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REVIEWS OF Original Vincent's IN New York

Gabriel Esparza

Authentic and exceptional food experience for our quick stop while touring Little Italy for a stop of appetizers, wine and dessert. We didn't have time for a full meal but what we saw on the plates for nearby guests has gotten our interests peaked and coming back to Original Vincent's will definitely come back here soon to try fully when back in NYC.

Angela C

So awesome! Great prices, been coming here since the early 90's and it never disappoints. The sauce is amazing. My favorites are gnocchi, fried calamari and vincents original salad. They give you bread with dipping oil as you sit down. There is inside and outside seating. Go, you will not be disappointed.

Jessica Santos

Food was good, bathroom is clean, service is slow but elegant. Will go back.

Vaibhav Ayachit

Good food. Typical Italian restaurant. They serve bread with oil when you sit down. Highly recommend chicken parmesan.

Amelia Gallo

Food is never disappointing & I love their sauce!

Dominique Pastrana

Went with a large group. Food took a long time, ended up skipping dinner and only finished half the chicken. The waiter could have used some help. The food was ok.

Natalie Vasquez

It was an over all amazing experience the food was top quality

Yesenia Velez

The best! Love the baked clams and linguini with calamari!!

Frank Salmaggi

been eating at Vincent's for almost 50 years, still good, great sauces, love the shrimp balls always get an extra order to take home. worth the trip

Ann Marie Tortorello

I have'nt been there in years n I have to say .The food was 5 star as it was n it was great to be back in Little Italy again .The staff was awsome n the food to die for .Ty for bringing back those great memories n feelings .Hope to be back soon .

bill mcgrath

My experience started out fantastic many options, decent prices, and a great spot in NYC to grab a bite. I attempted to order the gnocchi Parmesan and they told me they were out... something that should be mentioned upon entry. Next I go to substitute my pasta ( linguine) for fettuccini, and my tomato sauce for vodka sauce. The waiter had mentioned that they do not sub out orders to that degree... seems like a simple request to me. Not some where that is very inviting and the food was not New York quality. Proceed with caution.

Dean Colomban

Good food sandy clams

Rocco Greco

Great food and service. Consistent. You will not be disappointed.

Joy M

Small and old, but cost-effective. The food is so good! And it's affordable. We have been eating there for 20 years. It's hard to go wrong with anything on the menu.

Michael Decio

Good food, just the way I remember it from years ago

Daniel Uribe

Excellent food but definatly need to I.prve the waiter's attitude

Eddie Rosen

Great experience wonderful food best sauce in little Italy lots of original photos of stars and celebs just awesome u gotta check it out a must...

Peter Ribando

Ordered steamed Calamari over Linguine with medium marinara sauce. The Calamari was over cooked and was like chewing on rubber bands. The sauce was to me like cambells tomato soup right from the can. Condensed. I won't go back here.

waleed ayaz


Amy Perkins

The food was great and waitstaff was friendly

Melissa Boyer

Overpriced and not that good of food

Carlos Borruel

Very very rude owner/manager. From the moment we walked in it was a bad experience. We asked if they had a bar while we waited and he was offended for some reason and told us to go somewhere else (in a very rude and unprofessional way).

Mark Vamos

My go to place 4 oysters n red sauce

Rob Campbell-Kelly

Great food! Great location

Lawrence Friedman

Best sauce in the world

PaulCRothstein .

Ok Italian food, more of a little Italy tourist trap

Joseph Davis

A truly exceptional restruant with the best food and their sauce is to die for, my wife and I made sure to bring some back with us! I am from North Carolina and I make sure to stop by here everytime I am in New York! See you again soon!

Joao Batista

Despite the fact the restaurant is lot in the middle of Chinatown, the food and the service are excellent in every way. With a retro decor and photographs of Hollywood stars and remarkable people. Fair price.

mark zack

Get the shrimp...anyway...but sweet sauce seems to be the hit. Calamari was insanely good too.

L. Olivia

I've been here for dinner and also for dim sum. While I don't think this is gourmet or super high quality Chinese food, for the money that you are paying (which is not very much), it is above average and also serves authentic Cantonese food. Prepare for a wait to get a seat for dim sum on the weekday or weekend. If you have less than 4 people, you'll probably have to share a table, and space is very tight in here, so even though they still use the handcarts, unless you have a clear area, it probably won't make it to your table. But if you keep your eye and ear out for the food that you like, you can generally give the server a nod or a friendly gesture and they will be more than happy to bring it over to you or tell you what's on their cart.

Jon DiPippo

The Scungili is still out of this world !


Being a regular of the Vincents of Long Island, I was expecting a typical amazing dinner/experience. Sadly, the little Italy location is NOTHING at all like the Carl place restaurant. Food was simply basic, boring decor and atmosphere and below average service/management. They didn't even serve Penne !(really???) would not recommend.

Eden Spark

The food is so delicious and the staff are friendly and inviting!

Tapan Desai

It’s a very nice restaurant and the experience was pleasant. We had the Alfredo pasta and Espresso Martini which were good.

Christopher Iengo

Famous n old schl little Italy Italian restaurant wats better with great people n staff yes there like family. I grew up with Mike Generoso the owner n his family love going there anytime n eating Italia n hanging out they have outside seating on the side walk so nice n indoor u gotta go to this gem.

ally principato

Good food and the people who work there are so nice

Red 1010

The muscles were delicious and the portions were just the right size. The service is exceptional as well. It doesn't get better than this

Kelly Smith

we stopped for the Tiramisu and Peroni's!! love the relaxed atmosphere and friendly service. from the awesome pictures on the wall, you will totally enjoy Vincent's!!

Scott Eberle

Great bread warm, crusty and chewy. Clams, ceasar salad, bruschetta, red sauce were all top notch. Atmosphere was mediocre. They had a radio station playing pop rock and tables felt like a cafeteria. Service was so so.

Chuck Sosnoskie

Excellent food and service. Nice atmosphere.

Charles G

Don’t tell tourists but neighborhood guys hung out and ate on Mott st and Vincents is one of the best

B Daniels

This place' s sauce is amazing. must try their shrimp ball, really different and tasty

Alex Wong

Bring going there once a month for 40 years, its as New York as it gets.

Jeffrey and Rachel Castellanos

Great food and service!

Björn Kullenberg

The food is outstanding. Go for pasta . Service is ok , the decor is typical Italian. A place where you can bring family and friends for a big dinner . Not the most romantic place. 5 stars because of the food is so good.

Corey Minion

My all time favorite pasta and shrimp balls. History, atmosphere and incredibly killer marinara. Try it hot, try it sweet...even medium is wonderful. Bellasimo!

Mark Martino

First off let me tell all of you that I have been eating at Vincent's since I was a kid and I'm still in love with this place more than 35 years later. If you want the best that little Italy has to offer don't cheat yourself out of this restaurant you'll be missing out on one of the best Italian food experience New York has to offer. If your stomach can take the medium or hot sauce belisima but I stick to the sweet sauce. Don't miss out on life try Vincent's

Kenny James

Service was awesome the food the same!

Keith Savasten

Amazing food and service.

Melissa Brinker

Ate their over the weekend, my 5 year old and I shared a pizza. We were up throwing it up all night. Terrible service! Waiter was yelling at customers behind us, plus $75 2 adults 1 kiddo. Pick somewhere else.

Haley Landis

Showed up at 1125pm and they said they were closed, yet everything posted says they close at 12. Damn shame.

Gabriel Gallegos

Service was lousy, pasta was ok.raviolis rubbish thanks for terrible

Al Hoverson

I think anybody who didn't think the food was tremendous and thought the service was rude was not a native New Yorker. Went there on a busy busy night food was fresh hot service was prompt as could be expected when a restaurant is packed and serves fresh cooked dinners. Most of the bad reviews are from people who don't regularly eat in NYC. Don't go anywhere else if you go to Little Italy hit them first

Michael Bosse, Sr.

This is my absolute favorite Italian restaurant in the entire country and I've traveled to 47 States so far. I've been eating here since I'm about 5 years old. Nearly 58 years. the same dish all the time. A double order of New Zealand mussels with the extra hot tomatoe sauce is absolutely to die for. don't know what I would ever do if this place closed down

Oscar Trigueros

Friendly. Great food. Will come back if I am ever in town! Come here.

Jasper Cipolla

Phenomenal food! Phenomenal service!

Rosalicia Fajardo

I order a pizza and one of the ingredients I pick was tomatoes expecting them to be small or thin cut instead they were in my opinion thick resulting in the crust been soggy. I would try not to go again to this restaurant.


Excellent authentic Italian restaurant with a lot of history. The food was delicious in the perfect ambiance. A winner!


Good food but it was bad service and long wate Even though they were not busy

Paul Pavlinovich

Grand meal, way too big but the intense flavours were incredible. We had appetizers, veal and chicken parma. We had two waiters, one who took the orders and another one who kept coming over to get our order and was surprised when we told him we already had lol. The food was piping hot and arrived quickly. Great meal in great company.

Terry W

Food was amazing and staff were extremely friendly but they left me sitting in the back freezing for 15-20 minutes after my meal was done while tending to larger groups. Tried flagging them several times. Ambience nice and festive but too cold in there!

Nedda Russo

Food is excellent, service courteous.

Phoebe Nason

Love the tradition!

Yolanda Espejo

Vincent's is a favorite in the city. Just wonderful atmosphere and delicious food.

Yolanda Masaliya

Absolutely delicious. Best Blood Orange Martini. I've been going there over 40 years. Every year before Valentine's day.

Candy Downs

Food was good. The staff was really awesome.

James Bellows

The service and food were good, our table was self-selected, and the atmosphere was very nice. Prices were completely reasonable for Little Italy, and on the whole I was happy, except for the WARM Chianti, which felt like it had been sitting by an oven for 24 hours. For $9 a glass room temp isn't too much to ask for.

Brian Dahlquist

Great food and experience!

Mary Hanser

Delicious pasta, meatballs, and chicken parmesan.

Gideon Ziegelman

Very bad value and very bad value for money

Tony DelPriore

The food is amazing as always!

Mike Siebert

Very cool little restaurant. Great prices.

john seltenreich

Absolutely fabulous. The best of the best.

Nick Fuscaldo

Grest food, great service

Richie C

Pizza is the best...

Henry Boy

Epic food and good service

Mary Trenty

Great ambiance and delicious wonder they have been there for over 100 years! Love their take on Italian Cheesecake to finish off our delicioul ravioli and lasagna meal.

Daniel Silva

Pretty good, but not worth all that money we payed. Next time, we'll just go to Italy!

Adam Johnson

The people that came in 40 minutes after us got their food before we did. All I got was some damn noodles which tasted microwaved but I bet they were boiled. Whatever. I almost left before our food got there. Seriously, had my coat on and everything. I let my girlfriend tip because of my frustration. They could have gotten a lot more because I'm a big tipper but oh well. They stink.

Sarah Forsythe

Spicy yum

Rene' Simon

We got lasagna and linguini with calamari. Delicious. We came on a week night so no wait and it was quick service. Very good.

Patrick Amato

Excellent food great service

Jake Sherrill

Great food and service best sauce ever!!

Tanya Carneiro

Appetizers and drinks were great.... unfortunately after waiting for over an hour they told us they ran out of veal (group of 7, 4 orders of veal)

Sean McFadden

Food was awesome, service was awesome. One of the best chicken Parms I have ever had.

Humberto Domingues

So get this. We were so exited for a great dinner in New York. We sit and place our order for the Veal that we were so craving. We were 7. I think 6 of us got the veals. Anyway we were siting there enjoying the anti pasti for at least 40 minute. Then server comes to us and tells us they are sorry but they have NO veal. AFTER an hour. So we ordered pizza. It was great. But ruined the night. Ths server was so embarresed. I felt for him. But the owner or manager who was right there didn't say a thing. So sad. Such a nice place. But they do no wrong. Was our fault I guess. Heard its a great place. Just not our day, I guess.

ej shortell

This Italian restaurant has been serving food since the early 1900's. I usually order one of the pasta dishes. I do not order shrimp, Mostly the chicken or beef dishes. The bread is delicious. Wine is good. The service has always been excellent. Prices are expensive.

Jay R.

The real deal. The sauce is delicious. First timers from California & loved it. I had cheese ravioli with vodka sauce. Raviolis were cooked to perfection & I can’t express how amazing the sauce was. Service was good both waiters were very attentive. Other dishes included chicken parm, baked ziti, chicken rigatoni with vodka sauce, veil parm, salmon, arugula salad, Vincent’s salad, & Cesar salad. Wine was delicious. Ambiance is outdated.

Jeroen van der Linde

Don't walk by if you are here and you can sit on the outside terrace. Wonderful place where you will be lured in by very friendly and funny staff. Extensive Italian menu with a few beers on the menu as well. Since you are in Little Italy it might just feel like in the movies for the average (first time) tourist.

James Semans

The best lasagna I have ever had

Jen Noel

I just like the sauce

Efren A

Chicken parm is amazing, and their dessert menu fell in love with their eclair

Saif Abraham

It was a nice visit. The food and service were GREAT.

Mychelle Kendrick

Iconic restaurant. Ordered shrimp and calamari And they gave me all tentacles as I asked for!!! The best part of the calamari.!!! Classic mild sauce with a side of medium. would have given 5 stars if I didn't have to listen to the cake showcase loud vibration. I wanted the old school Italian songs.

Eric Scholes

Never been here...excellent food...great staff...will be back.the food is amazing!!

Emma Rofkar

The staff is AMAZING. The shrimp balls are AMAZING. The entrees are GREAT. When you're done with your entree and think you have room for dessert... especially when they bring out that amazing platter of beautiful italian sweets, do NOT give in. I ordered the eclair... it had easily been sitting out for days. The whipped cream on top was HARD and the eclair itself was super dry (almost stale). I would definitely recommend the place for the appetizers and entrees alone, but the dessert was just disappointing.


With five people, 2 appetizers (Calamari, 5 five entrees, and bottle of White Wine was $500. The food was delicious!

Pete Morales

Terrible service , the pie I ordered was cold, and we had to keep asking for silver ware, and the manager was rude, Vincent's of Carle Place is much better

Melvin Dickerson

Excelente food environment really authentic gravy

Surf Dog

10/10 World class Italian food. Absolutely delicious. We ordered lasagna, linguini and meatballs with sweet sauce, and gnocchi bolognese. Truly amazing. We have eaten Italian food in Italy and Argentina and Vincent’s is as good as it gets. The bread was fantastic as well. Don’t miss it!

yaboi428 Yaboi

Place is just not good at all. I could’ve made better pasta by just adding salt in the boiling pot.

Lisa Ann

Iconic, yes. Authentic Italian food, definitely. Pricey, service is OK, just OK. Seems like they cater to their regular high end patrons, which is FINE, just don't ignore the "average joes"...been around foreva in the heart of Little Italy. Went once, enjoyed my Rigatoni & broccoli rabe except for TONS of garlic. Too much in my opinion. My American dinner companion wasn't as happy with his meal. (So used to commercial Italian food) I went, I saw, no more!

Joseph Colella

Hot sauce still good but overall not what it once was

Herman Maresca

As always excellent food excellent service

Thomas McCoy

Food was superb and staff was very accommodating. Reasonable price. Ambiance a little outdated. Overall wonderful though

Mikki Fox

Had dinner there with my daughter. The lasagna was the best thing ever! The service was beyond amazing. I cannot wait to get back to the city and go again. I am ordering some of their sauce right now.

Angel Navarro

Fantastic as always!!!

David Friedman

Good but not what it used to be


Been going there for over 30 years

luke green

A great restaurant in little Italy NYC. Great food and staff. Thoroughly recommend their pasta dishes which are great.

Jeremy Nooney

Server was good and quirky in a good way. Had no problem acting himself which was refreshing. Spicy marinara sauce was delicious and I would highly recommend it. The bread was different with toasted sesane bread; had a classic flavor.

William Loce

Great Italian food. Exactly what you expect in Little Italy. Highly recommend

John Bogs

Food was good but I got the impression that regulars get bigger portions, plus better and more prompt service. (I say that based on a couple who sat near by.) Take my "take" for what it's worth and leverage the insight how ever you see fit. Great spaghetti sauce and the marsalla dishes are quite good. If you have a large group they have a larger vip room in the back that makes you feel like you're dining with the local "godfather" :)

Stephanie Piscopo

Best sauce and seafood in little Italy. Been going for years

Jason Smith

Watch out for the spicy sauce. Look at the color difference! Bread is good. Pizza was less than expected. Experience was authentic.

Eric San Jose

Easy to see right off of Mott Street servicing Little Italy and the adjoining areas of Manhattan. Parking on the Street is available but it fills up fast especially at night and on the weekends. Moderately clean facilities. Public Restrooms. Reasonably priced. Great for red sauce dishes. Credit cards accepted. We will most likely be going back.

Maren Curtis

Family restaurant that deserves more recognition! Scrumptious food for reasonable prices and the restaurant is not usually super busy. The free bread is absolutely divine with balsamic. Their sauces are TRUELY divine. The vodka one is the best. Perfect for authentic Italian!

Christina Lister

The BEST Margherita pizza I've ever tasted. Great atmosphere and great service. I would go back in a heartbeat!

Jean Moore

Vince's is reasonably priced. They have a great take out. I have been going to Vinces for about 10 years and have NEVER had a bad meal. LOVE IT!

ivan calderon

Their tomato sauce is really good

Thomas Moore

Traveled 1000 miles for food in Little Italy and found this place just walking by. We were the only ones there at 5pm on a Wednesday, but it was the best place I ate my whole time in NYC. The sauce for the pasta was phenomenal. Take my recommendation and get it medium or spicy. We also had a pizza that was exactly what I expected and wanted. They also have the best prices. Can't say I love it enough.

Aleksandr Surkov

They have very good coffee for 3$.


Good food ans open late



Michele M

Shrimp with linguine and hot sauce. I sure do wish Vincent's was located in Westchester. I would have given them a 5 but our busboy smelled as as if was working out at a gym and hadn't showered. Ugh.

Grace Hwang

Delicious pasta with clam sauce! Great service too.

Danny Cee

Arguably the best Italian food in New York. I always try to make my way down there whenever I'm in town.


Great old cool Italian. Fantastic service!

Brook Horton

This is the best Italian food I've ever had in my life!! The Chicken Paresean and Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

Andrey Klinger

The lasagna was good, but the portions are small and it took some time for the food to arrive.

Jonathan Benefiel

The BEST fried calamari and shrimp anywhere. The secret sauce comes in mild, medium and hot and goes PERFECTLY with the seafood. I have to eat here everytime I'm in town!

linda mercado

I love the food...a bottle of Chianti, shrimp with hot sauce & biscuit over linguini that's all you need, very delicious!!

Megan Shea

The food here was okay at best. It was kind of dingy, slow service, and pretty expensive. You can definitely find a better spot in New York, I wouldn’t recommend this one.

Libbidog L

My Dad first brought me to Vincent's over 30 years ago. I loved it then, and I love it now. Was in here a month ago while in lower Manhattan on business. Linguine with fried calamari and medium red sauce. Insanely good. Shipping some sauce to me Dad for this coming Father's Day. Thanks, Vincent's, for staying great after all these years.

supercakeman 123

Best Italian food in new York

James Maloney

This is literally the worst of little Italy. If your here, you forgot to make a reservation at other numerous quality Italian eateries in the area. I have had better Italian food from a roadside diner in Jersey. Only compliment goes to our waiter, who knew the food was so bad that he took it off our check without argument.

James Thomas

Prefect authentic Italian with a lot of history. Everyone eats there.

Jaden Brooks

After going to Vincent’s in Long Island for over 30 years, and ordering their famous sauce to my house every month, I was excited to go to the original and try the food. We came from time square, and were seated surprisingly fast, no one was in there except us and 2 other tables. We ordered our food and they brought us bread, we asked (no joke) 6 times for them to bring us a side of medium sauce for the bread. After about 3 times, the waiters were sitting on their phones, while we simply asked FOR A SIDE OF SAUCE! By the time we got the sauce we asked for some more bread. SAME THING... TOOK LITTERLY 10 MINS. The food came out, which was pretty good, EXCEPT one of the kids in our party ordered chicken Park with MILD sauce. They PUT HOT. For those who have never eaten at Vincent’s, their hot sauce is litterly, pure peppers. ITS HOT. The kid burnt their mouth and the waiter gave us the check (20 minutes after they cleared the table of our plates) when we read over the check, my $9.95 lunch pasta was $20.95!?!? I asked why it was so much and was directed over to a man behind the counter. He said that Alfredo sauce was extra! $10 EXTRA!?!? He claimed that the ingredients aren’t cheap, i litterly got sauce that’s more money than my entire meal. The man behind the counter didn’t really say much and asked for a credit card. Figuring he would take it off, he swiped the card, sure enough didn’t take a dime off. All he did was cross off the tip area on the check. Did he really think we’d tip for the service that wasn’t provided by the waiter? WOULDNT RECOMEND, OVERPRICED, BAD SERVICE, BAD PEOPLE. DEFINITION OF SCAM ARTISTS!!!

Daniel Leong

Ate here with some fellow jurors when I was on jury duty nearby. Lunch was served quickly and was amazing. Their house made red sauce is truly remarkable, and the eggplant parmigiano is easily the best I've ever tasted!

Alison Lear

My favorite place to eat in NYC.

Ted Lauterborn

Medium and Hot Sauce is still so delicious. Restaurant is good but seems to be happy with just trying to survive. Need to give the NY customers something more attractive than the other restaurants in your area.

John Delgado

Good service and food, definitely would go again..

Walter Froh

Still the best italian food you will ever eat... not prepared by your own momma!

Wendy M

My husband and I were coming here for our dates over 19 years ago. And Mussy, our beloved waiter who took care of us every Wednesday afternoon for a year and a half while we dated still is there, bless him and the entire staff at the original Vincent's. We just went there with our eldest daughter this Saturday. The food is wonderful as always. This place has been a staple in our family for decades. And now that we are leaving N.Y. to relocate elsewhere, we are going to miss it. You guys are the best! Maybe we will meet again when you are hanging my daughter's picture in your establishment.

regina mcgovern

Great service. Nice atmosphere. Desserts were incredible!

Sherry Dote

My fave is the linguini with the med sauce and shrimp & Scallops with the hot sauce my favorite place from the time I started going there my fave place to sit is at the bar so I can watch the Yankee game while I eat .

Brayden Templeton

Excellent food bursting with flavor, but horrid service. Our group of 3 waited an hour after finishing for the check after asking 2 different waiters and the manager. The waiters literally ignored our request and were playing on their phones right next to the dining room. No apology was given to us upon the check finally arriving.

willie whelan

Great authentic Italian food.

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