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501 Portway Ave, Hood River, OR 97031, United States

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REVIEWS OF Solstice Wood Fire Pizza, Bar & Catering IN Oregon

Kirah Ingram

Worth the wait! Amazing pizza made with care you can taste. A great stop on a road trip between Bend & Seattle too (if you don’t mind scenic routes)! Big recommendation to any diehard pizza lovers out there.

Jimmy V

Interesting pizza choices, good selection of mixed drinks. Tasty Caesar.

Marie Welch

Great Philly cheese steak and salad. Rich and delicious chocolate mousse. Nice atmosphere and location!

Danila Fedorin

The staff is very friendly and the food is great. There was a bit of a wait when I was there, but it's worth it.

Petra Knapp

Brussels are next level! Seasonal dishes are fire!! Go hungry, leave happy :)

Kevin Fischer

One of the best spots to stop for a fantastic pizza in hood river! Country girl cherry and the vegan boy are second to none. Be sure to hang out on the heated patio any time of the year.

Steph Smi

Service was a bit slow... Pizza was good. the country girl cherry pizza is listed as award winning and at first sight it lives up to its name. the pizza has cherries, sausage, and cheese and it all looks presentable. yum! i thought as i went to take my first bite. and then yuck. who puts cherries on a pizza!? margarita was good- mozzarella was fresh and delectable. but don’t come here if you don’t like potentially blackened crust.

Dan Miller

I ate here about 4 times in a week while visiting the area. I tried the cheese pizza and the hot mama. The atmosphere is awesome as it overlooks the Waterfront and Park. The crust was amazing and exactly what I love in a pizza crust. The hot mama is awesome and very spicy just how I like it. The staff were great and our service was excellent. There's a section for kids to play in as well so they don't get bored waiting for food Although our wait was pretty short

Jeremiah Warzynski

Had an amazing time tasting their craft pizza and great selection of local beers. Amazingly knowledgeable staff also!

Sean Perkins

Great service, fresh toppings, local beers on tap

Ylan Muller

So busy, but love the outdoor, dog-friendly seating facing the water, piping hot pizzas (with vegan options!), and the delicious combos.

Denise Long

The cherry and chorizo pizza was superb, as was the pear salad.

Adam Knight

Delicious pizza..Got a La Campagnia and Cherry Girl. 15" feeds two nicely with a side. Brussels sprouts are bacon/lard drenched and amazing. Fun cocktail selection as well.


Took FOREVER! We waited an hour and were seated just before 5pm. (No problem, since a nice park nearby). We received the brussel sprouts appetizer in a timely fashion (they were pretty good). Then, we waited FOREVER for food. Two kids meals arrived around 5:40. No sign of our waiter, John. I finally see him blow by and ask if the pizzas for the other 4 are coming? He says he brings kids food earlier. He comes back to say the pizza kitchen is backed up and we're next and it'll be 7 minutes. It's a pizza place, how can't they keep up with the demand of their tables?? He either dropped our order, or they can't run a kitchen. They offered free fries to tie us over. I go plug the meter, since I thought 2 hours was plenty of time, NOPE. Got the 4 small pizzas around 6:05, over an hour after seated! Ate quickly to get home in time for something. The Country Girl on gluten free was so so(the GF in our group said the GF crust wasn't very good). The Salami Arugula pizza was decent, but not the best. The pepperoni was quite good (good seasoning added to it) . The BEST PART? We are a family of 6, so automatically got to pay 20% gratuity for this experience.....$22 tip.... we had to pay. Service is awful, food is decent. I'd try the food another time if it weren't for this experience. We won't return.

Chris McEwan

This place is good. I didn't give full stars because I'll be honest, it tasted a lot like Blaze or Pieology pizza (maybe a little dryer/doughy) none of us in or party of 5 could figure it out but all agreed it tasted like Blaze. I like Blaze, but Blaze is at more then half the cost ($8 vs $20 for mine limited to 4 toppings) and unlimited toppings for the same amount of pizza.... crazy

Paul Riedel

Decent food, nice service. Can accommodate large groups!

Nichole Talbot

What a nice surprise. Stopped in here after a day in Mt. Hood and enjoyed some delicious pizzas with the kids. They play with some unexpected flavors and textures that really work. The cocktails are pretty good, too. Staff is very friendly and accommodating, and they even had a little area for the kids to play while we waited for our food. We'll definitely return the next time we're in Hood River.

marie blaine

I have avoided writing a negative review the last 5 or 6 times I have eaten at Solstice despite having unsatisfactory experiences each time. I have always thought, “well, it is busy, they are doing their best”. And the food used to be pretty good. The negative experiences have accumulated however. Sulky and abrasive waitstaff several times, once a piece of glass in my salad, skimping on ingredients and toppings. Greatly declining quality of the food. But this most recent experience has determined that it will be my last time “trying” Solstice again. I brought visiting guests from out of town. We were seated outside next to several tables with dogs. I love dogs and don’t normally mind them in restaurants at all. But two of these dogs were in distress, emitting constant high pitched whining with intermittent spats of barking met by somewhat aggressive scolding by their person. It was incredibly unpleasant and disruptive to all of the other diners. While I know it is an awkward situation, none of the staff nor the restaurant owner, who was present, seemed to have any concern or awareness about the situation. We were served lukewarm water in faded and grubby child sized plastic cups. We ordered several pizzas for the table which were pretty good. Each of us also had a salad. The caesars was satisfactory though we had to ask for the anchovies that we ordered twice. The siragusa pear salads consisted of a warm limp “spring greens” mix absolutely drowning in dressing. It was almost a stew. The pear slices were flabby and sad. Our mouths were left puckered and raw from the immense quantity of abrasive dressing. I was so disappointed in my salad. A salad should be crisp and cold and fresh. Lightly dressed. All the while flies were landing on everything. It felt overall grubby and depressing and just really embarrassing to bring out of town guests to. So I will not be back.


Solid! The pizza was delicious. The service was excellent!

Myronda Schiding

The food is fantastic! And the staff is unbelievably nice. I can’t eat anywhere else in Hood River!

Kassandra Thomas

Lived the pizza, staff was super nice, and the location was perfect. We crossed the street and watched the kite and wind surfers. :) Great afternoon.

Chris Manea

Dry. Someone used a paintbrush to make the crust pink with marinara , sprinkled a tad of goat cheese, NO mozzarella, minimal chorizo, aaaaand exactly the right amount of cherries...if they were distributed across the entire pizza instead of directly in the center. Top it off with apathetic employees, it'll be a long time before I go back.

Raven Yarbrough

Such good food. It's fancier than I'm used to, but I was traveling and wanted something nice when I stopped for a bit. Their prices were a little high, but they seemed to be focused on having local ingredients and enriching the community around them. I had their pizza special for the night, and it was so good. Way bigger than I expected it to be, I got two full meals out of it, so the price was reasonable. The service was very friendly and more than willing to go above and beyond to make my trip great. Rebecca was my server, and she was awesome. She helped me pick out what you eat, and then at the end of the night, wrote down what the special was for me. I will definitely be returning here next time I'm nearby.

Suzanne Wurmnest

Great atmosphere, excellent service, very fast. The pizza we had AMAZING. Small variety of local/regional beers, all of which had good reviews. Family friendly!

Nate Purscelley

Super unique pizza! Staff was great, decor/atmosphere was cool. Will visit again.

Zak Kinnersley

Incredible pizza with a breathing view. Very welcoming and friendly for dogs. In addition, a tasty beer selection to boot! Go here is you wanna have a great slice and a great meal!

Shannon L

Great pizza, very accommodating for dietary restrictions, and great with kiddos! Highly recommend!

Jon Awbrey

Be sure to get the s'mores. They are outstanding!!!

Megan Bowes

This place is so good! The Brussels sprouts are delicious, and their pizzas are great! Service is wonderful - our server was helpful, attentive, and friendly. I definitely recommend this place!

Jay Johnson

My wife and I stopped here for lunch while visiting the Gorge. Starred out with a friendly and efficient hostess and our server, Beth, was the bomb! Huckelberry lemonade was very refreshing and the brussel sprouts with brown sugar, bacon dressing was really unique. We shared the award winning cherry pizza and it's to die for. You have to try this this place.

Stephanie Snyder

AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!! I work at a hotel in Portland and have recommended this place to MANY people and all have returned with positive feedback. The CHERRY COWGIRL is fantastic. Just look at that face, he and I were so excited.

Brittany Allen

I've been going to Solstice (mostly for their award-winning Country Girl Cherry pizza) since before it relocated to Hood River. I've always experienced excellent service and enjoyed delicious food when I visited. The location now, though no longer as close to my hometown, is great — it's removed slightly from downtown Hood River and with quick access to a park, which is super convenient if there's a wait (since Solstice is only growing in popularity). It's definitely my first choice for lunch or dinner when I visit Hood River.

Kerry Cripe

Plan a minimum 1/2 hour wait for lunch during peak times for a table. Well worth the waits.

Rachel Stewart

My husband and I overall enjoyed our time. At first, I was disappointed that despite being really close to the river, we looked at a parking lot. However, the nice outside covered patio did also show the Mountain View of Washington state beyond the parking lot. The place is super trendy and even has a little play area for kids. Most definitely family friendly. We ordered a small Cesar salad. It was plenty big for two people. The croutons were all at the bottom, no biggie just odd. We also ordered an Arnie Palmer which was also yummy. However our water pitcher was on the table a long time (just as it was on every table) and had got warm. I asked for ice and the waiter got it quickly. I enjoyed their choice of alternative straws, bamboo, which is so much better than the disintegration of paper straws. We ordered a 15” pizza, the Acqua Bianca. Overall, the pizza was yummy. The wood-fired dough was nicely charred and cooked perfectly. We opted out of the peppers as my husband doesn’t like them and we were told they couldn’t do just half of the pizza (which is a bummer because I wanted them). The chopped up broccolini was a nice crunch as the pizza sauce made the dough a bit wet (and perhaps the veggie liquid too) and therefore the dough a bit limp in the middle. I would have liked more garlic in the sauce for a punch of flavor. Overall, the pizza needed some finishing salt to enhance and bring out all the flavors of each ingredient. Next time, I think we will try the Solstice pizza instead (that was our other choice).

Joe Paris

Great pizza and FAST service.

Benjamin Tucker

Solstice was delicious. We visited on a busy Monday afternoon & were able to immediately grab a couple seats at the bar. Plenty of great beer on draft, as well as a creative drink menu. I had the pizza with cherries & chorizo. Also had the pizza with truffle oil & lots of organic cremene mushrooms. Both pizzas were fantastic! Finished off with the butterscotch pudding. Will def return to Solstice for pizza again!

Julian Helt

Yummmmmm!! If you like wood fired pies (we can't be friends if you don't) and the freshest of local seasonal foods, don't skip this spot. Everything we ordered was amazing and they have an awesome drink selection too! Go!!

Lynn Dickey

Try the pizza with cherries on it. I know it sounds weird but trust me on this. All of the pizzas we tried were delicious (and our group tried several different types) but ohmigosh the one with cherries was amazing. The key lime pie was tasty as well. Your canine fur babies are welcomed on the outdoor deck. Dinner cost us a little less than $20 per person. Upscale pizza to be sure, but well-worth it.

Kate S

Great pizza and nice environment. The food came out really quick when considering they make it and bake it right in front of you in a wood fired oven. Would definitely go back!

Douglas Hewitt

Not bad. Very nice waitpeople. Thin pizza that was deliciously charred on the crust. Reasonably noisy atmosphere. I would come here again.

Dylan Ris

Very high quality pizzas and appetizers. Beer curation is great, too. I don't think they put anything on the menu that isn't high quality. Great staff to boot. Eat at Solstice with confidence!


Great pizza. Really reccomend the crimimi.

Brenda Martinez

Good food. Very loud environment! Hard to communicate with staff. Beautiful restaurant. Has a nice kids area.

astrid michalak

Wonderful eatery with excellent pizza; and, great location next to the Columbia River.

Esther Pischel

Loved this place. The pizza was delicious and the beer selection was great. Our server was super helpful and friendly and was great with our 3-year old son. There was a play area in the restaurant that kept our son busy too. :)

Bernardo Viscarra

The pizza here is pretty tasty. Different types of ingredients. Not your run of the mill pepperoni pizza. The crust was delicious although a little thin for my taste. They have a patio in the front that is pet friendly I counted 4 dogs there on the day I was there. A very friendly staff.

Guinness IV the Wire Fox Terrier

Truffle fries with bacon pair with sour beer, and Hot Mama pizza was great! Excellent service!


Wonderful surprise right on the river. Excellent thin crust pizza. The SIRAGUSA PEAR and Hot mamma were perfectly cooked, delicious crust, not too many toppings-perfection! The roasted brussel sprouts fabulous as well! Great attentive service as well:)

Mark Alvarado

Pizza was a bit above average for wood fire brick oven, nothing crazy but good. If anything their service shined thru, they were very busy but had food and drinks out fast and very friendly. I'd suggest this place to a friend.

Jared Richmond

Good pizza and atmosphere. Pizza didn't come to the table very warm but it was still good.

Katy Conrad

Beautiful restaurant with great food. DELICIOUS pizza and appetizers, dog friendly outdoor space. The Blanco pizza is a must, and we loved the cremini truffle pizza as well (but it’s rich!) Go, have some beers, pet some dogs and enjoy!

Julia Svedin

Really good food!! Fresh ingredients, wood fired, original pizzas. Loved Cremini mushroom pizza! Loved our waitress Gina. So awesome! Front host/hostess awesome while we were waiting. Gave us water cups and a pitcher. Game to play while waiting. Outdoor seating near river and park.

Soroush Ghazi

Sitting outside is tough. The wind blows dirt on your food and face

Rose C.

Great food! Great service! Great atmosphere for dining outside at sunset!


One of our favorite places in Hood River. Make sure to try the pizza oven baked s'more with homemade marshmallow

Donna ~

Best pizza I’ve ever had. Hope to make it back sometime.

Jason Chatham

Great food, especially the pizza. Service is always great. Awesome play area for the kiddos.

David Polehn

I liked it. It is very busy and kind of loud making it difficult to have conversations.

Nathan Cragun

Food, service, location, atmosphere, all were excellent at this pizza joint. A lot of the ingredients on the pizza were not what I'd normally want (like blueberries or cherries), but I was *shocked* at how amazing they all tasted. Everything was prepared well, and our service was prompt and our waitress delightful. They accommodated our baby well and were helpful in getting things to help clean her up. They are a local business who definitely are worth your time and money!

Cody Howe

The pizza is absolutely fantastic here. The Cremini is my favorite.

Abi Hayes

Food was really good and love how they make firewood pizza! Good service and quality food too!

K Hopkins

They don't have many options past the pizzas but the specialty pizzas are very unique and taste great. Our party ordered steak which was cooked perfectly and the salads are rather big. Service is promt and I highly recommend the desserts.

Fer Ortiz

Nice place, and good food. The cherry pizza is weird but good.

Renee Wilson

Ordered takeout.... it was excellent. The Cremini pizza was layered with flavors, to say the least. And the pear salad was everything I hoped for...super fresh tender greens, fresh dried cherries (nothing like grocery store dried fruit!), and a smooth flavorful balsamic dressing. We were just passing through, but I'd eat here again in a heartbeat.

Mr Robberts

Yum! Stopped in last minute on our way from Mount Hood on our way to Tacoma. Beautiful building and they have an amazing view. Staff were super friendly and helped with recommendations. All dishes were delicious, especially the calamari toast appetizer. Decent size personal pizza, could be shared but totally ate the whole thing myself. Definitely worth a visit!

Keith Davey

Great Pizzas, lovely place, atmosphere and location overlooking Park and River

Lauren Cornelius

Great server, great food! Get the brussel sprouts and bacon!

Tanaisa Seppala

Lukewarm flimsy pizza , overpriced for not much , we didn’t order any drinks for our kids just waters, and the outrageous tip of 20% nearly made me choke!! Could have bought another meal for that pricey tip!! Felt robbed just cuz we’re a family of 6 to pay such a steep price for lunch that left me still hungry?? Will not be back

Melanie Wilson

The food was divine! I had the steak which was cooked perfectly. The salmon was amazing. And last but not least the butterscotch dessert was absolutely to die for. Great place, nice atmosphere and friendly staff. Recommend this place 100%!

Ryan Pike

Gina was an amazing waitress. We had country girl pizza with cherry on it so amazing. Very dog friendly. Badass views from the patio!

D Musgrave

Could not have been a better evening on the river. Brian, Lauren and Michael, with the big beard and no hair, made it fantastic. Salad was served ice cold... perfect and the special pasta of the night was a homerun. Our next visit in June will include Solstice right off. Thank you everyone for a great evening.

Kathy Stenersen

When traveling thru The Dalles we order from Solstice every time. The Solstice pizza has this jalapeno sauce drizzled that is one of a kind. Best crust too!! Wood fired delish!!

Manasi Damle

Delicious wood fired pizzas, all of them. I love their fresh huckleberry and mint basil lemonade! The pizzas can take anything between 20 and 40 minutes to arrive. On weekends there will usually be a long wait time during peak hours for lunch, but it reduces after about 3pm. Their service is good, seating is a little crowded but they have lots of windows. They also have outdoor seating. They have a great location right by Columbia River.

Alex Waldron

Delicious food and a really nice environment. The waitress was very friendly too.

Simeon Hill

Great place great atmosphere wonderful great pizza. would strongly suggested to anyone that likes to eat pizza me personally I have a gluten allergy so I don't eat much pizza but my friends say it's great

Doreen V

Great, welcoming staff, delicious food-not just pizza-that's memorable. Snacks and water bowls for 4-legged friends. We had Caesar salad, baked Mac & cheese and sliders; all were amazing. We'll be back. Worth the drive from Eugene.

Kalle Länsisyrjä

Tasty pizza and great service.

Phillip Ryder

Honestly we drive from Portland once every other month or so just to get the pizza here. Worth the drive in views alone and rewarded with some great pies. The Country Girl Cherry is a masterpiece really. It just works somehow. Already thinking about going back for more.


Inside or outdoor seating, perfectly cooked pizza, great salad, beers and excellent service by Chris.

Dave Dub

About as good of a restaurant gluten free pizza as possible, without pre-baking the crust. The middle is still a bit on the gummy side, but the edges were picture perfect and crispy. Service was excellent, and even though it was a busy day, the food came out reasonable timing and of great quality. The smore is to die for, but don't overlook the butterscotch pudding.

Travis Borges

Good food and service despite that they were very busy. I would go again.

destination360 .

Recently had their vegetarian pizza with fake cheese and gluten-free crust. It's pretty good for what it is but the gluten dairy options look tastier. Nice people work here and usually pretty busy.

Kamiko .

Very nice location with great food. Definitely hit the spot before hitting our favorite winery. The pizza was too irresistible! I couldn't wait to eat it so I snapped a pic after we had our first slice lol

del laughlin

Great pizza and fries. We didn’t try anything else. Nice atmosphere. Plenty of outdoor seating and dog friendly.

Richard A Bonneau

They split us into a kids and adult table and then made the perfect meal for both. Good food, drinks and service. Good space. Play area for little kids. Loved our server.

Heather Nalbach

Excellent service, great suggestions, delicious food including gluten-free pizza crust!

Alina M.

People need to stop hating on pineapple pizza because the Solstice Pie here is probably the best example of how amazing it can really be. It's their twist on a traditional Hawaiian with ham, pineapple, and a great jalapeno sauce on top. Straight from the menu: House made Canadian bacon, pineapple-chutney, shredded mozzarella, & a spicy jalapeno cream sauce. Very photogenic and tastes as great as it looks. The Green Tea Mule comes in a really pretty pink copper glass (see photo) and is a great compliment to the pizza. It's sour and sweet and packs a hidden punch. Sitting outside here gives you such a lovely view of the mountains. There's plenty of space between the inside and outside but it still gets pretty packed. Servers are really friendly and service is very quick!

Puru Pathak

This place has some very delicious pizzas and deserts! I would recommend the solstice pizza which has the pineapple chutney! Only reason why I’m rating this place as a 4 star is because the quantity is too less for the price for certain items like Gnocchi.

Carla Stoddard

Best Olive mix I've ever had including travels in Europe. Pizza enjoyable to play bit. Good beat selection too. Good staff and service


Yummy Pizza, great sitting area and really welcoming patrons. The restaurant has a great organization in place. The wait time is accurately given and pizza are served almost immediately on sitting. I am definitely going to stop by whenever I am in the area for sure. Do try the Margarita pizza as that turned out to be really amazing!

JP Blount

The wood fire pizza is just delicious. Thin, favorable crust with fresh toppings. Great beer and wine selection as well.

Brian Stone

We love Solstice!! Their pizza is top notch, but don't overlook their entre menu. We find it to be quite a bit more sophisticated than that if other neighboring restaurants.

Angela Pollard

Comfortable and trendy spot. Perfect for lunch with friends. Their gnocchi dishes are always spot on, and their cauliflower appatizer is amazing, even for someone who does not typically like cauliflower. The place is always packed, but never feels like long before you are seated. The staff are quick, friendly and always helpful.

Ryan Alverdes

I always like a good pizza (okay, I almost always like a bad pizza, too). I need to be more adventurous when ordering, because my friend's was better than mine, but both were very good. A little more char on the bottom than I'd like, but that didn't affect the flavor any, so it was still excellent. The service was great. I really don't have any complaints here; just because it doesn't quite rise to the level of 5 stars for me doesn't mean it isn't worth a return visit.



Lynn Hickcox

Their Vegan Boy pizza is great. The crust is a bit bland and chewy, but the pizza is otherwise delicious. They would only allow for one additional topping to be added to their, "specialty pizzas", which is a shame. The wait staff is very friendly. Unfortunately there were some children that were screaming loudly halfway through my visit. I was seated at the far opposite side of the restaurant from them, and they were still very loud.

Thomas Ault

The food is exceptional. Everything we ate was delicious. Service was wonderful and the atmosphere is hard to beat. Great location and awesome food.

Cheryl King

Pizza is pretty good. We paid almost 80.00 for 2 of us to have lunch. I feel that's a little expensive.

Collin Stenersen

The Solstice is the best pizza I have ever had. I stop stop by every time I am driving through Hood River. I have never been disappointed.

Jeff Wooden

Awesome, thin crust pizza with a great selection of toppings. I loved the chewy crust and toppings were very high quality. Excellent pie. Other items we tried were the soup (roasted red pepper on this day) and a salad that they said was a local favorite. Soup was good. Salad was too sweet for me. Service was on point. Served our table of 6 and offered to break up the check for us, without having to ask. Nice. Will definitely come back next time we are in the neighborhood.

Sierra C

Great atmosphere, right on the water, beautiful interior, good drinks, and AMAZING food. If you're in the area definitely treat yourself to this place!!

Samantha Shula

The staff here was really friendly, that’s why I give this two stars, for that reason. Unfortunately the reviews really hyped up how good the pizza would be. I got the Acqua Bianco which didn’t have much flavor at all. The peppers were the only thing that added any flavor. It was pretty bland and also a bit watery. Also about half way through eating it I noticed there was no sausage on it as there should of been. I should have told the server but I had already eaten half of it so I opted not to. Maybe the sausage would have added flavor. My husband got a gluten free pizza which listed on the website has no extra charge, which they did charge an extra $2 (this was listed on the menu in the restaurant). Both his 10” gluten free pizza and my 11” was not enough to fill either of us up. Disappointed after all the awesome reviews. I am usually not disappointed with any pizza I eat. Wouldn’t recommend.

Jessica Clay

Good vegan & gf options. Truffle fries are out of this world.

Denise Lucas

Best pizza in hood river!! And if they have roasted red pepper soup try it. Awesome!!!. Ceaser salad was delicious also.... enjoy!

Molly Konkle

Great pizza place! Such a great server and the owner was VERY attentive to everyone. Just a nice place to go and enjoy some world glass pizza! Mollie our waitress was lovely and made the experience great! Thanks guys!!!

Delilah Holmes

The pizza was fantastic. Get the truffle mushroom one. The service was also terrific. Great views from the outdoor seating! We really enjoyed this restaurant.

Tim Ayers

Awesome food and drinks. A+

a s

Amazing pizza!!

ddking5 .

Great pizza and beverages. The location with a view of the park and river is primo. It reminds me of many a SoCal beachfront.

Joann Sovey

Whenever I have a juice pick up in Hood River and it is during business hours...I ALWAYS stop in for a meal, or at least some dessert. The staff is amazing and the food is FANTASTIC. Summertime offers outdoor seating and the beautiful view of the river and foothills. Solstice can manage your family/friends get-togethers with finesse.

Michelle Smith

Our stop spot on our way to Portland! The food is fun and the spirits never fail to please. One of my favorite recommends.

Sara Walker

I loved the Solstice pizza place in Lyle, this one is completely overcrowded and the host is unable to give accurate wait times. After being told the wait would be about 20 minutes and waiting for that time with three hungry children we were then told it would be another 30 minutes. Good food isn't worth much if you never get a chance to eat it.

Drea Park

Stopped in for a bite after hanging out at the water front with a friend and her kiddos. We ordered the Hot Mama and La Campagna pizza for the table and both were delicious! We also had a tired and hungry 11 month old with us and was pleasantly surprised when we found out that they had jars of baby food on their kids menu!

Brian Smith

Awesome, friendly service, great food and a really good dog-friendly patio. They had a good covered patio space too, so if you happen in on a rainy day you still have space outside with your pooch.

Josh Rau

Great vibe here. Outdoor patio wraps around an all glass front so it feels wide open. My son and I sat at the pizza bar and had a great time watching them toss dough and fire the pizzas. Everything was great.

Riel Manriquez

I love this place. Comfortable and fun delicious pizzas. I stop by here whenever I can.

Jason Fuger

I wish I could eat here every day. Our pizzas were perfect. Awesome atmosphere. I tried Fried Brussels Sprouts for the first time ever here. That was best decision I've ever made in my entire life. They were that good...

Patricia Dowd

Waited an hour for food, which was fine because it was busy. But when our food finally arrived, our cheese pizza had minimal sauce and next to no cheese. It tasted like cardboard. It was extremely disappointing especially with the good ratings on google. Very very unsatisfied customer.

Carol Fulkerson

Great food! Unique food pairings on pizza and appetizers.

Fardokht Namiranian

Nice and friendly staff. Good foods.

Karen Brokken

Not a good vegan option even though vegan search sent me there. Salads and veggie sides mostly had cow milk product or dead pig such as the brussel sprouts. Especially not a good spot for vegan AND gluten free. Since there nothing on the menu, I left hugely disappointed without ordering.

Luke vanderville

Whenever in hood river we love visiting solstice! Great location and wonderful food with consistent good service!

Dick Meissner

It was excellent. I had some local cider and a crimini mushroom pizza. Both were great. The ambience is good as well as view out the river.

Adrian Dalca

Great food and nice outdoor seating overlooking the river.

Saif Mubarak. UAE

the best wood pizza in Hood River , so delicious, Very nice staff, We enjoyed our lunch Thanks for all of the restaurants crew

Lewis Gouge

Service was great! Food and beer selection really good but the crust on the bottom of the pizza was not done well enough. I like some crispiness to my pizza crust and it was not brown at all.

Holly Prendeville

Tasty pizza with a good crust, variety of creative drinks, yummy desserts, and friendly staff.

Karli Kruse

The wood oven pizza was delicious! I added Italian sausage to one of their speciality pizzas and it seemed they may have just added it to the top before they brought it out as the sausage was cold and not cooked in with the other toppings. The atmosphere is really nice and the vibe is cool especially with the garage doors open In a nice day! I would recommend Solstice, just expect a little wait on the pizza if they are busy!

Luciano Bonilla

Great place, but pizza had almost no cheese on it.

John Myers

Amazing good and friendly staff! I definitely recommend the open fire roasted smore.

Kelsey Guanciale

I absolutely love this place. I only wish it could be 3x the size to cut down the wait time on weekends, but you can’t fault them for their popularity.

Lisa Rodriguez-Clement

9 Out of 10 trys had issues. Wrong order, burnt food, staff ill mannered/ inattentive. Great location so used to meet friends there.

Fawn RedBear

We had the special olfashioned and it was really tasty. The relaxed atmosphere is welcome after traveling all day. The margarita pizza was chewy with nicely crisped burnt edges with tons of basil- just a perfect pie! Service was great and Shay was pleasant. We'd definitely eat here again.

Derrick Deen

Easily a favorite food spot in hood river. Pizza was refreshing with a truly PNW feel/ingredient list. Tap list was curated by someone who knew what the heck they were doing (the sour was out of this world). Definitely the kind of spot where it’s easy to swallow up the scenery and enjoy the vibes.

Kimberly McEuen

Every meal we have here is great. Wonderful pizza and pasta reasonably priced

gopal gupta

The staff was not ready to make us comfortable for the request of changing table where we were seated outdoor with the kid and were feeling cold. They did not care of us and made all kind of excuses even after repeatedly requesting. This service does not match at all with their own mission that ‘we are family restaurant and our service goes beyond the table’.. We were not happy at all, not coming again. We also saw an attendant making fun of one of the customer by mocking while talking to one of the server. I even heard her saying ‘i lied’ in the mocking context.

Nicole B

So good! Food, service, atmosphere were all amazing. Shout out to Mitch who was our delightfully funny server. We enjoyed the Brussels sprouts (to die for), pear salad (generous portion for two and nicely dressed), duck confit (simply heaven) and the special pizza which had pomegranate seeds on it (way clever!) We had such a lovely meal and highly recommend this place!

Nikhil Patel

Ordered the margherita and it was basically tomato sauce in crust. Not much in the way of cheese - fresh mozzarella or otherwise. Perhaps that’s how margherita are done out here. Not that way in the east coast.

rama srinivas

Thin crust fresh wood fried pizza. Loved the fries too #pizza #portland #hoodriver #oregon

Flower Girl

A great little locally owned eaterie. They use locally grown veggies as much as possible and have locally brewed beer. The staff was very nice and knowledgeable about the menu. They have a wood fire pit that they cook the pizza in and it's a great treat to watch them "throw"the dough.

Brian Fischer

Country girl cherry was divine. Crust is perfect and the toppings were high quality.

John Bemis

Great pizza. Fun place to grab a pizza or a number of other options. This place is really popular but we found a couple seats at the bar without a wait. Delicious and inventive pies as well as other stuff, nice beer selection and daily rotating ciders.

Alison Jelden

Really amazing Italian inspired pizza! It's a must eat in Hood River.

Claud Covaci

Every time we visit Hood River, we stop by Solstice Pizza! The Country Girl Cherry pizza pictured below is stellar! We love the vibe, the ambience, the view, and most importantly the high quality of their food and drinks. A trip to Hood River without a stop at Solstice just seems incomplete! Proud to support Solstice!

chase davis

We had the hot mama & the pizza was great.

Sara Darden

Love, love, love this place! We stop here whenever we're in the Gorge because it's consistently amazing! The brussel sprouts are top notch & you really can't go wrong ordering anything on the menu. Good craft beers, ciders & mixed drinks as well. Very busy on weekends, so plan ahead.

Rich Robinson

Great pizza and beer...lovely setting!

Justin King

Awesome pizza. Fun location near park. Great kids area.

Jim Clark

One of the best pizzas ever! We had the pear and blue cheese number. Great service and a great marionberry shrub cocktail made it outstanding.

eddie marquez

Service and drinks were great. The pizza was a little disappointing this time usually it's terrific.

Conner House

Food = 5 Service = 3 The sign by the door gives some reasonable rules for the restaurant. One says to send someone in to request a table and have everyone wait outside. We asked for a table then waited outside for about a half hour while they forgot about us. When we went in to check again 30 minutes later, they were very friendly and apologetic that they had seated 4 groups before us and gave us one of the dozen empty tables immediately. It was a bit windy/chilly on the patio and as we were leaving we noticed that there were blankets available but it would have been nice to know while were there. Also, our server seemed a bit stoned. Okay, the food is excellent. The crust is the perfect balance of crispy and chewy. Order the small pizzas and order as many as you can because you want to try everything! We skipped the booze and were very satisifed with the drink options available to us. Go for the food for sure! The location near the river is also a plus.

Sarah Chambrelan

We waited a bit to get a table on the terrace but the view was worth it. I was a crowded night so the service was a bit slow but once we got our meals... YUMMY!! We are Europeans and struggled to find great pizzas since we moved, but these ones (the crust!!) was just perfect, just like it should be. My friend took some beef and the meat quality was also impressive - well done!!

Taylor Huber

I went here with my boyfriend and he now claims their cherry pizza is his favorite of all time. The service was good and they have nice outside and inside seating.

Denisa Halačková

One of the best pizzas!

Monika Davare

Nice ambience, one vegan pizza option that was not bad. Good option for small town.

J Lee

The cherry gal pizza was so good. This is coming from a guy who makes his own pizza from scratch using sour dough preferment and hot fired ovens. The truffle fries were par for course. The garlic aioli was nice, though.

Diana Salgado

I tried 3 different pizzas: the hot momma, margherita, and country girl all three were fresh and good. They have friendly service, and a nice environment.

Aaron Hanson

Top quality food and service

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