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REVIEWS OF Jeffrey Miller Catering IN Pennsylvania

Samantha Valdettaro

I am so happy to be working with JAM, the exclusive caterer at Tyler Arboretum. Everything we had at our tasting was super fresh and cooked to perfection. There were also so many options to choose from and the tasting didn't even come to close to everything they offer. It was set up like a wedding, which just made me feel super relaxed about how smoothly my wedding day will go. JAM also includes a wedding coordinator as part of their packaging. This might be my favorite part, especially for how much they actually do (remember this when looking at pricing!!). My coordinator, Emily, was at the tasting and she was already getting the ball rolling with discussing some details with me. We just selected our menu and she was so helpful in making choices when I couldn't make up my mind. I truly believe that JAM has created packages that are worth EVERY penny and no other venue I considered comes close to this level of service.

CJ May

JAM really is the best! We couldn't have asked for a better group for our Wedding. Our contact Craig Z was dynamite. He always seemed calm and collected and was able to respond to changes and handle any and all bumps that may have come up. He went out of his way to make everything as painless as possible on our big day, and it really helped take stress off of the Bride and myself. I feel like every wedding I hear about, there's always something to complain about; whether it is the food or the service or what. But with JAM, everything was perfect. We had a bunch of picky eaters and some dietary restrictions, and every single person I talked to couldn't stop gushing about how great the food, cake, and service was. If I were to do it again, I'd hire JAM in an instant and not spend any time stressing over an event knowing that it would be handled with the utmost care. You guys are awesome, thanks so much, and Craig you're the MAN!

Melanie Reed

Where do I begin?? First off, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Robyn w/ JAM Catering who made our wedding day PERFECT! With her help, all of the planning and organizing went so smoothly that we didn't stress about anything. We can't thank you enough! Waterloo Village is such a beautiful location and we can't get enough of it. (We visit the park often with our two dogs.) We just love what JAM catering has done with the location. We fell in love with the fact that our entire wedding could take place in one gorgeous location. We had our ceremony at the gazebo (BEAUTIFUL), Cocktails + H'ourderves (AMAZING) in the pavilion, reception in the main meeting house (Perfect), and our "after-party" at the fire pit (Made to order brick oven pizzas, beer, and s'mores!) The decor, ambience, food and location were absolutely perfect for us. We can honestly say that we wouldn't change a thing about our wedding day and that IS because of Robyn and Waterloo. We are extremely lucky to have found this venue. I HIGHLY recommend them for your event! Main Reasons why Waterloo Village is the perfect place for an event... The food is out of this world (every one of our guests commented on it!) The location is stunning, especially in the Fall. (we got the PERFECT day) The Venue is Farm-To-Table (which was a major plus to us) The people are genuinely nice and helpful. (Robyn is amazing!) JAM Catering cares about the park and is helping to restore it. The Beer selection was incredible The desserts were AMAZING! (We did multiple Pies and Apple Cider Donuts) The feel and decor of the venue is perfect for a Rustic / Warm & Loving Wedding. Please check them out. You will not regret it!

Kristen Kissinger Wells

Mostly pro's in this review. We loved working with our coordinator, Craig. He was thorough and organized, and pleasantly took care of us throughout our wedding night. The tasting was so fun!! The food options are inspired and *delicious.* Like, foodie good. Bonus points for the included gorgeous cake, so you don't have to find a baker. Menu and decor packages were flexible. Cons? There were a couple miscommunications with another member of the team during planning, once about an open house. The day of, the groom reports feeling frustrated that we had a small window of time designated to set up our extra decorations, and despite having an army of family and friends there to help him do it, the JAM staff were slow to bring out the tubs full of items they required be dropped off the day before the wedding. *Everything* worked out, though! We would definitely work with them again.

Bari-Rae Rudolph

Disappointing. I know from a wedding I attended they have great food. However, I called over a week ago to initiate business with them for my own wedding. They said A planner would call back by the end of the day and no one ever did. That was a week ago. So, great food bad administrative service.

Jennifer Ford

Jeffrey Miller catered our wedding at The Lake House Inn last April. We couldn't have been happier with the service and with the quality of the food. Our wedding cake was more gorgeous than I ever imagined --- and it tasted so good that we couldn't wait to defrost the top of the cake for our 1st anniversary. The folks at JAM were great at helping us choose the food we wanted that not just tasted great and worked in our budget, but added to the festivity of our event. People are still talking about our butlered desserts (so we wouldn't have to stop dancing!) over a year later. We're hoping we get invited to another Jeffrey Miller event so we can continue to appreciate the work they do.

George Snyder

If you want great-tasting food and a wide variety of choices, check out Jeffrey Miller Catering! Just recently had our wedding tasting, and it's hard to choose which dishes to serve at our reception -- they're all amazing!

Melanie Mike-Mayer

We hired Jeffrey Miller Catering to host and cater our wedding day on June 2, 2018 at the Welkinweir Estate & Arboretum in Pottstown, PA. The food for our wedding was delicious. We chose the bistro menu and the only thing I wished was that we picked more food for guests to enjoy and that as a bride I could have eaten more of it!! We chose the short ribs and salmon entree with chimmichurri sauce as well as the black bean veggie dish for our plated dinner options. We enjoyed our tasting opportunity in Phili and was able to get our chefs input on choices. Chris was friendly, diligent, provided proper and quick service. The food he prepared was flavorful and cooked properly. He was able to answer all our questions or told us who to ask if he couldn't. The duck filleted was splendid and portioned perfect for the flavors. My husband LOVED the guacamole as well as other guests at the wedding. On the day of we felt the short ribs were cooked better than at the tasting. Soft and moist, the meat was rich and fulfilling. At the tasting, we chose to change the salmon sauce from the heavier option to chimmichurri and personally Im so glad we did. For our summer wedding the fiery chimmichurri was still light and acidic whereas the other sauce choice would have been a great option for a fall/winter dish. It was also at the tasting that we changed our minds about the cake. The almond chiffon cake with mango filling and cream cheese frosting was a hit for us as well as our guests. Vanilla just didn't cut it for this event! We didn't have much interaction ourselves with the staff but most requests during the wedding were accommodated with friendly faces. Our guests only had positive remarks about servers and everyone we asked loved the food. One staff member even gave one of my guests a ride to the parking lot because of the rain when the shuttle wasn't there to take her. Thank you to whoever that was! We had threat of rain all morning and to my delight and peace of mind, the caterers set up our ceremony both inside and out to allow us to make the last minute decision which I'm forever grateful for. Thank you for a job very well done!

Lauren Carr

I would definitely NOT recommend JAM Catering. My sister and her fiancé were thrilled to book their wedding with JAM at Aldie Mansion in Doylestown Pa; I was married August of 2017 and used JAM for my wedding and she felt comfortable using them for her wedding as well. Tragically, my identical twin sister passed away this past June; my mom notified Jeffrey Miller in April and put the wedding “on hold”(her wedding was scheduled for November 2nd, 2018) therefore, ample notice was given. The last thing a mother should ever have to do is call to cancel their daughters wedding because she has passed away. I was in charge of contacting all of the other vendors for her wedding; DJ, Florist, Photographer, hair makeup etc, all of which refunded my mom immediately and in FULL. No questions asked, just SINCERE apologies and utter shock. However, when we reached out to Jeffrey Miller he stated, “THIS IS A BUSINESS” initially refunding my mom $500, and after several emails, phone calls, and begging he refunded another $500, however my mom is still out $2,000. He stated that he would put my sisters wedding date on PARTYSPACE and offer a free rental in exchange for booming with JAM. Obviously the date has not been booked and therefore my mom will not receive a refund. My family has never experienced such a heartless, insensitive human being before and we want other families to know that although this business states “Our love of food stems from our love of people” our family has not experienced any of what his motto states. Finally, if you do book your event with this company, I hope you remember this review and think of my sister, who never had the chance to walk down the isle. Also think of my mom, who not only lost her daughter, but had to pay for a portion of her wedding that is never going to take place.

Danielle Graham

Jeffrey A Miller catering is fantastic all of there items are fresh from local farmers to your table. The food is delicious and the staff is so east to work with. I am planning my wedding from a distance so we expected it to be quite difficult but the wedding planner provided by JAM exclusive venue Aldie has made it easy

Elise Mihranian

Jeffrey Miller has a reputation for great food and many wonderful venues, which they live up to. The food was definitely good. However, the experience working with their wedding coordinators and staff is AWFUL. I'd heard this from others before booking one of their venues but thought it couldn't be THAT BAD, but I was wrong. My sister (who also booked and JAM Venue) and I both experienced similar frustrations with wedding coordinators who were unresponsive for weeks after multipule follow ups. This continued right up until the wedding, with no time or attention given to your event and details until 72 hours beforehand. There were consistent errors with pricing, miscommunicated information, and a simple lack of care from their teams. I was severely dissapointed considering how much you invest in a wedding day both financially and emotionally. The coordinators have WAY too many weddings with not enough staff to support. I would not recommend booking a JAM venue to any friends due to my experience. I also will mention, this is the ONLY bad review I've ever written, but I think for the price you pay, others deserve to know and expect poor service throughout the whole experience with JAM. The coordinator was even rude to my mom (the mother of the bride!) shouting at her while she was trying to set up the sweetheart table before the event. My guests also shared after the wedding that staff was abbrasive and rude approaching guests and asking them to move into the recpetion room, head out to the ceremony site, etc. Totally unacceptable.

david manlove

Helen Taylor

We absolutely loved working with Lynn and JAM at Anthony Wayne House. She made sure every detail was just perfect for us. She arrived at the venue hours before while we took pictures and made sure the whole evening went very smoothly. JAM’s food was also as tasty as it was beautiful; we did a group tasting and then also a private tasting with all of our parents. Our chef at the private tasting was amazing. They were very flexible with the menu as well; we had finger desserts, gelato, and s’mores by the fire instead of cake. Everything was presented beautifully, including the signature cocktails and the beverages before the ceremony. The venue itself was perfect; the ceremony space is gorgeous, the tent was perfect for dinner and dancing, and the fire pit was a great place to take a break from dancing. Between the food and everything running smoothly, we couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend Lynn and JAM at Anthony Wayne House.

Nikole Musho

Jeffrey Miller catering has made the planning of my wedding as easy as can be! Can't wait to continue to work with them until the big day.

Joe Plunkett

If you’re looking for a first class experience while paying over $20,000-$25,000 for the event, keep looking. First the pros. The food was actually very very good. So that’s obviously a big plus. The people and staff were very nice and courteous. Now the cons: for starters the contract, if there is anything in it that you don’t like or needed changed. Don’t waste your time. They will give you the nod and agree to it, but then do whatever they want anyway. And there is basically nothing you can do about it because t tho point you would have already paid them. Example, I wanted the left over food because after all, I paid for it. This goes against their contract. In the end after speaking with them and the gm, they agreed to let me have the left overs. After the event was over, no left overs. So there’s that. Then for paying such an insane amount per person you would expect simple things to be available such as butter for your bread, don’t get your hopes up. My father in law was told “that wasn’t on the list” because I suppose we are supposed to be the ones to get so into the nitty gritty that we had to specify we would like butter for the bread for our guests. My advice, don’t use them. They are expensive and while the food is very good, the oversight is that you’d expect from any cut rate caterer so you may as well save the money. Not to mention they are shady business people that agree to everything until they get paid and then do whatever they want. Lastly if you are booking a venue that “exclusively” uses jam, run far far away. You’re forced to use them and their overpriced food because you have no ability to get a competitive quote and you’re experience will be less than satisfying. Don’t be an idiot like I was. This is my first, last and only review I’ve ever left for any company. I hope it opens your eyes.

Michael Gaynor

JAM is such a wonderful company to work with as we plan for our wedding. They are very helpful with all aspects of our wedding. Their food options are outstanding. Its making life easier for us as we are able to customize our dining options. We cant wait for the big day!

Andrew & Laura

We came across one of J.A.M.’s venues online and when we saw the other venues, we knew we were in trouble. They were all so gorgeous! Before we started visiting them, we look at reviews of J.A.M. catering. We weren’t too fussed about the food at our wedding, but we did want it to be edible. According to all the reviews we read, J.A.M.’s food was incredible! Although we were a little skeptical about how good it could actually be, we started looking at venues. We instantly fell in love with the John James Audubon Center and decided to go with them. The more we learned about J.A.M., the more secure we felt that we’d picked the right caterer. Most of their food is farm-to-table and quite a bit of it comes from their own farm which is located outside of Philadelphia. When we went to our group tasting, we were honestly blown away! Each bit of food we ate, from the appetizers, to main courses, to the cake, was even better than the last. We knew we had made the right choice and were very excited about it. My parents couldn’t come with us to the group tasting, so we were able to set up a private tasting a few weeks later. J.A.M. made it so easy to try our top choices and make sure we felt comfortable with what we would be serving to our guests. Day of the wedding went off without any issues. The food was incredible, the cake was gorgeous and delicious (and exactly how we wanted it decorated!), and our guests were truly impressed with how wonderful everything was. If you want great food, and a ton of different wedding venue options, don’t look any further than J.A.M. and their venues. You won’t be disappointed!

Claire McCauley

Jeffery Miller Catering is AMAZING! The food is so fresh and the options are endless! Back at my tasting in January, I left wanting to eat more! I was stuffed because of everything I tried. But, the food was so delicious I didn't want to stop! What I like most about JAM is the uniqueness of food choices. Our menu is anything but cookie cutter. I know this is going to be one of the most memorable things of our day!

Elizabeth English

We had our wedding at a JAM venue, The Duke Gallery. They worked with us to create an entirely vegetarian menu with both vegan and gluten free options (as well as accommodating a few other allergies). Everyone loved the food and we god tons of comments from guests about how delicious everything was! The only issue was a small mix up over what alcohol was supposed to go in the signature drink, which only became apparent when we ended up taking the majority of the whiskey home with us. We would highly recommend JAM!

Samantha Naples

Currently planning our wedding in December at the John James Audubon Center that is an exclusive Jeffrey Miller venue. We couldn't be more happy to work with them to make our day special. Their farm to table food is out of this world, we loved the tasting and I have also attended a wedding they catered and it was fantastic. Counting down the days to our big day! Thanks JAM for making this fun!

Angel Hogan

TOP NOTCH ! Amazing food and service

Kim Colasacco

My son and his fiance were supposed to be married in November. She was ill and passed away in June. Jeffrey Miller was notified 6 months before the wedding that she was ill. They have refused to return the money that her mother put down. Seriously at a time like this with her mother mourning the loss of a child this company refuses to reimburse her. I would think twice before I use this catering company, I would want a company to have heart that is planning my wedding

Gigi Diva

Great company. Nice employers and co-workers. My best work experience ever. Learn a lot.

Sarah Ullman

We just had our tasting with Jeffery Miller and the food and service was great. The food was fresh and tasty. I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together on our wedding day.

Mark Miller

I used to work for them and they are terrible with the employees. They’re unorganized and never have enough stuff for the events. They’re employee uniform doesn’t do much for colder weather as itms just a long sleeve dress shirt and pants. During fall season, i’ve gotten sick multiple times and not one person cared. I tried to call out one time and was told i couldn’t. I don’t suggest ever working for this company; They don’t care about you, just the work you do for them. I would have given a zero star but say i couldn’t.

Renee Hoscheit

Jeffrey Miller Catering has been absolutely amazing to work with! Food for our wedding was a huge factor for us, and we were so happy with our decision after attending out tasting with JAM. There are so many menu options to choose from, and the food is all delicious and fresh. My experience with JAM has been nothing short of amazing, and I would highly recommend them!

Unique Ashley

John Bedrosian

Sharon Taylor

Jeffrey A Miller Catering was the worst possible choice we made for our wedding. Words cannot describe how badly things went at our wedding because of them. Be warned - they can (and they have) hide their bad reviews on sites like The Knot and Yelp, so you're not getting the full story. Brides beware!

Cassie Smith

Diana Gibson

Jeffrey Miller Catering has been fantastic to work with for our wedding! The food at the tasting was delicious! We cannot wait for our wedding day working with Jeffrey Miller!

Josh Hobson

Have heard nothing but good things about Jeffrey Miller Catering from other couples and I was not let down by what my fiancée and I experienced at the recent tasting! It was obvious that everyone involved in the event was passionate about creating plates that were different from the normal wedding food. No doubt that our guests will enjoy every last bite at our upcoming wedding!

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