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211 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97204, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bunk Sandwiches IN Oregon

Warren Blanchard

Anthony Batt

Cozy and yummy

Daniel Feldhaus

Zak Holt

Kaurine Bassett

Larry King

Hands-down the best Italian sandwich I have ever had

Max Sawa

Great sandwiches with unique flavors, at a steep price. You'll enjoy the amazing favors here, but the $9.50 price on them will keep you from going too many times. Would still reccomend!

Aaron Jones

Great sandwiches made with great ingredients. You cant go wrong. I had the italian hot/cold sandwich with melted mozzarella and hot peppers - delicious!!

Randy Bishop

Recommended highly by myself

Vijay Alagarraj

Yummy sandwich; I had spicy Italian sandwich. They use high quality ingredients and sub was very tasty! Space inside is limited.

Ray Au

Pat C

David Martin

Best Tuna melt I have ever eaten! Def worth a visit.

Chris Schaus

Emm Pensa

Brian Mutch

Nicholas Miyako

Blair Hasler

greg coomes

Best sandwiches

elizabeth padillas

Liz Wu

Great sandwich place near downtown. It's super tiny though, so don't plan on eating there. And be sure to grab a dum dum sucker on your way out!

Paul Nath

Wow! Portland food is to die for

Shannon Smith

One of the best spots in the area. Really nothing but enjoyable experiences here, I'll be back. Atmosphere is similar to a cafe in San Jose I loved.

Mr. Wallace

Small sandwich shop. Very busy. They do have a bike rack right out front. Kind of pricy though, but so is everything in Rip City nowadays!!! -‘The rent is too damn high!’))

Keith Brooks

Good food, but not so fantastic service. (Ignores customers, and openly makes fun of others near the counter.)

Missy Isles

Yum! We had a cubano and a meatball hero. Very tasty! The food was a super good. Very small location with very limited indoor seating.


Douglas Anderson

Willis Miller

I had the breakfast w/sausage & egg sandwich and it was perhaps one of the best of these I've ever had. The dry aged cheddar along with huge fresh sausage patty on a fresh poppy seed roll was all that I could have ever asked for... and more.

Brandi Collum

Amazing sandwiches!! Lil spendy, hence the 4 stars.... but I still go there because it's just that dang good! And there is not a better grilled cheese n tomatoes soup in pdx that I am aware of. Yummmm! All locations have great service!!!!!!!

Crystal Brady

Anthony Salas

Nick McHale

kevin brito

Anthony Ives

Famous pork belly cubano sandwich was OK but not worth $10.

Joshua Smith

Called in and picked up lunch within 20 minutes! Every sandwich I've had has been awesome! My favorite thus far is the meatball.

Elliot Lisac

Tasty sandwiches but there's a bit of premium price wise given the portions. They were making killer cubanos before you knew what a cubano was.

Kennett Kwok

First time here. Got the BLT and it was delicious. Would come again.

Dewey Amos

Best breakfast sandwiches on the block. Fast quick easy and not that expensive.

ian buckwalter

Best grilled cheese and fries in a long time

Tim Tankard

Excellent sandwiches in a tiny little storefront. Eat in is extremely cramped. My favorite meatball sub in town.

Matt Hahn

Remco Langeveld

Nothing special. Good sandwich.

Taylor Wang

AJ Fite

Great sandwich, will return when I'm in the area

Taylor Rosser

Pork Belly Cubano! Soooooo good. Not much space inside but love their outdoor seating. Feels great on a nice day!

Sarah Truran Wills

Bodhi Durant

Killer sandwiches in a no frills location.

Andrew Liezen

Mike Hixson

Holly Ramos

Bomb sandwiches - I think people still say bomb either way they are good. I love how simple the menu is as well.

Michelle Bachem

Place sucked, dude sucked, sandwich sucked. Got the cubano, meat tasted old and stale...$11 for basically only good bread. Not a nice patio like stated..patio yes, nice, no. And the dude seemed like he didn't want me there even though I was there wayyy before closing. Lame!


Pretty good cubano sandwiches but price is bit high for a sandwich during lunchtime.

Christian Valencia

Casey Mccallum

Might be good? Bad name for a store though. I didn't want a bunk sandwich so i didn't try it.

Yoandy Terradas-Otero

Patrick Finney

Alex Brown

decent sandwiches, order before as they can take some time when busy

Cody Willets

Can't place an order because it just goes straight to voicemail. Good job, guys. NOT

Billy Sharp

Great Service. Great sandwiches. Great atmosphere.

jim wiedmaier

Stop there every time I'm in portland must go best cuban i ever had

john locke

Had a pretty good meatball marinara there, while the size wasn't enormous it was surprisingly filling. The "hole in the wall" style atmosphere was nice in my view, but I could definitely see it not being popular with ritzy types of people. The kicker being the price, it was over 10 bucks for a 3 meatball sandwich.

b j woodworth

This is just as good as the iconic Southeast Portland location was. Many of the staff transfer to this new location, and just about the same. Locally sourced ingredients, and creative sandwiches that I sometimes think they must put crack on to make them so damn good that I always want to come back and get another one just about the time I finished up a sandwich. One of my favorites is to stop in on the way to work and grab a breakfast sandwich to go, my go-to is the ham, cheddar and eggs on a kaiser roll. Most people like their eggs over medium so the yolk drools over all of the ingredients, but I always like a hard cooked eggs. I always add on the hot pickled peppers that give it a little extra bite in the morning. For the breakfast sandwiches, the solid albacore tuna is wonderful, but many likes the pork belly, and the Cubano sandwich is a favorite of a couple in my office staff. The sides of coleslaw and potato salads are very well made and good additions and round out a nice at your desk lunch. For those morning grab & Go Subs, they also have pretty good coffee at a good price, so there you have it, your breakfast in one spot along with your cup of joe. The staff is cool, but not too good as to be off-putting. I consistently like Bunk Sandwiches, and think you will too. Give it a try if you are not familiar with their recipe of very well made sandwiches that have some kind of extra something that make them so much better than what I am able to make at home.

Michael Cadger

The cubano was excellent.

Ben Reilly

Awesome awesome awesome

Zach Riggle

Got a cuban at 2PM. Tasty, but bit overpriced ($10) for the amount of sandwich. I'll have to try one of their more popular (sold out) sandwiches another day.

Ian Lawson

Justin Grote

Amazingly delicious no frills location of bunk. this is super convenient for me when working downtown and a breakfast sandwich with the over medium eggs at just Drizzless all through the buttery bun definitely gets me going in the morning

Andrew Roenbeck

Outstanding. Chef. Food quality creativity.

Bill Beyer

Bunk makes an amazing $5 sandwich. Unfortunately it costs $11.

Justin Vandeberghe

One of the best sandwich shops in the city.

Brian Ong

Yum. Pork Belly Cubano was delicious.


Tasty sandwiches from true Portlandians. No great places to sit and they close early.

Christian Malczewsky

Food is descent. Had bad experience with one of the "employees". Made the mistake of filming employee making our sandwiches to promote the restaurant and remember our experience in our home made video. Employee claimed I was dehumanizing her. Made our time real uncomfortable. Do not offend the hippies in Portland or you will not have such a good experience.

Aniket Jadhav

Delicious. I loved the bread and the perfect roast

Tim Sherry

Omg yum

David Monroe

Dyvisha G.

Awkward vibe as soon as I walked in. I was not greeted, I was stared at by staff persons. Unlike the other patron, I was not asked if I would like my meal to go, they automatically made it a to-go order. I love the sandwiches but please hire folks that have worked with, seen, and/or interacted with non-whites.

Matt Payne

grilled cheese was a bit lacking but the chicken sandwich was awesome

Brian Rohan

BLT was tasty and had ample

Lisa Macias

The Ultimate Oregon albacore tuna melt!

Levi Hazelett

Sean McFerren

Meatball Parm! Nuff said.

Russell Walker

Rhonda Gay

I actually went to the wrong location, but I still very much enjoyed my BLT sandwich at this smaller location.

Mary Murry

One of a kind

my WheelEstate and a Drone


Kari Jaquith

Great food... crappy, grumpy counter person.

Brian Haley

Jamie makes the best sandwiches.

ThePapaOfThree .

Good sandwich. Ridiculous price for the actual value.

Brandon K

Harley Black

Bijan Zahedi

This place is fire.

Chris King

Mediocre at it's best. It was better years ago. Inconsistent. Slow. Tired of getting a breakfast sandwich, asking for over easy egg, being told that's how it's made, then getting a fully cooked egg. Annoying. Bye.

Marc Henderson

Matt Beckley

Sally Carlson

6 bucks for a pb and j on stale bread. Not even a bag of chips. Never again. Sign says they close at 3 on Saturday. I'm there at 2:50 and starving enough to be willing to get a rip off pb and j but the door is already locked. ☹️ What kind of business is this?

Kraft Punk

The cold cuts sandwich is absolutely delicious, reminds me of hoagies back in Jersey.

Tuan Le

Gabe G.

Great sandwiches, price is good not expensive at all, if you're in Portland area is a good idea for lunch, very good ice cream.

Dorothy Lewis

I like going to the bunk. The sandwiches are very good I love the chicken salad sandwiche yummy yummy. The guys who work there are funny just the conversationsthey have with each other.

Logan Bennett

seth cooper

Hole in the wall. Great pulled pork sandwich.

Marissa Johnson

Amazingggg sandwiches but I would take them to go as eating space is limited.

Todd F

Bunk is never the wrong choice when you want a great sandwich. I love their cubano!

Cyd Zeigler

Miguel Rueda

Aileen Hood

Amazing foods

Maerose Bocchetti

That meatball sub.... spicy, cheesy, and toasty... I don’t even like meatball subs and I loved it....It also looked exactly like the picture that is on the Bunk website. There is nothing worse than going somewhere with expectations from a picture and the food comes and it looks and tastes nothing like what you were expecting. No, there isn’t a lot of seating, but I would rather eat delicious food standing in the rain than eat mediocre food in a warm booth. That’s just me though... Also the person working, (maybe owner?)Not sure, but either way he had a relaxed vibe and a genuine need to make sure the sandwiches were good.

Jay Malhotra

Really friendly staff and great sandwiches

Sarah Luna

Great sandwiches. Small venue. If you want to sit down this is not the place for you. If you want something tasty to take with you then you'll be happy.

Molly McNab

Robert Rios

Shaun Martin

In all honesty, the Pork Belly Cubano is the very best sandwich I have ever had in my life. Bar none. No exception. It is incredible. The bun they use is simply amazing. The quality of ingredients is exceptional. If you are in Portland, you must come here. The Kettle chips were an interesting addition. I would consider it worth moving to Portland simply to have one of their sandwiches every day.

John Hanks

DDD stop. Had the Pork Belly Cabano. Great Job.

Brad Hansen

Brittany Hoblitzell

Ryan E

Amazing breakfast sandwich, the price was slightly high but it was huge and loaded with tasty bacon.

Jake Pennington

Great spicy italian!

Melissa Lim

Great selection of sandwiches, including my favorite breakfast sandwich.

Matt Jaso

Pros - nice menu, some of the sandwiches are quite good Cons - one of the dirtiest restaurants i have ever been to in this city and I waited 25 minutes for a sandwich today even before lunch rush. Just not a timely or enjoyable lunch option at all.

Jonathan Wagner

Nicole Tarrant

awesome fast friendly service + AMAZING grilled cheese and tomato soup + egg sandwiches

GregoryD Emswiler

Restaurant is in need of remodel but typical of others in area . Sandwiches are good and made to order . Staff is more interested in serving drinks . Typical of bars and restaurants in Portland .

Nick Roberts

Great Sandwiches

Vignesh R Shankar

David Lawler

Donald May

Small. Whole. In all on downtown one but super big flavor with the pork belly Cubano

Jared Adams

It was good.

Tracey N

Good food

Stefan M

Good sandwiches, but no where to sit when its packed.

Aaron Innes

Jonathan West

Fantastic sandwiches, the roasted chicken salad with bacon and avocado was amazing.

Rohan Madtha

Scott Markwell

Gerald Frazee

Ken Montero

It's a tiny place with good sandwiches! Get in there before it fills up!

Ty c

I am sooo happy that I discovered this place! The service is very fast and the food is glorious!!!!! Go, go, go!!!

Daniel Whitehouse

Great sandwiches.

Phil P

So, up front, I have to say I adore Bunk. It's been the place to go when I have a deep need for a Sandwich that will fill my hollowed out soul. My go-to is the Italian cured meats sandwich. I had to knock a star off because the bite and depth of the giardiniera (or whatever they call their dressing) was lacking the past couple of visits. The four remaining stars still represent crazy good eats, especially compared to most sandwich specialty shops. That one star that's missing is the one that sends me to the moon, rather than just into orbit.

GriMbo Jonze

Place was very dirty. The man that prepared our sandwiches didn't wash his hands or wear gloves... touching his phone... wiping his hands on his pants after picking up a handful of cooked bacon and dropping it into a container. Meat inside the Cubano looked gray. Mac salad had very little flavor. 2 Cubanos 2 mac salads and 2 fountain drinks for $32 + tip. The name matches my experience: bunk.

Angela Lambert

They really have great sandwiches

Derek Root

Eric Diaz

Sean McCleary

Overpriced. The sandwiches are on the small side. The sandwiches are pretty good, but not amazing.

John Kirihara

Ben Wright

Daniel Reising

James Johnson

Had the Olympic Provisions meat sandwich. It was good, but you get a bigger portion of meat for about the same price at the actual Olympic Provisions restaurant. Service was friendly. I liked the low key atmosphere. There is an Olympic Provisions food cart at Pioneer Square, so that's probably the slightly better option for a sandwich with Olympic Provisions meats, obviously. Bunk does have some limited indoor seating.

Cindy Becker

I went there today for the first and last time. My boyfriend had been there a long time ago and loved it back then. We got the Cubano and a turkey club and shared them. The turkey club was OK, but the Cubano was tasteless. The pork had big globs of fat. The mole tater tots were the only decent part of the meal. The staff didn't seem to want to be there, either. We won't be back. We'll go down the street to Hair of the Dog, where we have never had a disappointing meal.

Alida LaTurner

Great service, friendly, and really good food.

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