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REVIEWS OF Mucho Gusto Mexican Kitchen IN Oregon

jamie king

Always love this place.

Rich M

Just got done eating at mucho gusto at Oakway Mall, had a chicken Burrito bowl with cabbage and hot and mild salsa, with ice itea. 30 mins later I'm on the toilet, thanks a lot for the food poisoning!

Nathan Chapek

great food, great margaritas

Kay Loe

Always friendly and available for choice of food.

Susan Howard

Such yummmmmmy food, and pleasant staff... Great place..

Adriana guerra

Good food decent price. Fast line. I love that there are quite a few options and you create your own plate

Jerri Wedam

Clean, quick, and yummy

Jared Mackey

Service was fast and friendly, food amazing!

larry butler

Yummy, such fresh ingredients every time I go in.

Eric Ko

Love this place. Wish they had this in socal. :(

Arlie Cooper

My wife especially loves this place. You can build your burrito or other dish any way you want, with a choice of tortillas, meat, cheese, vegies, salsa, etc. Portions are bigger than most people can eat so we always have leftovers for lunch the next day. We've eaten at both the Eugene location (quite a few times) and the Medford location.


Best Burrito in Eugene! No contest. Authentic style food, only the freshest ingredients, 100% customization start to finish, amazing friendly staff, VERY competitive prices, excellent guacamole recipe. Would recommend to literally anyone. Don't miss out on this gem.

Carl Knoch

Excellent burrito bowl today, as always. Mucho Gusto is a go to place for the wife and I. We find it pretty consistent during the week. Have only had and issue on the weekend. (Once out of a whole lot of visits)

Mike Welch

It's like Subway for burritos. Seems like a big chain because it's so slick. Food is fine.

Leah Geo

The Subway of Mexican - tell them what you want and that is what goes into your burrito, taco bowl, etc. Quick, cheap, yummy mexican eats. Friendly staff. Located in Oakway parking lot so you can run other errands before/after you eat.


Vegan burruito is cheap, huge and taste great!

Jorge E

Good food, friendly atmosphere!

Jamal Dygert

Great customizable food, great service, and outdoor seating!

Richard Campbell

Mucho Gusto is our favorite Mexican Resturant. Order your meal exactly the way you want, add what you want, then top it off with sour cream, cilantro and mango salsa. And the food is always fresh & served with courtesy.

Chuck deSully

Great food, lines can get long and slow during peak times. Got their burrito and it was huge. I'm always out to get a good bang for my buck and I think this place passed.

lori pagel

We love the food, people are nice.

Hillary Gammon

The staff here is so friendly and welcoming and the food tastes so fresh and delicious.

Natasha Minugh

It was amazing! The line was long but we didn't have to wait very long, and the food was on point.

Sandy Weintraub

Kid friendly, wonderful service, fresh ingredients.

Brian Flanders

Very fresh food, always amazing service.


I LOVE the food here, it seems as though everyone in Eugene does. I almost always order the pork tacos on corn tortillas. Going in at peak lunch & dinner hours, there is a line out the door. They tend to get through the line at a decent pace.

Danny O'Neal

Always a good lunch. Also at a great price.

Big E

People might talk about stuff like "OH MY GOODNESS LITERALLY SO BUSY TAKES TO LONG REEE." Well, do you know why it's so dang busy and one-hundred percent and totally worth waiting a bit... They have the best burritos that I've ever had at a restaurant! Hands Down!!! Thy employees are always polite and patient and they gave a very good selection of food. It is very clean and a good place to eat in or to take out. I would highly recommend it if you in any way enjoy an amazing, delicious burrito.

Gene Robinson

I'm so glad I discovered this place! The food is excellent and the prices are reasonable. Mucho Gusto is definitely one of my favorite places to eat. Highly recommended.

Justin wesson

Family vibe, fast food speed, fresh ingredients, any way you want it. What more can you ask for? Oh, you want to have a beer or a margarita? Nice, you're in the right place, then. They serve you up piccadilly style, and you can see the full range of fresh vegetables and fruits behind them, just like in a supermarket produce aisle. Watch them prepare the salsas and sauces by hand, and pile the topping of your choice, as many as you want, on top of your delicious meal. It simply can't be beaten

Vic Hariton

Very good for a fast food Mexican restaurant in Eugene.

Melanie Wightman

Absolutely love the food! Staff is always friendly!

Keclo Jaxyn

I work at the Safeway next door and order my lunch early to save time, but this Mucho Gusto has consecutively delivered my food too late for me to finish. They left my half-made burrito sitting there for me to stare at for 10 minutes. It was past the lunch rush and on a Sunday so there was no excuse. Very disappointed with their service.

starr gaworski

can't say enough about these folks. ..friendly people on top of phenomenal food. a must try

Becky Callahan

So good, wish they would move to central oregon!!


I fell in love with this food, it is so fresh and delicious, I seriously could eat it everyday! On top of having the best Mexican food (imo) they also have the friendliest staff, they make you feel welcome and not like a bother if you have a more complicated order. I would recommend Mucho Gusto to anyone and everyone!

Angie Korol

Great Service and great, fresh food!

Cody K

Great locally owned Mexican grill. They have high quality freshly prepared ingredients with great taste. Menu is mostly burritos, tacos, rice bowl, or salad. Order at the counter and they make it custom for you as you go down the line. They have a few beer options and blended margaritas. Prices are very reasonable. Much better option than fast food!

Liz and Gravy

I(Gravy) work here, so I get to eat here 1 or 2 times a day. Always good, no matter my choice, and I know that is because we make EVERYTHING fresh daily. I would encourage anyone to give it a try, & I doubt you will be disappointed.

Nick Day

Great food. Feels like a better chipotle for less money

Shu watkins

Awesome every time i got an the people behind the counters..thank you you work hard to make it a great place..

M Hill

We love this place!! Freah ingredients, quick and wonderful friendly service. Not to mention they are still reasonably priced

Kathleen & Kevin kern

Fresh, real meat plentiful portions. Definitely will go back

Ryan Nelson

Good food with an upbeat staff.

Nay Teff

Pros: very friendly employees. Food was large and filling for cheap prices Cons: food itself isn't excellent. Tastes homemade enough but without anything special to bring you back. Chipotle-style/cafeteria style cook line means ingredients sit in warming trays, which meant for me that the ingredients weren't hot, but warm, which I'm not a fan of.

Kaleb Mclain

Great food! By far my favorite burrito place in town. Try the cod

Cody Cooper

Amazing as always!

Bernadette Ireland

Always fresh and service is always friendly.


Love this place. Awesome food and great atmosphere!

Alexandra Tosciano

Great food, just like a Chipotle or Freebirds!

Debra Conley

awesome food! always fresh fruit and vegetables of your choice put togeather just how you like them.friendly employees.and your meals are prepared right in front of you.i can honestly say ive never had a bad experience here.HIGHLY RECCOMEND!

Luana Mascarello

Awesome food!!

Tabitha McCollum

The best food. Fresh and so good. And the amount is awesome. Not bad price at all... And the staff are always nice...

Mark Delorenzo

Excellent beef soft taco plate

David Reed

One of my favorite places in town. Delicious and healthy and natural. Lots of options with burritos, quesadillas, bowls, Etc.

Marcia Loveday

Good food at reasonable prices. My husband was very happy to see they had Dos XXS on tap.


Yum! great lunch

Heather Kau

Great service great food!

Neill Juilfs

Great food at a good price.

Tom Cat

Good burritos, their massive too. The employees are pretty cool too. Lines can get pretty long, stretching out the door though.

Elisha O

Chipotle does their food better, some reason, somehow

Franki Ortega

Not really authentic Mexican food for

Neva Parkins

Amazing food at fair price

Tracy Olsen

Very good food

Jeanette Steele

I was very pleasantly surprised, I did not expect to enjoy my lunch as much as I did. I thought it was just going to be fast food, it was fast but it was very very good

Timothy Duncan

I used to love this restaurant. Every time I’ve come it’s been worse and worse.

Christie Stacker

The staff were good natured.

Daryl Pearson

Great food. Great service. Exceptional price. These burritos are huge!

John Sayler

Good food and not much of a wait.

Brianna Neves

We stopped in here for our first time on our way through Eugene. The food was fresh and delicious, and the restaurant was very clean. The cause for my review, however, was Jose. His customer service was exemplary. He really went above and beyond to ensure that our first time was memorable. I’m totally amazed by how kind and sincerely enthusiastic he was about our experience. His customer service alone makes me want to come back again. Thank you very much, Jose, for really caring about our experience!

Cody Martin

Good food, fast service

Zac Gomez

Food is all right, the service is quick. Good place for a quick bite

Marc Douthit

The food is fresh, the service is Good. Atmosphere not so much Tables are too close together, and not always cleaned between customers.

Rich Locus

Mucho gusto allows you to customize your menu and the food is terrific.

Kim Wylie

Great food and drink. Friendly atmosphere!

Tristin Crum

Mucho Gusto is a local higher quality version of Chipotle or Qdoba, whenever I'm in town I always stop by here at least once, I absolutely love their food.

Joel Judd

The food is good but the speed of service is terrible. There is often a line around the resteraunt and yet only a third of the seats are taken. People can eat faster than these can make your food in a Subway fashion.


Great food good selection and clean tables and fresh produce


Excellent fresh menu and adult beverages

richard mason

Always a delicious meal

Daniel Lampe

Pretty much chipotle, only these guys have $5 margaritas!

Melissa Wilson

Do not go to Chipotle if you can go here, instead. It is a similar concept restaurant, except it's actually Mexican food and even mostly Mexican employees. You can see the fresh ingredients being prepared behind a glass window. Stop supporting multinational corporate stooges and come to this wonderful local restaurant instead. The food is wonderful and there is an outside patio, as well.

sadie miller

One of our favorite places to eat

Slow Lane Barber Shop

Glad my sister introduced me to this place. If it was closer, we would eat there more. Even better when you beat the rush.

Wendy Harris

Great food, friendly service, and in a timely matter!

Simon Luedtke

Always a little pricey but good food for sure

leopoldo Gutierrez

I wait like 30 minutes I didn't like that waiting I don't recommend


This place is always great! Fresh food, friendly service, and a happy atmosphere. Nothing but great things to say about this place!

Sandra Pisarski

Love their burritos, taco salads, sauces and chips! They have the best chips!

Conqueror's Haki

Love the food here favorite spot to get me a burrito

The Lego Guys

As usual, Much Gusto did not disappoint.

Rose B

This is a great place to grab lunch or a quick dinner after work. Their hard taco shells are the best - not too crispy and a little chewy, just like I like them!

Desiree Bohn

Honestly promote that cashier Desireé

Jeremy Wilder

Mucho is not only good food, but you get exactly what you want. They make it lunch-line style and as you move down the line, your food goes with you and you pick the toppings. It's not cheap, but the ingredients are delicious and fresh. I like the Chipotle chicken. For $8 you get a burrito the size of two fists. I rarely finish it in one sitting. Good stuff!

David Turetzky

Great made to order fast Mexican food. Busy where the line was out the door. Needs to be aware of area activities so that they are staffed.

Dawn Anderson

Lunch order, Grande Salad w blk beans, carnitas, mango salsa. Hoping it was as good as Qdoba's mango chicken salad. It was not, sadly. The staff is very nice, efficient & professional. I'm not sure if I will return. Wasn't bad, just not memorable.

Jared Awmiller

Food is always on point! High prices but you definitely get what you pay for.

Ryan S

It's good food, better than Baja Fresh and Chipotle combined. Give it a try and you will see why

Dustin Davey

I've always loved coming here since I was a kid and it shows how good they are since they're still around.

Joe Buerba

Sadly, poor service and bland “Mexican” food. Take your chances at Chipotle instead..

Janette Eichler

I love Mucho Gusto! It's like my little tropical vacation here at home.

Andrew Dassonville

Sometimes very busy, but always great food and fast service. Staff is very friendly, too. Would definitely recommend, but eat non-peak times to ensure there's not a huge line.

Karene Stelljes Gottfried

Question the cleanliness of the facility and kitchen, slow service

Danielle Thomas

Always busy and always fresh. You can tell the employees enjoy their jobs.

Nickolas Dau

Good food.

Mari Hall

Really good food. Large portions. Fresh ingredients.

Kristin Abel

Everytime has been absolutely yummy!!

team garcia

Being a mexican myself this place doesn't have very authentic tasting mexican food... the only thing I can say good is the service and portion size..

jakefighter2 .

Very tasty chicken black bean burrito and wonderful chips made there.

Bill Joyce

We needed to eat in the car, so we stopped at Mucho Gusto to grab some make your own burritos. The burritos were good, nothing special, much like the competition.

Joy Spicer

Great food, good service

Antonio Eloy

Great food & service! Love the interaction when you walk in the door! Lots of choices. Delicious food for a great price! Margaritas are very tasty!

Michele Woods

Food is always good but it's never piping hot, just warm. I would love to have their food hot when I ate it. I don't know if there is a a heating system under the buckets from where they are serving the food from, if so they are not stirring it enough to keep it all hot. I may ask if they could put it in a microwave next time.

Stephen Hansen

The food is good, but the ordering system is extremely fast paced and extremely stressful. The cooks yell back and forth and your expected to exactly know what you want now. It felt like you were in a mosh pit trying to get your food. There was a minor screw up when my order was done, the cashier figured out my burrito was almost sent to the customer in front of us. We were so wound up and uptight by the time we sat down it made it difficult to enjoy the meal. While the food was good, the stress was not. We all agreed that it was a uncomfortable meal and will not return.

Roger Kuhl

Great Food at a fair price. Employees are extremely friendly. Never had a bad meal there.

Mo Plants

Seriously my favorite quick stop. I've consistently eaten here for years and they still always have a line out the door for lunch and dinner every single day.


Fast paced burrito joint. Make up your mind BEFORE you get to the register.

C Leer

Love their tostada, however, everything I've ever had there has been good. I've been going there for years! Use to work at Oakway Financial Center & would eat lunch there at least once a week.

Billi Renae

Most love this place, but I didn't like the food. I got a chicken burrito n just didn't expect it to be nothing but plain shredded chicken..

Craig Phillips

A step above Chipotle and a good value. My kids love it.

Jared Alexander

Love the food and good prices and great staff

Ronald Ewert

Love this place! Along with Dickie Joes, our favorite places for fast-casual dining! Always great food and value! Friendly staff and consistent quality!

Karen Gibson

Great food and service

Lori Biletnikoff

The food is so fresh and I love the fact they make it to order. There isn't really a wait at even when it at peak lunch hour. The staff is friendly and accommodating...

lloyd lamoureux

Like Chipotle only better. More choices, more flavors. Best of the West brother's offerings imo

Chris Hendrix

I had a wonderful meal here and the outside dining area was awesome.

Carson S Miller

Food was fresh, but assortment of toppings was very limited compared to other similar restaurants. Service was very slow. Our food was pretty cold by the time the cashier rang us up. Maybe they were just having a bad night.

Bryan Johnston

The food is consistently good and fresh as they prep all of it very frequently throughout the day. However, I've been coming here since they opened in 1998 and every year they seem slower and slower to make a meal. At peak times you can wait up 20 minutes in line before they make your order. Most times it's worth the wait but some times it isn't. There's little to no sense of urgency to get customers through the line.

Hayli Lundin

My favorite restaurant in town. Best burritos ever. Great energy indoor and outdoor. I love walking in and seeing all of the kitchen preparation and fresh food they use.

Carlos Vasquez

Great portions price is good you gotta try the fresh chips and Guacamole..

Alexander Wood

This place is awesome. The food is so good and made fresh in front of you. Writing this makes me want to go back and get another burrito.

David Garnick

You get to choose the ingredients you like. Very tasty.

Nicole Nelson

Some of the freshest and tastiest TexMex in Oregon. Sad that they were out of avacado the night I went through.

Luke vanderville

Great local spot with fresh ingredients making delicious food! Gets so busy during peak times so make sure you have time to spend to get quality!

Daniel Short

Good food!! Amazing price.

Patrick Nickell

Pretty terrible food. The "crispy" she'll was cold and rubbery from sitting. The rice seriously tasted like ketchup rice and the beans were terribly bland. I love Mexican Food and it was sad to see this estableshment was more focused on puns using "Mex" than actually having good food. I only tried it because we love one of their other restaurants "Dickie Jo's Burgers" so much. You are literally better off chosing any other Mexican food.

Scott Besemann

this place always delivers. fast, fresh, food. from simmering carnitas to fire roasted tofu, it's got something for everyone. even a small selection of adult becerages. the service is fast but engaged and friendly. I have been to many restaurants all over the country and this is one of the very few I look forward to visiting when I'm in town.

Stephen Flanagan

A decent burrito place, I wouldn't describe it as the most authentic border food, but it's reasonably priced and healthy. The menu is a bit limited in terms of options and variety.

L. Z.

I've been going here for years! I love it! They make your food right in front of you, subway-esk. Vegetarian friendly with tasty tofu! Large portions, that are definitely a sharing (and then some) size. They can get very busy for lunch, and there is limited seating. If people don't save seats, it's not an issue. Dinner can be busy too, but there isn't usually a seating issue. There is a nice little set of outdoor tables, if the weather permits! Staff is always friendly, even when swamped.

Christa Lael

Great food, good value and nice staff

Mike Naylor

Their food is yummy. Fresh and tasty, and the mango salsa is yum! Adult beverages however are not worth it.

Brenda Pappas

Super fresh! Yummiest Mexican food I've found in this area yet. Kids meals are reasonably priced and good portions. Gander salad was so yum and that cilantro, lime sour cream is... I could drink it. My kid got a mango smoothie with his burrito and it was so fresh and delicious. I highly recommend this place!!

Marilyn Kerins

Freshly prepared Mexican style food in a friendly, clean environment!

May Walker

Super good as usual. Very fresh food and friendly staff. Service is very quick.


Think American-Mexican food Subway style. Many offerings & my burrito was exactly what I wanted. The staff were all really up beat too. The place is really hopping, being next to the Oakway Center though, so parking is almost non-existent.

Lisa Gielish

Good food & service!

K Larkin

Large portions, fresh ingredients/made to go, service was friendly. Line was out the door (@ 2pm) so grabbed small order to go, but plenty of seating indoors & on patio. Margaritas looked great. Locally owned.

Cindy Gumz

Step up from Chipotle

Robert Moses

One of the few restaurants in Eugene I visited that seemed to A) actually want my business B) wasn’t stupidly overpriced for what you get. Friendly, great prices, fresh ingredients, authentic food. No complaints at all.

Sally Nelson

Resturaunt and small store carrying mexican products. Food is good. Ive eaten here a few times and the food has neen good every time. Its conveniently located.

Ali Foster

Food is fresh

Mawell Cruz

Food is great but the amount of meat they put on was meager!!. They are a penny pinching type of serving. My first time and most likely my last time I will visit.

Michael Barnes

In terms of authentic mexican food, this will not fit the bill, but in terms of tasty tex-mex style mexican food, this has all the options for a great lunch or dinner. The mucho dippo is the most fun to share in a group with all kinds of toppings to dip your chips into. Seating can be limited, but the food is high quality and certainly worth a stop if in the area.

Shawn Foster

Good fresh food made to order (Subway style assembly). Good service. Expect a 5-15 minute line.

Constantine Johns

Very impressed with this place and pleasantly surprised. It was my first time here and didn't really know what to expect, but, was welcomed by very friendly and kind staff who explained the concept to me. I had the salad bowl and it was delicious. I will definitely be coming back and trying out different menu items. Highly recommend!!

Brian Pederson

Food was great, we rank it above the national chains like Qdoba. Meat quality was good with better seasoned.

Jessica Wesling

I had 2 tacos. The pork and beef were both delicious. The cabbage and mango salsa combo was wonderful as was the green, cream sauce! They make their guacamole from scratch too. yum!

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