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6821 Northwest Expy, Oklahoma City, OK 73132, United States

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REVIEWS OF Fazoli's IN Oklahoma

Tyler Koehn

They need to do something about their environmental controls. It was extremely hot inside when we went there to eat. The food was delicious, but it was nearly impossible to enjoy it. It would be five stars if they didn't make us so uncomfortable.

Patti James

Good dinner. Needed something quick, easy and that everyone liked. Yummy bread sticks. Friendly service.

Anna Ratliff

I ordered the chicken carbonara which was ok but wasn't really a carbonara it was just an Alfredo with veggies and meat in it. The bread sticks are good and the pizza my son ordered was good. The service was seriously lacking and we asked if they were going to put out tea several times and no one seemed to even know what we were talking about. Finally someone brought the ice tea out. The store needed a little sprucing up but did look like it had been updated not to long ago. I'll try it again for sure because for what you get the price is pretty good


I made a happy plate! It was so very good!

Beau Applegate

Waited 40 min for carry out. Manager needs to teach staff how to recover from getting out of order on tickets. And how bett to prioritize tickets.

Kammi Haines

Disappointed to say the least. I went through the drive thru and it was not busy at all. I timed it and took the worker almost 3 min to take our order and when I did she was rude and felt like I was a real inconvenience to them. I got the kids fettuccini for my daughter and no joke there must have been a 1/2 teaspoon of sauce, but didn't realize it until it was too late. I didn't get our drinks, sat at the window to request them but was ignored and I honestly was irritated and didn't want to wait around. I also ordered a kids spaghetti and meatballs and again barely any sauce. One positive (hints the one star) our breadsticks were hot and fresh. I give it less that a year and this place will be no more unless it gets a new regional manager and they replace or train up managers that care about quality and customer service.

Kay Harris

Food is great. Service was slow because some of their kitchen staff was missing, but they made up for the delay with exceptional courtesy and extra service!

Alexander Ford

I love their breadsticks



Thomas Coltrane

Italian food chain, you get what you expect, its not amazing but it's not terrible.

Deborah Leemon

Love the food

Tanya Dews

Definitely will visit again.. If you are craving Italian food and don't have the time, money or patience for olive garden then this is your place.. Fast cheap and easy. 2 dinners 2 salads and 2 drinks 13.00 was really good too

Helen Brown -Gibson

Usually good this time food and service sucked

Lauren Frawner

Great service. Decent food. Good price

the Gardner twins are awesome

Bread sticks we're good

Ben Wimp

Very disappointing visit to Fazoli's. With one car ahead of me at the drive thru it took TWENTY MINUTES from the time I placed my order to when I finally received it. They completely forgot to include salad dressing for my salad and the lasagna I ordered was burnt and poor tasting. I wont be back to this location. Management clearly doesn't have a handle on food quality or customer service standards.

donald hufschmid

Food was good. Overall not too bad of a place to eat

Stephanie Culp-Molda

Great lunch with my daughter!

open your mind

Good place

7Chris 4Daniels

Great food.

Fred Parker

Not the best place anymore. They need to update everything.

Ceara Bailey

Food is always good here. Unfortunately the service gets worse and worse. Our order was wrong even after we corrected the guy and then the 2 managers had to get involved because I guess simple math isn't actually that simple to them and the lady manager really needs an attitude adjustment. News flash, if you can't handle customers that have problems then you probably shouldn't be in this industry.

Brenda Trevino

Food wasn't that good

Nikol Ware

Surprisingly good!! Sauces were very tasty.

Cailin McClung

Great food, great people, and AMAZING prices

Lee Saint

Great service

Amber Jones

Nice waiter and clean place

Jenni Aguilar

Drive through took awhile even though there were no cars in front of us. But breadsticks were fresh and PERFECT!

Dani Webb

Usually the food is good but today it took 30 minutes to get the food and it was cold. Dining room was dirty. Hopefully they are short staffed. If that is the case they should at least apologize or warn us.

maria lopez

Excellent foodservice.

Cheryl Fredrick

Fast service and great food!

LoneWolf 87

Good food, good service!

Joseph Wilson

From out of town and stopped in on the way home. Great experience.

Chantae Davis

First time eating here and I enjoyed my hot Turkey sub. It was delicious. Fast friendly service as well. Thanks I will be returning.

Ethan Mayo

Very affordable and fast service. Friendly staff even 30 minutes before they closed. They also have a large number of menu items so it's easy to find something to your liking. I highly recommend!

Kelvin Irick

Good paste dishers! Friendly staff and service!

Stacie Hall

My recent visit was very nice I enjoyed the Spaghetti with meatballs and a slice of pepperoni pizza. Nice atmosphere as well. I've been a customer for ten years and it's GREAT

Bobby Scott

Good food, fast and great bread sticks!

Roger Rexroad

Great place to eat lunch. Very kind waitress. Came out to provide more hot bread and some warm personality. THANK YOU.!

Caleb Harmon

We go here every time we come to Columbia! We wish there were more where we live. Their breadsticks are amazing!!

Kyle Norris

Very good and friendly service

Kimberly Wells

Good food! Clean restaurant. Nice staff.

Pat Kelley

Great for the $$.

Latonia McCrea

They have the best bread sticks ever. Good baked spaghetti as well. Fast service. Also if you download their app they give you a free baked apahetti with drink purchase.

Hiren Jariwala

Very good service excellent food. We will always choose Fazoli’s over Olive Garden.

LeKeith Bufford

The breadsticks for dine-in starts with four however if you get your order to carry out you only receive two breadsticks. (Wife's review)


They were very nice. Portions were a bit small, but the bread sticks made up for the difference.

Cortney Hamilton

Friendly and fast service. Good hot food!

Greg Decker

This is Italian??? Yuck. Only thing good was that we could get out fast; thus the one star. Actually the staff was ok but they can't improve bad food but only serve it.

Isban Paola Rojas

Terrible Cesar Salad no cesar dressing and lettuce did not look fresh. Will never go back

Marcy L. Sanders

Best tasting Italian food that I've tasted in years. I miss eating from this place in Aiken(closed years ago

Trace Palmer

As frequent travelers and we searched for a Fazoli on our route, this one has friendly staff, good food, but management/ownership has slipped. It's been a staple that hot breadsticks go around the tables 2-4x during a Fazoli's dining experience, but this location hands you 3 stix with your meal, so they slowly get cold? The dining area is clean but very worn and aging. A corporate "fixer" manager could rejuvenate the location quickly.

Glenn Heimburger

Fast friendly service. Bread sticks always fresh and hot.

chas setlock

When they were making the food I over heard a conversation about old sauce and looked rough per the back staff. It tasted like it too.

Patti Youngblood

Unlimited Bread Sticks! Oh My!

Russell Harper

I'll be honest - I love this place. But, I'm also honest enough with myself to recognize that most of my love for it is driven by nostalgia of a time when I hadn't yet experienced much Italian food beyond the occasional trip to Olive Garden or the local mall pizza shop. Still, I have to give them credit for being able to deliver passable Italian FAST food. Considering that Fazoli's is the only restaurant, to my knowledge, in this market, it's pretty amazing how good it is. The garlic bread sticks taste like they were left swimming in a pool of butter for 24 hours before being handed to us, and they're kind of amazing like that. My favorite dish is the lasagna, which comes with a wonderfully thick layer of mozzarella cheese on top of it. This probably isn't the best place to go if you're on a diet but, if you find yourself looking for some fast food Italian food, you won't be disappointed with Fazoli's.

Brenly McCulloch

Great place! Great staff! I love coming to this location because the managers are extremely nice.

Kari P

Great food, friendly staff, clean atmosphere.

Roger D Trahan

Love the food options, high quality and better than Olive Garden.

Leanne Stanley

08/21/18 the staff here is amazing!! It's clean, calm and the ladies are so helpful and sweet. I'm coming here from now on. I LOVE the atmosphere these ladies create.

Meghan Corbin

They have good food

Ryan Sawatzky

We love it, kids night every Tuesday!


A decent fast Italian food restuarant. The lasagna is good. Not a fan of the spaghetti. Service was friendly and fast.

TheLittleKing Ryan

Honestly would have been cheaper and better if I'd cooked the food at my house. Not worth the cash I payed.

Dena Bowden

1st time for me. The big black guy remembered my friend & is extremely nice. Will be going again. Nice atmosphere.

Mark Lasley

Tjis store was not like other Fazolis I've visited. Won't be going back. Food was cafeteria-like.

Laura Griesel

Staff was friendly and even double checked my daughter's juice box to make sure it had a straw! Restaurant and bathrooms were clean. Breadsticks were fresh and food was pretty much standard Fazoli's!

Adelpha M

Best place to have good Italian food in a fast food restaurant & their bread sticks are always fresh baked (unlimited while you dine).... A little on the pricey side in the evening ($7 - $8 meal) but they have several $5 lunch meals until 4pm!

Marcus Vogel

Good food & great prices! Thanks for the awesome service.

Hayley Kaufman

Ordered takeout of 4 meals & 2 desserts. Get home to find they failed to include any breadsticks at all (supposed to be 2 breadsticks per each meal). And food wasn't as fresh as usual either. Customer Service was 'okay', but could've been friendlier.

SuperMaxitron .

I got spaghetti and meatballs. It took a while to get out but it was late, the noodles were large for my liking but im a male teenager so I ate it all. The sauce was good and the meatballs were great, and I got pizza, breadsticks and drink, the lemonade was to sugary for me. It was a nice calm area to chill after my athletic event.

Krissy Shadaram

Great food , AMAZING service. Very helpful employee who was so helpful and so friendly.

Aranz Hale

Look for a quick fast italy food

Travis Hart

Food is good, with the exception of the Fettuccine Alfredo. It was very watery. Overall, good food for a decent price. Dining inside seems to be quicker than calling in or web ordering in my experience, at least this location anyway.


It has great pizza

Jill D

Went to eat there yesterday great food and service

Austin Haws

Best pasta on the nw express way fosho

Gail Brannon

Today I had fetcheny Alfredo and bread sticks..very good

Krystal Heard

I love it

Denise VanDusen

Fazoli's is very good. I've enjoyed Fazoli's for many years in different places. Customer service is an A+ for this visit. Love the lasagna.

Kell Babi

So inlove with their food only visited this location but very satisfied with the quantity and quality of their food enjoy every bit Everytime I order from here and their staff is amazing thumbs up

Lexi Fowlkes

Fazolis was amazing tonight. I had the sweetest woman taking care of my family (I think her name tag said donna). The food was fast, delicious, and the service was great.

Tiana Marburger

Breadsticks and desserts are as good or better than the pasta and the pizza is amazing if you can handle a bit of grease.

frederick mack

Always love me some Fazioli

Kathy LaRue

Delicious food. Great service.

Cynthia Bergamini

Enter restaurant and was unable to stay due to nasty smell. Smelled of something rotten or sewer. Don't not stay. Went to one off Memorial and Penn had a wonderful meal.

Angel Jarnagin

The husband and I decided to stop in for a quick lunch before heading to a meeting. We were greeted by Anna F who also took our order. She was pleasant at that time. We went to the drink machine to get our drinks and noticed that one machine had a clogged drain and was leaking water out onto the floor. I brought that to Anna’s attention and she immediately came over to tend to it. I was making small talk while getting my drink from the other machine and said something about it being a bummer that it was clogged where Anna replied “yeah someone put f***king strawberries down it”! She then delivered part of our food but instead of sitting the dishes down she slammed them down on the table. Part of my husbands order was missing and we hadn’t even been offered breadsticks so I went to the counter to ask for them. I also needed the dressing for my salad because it was delivered to the table without any. When I asked Anna she slung the package on the counter where it slid the rest of the way across to me. She then proceeded to argue with the cook about whose fault it was that part of our order was missing. After finally getting all of our order we started eating and Anna came by one time to check on us and we had to ask for more breadsticks. She picked up the plate that had the remaining breadsticks on as my husband was trying to get one off there. Seemed like we were a huge inconvenience just being here. As we were about to leave, Anna stayed “thanks for telling me about the drain” in a snotty demeanor. Needless to say we will NOT be back!!!!!

David Wright

We were a little concerned when we pulled up and there were no cars (although it was a little late for lunch, so there is that!) The food was really good, and the servers were very friendly and helpful. LOVED the bread sticks!

BC Window Cleaning

Great service good hot food mine was overpriced, my wife's lunch was only 5.00

Mary Webster

Employees were sitting and talking.dirty tables and no parmsean cheese on the tables but dirty empty container on each table I will not eat there again. A employee took the trash off the table. But never washed the table. Yuck

tyler hamilton

Good food, good price.

Kitty Smith


Isaac Wilson

Only reason why they are getting a 2 is because they had Mr Pibb Extra. We ordered 2 lunch specials, and took our seats. We realized they lost our order when people after us started getting their food, while we hadn't received ours. We asked about our food, which they quickly started making. Yes, it was hot, and no, it did not taste good.

Rob Zaitona

Good food but the bread sticks are amazing

Janessa Kelly

Great food, reasonable prices. Plus unlimited bread sticks!

Derek Kelley

Always good food.

Mindy Emmerich

Had lunch today & it was great! Definitely coming back again!

Mason Spain

Went with a co-worker. His food was cold. He finished eating his cold food before mine was even out. I got a refund when they said it would still be five more minutes. The manager looked disheveled and sloppy, and the gal behind the counter seemed clueless. I've loved Fazolis before but will not return to this location.

blazer81 spears


melissa brown

Loved my free sampler combo meal.

Jaylen Gaines

Atleast the drinks are good

Laneka Smith

Light was out at the drive through so we had to go in and to place our order. Kristen W. was our cashier, in which whom we politely waited while she severed food to waiting customers, just for her to skip us in line when an employee’s family members came in & cut is in line when she knew we were next. She then gave a horrible attitude snaking her lips & rolling her eyes when my friend thought they purchased a meal that came with a beverage & that was so unnecessary. We headed over to the drink fountain that was not plenished with beverages. Shirmeka came over & greeted us & was very pleasant! Also made sure we had everything we needed with our order as we were leaving. She’s The only reason I am giving this facility 3 stars. The food was pretty good despite being treated that way.

Roger Myers

It was okay 4 might be pushing it. Fast and tasty

mama zion

I absolutely love this place. Good food great service

Mrs. Reva Greenwade

The food is really great I've had everything on the menu just about great food and great customer service

Forza lover dirftboy

This place is great had a great selection of food different things to eat I would highly recommend this place the food is really good.


You should make a place to nap after we eat. This food is great but makes me sleepy

Brianna Atkinson

Went there with my family, amazing food and amazing customer service! The breadsticks are delicious!

Cyndi Musgrave

1st time eating at Fazoli's. Food was good, friendly service, clean restaurant, nice family experience

Caden Medlin

The food is great

Bradley Coates

I'm a big fan of the spicy sampler, it consists of chicken Alfredo, lasagna, and spaghetti with meat sauce. Somewhat spicy it's bearable.. don't be afraid to try it. I hadn't eaten at a Fazoli's in 15+ years, so this was a nostalgic lunch stop for us on our road trip south. The people were nice and the food was good. It's basically as good as Olive Garden, minus the Italian ambiance.

Otey Anne McCrory

Place was clean. Service was friendly, although they were out of their special that was advertised, but they compensated us by giving us a little extra meat in what we were able to order. The food was hot, fresh, and tasty.

Spencer Pavlasek

Never been to fazolis, was ok, service was great


I truly need for them to fry the chicken parmigiana and then bake it. First get real chicken, it taste like bologna. The noodles, sauce, and bread sticks was great.

Anita Sawyer

March 1, 2019 - We stopped at Fazoli's (within 2 minute drive of the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Columbia Northeast,}for the very first time on our return from Florida to Canada and we had a fantastic pasta meal, a Spicy Penne with Sausage, the pasta was hot and tasty, the staff continually came to our table with fresh hot garlic rolls. We also had a nice crisp & fresh caesar salad and fountain drink. The staff were very informative and friendly. The food was great, simple to order and very affordable, we both ate for under $25 and were stuffed when we left. Loved it, would highly recommend. Can't wait to come again next year!

Brandon Smith

For the price, this is about the best fast food you can get apart from Chick-fil-a. Definitely wish we had one in NW Atlanta. Great service at this location and you can't beat the unlimited FREE breadsticks!!

edward blackman

Fun family spot. Italian fast and cheap

Michael Horton

Fast food Italian, such a terrible idea. I would not have chosen this place to eat but my employer thought it would be great. It wasn't.

Henry Jones

Great food, pretty quick. Overall not bad.

Julius bonner

Great food and service I came in 3 times while in town


Excellent food, good service.will always choose fazoli going to Olive Garden

Mike Bruell

Quick easy and delicious

Lloyd Louchez

Wish I had one in Charlotte, stop by there every time I am near Columbia

Freddie Moses

Food and customer service was awesome.

Jada Gaynor

The bread sticks are fresh and hot. The baked ziti is a favorite of mine and the rating would have been higher but it's gotten too expensive for the type restaurant it is.

Sandy Mckenzie

This is a shout out to Delores P at the drive through. I ordered two chicken Alfredo with extra sauce, I got one regular and one with no sauce. When I told Delores she said "I don't check the bag". When I finally got my order the staff had made the food inedible, and put multiple containers of sauce in the bag, and not just the small ones they are SUPPOSED to give you but a whole bowl of useless sauce. 10/10 will NOT go again.

Grace Ameenah A

I love their alfredo sauce!

Preston R

Always stop at this fazolis when I'm in Columbia because it is so good! I wish a new location would open up in Charleston

Frank Cahoon

They have tried updating it and adding new paint, but still a little run down. Food is normally pretty good and the bread sticks are to die for when they are fresh. All and all a good value. Typically get served pretty quickly and most of the staff is nice. Can be a little tough to get in off of Two Notch.

Jason Berfield

Great food, fast service and perfectly portioned items. Great job!

Jon Harper

Good food, good staff, convenient location. Would recommend.

crstfr14 .

Terrible service and rude employees. Sat in the drive through for thirty minutes at 9PM when it was dead. No excuse for things to take this long. Fast food should be a term used very loosely when referring to this location.

terry lancaster

Had the spaghetti and meat sauce very good but the bread sticks were PERFECT !

Cortnie Pearo

Quick. Inexpensive. You get a good amount of food for your money.

Amy Isham

My husband and I like coming to Fazoli's for their $5.00 lunch but the store on NW Expressway has went down hill. The inside of the store was so filthy. Tables were not clean, benches were falling apart, food all over the floor and the floor by the drink machine was so sticky. The food was still good. The price is too good to give up on them.

Kendra Grimes

The food is always hot and fresh, but I had to go back because they messed up on my order. I had asked for pepperoni on my baked spaghetti and instead they gave me a slice of greasy pepperoni pizza. I would definitely not recommend their Pizza, it has changed over the years. It used to be the bomb. However the rest of their food is still pretty good. All of their items could use a little more sauce and that's pretty much on all the items. They are a little on the expensive side considering the portion sizes. The one thing that I would give 5 stars is the bread! It's totally to die for.

Donavan Delaney

I lije to say this place had never let me down. Service is fantastic and the food is on point

Daniel Matthews

The lady taking our order at the counter clearly hated her job. I'm not sure if it was because we were white fellows, because when a colored family came in she was happy as can be! There are dirty tables everywhere! Did not feel welcomed at all! The lady didn't offer us the 5$ lunch special. I do not think I can reccomened coming here, nor will I be coming back here!

Laura Peterson

It's just ok give me Johnny carinos any day

Cindy Ennis

Delicious! Cheap eats that are yummy! We like coming for the $5 lunch deal after church on Sunday!

Brenda Guin

The bread is delicious and keeps getting refilled while you eat.

Debra Roe

Great tasting fast food! The employees are super nice and helpful, too. I will return.

Laci Lindsay

Good place for fast Italian dishes. Convenient drive thru too. It's not Olive Garden, but it's pretty good and cheap.

mooniesdream ffs

Thay have amazing food even thow the prices are kinda high . And there never rilly busy

Suzanne Robinson

Food is cold before it hits the table. Kids run the place, everyone always on their cell phones..

Micah Burns

Another great evening meal @ Fazoli's, ordered and served within minutes, food perfectly cooked and tasted great. Extra breadsticks offered and of course we are grateful for the fantastic service @ this place...always a very nice time when we are here. 5 star workers, food and location.

Cornelius Terry

Great food jus high prices

Richard Faulkner

Staff could be friendlier but food is good.

Neicie Lee

Good food, just a little slow on the service.

Bill Hodgson

For good, fast Italian, Fazoli's is the place. Really good bread sticks.

Alice Castle

The food is reasonable and you can get great breadsticks

Kris Dilbeck

This place is amazing! Love it every time!

Todd Parsons

Great food for a fast food place

MoyaGai Oui

Bread sticks

Amy Curtis

Great food. Good prices. Friendly staff.

Renoika Lindsey

Amazing service. Amazing food

Elizabeth Stapleton

Last night my family and I went to this Fazoli's, and the entire dining room was filthy. There were unbussed tables everywhere, both tea containers in the lobby were empty, and there were no lids for drinks or any kind of silverware. We asked three different times to be brought out silverware before one kid brought out plastic ware. Ok, good enough for me. We waited about 25-30 minutes before our orders came out. When our food finally came to us, my pizza was barely warm. Everybody else's food was done well, but the lack of attention to maintaining a dining room and serving almost cold pizza weren't that impressive. The staff is very nice and the bread sticks are awesome.

Kurt T

Always consistent.

Larry Dean

Very good, excellent customer service, quick delivery, clean restaurant, $10 sampler platter and drink.

Holly Tiller

Good food always. Service was okay.

Guy Hackney

Good food at a great price!!

Mary Puffs

Meka the manager is tha best. Best fazolis around!

havkick the knight

OK there a lasagna tastes a little weird

amy mcalpine

I can only tate the drive thru. The employees were nice and got my order right. It didnt take too long. 5 minutes. Food is okay for the price.

Benjamin Kendall

Great food at a good price

Stephanie Richey

Great food! Good prices! And amazing customer service

Carmen Flores

the staff was very pleasant, Andrea was a great hostess, the food was very delicious

Lacey Kyser

The tables could be cleaner but the food and service we great. Perfect portions, hot, delicious, and I couldn't ask for better quality fast food.

Ronnie Gay

Pretty good groceries. Service was great ..

Cassy Jeffers

It was a little pricey for portions given. Food was decent.

Nicki Jay

Fast friendly service, awesome breadsticks but the lasagna was way too salty.

Grace Marie King

Yumminess. Huge portions. Great prices.

Daniel Fieldstone

Mama frickin’ mia! I wish there were more locations for these places! Tasty affordable Italian fast food with a drive through! Bring the whole family here get take out! Then go home and eat it while watching a Felini film.

Tyneshia Elgin

Fazoli’s is a nice restaurant to eat when you just want peace and quiet , Customer Service is always great , the bread is always fresh and hot I just love the Fazoli’s on Two Notch

Charlie Allen

Great food and prices, and fast friendly service. I took off two stars because last time they shorted us a side salad, and this time they refused to replace it.

Corey Robinson

This restaurant has great food and friendly staff. Just remember it is a fast food restaurant for pasta lol.

Joy B

Drive thru has gotten my order right 40% of the time in my overall visits. We went in yesterday and the cashier was nice. Food was great and we only waited less than five mins. When they brought the food to us i asked if we could have some breadsticks and the girl said yes. Sooooo halfway through the meal(10-15mins) we asked for breadsticks because we had yet to get any. I saw people who had theirs. Was told they were in the oven soooo 15 more mins and im ready to take my food. Still none because they are still in the oven. Unprofessional females in the back were talking loudly about personal things and other people. i wont even repeat. We were sitting in the back and could here loud and clear. Finally got our TWO breadsticks lol (1 for each! ) when we were leaving. I guess they thought we didnt need more than that since we had eaten most of the food anyway. I usually get 2 by myself in the drive thru for one order. I wasnt pleased at all for this visit.

Kelly Simms

Ordered Italian sub,it was full of pepper stems. Pizza was good.

Jennifer Mcgill

First dine in and loved it. I will definitely be back for more.

Jennifer Hicks

The Fazollis on Two Notch was a big disappointment. We went at 2:00 pm. Not crowded at all. The floors were clean, but the tables were dirty. We only found 1 booth table clean. Only 2 other families were in there. We ordered the sampler of Alfredo, Spaghetti and Lasagna. None of our food was hot or enjoyable. All of it tasted like it had been warmed over. The bread sticks were good. We won't be going back!

Strawberri myers

Food and customer service is good

Nick Gosey

Ah Fazoli's. At least they're better than a frozen dinner? If you go in expecting amazing Italian American food you'll be very disappointed. B if you go in expecting Fazoli's then your expectations will be met. This location has good service and the quality is what you would expect of the chain. Most of their food seems to be frozen pasta dishes that are reheated, sometimes with a few fresh ingredients added. I do not recommend the salads. The bread sticks are mediocre but addictive. The pizza is lower quality than Little Caesars...

Flossy Mae

The new white peach ice drinks were great...about to try another new dish we brought home..had a great experience.

Ed C

Had the ravioli with meat sauce and a salad. The food was good and just the right amount for lunch. Surprisingly, the breadsticks were the best I've had. If they would have gotten to the table before I had only two bites of my ravioli left, it would have been five stars.

Marilyn Stallings

Good good great people.

Juan Mcneil

Food is always good. And service is great

Candylee Reintenbach

It was in a not so great neighborhood, but the food and bread was good .

Melody Burnett

Food was good but customer service could be better.

Andrea B

Great manager & staff food was goid and restaurant wad clean

Hillel Mck

Quality food and a very decent price. One can never go wrong with fazoli's!

John Boyd

Good food, descent service, priced very reasonable.

Granma Doreen Kramer

Good eating

Mr. B

Great food, service is very friendly and helpful. For those that complain it's pricey, the portions are big enough. Always more than I can eat, I'll come back.


The food was fresh and the crew working the front were very friendly and patient.

Adam J. Unsell

I stopped in with my wife for lunch and, the bread sticks were not made fresh ... had freezer burn... I got two slices of pepperoni pizza and it was soggy and the crust was burnt... tasted like it had been under a heat lamp all day. Won't return again!

Geo Dosher

Good good and fast.

Sarah Call

Alfredo pasta was runny and very watered down. I used to love fazolis but am now very disappointed.

Tammy Puckett

Everything is delicious

A Bober

This place has definitely gone down hill. Facility was dirty. No napkins available. No toilet paper or paper towel in bathrooms. The food wasnt the same as it used to be. Girl doing food was coughing all over the place. Our order wasnt correct. The big guy was rude when we asked for more breadsticks. He got upset when we asked for the rest of our order. He constantly was complaining about the job. Overall bad experience today. Just hoping we don't get sick from eating here.

Cori Cole

Great food! Great service!! Great prices! Love it!!!


The prices and menu options change too often. Most of the time this place is too expensive to actually get what you want. Also, I don't understand the insistence on real silverware, and presumably related lack of trash cans. Could be a lot cleaner.

Lois Green

The lady working was very pleasant. Do not go thinking it is made from scratch, it's just like what you can buy and cook yourself for the most part. But a very nice change from the ordinary fast food.

Romulo Botello

Love their pizza it is highly underestimated one of the best in Oklahoma

Larry Nethercutt

Great food

Gary Jones

Good food. Prices are decent for the quality. If using the drive theu remember it is not really fast food. Most meals will take 3 to 6 mins at a minimum for it to be made.

Take One Productions By: AARON YOX

Clean restaurant wonderful food and wonderful staff !!

Valerie CottageMakingMommy

Didn't get all our food, it was cold food, the dining room was a mess. Tables were dirty, tea was empty, no straws and napkins. Other diners were complaining too.

Richard Hall

Bread sticks are to die for. Staff very friendly and helpful.

Carla Russell

Oven baked combination very good . Generous portions with bread sticks included. Will definitely go again.

Kayla Hewitt

Great food, good service, best breadsticks in the world!!!

jeff ware

I thought it was great for advertising as a fast food place, price was good and I loved the food!

Ian Frisbie

Good food good price

DaLecia Tibbett

Cleanliness is lacking.

Lisa Urista

Very good and very filling. First time hear and if you love Italian you will love this place.

Hamish Giovana

I hate fazoli's

Greg Nelson

Very poor service. Food was lukewarm at best.

James Wormuth

The food is always fresh and hot. I love that they come to your table with free, freshly baked breadsticks.

Unkempt Quigley

Clean, good fast food, great breadsticks, nice staff.

Rebecca Moore

AMAZING FOOD AND SERVICE!!! My son and I explained that we were from out of state and don't have a Fazoli's where we live but seek them out in our frequent trips. They treated us like their favorite guests but then I noticed that they were just as great to the guests who followed us. The manager was extremely knowledgeable about her menu and she treated her staff with kindness as well. Along with the service, the flavor of the food is much more bold and better than any of the other Fazoli's we've been to. Overall, I would say this is THE best visit to any Fazoli's in our history of many years of travels.

Paige Manor

Food is fine. Could have been warmer. Tea tastes terrible. Like it's NEVER CLEANED.

Garrett Tynes

Not sure why the bad reviews but i thought the pasta was great and breadsticks were fresh

Kristen Zimmerman

Staff were rude, someone in the kitchen was wearing gloves then touching their hair then touching food.

Will Turtle

Good food

Betsi Morton

We always stop here when traveling because we don't have one in our city. Always good

Gayla McKelvy

Great selection and pricing!

Milinda Morris

The customer service was outstanding.

Stephanie Molchan

Food was pretty good but the breadsticks had a lot of a gritty coating. The order taker didn't mention the special and we didn't notice it. Our party of five could have gotten a much better deal.

Jennifer Sanders Jones

I love Fazoli's and have been going to this location for 15 plus years. All the experiences I've had were wonderful except for two experiences with this one manager. She never understands the order I'm placing, which has to be slightly complicated due to my dietary allergies. When she gets it wrong, she blames me instead of her not registering what I'm asking for. The first time it happened was going through the drive thru. The second time was dining inside with my husband. He tried to explain my dietary issues to her at the register when looking to correct my order (I'm sensitive when it comes to my allergies due to backlash I've recieved from people who don't understand or think I'm lying when I simply dont want to get sick, doesnt help that I also suffer from hypoglycemia.) When he tried to correct my order she swore I was lying and tried to charge my husband for the correction. It wasnt our fault she got it wrong, we both explained what I wanted clearly. My husband tried to contact Fazolis corporate and never got a response. If this is how Fazolis is going to treat their customers with dietary issues, I'm not going to give them my business. I'd rather take it somewhere where I'm respected as a human being.

Doni Poahway

My first time eating here.Food was great! Young lady that took my order was super friendly and price is decent. Will be going back soon!

Dylan Jackson

Service is terrible, and best of luck with the drive through wait. Food is decent, but waiting 30 mins for fast food is not.

stephanie morris

awesome pizza and love the unlimited bread sticks! Although the crew in the back didnt act at all friendly when i asked for a to go box for remainder of pizza the guy that i asked then told another worker oh she needs something as if i was a bother to him! If you dont like tour job go find another one but dont be rude 2 customers

Ci Ci TV

Need more vegetarian options. I paid for the meal which was to include either salad or pizza slice and a drink...never recieved my salad and there was only 3 people dining in so can't imagine how it was forgotten.

Leslie Fife

After I finished my drink, I took the lid off to crunch some ice, and the cup was full of ants. Live ants. And now I am. I tried to call to leave a message, or to e-mail, but those options weren't available, so I can't give them a heads up. The service was courteous, the food was otherwise typical of Fazoli's, and I will never eat there again because, well, ANTS!

Rebecca Garmon

Delicious! ❤❤❤

Stan Unsell

Dried out frozen chicken and it gave me a belly ache

DarQ Knight

Great food and most excellent service!

Dale Olson

Filling food. This place is an Olive Garden but fast food. Boring pasta. Good breadsticks... But even when they are unlimited, it doesn't make up for the blandness.

Brittany Hart

One of my favorite pasta spots. Food was hot and made freshly.

carolyn prentiss

Love love love this place! Never a complaint from me here! Food is delicious and staff is awesome!

Christopher Ahr

Wish there were one within 100 miles of Greenville sc!!

Delores Prince

I enjoyed my meal. They are offering a variety now. Great service.

Joshua Torres

Meal sizes and prices were excellent. Visited the two notch location but know there is another location off of harbison.

Krystal Greenwell

Only complaint is there is only one store here in Florida.

Joey Theriault

Good fast food Italian style. All you can eat bread sticks...friendly service. Clean dining rooms

Carmen A.

Meatball Submarino was great! 2 things that were irritating; an employee came up to counter like she was going to take the order, she turns to the other employee and tells her she was going to count the drawer to go ahead and take my order without even acknowledging me. Music playing was more fitting for a Mexican restaurant

Charles J. Brooks

Enjoyed.... plenty to eat

Minister Demetrius Wharton Sr.

Food was GREAT! Staff was caring as well. Just think a modern upgrade is needed for interior.

Jacki Madewell

It's a Fazolis, do u know what to expect...good food, fast, at great prices. The employees at this Fazolis have always been helpful and pleasant, like they're actually glad you're there.

Malcolm Smith

Food was great restaurant was clean staff was very pleasant

Deborah Pierce

Food was good. Cashier was on point

ed ansley

Used to go there and eat fairly often. Had been a while since my last visit. The food was ok but the place needs a total makeover. The place looks run down. The place should have been remodeled a long time ago. Flies present. The staff was friendly but I didn't think they cared how the place looked. Won't go back until it has a makeover.

Folusho Ayeni

Went there twice in one week after not eating there for almost 15 years... It was A GREAT experience! Mr. Bob Jones the manager and Ms. Edna at the front were amazing. He brought us bread sticks (hot and delicious!), and she took her time to explain the menu to us very honestly. I appreciated both! The food itself was hot and tasty. I can truly say I enjoyed my meal! New favorite lunch and dinner spot when I'm in the run!

Lashawn Murray

Tasty for fast Italian food... friendly and attentive staff and Manager... reasonable prices

L z

How about sending someone around with bread sticks. I asked one of the workers, told me they would get me two. Never saw them again.


Need to be consistent with menu from one location to the next. I order the pizza baked spaghetti all the time from the location in Harbison. Today I go to this location and apparently the same order has a different name. I received my order with only pepperoni no sausage and its watery with little flavor. I called and she explained that what I wanted was called something different. It's a shame that you can't get the same food and service at every location. One thing is for sure I won't be back.

Clinton Weiss

Breadsticks are as great as they were 15 years ago, good food nice atmosphere for a nice simple relaxing evening dinner.

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