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REVIEWS OF Coyote's Bar & Grill IN Oregon

Vanessa Somohano

A great place for entertainment. Shuffle board, pool, karaoke, tons of tv with sports, and a dance floor on the weekends. Pretty average pub food, definitely not the best quality compared to other pubs around town. Service is a bit slow but I think that may be because there are such few people working for how large the space is (has both an upstairs and downstairs).

Andre Steward

Great staff and relaxed environment. Great food and kid friendly.

Garrett Johnson

"D" and Aubrey seem to be just about the best here. They act as if they are in the background but are damn good at what they do. Smart and in humble.

Theodore Taylor

Just popped in the other night for a quick snack. They had a live band playing some decent tunes of R & B nature so was cool. Just had a beer and some wings. 16 hot wings and they were good and spicy. As for the crowd, definitely a neighborhood type of bar probably with lots of regulars. Too many dudes and not enough ladies for sure so probably a hit or miss type of place.

Shawna Mulvaney

Good food and atmosphere. Live music is typically good, but some of the bands play at a volume appropriate for an outdoor venue, not a bar/grill. You have to yell at anyone sitting with you to have a conversation. Adjust the volume and it would be more enjoyable to sit and listen to the live music.

Becky Hibner

Great time when The Hereafters are performing, great food, and excellent service!

Seth Needles

Good food and service.

Mohamed Elgamal

awesome place awesome staff wonderful atmosphere very friendly people all I have to say about them is positive , we have been there several times and my wife and I enjoy it so much food is great service is the best ask about Tamra or any of the wait staff they are all awsome

Eugen T

Good place to eat or even listen to music.

Adam Eide

Good food, cold drinks, and nice servers. On live music nights it can get a little busy and loud which is to be expected. Steak was well cooked and fish and chips were tasty!

Matthew Hammerly

Great staff, food and live music every Friday and Saturday nights!

michael martin

good food, decent prices, good service.

Kerry Nussbaumer

Good neighborhood pub: great beer selection, excellent food with decent variety, but not much for gluten free selections.

Cindy Sprague

Food was fanominal. Service was not so great. It was my first visit. Will try it again due to the food.

Leah Power

Great food, great music, great atmosphere

Traci Mogster

Delicious happy hour chicken bites.

Cyndi Collins

Had a really great lunch, great service, fun grill and bar- best Greek salad I have ever had!

Darline McHarless

I hate the fact as you walk in it says seat yourself. So my friend and I did on a Friday night worst thing ever. The service really sucked. Took them about 7 to 10 minutes just to even touch bases with our table. The drinks were good but we also noticed that they didn't charge us for a drink or two. We also had multiple bartender's at our table. The food was good ordered the clubhouse I like how they use real cheese and not process. None of the bartenders could give you any special drink cocktails. And again the service also sucked. Probably won't be back unless my friend is playing there as a live band

Berolas11 .

Was not like the Coyote Ugly movie but still had some pretty good food and drinks.

Michelle Mitchell

Great live music

Megan Duffy

Ok. Not actually bad, but not worth the prices.

RJ Moore

Great brisket bbq

kira glithero

The night we went they were out of quite a few items. IMO some of the items were cheap (quality). For example my cobb salad comes with bacon. The bacon rhey used was the "real" bacon salad topper stuff, not actual cooked bacon. Same with the cheese cake, seemed like Safeway. Staff is pretty friendly though.

Lisa Usselman

The shredded beef nachos were yummy! Our server was fantastic especially for a busy Saturday night

Lisa Stiller

Nice church, but needs much better parking


We ordered the cecar salad wrap and it was pretty much all lettuce hardly any chicken or anythin else that goes with a cecar salad. The waitress took off and wasn't that great she seemed thinly spread we waited almost 45 min for her to return to check on our drinks it was pretty irritating.

Shauna Martin

My first visit here. It was recommended by a friend so I wanted to try it out and it didn't disappoin! We ordered some items off their BBQ menu. They have a smoker and they smoke on-site and you can tell when you taste it that it's legit! Ordered brisket, while a bit fatty xx which was disappointing, the flavor is so incredibly amazing. Their sides are great too! We tried the buttered corn, cornbread with honey butter, bbq baked beans and for an entree I ordered Mac and cheese. Yummy too! My favorite thing was definitely the cornbread though.

Jeanie Swan

A nice sports bar with rooms for events. Decent draft list. Not someplace for a quiet romantic meal but good for meeting friends.

Matthew Kress

Large menu with a wide variety of food available. Everything I've had here has been good (sometimes a bit salty). Service is always friendly and responsive.

Trey Guy

The California chicken is really good. The rosemary fries are a nice surprise. The beef brisket is, well, take some fat and gristle, wrap it in leather, leave it in the road to bake in the sun while cars run it over, and serve. You get the idea.


Awesome service awesome music and people

Eden Olson

Third time was not a charm. Yesterday was my third visit to Coyote's and wow...but not in a good way. My first visit, a Sunday afternoon, was great: attentive service and great food. The brisket nachos and brisket dip I shared with my dining companion were tasty, hot and the portion sizes were impressive. My second visit was a busy weekend evening. The band was setting up...this involved them wheeling their equipment by my table, requiring my dining companion to move a number of annoyance but not a huge deal. It is cool that they offer live music on the weekends. We waited quite awhile for service and our order. The appetizer (cheese curds) arrived before our entrees did and was decent and hot. Our entrees, the bourbon bacon burger and the pulled brisket sandwich were hot and tasty. Portions were plentiful. Yesterday afternoon was my 3rd visit...sadly, the experience was super disappointing. It was a bit busy, but no more so than the prior visits. We noticed a number of booths available but they were dirty and needing to be bussed. We (myself and one) made our way to the patio (it's a seat yourself set up) only to be told by the wait person that she couldn't serve us if we sat there. We returned to one of the dirty booths and wiped it down ourselves. The wait person came over and collected the trash and the check from the prior patrons and said she'd return with menus. Eventually we received menus and she took our drink order. We were slow to receive our drinks and only received a portion of our beverage order - no wine. We ordered our entrees and an appetizer - brisket nachos, loaded baked potato with chili and an order of cheese curds. No wine...yet. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Finally, wine. Hallelujah. After what seemed like least 30 minutes, maybe dining companion received his nachos. We had yet receive our appetizer, which we cancelled. No entree for had been given to another patron in error and another was being reprepared for me. Okie dokie. I have my warm wine, I'll live. The nachos, which had been so good on our first visit, were beyond disappointing yesterday. The cheese congealed and there was very little brisket, which was cold. Clearly these nachos had been sitting and dying a slow, miserable death before being presented to my friend. The server eventually arrived with my $10 dollar "Jumbo Potato with all the fixins" which appeared to be a day-old potato that had been reheated in the microwave and slathered in dog food. No cheese, no sour cream, no fixins and definitely not appetizing. Check please. After waiting so long only to receive an incomplete and inedible order, we were done. I asked for the beverage check. The wait staff was kind enough to offer me a "to go" box for the potato, which I declined. She also comped my wine, which I do appreciate. I'm not sure what the issue was yesterday and despite the complimentary glass of warm house chardonnay, I won't be back.

Matthew Schultz

Great food! Great service!

Bill & Bobbi Stewart

Very nice. Good food. Great staff!

Robert Marrufo

Food was pretty good here and had some nice brews on tap

Martin Ryan

The bartender so nice and very knowledgeable not to mention cute as a button

Jason Stooksbury

Great atmosphere if you like lots of people and conversation. I am new to this area and stopped in and met a few people which now we are going to meet up again on friday to have prime rib which is awesome. Definately come here for live entertainment and lots of fun with lots of variety.

Josh Romo

I've been going here for the better part of the last two years and while they have good food the service is extremely spotty. No less than a dozen times we have been in there to have the male bartender too busy picking up on ladies to serve their customers. Usually they have on or two people on the floor but all to often you have one running half the bar and both patios while the other stands around twirling her hair to busy to bus a table. As much as I would like to I just can't recommend Coyotes. Sitting without greeting, sitting without service, no acknowledgement of even being there just makes this a place to avoid unless you like to gamble on the off chance you will get served.

Miki Demeter

Great food and service. Fun place but noise level really high. But definitely worth going.

Emma Price

Great drinks and the live music was a ton of fun!

K2SKIER112 .

Meh, not horrible food, but far from great. Plus it was after1:00, less than 35% capacity and it took way to long to take our order after getting our drink orders, at least 8 minutes. Then It was 15 minutes to get our plates cleared after we finished and get the check

Tracy Rico-Galindo

This was my first visit. I didn't eat, but the drinks were good and there was a great mix of interesting drinks I'd like to try on another visit. The service was good. They had live music and dancing with a 30's and 40's age group crowd. Overall, I really enjoyed it and would like to go back again to try the food!


Not a bad spot to meet up with friends for a few drinks while playing pool or shuffleboard. Outdoor patio is spacious and establishment is kid-friendly. Haven't tried their food yet so my rating is based on customer service and cleanliness.

John Cameron

The live bands on Friday and Saturday are way way too loud, but the food is actually really good for a bar especially there new BBQ menu. Drinks are a little pricey, service on weekends is spotty and you have to order at the top of your lungs.

Carlos Lopez

Nice place, first timer. Had a few drinks and appetizers! Sat upstairs and it was really hot! Nice atmosphere and experience.

Sayan Lahiri

Has decent options for draft beer and lively atmosphere. Good place for a happy hour get together.

Bauron A

One of the greatest environments in independently owned bars The karaoke on thursdays is the most congenial in the area Ellie does her best to accomodate you even though the list of the singers gets large and boy are they getting large now

Jessie Gunning

Easy going place with decent food and good beer. Great outside seating if you don't mind cigarette smoke

HandyBear KJW

Waitress was friendly and helpful. Food was bar stuff, so it was as expected.

Nandita Nirody

Wonderful band live music night on a Friday- Design band exceeded all our expectations. Dance floor and good mostly middle aged crowd.. Food was okay, some not so good in the tatertots, onion rings were too oily n tasteless. Beer and cocktail drinks were good. Good service from Alex and Jordan.. we will b back soon

Lauren Pearse

Decent grub but a bit over priced for what you get. On band nights don't go w/folks you want to chat with!

Angelica Perez

Great ambient! Love the live music.

Sarina Wohlsein

They serve up a sensational Bloody Mary!

Duane P.

Got there on a Friday evening, the place was full, but all the would-be customers were looking for a table and trying to find somebody to take a meal order from them. Nobody was there to seat anybody. Nobody was they're to clean tables when people left. A bunch of dirty empty tables and people were wanting to sit down and order. They could not. What a mess.

Zobeida Harp

Good food good service, nice atmosphere

Kaustab Halder

Sweet quiet place ...near our apartment ... Good ambience..pool table and excellent LIVE music ....

Alicia Gifford

Last night, Sat. 3rd, we were waited on by Hailey "The Pink Haired Waitress", who appeared to be the only waiter/waitress on the floor. The entire bar was packed, so much so it was hard to walk through all the people. I could tell right away you guys were understaffed and I expected the worst. I was so impressed with the attentiveness of our waitress and the quality of our service. After we left our booth and went upstairs I assumed we'd have to make trips back down to order more drinks, I was proven wrong again. Our waitress continued our service upstairs! *that's a lot of stairs-you go girl!* I cannot sing my praises enough. What could have been a very disappointing night was made wonderful by Hailey. If management has any sense at all, then they should know what a true gem they have on their hands. Pay her well and keep her close! Thank you again Pink Haired Waitress!

Marcie Boroughs

Good food, great staff! What more do you want?

Douglas Balzer

We enjoy the food and atmosphere so much we have become regulars

sean holbrook

Good live music. Nobody's sweetheart is a great band

Savannah Bertot

Made me feel really comfy and the food was amazing. The bar tender was a delight!

Loki Coyote

Super duper old crowd. Like a nightclub for old people. But hey if that's your jam then live it up! Rock out to Golden oldies performed by live bands with plenty of room to hang.


Good food, very cheep, always fun...service is just a little slow, but always a good time.

Shantel Arreguin

Food was great! Staff was horrible! Waiter Jordan was very short with my party of 10. Waiter Alex hardly came to our table.

Greg Machacek

I had a big birthday party up in the loft and the waitress was fantastic. Worked very hard. Didn’t get to sample the food much but the appetizers I had were pretty good. There’s room for a pool table i and shuffleboard which were put to good use. All in all it was a success.

K R Culbertson

This place has gone down in quality. At lunch with a large group, I ordered a spicy chicken sandwich. (Seems a safe choice, right?) First, it was so slicked with hot sauce that half of the breaded chicken slipped out and hit the floor. The sandwich was so salty, I went through 4 glasses of water. The salad was fine but the balsamic vinaigrette tasted like it was made with white vinegar. Tomatoes were small tasteless chunks as was the cheese accompanying the salad. Probably should have ordered a beer.

Laurie Anderson

Great people and lots of variety on the menu.

Vinny Alascia

Great food slow service

Renee Button

I went in for a drink with some friends. I wanted to sit in the dining room and perhaps have a meal, but the only seating available was in the noisy bar or at these tall bistro like tables which are uncomfortable. My friends ordered nachos and quesadillas off the happy hour menu and when they came, the nachos had ropey stringy looking dried out meat on it and the cheese was overcooked on it. Yukko! What a dive.

Nate Phipps

Nice bar for watching games, nice outside seating too.

Sheri McBreen

Good food! Good music! Great people! never a dull moment at Coyote's.

Trevor Smith

We have our haloween party here every year for the last 3-4 years and the staff is always super accommodating and does an awesome job! Food. Is always good. My only compliant is i asked for the world series game be turned on as well as the ducks game in the back room whiich shouldnt be a problem. In the 3-4 hours we were there they only got thee ducks on finally in the 4th quarter. So... Make sure to call ahead in the day and get the stations on before you arrive or get busy! We. Will continue to come here cause we love the food and the staff.

Kevin Woods

Plenty of private parking. They have live music on some nights. Plenty of bar games on the second level. You can play shuffle board and billiards. Food is decent. Drinks are good. Service was great.

lloyd labasan jr

Your Thursday Night Karaoke DJ Elle is tops to me!! Your management made a good pick on this one. She makes everyone welcome to try out their singing voices from beginners to seasoned performers providing a positive experience for each and everyone that dares to step up the stage....

Doug Robinson

Really good food and drink. I went for my birthday and the specialty shot was great. I had the brisket and it was one of the best I have had in the Portland area.


Over priced food, live music is terrible, bartenders are garbage.

LA Bear

Service was lacking. I had the chicken tenders and fries and I returned home with a second meal as the portions are very generous. If the service was better I'd give it 4*


Delicious food , amazing drinks, cozy patio, and incredible atmosphere with live music on the weekends! My new favorite hangout for sure!

Samuel Sanseri

Great vibe, fun place to eat, drink, dance and hear cool bands on weekend nights.

Ewald Brieske

Food was so so. Bread not toasted as we had asked for on Club sandwich.

Prince Norvin Barret

Delish amazing service everytime I awlays feel welcome

Billy Lewnes

It was a good foot restaurant. I havent been there on any of their live music nights yet.

Loree Leonard

Always a favorite for a quick bite or late drinks. Great BBQ, excellent beer choices and many drink specialties. Good lemon drops and outstanding service. Folks here seem to truly care about customers both regulars and newcomers. Always advertising live music Fri and Sats (we have never enjoyed) but friends say always a good time. Comfortable atmosphere and decent pricing makes this a good spot for lunch, dinner and/or a night out.

Kimberly Hampton

It's a fun place to eat and watch some sporting events. They even have live music some nights. Additionally it's a good place for happy hour deals.

Patti Schilasky

Great food and service. Enjoyed the Cider and lots of variety.

Kerry Dempster

Spendy for same elsewhere

Alexandra S

Slowish service, but good food and drink at a reasonable price. The vibe is chill and the seating options are plenty.

Marti Gillenwater

Great place to hang out in!!

Herb Hillenmeyer

Attended a talk in the meeting room on Monday at lunch. One server (Stephanie) for about 20 people and she did a fine job. My first time here and the food was very good. I had corn chowder, which was excellent, along with a pulled pork sandwich, also excellent. Prices were very reasonable and parking was very accessible from the street. I will go back.

Polar Bear

Horrible food and overpriced, decent service but took way too long as well.

Davin Fast

Go see Jordan or really any of the team at Coyotes. They have vested interest in the community and take care of their clients. The food and drinks are great and prices are reasonable.

Jade Adams

Local play with great food and live band.

Mac S.

Great food! A wonderful restraint. Try the salmon!

Shaun Hernandez

Terrible! The website said no $15 cover on New years before 8:45pm. We came in at 8:30pm and the bartender refused to serve us drinks because we had not payed cover. We were told EVERYONE has to pay cover, which is fine, I understand it is New Year's but the website and FB should have been more clear rather than misleading. The hostesses let us in because it was 8:30(according to the website no cover charge timeframe)....... terrible service, terrible atmosphere and we left without incident but I felt this type of miscommunication is the normal for Coyotes Bar and Grill

Kevin Kinoshita

Awesome food!!!! Great service!!!! There's an upstairs with a pool table and shuffle board. Live music it's was happening tonight. This place is a diamond in the ruff

Amanda Falsetto

Great service! Ribs -good mashed potatoes -bland mac'n'cheese -bland corn dread -great I really hped for better food


Not handicap accessible. The seating choices were either a booth which required a step up, or a tall bar-height table. I didn't see any options for a person in a wheelchair. Also a little loud even though we went during a less busy time. Food and service were really good.

JJ Hartley

Many types of food options. Friendly servers. They happily provided warm water for baby formula by mixing their hot water with cold water.

Debbie Nelson

Really liked this place. Great food! Live band was really good! Just a great vibe! I'll be back!

Jeremy Morgan

Great food, atmosphere. Reasonably priced. Pizza, burgers and steak type place.

Steve Jensen

It's a sports bar with lots of screens and 60's music playing. Good food, reasonably priced. Their chili is made with smoked beef. It was so good, Next time I may just order the chili.

celina arellano

Terrible service. Place wasn't busy at all, and it took forever to get service. We had to walk to the bar after 10-15 mins of waiting for the waitress. After another 15 mins they brought the wrong soup, then another 10 more minutes for the entrees. Food was cold, and not well done. Another 10 minutes to wait for the check.

Dino Hair

Had a great time here....the vibe is awsome

Jennifer Andrews

This is a great place on Friday and Saturday night for 35+ crowd to dance and hear live music. Most of the bands that rotate through are awesome, although I do wish they mixed it with more recent music a bit more. The staff is awesome. Servers and bartenders are amazing. The ONLY reason I gave this a four star and not a five is I am honestly not a fan of the food. The menu could use revamping. People come here for the people and the music, but a new menu could make it even better.


Good food, but go to drive through instead if inside. has some bums lol

Marty Muller

Love the people, service, atmosphere and oh yah, the food and drinks !!!!!

Loren Johnson

Nice place and the service was great.

Clyde Robertson

This was 1st visit for us. Walking in one realizes it us much more spacious than it appears from outside, but the interior floor design & decor are such that you don't get the feeling that your walking into an empty warehouse. It's not intimate, but it is cozy with a quiet crowd. LOTS of screens with a lot of different sports. Tall stool tables, and booths besides about 16 chairs at a low bar. Great selection of micros & Moscow Mules in copper mugs. Pretty good menu, varied, favoring beef entrees, different cuts mainly, and a stroganoff plus fajitas, salmon, all in the 14-18 $$ range. Becky had the pan-fried salmon & it was "suitable". Honestly, unless the salmon entree is up in the 20$+ range and the restaurant markets itself as a seafood specialist, it's unlikely to get salmon that's succulent, fall-off-your fork onto the plate with creamy sauce onto so rich that when it crumbles thru your fork and plops onto your plate and splashes on your shirt you want to lick it off. This was not that, but good. I had the chicken fajita, which was real tasty. Generous plateful. Plus the side of salad & a bowl of Cream of Chicken Tortilla soup (really, really good). The soup & salad together was bountiful enough to have been a full meal. The service was efficient and polite. With our drinks, the bill was less than 50 bucks. IMHO, it's a couple of steps above the Mcmenamins group, especially those in the malls.

Ken C

The food was tasty. The drinks were cold. The band was hot. It was a great first visit!

Julie Thompson

They were very professional helped us with a celebration of life they made the event run very smoothly

Wayne Law

Really a classic place for the sports bar. The food is just fantastic and the service is really good. There are lots of screens to see all the different games that are being shown any particular day. I had nachos that actually had brisket on them that was excellent.

Kenneth, F. Thompson

Cool place, great service, they have shuffleboard!

Richard Allen

Good food and great service.

Kenny Talbot

Went for Happy hour.

Brian Y.

Service was good for a Friday evening, the pork quesadilla was on point and the beer was cold.

marc smith

Always have a very good time Service is good as is the food. Good live music.

Michael Boyles

Great comfort food, live weekend music, karoke. Always a sure bet.

Lupe G Reyes

Good place. Live music. Drinks ok in price. Cool to hang out and dance!! Enjoy your time here i sure have!

Jesica Brown

Great food and drinks!! Portion sizes are crazy big! The jumbo potato can easily feed 2 people! Delicious drinks. Service is slow and always has been. Bartender was great. Didn't catch his name.

Robert Zahrowski

Great happy hour and friendly staff We will be going back again.

Jim Medell

Great wait staff and great food. I visit often.

A.D. Ichikawa

First off the lights above the table hang at a really awkward height, they really need to be raised. The food was small portions and didn't taste freshly prepared at all. The bread didn't go well with the bbq sandwhich which had barely any meat the meat tasted great, well seasoned and tender but the bun took all the joy away.The 3 side special was tiny, and I didn't even get the cornbread. I also got the wrong side with my meal but the fries were well seasoned, they just tasted reheated. I might come back for a drink but wouldn't eat here again.

Lyric Dennison

Such good food! I can't even! Drinks were strong and not bad priced either all in all a really good experience.

Mad Lion

tasty food great atmosphere for hanging out and staff are awesome at their job

Scott Molloy

Great service, food, drinks and the live music is fun!

John Arevalo

The ac worked perfectly on a hot night. Food is great. The waitresses are beautiful.

Miguel Ramos

Good place to eat with friends to drink listen to live music on the weekend. Service is great nice fast friendly kind.

Jim Cornwall

Had a great time with close friends. Food was good and service was good even though they were busy. Awesome live music too!

Matt Loveland

Great atmosphere good service and food is great

Caitlin Johnson

This is one of my favorite places to go. There are amazing vibes at this place! The live musicicians are excellent. And the food is the best if you are looking for homestyle cooking and big portions.

Susannah Krug

Food was great but took over half an hour to get our food at lunchtime and it was not busy.

Bill Peck

We had excellent service from Olivia. Food was delicious and big screen TV's everywhere. Can't wait till football season!

Brandon Newcomb

Lovely atmosphere and just a beautiful and enjoyable staff.... Every single waitress is swift, dedicated, assertive and on task all the while smiling and just reaching out to the customers in a wonderful way. As a working traveler, I frequent this bar and grill about 3-4 times a week and bring friends from work and every single person whom has attended with myself has felt the same way.

Hunter Postell

Great staff just expect patience its a very great establishment popular can be crowded but you will have a great time and cold nights enjoy the back patio with flame heaters also have great live bands.

Troy Werner

The service and food was really good! The beer selection was horrible. Where is all of the great local craft beer?

Luis Gustavo Torresan

Great food, good music, and very good drinks!!

Razvan Mihailescu

Fun local bar. Great pizza and beer.

Janne Savolainen

The place itself is nice and clean inside. They also have a sizable patio, that would be nice if there wasn't a busy four lane road just next to the place. The service is not on the level one would expect. Often the waiters seem to have better things to do than checking the customers. Some times our group has been mostly ignored even though we've been close by clearly waiting to be served, and the waiters have instead chosen to discuss with each other whatever pressing daily issues were more important.

Carl Krutka

Good atmosphere. I had a good Turkey Club sandwich. Love the flavoring on the

JT Turner

Great bar and even has a vegan burger on the menu.

Stephen Gladney

The chicken skewers we had were wonderful

Rory Lindell

Really good food, wonderful atmosphere for dining in, great service. All around wonderful place to dine and hang out

Brandon Pomrenke

Live music was great. We just had drinks, but the service was fast and friendly

gena burton

Great burgers and drinks, a little pricey so expect to spend a little.

SharonM. West

Finally, a Nice waitress, yet she became too busy to come back after a while. Table was filled with glasses, cans, Plates. Had eventually just go and either find or order from the bar. Togo pizza was undercooked, not what was ordered and placed directly on the cardboard where it became one with the undercooked dough. Band and lights were great, but so loud, even the break music was unbearable. Sound man was not found to as to at least turn the break music down. Band was apologetic and nice. Pretty par for the course for Coyotes, was bummed the food was not up to its usual standard, this was the only thing that would make me put up with the consistent lack of service and vanishing waitstaff they have had over the course of many years and many sporadic visits. No, i would not recommend Coyotes anymore at all.

Kent Shackelford

Great local place night life live bands

Douglas Allchin

Lively good food good live music but crowded..

Jack Almond

Had a loaded potato with chili and a beer was great

Debbie Alvarado

Excellent, relaxed atmosphere and exceptional service

Jose Irizarry

This is one of my favorite spots in Hillsboro/Beaverton area. Ambience is great, food is awesome, and there are a few homemade desserts that would make you schedule your next visit before you leave the restaurant. Coyote Bar & Grill is a must, no doubt about it.

James Ayers

The staff was friendly and helpful and the food was good. The place was totally booked when we went there due to a performance, but the waiter sat us at a table that was reserved and served as quickly so we could be out before the reserving party arrived. All of the food was very tasty and we had a good time in general. We will be back!

Misty Clark

Pool tables, shuffle board, live music. Pretty good food and service

Chad Jacobs

I only come for the happy hour after work and it never dissapoints

Debbie Greenlee

Our waitress was great but they gave our reserved table away! We had to make do in he back! Awful! Shame on them!! Boo!

mmeoregon v

Worst place I have been in a long time. Visited in the middle of the day, food (both plates) were cold and had been under the heat lamp too long. The guacamole had turned brown, that take some time. Fries were cold. The plates were remade. The staff was not attentive, water and tea glasses were not timely refilled. Overall, I can not recommend a visit. My business associate, has been here before and said that the establishment has been better.

Joshua Larkin

Love this place. Try everything :).

Debbie Stubbs

Does it pay to give a place another chance sometimes. This is one of those times. The service was great the food was very good and the drinks were good. So last time was maybe just a fluke and a bad night for them. This time a great night we very much enjoyed it everyone loved the food. We also really enjoyed the service we got. Endwell the bartender was the highest I might list last time the bartender still was this time great job on the drinks thank you.


Friendly staff the times I've been here. I'm knocking off one star for the fact of how the seating is setup. Every time I've sat within eye shot of the bar service is two thumbs up. Anytime I've sat outside or even around the corner from the bar, specifically the bathroom side of the bar I end up feeling like the outcast and rarely checked in on. Other than that the foods been ok and the drinks are as expected.

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