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1509 S Broadway, Minot, ND 58701, United States

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Here you have all the feddbacks of real people who know the products and services of Burger King (Catering) in the state of North Dakota.

Currently the firm has a score of 3.8 stars over 5 and that rating was based on 462 reviews.

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This Catering is included in the category of Fast food restaurant.

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REVIEWS OF Burger King IN North Dakota

Layla S

Fast service. And kind of classy looking

Pete Mendez

It was just a double burger with yellow cheese

Mohammed Siddiqui

They also have Fresh food and fast service.

Jenifer Mortenson

I ordered over 40$ of whoppers and a chicken sandwich. The burgers like always are awesome but I've never had such a burnt and poorly made chicken sandwich from anywhere. I called the store and was treated well. And was offered replacement.

Mark Jantzer

Fast stop to get a breakfast sandwich. Good choices, and fresh made. Pair it with a french toast and beverage and you are set. 2-for-$4 sandwiches are a decent value.

Unicorn Fluffiness

They need to have WEATHER PROOF WINDOWS. Seriously. We sat next to a window and it was COLD! Just a heads up.

Lisa Roettger

Got breakfast in the drive thru when we got home we were missing a sandwich and the ones we did get the biscuits weren't cooked long enough and were nasty

Carol Boen

Always good and friendly

Daisy Fichter

It took forever and our order wasn't correct. The fries were WAY over salted

Michael Thomson

I had it my way


Great food and deals. Also love their fries

Kimberly Hall

Great service and Great food

michele silvis

Good food, prompt service

misty w

It's a Burger King. Just like all the others.

Dawn S.

Always something wrong with the food.

David Miller

Good fast food

Charles Werner

About what you'd expect. Fast quick and cheap.

Martha Salamanca

I only got a coke. But service was fast.

Mary Morin

Good hot food. Friendly employees(atmosphere was a little boring)We dined in. The only downside was there was a lot of flies bothering us while we ate, to the point we probably won't dine in again. Went through drive thru on 11/26/18 got older fries not fresh.

Clifford Andrews

Excellent burgers, fast service, late hours.

Billie Hager

They are never open on time, always have 15 to 20 minutes to wait for your food. An half the time the food is saugie. I wouldn't be so pissed off at the King if he would get off the bender from the night before an actually open up the place on time.

Bridget Williams

Great chicken sandwich for a$1

Scott Olson

I'm a little disappointed, the last two times I ate here the whoppers were subframe. They tasted weird. It'll be awhile before I try again.

Stephen Yzermans

Always quality well made food. Haven't been disappointed yet.

Cathy Nord

Great whoppers.

Sandy Hepburn

Very good!

Randy Lawson

Good foods.

Danny Boully

Normal BK, but they usually have fast service.

Zoe Reeves

Food was hot and delivered to us in a timely manner. Cheaper than the overrated McDonalds

Kristine haugen

Horrible service. They gave me a chocolate shake instead of my diet coke. Then they forgot the ranch dipping sauce and barbeque sauce!

Bill Hewitt

Fast service and friendly staff

Morgan Lafae

Foods great...wonderful customer service...but it needs heat its freezing cold..

F. Mills

20 min in line just get to speaker to place order then told another 25 - 30 min to get an order... FAST FOOD, I think not...

Jessica Belgarde

Staff were fighting and yelling at each other. And you could hear everything clear as day in the drive up window.

Jerry Johnson

Its a fast food resturant that serves what you expect. Good customer service. I use the drive through mostly. My only problem is that sometimes you have a good wait in the drive threw. Other than that freindly service and good food.


It's burger king in minot...what do you expect?

jon king

It's the Best place to get fresh Hot food

Richard Martin

Service was great

Raymond Martin

Really like the rodeo Burger and I really liked your service and other foods they have on their menu

Fallen Shards

The food was good and the service was fast.

Ike Dyer

Advertises that they open at 6am.... NOPE 7am. I hope the owner knows how much they are losing in breakfast revenue...thank goodness McDonald has a better sense of business

Preston Wren

Could be better

Susan Abner

Very friendly wait staff. Texas burger great

Cory Artz

Dirty! Flies everywhere, order did not come as it was supposed to but they did fix the issue.

Jeff Doerr

It's Burger King, say no more. Cheap & fast

Levi ray

Good service. Fair food

Brady Schlak

A quick in and out meal.

Ryan Branson

Great place to grab a quick bite with the kids.

Barbara Peterson

Love the original Chicken Sandwich. Loved the fact that their sidewalks were shoveled down to the cement making it safe to walk into the resturant. Great staff!

Eevee DaYT

Great burgers

David Altschuler

What you would expect from burger King. I did. Not bad service

Lorraime Shjerve

I like the coupons, plus I love that I can get a combo with a salad instead of fries, that helps with my calorie intake

Alice Rispa

good n fSt

Normalinda Gutierrez

My favorite place love the burgers didn't like the tacos

Tera Dickson

Fries toasty hot and delicious Whopper

Doreen Lyons

Great deals, family prices and excellent service.

Denise Duchsherer

Always great Burger's

Rodney Atkinson

I asked for chicken tenders I got chicken nuggets that's how f***** up it was

Steve Stack

Definitely not as good as the Minot location used to be.

Terrie Bly

Great service from a nice lady named vanessa great service!!

Bryer Samuelson

Great food great service.

Robb Kraft

Cheerful and helpful ; cash register, counter personnel...polite, efficient ; that makes your visit a satisfactory dining experience. Morning, noon or night.

Judy Aho

Love Burger King! They have a great variety of food and drinks. Very affordable. Friendly Staff and Great Service!

Dustin Ouellette

It's fast food. About What you would expect. But very clean though.

Kelly Turneau

It is what it is...BK. Coupons from their app are very useful.

Miriam Olson

Cold burger...... good fries

Shane Walter

Best burgers

Janet Richardson

Enjoy their breakfast meals

israel torres

The coupons are a great deal in savings

Addy Foster

Great food every time, fast service, nice people, decent prices.

Jarrett Smith

My boys love this place

Sherll Benson

Love their burgers. They are way better than the rest of them.

Mike Sourile

Clean restaurant, freindly staff and fast service.

Tyrel Bingham

Exactly what you expect when you go in a burger place

Virginia Vassen

Ate at 2:30 on Monday July 23. Health inspector should pay a visit Awful!

Bernadette Trueba

Love the deals and the breakfast wish breakfast would serve all day

Mandi Roswurm

I love the Burger king it is my favorite place to eat at so far.


Very fast and very friendly

D. A.

I don't come here to listen to a middle age women scream at fellow co-workers please silence this menace. I give food 4.5 stars

Keegan Chap

Flys everywhere

Corey Heath

Food was good

Haley Mastvelten

Best pizza ever! The delivery is so fast and they do awesome promos.

Lisa DeVille

I like the chicken fries with onion rings.

Debbie Edison

Always appreciate the variety of burger king.

Taylor Stolz

Friendly staff during lunch hour

Heather Besemann

Lovin the 10 pc nugget for a buck.

Patrick Smith

It's a great place to eat ,great customer service and fair prices

Chris Heidt

Good food!!!

Hunter Sirrine

The 10:30 am Hamburger is awesome!

Romelito Poblete

I like that place because the hamburger taste a real deal grill hamburger especially I normally get the $6 deal which I get the spicy chicken and the Whopper the amount total $6.45 that is what I deal

Angel Wanous

This is my go to for fast food. Great service!

Christie Lynn Henderson

Stopped by to get lunch with the grandkids so I had a good size order. They got it correct and they had it ready pretty quickly. My only complaint is everytime my family goes to BK it tastes like their sodas are flat but maybe that's just their recipe in their machine. Love that they offer coke zero and diet Dr. Pepper! Not all fast food places in town do.

Lloyd Ann Caston

Cheap food on there dollar menu. Works when you dont want to cook!

Lulu Mosley

The staff wasn't nice at all and the dinning room wasn't clean

Allen Essig

Good food, recommend getting their app. For discounts

Denny Gould

Great food

Charles Kolander

Always order extra, especially later at night, because they're almost guaranteed to forget something

Cathy hussey-berdahl

Greasy but good & fast

Josh Rhoads

Food was delicious and fries were hot! Great place every time I go

Serena Zietz

Order was way wrong and stuff was missing.

Dan Scott

My fast food restaurant of choice. The Whopper and Whopper Jr are consistently excellent and almost without fail your special orders are delivered as requested.

Travis Zabka

Shorted me my dang kids meal

Pam Eckel

Chicken fries and fries and a drink were great.

Amy Krebs

Atmosphere is good and the staff is nice but the fries were cold and way too salty

Shane Luke

Great place to go but make sure you ask for fresh fries. They seem to think it's optional.

debbie c. emerson

Nice clean store with fresh hot Whoppers!

Angela Kraft

Grilled chicken is the best

Sean Banks

Great fast service

Jamie Lee

Slow service

sherryg g

Fast at the time I went through Still got order wrong though and it was pretty simple. A Cheeseburger w) just ketchup, pickle, Lettuce NO Bun. I leave And realized they put everything on it the other stuff and Onions and Mustard. Yuck.. Why Cant these places get our food right.. fast food for a reason

Kelly Langan

Very fast and very friendly.

Rhoda LaFontaine

Chicken Sandwiches is the Best

nathan brooke

It’s a good spot for fast food

Nadine Rhymer

I've always loved burger King we used to make it our Friday night dinner back home

Jazmyn Lovenburg

Friendly workers, fast and accurate with their order!

Sheila Flakne Reuter

Good place to eat when your on the run.

Cam Sortland

It's fast food. It's cheap, quick, and tastes fine. Some of the deals are good especially with the coupons they send out.

Larissa Mcgrath

Oubd hair in my grandsons French toast sticks

Charlie Francis

Screwed up order through drive through. Ask for doubles, got singles.

Samantha Lynn


Ghia Drew

The staff here, were extremely helpful and wonderful. The food looked just like the advertisements, nice, crisp and colorfull. I'm so happy we stopped there. My burger was tasty, not greasy, just delicious wonder beef. Keep up the good work, you guys rock?

Alfred Negreros

For me always good

Reva W

Love the Whopper

Loren Robbins


Marci Larson

Tried one of their tacos. Not bad for 1 dollar

Virginia Pierce

Everytime I have been here. I have ordered a burger. To me their burgers are very very salty. Otherwise their store offers a place to sit at a table. Or u can order take out they also offer a driver through.

Bryan Parisien

Awsome burgers

Tyler Alldredge

Waited over 10 minutes in drive thru before I left. A stupid sandwich isn't worth that much time. Impossible to get whopper.

Dawn Marie

It was busy in the drive-thru but still got our food hot and not that long of a wait and employees were courteous and friendly

James Clement

Good fast service

Tim Braley

This is my go to fast-food restaurant. They are busy so I understand that there may be a slight wait for food. They are fast and accurate on my orders.

Michael Ronan

I'm an employee there

Alan Walker

Good nuggets!

Val Tso

My favorite place to eat.

Edie Armey

Things have improved big time in the past couple of weeks at Burger King I got my food fast it was fresh and the young staff seemed more confident. Yes, I tried the tacos and I thought they were pretty good. I’ll check back in a couple weeks


Don't forget that they have the best fast food fries.

Emmanuel Baccay

You get a lot discounts from their apps

waynewhorley .

Wish food was made right

Cody Scholz

My girlfriend went to get us breakfast this morning we had a coupon 2 meals for $5 when she went to pay the cashier threw the coupon in the trash and charged her full price .. she told them that it was $5 for the meals and they got extremely rude told her she couldn't use it because she should have gave them the code before. They were mean and slammed the window the cashier went and got her manager, manager opened the window and said code before the window and slammed the window ... then opened it and said the refund was on the card and that she had to override so thanks in a mean tone and slammed the window again then pretty much threw the food and last coffee at her and slammed the window. What Great service and a great way to start the day

Dustin Church

Food was good, butservice was subpar. The gentle working the window was either very new or knew nothing about customer service. Didn't say a word when I came to the window

Frank Clark

It was just another burger king. The inside looke remodeled. So that was nice. Love the kings fries they're better than those other places

Angela Schultz

Food was good and service was fast

James Feeley

Super fast and yummy

Anthony DeCoteau

Love the whopper

Vern Eckel

Both the wife and I ate here. We do come here on a fairly regular basis. Mainly because I can get the low carb meal. Burger king is usually clean but some of the people working there could be a lot more friendly. Also they need to keep their display board updated.

Nicole Beaver

The staff was awesome. The cashier was the manager and was very helpful in helping us in what to order because we were on a shoestring budget.

john bridwell

What's the point of having an app to order food and have it ready when you pull up and then it wasn't even started so you have to pull up and wait longer than what it would've taken to just go through drive through. Stupid!!!

Tyson Ferrell

Cheap & easy

Alexandra Rodriguez

I used the drive through and the food was too salty the fries as well as the chicken sandwich. Definitely not the regular taste

Gary Beck

I was given the wrong tea. When I asked for a double whopper it was explained grill was not available. Why offer serving burger on your menu when your grill is not available or working.

Anthony Owens

Ordered a whopper meal. Got sick for two days. I was sick immediately after eating it. Do not recommend

Brenda Weis

Majority of the staff was very helpful

Patrick Haye

Excellent service good burger

Dustin Voeller

Great place to eat!

Amy Lansverk

Burgers were alright, but a &w is better

Jane Lockwood


Abri Lombard

Great service and food!

Lourdes Barraza

Good burger and coffee

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