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REVIEWS OF The Root Cellar Cafe & Catering IN North Carolina

andre dalrymple

Great place to have a quick bite and priced fairly. Nice atmosphere and great service

Erin Hoffman

The food is good and the staff is friendly. The food is a bit pricey and the portion sizes are on the smaller size. The customer gets their own drinks, silverware, napkins, etc. and then busses their table when they're done eating. The overall atmosphere is friendly and enjoyable.

J Heel

I have now been multiple times and imagine I will be returning much more frequently. The sandwich selection is great and the burger was excellent. The fries, onion rings and jalapeno ranch were amazing. I find the value for quality and quantity to be excellent. There is sidewalk chalk outside for kids and this is a dog friendly place. I would love to see some beer specials. Overall I highly recommend.

Beth Bale

Interesting place. Some food was excellent such as the steak. Other food was fair such as the scones and coffee cake. Good, extremely rich soup. Nice coffee. A bit high in price for some items, but reasonable on others.

Kristin McCarthy

We have eaten a few times at the new location. We love taking the short trip out to the country to enjoy some of our favorite dishes and try some of the dishes not available at the Chapel Hill location. We can't wait to enjoy some local brew and food on the patio throughout the summer. Thank you for using locally grown ingredients! Also the jalapeño Ranch is amazing!! Not only do they have amazing food specials but they also have delicious sangria and desserts.

sy w

Great little sandwich shop! Outside seating that looked dog friendly. Prices seemed a little hi but the sandwiches were very good. Wish I could have tried their soups as they looked delish

Callie Doty

This is the best new place to eat in Pittsboro-hands down! The atmosphere is perfect- laid back and surrounded by beautiful antiques! The food was delicious! I’ve had the buffalo “chicken” wrap, the breakfast quesadillas, and a couple different dinner specials. Every time I left asking, “When am I coming back?!” Can’t wait for early spring nights because a seat next to that outdoor fire pit is calling my name!!

Peter Jasion

The Root Cellar is a welcome addition to the ever-growing list of new restaurants in the Pittsboro area. If you want fresh, great sandwiches, salads, etc., this is the place to go!

Robert Wyrick

The food is excellent. We also wanted to try the House of Hops next door. They brought our food to a table there.

Oliver Green

Excellent atmosphere, fast service. My wife had the sausage biscuit breakfast, she said the sausage didn't taste like sausage.

Marisa Asturias

Really subpar food, and service. Disappointing, blah food. Hot sandwich cold, flavors not there. Sadly better food elsewhere. Read other low star reviews, unfortunately, I didnt!

Mara W

The food was pretty good. I got the mozerella and pesto sandwich. Love that they have Blue Sky Soda. Problem is the noise. There were two kids screaming most of the time we were there and the sound just echoed. Wish they could do something to absorb noise.

Christopher Montana

Well a bit high priced and I dont get the tip thing at the cash register... for what. The fish tacos where ok. The burger was burnt it was medium. Not that good really. Next time not going there.

King of the Castle Christensen

After a long time we decided to try the root cellar. The plaza is quaint and I am excited for the rest to come. The atmosphere in the restaurant is perfect; however, that was the only good thing about it. Lunch was bland, offering only two items for kids meals is terrible. There is a fine line between local cafe and overpriced items. Unless things change I will be excited to see what new restaurant takes this awesome location.


I came to the restaurant on an early Sunday morning to enjoy a simple ethical local brunch just to learn that they get the majority of their ingredients from US foods the cashier when I attempted to check out I asked them where they got their eggs from and he gave me an attitude says why does it matter they're just eggs would you like me to ask? I said I responded yes please they're not just eggs chickens work really hard to lay their eggs and farmers work really hard to grow their chickens I would appreciate for you to ask... and it turns out that they do get their eggs from US foods.. One of the simple list locally sourced food you could possibly buy and they got them from US foods a commercial commercial food distributor ... it's not only the fact that they are false advertising and marketing to population that desire is locally sourced foods it's the fact that they didn't know in the first place where their food is sourced from that they had an attitude about it and that they had the disrespect to minimize the hard work that farmers go through to provide them with good food .... what a sham :(

Caleb Griesbach

Sometimes they're good but they're terribly inconsistent. I've been there several times, most of the time they screw up my order or it's cold. When it happens they never apologize or give me a discount/free app. My brother once ordered a steak quesadilla and they brought him a NY strip steak. This is one example.

amogh zadbuke

Amazing place. Good for fallmily and friends to hangout. The food is good too.

Tony McKinnon

Very disappointed with the overall experience. My omelet was served lukewarm and the texture was like rubber. I ordered bacon, mushroom, cheese and tomato and instead of the tomato being diced they stuck three slices of tomato inside. I also asked for toast which normally accompanies any breakfast order and unbeknownst to me charged $2. My wife ordered soft scrambled eggs and they were way over cooked. The food was terrible and overpriced.

Shonda Emerson

Great place for Sunday brunch!

Chad Edwards

I'm not sure what the previous reviewer is talking about. Prices are posted and fair for this area. Food came out quickly with good service. I heard the clerk ask everyone if it was their first time here. Most importantly, the food was delicious and correct. The owner even spent time talking with us at the table. Great experience!

anna paulson

Been a fan of the Chapel Hill location for a long time and love the new one even more. Creative dinner specials that are affordable and restaurant is very family friendly.

Danielle McAndrew

This new location is convenient and just really a neat space with lots of windows and natural light. The quality of food here is great. They have some very tasty items on the menu. The mozzarella sandwich is amazing! However, I ordered the breakfast quesadilla during this last visit and was presented with 2 breakfast tostadas. Still very tasty, just not the uber cheesy, hand held breakfast item I was looking for. Trying to get a bit of everything in one bite, cutting it with a fork and knife, while chasing the contents around my plate wasn't the way I wanted to start my day.

Andy Bailey

Very local flavor to Pittsboro, a little pricy, but good overall.

Connie's Email

Our family finally had a chance to visit the new Pittsboro Root Cellar. Have loved the Chapel Hill location for years. The atmosphere in the new place is really fun - it's open, laid back, and there are so many windows - tons of gorgeous natural light in the daytime. Everything tasted fresh and came out pretty fast considering they were packed at the time. Totally looking forward to going back and trying more of the menu.

Shevonn H

Love love love this place. Great atmosphere and awesome people all around!

Virginia Penley

Great food, cheerful service, eclectic menu, generous portions. The decor is trendy and accommodates large groups or small. Love it.

Johana Carolina Sandoval

1.Coffee with one shot, please? No, we make it with two shots. 2. There was a little change in your order. We ran out of tomato soup so this is your veggies soup. -what? I didn't order that one. -yeah but we don't have more... This was the first and last visit. Customer service was a lot less than average. Good desserts but nothing else good to say...

Mike Jones

Large tasty portions, great staff in a fun setting. If going during peak times expect a bit of a wait - it’s a popular spot.

Renuka Soll

I love this restaurant. The ambience is fun and relaxing. The food came out quickly and was delicious. I especially love the wraps and the desserts. I plan to order desserts from here for future parties at my house.

Bruce Boyd

So reFRESHing the food, the staff, the space! A great addition to Pittsboro, my go to place. Meals to go make it my Home place too. yummy

Megan Fisher

Great food, fun environment, friendly staff. Highly recommend!

claire linker

My husband and I ate breakfast there last week. We were truly disappointed. My grits had an off flavor, and the biscuit tasted like it had been made the night before and kept in the frig then just put on the plate. My husband got a breakfast sandwich that fell apart in his hands. His very small bottle of orange juice cost 4 dollars. Our bill was $25 . We won’t be returning!!

brandon dawkins

Found this gem while visiting friends from out of town. Love that everything is made fresh daily and so many options for breakfast and lunch! They also offer dinner specials that change regularly. Hope to visit again soon!

Ben Ramos

Went in to sit down and have a drink, the owner was very rude and the vibe was off. There are better places to spend your money.

Judith Bush

Delicious salad selections, and the many different diets & palates in my group were all delighted.

Sharon Matthews

Love this place - the food is fresh and affordable and the staff are great!

Nick Karasek

Ordered online - Ruben. Not Ruben - hardly even a Rachel. Dressing applied with a teaspoon on the center of one side - minimal slaw - had to look to verify some cheese was there - just a disappointing sandwich for too much money - wont be back.

Peggy Whitkins

Recently visited the Pittsboro location - loved the food, staff and atmosphere! Food is fresh and generous portions. Shrimp and grits are fabulous! Save room for dessert! They have plenty of cakes and pies by the slice, cookies and banana pudding!

Robin Tharp

Because I was having surgery, and my husband’s lack of cooking skills, we ordered a week of vegetarian suppers. We were pleasantly surprised by the readymade delicious meals. So much so that we’re now planning to order the weekly meal plan at least once per month. If your schedule is busy, or like myself, will not be able to cook your own meals, I recommend trying their meal plan. Just put them in the oven for thirty minutes and eat. You won’t be disappointed and the banana pudding is fantastic.

Ed Kirkpatrick

Very good food and service. Yummy desserts. Have gone twice in one week

Whitney Johnson

We were across the street for a week at Hospice and this place turned out to be a sanctuary for us. Great relaxed vibe, plenty of indoor space, outdoor space too. Great coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wine and beer too. WiFi also!

Liz Clark

I was so glad to hear about the Root Cellar opening up nearby and checked it out for lunch. We got some coffee drinks, a sandwich and salad. Everything was really good and the prices reasonable. The customer service was excellent - we felt very welcomed by the counter staff right when we walked in. They offer a variety of desserts and cakes - some gluten free. Great addition to Chatham County and I'll be back!

Shirley G White

Fresh delicious food, great place to visit with friends and family

Jennifer Britt

Excellent service, delightful sandwiches and fries, sensational chocolate cake. This is a great place to go for a mid-afternoon treat. It is not the cheapest, but worth it. A meal may run around 11-14/person with tip and a water. I will be back.

Hope Mackelprang

Casual, not usually busy. Offers Paleo food. Food plates are between 8 - $14 generally. I like my salmon, sweet potato and green bean dish, but the sweet and sour chicken was not edible. No flavor, no sauce and the chicken was dry and chewy. Breakfast foods, sandwiches, salads, a few other specially dishes and a bakery are what's to choose from.

martin m

Incredible Southern food done right - especially for breakfast (the biscuits are heavenly). Generous portions, great coffee and shaded outdoor seating. The chapel hill location is UNCs most popular spot, but we love their Pitsboro location just as much.

Tim Smart

Love this place! A bit pricey, but it is worth it!

Alan Pitstick

Great sandwiches

Mike Greenwell

Great place & really friendly. Italian sandwich was super.

Mia Ives-Rublee

So happy for a new restaurant in Pittsboro. I love the owners. They also have a fun fire pit where you can roast marshmallows!

Jonae Loren

Food was delicious! The atmosphere and service was great!

Darren Wright

Ordinary. Nothing spectacular about the food. Had the BBQ Turkey Sandwich. Turkey was a bit dry. Could have used a little more BBQ sauce. Quite overpriced. Over $8 for a dry, almost day after Thanksgiving, leftover tasting, turkey sandwich with very little meat. Oh, and no sides come with it. The best part of the sandwich was the bread and butter pickles on it. The girl that brought my sandwich to me plopped it down in front of me, mumbled something incoherently, and almost stomped back to the kitchen. As it was my first time visiting, I expected more than a fast food experience at this place. I could have gone to Hardee's and gotten that kind of service. Most likely my first and last time here.

Bryon Snow

Quite place to eat. But bring a hefty size wallet!!

Justin Huckaby

Wonderful selection of delicious food. Friendly and quick service. I try to visit the Root Cellar at least once a week.

Terrie Whitt

Have been here several times since they opened. Every experience has been positive. Love the food! It's tasty, fresh and the portions are generous. The atmosphere is fun and the staff friendly. Enjoyed the open doors and fire pit during the weekend. Will definitely be going back!

Karen Gupton

My first time at the Root Cellar and my experience did not go well. My daughter and I were disturbed by flies so much we could not enjoy our lunch. I mentioned the flies to the hostess and she said ok and walked away. The food was just ok. My first and last time at the Root Cellar. Pittsboro location.

Mike Harrelson

Curious place... There's more in there than you think....

GREG Henson

Great food and friendly staff. A little pricey but sometimes these specialty food restaurants are. Still need to try it.

derrick alvarez

Nice staff and the tip options are now updated and although the sandwiches do not come with sides I think that the prices are reasonable due to the high quality sandwiches and everything is made in house. The root cellar is a great addition to Pittsboro.

Chad Pike

Food was good....sandwich was huge..

Wayde001 Car

I am so glad I stopped in to check it out. The food was delicious and I really like having another option for 'good and fresh' dining in the area. Highly recommend RC Pittsboro.

Gina Difino

A selection of fun deli salads, great sandwiches, nice dinner entrées, And breakfast sandwiches. So glad to have them in town...only wish they were downtown!

Samantha P.

We bought cake and drinks from the Root Cellar, and have been there many times in the past, the food has always been fairly descent- but not really worth the money. Today is the last time i will ever attempt to go there. Like I said, we bought cake and drinks for the four of us from them- and sat down in their very large, COMPLETELY unoccupied patio area. I repeat, there was NO ONE ELSE sitting outside. We bought pizza from Marcos to go with our drinks and cake, because our 7 year old twins wouldn't likely eat anything from their menu. So we proceeded to eat our lunch- not bothering anyone. We were asked to leave because of our outside food. Now- for those that don't already know- Marcos is attached to this shopping area, and is also the food served by the House of Hops that SHARES the patio with The Root Cellar. It wouldn't even have been that bad- had the employee (the young man) been completely rude about it, asking if I had read the sign, even after i explained that we were paying customers.


I had the Cubano it was okay nothing really special about it but if you want to have a couple beers there's a tap room right next door and they will deliver your food to you there.

praveen gali

One of my best blt sandwich..

Daisy Maness

Food was outstanding

Jen Hodshon

Epic food and a great environment! We really enjoyed our time there and had an amazing brunch.

Len Raleigh

The Root Cellar is a neat place in Pittsboro. Lots of wraps, sandwiches, salad, soup, coffee and great vegetarian sides.

you know who

I was expecting the same service and delicious food that I get at the Root Cellar in Chapel Hill. Instead I got a disappointing experience. The day was dreary with a late-Fall rain on and off. A friend and I stopped in for a late lunch. It was chilly and one of the floor-to-ceiling windows was open all the way. When I mentioned that we wouldn't be staying to eat because of the chill, the young woman taking our order said It's a garage. Huh? Then she said that they keep the garage door open because they like fresh air in the summer. I reminded her that it was December. What rabbit hole had I slipped down? We ordered food to eat at home. We really wanted the wild mushroom wrap, but this Root Cellar didn't have it on the menu. It was prior to 2PM so we both ordered items from the breakfast menu. They contained all the items they were supposed to but were not delicious.

Ladybug Watching

Very good food. Fixed mistakes with order promptly. Great management.

Mary Thompson

One of my hardline criterum forfa place NC is iced tea. - one star bc the tea was fresh but weak. Selection is important, too. I was quite surprised to find a DELI with no pastrami or roast beef. The turkey rubeun was inventive -- the sauerkraut was actually pickled slaw. I liked it fine but not enough to crave it. Folks were nice. Service was quick. 3 stars it is

John Klein

We've had good and bad meals here, but serious points off for calling a turkey sandwich with purple cabbage on it a Reuben (had it been called the Rachel I wouldn't have gotten it). You should be ashamed! If you're looking for food that is healthy at the expense of flavor and allure then this is it. Rich, savory, and delicious simply aren't on the menu.

Sarah Mackiewicz

This is my Pittsboro pit-stop! The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable - perfect for families or a quick bite. Plus the fire-pit is a great little hangout! Really nice selections of craft beers, not your run of the mill wines and their desserts are the best!!

Kimberly Ruck

Great coffee, breakfast biscuits, smoothies, pastries and sandwiches. Their ingredients are high quality and bottomless cup of coffee will make you stay longer.

Nichole Ewing

Food was fantastic! Great decor too.

Jesse Dunn

Food. Poisoning. I ordered the most simple of things, their BAT sandwich this afternoon, and have been nonstop throwing up the contents thereof for the past several hours.

Terri Yates

Relaxed, casual atmosphere. No fuss dining, with an outdoor patio option. The menu consists of simple dishes (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) expertly prepared to satisfy any palate. The food is made fresh, supporting local farmers. A small array of beautiful cakes and pies are displayed (encased) to tempt your sweet tooth. Save room because they don't skip on perfection here, either.

Ned Nice

Great restaurant! We go here at least 1 or 2 times a week and always have a wonderful meal and the staff here are always phenomenal!

christopher barton

Great lunch. Cafe feel

Mea McGhee

Delicious, Clean and Wonderful service!

Melanie Lukic

This location has only been open a few weeks, and I've already been there six times. I love the food and atmosphere. Favorite lunch so far has been the bacon/chicken spinach wrap sandwich. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful, and I love how several servers bring your food out at the same time....very team and customer oriented. There is also a HUGE selection of scrumptious desserts, as well as cookies and biscuits if you are on the run.

megan boyd

The staff weren't very friendly or attentive. They were busy chatting among themselves. The food wasn't that great especially given the price. My child's grilled cheese wasn't even cooked long enough for the cheese to melt. The desserts were pretty good but that's about the only positive.

Gilberto cabrera

Amazing Food, and customer Service. I am definitely coming back for diner soon.

Allison Crowder

Wonderful fresh food! The soups and desserts are fantastic.

Jerry Cole

My wife and I had breakfast this morning at the new Root Cellar restaurant in Pittsboro. Like so many newer restaurants, you place your order at a reception desk, receive a number, and the food is brought to your table. You are expected to add a tip when you order your food and the lowest choice was 18%. I was told, however, that you could leave zero tip if you wanted to do that. We ordered the “farm plate” breakfast for $8.95 each. With coffee and an 18% tip plus tax, the bill came to over $24. After ordering we went to the self-service “coffee bar”, but there was insufficient coffee to fill two cups. However, the supply was replenished after we reported this to staff. The food was brought to our table and, unfortunately, it was just not very good. The eggs were OK, but the sausage had a strange, rather unpleasant, flavor like none we had tasted before. The cheese grits were extremely runny—like a soup, and the biscuit was almost cold. We then had to bus our dishes and silverware, before leaving. One of our coffee cups had caked-on food on the side, suggesting inadequate dish washing. The furniture in the restaurant is uncomfortable and looks like it has been purchased from flea markets. The self- bussing station was messy, and unpleasant. Unpleasant is a good word to describe our experience. Much better food, far better service, at significantly lower prices can be found easily in the area. This Root Cellar is a good place to avoid.

Andy Hilton

Stay away if you value your hearing. Screaming kids will leave your ears ringing and no chance of an actual conversation with your fellow diners. Food is mediocre and pretty limited.

Ed Barnes

Relaxed, good food, nice staff. New space and looks like they can open up some bay doors in nice weather.


Great bakery deals and fun sweets, excellent staff, fast service. The ranch dressing doesn't taste like ranch though, too much dill and no tang. Definitely great drinks and bakery, AMAZING cookies.

jacqueline johnson

Food is amazing! Great atmosphere with quick, friendly service.

Dana Mackonis

, love, love this new place in Pittsboro. Everything I have had here has been very good. Not fancy, you walk up to the counter order your food, they give you a number and eventually bring out your food. They do serve some alcohol I have not tried any of that yet the desserts look pretty good as well lots of different kinds of salads really a pretty good-sized menu variety considering everything appears to be made from scratch. I eat here about once every two weeks. It also has an outdoor area with a fire pit. Kid friendly.

Emmie Fisher

Burrito Bowl was as good the 2nd time as the 1st. Prices are reasonable and evening outdoor seating is pleasant.

Tom Worcester

Always enjoy the food and people. It is the same yet different from the Chapel Hill location. I have been going to the Root Cellar for multiple years and before that it was Fosters.

rene paige

I come here every once a month . Me and my mom love the food . ☺️! I might be coming back tomorrow lol . I suggest this place . And also the customer service is great !

Officer D

The food is good, the menu is varied and service is fast. It is very loud inside and crowded right now due to the cold. When the outdoor section is open this should relieve some of the crowds.

Lauren Whitley

Ordered takeout. Cubano, chicken pot pie, and grilled cheese with garlic fries. All fantastic and reasonable priced. Everything was fresh and delicious. Desserts are well worth it!

Ashley King

I love the root cellar! The food taste awesome and is healthy. Best restaurant ever!


Deducted a star as the serve yourself cutlery a little germy...maybe they could wrap up sets in napkins...and there seems to be variance in the cooks as I had an amazing tender well-done steak one visit, then the next steak wasn't nearly as sumptuous. Pancakes and wraps are delicious and i love how accommodating they are with substitutions or little modifications (Fearrington goat doesn't). Awesome atmosphere, great vegetarian choices.

Matt Clements

Delicious local cafe. Try any of their delicious sandwiches. A real treat!

Lynn Hoffman

Great food, great service. Clean with good atmosphere. Nice menu selection with vegetarian, gluten free, and Paleo options. Priced about right for the portions and quality.

K Ant

Excellent experience happy Anniversary 1 year strong.

Jeremy Smarch

So glad I was finally able to try the RootCellar's new location in Pittsboro! I had the breakfast burrito and it was delicious. I was extremely happy with how fast the food came out, especially given the fact that there was a decent sized crowd at the restaurant. The staff was also very courteous and helpful when I had a few questions about the menu.

Lisa Bostic

Great food and friendly staff.

Jimmy Little

Great restaurant with excellent food. Try the desserts.

Ronda Johnson

My boyfriend and I stopped there this morning and had a bad experience. Long story short, our grits and my egg dish were undercooked and soupy. We asked to have both replaced and this time my eggs were done but the grits came back cold and half as runny so we didn't eat them. The coffee is self serve but we had to ask for creamer and I was handed an almost empty carton and told someone was on their way to the store for more. Very unprofessional staff and undercooked and cold food.

JR Butler

Great food and they have some vegetarian options too

Telena Gooch

Great new place to eat! I ate with a large group and everyone loved their meal. Shrimp and grits were great!!!

Nicholas Patrick

good food and service, a very cool area!

Susan DiNardo

I've been a big fan of the original Root Cellar and was so happy to see a second location open up. The eating area is full of bright space with casual seating. The menu choices are eclectic and, in many instances, a refreshing twist on comfort food, like a grilled cheese sandwich made with pepper jelly. My breakfast favorite is the grits bowl with country sausage and a side of sunflower seed toast. It's going to be our new "go to" restaurant when family visits because it has something for everyone - even vegan options. Their scones are gi-normous! And now I'm hungry.

Carl Fisher

Good sandwiches and baked goods. They have some craft beers on tap, or go next door to House of Hops for a bigger selection. The 2 share a sunny common patio and cooperate on food and drink orders.

Danielle Bourgeois-Price

All Natural Ingredients, Great Customer Service, Extensive Menu!! A true Gem and Definitely a Must Experience!!! Ohhhhh, and dare I not mention FANTASTIC DESSERT AS WELL!!! Their baked goods are a SLICE OF HEAVEN!!!

Ilija Lukic

Pittsboro NC location...terrible experience...ordered pulled BBQ turkey sandwich...meat dried out and hard...was actually only cold BBQ sauce spread on near stale meat...barely warm, grilled bun burned black...french fries OK...chicken tarragon side salad was awful; tasted every bit as bad as such a salad would after sitting in cooler all hot dog mac and cheese so chicken fingers OK...the worst part was, we came to eat after seeing signs in neighborhoods and in restaurant that kids eat free on Thursday nights...NOT SO...after paying and while waiting for food I noticed on the receipt the kids had been charged for their meals...I asked for manager to complain...she said the meals are only free with meals ordered off special dinner menu sheet...I explained this was not made clear at time of placing order, nor did the menu board in restaurant or signs placed in neighborhood stipulate this requirement...she would not compensate me for the charges levied due their false advertising...I will most likely not patronize Root Cellar again and will caution all friends about less than tasty food and false advertising gimmick to get you into restaurant...

Sheen Klaus

The food was ok, the service wasn't great, and it was very unclean. We will not be going again.

Jason Harshaw

The food is generally excellent, though better shrimp and grits can be had in this town. The onion rings are exceptional and the craft beer selection is pretty good. The biggest downside is a lack of table service: order at the register and bus your own dirty dishes.

Liz Woods

The food is good and the desserts are better! Sometimes we go just to get a dessert. There's a lot of great outdoor seating where children can run around.

Britt Nave

Good brunch and coffee

Gloria Debnam

I just ate the most amazing jammin' turkey sandwich! Fresh, local ingredients and the harvest cookie was delicious! I just found my new favorite place for deli style sandwiches! I will definitely be back! Thank you Pittsboro!! Mmm good!!

Robert Kennedy

I love the Root Cellar in Chapel Hill but the one in Pittsboro leaves me wanting. Twice now I have stopped by on the weekend to have a coffee and a pastry, like a scone, and they don't have any; all they have are cookies. If you want breakfast it's fine but for something simple like coffee and a scone go somewhere else.,

Surratt Lab

Food is amazing! Great people who run this restaurant! You won't go run going to this place!!!!!! Yum!!!

D Swa

It was late on a Sunday afternoon, not exactly rush hour, when I called in an order for hubby to pick up. It was a simple order, and Root Cellar whiffed it. Tarragon Chicken Salad on toasted sourdough. A bag of plain potato chips. A piece of carrot cake. (We discussed which KIND of carrot cake and I chose plain.) First, they said he could pick out chips when he showed up. No, I said, please put them in the order, as he's not there to shop. He arrived, paid for all three items, but they didn't put in the carrot cake. Then I noticed the sandwich was "inside out" -- the toasted "side" of the sourdough was facing out! There are some things you shouldn't have to tell people. I could understand screwing up a complicated order, but seriously? They can't get a sandwich, chips, and carrot cake right? But the Tarragon Chicken Salad was tasty ...

Deirdre Cales

Great food but the Cashier service was a little disappointing. They have two Reuben sandwiches and brought out the wrong one. We didn't know they had two today. They did fix it quickly and bring out the right order and the male server was very friendly and helpful. They also advertise mac and cheese on their specials board which we were told would not be ready for another hour.

Rachel Scroggins

Never disappointed when I come here! They have the BEST honey roasted peanut butter I've ever had, I wish they sold it by the jar! And who doesn't love bottomless coffee?!

Russell Kelley

Wow! Will I return? The jury is still out.,. I had hoped for something more.

Ethan Bean

Great shrimp and grits. And now next to House of Hops!

Social Innovation Lab UNC

I take every opportunity to support local, family owned businesses and it is icing on the cake when they offer wholesome tasty food in a vibrant and clean atmosphere on top of their dedication to local community. As a previous small business owner, I understand the hard work, sleeplessness nights, and angst that comes with this huge undertaking. I am so excited that Pittsboro has its' own Root Cellar and the owners are long time Pittsboro residents who understand the community and are dedicated to helping grow the economy of a charming small town. Two thumbs up for the cakes too!

kimberly anderson

The service here is awful. I'm not a huge fan of going into a restaurant and being treated as though I'm dense when I ask about the menu. When a customer asks specifics on a dish, the answer should never be "I don't know" On top of that, Highschool employees were flinging around mop water while people are eating. So now I am not comfortable dining in the restaurant at all because it's dirty. Every time I have tried to give this place a chance, I leave not understanding why I came back. I would have thought that a year in service would help this place iron out their kinks... But no one I have spoken to will spend their money here.

Eric Hallfors

Great food. Reasonable price

Sarah Goyea

Great food, location and atmosphere! The breakfast biscuits are delicious!

Bonita Enders

You must try The Root Cellar Pittsboro! We've already been many times and the food is always delicious and fresh. They change up the menu daily with specials and different bakery items (the coconut cake is to die for) and they have beer, wine and coffee drinks. It's always a treat to have a meal there (best salmon I've ever had) and meet our neighbors for an evening away from the kitchen! The Pittsboro community is fortunate to have another great place to eat!!!

Phil Travars

Great portions for the money, better as a lunch / brunch type outing.

John Vespia

Excellent breakfast this morning, helpful and friendly staff will be back to try lunch and dinner. Can't wait til spring to sit outside .

travis davis

food id great and aleays clesnand nice people

Dustin Burke

We just got breakfast here and I must say it was overwhelming disappointing. I can deal with $25 for breakfast (keep in mind that is for 1 BLT and 1 biscuit) and portions were big....but. The potatoes had absolutely no taste. I think there was more onion taste than actual potato? I think everything was oniony. (if that is a word) The cheese was like 'un-tearable' meaning I couldn't hardly cut it with a fork. The texture was similar to dried glue. Wife specifically asked for no mayo on the BLT, and of course came with mayo. We noticed it only after we got home. We didn't feel the need to check it like we do Taco Bell, but we should have trusted our gut. (and mind). They refunded our money on the BLT, but we would rather someone just follow orders and actually get food than get money back. After all we went there for food, not for currency return. We won't be back nonetheless.

Sheri Chen

Delicious breakfast. Great friendly staff. Good for family dining. Love the country chic decor.

Evan Ensley

Eclectic and different that most. Had a delicious meal for my birthday here and the food was not only quick but delicious. The staff is very friendly and were a tentative to our needs. One of the big things I was impressed with was how quickly they cleaned and got the table's ready for the next customers. For the 1st time there will not be the last for me! Keep it up guys

Gail Jacks

I was hopeful; I won't be going back. I had a lovely time with my son and daughter-in-law, and the general ambiance is fun. However, the menu was different than the one posted on line; the person taking orders didn't seem to know why she was there; I ordered the turkey pot pie that was served lukewarm and bore no resemblance to a pot pie. It was a mush of something greenish that was sprinkled with croutons and did not taste good, even after it was returned to be reheated. It seemed chaotic, and I do hope the owners polish their act over time.

Kelly Edwards

Yummy food and comfortable polished atmosphere! The same experience I've come to expect at the location in Chapel Hill. Service was great, someone even brought napkins immediately to clean up spilled water and the owner cleaned up food my daughter had dropped on the floor. You're missing out if you don't stop here for lunch, or better yet, breakfast (my fave)! The Mary's English Muffin is the best!

J Hill

Food always fresh, and tasty. Desserts are fantastic too

Dan Selleck

We like their other location in chapel hill better. Food here is okay but the times we have been here there has always been something wrong with our order. Never had issue at other location.

Anna Misior

Great food, very welcoming people, fast service. Definitely coming back.

Carole Sanders

Great sandwhiches! Love the Hop shop right next door.

Denise Webster

Food, atmosphere and service is awesome, and House of Hops is right next to it, also 5 stars!

Barry Winston

Excellent variety of well prepared foods, friendly, helpful staff. If you're a chocoholic you HAVE to have a Chocolate Whopper.

Kara Burke

Great food and service

Maryline Hartman

The lobster roll was pretty blend for the price. I loved everything last time I went, but pretty disappointed with tonight's experience.

Melissa Edmiston

Our family loves this place! So many options...Comfort food, healthy food, all fresh and delicious!

re bell

Great sandwich selection. All fresh and many healthy selections. Deliver next door and we haven't had a bad meal here yet. Also very friendly and helpful.

Jose Ciceraro

The Root Cellar is so great. The food, the atmosphere, staff etc. are all so welcoming. I have taken my family of 5 there a few times now and it has become one of our favorite eateries. We have had breakfast (kiddos loved the pancakes, my partner and I are huge fans of the breakfast burrito and potatoes) and dinner there and really can't pick a favorite, they are both awesome. My kids love being there and the atmosphere is really friendly and accommodating to families (big tables, high chairs, a lot of seating options). The pricing is awesome for how high quality the food is. I really am so happy to have such a great new spot in Pittsboro. Definitely check it out if you are in the area.

Kimberly James

Not what I expected AT ALL. Looks cool from the outside, plenty of parking but not enough staff. I came on a friday night expecting to grab a drink at their "bar" and check out their food menu only to not be helped after sitting down for 15 minutes..just wow. They didn't evem realized we left...sad.

Marilee M. Eiman

Mediocre and poorly prepared food on several occasions mean I won’t be back, sadly.

Linda Sullivan

Great resource for families and friends of hospice patients at Bryan SECU Hospice. Fabulous ginger cookies!

Luke Wade

I'm really trying to like it here. There was a good start, some interesting menu options, and a few welcoming smiles during the opening. Now the food isn't as good (even the same menu options), breakfast in particular, and more often than not I get the impression I'm bothering the staff just ordering my food. I really want to like it here, but the honeymoon is over and I'm questioning my vows.

Christa Gray

My family and I were very excited to have another place to eat in Pittsboro. From the very first time we tried the Root Cellar Pittsboro, we were impressed. From the pleasant helpful staff, the awesome atmosphere and decor, and most importantly the food. This is the only place I will order a burger out....hands down awesome and FRESH. We have tried several of the salads, shrimp and grits, onion rings, and sandwiches - amazing to have such talent where such a wide variety of foods are just FANTASTIC! Well done Root Cellar Pittsboro !!! Thank you.

Daniel Salgado

Today I ordered the Ruben and they got my order wrong and gave me the Turkey club with slaw sandwich. The restaurant was empty when I arrive at 4:00 pm. I mentioned it to waiter and ate what they gave me because I didn't want them to waste food. I don't like having to pay for tips before receiving service, that's just not right! The food is always good here.

Sharon Thomas

Excellent food and a great location! Lots of variety which means I'll definitely be a repeat customer. I highly recommend the peanut butter pie and whatever is the special of the day!

Lauren Bilski

I was a little disappointed. I got a was good. Just not awesome and I had high expectations. Also the coconut cake was a little dry. I'll go back, because I want to eat at the restaurant. I got take out this time.

Paul Shockley

The food is quite good, with several very interesting combinations and a few adventurous sandwiches. Pricing was just a little higher than would be expected, but not unreasonable once you account for quality. The staff there were not as friendly or as helpful as someone raised in the south would expect from a restaurant smack in the heart of the tarheel state, but they certainly weren't so bad as to prevent me from going again.

Peter Cotterill

A nice local venue with friendly and accommodating staff. The menu is good and food looks and tastes like it is locally prepared. My only complaint is that we have a family member with a severe nut allergy and they don't take adequate precautions to separate nut-containing foods.

Sonia Bella

Finally a great place to eat in Pittsboro! I love the concept, very clean and casual. The food is always fresh, creative and full of flavor. The ingredients are from local farms what I love! I can eat there everyday! I love the Salmon, the Cubano Sandwich, the cakes, the biscuits, the soups...and I still have lots to try!

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