was great and the food was amazing. You can tell that the food is fresh! And every time I visit the restaurant is clean! Great place for a quick meal!

Shireen Bolbolan

Delicious. Service is fast, but not attentive or friendly

Emily C.

Sabrina Nelson

Kind of like Moe's or Chipotle but different twist. Great place to eat.

ciara harris

Kyle Elsea

Patrick Adams

Great food at a reasonable price. Ingredients were fresh and flavorful. Location is clean, sleek and modern. Staff was friendly and helpful. One of the owners/operators was working right alongside the hourly folks - he was pleasant and mentioned it was the first of several planned spots in the greater Greenville. Only downside for me is I would have loved to have a beer with the meal.

Jamie Johnson

Dorlee Umland

Darren Albers

Similar to other burrito restaurants however unlike other chains there is more variety in the ingredients such 2 types of chicken (regular and spicy) and fresh toppings. I will caution people on the steak, it was a bit tougher than I expected and the marinade gave it a strong flavor that is a bit too smokey for my tastes. The chicken on the other hand is tender, flavorful and complements the other ingredients well.

Peter Maxey

The husband and wife that were working in the restaurant tonight were awesome! They were so talkative and kind andmade sure we were happy with what we ordered. The food was realyy good tonight also, my family has eaten there before when it first opened, but weren't impressed. Tonight was a different story, it was way better.


Great flavor and well prepared. Excellent care in making it a great first visit!! I will go back!

Morgan Washick

Friday nights they have Jerk Fish Tacos!

Connie Wagar

Daniel Fishel

Great fresh taste and larger than life sized burrito.

Grayson Burgess

Fresh and Good.

Robert Goen

Clean. Good food and great service. Burrito bowl for the win!

Eric Kellough

Kayla Jordan

Larry Overfelt

Richard Ivey

I like the food, however the service isn't always the friendliest when owners are not present but food is overall very good. Owners are very friendly and are welcoming!

N. Burke

I'm so glad to finally have a Barberitos in Greenville. I've been to Barberitos in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida and other locations in South Carolina. This is the cleanest and most consistent one I've been to. I highly reccomend!

Pamela Ashley

Love the fresh food, they serve.....

Sandra Soto

Ginny B

I had the Friday fish tacos. They were super tasty and priced right. The tacos are served with a generous portion of chips to go with the complimentary salsa bar. The store is very clean and the counter help is friendly. Only suggestion i might make is to thicken up the salsa verde which although yummy was too thin.

Elizabeth Brennan

I only tried the spicy chicken mini burrito but it was tasty and chicken was tender without tasting over processed. Service was prompt and friendly.

Johnson Greene

Elaina Albers

Karen Davis

This Barberitos catered our daughter's wedding last weekend and I can't say enough about how efficient and professional they were. The food was outstanding and served hot/cold and fresh. The servers were helpful to our guests and kept things looking neat and appealing throughout the entire event. The food overall got rave reviews from our guests. Over the months of planning, the owner was helpful but never pushy offering suggestions and working with me when I asked for a few changes. Josh is running an A+ store in Greenville and I highly recommend them for any catering needs.

Adam Anderson

Better than Moes and Chipotle combined! Thank you for finally opening in Greenville!

Nick Thomas

Tammy Micnhimer

The chicken tasted like tuna

Joey Apple

Amazing food! The ingredients we’re soooo fresh. Which made for the best burrito I’ve eaten in a minute. They also had choices of tortillas... spinach, wheat, flour, etc. The employees were sooo friendly. Very clean and fun atmosphere. Also crayons and coloring papers for the kiddos :) This is my new goto burrito spot.

Brandon Schuster

Chris Challis

Super-fresh food quick. The best of the fast casual tex-mex places in the area by far!

Carolyn Shoemake

This place is great. 1st time here. Owners and staff are friendly, place was clean. I eat mexican a LOT. I was very pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. The best salsa I have ever had at a restaurant, flavorful, not just tomato sauce in a bowl. Highly recommend

Travis Ponder

Micheala Gantt

Levi Oppo

Amazing food and excellent service!

Johnny Hendricks

Quinn Wong

Amber Carter

Always fresh food and the portions are HUGE.

Shawn Turner

Great food Great staff

Christie Walters

The food is fast, fresh and delicious! We will be back!

Meredith Smith

The service was friendly and the food was delicious!

Keith Boling

They have a great Vegan Burrito, good salsa and helpful employees.

maegan Barnes

Halen Dickson

Great food, great atmosphere, and friendly employees.

Sue Conn

Love barbaritos. Great fresh fast food. Never had anything bad here.

Rob G

Nicer and fresher alternative to Moe’s, staff has been great the times I’ve visited.

Tyreshia McMorris

Ken Lochridge

Awesome quick lunch. Love the steak.

Matt Paul

Rich Rumney

It's like the anti-Moe's. Kind of like how Target is the anti-Walmart. Better, but not going to crush the competition either.

John Stone

Elijah Challis

Stephen Hill

Great food, reminds me of Moe's or Chipotle but much smoother process in getting food and the price is so much better for what you get. 100% will be back!

John Kellough

This place is legit. One of the only fast good places that's actually healthy. This joint rocks!

*Houston Rocket*

John Crump

Great places for fast-food food

Rebecca Gerhard

Great service and quality food!

Cody W.

So I popped in for the fist time to give this place a try. I heard some good things and thought it might be worth a shot. I came at noon, just before their lunch rush started, and everything on the line was nice and fresh. I got a steak burrito. Now, let me just say that the amount of meat you get is perfectly acceptable by itself... But a hungry person would be treating themselves to get the extra meat option. On the note of the steak; it's a nicely seasoned sirloin, seared then cooked low and slow to impart flavor. They don't marinate it, because they want you to be able to build the experience you want... And I found myself appreciating the flavor. I will admit, the steak was slightly dry... Normally I would say that's a negative, but when experienced in the context of the full burrito, the sour cream, the lime, the Chipotle ranch and such really make up for it. As an experience, the bite itself isn't dry. Now, as for flavor, they aren't overwhelmingly powerful flavors. Rather you get a decent balance of taste, and I found each bite was like a small adventure, finding different flavors as I moved along, all the way right up through the last, delicious bite. Also, the unlimited chips and salsa bar is a nice touch. The chips are light and crisp, and a side of queso makes a good accent to them. One other side note on drink selection... The Strawberry Hibiscus flavored water makes for a very refreshing taste. The mango like was pretty good, too, but I was impressed with how refreshing the strawberry hibiscus was. I will definitely be back.


Great food! Decent price really good for a quick lunch!!

Lora Johns

The afternoon we ate there we were wholly unimpressed. The rice was partially cooked. It appeared as though the rice was being cooked when someone came along and added more uncooked rice to the pot hoping it would all cook to the proper texture. They must have been a complete novice in the kitchen. When we took our first bite of the bowl, the uncooked rice grains nearly broke one of our rear molars. The black beans were okay, but cold. The protein was cooked to the point of dryness. It was fine tasting but cold and badly cooked, therefore lack luster. For my money, another franchise restaurant in the area that has similar build-a-bowl is a much better choice for the money.

Laura Willems


Scott Morgan

Ilissa Stovall

Great atmosphere! Restaurant was very clean and stylish! The food was so yummy! And the size of the burritos are crazy big!! I can’t waut to eat here again. Oh!....and I loved that in the bathroom, under the door handle was a hand sanitizer you could use after washing your hands. Thought this was a nifty little touch!

David Camaho

Great food and everything is fresh

Kirk Williams

Love Barberitos! Very good quality!

Lanita Hill

This place is like Moe's. I had 2 steak tacos - pretty good

Evan Duke

The food here is amazing!!!!

Melissa G

Tobe Sizemore

The salsa is good and the spicy chicken burrito makes me happy.

James McCauley

Delicious food and great environment

S Duncan

I went to school in Athens, the birthplace of Barberitos. They were my favorite burrito place, always fresh and friendly. There's something about the way this franchise location seasons or cooks the chicken that puts me off, so I just avoid the chicken and prefer the steak or tofu.

Cindy Ramirez

Denis Ellinger

Great experience. Similar to Moe's ot Chipotle. I really enjoyed the quick sevice and the fresh flavors. It's worth a try and a great option in regards to the others.

David Hanor

Different flavors and fresh tasting ingredients. Highly recommend for a different take on southwestern style fast, fresh food.

Brittiany Gray

Best Barbaritos I’ve been to! Owners and employees are friendly and kind. It is always very clean. The food is absolutely delicious and portions are generous. Favorite place for a quick, affordable meal and great service!

April Parker

Tanner Gibson

Really impressed by not only the food, but the staff especially. Incredibly friendly and you can tell they enjoy what they do. Everything tasted extremely fresh. Far superior than any Chipotle or Moe’s. Count me as a regular!


Best chips in Town!

Mason Vogt

Ben Henning

Fresh ingredients, great heat and flavors, good portion size

Lindsey Hester

mike templeton

Good fresh food at a good price

Nick Kennedy

The place is spectacular. I got to meet the owners. It's rare to meet people who actually care about the small things. With that said, the food is outstanding down to the last detail. I'm just waiting on a Barbs inspired Australian meat pie. Go now. Go yesterday. Healthy. You're happy. Possibly sleepy, so have nap time planned just in case. Cheers.

Alyssa Mckinney

Barberitos is the WORST place I have ever been. I wish I could give no stars, but you can't do that. The food all day long because they get no business. All the employees stand around and wait for someone to come in. The queso is absolutely treacherous. The manager was so rude and smelled greatly of alcohol. This should not allowed on the job. When I went to Georgia and ate at barbaritos it was sooo much better. WE as the people of Greenville should not allow this to happen. The manager fired all the nice, young, AFRICAN AMERICAN individuals and continued to let the HISPANICS work. This is racism. This is America. This should not be allowed & I, Alyssa Mckinney, WILL NOT ALLOW IT. This place will be closed soon, period as my daughter would say.

Jonathan Boan


Michael Morris

Cleaner than other Barberitos. Attentive and friendly staff. Easy pay with phone.

Kevin Pickett

Amazing service and care from the staff. As a business owner this is how you need to treat everyone. Amazing food and great atmosphere, way fresher than the other guys.

Candid Dingle

The one in Charleston is better as for Greenville rather just go to Moes

Danny Mimbs

daniel gamble

Brett Parsons

Andrew Bailey

Amazing food owned by lovely people.

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