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121 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011, United States

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This Catering corresponds to the category of Kosher restaurant.

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REVIEWS OF Sushi Tokyo Chelsea IN New York

פליאה זינגר

הסושי הכי טעים שאכלתי! שווה לכל כיס עסקית צהריים 1+1

Sammy Tbeile

Ankit Kulkarni

yossi sananes

Best sushi ever

אסתר בקרמן

סושי טעים וכשר

peter freedmam

Great sushi great grab and go deals

Sheina Prus

Great and clean place very friendly stuff and good celection. IT amazing place to stop after ice skating ON CHELSEA PIERS.

Tamar Margalit


Yi Wang

Sushi was good and fresh


Excellent place...great food, very friendly staff, super clean and Kosher. Highly recommend.

David Lerman

Food was amazing! Just service was a bit slow. They were apologetic, but order way in advance of you're in a rush.

Lauren Burstein

Excellent service and delicious, high quality sushi options.

Leah Friedman

Ido M

Was very surprised by the high quality of the food, really enjoyed it and definitely will come back.


I’m from out of town. Came to ny to visit. Best sushi I have ever had. Prices were very competitive too.

Ben Ben

Great place, good food, very happy.

Rachel Abrahams

Good fresh food

Arthur H

Michael Son

Professional sushi with unbelievable service


Great place

Gennadiy Beyderman

Had a wonderful business lunch here. Amazing, courteous service, wide selection, pleasant and contemporary design. Wish I could eat here every day!

Udi Dabush

Good service, clean place. And a great sushi!! We enjoyed it!!

Jeff Weisz

Good food but the space is small and sometimes it gets too crowded

Rabbi Gabriel Kretzmer Seed

Good, fresh Sushi though overpriced compared to other Kosher places in Manhattan.

Madeline K

Good service and good food.

Yaakov Gelb

Meir Bruk

Great sushi! Great personnel. Very nice place.

Esther Friedman

Finally there is a kosher place not far from Union Square. My kids liked the sushi, staff was friendly, place is very nice and clean. I will recommend it to my friends.

Elliott Horner

Good casual sushi, easy to pickup on way home.

חיים אברג'ל

(Translated by Google) Good sushi .. Recommended. (Original) סושי טוב.. מומלץ.


Abraham Glatzer

Delicious sushi

Estee Williams

Amazing sushi!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best in nyc.

Abraham Rosenbaum

Sarah Tiktinsky Kleiner

הגענו לסושיה ממש במקרה כשעברנו בסביבה וחיפשנו סושיה כשרה קרובה. השעה הייתה לפנות ערב ימים אחדים לפני הכריסטמס לאחר שצעדנו ארוכות ברחובות מנהטן הקרים במסע חקר ושופינג. ההקדמה הזו נועדה כדי להסביר שהיינו ממש רעבות. נכנסנו לסושיה והתיישבנו על הכסאות הגבוהים. על שולחנות הבר סודרו רטבים שונים ועצי במבוק ירוקים. בצענו הזמנה אצל הבעלים במקום, חב"דניק חביב דובר עברית וידידותי. הזמנו די הרבה סושים. רולים שונים. הכל היה ממש טעים. אבל גולת הכותרת היתה מנה המשלבת את המטבח היפני עם המטבח המקסיקני. בתוך טאקו קריספי לחלוטין נחו בשלווה נתחים נדיבים של סשימי סלמון עם גווקאמולי, ספייסי מיונז וירקות חתוכים בסגנון יפני. המנה הייתה ממש מצוינת וכיפית, אז לא חסכנו ולקחנו גם טייק אווי. החוויה הקולינרית במקום היתה ממש טובה וגם החוויה החברתית. מומלץ.

ariyesh .

very nice to have this place! clean and chic. sushi was fresh. great service!

Jimmy Tam

Aaron Schwartz

Good lunch special. Good portions, high quality good price for kosher

adina leitner

The guy who works at the register on Sunday is EXTREMELY rude!!!!!

Judith Tovshteyn

Every member of our family found his favorite ingredients in the sushi platter that we ordered! The ingredients were extremely fresh and super delicious! Best platter we have ever had!!! Will order much more and highly recommend!

Yossi Malka

Paula Silverman

Yehuda Vernik

They deliver delicious sushi platters! Highly recommend for a party or an office lunch.

Kiel Reuven

The best place I ever eat

roman fest

great kosher sushi, never had to wait. great place to have a short conversation

eyal fisher

Nice kosher opportunity

Mike Zeitlin

Good rolls lunch specials

acool fella

When you go to pick up something at a restaurant usually it’s not appropriate if a worker says “finally” They weren’t even waiting a long time for me to get there the lack of respect is disgusting I wonder what it’s like if you actually sit down and eat there


Delicious Kosher Sushi place in the Chelsea area...Only complaint is the uncomfotable seating in this NYC establishment (one long table and stools).

daniel 770

I love their yamato roll its always delicious

Sol Kirschenbaum

Well kept, friendly staff, good quality sushi.

Gershon Ackerman

Not a sit down place!! There are bar stools but that's it! Food is really good and the service is nice.

Roger Cheow

Best kosher sushi in town for sure

ashley banks

I really liked this little hole in the wall spot. It's the perfect place to go when you're on a quick lunch break. The sushi is also amazing. I don't really know what the difference is from regular and kosher sushi, but this place has some fresh af sushi. You know it's good when you don't really need sauce for your rolls.

Nate Levy

Bash 717

Amazing sushi and service!

Sina M

Small little sushi place, great for a quick bite!

Exquisite Sleepwear

Fresh clean tasty and KOSHER! Order online in advance to save time. Nice friendly service Nice atmosphere too! Tempura is YUMMY!

Peri L

Food was really good overall. Didn't go for the sushi tacos though... Our main issue was the wait. we had to wait 40 minutes for our order to be ready in the store. that is extremely long for a fast food store. Definitely not going back here anytime.

Matt Klein

Food here is great, always fresh, only comment is that the prices are out of control, being that it's the only place in the area, it is the only option, but really so expensive compared to any other sushi place around


Amazing sushi. I love this place

Gabriel K

Nice clean place. Friendly service. Tasty food.

Dan Dashevsky

Great new kosher sushi place. Very good service and excellent sushi.

Joel Wittels

Chabad Lubavitch

Amazing service

Alan Faitelewicz

Very good sushi, fairly fast service, and has great hours for a kosher place. It's in a convenient location that is not too far from the subway if you need to pick up something on the way home. I recommend the Krispy Kosara, fried pickles, and gorgeous roll.

Yisroel Vernik

great place! I really enjoyed the bagel roll;i am sure to be back again.

Leah W

גיטה רשתי

(Translated by Google) Superb delicious and very clean and excellent service. (Original) מעולה טעים מאוד נקי ושרות מעולה.

Anne Y

I guess you guys really don’t know how to pick up a phone call. You guys just lost a business that is worth over $300. If you don’t care about that, well, good luck to your future business.

AB Buchinger

Food was very good. Took some time to prepare food however in their defense I was there during lunchtime.

Ashley Wright

I am a big sushi lover. This place makes amazing sushi. Will definitely come back.

Uriel Elster

Good and kosher sushi

Elena Chiranova

Awesome fast service and delicious sushi


Iris Chan

Good and a decent priced sushi. Fresh. You can see them make it on the spot. Only issue I have with this place is one of the non-cook employees. There are two register staff and the boss. The older(?) Of the two usually on top with the orders and speed but I usually have issues and have to wait longer or have something forgotten with the younger one that is there more often than not. Whether it's being asked multiple times or waiting more than 15 minutes even if it's not entirely busy(and a few times this was for other people waiting with me as welI), I usually have to keep an eye to see if my order is actually being processed and not forgotten on the counter like it has a few times. I know he doesn't need to be the peppiest but I just would like to get back to work in a timely manner. I spend more time waiting for my one roll than eating it if the boss or the older one isn't there to move orders along. Otherwise, food is good, price is good, boss is very nice overall.

Ellie Sanders

So professional, tasty, timely and amazing customer service! Shoutout to Elliot!!

Kikiyaha Development

The personnel is very friendly. The place is cozy and stylish. The variety of sushi is outstanding. (I been there few times and still did not try all kinds, this is why want to come for more. Every new kind I try is a pleasant surprise) Sushi is really good. The special deals makes you want to take home few.

Mendy L.

Amazing sushi and grate service!

Levi Druin

The best kosher sushi ever. Fast service, great location, awsome manager.

AaronHaim S.

Fresco Chainjo

It's Kosher, didn't know that before I went. Great for take out, good for eat in. Can't get real crab here.

Raphael Baalness

Cozy place to grab a quick bite. The food is delicious.


Chris Gonz

Nice clean place. A little small but very friendly.

Sh Be

Really tasty and decent prices!

Solomon Redlich

Sam Levin

Service was great and the sushi even better!!!

Danny Rosen

Great kosher sushi ("OK" hechsher) in Chelsea! What more can you ask for?!

Mendy Goldstein

brand new! Clean place, yummy staff and good prices!

Moshe Nightingale

Delicious sushi. Fresh, large portions. Friendly staff.

Sima Vernik

Delicious sushi. Our large platter was gone in just a few minutes. ;)

Boris Potapovsky

Best kosher sushi in town

my opinion

(Translated by Google) A lot of money (Original) Mucho dinero

joshua lefkowits

Great kosher sushi

amoshe m

Food was good

Esther Jean-Joseph

Best kosher sushi store ever.

Yosef Baum

The best place ever

Yevgeniy Tovshteyn

Best kosher sushi I ever had. The only kosher sushi place that I know that has certified sushi chef from Japan. Talk to other ones, you will find out they are from China or Uzbekistan, I can bet.

Jack Cohen

Really great food! Nice employees. Chill atmosphere.

Gabriel Grinspan

A bit pricier than I would want, but other than their Miso Soup, I enjoyed my meal. For anyone that wants to get a good deal on a combo roll, they have a special that lets you get two or three sushi rolls with a side of Miso or salad. While I mentioned above that I was not a fan of the soup, you may like it, don't let someone on the internet tell you not to like something and it should not deter you from having quality sushi.

Sylvain Cappell

Nice, friendly, small, inexpensive and good.

Saadia Scher

Shmulik Cyprys

Beauty place very good guys

Mauricio Martinez

(Translated by Google) Very good service (Original) Muy bueno servicio

Eli Goldstein

Great Sushi and awesome customer service. A++++++++++

אפרים חרמץ

יואב חג'בי

abe Gezunt

Best kosher Sushi in Manhattan, with a delicious menu.

Carlos E Altuve Chacon

(Translated by Google) Excellent meal (Original) Excelente comida


טעים מאוד, נקי ויחס נפלא! מומלץ בחום

Nate Lavihayem


Kenneth Wagner

Pretty good sushi. Occasional clinkers. They only have counters with stools to eat at. A very convenient location and over if the better kosher choices in the area.

Kenny 475

Good food. Kind of pricey. Even for kosher food. Friendly helpful staff.

yeshaya katz

Amazing clean and fast. Delish!

Frida Leibowitz

Fast service great sushi


Food and service

Eran Arden

Nice place, the Salmon skin role was really good. The owner is a very nice person.

louie V

The best sushi I've ever had and the platters are arranged so beautifully it's alaways a hit at my party's..really quick delivery also

Polina Efimova

The worst sushi I ate

Y Gershovitz

Shaul Baum

Delicious food,Courteous service and Cousy atmosphere. Highly recommended.

תהילה בסה אטיאס

(Translated by Google) Kosher sushi is delicious. Not very cheap but tasty (Original) סושי כשר טעים. לא מאוד זול אבל טעים

Sara Yaroslavsky

Selby Kendrick

Tom H

Friendly staff and delicious rolls!

Hila Stern

What a hidden jem! Delicious, fresh and creative Sushi. Tiny place, but we loved it.

Samuel Spielman

Amazing food

jamil guindi

Chava Minsky

Shua Josh Rosen

The service was outstanding while the food was heaven sent. I particularly loved the variety of sushi rolls they had and the quality of ingredients which thy were made with. I will definitely come back.

Vihaan Barr

Would absolutely recommend trying this spot. Fantastic mood, tasty dishes, good service. Keep up the good work.

ruchama baum

How do you get your sushi to taste sooo good even the next day!!!!!

Javier Kohen

It's good average sushi. The fish wagood, but the rice had no flavor. Didn't look at all like the pictures on the site. I guess it's an option if you eat kosher.

Patrick G

Dale Gordon

Always great ... even the pre-mades for running in and out quickly taste delicious and fresh!

Alex Oppenheimer

david rubinstein

Good sushi kinda expensive

Yakov .

Excellent food, amazing staff, worth a trip from anywhere!!! Best sushi in NYC

Gennadiy Vasilevskiy

really good food! limited space.

shawn ragin

Great spot, me and my lady came by with a coupon that the cashier wasn't sure about but he hooked us up anyway. Cool spot with great food and great customer service. Coming back again

levi baum

Clean fresh and tasty

Josh Sanders

Isabelle Cohen

Very good, fresh, fast, very nice and friendly staff

Ariel Sokolovsky

New kosher sushi place. Excellent sushi, friendly service.

Kwincy Cooke

Very nice. Nice people. Nice set-up. Will come again

Moshe Cohen

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