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118 Main Rd, Tiverton, RI 02878

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Where is Spring Primavera Restaurant?

REVIEWS OF Spring Primavera Restaurant IN Rhode Island

Rodrigo FIgueiredo

(Translated by Google) I recommend (Original) Recomendo

marco correia

(Translated by Google) Very good indeed (Original) Muito bom mesmo

Janessa LeComte

Delicious Portuguese Food!



Susana Santos

Ryan_ Alves

The owner of this place is very rude and she has to class, she walks around the restaurant like she’s dead, the food is awesome but the service of this place sucks

Ron Rodrigues

Great service loved it

Austin Oliveira

My parents frequent this place, and I've been here for many types of parties/functions throughout the years. It serves fine Portuguese cusine from the classic Portuguese steak to some codfish and all in between. It has a dinning hall with a stage and dance floor located on one side. On the other there is a bar with more seating.

Keith V

Nadia Tavares

I went with my family and I felt like they were rude because of the color of my skin and didn't know how persuade me and treat me like a customer this is the worst restaurant I've ever been to and I would never go back and would never recommend anyone to go

Lucy Daluz

Terrible service, and crappy drinks

Carlos Soares

Donna Cordeiro

marco Correia

Muita animaçao e mt boa disposiçao


natasha Dupre

Erik Domingues

Great food at reasonable prices. Several salted cod dishes to choose from.

John Garcia

Colby G.

Of coarse all the food here is delicious authentic Azorean cuisine, but I always get the Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá. Big portions, family run, and great service.

Melissa Peace

Roseli carvalho

(Translated by Google) Cozy place, excellent service and variety of menus (Original) Lugar aconchegante atendimento exelente e variedade de cardápios

betterhalf ofchill

Eleanor Vargas

The food is delicious especially the marinated pork and the cod fish Gomez style

Mike Facchiano

The primavera steak plate was probably below average, but the albacore plate was the best I have ever had.

Rose Escobar

Elizabeth Carreiro

The food is always delicious

steve barreto

Den Correia

Best family style Portuguese food and family who owns the restaurant are amazing

Fausto Ramirez

I pass the new year eve in this restaurant but i didn't like because the DJ start with the music late at 9:30 ir 10:00 just 2 hours with music i am no goin hire in the nex new year eve

paul capraro

I had better. It was ok at best.

Jessica DeMilio

In 2018 there are plenty of banquet halls owned by those who treat customers and other local family owned businesses with respect. Not the case here. I was personally screamed at in broken English by a man who claimed to be an owner when I asked to speak with one. He didn’t give a name. All around DEPLORABLE customer service which is a shame because little did he know I had been inside before and was impressed with the quaint little function room and little bandstand. As someone currently searching for the perfect cozy reception space for my 2019 wedding, I now wouldn’t even consider it. Not if every other local venue burned down. I’d never feel comfortable at a place where men disrespect young women so blatantly and proudly.

Jessica G

Terrible service. Takes forever to get served, get food, get check. Etc. Mediocre food. Not worth it

Paulo pimental

Victor M. Costa

If I could give this place a -20 I would. My wife asked for grilled cod fish with no sauce on it because she has a cholesterol issue. The waitress showed up with codfish with the orangey yellow sauce on the codfish. My wife told her that she will not be able to eat it because of her high cholesterol and the waitress tried to argue with her and trying to make it like there was no cholesterol in the sauce. We asked her to please get a piece of grilled cod fish with no sauce on it and she said that she would after a five minute long conversation on with the different types of codfish that there are. She came back to the table and said that the owner is going to make her another piece but she would have to pay for the existing piece of cod fish. I tried to explain to her why is my wife having to pay for codfish that she's not going to eat. Her answer to that she was just going to have to pay for it. This place is more worried about making money and actually worrying about someone's health. I'n42 years of life I have never seen anything like this. No integrity in this place or any type of class. This place needs to be boycotted

Alice araujo

Anthony D'amico

Went for a graduation party. Function area is spacious with nice decor. Not sequestered from public dining area though (unless you reserve enough seats I suppose). Stage and dance floor for live music. Food was delicious, traditional Portuguese fare. Small bar area with television in front. Overall had a good experience here.

Lila Laracuente

Wonderful Portuguese food.. I would go back, when I go back to Rhode Island and Fall River on vacation.

Sandra Russell

Kevin R

Julianna Colon

I was there for a party and the food and service was great they even have a DJ there on Saturday's

Dylan Tripp

Bartender was garbage. Never going back

Steven Ibbotson

Big fan of pork and little necks good but pork was a little tuff.

Rhi Dimock

Erica Soares

Asked for a drink menu. Bartender: we don’t have a drink menu Me: ok i’ll Have a mai tai Bartender: no mai tais. Do I look Chinese to you Me: wow. Ok. I’ll just have a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. Bartender: No Cabernet Now, this is a full service bar. Tons of red wine. I can see it with my own two eyes. I order water. My friend had already ordered a drink so now we’re stuck. Bill is $7. She gives him her card. Bartender: minimum of $10 He ends up with a $3 tip. You can’t make this stuff up. Never even made it to the food part. I will NEVER go back.

Kyle Oliveira

This place provides only one thing, consistency. Its atmosphere can be compared to a Portuguese - cultural - wedding reception. The food is also consistent; consistently mediocre and, sometimes , just awful. Everything is and, frankly, should be, overcooked. If you're into the Portuguese culture, want to get drunk and dance, this place is for you. There are an infinite of other places in the city where the food's better. I personally would suggest Clipper or if you want to spend a llittle less, try O'Gil's.

Lui Benjamin

Rosa Peixoto

Adoro ir ao restaurante primavera,semos muito bem recebidos boa música boa comida e muito divertido,e os preços razoáveis, serventes atenciosos eu gosto muito ,felicidades pra eles todos estão de parabéns

Sarita MacIntyre



Well familiar


Good work all the time the Best

panokano 1

Dont book a party. They want to charge you to bring leftovers home. Never again


Love this place. Always get the 'Stinkin Rose' burrito and a nice cold beer. Their beef is so flavorful and the service was great. It's a nice chill place to meet friends or even a date night out. Only downside is it's cash only, but they have an ATM! Highly recommend.

Gorete Carlo

Maurice Gauvin

Always a good and great at Primavera.


Waited 1 hour+ for food. In the end, the food was so-so.

Antonio Bolarinho

Good food

Tiago Furtado

Elizabeth Barboza

Drake Akita

Best Portuguese Food to be found in Southern New England

Justin Pavao


Great food and the owner is very sweet

Dayan Siri

I ordered paella but got stuffed shrimp because staff member thought I was pointing at stuffed shrimp on the menu. I wish she asked more questions to make sure she got the order correct. I did not enjoy the stuffed shrimp. It came with steamed vegi and fries. I didn't drive 30 min for that meal. However, staff member was friendly. I went just just before opening the restaurant,so I got my food quick. Resturant look nice.I am not sure I would go back.

Miguel Carlo


Tony Aquino

linda rocha

Great food

Tiffany Servant

Great food, beautiful venue, helpful staff. Had a great time at a 70th/21st bday party there a few weeks ago!

Eduardo Gouveia

Good place to have a good meal been around long time great food.

Daniel Cabral

Excellent food!!

Carla DeCosta

Rose Pacheco

Great service abd great food

conceicao carvalho

Walter Ferreira

Very good food for the money, a must.

Patricia Barth

Food was ok, the waitress that was serving my table was rude

Wayne Paiva

This is my favorite Portuguese restaurant, always super clean, food is always delicious, friendly staff. We eat there a few times a month.

Matthew Winter

Food and service was good, and I thought the prices were fair. You get a lot of food on your plate.

Stephen Costa

Great steak sandwiches

Irene Daponte

Great food and entertainment

Maria Da Luz Furtado

good food. Good service. Wonderful ambiance

brian cabral

Excellent, authentic Portuguese food and atmosphere.

michelle cabral

Really good food

m ahern

Owner was a real Grouch. He was also rude. The drink that I got at the bar was poorly made and grainy with sugar. We were also told that we couldn't use a debit card because we hadn't hit a minimum purchase amount so he had to put an extra tip on my card for himself for making one bad drink and not serving my friend who had ordered a mixed drink that he didn't know how to make. Instead of making the drink, he asked if he looked "like he was Chinese" to her?! Altogether off-putting. It's also a little dingy.

Jeffrey Brodeur

No lunch menu more for dinner

heather costa

Great authentic atmosphere and menu.

Dan Byrne

Antonio Silva

Very good food awesome service

Chris Medeiros

Amazing Portuguese food very pleasant wait staff overall 5 star I had the steak tender cooked just the way I order it and a relaxing atmosphere didn't feel rushed

Patricia Brum

NBA Youngirl

Ana Paula Oliveira

Vasco Pacheco

They seat too many people, could not move.

Rony Peterson Jabour

Great Portuguese food. Best bacalhau in US

Kelly Correia

Terry Sullivan


Pj Goncalves

Great atmosphere, the food and service was awesome. Will be coming back

Bob Caplette

the food and service was poor forget about it do not go a waste of time

may youhanna

Ysidoro Joaquin

(Translated by Google) I love that restaurant (Original) Me encanta ese restaurante

Felix Flores

Great food and service

Octavio Bizarro

Food was good!

natalia Goncalves

Excellent food

rocky rider

Good food, $$ super clean, good service, inexpensive lunch menu.

Geraldine Anger

Excellent service. Delicious food.

Robert Pearson

Emma Beaudoin

It's right up the street from me easy and good Portuguese food

Lucy Araujo

Meredith C

Food was decent, service was terrible!

Dan P

Good food and atmosphere. The planned party menu is really good and the food was pretty fresh with great service. They pack the place in pretty good, but I'm assuming that keeps prices reasonable.

Stephanie Crete

Always have my family party's here and they take good care of us.

Vidalia Faria

It was very nice and the food was very good!!! Also like the new look and if you have a good dance partner the music is awesome for real!! I enjoy myself it's great..

Marlene McCaffrey

I noticed a sign on sidewalk outside Spring Primavera offering clam boils to go. I've been in the mood for one so I called. It was $21.50 (including tax). For that price I received 2 dozen steamers, 1 large potato, 2 pork sausages, 2 hotdogs, 1 onion, and 1 piece of chourico (about 4 inches long). They put it in an aluminum casserole container that broth was also poured into, and covered it with aluminum foil. When I got home I poured the broth in a large 16 oz cup, took the steamers out of the shells and placed them in the broth. I heated this in the microwave for just about a minute so the broth with the steamers would be hot. The broth was a little salty but not too bad, and seasoned with red pepper flakes. Everything was cooked very well. There was a little sand (otherwise I would've given 5 stars) on the bottom of my broth but not too much. I am now satiated!

João Campos

A comida é boa, mas o local precisa de renovação.

Albert Pinkoski

D Bailey

Daniel C Costa

christina ramos

Love this place always has great food and service!!!

David Bender

Philip Perreira

Love this place its all good

Roy Nunn


Awesome food...great service..everything just right..

Kevin V

Very good food nice people nice atmosphere.

Axel Guevara Braun

(Translated by Google) cozy the place (Original) acogedor el lugar

Nancy Nizalowski

Food was awesome! Need more fresh bread. Not rebaked crust...but that's my preference. Experience was a little different from my past. The waitress seemed too eager to take our order while we were not ready and it was weird that she pushed because it was a Saurday afternoon and there was only one other table of people in the restaurant. I will was incredible!

Yass Mufy

Dianne Soares

Horrible service, I think it’s a job requirement to be rude in order to work here. From start to finish this place was rude as h3ll! Had a baptism and they wouldn’t do chicken tenders because they said I had “too many kids” (21 kids), I would have to be charged full price for chicken tenders and fries! I called to give a count and the guy who answered told me to call back “because he was busy”, then the lady calls saying I never called to give a count. They kept telling the kids to sit down so I took them to the stairs area so they were out of the way and another employee comes to tell them not to touch the curtain, the owner tells me to move guests from a table so there were less tables so I do and the other waiter comes with drinks to that table and I told him no we don’t need it here and he says well it’s too late, I already put them down. They were constantly on the kids about everything, they are kids! They will never get my business again! I rather pay more money then have my guests feel uncomfortable. Many guests were complaining about how rude they were. I write a review on their Facebook page and rather than trying to correct the problem or just take it on the chin, the owner CALLS me the next day and tells me to get my facts straight and if I want kids to hang on curtains to have them hang on mine at home. Then hangs up the phone on me. (They were not even hanging on the curtains as I was the one with them and there were only 3 of the kids in that area!) Rude A$$ b!tch! Never ever again will I step foot in that place! Addendum: (3 days after party) I received a missed call from an unknown number so I call the number back and it was the owner of the restaurant calling me again from her personal phone and she just hung up. If they don't like what you have to say they will harass you.

Maria Oliveira

Very nice

Pedro Aleixo

Sazzadur Rahman

Jessica Johnson

The portions were gigantic and the food felt authentic and rustic. It is worth a try.

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