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422 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017, United States

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REVIEWS OF Mangia 48th Madison_Italian Food & Corporate Catering NYC IN New York

Doganay Ungan

Micah Keller

DO NOT order the fingerling potatoes. They are just horrible. Reheated and overcooked to add to it

Deanne LePage

Mariano falco

Quinn Schwellinger

$12.00 for a very, very mediocre sandwich.


Mario Choi


Madison G

Matthew Quinn

Michael Diovisalvo

Great if you want something quick to eat! You can make your own sandwich without any complaint!

Tanya Dorosh

Grace Kim

Margaret C

Eduardo Rodil

(Translated by Google) Good and cheap food to take away. (Original) Comida buena y barata para llevar.

David HUET

Yang Zhang

Great place

anthony giardina

Tried ordering a pizza at 3:32 and they turned me seat citing they don't make any pizza past 3:30. I thought it was a joke but he was dead serious. Ended up getting a mortadella panini which cost me about $7.60 and was one of the most overpriced sandwiches I've ever eaten. It was literally 2 slices of mortadella in between two slivers of toast. I felt like I was I was in Yankee stadium with the amount I over paid. Either way I wasn't impressed with the food or the service or the price. Most likely will never return. The target consumer seems to be people who want to over pay for small portions of average food. They must make most of their money on margins because with a product and service like this they must not have solid volume.

Capt Cuddlefish

Terrible service.

David W. Astor

farzad javaheri

Chivito Castillo

Ferlin Pedro

Friendly staff. Great food. Chilled ambience. Gets crowded upstairs quick.

Richard Kim

Evgeniy Klebanov

Jacob M

great sandwiches, and very good service. there is a wide variety of pastas, salad, pizza, and sandwiches to choose from

Alexander Bauer

Felix Gwozdz

Perfect foods

zach swanson

This place was decent. Not the best food ever but it’s doable. The bread was as hard as a rock and the chicken was dry. The spaghetti sauce is slimy but it is still exquisite.The vegetables were okay as well. Overall this is a hit or miss type of place.

Ashim Gupta

Nice food

Brian Mayers

No comments.

Peter Myers

Save yourself some trouble and wait to get italian for dinner... It's unfortunately the only spot around this area for italian. I'd rather go check out urban space instead for the price

Cindy Swabsin

Sherri Swanson


It’s Manhattan so veto’s expensive, but given that, the food is freshly prepared in front of you and very tasty. Nice environment as well.

sina arjmand

Audra Delfosse

Natalie Marshall

Good service and the best penne a la vodka with grilled salmon. Bernard is great

Anthony Rivera

Wah Rah

Had corporate catering and a huge disappointment! I do not recommend the catering service at all. Everything arrived late and later when I asked my assistant for an invoice (without a phone number) no one could provide it for her not even on the corporate level. What if we had my phone number wrong, does not make sense that a normal company is not able to find an invoice by date & location. Such a disappointment.

Henrique Novo

The smallest slice of salmon I ever got in a plate! Waste of money it was on the hotline

Samuel Adiv

Craig C

christopher attewell

huge selection of great food, quick service. Perfect lunchtime spot!

Marleny Vahos

(Translated by Google) Fresh and very delicious foods (Original) Alimentos frescos y muy deliciosos


My company usually order from Mangia with no problems and food is always good... but today our order for an important client meeting is 45 minutes late, and I cannot get through on the phone. Absolutely disgusted.

Redwan Ahmed

Yummy breakfasts.

Vinay Barmecha

Robert Larissa

Edward Rothman

Ok. Just ok

Pierre Scemla

Elizabeth Guynn

Salad bar is great! There are so many options, nice sized food portions, less expensive and better quality than your typical salad place.

Brian Parisi

I’m so mad I haven’t found Mangia sooner. The absolute best place for lunch in midtown. Couldn’t recommend it more

Lucia Metivier

The service is slow (1-2 hours from sit down to dinner) , but the wait staff are friendly and they offer some of the best Italian you'll find this side of the Atlantic. If you want Italian it's worth the wait.

Roselia Schwartz

Slava Hazin

Upscale lunch food. Always crowded. Get there early or late to avoid the beautiful people of Madison Ave

Stephanie R

We ordered from Mangia today for my department's lunch meeting and couldn't be happier. The food was perfectly made (and delicious!) and the lunch was delivered right on time. I will be coming back to Mangia again in the near future. I was very happy with my experience today.

Taruni Seth

Ema Gloria

Their menu has a wide range of pretty good options. Some of my favorites have been their build-your-own salads, the Italian prosciutto sammies and margarita pizzas. Think twice before ordering their hot foods, however (think: pizza), since they almost always arrive late and cold. Otherwise, not a bad option if you're picking up your food in-person.

B R.

Terri Lockyer

Magnificent place! They offer wide selection of food choices including pizza, sandwiches, pasta you name it! Their food is very flavourful, of fare price and the service was magnificent.

joe starace

The most friendly and efficient staff when it comes to local restaurants to eat breakfast or lunch. The food is excellent and the daily menu offers great variety. The waitress upstairs, waiter and hostess do an incredible job each and everyday. They seem to care so much for each and every customer . The young lady who is the manager should be acknowledge for the incredible staff. Whether its breakfast or lunch she is always pleasant and readily available to the customer. The entire staff from the chefs to the ladies behind the counter are always cordial and friendly. I always look forward to lunchtime everyday and one thing that is guaranteed is having good food with great service. BON APPETIT

Thomas Wrocklage

The Italian hero is an insult to real Italian sandwiches. Charging $11.25 for bread with 4 slices of meat should be a crime. If you are planning on eating lunch here, make sure to order two sandwiches so you can eat the equivalent of a sandwich at any other place in the city and pay $22.50. This places needs to go away quick. In response to your post below, I am happy to buy a sandwich from another local sandwich shop and we can weigh the amount of meat on that sandwich (which also costs less) versus your pre-made sandwich (as your sandwich station already has the thinly sliced small amount of meat put together on a wax paper and then quickly throws it on the bread). Your sandwich couldn't feed one child, let alone two adults. If you think your prices are competitive please read the other comments below for further support.

Haunted Blouse

Overpriced. Overly busy. Ot any

Sakthivel M

Bojan Bajic

This is used to be my favorite lunch place until they started using that fake plastic grilled chicken in their sandwiches. Would give it two stars but a la cart dinners are great for the price.

Jessica Amaro

Marisol Carty

Tam Sandoval

There are three rooms to the place. Upon entering the bar the left is a lounge area, the middle has some tables with books surrounding it, and the room to the right is like their party room. The menu has a decent amount of options of all kinds. A great place for drinks and a place to hang out.


Tyler Gleason

Flavor and selection are premium. I rate them the best of the many of their kind in New York.

Ahmed Nasr

Good varieties for breakfast with good quality. Calm place to enjoy breakfast

Matthew Pruitt

Mauro Kalle

Maggie Bell

Dean Uehara

Ines Castillo

Christopher Sheehan

Nice seating area upstairs.

Heena O

Marta Santos

Good salad bar.


Yassine Benjelloun

Excellent food.try the pizza romana bianca

Andy Seeram

Manu Bharadwaj

young money

Keny Lalan


Cecilia Forniglia

(Translated by Google) Very good pasta, excellent service and very warm place. The accessible prices (Original) Muy buena pasta , atención excelente y muy cálido lugar. Los precios accesibles

Andre Harvey

Trevin Turner

Jeff Valane

Awful customer service. If you need to quickly pick up a sandwich and go, you'd better go somewhere else. I ordered a sandwich and was waiting on the side for it for 10 minutes. The folks preparing the sandwich thought they had finished everything and just stood around chatting. When I asked about my sandwich they came back and it was burnt to a crisp. No apologies was given and the lady looked upset that this might mean more work for her. The manager provided little consolation.

Jamie Kopp

Great value for a midtown lunch or dinner pickup.

Daina Williams

Whether grabbing a bite on the go or looking for a cool lunch place to catch up with coworkers, Mangia never fails to provide great service and great bites!

Anna Shlakhter

Прекрасное место для завтрака. Большой выбор блюд. Бар соков очень впечатляет. Рекомендую туристам. :-)

Janet Jin

I’ve been here a couple times for their sit down menu area upstairs (same general menu for their pastas and sandwiches, but with table service), but after the last experience would probably never return. It was for a Friday lunch and we were seated in the far corner. The servers were extremely slow and disorganized, and all around made for a lunch that took over an hour from seating to getting our order and check. As one example, the person with me asked the server who brought our food for Parmesan for her pasta. He said yes, then clearly immediately forgot about it. She had to ask the other server over 10 minutes later. It also took over 10 minutes for our order to be taken, and for them to check in at the end for our check. So only about 20 minutes of the hour we spent inside was for eating, the rest was for waiting. I understand that it was a relatively busy day, but there were only about 6 table-service tables at the time which one would think 2 servers could adequately cover (note most of the tables were for folks who brought their food up from downstairs, which I recommend you do in future as no way was the service we received worthy of any tip). They also ended up squishing us with another party of two at the table about midway through, so honestly the service quality and experience is no better than again just carrying your food up to begin with. It also gets really loud and hectic inside thanks to the echoey design and small confines of the space. If you’re looking for a midtown sit down lunch, go elsewhere and stay with to-go at this location.

Roberto Campos

My favorite place to get lunch near my work. I fill up a medium sized plate from their cold bar almost every day, which includes an excellent variety of protein, veggie and grain dishes. They also recently added a hot bar as well. The price per lb is slightly lower, and the food is a lot less greasy than Duke's, which is the main reason I keep coming, even if the cold/hot bar is much smaller.

Mo B

Like their no nonsense hot food options as a quick lunch option. They have plenty of salads too and a dining in area on the 1st floor. Quick service and flavourful food!

1,500 subs with 1 video? ?

Bonnie Bedzin

Delicious and inexpensive

Bapu Gandhi G

Salah Eddine El Faiz

gadix H

Excellent food Tasty

Niurka Corona

Horrible service, manager is extremely rude. We weren't even done having our lunch and were asked to leave so others could sit. I will never go back and they have lost my business, I've never felt so disrespected or been treated in such an unprofessional manner.

Shimon Schmulian

Juan Celli

Amanda Castro

Shannon Thomas

In ten years of event planning I have never worked with a more inefficient, poorly prepared and outright rude catering company. We engaged Mangia for a 3-day event and had to fire them after one day full of mishaps that should have never occurred at a professional level. DO NOT hire them if you want a professional, stress-free catering experience. Bad communication from everyone from delivery staff to management. Avoid at all costs.

Electrical Facilitator


Good for a fast casual lunch best option is the grill and value for the money

Luca er woodenleg

Fresh food excellent salad

Hannah Harper

Best lunch spot! Really great seared tuna and reasonably priced. The deli bar is always good when the line is long.

matthew S

Before learning about Mangia, I would usually get my lunches at either Au bon pain or cafe metro. But after one of my co workers brought in the Strada panini, I had to get one for myself. After walking into Mangia, I completely forgot about that strada sandwich but instead was overwhelmed by all of the selections which they offer. It could be there salads, cold buffet, hot buffet, juice station. Every single item at this restaurant is top notch. I highly recommend Mangia for your next lunch. And don't forget about their catering as that is also top of the line .


(Translated by Google) The taste is not good, the atmosphere is good (Original) 味はいまいち、雰囲気はよし

Dakota Z

Matt Rosen

Zoran Lazarevic

great sandwiches!

Anna Kolyadintseva

На втором этаже очень уютный бар

Kevin Carrillo

Usually crowded during the afternoon lunch hours, but that's just because the food is really good.

Kevin Duffy

Onysia Onyshko

Mangia used to be great and was my favorite place. Now... Oh where do i start. This morning I found hair in my egg-wrap! What else do I need to say. Service sucks. If there was an option to give it no stars I would.

Meghann Walker

Great variety! You can get anything from a hot plate of pasta to a salad of your choice. Sandwiches and more. Worth a visit!

Bruce Schachne

Aaron Howell

Great selection, excellent prices for midtown eating and very friendly staff

Elena C

Beverly Clinton

Is a favorite.Small and Lots of people. Need to see more soup variety.


john lema

Cristian Pulido

Julia Lambert

I loved my birthday cake. it came out exactly how i wanted it to. it was a blink 182 cake. the lyrics on it was from the song what's my age again?.

Siddhartha Vaidya

Mixed reviews. Went there twice - first time had a breakfast sandwich and it was really well made...the person took real care in putting it together. The 2nd time I had a bagel with cream cheese. The bagel itself was good but they put so little of the cream cheese that it was very dry...unfortunate , as it wouldve been a nice breakfast.

rishi bnsl

Mangia is a great if slightly pricey place to pick up an espresso or a fancy open face sandwich on the way to work. The espresso macchiato is also great, as is the avocado toast sandwich. The upside to being pricey and laid back is that it’s not too busy, unlike say bluestone lane or Starbucks down the block which can take 15 minutes to get an espresso when it’s busy in the morning.

Per Stobbe

Noice level on first floor is unbelievable high. They should install insulation on the hard surface ceiling. Food is great

Alex Morse

Great lunch spot, friendly staff

Rahman Oridedi

Ordered almost $400 of food. Never got the food. only the desserts.

Patty Stamper

Love the eggplant

Ada Aguilar

Great food. Provide take out or eat in

hekcfy .

Очень вкусная паста и демократичные цены на еду. Рекомендую.

vlad rashkovich

Eric Yeh

good but a little overpriced. could never keep my filet mignon in stock. sometimes screwed up my order, too busy i guess.

Sonya Stewart

robert smith

Never again will I go to any other fast casual restaurant in NYC. This is THE best spot for any conference luncheon or a quick bite for a lunch break. Mangia is a must

talexa alex

Deliciouso....quick bites and tasty..

Anthony Wong

Excellent choice for lunch. The grill section is great for getting freshly-cooked, restaurant-quality food. A wide range of proteins and sides to choose from, cooked to your liking. They also have a custom salad bar, freshly-made pizza and pastries. It can get slightly crowded if you go at peak times, but the staff are efficient. It's not immediately obvious, but they have a seating area upstairs.


(Translated by Google) Do not go! especially not ! (Original) Ne pas y aller ! surtout pas !

Natalino Vendramini


Sandy Rodriguez

Pretty good for take out but a bit pricey.

Kristen Kemble

One of the best Filet Mignon and Cae salar that i've tried! They were around $30 for both and i had desert oatmeal cookies($6) which was absolutely delicious! The service is pretty decent, the food is amazing! I like this place, because they always serve fresh food and everything on the menu is healthy!

Naivi Phoolmahal

Rather not

Layla Baskott

gabriela rivas

(Translated by Google) Excellent!!! (Original) Excelente!!!

robert mcrae

adrianna gomez

anthony gopar

Great place very friendly staff and large selection from salads, sandwiches, brick oven pizza, pasta and many items to choose from walking distance to Rockefeller Center, NBA Store, Adidas Store, H&M Many others great more stores

Tiago Graca

Thomas Hoffmann

upstairs quiet breakfast spot in busy midtown

Bonappetit mom

I had the opportunity to dine at Mangia, NYC at the location on Madison Ave. Mangia, NYC offers a lovely menu of foods that are literally from farm to table. The menu offers pizzas, salads, sandwiches and main course entrees. All desserts are baked on premise. The downstairs offers a variety of food to take out. You have a lovely salad bar, fresh made sandwiches, pizza and so much more. The sit down dining, is the upstairs loft. The loft is upscale and the tables are for 2, 4 or six. It has a bar with wine and beer. It is a very cozy yet modern look. The chicken Cobb salad was so fresh and loaded with fresh farm ingredients kale, chicken, bacon, cherry tomatoes and so much more was fantastic served with the house dressing. From the grill, I had the Grilled Branzino. It was served with two sides. I had the whipped cauliflower and mashed sweet potatoes. The Filet Mignon was so tender. It was served with mushrooms, roasted veggies and roasted fingerling potatoes. The dessert menu was just amazing. The pear tart was fabulous. The crust was flaky and the cream was superb. the NY cheesecake was fluffy and rich. The macarons were just fabulous. The vanilla and raspberry were so flavorful. These were the best macarons that I ever had. All of the baking is done on premise. Upon entering the restaurant, I was greeted by a lovely hostess and taken to a table, in the upstairs loft. My server was so delightful. Her knowledge of the menu and her personality made my dining experience very enjoyable. All of the people working in Mangia, NYC really enjoy what they were doing and were so kind to the patrons. The service that I had was just wonderful. I can't wait to go back to Mangia,NY. It is in a great location between the theater district and Penn Station.

Christopher Nunn

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