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1024 S 12th St, Bismarck, ND 58504, United States

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REVIEWS OF Taco Del Mar IN North Dakota


If you are looking for good costal Mexican cuisine, this place is a must. The staff are friendly, fast, and clean. There are many food choices, all of which are top-notch. I highly recommend checking this place out if you are in the area.

Robert Meuchel

Good food as always

Jamie Laducer

The owners kick ass. They always make you feel welcome. Food is always good and the price is always right

Ron Klose

Great place. Best taco delae ever. Excellent people who care about the customers, the food, and the establishment.

Kaela Surface

Always very helpful and friendly! Love the mondito!

Lisa Dolajak

The staff is fantastic! And the food is great.

Scott Elstad

Excellent food. Fast friendly service. Clean tables and floor. Great time, will go again.

Jasmin Yoder

Best pork tacos

Moe Jallad

I have been going to this place for over two years. Never had one bad experience. People are always nice and friendly - like the black hair lady. I think she is the owner. She is extremely nice. Food is delicious. Not pure authentic Mexican food but pretty good.

Lillian Hansen

LOVE IT!! I get food from here often - you could say I'm a regular. The food is great!

Amanndaa Carrier

Great food.

Kathy Roth

Good food with gluten f we options

Ardin Striefel

Great food and service!!

annie brunsell

Large servings,food had great flavor, very clean, and workers were friendly.

Kathleen Nix-Obert

Employees here are fantastic! Food is great and worth the lunch rush wait. Management/owner lady? needs to stop trying to run the till, 2 times we've handed over full punch cards to her and she's taken it and not given the discount. Super family friendly, try getting there about 11:30 to avoid the lines.

Stephanie Hovland

Great food, low prices

Evan Schwab

Made to order right in front of you.

Mic Rhoads

A little spendy for what it is, but the food is great (love the fish tacos) and the service is very personal. They remember what I always order even when I haven’t been there in months.

Bradyn Baez

Awful. Worst Mexican food I've ever had. How it has a 4.5 star eating is beyond me. If you are looking for authentic Mexican food this is not it!

Kraig Motzko

Great food at a really good price

jashwa justice

5/5 awesome food, try the super nachos!, always helpful. -s

Jeremy G


Kacey Schafer

wonderful authentic Mexican food with a nice atmosphere. Their hibiscus tea is incredible.

Megan Patrick

My favorite place killer burritos!!

Ed Duke

Great place to eat!

Riley Yadon

This is a great local business that supports the community and they have great food. The owners work there every day and are always great to everyone that comes in.

Wendy Hammond

Great family owned business!

Ric Barrick

Great coastal Mexican food for a good price!

Neenah Donnelly

Food as always fantastic

Noah Neuberger

Great food......I come on semi irregular basic and have never had a bad experience. They have also done a small catering event for me when off without a hitch. The husband and wife owners are great people.

Ron B

Excellent Mexican food, in a similar set up to subway. Even better than Paradiso in b my opinion

Brandon Yoder

The food is amazing the atmosphere is excellent and the restaurant is always clean and very colorful. Plus, they sell beer. :-)

DaNae Schuh

Over priced in my opinion. If I enjoyed their free toppings it'd probably be worth it! Don't forget to try their queso!

Andrew Heidt

Very good food, I'll go back

Robert Detenancour

Delicious enchilada platter

Cathy Selinger

Good fast food...friendly

Ty Benson

The food was not good very little flavor.

fidel guzman jr

Some of the worst wanna be mexican food i have tasted then overcharges lol. Yal have no taste buds if yal think this is good food idk how they got a 4.5..... Make the rice better and enchiladas and cook the tortillas better the only think half way decent was the steak meat. Smh

Jolene Aldrich

Very good

Ivan Bonilla

The food looked good but i had a hard time finding the taste.

Shannon Burgueno

Very good tacos.

Angela Brought Plenty

Love my brother n his beautiful family.

Veronica Orozco

Not real mexican food. Nothing really great about it. I didn't really have a good experience here.

Chad Leier

Pretty good place to eat....

dgorman59 .

Great American Mexican. The food is good and the service great.

Alex treib

Quick service, my favorite place to get a burrito in town

Ralph Meredith

ALWAYS Fast and freindly service.

Beth Swanson

Always the same quality and definitely one of my favs for Mexican food. Pat and Angie and their crew are great, and Mike is looney but he's ok too!

Jesse Klaudt

This is my favorite spot for a burrito in town

Raymond Martin

Wow man you got to try their nachos here they're awesome and their burritos and tacos mouth watering good place to eat nice atmosphere

Tony Valdez

Terrible terrible terrible

Chip Hinton

Burrito was excellent! ... made to order ... service was even better!!!

Brian Taylor

Always have awesome service and tasty food. Great place for a quick, delicious meal!

Kellie Larson

The service was absolutely excellent, the place was very cleanly and the staff were completely knowledgeable. I ordered the steak nachos with pinto beans and while they were definitely more than edible they were not as good as the ones from Qdoba.

Anthony Rhoden

Try the super meat nachos!

David Tibor

Food and service is usually prety awesome!

jenny jandreau

Good food good service but I wish the owners work tomorrow

Brent Phillip

Unquestionably the best service around! The staff is so friendly, attentive, and efficient, and the food is sooo delicious. The menu is fresh, tasty, and full of variety and all at great value. This last visit, I had the pork taco salad and it hit the spot! Don’t miss out on their smothered Mondo burritos and enchiladas. Beer too. Doesn’t get better than that.

John Bruse

Nice people and they serve alcohol!

Justin Bashus

Awesome place..Great people!

Laura Swiftbird

Best place for Tacos in bismarck

Alice Webber

Love this place. I eat low carb and their baja bowls are delicious and perfect.

Wendy Vorachek

Love this place!

John P. Torpy

Friendly staff, excellent food with generous portions. Great place!

Laura Jallad

Amazing food!!


I expected more tasty Mexican food


Quick and delicious! Try the Mondito Burrito...

Hance Brick

This place tried to rip me off multiple times by charging me extra for ingredients after I tell them to make it like the picture on the menu with a fixed price. They do refund you for the overcharge after you bring it to their attention but you need to watch them closely because they do seem to do it more often than not. The last time I was there they even accused me of stealing pop but they failed to look to see that I had a drink mix additive next to my water glass that colored the water dark. It's a strange bunch running the the place but I must admit the food wasn't that bad and the place is spacious, clean, and usually not very busy .

K j

Love the mondo

Shane Morlock

Good food, prepared hot and fresh. Nice atmosphere and friendly staff.

jake f

Great food and service! Based on the people I know, this place seems like a bit of a hidden jem in Bismarck/Mandan.

Donna Bloom Hipfner

Really good soft shell tacos for the price..

Chad Waege

Love the food and the customer service

big ben

Great service excellent burritos

Trent Adams

Place was great!!

Jess May

Love Taco Del Mar! Fast and delicious and the staff is friendly and amazing! And they cater!

Aaron Klein

Good. Cheap. Big burrito. Friendly. Yum.

Tim Bruestle

Love this place! Staff is awesome, food is great, and my 4-person family was fed for $26 tonight!

Jeremy Kuntz

Great food and service

Natasha Burt

I've loved Taco Del Mar for years! So I was excited when I found this location after moving here from Washington. They are super friendly, food is yummy, and it's a great value for your money.

Chris Hardsaw

Great food.

Steve nygaard

Great service! Price and food were good!

Zachary Engelhardt

Very good food! They're always nice to me and I haven't been sick once! They greet me with a smile every time! Try their fish tacos they are the bomb! I will always be back for more!

Dani Molinaro

Best taco chain in town.

Vincent Williams

Great place for eat in or catering. Professionally run establishment.

Stacey Lewis

Food is delicious and made and made fresh everyday. It is affordable and they offer great deals everyday of the week. There are multiple choice fit for any and everyone, they even have gluten free and vegan options! Staff is very friendly, helpful, and highly trained to help each and every customer to the best of their ability! Will definitely be eating here again.

Marilyn Schroder

Service good, made our meal fresh and quick.

Nicholas Willoughby

I have been eating here for years and I have never had a bad meal, the food is always fresh, warm and flavorful. I have a hard time deciding on what I want because they have so many good options.

Arlyn Van Beek

Love their food!! Clean, and very friendly staff.

Thomas Broeckel

The food is really good, very clean, really pleasant work staff. The pricing is reasonable, great specials.

Steve Gylten

Good stuff, fast ordering

Ken Grigsby

Great food, great service and fast.

Keith Skunberg

Great Mexican restaurant, good food, friendly staff and fast service. Recommend.

Randy Davis

Excellent ss. Taco

Tom Atkins

It's just great

Susan Ackerman

The staff is friendly and cheerful. The food is good!

Kyle J

I love this place. The food is delicious, the portions are generous, and the price is extremely reasonable. The staff is super friendly as well, and they remember me and my family (we are a pretty big group), which is especially nice, since we feel welcome every time we come. Will continue to eat here as long as they keep their doors open!

matthew Childs

All the food was really good at a reasonable price. The workers were a bit chaotic, but it all worked out in the end. We would definitely go back. Kind of like qdoba, but better.


The most amazing place for burritos. Make sure to get in wet.

Billy Freeman

Favorite place to eat! Great food!

Fred Drews

Love this place, great food, great service, great daily specials.

Jeff Michael

It's good

Dan F

Excellence. Great workers. Great food. Super clean. These guys do it right.

Andrew Winczewski

Love this place so much

Sheena Swenson

It was my first time going, the restaurant was very clean, the staff was very friendly, and thanked us twice for stopping in. It was a nice experience, we were there over lunch, and the rush wasn't bad either. They were very quick at making our food, very prompt service, and so friends I highly recommend this place to you!

Andrea Grigsby

The food is fresh and health even though it is fast. A great place to have fresh Mexican food.

Lissa Walsh

Enchilada platter was the best!

Julie Boswell

Great customer service, clean, bright and airy restaurant with a great atmosphere, and great food freshly made for a great price! Can't beat the value!

Todd Nelson

Good food; fairly reasonable price.

Keith Johnson

Love this place

jesse wisbey

Good service

Nancy Arstein

Food and service was great.

ashguy vlogs

Wonderful food awesome service and nice people. I really recommend it

Miranda Moe

So good!

Rick Cleveland

Good food

Andrew Sorum

Awesome food great service

Marti Peterson

Great food, a little more pricey but it's all made to order.

Daren Linster

Great fish tacos. Awesome burrito.

Peter Carlson

An all right place. Food quick prepared in front of you like a Q'doba or chipotle.

Mackenzie Tweeten

My favorite every time we go to Bismarck we stop!

ge0metr1xx .

Sad that one bad apple can ruin the bunch. The women operating the tortilla press is unfriendly and unsanitary. She acts annoyed to see me every time I go in there. She was wearing gloves but that doesnt matter when she rest's the tortilla on her bare forearm. Completely disgusted. We dont know what lotions, perfume, or toilet spray is on her forearm. The food is sub par. Pre-packaged pre-cooked ingredients..the carne asade is the same quality as you'd get at taco bell really. This place is a fast food gimmick and does not reflect anything that even comes close to resembling mexican food. Beware of unfriendly and unsanitary employees.

Justin Hanson

Fast, Friendly and awesome food. I love the fish tacos!

Brian Mager

Great cheap good food

Trish Frederick

Love their tacos here! The beefy nachos are delicious also!

Michael PicKell

I work here. It's even cleaner in the kitchen. The cleanest I've ever worked in.


Great food!

Mark Wanner

I'd go there again. A nice place with a lot of room. Nice people working there. As far as the food, it was great, but the one thing that will bring me back is the Mondo Burrito! Try that!

Kory Johnson

Standard Mexican.

Devon Waldron

It's reasonably healthful California style mexican food in a build-it-yourself method. This location is a franchisee and well run; service is generally quite good an expedient.

Bret Keeney

Good food at a reasonable price and good service

Joey Bohlen Bohlen

Love it! They're the best. Pat and Angie really know how to take care of their customers

Tyler Alldredge

Yummy, less seafood than I expected which was nice for me.

tschwag .

This is a great place to eat. If you haven't tried it yet you need to go stop in. Very friendly always get greeted when I walk in the door and the seasoned staff are great at there job. Thank you will be eating there again very soon

Cassie Aamold

All around excellent. Good food. Fast and friendly staff every time.

Peter Geiss

Always friendly service!

Lynnae Neuberger

Excellent food and service!

thebestassassin23 .

Horrible. This place made me sick multiple times. Never eating here!!

Dan Ponjican

Great taco bar with a lot of options.


Great food!

Dan Brennan

Yummmo fish tacos!

Casen Malo

Taco toco what the difference. Answer there is nun follow me on Instagram @flatline_sk8

Greg Messer

Great food and staff for lunch!

Andy Reed

Best tacos around especially the fish tacos


Always good and reasonably priced

David Gorman

Great food, good service.

Kent Keller

The staff that work this store are the friendliest, and seem to genuinely care about your experience. Never had a bad meal yet.

Jacob Thomsen

Fish tacos are pretty good

T. Royston

Love the food!

Frank Hazel

Good food but not as good as Pancheros.


If you are looking for authentic Mexican food this is not one of them... They are as close as the Taco bell.

T Neuharth

Delightfully stuffed. Had the mondo burrito combo. Great service with a smile to everyone in line. Best earned tip I've given in Bismarck for years. The guy behind me had been there the day before and let them know he'd come back because he appreciated the service, I think they have earned my repeat business to!

Dylan Frederick

Very good fresh food items and prompt service


Very clean and delicious food...friendly love love the Oreo brownies! :-)

E Jorgenson

My favorite place to eat in Bismarck.

Hattie GoodSoldier

Love the fish tacos - great service and who can argue with gigantore burritos

David Williams

Excellent food

Tiffany M

The customer service is always friendly they drain the meat so you have no soggy tacos or burritos . The pork is awesome .

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