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REVIEWS OF La Bagel Delight IN New York

Dallas Gutauckis

Long lines, but only because the bagels are great

Abhishek M

Great bagels. My favorite is vegetable cream cheese.

Austin Bahr

My favorite place to grab a bagel in the city on my vacation :) perfect!

Jason Boggs

Authentic NY bagel experience. Cream cheese selection was impressive. This is a stop n go, stand aside and read the menu before you get in line or at least know what you want- fast service here!

Zuzanna Osica

Great bagels and coffee in Great price

Michael Romero

These bagels are delicious and worth putting up with the short unfriendly service. Be warned this is an order and go place there is no room to sit.

Kelly Kline

The best bagels in the area. Service is fast and friendly and they have a ton of options for cream cheese.

Duy Tran

Fast and friendly service. Really good bagels

Marina Field

Freshly baked bagels that are very tasty!

Mr. Wesley

Love the place. We have a great relationship with the staff. They know our orders and always greet my son and I with a smile.

Stephen Soman

We got two bagels (poppyseed and sesame) and cream cheese (veggie and scallions). Was delicious, though one bagel was not as fresh as the other, so it could've benefitted from a toast.

George Cruz

Pretty good place for breakfast bagels. I had the cinnamon raisin bagel with egg and a turkey patty. They moved quick and they had a good attitude.

Minjeong Kim

(Translated by Google) It's cheap and delicious (Original) 저렴하고 맛잇어요

marc lindner

Only in new York can you get a bagel like this.

Joe Messina

Really nice bagel store, but can get a bit crowded at peak times.

Maxwell Tang

Fantastic bagels, endearingly rude staff.

Michael Fuller

Bagels are pretty good. A little pricey for a breakfast sandwich but there aren't many options in dumbo.

izumi kats

decent bagel at decent price.

Will Rimmer

Year after year it’s always great.

J Perez

Bagels are ok but the rude people that works there make the place a no no.

Alice Wu

Paul Rivard

Great choice, bagels are really goods. G before 2pm if you want to try some of their hot sandwich. Cash, Card 5$ minimum.

Nicholas Hawkes

Best bagels. Great portions added and at a good price! Yum


Average bagel joint. No other bagel options @Dumbo. :(

Robin Jacob

Really good breakfast bagels and coffee. Service is very NYC if you like that kinda thing

illmatic96ss .

Great service ,old style Bagels taste great

David Liedle

The "Mr. Bagel" is yummy! Go up to the counter to order, then join the crowd inside waiting for their orders. Worth the ~5-8 minute wait every time!

Pete S

They don't have a clear line. Waited behind a couple of fat guys for five minutes. Eventually the lady said that wasn't the line. Ridiculous! Very hot and stuffy/smelly. Would not return!!!

Rita Pinto

Perfect bagels! I ate the cinnamon with raisins and it was still warm, delicious!

Andras Toth-Czifra

The guys behind the counter had a rude attitude and instead of saying hello told us that we could only have a specific type of bagel, even though they were visibly not out of ingredients (though perhaps preparing to close the shop - but this happened half an hour before closing time).

Anna Voronova

Delicious bagels for a very reasonable price. Great range of ingredients. Definitely come back soon!

Alex Shiferman

Great sandwich shop in a neighborhood that's lacking decent food options.

Taylor Martin

Consistently awesome bagels. Fast team behind the counter. Around the corner from home. What more can you ask for?

Arriane Serafico

Bagels were just okay - I feel like there was too little filling/toppings for the size of the bagel. Large selection of flavors though!

Adrien JUHEM

Great place to eat


Fresh bagels, fast and friendly service, clean indoors, all is best. Recommended for those who like bagels.

Mike LeDoux

Great bagels and sandwiches. Cash only. Prepare to wait a bit – it's popular and busy.

James Schuessler

Food was good



Kenneth Kong

A taste of great bagles and more a must stop in Dumbo Brooklyn NY


Debbie Hunter


Chris Ziobehr

Great bagels and they aren't kidding about NY bagels being the best. They are quick and the bagels tasted amazing. If you're walking across the Brooklyn bridge, it is a good place to stop.

Niall Rouse

Old school style, order your bagel and get out.


No better bagels in town. Gets packed because it's so popular, but 100% worth the wait and price. You gotta check them out if in the area.

ShEk Abode

For a short while, this place was my go-to for bagels and coffee. The young lady that works there is friendly enough and get s my order right most of the time. However, the male workers are much less desirable. Several instances I've requested a simple "toasted bagel with cream cheese", only to get the wrong bagel, untoasted. This time, I've decided to not even bother going back to complain or return, I'll spend my money elsewhere. It's quite rude that they'd think I didn't now the difference between warm and toasted. I did however notice that the white population of customers (majority) hadn't complained about the issue.

Jakub Gorajek

Super unpleasant attitude.

James Mauk

Bacon egg and cheese bagel. So good.

Shane Garrity

Vienna Lewin

Quite literally the best everything and asiago bagels I have had in my entire life! I love their egg sandwiches. A must eat breakfast in Brooklyn.

Emily Okey

Can't beat $3 for a bagel and coffee but the place tends to get crazy busy in the morning and their whole ordering and paying system is weird.

Jeffrey Laut

the bagels are excellent but the coffee isn't that great

Maximilian Staub

Great Bagel place! Fair prices, kind staff. We loved the cream cheese with fried egg.

Matt Smidebush

Great energy and even better bagels!

U Shah

No the Sam as their Park Slope location. There was too much salt on their everything bagel. Think, drinking sea water.

Harry Roman

Kristyna Zaharek

Oh my word. Their salt bagel is amazing.

Wayne Phillips

Very fresh and tasty

Kristofer Black

Bagels made fresh in house every day. Great selection of bagels, sandwiches, etc. A DUMBO staple. Expect lines/waiting around 9:30AM and 12:00PM on weekdays due to the commuter/lunch crowd.

Sandy Abreu

sandwich was ok. Rude cashier, skinny guy

Daniel Henney

Delicious bagels, friendly staff, nice place every time I come. Thank you.


I come here all the time, economic food in expensive Dumbo

Rob Liles

Bagel was great. Gave a mountain of cream cheese.

hisayuki sugasawa

(Translated by Google) Brooklyn Bridge overwhelming Brooklyn Dambo area now popular for tourists Came over. It seems that there are a lot of small fancy restaurants, and a good point I decided to have breakfast if there is a color. DSCF 0260 La Bagel Delight at Dumbo Map There was bagel specialty store and breakfast was still still I decided to stop by. The shop was surprisingly narrow, with 5-6 guests waiting for the order. It surely is a popular shop. DSCF 0258 Salads are also rich in variety and looks delicious. However, the local people like this bagel Order it and eat it is unknown whether you can order it. Even if you are a little confused if you are alone in the shop, I also made a row like this I decided to give up so if I do it. DSCF 0259 Finally without eating bagels until the end It is frustrating that I got it. 1: We will decide the kind of bagel. Plain, whole wheat (whole grain flour), multi grain, sesame Cinnamon raisin, Everything (all entered) From the standard things such as, eggs with eggs recently There are two kinds of the same things, such as egg sesame (sesame oil), stuffed with organic things (organic sesame), etc. Even the same things happen, but I will tell you whenever I ask. 2: Toast or eat as it is Some stores may not be able to toast. 3: Choose a piece of interior Bagels and cream cheese are excellent compatibility. If you are new, plain cream cheese is recommended. Besides cream cheese alone, blueberries, those with strawberries, wasabi flavor, and nutella flavor are various. Jam is written as jelly and smoked salmon is written as lox. By the way, Lox Spread is the cream cheese of smoked salmon flavor. Tough (Tofu) cream cheese which became a standard became classic is more raspy than ordinary cream cheese and it is recommended! I do not need any shops so much - it coats plenty of cheese, but if you are a Tofu Cream Cheese you think that it is easy to eat even a small woman. Also, I will order New Yorkers as I like, sandwiched between avocado and tuna in a sandwich manner, vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes, eggs and bacon baked. It is important to be careful because there are times when you order too much and the price goes up at once. (Original) ブルックリン橋渡り観光客に今人気のブルックリンダンボ地区 にやってきた。小洒落たレストランが多数有るそうで、いいとこ ろが有れば朝食と決めていた。 DSCF0260 La Bagel Delight at Dumbo  地図 ベーグル専門店があり朝食もまだだった 為立ち寄ることにした。 お店は意外にも狭く 5-6名の客が注文待ちしていた。 きっと人気店なんだろう。 DSCF0258 サラダ類も種類が豊富で美味しそう。 だが、地元民はこのベーグルをどのよう に注文し食すのか不明で注文出来ない。 店内に拙者だけなら多少戸惑っても平気だが、こうも列を作ら れるとそうはいかず諦めることにした。 DSCF0259 結局 最後までベーグル食べずに終えて しまったことが、悔しい。 1:ベーグルの種類を決めます。 プレーン、ホールウィート(全粒粉)、マルチグレイン、セサミ シナモンレーズン、エブリシング(全部入り) といったスタンダードなものから、最近では卵が入ったエッグ (エッグセサミ、とかもあります)や小麦粉をオーガニックのものにこだわったもの(オーガニックセサミ)など、同じものでも2種類あったりしますが、その都度聞いても教えてくれます。 2:トーストするか、そのまま食べるか お店によってはトースト出来ない所もあります。 3:中にはさむ具を選びます ベーグルとクリームチーズは相性抜群です。初めてなら定番のプレーンクリームチーズがおすすめ。なお、クリームチーズだけでもブルーベリー、ストロベリーが入ったもの、ワサビ風味、ヌテラ風味など様々です。 ジャムはジェリー(jelly)、スモークサーモンはロックス(lox)と書かれています。ちなみにLox Spreadというのはスモークサーモンフレーバーのクリームチーズのことです。 すっかり定番になったトーフ(Tofu)クリームチーズは通常のクリームチーズよりもあっさりしていてオススメです!どのお店もそんなにいらないよ〜ってくらいたっぷりチーズを塗ってくれるのですが、トーフクリームチーズなら小食な女性でも食べやすいと思います。 また、サンドイッチの要領でアボカドやツナを合えたもの、レタスやトマトなどの野菜、卵やベーコンを焼いたものをはさんだりしてニューヨーカーは自分の好きなようにオーダーして行きます。 いろいろオーダーしすぎて一気に値段があがっちゃうこともあるので要注意です。

Korie Puryear

DJPassive .

Excellent bagels made on site. The staff is very friendly and quick!

Peter Dunks

This place is fantastic. Friendly staff, good portions, tasty food and a solid value, especially considering how expensive things can get around Dumbo. I don't leave reviews often, but I felt compelled to do so here because of the consistently solid experiences I have at this spot.

Henry Aucapina

Cool spot

Caitlin Wicker

This rating is only for the bagel I had, because the staff was really friendly! I got a cinnamon raisin bagel toasted with butter. I started eating it and it tasted funny like mildew (think an old sponge that has been used and used and leaves an awful smell on your hands). I tried taking bites from different parts thinking maybe one side had touched an old rag. I had a coworker taste it and he confirmed that it must have come in contact with something mildewy. Gross!

David Gavin

Jefferson Guzman

Wesley Dixon

Love them, get in early.

Benjamin Soto

Staff are so wonderful here a must for bagels yummy

Kivanc Kose

Christian Rush

Awesome bagels. Lots of awesome deli selections.

Marie Hagens

Very fresh bagels, fast svc conspidering the packed store always..

Ben Brecht

Awesome lox bagels!! And chocolate croissants! Mmmmhhhhh

Joshua Fink

Great prices and the bagel are always fresh in the morning

Mayur Bhatia

Get some really cool bagels and sandwiches there unfortunately no place to sit and eat.

Tim Wallin

Good bagel good coffee

Kelly McBeain

Wonderful bagels!

Rick Ciesla

Awesome bagel. One of the best I ever had.

Jonathan Alvarez

Patrina Huff

Great bagel shop with a wide selection of sweet, neutral and savory options. Good coffee as well.

Dalton Byers

This is a great place to get a bagel if your wanting some good breakfast. The bagels are huge and have several different kinds to choose from. They also have several different kind of toppings for your bagels. And if a bagels not what your looking for don't worry the have other items too.

Ryan Jackson

Great bagels in Dumbo! Fast service.

Aqsa Tahir

Really great bagels -staff was hella nice even though I didn’t deserve it.

Jeff Escalante

Amazing place, their bagels are so good

chris pelliccia

Great service, great food

Oscar Padilla

The best bagel in the area but prepare for long lines and it's pretty expensive.

sara orozco

If you are at dumbo and hungry come here for delicious and affordable food, bagels and muffins are really good, Friendly staff too.

Henry Etkin

Andrew Larregui

Great bagels and service. Can't beat $3 for a fresh bagel with cream cheese and a nice cup of coffee for breakfast.

Kristin O

Best bagels around and the staff is fantastic!


Delicious. Good price.

constantin bodale

Great bagels I don't like some of the staff they always make comments to most customers about their tip.I never heard that i have to tip someone that works at the cash register

Vasco Oliveira

Johanne Vermeer

Superb customer service! Clean and always fresh. This year I already had 30 egg and cheese sandwiches, 10 muffins, and lost count on bagelsssss. :)

Chris Cumpian

So glad to find a bagel shop that's fast and cheap. Got a huge really good tasting everything bagel with cream cheese and a coffee for $3.50. Most places around here easily charge double that. The guys behind the counter talk fast to get you your food fast so if you haven't had your coffee yet try to keep up and keep the line moving.

Josh Dillon

Good food, decent prices...standard NY attitude. Many good flavors of cream cheese. $2 for a bagel with cream cheese, $3.25 with flavored cream cheese. Get your coffee 2 blocks down the street if you like Starbucks.

Jonathan Beard

Favorite bagel place in the city!

NeCo NeCo

Pastrami & egg is a must!

Jen Peters

yummy bagels and great cream cheese selection, really busy and tiny but the staff does a great job at getting orders out fast

Alley Boo

Great. fresh bagels!

Kaleb Goodwin

The food is awesome but a bit expensive

Graciela Cuenca

Excelente propuesta. Porciones abundantes. Probé el clásico bagel de salmon y queso Philadelphia y mi marido comió el de roast beef. Volveremos!!!

Ginger Ball

Wonderful customer service and corporate breakfasts.

patricio carrasco

Great bagels and fast service

Catherine Jeon

Tasty bagels and amazing fillings. Luckily we went during less busy hours and were served immediately. I had strawberry cream cheese and it was amazing!

jef diesel

Fast friendly service

Ben V

Only bad part was the line beyond that the bagel themselves were incredibly good.

Laura Macdonald

Great bagels and coffee. Go in, order, line moves fast. Seriously excellent bagels. Not an eat in place, so be prepared to take out. Yummmmmmmmmm

John Brandt

Get down on one of their specialties or order your favorite bagel. The friendly people of La Bagel serve them fresh.

Rebecca S Lam

Best value for money, made fresh and very filling. It can get busy and they only do take-away, however it is worth the wait

Daniel Gomez

Buenos bagels al menos los únicos en el área, me encontraba de visita en New York, decidí comerlos en Brooklyn bridge park, sólo que quién me atendió con aspecto hispano o latino al tratar de comunicarme con él en inglés para hacer mi pedido y preguntarle de los ingredientes fue un poco grosero, eso arruinó mi experiencia, deberían ser más tolerantes con turistas, no sé si volvería.

Meghan Levine

A gem hiding in what is an otherwise overpriced area. Bagels are great, staff is really nice, and service is quick. Always a staple in my books!

Marina Cascaes

Bad service. Mediocre bagels.

Tressa Joseph

Friendly and fast service - and fantastic bagels and sandwiches!

Jill Leckner

Great bagels!

Austin Becton

I tried several bagel shops in my two trips to New York. This was by far my favorite, even over the highly ranked ones. I had a magical morning at the nearby park with views of Manhattan and an amazing bagel with a generous amount of cream cheese, just the way I like it! I would say it was easily the best bagel I've ever had, but then again, I'm not from NYC so my standards may be off.

Brandon Lee

First time there, we came from Brooklyn, N.Y., to visit someone in nearby hospital and found this bagel place for breakfast. OMG, fresh, fresh, bagels, all different kinds and all different kinds of delicious cream cheeses, my favorite so far, the Scallion Cream Cheese. They really smear it on, oh so good. Bagel is fresh and soft to the bite. Looking for great customer service, staff is welcoming and friendly and a great Bagel and Cream Cheese, good coffee, this is the place my friends. Enjoy.

Rachel Antonio

Like everything else in the area, La Bagel Delight is pricey but on par with the neighborhood. A bagel sandwich and soda can cost up to $10 but if you order French Fries it is only $3. And it is such a deal because you think you are ordering just French fries but they give you this huge serving of seasoned curly fries. Those are like the high class fries. La Bagel Delight is a chain.

Astrid Laisné

Très bon bagel et copieux, typiquement new yorkais. A manger sur la promenade de DUMBO lorsque le soleil est là.. au top !

Jens Kay

Joseph Winford

Love this place. When I'm in NYC, I always try to get my bagel fix here.

Louis-Joseph Auguste

Best in Dumbo

Nick Sawyer

Popped in to get a quick breakfast sandwich and was not disappointed. I chose the pastrami, egg, and cheese on a sesame bagel, and it hit the spot! The staff were friendly, and I was in and out quickly. Would definitely return next time I'm in the area!

Jodi Rosenblum

Honestly this is one of the best bagels in NYC. Unexpected perfect bagels. Everything seasoning is amazing. It sucks that I work so close because it’s hard NOT to get bagels often. So far I’ve limited myself to twice a week and I’m very proud.

Matt Davies

Visiting from the UK last week. Really friendly service! And the food was delicious! Will be popping in again whenever we come back! Thank you so much!

Kent Zhou

Bacon and cream cheese!!

Abdulla A.

The lady with the tattoos that works here is nice and get the orders quick. The men, not quite.

Cara Barker

Love this place, one of the best bagel places in Brooklyn!

Mark Parker

Eva Luderowski

Everything you could want from a neighborhood bagel place. Basically there every morning

Bryon Gonyer

Fast paced, great bagels and coffee. Suggest the Mr. Bagel

Noelle Cleary

Great bagels friendly staff

dan cohen

If you're desperate for a bagel and around the corner, these oversized dough balls might suffice.

Manon Boutié

Perfect authentic bagel place. Bagel sandwiches are enormous !

Susan King

I love this place they know what I want when I walk up in there I go all the time and will keep going

Gwen Sewell

hands down best bagels in NYC. the bagels are great, the people working there are great, the wait times are good, even when it's crazy busy. love 'em.

Angus MacIntyre

Fantastic sandwiches and bagels

Richmond Lam

Fresh bagels with LOTS of cream cheese!! Near the river.

Sara Copeland

Pretty sure this is the only place to get a bagel in DUMBO but they're really good and buttery. I recommend the salt bagel.

Siavash Golkar

The bagel was okay but make sure to explicitly ask them to toast it for you. Mostly bagel shops ask you if you want it toasted but here they didn't ask and just gave me a cold mushy bagel. A shame since the scallion dip was pretty good.

Salvatore Demaio

The Best Bagels EVER

Henrique Barbosa

Good options for breakfast and lunch. But not as fast as I thought it would be.

nelson cortijo

Great food at a great price, love it every time I go.

Dana Hufsmith

Stopped here for breakfast one morning, not being able to find anything else open at 8am in dumbo. The bagels were very good, and extremely fresh. The price was also great, and the service was fast. There is no where to sit, but we took our bagels and went to sit by the water, which made for a great morning with a view of Brooklyn bridge.

Don Anderson

My girl said it was too bagel-y. Pssht, idk what that even means. I say hit up this spot.

Joachim Schröder

"Bagel Everything" with creamcheese & lox - delecious

Henry Wu

The best bagel I taste in NYC

Aaron Pedersen

Nicholas D'Angelo

My co-workers insist on going here because its close. Just don't. Orders are incorrect about half the time and it's overpriced.

G Man

Great bagels always fresh whole wheat scallion cream cheese my favorite. Do not be intimidated by the line the service is fast. Price is little high

Nick Ferguson

Classic bagel shop that serves a generous amount of cream cheese alongside

Osvaldo Cruz

Good variety of bagel bread

Akshay Dhawan

Staff is often rude, takes your order in a hurry and puts pressure on you, then gets mad when you want to order something else. Happened multiple times at this location. Better customer service would go a long way, but I suppose they have limited competition in terms of bagel joints...

Brit Byrd

Go-to spot for quick bagel on lunch break

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