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REVIEWS OF Samesa IN New York

Jazz Productions

Marçal Forés

The BEST shawarma in Broolyn <3

Hunter Fine

Aida Muskaj

Love love their flavorful, cleverly spiced chicken shawarma! And the artisanal flaxseed pita with hummus is a must.

Natasha Fong

4.5! The chicken lemon rice soup is INSANE! Like a herby spicy congee. Yum. I want more! Wished I ordered the Brussels sprouts salad as I wasn't super into the raw squash salad.. The vegan tahini date smoothie is pretty special too.

Chen Sh.

Very friendly staff and amazing food. Highly recommend.

Jonathan Shalvi

Blerina Salman

John Rapaport

My go to for Chicken Shawarma in Williamsburg.

Sheldon Jimenez

Great Food, Great service very fresh.

Angel Garcia

So damn tasty.

Rebecca Jamie Sassower

Amazing, flavorful food that’s somehow healthy!! And the tahini brownies are the most decadent, delicious brownies I’ve ever had! Definite must do in Williamsburg - for the wings and shawarma and brownies

Thomas Jones

Md Sabbir Hasan

Best Baklava I ever had

Tan Ha

David Anderson

Lacey Smith

Literally everything is delicious! lamb wrap = bae. A-1 weekday evening specials and rotating beers and ciders

Carl Black

justin fitzsimons

Small spot, but good food. Nice beer selection. I would recommend..

Felix Berger

The chicken shawarma sandwich is delectable and generously sized.

Maisie Wilhelm

Amazing flavors and high quality food for such reasonable prices. Cute, hip, colorful. Good for fast and casual bite! Bring back the egg sandwich!!

brooklyn2684 .

Mahmuda Sunni


Rachel Mansfield

Daniel Cabrera

Santiago Londono

Mehmet Aydin

Michael Plump

Nick Hyde

Had their food from the pop-up at Grimm Ales and it was really good. Chicken Shwarma is my go-to. Moroccan squash was beautiful! Desserts were also really solid and worth ordering.

Drew Willert

Food was delicious! Shared the wings, shawarma, zucchini fritters, and a brownie for dessert. The wings were the best I've ever had - perfectly crispy and exploding with flavor. You can tell a lot of thought and effort went into the food while still being very reasonably priced. Fun little atmosphere with bright colors and an open air design. Highly recommend!

Tuhin Shaikh

Lisa Mahapatra

Had the Kuku Sabzi with Green Goddess dressing and the Egg Sandwich from the brunch menu, as well as a Carrot Romesco dip with Pumpernickel Pita from the regular menu. All three dishes were unique and delicious. Will definitely be back to try other items from the menu.

Samreen Nayeem

Gregor J. Rothfuss

World experts in confusing chickpeas with chicken, and then giving you the runaround when you call. A discount on your next order is of course a complete bs move, who has time to give a place 2 chances when there are so many eager competitors to do a better job?

Nicholas Ondo

So the guy who took my order was super nice, and I like the vibe of the place, but I have two complaints: My avocado hummus was delicious, but I'm not really loving the pumpernickel pita. It just doesn't work very well. Secondly, and much more importantly, my mujadara (rice and lentils) wasn't cooked properly. The rice was still hard, like hard hard. The flavors of everything tasted really good, but I sort of do expect better than uncooked rice. Maybe it was a fluke, I don't know, it was the first time I tried it.

Jared Pereira

Kevin O. Cox

Great for a quick bite. The woman inside is super sweet too. $12 for a ton of homemade food.

Nandini Naik

Saddened to leave this review as I used to love this place. Ordered the chicken shawarma today, my favorite usually, and I was sharing pieces of the chicken with my thirteen month old (her first time) and dog (whose eaten it before and enjoyed it then too!). I took an eager bite into the pita wrap and my teeth hit bone. Strange! Hadn't experienced bone in their meat before. I spat it out, thinking, "ah, it's just one bite." Once again, bit down, and, bone! This time, jagged pieces. Two of them. I felt around inside and found the larger piece they must have been attached to. The offender. It sat squat, thick as a finger and about half the length. Bit of marrow sticking to it and some flesh around. Called the restaurant to complain about the chicken. Spoke to the manager (who wouldn't give me her name). Her inexperience with handling a difficult situation (which could have easily been avoided by an mere acceptance of error and apology) was telling. Our conversation morphed into a full on battle. At one point she said she doesn't know how that, (the bones in the shawarma wrap), had happened. She'd been there for a year, they'd had the same supplier, they order boneless meat; I offered to send her a picture to show her - she said she couldn't receive the photos (land line presumably?) and was not saying I was a liar or in the wrong. Ummm, okay. Would I still have taken an apology at this point, yes! But the conversation took a sharp turn from civil. But she was so brash, unapologetic and brazen that I was compelled to tell her I'd leave a scathing review. She offered a refund and said she said she'd take my name down since I'd threatened to leave this review; at which point I was like "it's not a threat, I'm leaving the review!" I did hang up on her once, I was livid and that was rude of me. Later I called back to give my name. We got disconnected (did she hang up on me? Maybe?) so I called back again - she said she felt harassed (ha!) and she already had my name (I hadn't spelt it for her yet - most people cant get it from the sound of it, but okay!) Now, I'm not so sure if this review is about the three pieces of chicken in the pita that I bit down on or the experience that followed. Felt disrespected and wasn't able to show respect either since so many buttons had been triggered. Even wonder if the core of this really heated (almost hateful) conversation pointed to some lack of DEI awareness/sensitivity; I'm indian and sound "foreign"? I'm sure a more objective telling of this is possible (my husband even?) and mine is colored by my having been the bone biter who didn't even realize the assault was yet to come! So, who's at fault? The supplier who snuck a bit of bone into the load? The chef who chopped up the meat, cooked and wrapped it (if indeed those three tasks were done by the same person). The eater who didn't check before crunching down where crunch shouldn't sound? The manager who didn't show an iota of empathy? The co-owners who, from what's ostensible, haven't had a conversation with the managers about assuaging disgruntled customers? I don't know! You tell me!

Stacey Chin

Douglas Blake

I only had the chicken shawarma but it might of been the best one I’ve ever had and I’m not sure I’ll be able to order another one from anywhere else or order anything else from here I would of included a photo but I ate it too fast. Get some of he hot sauce on the side. So good

Freddy Newandyke

The zucchini fritter plate/pita is AMAZING. So good, and vegan.

Jamie Kobre

Delicious food, great prices, fast service and unique menu

Aaron Mazor

As a Detroiter it's very tough to find fantastic Middle Eastern food... Samesa hits the nail on the head bringing flavorful shawarma and delicious dip to the neighborhood. I find myself dreaming about their garlic sauce.

Cindy Au

Adam Skovron

Food was good. Definitely a take-out spot ..

John Acosta

Where do i begin...? First SHAWARMA... YUCK! Very SALTY, just shawarma spice rubbed on chicken. Question... Which middle eastern country uses WILD RICE??? Why am i getting a wrap instead of A STAPLE OF MIDDLE EASTERN COOKING... THE PITA!!!! Wth? Lamb shawarma (10.50) was pulled instead of sliced, and tasted like pulled pork. The wrap was 90% pickles and chick peas, with a seasoning of LAMB!!! Ugh. RAISINS??? Really? Decent costco fries ($5)... With pretty good garlic sauce. Pickles ($6) didnt tell me there was a full serving with the meal. THIS IS THE BIGGEST WARNING. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR RECEIPT! SADIQ (the guy who helped me) decided to give himself a $7 TIP!! THIS PLACE IS AN OVER RATED HIPSTER JOINT. GO IF YOU NEED TO BE POPULAR... BUT IF YOU WANT BETTER FOOD... SOMEWHERE ELSE. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

Eric Miller

Gregory Otero

Good food and teas. Very expensive for what you get

linnette montes

On Wed march the 2nd I stopped at berg'n to get some food before the Johnny Swim concert. Little did I know what I was getting into when I decided to order the braised lamb platter with lentil and quinoa . Simply amazing!!!! The braised lamb had a slight sweetness to it and the grain were just perfect with the sweetness and also the vinegared beets and veggies Perrrfectt!! Love your food!

Nicholas DeLuca

Michael Clarke

james lim

Ruwan J.

small Middle Eastern takeout eatery located in Essex Market. this small kitchen serves up pita sandwiches, platters, and salad with either Chicken Schwarma, Salmon Za’atar, or Chickpea Seitan. they also have fries and some other side order items. prices for pitas range from $7-$10; wraps & salads are $12-$13; and platter are $16 and above. portions are fairly large.

June Choi

Kyle Stewart

Yum! But, more expensive than you'd expect given the diggs. Rotisserie Chiken for 5 dollars was great though, and good value.

Eric Bourne

Emily Mijatovic

Phil Probert

Samesa might be small in stature but it certainly packs huge flavors into their food! The shawarma is some of the best I’ve ever had and I’ve traveled the Middle East many times. The sides here are incredible too. Seating inside but the place is small. Eli and the Samesa team are awesome and make you feel at home. Enjoy!


Great meze! Affordable nourishing meal that is more exciting option than your typical halal cart.

Adam Ford

Don’t let the hole in the wall vibe fool you - the food here could hold its own in some of the most high-end restaurants in the city. Extremely good!

Caleb Winship

Rohan Agrawal

Hannah Schiller

Amazing, creative food. The woman who took our order was very helpful and cheerful.

Devon Dolan

The food is delicious. The owners are lovely, working in front of, and behind, the corner. I wish them all the success in the world.

Nicholas Sweeney

Alex O'Keefe

Evelyn Portnaya

vincent seay

Great food :)

Nickolas Vajda

adriana blidaru

Wow... such a disappointment... i used to order samesa all the time in brooklyn before they moved and the price + quality were

Dina Leaf

Major foodgasm this place!

Atıl İşçen

Great sour beer selection, great food, date smoothie is pretty special too.

Colin Rhoads

Amazing spot

Roemer Bakker

Super fresh delicious food

Jake Wanamaker

Literally might be my favorite place in NY and I know what you're thinking you're like "really dude this place?" and here I am standing by my 5 stars telling you "yes really dude this place!"

Daly Clement

Matt McLaughlin

The platters here are fantastic. The fried zucchini was well-spiced and a dense, punch of flavors, the bread was soft and tasty, and the pickled vegetables add great zest to any plate. The brown rice was much better than the bland addition I expected, with texture and flavors that made me glad my date made that request.

Felix Gonzalez

Small place without a restroom so don't eat in if you have to go. Chicken was okay and the lamb was really good. Snacks to go are great if you're not full from what you order. Ice tea was amazing and the lemonade. Overall good but it's not a place for me. Four stars is fair for my experience, Cashier was really nice but food wasn't for me. Killed the curiosity of this place I guess.

Alec Ross

Korissa Matta

Decent food! Terrible customer service. Always out of half the menu when ordering delivery- no updates online. Sent my order without 1 of 3 items offering a discount. But never gave me the opportunity to choose a replacement item. Hung up on me when I called to complain. Meh.

Farhan Sadique

Fantastic shawarmas!!!

Christian Crowley

Eric Spurlino

Armel Richy Lokossou

Paul Scott

The food and service is fantastic.. the shawarma is perfection. Great addition to the hood. Mediterranean heaven

Ryan D. Matzner

Alex Rupert

One of my favorites in the neighborhood. The hash they serve on the weekends is the best.

Raffie Samach

4.5- A hole in the wall with amazing food. the Dip Assortment is not only excellent , it is memorable! Wish they had more comfortable seating and a few "simpler" beers

Nick Cashan

Best chicken shawarma gyro I’ve ever had. The zaatar dry-rub wings are super crispy and delicious as well. Their chocolate chip cookies are really good as well - 4/5

Charlie Diebolt

My go-to after work "treatin' myself" place. Chicken shawarma is by far the best in Williamsburg, so colorful and flavorful and healthy! Also the fact they carry so many great sides/sodas/beers/funky nic-nacs is very unique and appreciated. This place has great style without the attitude.

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