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REVIEWS OF Nosh IN North Carolina

S Woods

Nosh is one of those places that warms my heart just to think about it. The food isn't just good -- it's sincere. The atmosphere is always welcoming.

Katie King

Popular lunch spot near Duke hospital. Good sandwiches and great coffee. Get here early on weekdays for lunch as it gets crowded. They also catered my friend's wedding and it was great.

Francisco Cordero

A delicious spot to get breakfast or lunch. They have great coffee and an expansive menus, I always take a while trying to figure out why I want because it all sounds so good! Only downside is that this place can get crowded during peak hours and it may take a while to get your food.

Heath Buckmaster

We visited Nosh for the first time today because we happened to be in Durham and we were recommended by another local business. The staff was helpful and friendly and provided some extras that we asked for. The food tasted fresh and the restaurant was clean and fun. There are board games available to play and there's nice outdoor seating facing the parking lot. I had the steak wrap which was crunchy and delicious. The cole slaw was less memorable but fine. The parking is limited right up front but there is a large parking structure right next to the stores. It seems like it's popular with Duke students.

Jay Johnson

Good fresh food with a good feeling space. Duke students and faculty favorite. Breakfast till 3.

Karey Kilroy - Liptok

Always the Best! Fresh, locally grown food with new twists on old favorites AND run by sweet, incredible people! A must!

Jeff MacIver

Decent food

Meltem Ballan

Great breakfast stop for a lazy weekend. Board games are fun.

Brianne Cellemme-Short

I've been here quite a few times for lunch. It is a good place to get a sandwich. They also serve burgers, salads and breakfast foods, but I have not tried those. The quality is great. The sliced meat looks like it was carved right off of a roast. Much better than standard processed deli meat. It is a bit pricey though. I'd go more often, but I find it hard to justify $10-12 just for a quick sandwich. They also have gluten free options, which is great. Unfortunately the staff is not well trained on allergens, so make sure you are very specific about each item. For instance, I ordered the Try Nosh sampler once and discussed which sides I could and couldn't eat with the guy at the register. It arrived with the house crackers (wheat based) sticking out of the chicken salad. They didn't seem happy when I sent it back. So, now I stick to a sandwich on a GF bun, with a cold side (fries, chips and couscous are not GF) and it seems to work out.

Kristi Sutton

Egg salad sandwich is terrific!

Dr Lady Smith

This was the first time I visited Nosh. I ordered my food to go, because their eclectic decor is not the type environment I enjoy seeing when I'm enjoying a meal. I ordered the steak wrap with the homemade kettle fries. Delicious! I will go back to try out their breakfast.

Diego Rodriguez

The food was great. Nice atmosphere as well. Great for an uncomplicated lunch.

zack702 .

Really good deli style restaurant. Flavorful and unique selections. Everything here is good. Sanwiches, burgers, pizza, wraps, dinners and more. Store opens late and closes early at times. Besides that I highly recommend them.

Ashley Natt

The breakfast was incredible. The pancakes are so delicious.

Jay Curley

Went here at 11:30 am and was happy and surprised to be able to get a fantastic egg sandwich in a wrap. Also the coffee was excellent. My wife had a really nice home made biscuit with cheese and egg and the service was very good as well. I would definitely go back.

Kristy Kowalsky

OMG. Just when you didn't think 2 things could go together, you find out they CAN! And taste wonderful! Make sure to wear your extra large pants!

Kellie Browning

Always Amazing!

Marek K

Delicious food in great atmosphere. The service is quick. I was here during a lunch time and got my food within 10 minutes. Personnel is very friendly and helpful. The place is not easily visible from the road but easily accessible. Food selection is OK I loved the curry quinoa with my burger.

David Davis

Enjoyed a very tasty sandwich.

Favel Williams

Very unique cafe style eatery. Large variety of food and coffee choices!

Simran Dhaliwal

Great service and food

Gailyn Terkelsen

A Fun, relaxed campus like atmosphere with interesting natural food options. We were at the hospital for a doctor visit and unfamiliar with the area. This was a good chouce for a casual lunch.

Deb Hyson

Excellent brunch. I opted for a Duke Slammer- 2 eggs, pancake, potatoes, bacon. Food was delish! You order at the counter, get your drink, pay and sit down with a animal coded stand (instead of a number) they will find you and bring your food to the table. You need to get your own napkins and silverware. Place was hopping on Sunday when we arrived. I think it took just as long in line to get to the front and order as it did for our food to arrive at the table. Both my companions had the egg pancakes which is more like flat scrambled eggs with scallions. The portions were not consistent. One plate was probably twice the portion of the other. They were ordered at separate times and arrived separately. However the person with the smaller plate remarked on the difference in quantity. Other than that everything seemed great to me.

Hans Rumble

I got the the "Duke Slammer" which consisted of a HUGE pancake, FRESH turkey sausage (or bacon or regular sausage if you choose), eggs, and you can choose from cheesy grits, fresh fruit, or curry potatoes. I got the curry potatoes, in my opinion they weren't that great. Traded them out for fresh fruit, which was amazing and truly fresh

Kevin Thornton

Excellent fresh food from this family owned business. I'll be back for sure.

Daniel Ratiu

Food was good priced but cold. Took 15 mins for a bagel

Emma Cryer

Everything you can order at NOSH is superb, and catering is also great

Michael Jordan

Fun little eatery, but don't expect anything fancy. They could use a few more gluten-free options.

Summer Hedges, DVM

The staff here are wonderful. Food is delicious. When I stuck around for a while working on my computer at an outside table in the heat of the day a server brought out a large glass of ice water and reminded me to drink and stay hydrated.

Michael Vuke

I have eaten at Nosh multiple times a week for a couple of years now. The quality and accessibility of the food combined with its proximity to Duke makes this a prime gathering spot for business meetings and quick bites to eat. It also is a great place to run in and grab a few cookies if you need to soften some and need to a customer! The staff are all wonderful and friendly, many of whom I’ve gotten to know and check in with me (and other guests) about our personal lives and families. Nosh is a Duke institution, and I wish them all the best moving forward, and I look forward to my next morning of Counter Culture coffee with a Rocket’s breakfast.

John Morris

Cleanliness 5/5. Tables were wiped off. Utensils and cups appeared clean. No food debris on floors. Service 3/5. I wondered what tipping is for when you serve and refill your own drinks and put your own dishes away. The only service we received was when our food was brought out to us. Price 4/5. Two meals, two coffees and an extra side brought our breakfast to $28. Reasonable. Quality 4/5. The bacon tasted a little stale, as if precooked some time before that day. My wife and I weren't a huge fan of the parmesan cheese saturation in our two different orders of eggs (Egg pancakes and Maggie's scramble) and felt it dominated, and stripped away at the flavors of the other ingredients. The curry potatoes were...different. Overall, we would come back.

Mercy Neal

Really fun and easygoing environment. The prices are not too expensive either. A great place to hang out, even if it is a little out of the way.

Sebastian Giudice

Our favorite breakfast place in Durham. We came back here after moving away 3 years ago and it is exactly as we remembered. They still have the best biscuits I've ever had, and I've had a lot of biscuits. The Turkey sausage is a healthier option but tastes great and you wouldn't know its Turkey eating it. Staff are friendly and service is quick, too. If you're looking for breakfast in Durham, come here, you womt be disappointed.

Barton Cobert

Fine fine breakfast. Friendly service. Good prices. Fine food. Best breakfast place in the area.

Margaret O'Brien

Yummy and good service. I only wish parking was easier

Tammy Smart

the quality and accessibility of the food along with with its proximity to Duke makes this a great gathering spot for business meetings and quick bites to eat.

Rebecca Williams

The food was ok, not great...I got a milkshake which was almost six bucks, and was shocked to see how small it was. It was tasty but nothing unusual, and for the price I expected something twice its size. I was really hoping to be more impressed, I don't think I'll be returning.

Bek Connelly

Really enjoyed this tucked away and service was awesome.

Greg Jones

Wonderful, quick, delicious, nice staff

Richard McFall

This unique restaurant has excellent farm fresh food and a welcoming atmosphere. An eclectic menu from all day breakfast specials to fresh tasty sandwich items. Excellent for families with young children due to stacks of board games available for your use. Slso has nice outside seating for nice weather days.


$3 self serve coffee, no spoons at the self serve counter, bus your own table when done. Oh yeah, they want that tip, too. Decent pancakes.

Patrick Nalley

Hard to find place, even using Google Maps. However, once found a delightful dining experience. Came for breakfast at about 11 a.m., ordered from the menus on the wall, paid at the cash register, and then went to find a seat. Breakfast was delivered, but then realized I had to go pick out my own silverware and napkins. I had biscuits and sausage gravy with some quartered fried or roasted potatoes on the side. It was very good. Ate the whole thing. My friend had a traditional breakfast, scrambled eggs sausage potatoes. He seemed to like it too. We stayed about an hour after breakfast talking to each other, I think because the setting was just perfect for that kind of activity. I'd go there again.

Dany Bel-garcon

Great food

Phillip Charles Jones

Atmospheres great Foods okay when I get into their potatoes,

Jeremy C

Great place for breakfast and pretty much everything else too. There are very friendly people working there and they definitely deliver on the quality of the food. It's a bit hidden if you've never been there before.

Don Haley

Slow and pricey but good food.

Alan Rosko

Great food, excellent service.. and did I mention great food...

Eric Batchler

Fun menu and good food but it is packed at lunch. Fortunately they are use to that and the line moved quickly.

William & Victoria Thornton

The sweet potato fries were excellent! I could have made a meal from that side, although the BLT was quite good too! Thanks, Nosh, for a great lunch!


The food is great; especially for brunch. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

A Davis

So cute! Explore the menu before arriving, or else you might get a crick in your neck trying to decide looking up at the menu. Menu items for any taste, diet, level of hunger. Family friendly with games for the kids. Bright open space. Definitely brunch worthy.

Carol Cheek

Always good food and service!!

Paul Langan

Love Nosh Cafe! Great place for lunch or dinner. Directly across from Duke's West Campus. Bring your favorite magazine, book or laptop and have a working or leisurely good time. Sandwiches are delicious! I really like the rocket salad and the turkey sandwich.

Mark Waters

Good breakfast and excellent staff!

Gavin Frisch

Rude service at inflated price. I was charged more than the listed menu price for what I ordered and when I informed the cashier, she refused to correct her mistake and claimed they just raised the price.

Rebekah O'Neal

We had a good visit.

lewis winstead

The food is great. The atmosphere is a little crowded. Dinner prices at lunch hurts the most.

Josh Woodruff

Best burger hands down! 1st time eating there as well!


Nosh uses high quality produce/meat and you can taste it in their food. Their biscuits are amazing, period. Actually you can't go wrong with their breakfast menu! If you are a meat eater try the Crunchy Chicken. As far as Veg options, you have to get creative. The egg salad sandwich is great. Trio of dips, salads and soups, but nothing spectacular. I am veg but is still give Nosh a 4 star bc the effort they put into making their food.

kelly harding

Delicious!!! The biscuits are huge and fluffy The scrambled eggs were just right especially with added cheese. The bacon and especially the sausage were perfect.

bmjv77 .

Presentation and selection was great. Chicken salad was a bit on the dry side though.

Heather Godfrey

Excellent food, service and environment! We will definitely be returning when we are back in the are from Wilmington.

Amy Prager

Nosh has great sandwiches and salad. I love their egg salad sandwich. Very good for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Imani Emm

A little bit messy, but not enough to be gross. Other than that, A1!

Gregory Lewis

Nosh has good food music and great staff.

Syed Mustafa Jamal

Had the Wendylyn's Portobello burger, which was pretty good. It's a good menu overall. They have a couple of couple of games like Jenga too.

Sharlene Simon

Local, casual breakfast and lunch place with delicious fresh foods and kickback attitude. Great burgers and the Duke Slammer is one yummy breakfast choice that'll fill you up for hours! Coffee's good too!

Paul Noe

I have been a customer of NOSH for the past 3 years since moving to the area and have had the pleasure of working with their catering on dozens of occasions through various positions at Duke University. The food is tasty with diverse offerings and the staff and management are incredibly kind, courteous, and reliable. The food, price, location, and environment are all perfect for any type of casual personal, family, or business meal. It is also very kid friendly with games and plenty of high chairs available.

Richard Henry

Great food

Karoline Barkjohn

One of my favorite places for lunch in Durham. Casual place with great food for breakfast and lunch. I always bring my family here when they are in town.

Matt Mitchell

Nosh is great -- I've never had anything there I didn't like, and almost everything has exceeded my expectations. Prices are very reasonable for the quality of food, and the staff is always friendly and accommodating. Good place to take kids/family too. Just make sure you check their hours before you head over there -- they close at 3pm on Sat/Sun. The daily special is usually a safe bet, and definitely try the peanut butter pie. Great place for brunch too.

Narda Alston

Service...fantastic. The food was authentic, beautiful to all the scenes. The atmosphere was relaxing never felt rushed to order or leave. We arrived about an hour till closing.

Regina Varghese

It's usually jam packed but the food and atmosphere are seriously good. The quality of the food is high but has a home cooked feeling at the same time. The prices are reasonable as well. Hubby and I usually split the Duke Slammer for really hungry mornings. Love coming here. :)

Freddy Webster

I had ronnies gravy and it was delicious! The food was piping hot and I will be back!

Cherry Pfau

Excellent soup. Chicken salad sandwich tasted good, but too messy to eat without a fork.

Susan N

We recently used Nosh to cater brunch. They were running a little late (15 min) but called to give us a heads up. Everything was fresh and delicious. The Raspberry cake was outstanding. Several guests declared it the best cake they had ever had. We go to Nosh regularly for breakfast and are never disappointed.

Jordan Lassiter

Dang this place is awesome!! Quality food and fast service during a busy lunch hour.

Charlotte McCullough

Went for lunch with friends who are hosting us while we await restoration of electricity and sewer systems in Naples, FL. Food was delicious. Service was perfect. Atmosphere was extra casual and comfortable.


The food was fresh and delicious. We went back the next day for breakfast again.

Eric Baker

Fantastic lunch place. Sandwiches and salads are delicious. Good coffee. They serve smoothies and have baked goods. When you order the table marker they give you is an animal available for adoption, which is really cute. They have dine in and to go options.

Tina Schnurr

Nice lunch spot and good food. However, very pricey in my opinion.

Misha Price

Great breakfast! Close to the hospital for a post work meal. Best pancakes (add Blueberries)!

David Phillips

Well made sandwiches and wraps. Breakfast menu looked good as well

Ibrahim Minort

Always a pleasure dining here.

KimKreem .

Nosh is one of Durham's Gems of an eatery! Delicious, reasonably priced cuisine that includes a wide variety of fresh food including vegetarian and vegan options. Make sure to leave room for the peanut butter pie! Expect to enjoy the diversity and hometown friendliness of Durham, and feel free to bring your pets that are welcomed to dine with you on the patio! Convenient to Duke Hospital and surrounding campus.

Dewey G

We had breakfast, everything was great

Jay Stubbs

Good food, good vibe

Adam Perryman

Great place for a great Burger and ambiance

Jim Northrup

They do a great job with everything they have on the menu. It's a favorite brunch place for me and everybody else in the area. There's always a line but it moves quickly on the weekends. Well worth the few minutes of waiting time.

Explore Raleigh

Pretty dope place! Great spot for breakfast & lunch. Really good coffee. If you're in the area and hungry this is a great option!

David Schwager

Great place for lunch of coffee. I had the breakfast pizza. It was very good.

D.j F

Love this place. The food is always amazing and not too expensive.

Andrea Griswold

Great food!! Great atmosphere! Change the channel on the TV though.

Brian Underwood

You'll get a lot of food without spending a lot of money. It's not your typical brunch. It's a great fusion of southern food with hipster flair. When my parents came up to visit, they wanted something they couldn't get at home, and Nosh was the first thing that came to mind. And they cater, too!

Frances Stewart

Had breakfast with a friend. It’s a colorful, casual place with good service. When you order, they give you something for your table that tells the server where to bring your food. Each one is adorned with the photo of a dog or cat awaiting adoption at a local shelter. It was a little cool this morning to sit at an outdoor table, but that would be a quiet alternative. I had the locavore bowl - grits with turkey sausage, Parmesan, and spinach with some fruit on the side. My friend just had a cappuccino.

Pam Grafton

I was surprise to the amount of food received and it was very very good.

Raymond Vagell

Great coffee and great love. I love their iced Rocket Fuel. Sandwiches are tasty as well as their kettle chips and dips. I like the hummus dip the most. After you order they will give you a card for your table (featuring cute cats/dogs). The server will then bring you your food. Coffee are free refill.

May Alexander

NOSH is fantastic for any meal, but breakfast is my favorite. With huge buttermilk biscuits stuffed with whatever combination you can think of, its divine! The dinner specials are also great, always something for the vegetarian usually has fresh local ingredients! Free wifi, easy parking and friendly funky staff makes NOSH my go to place in Durham

Lisa Kohring

A Durham/Duke favorite for breakfast and lunch.

Tony Hackney

Burgers are good But corned beef sandwich disappoints.

Ari Weinberg

My food was good and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. There are games and books if you want to use them and the bathroom was clean. When it's crowded it can get a little loud but nothing too crazy. The service was quick and good.


I cute little place to get a good bite to eat!

Mary Best

Little pricey but good food.

Katelyn Faircloth

A great lunch spot near Duke. Consistently good food.

Nathen Hinson

Biscuits are some of the best in the country and eggs are clean ( no oiliness about them ) and prepared simply.

Marilyn Zahniser

Wonderful place. Food was outstanding. Decor is quirky but fun. Highly recommend this restaurant. Visiting at Duke Medical Center went there twice. Great service great selection and wine!

Chris Williams

What a wonderful spot to visit with friends or just grab something to eat. Staff is hospitable and welcoming in a very authentic way. I had a latte from the coffee bar and it was excellent!

william-hazel height

All was good and fresh food, and all served up in a friendly atmosphere....

Matthew Zipple

Tasty sandwiches and lots of variety. I love the deluca.

Kate Smith

We ordered 60 boxed lunches for an event. As a planner, I have never gotten so many compliments on food. It was delicious! Highly recommended!

Gene ONeill

This good food and service.

Randolph Ruckdashel

Great food, service and atmosphere.

Valery Railyan

Food for aesthetically orientated people

Aaron Morano

I am torn when writing this... I want to express how great the food is and wonderful the staff are (so that they stay consistent and make money,) but I do not want the place mobbed by everyone... ... ... screw it. Food is 4/5 Staff 4/5 Parking 3/5 Location 4/5 Cleanliness 4/5 If you need a place to eat breakfast during the weekend, this is the place.

Kelli Ellington

My husband and I went after a flight from Michigan. So we came with an appetite.. I had breakfast he had a huge burger. The atmosphere was great and the food and smoothies were delicious! Wish they had s location in Michigan

lori james

I didn't like their take on a Reuben, but I recently got their beef wrap and it was so spectacular. Meaty and veggie-ey and wrap-ey. I kind of want to eat it every day, but it's quite a big lunch! This place is often outrageously busy at lunchtime but always has friendly staff and great food.

Ann Williams

Great food a d southern hospitality from Wendy, the owner and her team A grand place to eat Try it out

Luke Dary

I can only assume the burgers at Nosh are an example of the rest of the delicious menu, but I'll confess I can't stray far from the Robinson with pasta salad. Lunchtime seating can be a bit sparse, but if you come a little early it usually isn't a problem. Grab a cookie for dessert too.

Faith Latimer

Cute place. The food seemed like it may have been fresh but lacked flavor other than the taste of grease. Might give it a second try one day. The milkshakes and smoothies looked like they might be good.

Meghan Gurlitz Holden

My sandwich came caked in mayo after I asked for none. I'm sure it's a delicious place if you like saucy sandwiches. I actually tried to scrap off the mayo, but there was gobs on both sides of the bread. I wouldn't recommend this place for anyone that doesn't like condiments.

Melinda Fargis

What a cool place add it to your list

Kerry Harwood

Great food and reasonable prices. Can be a little noisy when busy.

Cat Sweeney

The very definition of mediocre. Chicken salad is not hunks of chicken with mayonnaise smeared on it


A place for Durham hipsters. A gentrified eatery for Yankees what ain't from here. Terrible location and mediocre food. My Reuben (aptly called the Spritzer) had merely a spritz (see what I did there) of corned beef on it and hardly any sauerkraut. It was an inch tall. It's food for people who don't know how to cook food themselves, like most quick service restaurants serve. Forgettable

Abbi H

Fun place for brunch! The mugs are all mismatched and you can refill your coffee yourself. You order food at the front first, then go sit down at a table and wait to be served. Cutlery and condiments are self serve so make sure to grab some!

Carolina C

Been going to this place for years. I love the owners and friendly staff. Soups, in particular are outstanding. Love the dog themed decor and games.

Amy Comer

My mother and I ate here for lunch today. Not only was it delicious, but Wendy gave me some of the best customer service I have ever received. We will absolutely be back next time we are in town! I had the chicken sandwich and it was delicious!!

Victoria F

Pretty good pretty pricey

Javaria Najeeb

They're a pretty reliable lunch spot. Food is thoroughly OK.

Dru Sifer

Love the breakfast choices here. Great food and great atmosphere.

Emily Shirey

We love Nosh! The food, the people, the setup... it's all amazing. The Rocket is incredible, along with the pancakes and smoothies. Everything has been super delicious. We love bringing our pups, too! Definitely our favorite breakfast spot.

Pat Sunkel

Awesome great food and nice place

Deborah Oronzio

First time here as I reside in Raleigh. Nice sandwich/coffee shop close to Duke Hospital (where I was visiting). Turkey (real) and bacon sandwich was delicious on thickly sliced bread. Coffee also good except only about 1/4 cup left by time I reached hospital. Guys, please invest in cup carriers!

Jeremy Hale

Menu is much larger than I expected. Outside is relatively unmarked aside from a plain sign that says "nosh." Parking is available at front or in the free parking garage like 50 yards from the front door. The inside has games for everyone to use. Drinks are self-serve, and food is brought out according to table markers with some clever identifications (cats?). Food was alright. It has good flavor, but the meats seemed slightly dry.

Drew Doll

Love the food. Very quick and tasty. Friendly staff also.

Thomas Lee

Amazing food. A somewhat hipster take on the classic diner.

Joshua Byker

The food is fantastic, in fact I might have to go right now

David Wieland

First time ever eating here, portions were great and price was on point as well. I had the Oneys Crispy Chicken, it was phenomenal. Fresh bun, with a great dijion mayo and coleslaw. I can't say how scrumptious this sandwhich was...but Damn!!!

Sean S

Great lunch spot! Something on the menu for the whole family.

butch godfrey

Excellent all around. Courteous staff, atmosphere and killer food!

AJ Beecher

Good food in a convenient spot.

Will Dimidis

Good service, friendly staff, delicious food, short wait, good prices. A recipe for 5 stars.

Jenn Hansen


David Botts

This is by far one of the best lunch places near Duke. We go here weekly, sometimes twice a week. Friday's crab cakes are amazing. Any soup is a must have. Go here... you will not be disappointed. If you are, tell them. They'll make it right.


That Pizza was dope

Ahmad Farooq

Great blt

Ema Smith

It was amazing

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