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REVIEWS OF Dean & DeLuca IN New York


Great place to have a coffee or pick up a quick snack while shopping or running errands in SOHO. Great selection of pastries. They also offer a full range of super market items (meat counter, cheese, vegetables) although I don’t think I’d realistically ever go grocery shopping here I have found some interesting spreads and crackers for entertaining. In the morning, coffee line is long but moves quickly and the service is outstanding.

John Fontana

You know, it is NYC and not a greengrocer, so $5 for an eggplant is probably OK. Nice pastry, great prepared food, decent coffee, and decent vegies and meat - you pay, but you get. Enjoy!

Katie Hallock

This place is too pricey for every day groceries in my opinion. But great for a special treat! I always eye their sweets. And I'm happy to try their samples - last time they offered three different kinds of seasoned nuts and they were delicious! Also, what a great place to pick up a Christmas gift for a Foodie! Our Uncle H sent the family a beautiful collection of cheese that everyone loved!!

Donsha Harden

Wonderful Baskets made by Dean and Deluca Concierge SoHo, Thank You Everyone. My family and friends were so impressed by the assortment.

Mike Zhang

Great grocery store.

Andris Vizulis

A really high end grocery store, with high end prices. This is a Manhattan institution, but it feels more like going in for a sightseeing experience than any kind of desire to drop lots of money for high quality. For those with lots of cash, I'm sure they would swear by this place instead of the countless other NYC shops that are more affordable to us more normal folk. Beautiful store though, and great meats and produce. It's just the overpricing that earns my 4 stars instead of 5.

Sara González

Just ordered a $3.35 cappuccino and got charged $0.75 extra for the almond milk. 22% increase on the regular price. Can someone explain to me why I didn’t have a discount for the “normal” milk that I didn’t have?? Because as I understand it, it was just a substitution. As a lactose intolerant, next time I’ll handle the ducking almond milk to them my own. This is very disappointing. Of course nobody told me in advance that I was being charge any extra. The cappuccino quite mediocre, btw. You won’t see me around more.

Christopher Chin

I really like their variety of pastries they have. Wish there was a location in Queens. That way I don't have to travel all the way to SoHo whenever I feel like having pastries and coffee fron Dean & Deluca.

Eric Melo

Love this store always a great best choice when I'm in downtown. Always grab a salad or sushi when the chefs are making it right there in front of you. Love the cleanliness of this space and lighting it is such refreshing experience just to walk in and see all the fresh Veggies and spices, juices and the food. I love their coffee, the chai Latte is one of the best in the city and you cant say no to the pastries even if you are in a diet they taste so good. My favorite almond croissant and the 3 leches doughnuts.

susan goldberg

Expensive but the food is really good!

blake Von Haack

Really busy spot! Pretty good produce

Mee H

Dean and DeLuca is always good. I like to go in the morning when customers come in for coffee before work. It is so hard to walk past those glorious goodies in the cases. There are so many choices here to take with you too. We always enjoy coming here for coffee and a bite.

Elise Droste

Best service!!!! Lovely staff

Alejandro Torres

This place is so wonderful. The service is so good. The food is so fresh and delicious. The coffee taste so good. You go in the back and they have sushi that taste like I caught the fish that same day. The cheese is divine. I think they have a crew of flying elves the delivers all these exotic and delicious foods from around the world. Enjoy your stay. Live a little.

Parveen Sikand

Excellent coffee

Todd Twinn

Great food. Selection isn't what it used to be

Gabrielle Lia

All I wanted was a salami and roasted pepper sandwich. They wouldn’t sell it to me. Instead they sent me from counter to counter telling me “they will be able to make that”. After the third counter I had been to, finding each ingredient in separate locations, I realized they weren’t going to make this sandwich. When I tried to buy the ingredients separately so I could make the sandwich myself, they wouldn’t sell me the roasted peppers for some reason. The employees behind the deli were rude to me and laughing in my face when I was asking them why their counter didn’t have salami, but the counter across the store had it. What an embarrassment that Giorgio DeLuca couldn’t accommodate an Italian sandwich in one of his own markets. And what an embarrassment that the staff he hires doesn’t care about actually being helpful to their customers.

Damond warren

Great quality. Super expensive and no bathroom. Doesn't add up totally

Sunil Dasari

Great fancy food choices but very pricey. It's good if u can afford it otherwise stick to the local grocery stores. One less star because prices are high

David Hamilton

Great Service, Great Sushi, Great Environment, will visit again! Highly Recommend for a quick stand up lunch. Food prices a little high for quantity, but worth it for the quality!

Martyn Wetton

Great food store. Lovely meals also.

Anthony Ricciardi

Soup and sandwich deal worth the price. Usually pretty busy during work day lunch hours, don't expect to get a seat

Kingdom Ihemdi

Clean place, great food but high prices

Gavi Nelson

Sushi was fantastic and fresh! Great and easy nyc spot to get a quick bite to eat


My go to place for all of my breakfast needs ! Excellent quality coffee ! Soft fresh begals ! An amazing baked goods selection! And TONS OF OTHER FOOD OPTIONS OF COURSE ! ALSO WONDERFUL SERVICE

Avita Bansee

Terrible experience: A Staff member crashed a cart into my ankle, I heard him behind me, intentionally driving the cart too close to me and then suddenly the cart actually crashed into me. My ankle was red and burning from it and he just slipped away kind of mumbled thank you. Two other workers saw this and then instead of being kind, they mockingly called him back over to explain himself to the “pretty lady” and asked if I wanted the guy “to massage it”. I am a 37 year old woman being sexually harassed by these young men while trying to buy some juice. A bourgeois grocery store can’t seem to find time to train their employees to not sexually harass customers and I can’t imagine the harassment female coworkers endure by these guys. It’s unacceptable- Dean and DeLuca, take responsibility for training your staff and creating a safe environment for shoppers and employees. Shame on you.

Su Young Kim

Clean and delicious, efficient.


Great food. But crowded.

Christopher Martin

Cool store with a unique selection of products. I have noticed that many packaged products are significantly higher here than the exact same products at other stores in Manhattan.

rajkumar PARDASANI

Coffee was amazing. Lively place. Excellent desserts.

Jodi Apryl

Great lunch selections. Little pricey

Jane Day

Love this place but cheese server was very slow

Whitney Knutson

Just a perfect place to visit, grab a small lunch or treat or drink. You can't go wrong here.

Y. Lu

This is the best example of American consumerism: looks fancy and unreasonably expensive. Any middle-range supermarket in Paris, at half its price, will beat it. I used to think the US is a big farm except a few big cities. After spending a year in NYC, I now think the city too is just a farm with a lot of new riches pretending to have taste, paying exorbitant prices to watch and sleep in opera.

Carmelo Santiago

Deli is great, the staff well knowledgeable. Great sandwiches made to order.

David D. Tan

Worst service in Soho. I often get my morning coffee there and the cashiers are always grumpy. Today was the worst with one of them barely awake and constantly checking her mirror while taking my order. The coffee is alright but the food is overpriced

Zoya Michel

I love their creamy cole slaw, their crab cakes were great!!

Liz Centeno

Good food and atmosphere for quick lunch.

Ananda Spice

Love this place very over priced but beautiful shop.

Leon Kirkbeck

Great pre made food.


1 of my favourite places in New York . Service okay, fast place . Really great pastry's

Trang Bui

The best located food court ever!! I love the arrays of sushi and poke bowls they have here. All are pricey but fresh and high quality fish. This place usually gets extremely crowded around lunch time on weekdays. I love the merch as well.

alvin morel

The Truffle sea salt pretzels, biscuit and coffee was amazing.

Emily Collins

Delicious food, wide variety. Only wish there were a few more spots to sit, as finding a seat can be challenging. But even crowded, lines move fast and service is good.

Philippe De Backer

Always pleasant to stop there buy surpringlly limited in the specialty food sections.

dorothy's channel

The rotisserie chicken here was so moist and hot and delicious you would not believe it. The traffic in here is fast moving and it's a nice place to mingle with other patrons while you wait. The wait isn't that long either by the way. The fresh fruit, juices, seafood and other meats will overwhelm you, in a good way. There is so much to choose from. I even got to sample some of the soups prepared for the day. It was delicious. I may go back the next time I'm in the area. Go check it out. You won't be dissapointed.

Nelson A Castro

Great service and Exceptionally delicious morsels around every corner. Especially love the foie gras, the Spanish cheese and the potato croquettes. The Duxelles are an excellent vegan choice. And yes they are pricey however this is a high end, quality store so for all those complaining about price, quality costs money. Put up or keep walking. 2 thumbs way up to Dean & Deluca.

Oliver Sheldon

Wonderful smoothies

Timotheus Tomlinson

The place is pretty cool and pretty sleek. A new way to do groceries and dine as well. Loved their croissants too that goes so well with the drink I ordered.

JZ Rides

Extremely pricey, but quality coffee!! There is a small seating area in the back, but there's NO bathroom here. It's good for grabbing on the go.

Vinny Robinson

Not what it use to be back the staff still treated me very well

Kai Kalino

Firstly wow. This place is absolutely incredible. It is understandable as to why this place is so popular. The produce section up front is beautiful. The coffee is strong and bold that the aroma just wafts everywhere. The selection of pastries stretches across the counter. The selection of aged cheese and their selection of proteins is top notch. The hot food bar is always shadowed by people who are on their lunch break in the middle of the day. They recently added a sushi bar as well so you can check that out as well. When you think of a high quality grocery store in Manhattan this is the number one spot to visit.

Kiyanna Lindo

Fine foods at it's best..

René Martín Blandón Ulloa

I absolutely love the store. You can even have a menu of a sandwich with a soup for 8 dollars or so. Desserts are superb as well

Teresa Newell

I rushed from the Upper East Side to get there before it closed. I was happy that I made it at 6:15, 45 minutes to spare. However, the store was virtually closed. All of the refrigerated cases were empty. The staff was focused on closing. I was looking for peppercorns and Dean & DeLuca didn’t have peppercorns! Is this store closing for good?

noloc 42

Surprisingly so they have reasonable prices for everyday items like coffee, bagels, muffins etc... Pleasant atmosphere close to known shops in Soho.

Dylan Lane

Busy, famous foodhall

Sam Ukulele

Believe this is one of the best grocery in New York High quality and convenient location Services always good Pricey but fresh and provided good choices, as a short term stay visitor, this is acceptable

Dean Evans

I appears that Dean & DeLuca will. be out of business sooner than later. No merchandise in the store.

Efrain Deleon

1st time going and the spicy wrap I got was pretty good.

S Seegmuller

Closed and empty. Not sure if it is a permanent closure or not.

Iain Lockhart

Great staff, lovely food if a little pricey. Bowie used to do his weekly shop here...

Lareina Bellecour

Great spot. But the coffee counter is complicated. They aren’t willing to make basic drinks iced. Heard two customers and myself request iced but to no avail.

Harry Kiesling

Well run establishmemt. Wish they had at least one chair inside though.

Mellr Media

Yesterday I was in there and there was a small bug crawling on their donuts. I was extremely turned off just brought my OJ and left will not return to that location in soho.. plus the staff their are so rude and unfriendly.. a turn off..

Tere GB

I've been coming here the past few months and their inventory changes. One time I went here they had a lot of vegan yogurts in stock. Another time they didn't. Their fresh juice seems to always run out. Their baked goods is good with few vegan options. This location carries produce and fish. I suppose if you're really crunched for time, you get those here. They have a lot of stuff to try from baked goods to coffee. Wander at your own risk.

Perla Vazquez

Their Chai Latte is not good, taste like more milk than anything else. Paris Baguette is by far the only place who serves a good Chai Latte


Maybe that place was cool and delicious in the 80's. Maybe back in the days it was a sanctuary to find a decent mustard, vegetables or products. I don't know. I wasn't here. But today's day it's just an overrated place selling products at an expensive price. I'm shocked that they have a one $ price on this google map page. There are so many others options in NYC now. Why go there if they don't improve the shop or concept.

Rafael Yau

Great high end grocery store. The cookies here are the best in new york, the triple chocolate is my favorite. The produces here always fresh and highest quality. The cheese here are great also, coffee is pretty good too. The sushi is great chose too. Staffs are friendly and helpful. Overall great place to shop all your needs.

Paul Barbera

I think this place used to be amazing, actually I think it’s overrated. Italian cheese selection is tiny, croissants were subpar and burnt for $3.50 just a over priced super market there not great. Union market is my go to.

Valaria Brown

Good Choice for quick breakfast. Check out and ordering a bit CONFUSING!


Please open more stores in midtown! I make it a point to stop by here whenever I'm around Soho. Premium prices but high quality.

Jose A. Delrosario

Excellent variety of top quality and ready to eat lunch portions

Lorena Urbina Mazzini

One of my favorite places to grab a good quick meal

Robin Lacey

High end grocery store

Jodi Fischtein

Great bread, sushi and tuna. Pre-made items as needed.

Alexander Rizsk

The place has tons of food options. But the only thing is that they don't have a bathroom. Which is a game changer

Stefan Trotman

I’ve walked by this place time and time again for years now and only recently when a friend of mine visited did I decide to take her there as it was the only wide selection place I could think of in the area. You have options, a ton of options from meats to breads to snacks to sweet and everything in between. There’s a salad bar and a hot bar with a variety of things where you can load up and pay per pound, or maybe you’re in the mood for a sandwich, many of which are pre made and ready to grab and go. Simply put, if you’re hungry, this is somewhere you’d benefit from being cause you’re bound to find something that satisfies it.

KIRU Smith

I used to stop by this shop at three mornings out of the week for a fresh doughnut and a cup of fruit. The team at this location is second to none.

Mauricio A

For being such an expensive place, you would think they had better service and employees who actually wanted to help their customers. I asked for a sandwich from their prepared food section 15 minutes before closing, plenty of time I thought. I saw their employee roll his eyes and sigh heavily at the prospect of preparing a sandwich. After about a minute of deliberation and talking with a fellow employee, he returned and said they were closing and couldn’t make my food. Extremely disappointed not only because I wasn’t served properly but more importantly by the lack of professionalism and attention to the customer that I’d come to expect from Dean and Deluca.

DR Johnson

great selection of quantity foodstuff and food

Dan Mitchell

Awesome place to find fresh cut meats and cheeses.

Seth Keel

Got food poisoning from a sandwich they made me.

Alexander Declue

Great spot for a healthy lunch.

Dicky Liang

Nice place. I came here to buy TWG tea bag. This is the only place that is available I can find in New York. Food counter is always busy that you have to ask like 10 times and still nobody respond you.

Universal Human

I will keep it 100%. I caught one of the employees putting like non organic grapes from the shipment box into the fruit basket. I personally think this place is super overpriced. I only think the coffee and desserts are so beautiful. They are pricey but really works of art. Apart from that they need to sit down. Lol

Ellen Antonucci

Picked up two crudités platters for Super Bowl and took into car. Something was smelly and we assumed it was just bad city smells. Got home and opened the sealed trays and a rancid smell came out. Lord knows how long those veggies were in container. The only dip was a less than appealing humus which we also threw out. I would’ve gone back but we were all the way on Long Island.


I just recently stepped foot into this amazing Dean & Deluca in Soho and it's now my favorite place to shop whether it be for a quick soup or actual items to make dinner tonight. I love the fresh fish and beautiful looking meats of all sorts. Fresh donuts made daily so watch out for those of you who are diet cheaters.

Will Howard

This is really more like a 2.5 but I can't do it because I love so many things in this store. And it's true. I love this stuff. I was a cheesemonger at a very similar market, I will go out of my way to get quality ingredients at an independent store, and pay more for them. It's worth it. But the cheapest pasta was $9.00 a pound!!!! The next was $12.00 a pound!!! I just can't do it. I care so deeply about pasta as well. The grade of your dried noodles will make or break your dish. It's incredibly important. I'll pay 6, 7, 8 bucks a pound. But 9 is too much. Any Italian would scoff at these prices. It's too much. Good, yes. But on principle...I had to move along.

Rick Culleton

Great food. Easy to get something good to eat fast.

Александр Александров

Nice place to stop by if you are not in hurry during the lunchtime

Cynthia Jotim

My first time in Dean and Deluca and the food and everything was so nice. The staff helped my friend to find the right sandwich for our picnic. and also the rotisserie chicken in the deli was yummy. Oh and the deli staff was nice to me. I am not a pastry person but they were arranged so nicely. My friend who loves sweets said she would eat them..

Elln Barrow

Loved the selections...

eva blum

Wonderful coffee and desserts and croissants fresh fruits to go. Their grocery areas have everything you always wanted unusual to try;fish, meats,fresh breads cut flowers,fruits and veg, cheeses,condiments and loads of tea coffee and kitchen pans,to caviar spoons and glasses.There is also a nice prepared foods section.

Ian Mark

Definitely my favorite quick food in soho. From the sushi to the pastries..its all delicious. They actually go to the smaller bakeries and sell their pastries too so you really get a great variety. Didn't even want to post this so it's stays low key but the people had to know.


Fine selection of foods, great service, creepy decor with animal heads on the walls.

Moshe Ashkenazi

Great place for food and culinary lovers

Eliza Marton

Love this place. Price is high but so is quality of goods they offer. It's like a boutique wholefoods

Tony Assoon

Very good food pastry and sushi. Soups and good desserts!

Scarlett Taylor

This is such a fun place to browse and the go home to Key Food.

Cheryl Dawkins

I did not know I needed this store in my life!

Lorena Marani

Great store with wide variety of gourmet treats and international food (cheese, sweets). Good place to grab a quick lunch.

Jonalyn Obra

I loved Dean and Deluca everywhere in the World! Love's the cakes,candies, gummys, and nice bags,, i recommend DnD to all my relatives and friends!! The best place to eat yummy foods, and the best place to hangout!! Good job!


Not what it once was. But still a solid resource for premium items

Raul Avila

Luxurious Supermarket with delicious high end treats from produce selections, pastries, fresh squeezed juices, prepared foods, Seafood, Coffee selections along with many spices and more. I shop here often and enjoy the scenario of the market. Excellent staff. Thank you D&D. Enjoy all, see my photos @thatsraul

john chamness

100% Charming and beautiful .

Kiodi Mercado

The service here was awesome greeted and helped to the fullest. I didn't give five stars because of what I witnessed here today from an employee. I seen an employee take food from a customer and throw it in the air food went flying everywhere. Other than that great service

Carl Garbie-Rivera

They are currently updating/ renovating - hopefully better things to come. At one point they carried wonderful produce and interesting products... that has been in decline for a while along with its service. The prices are high; but in the past they were justified by great service and a cool experience.

Sofia Wrinkler

Seen this store in a movie, so I decided to try it out and I love it. The food is fresh, pretty and delicious. My new fav place to go to.

Lloyd Kim

This is a very nice grocery store but staffs at a Cafe section could not be any worse. I ordered iced americano and they gave me a hot one, and when I said I ordered iced, they just poured the hot americano in ice, which definitely is not a way to make one.

Gosuke Nakamura

Flagship store for Dean & DeLuca. Great selection of all kinds of food but it is Manhattan SOHO price. I always enjoy buying some donuts there for a quick snack along with some coffee. It is a good place to stop by before walking around in SOHO.

Dustin William

One of the most amazing places for amazing food. The sandwiches are absolutely amazing. So much in that store.

Claudia Piu

Bad attitude from employees like they are not getting paid to work and what with the dead heads on the walls? Is the owner a hunter? Never again!

Shlomo Reif

The best of the best! Every visit to the city starts with their great breakfast bagels

Julia Hansen

This place should not exist. There's no reason for food to be that expensive. Also has a pretentious air to it - if you pop in to see what the big deal is, it seems like everyone knows you don't belong.

Teresa De Pineda

Such an amazing place!!! We really like it

Mathieu Blais

Nicest grocery store

Sumeet Kumar

Friendly staff, great produce. Loved the breads and pastries!


Great location to grab food and drinks when you shop in SoHo

Ebony Williams

Everything is fresh!

Benjamin Wiley


Anthony Giordano

Everything in this store exudes luxurious cool. I can't explain it, but I feel rich when I walk in here and buy something. They always stock high quality items and the prices aren't the worst.

Jedi Master

Great place for expensive snack food.

Claudia Colantonio

Delucious food! Their sweets are incredible. They have one of the best cheesecakes.

Jordan Weil

Cinnamon roll was something other than fresh, pretty disappointing for the price.

Joanne Belfast

Friendly atmosphere great customer service satisfaction

Jocelyn Cora

Love going to that location. Soup and half of sandwich special is my favorite. Also the ginger sandwich cookies.

Tony Brooklyn

Great atmosphere

Tom Mizzone

Really cool place for coffee, artisan breads, and more...

Paul Hung

Decor: 4/5 -Good layout, lots of selections for made to order food -Surprisingly there are decent high tables with almost no chairs Service: 5/5 -Top notch, friendly service and accommodating. -Need food heated? They'll heat it up for you Food: 3/5 -Avocado sushi roll was impressive with the ratio of avocado to rice. This made me feel like I was getting my money's worth. 5/5 -The Beef dumplings I would skip. I only had one and didn't care for another even when I was hungry. 1/5

Gabriele Grassia

Great staff, tried the soups and loved it. 4 stars just cause the need customer bathrooms. A pic of me and my girlfriend happy after eating their delicious food

Quintin Payton

love everything in the store but the staff couldn’t care less about their attitude and speed of service. it does not take 5 min just to communicate the order when the person is standing next to you. Why is there one person on the register during prime time morning rush? There must be a Union here because the employees do not seem to care whatsoever

Lisa Creed

Great place to rest and enjoy a GREAT cup of coffee!! And a famous black and white cookie!

kesiena origbo

Loved my green tea, the service wasn't so fast though....later went for a packed lunch, it was delicious!

Ricardo Mesquita de Abeci

I wish I was living nearby...

Anja Jordan

Awesome food market. Wider variety and fresh!

Andrey Lipavsky

Underwhelming, yet M'eh! What happened to your great company? You have too much New York history and tradition to be serving such mediocre food.

Patricia Suarez

Lovely space. Delicious food. Great ambiance. Great service.

Jill Syslo

Only place for cool candy gifts and great prepared foods if you're in a rush on your lunch break.

tzelin low

Sushi bar my fav!

Blake Bella

Love EVERYTHING in this store. Their sandwiches, hot "dishes", soups (mushroom barley is FABULOUS), salads, breads, cheeses, cakes and pastries, drinks, flowers, plus EVERYTHING ELSE. Bit pricey, but worth it.

Alisha Aguasanta

Overrated and over priced for just coffee and a croissant. At best mediocre flavor and they sell smalls as mediums. -_-

Qi Chu

Pretty good food. Pricy though

Gayle Arnum

They had hardly any food.

Rachael A

Very convenient! Healthy, hot options for a grab-and-go type of lunch.

Stephen Nichols

a icon in this type of store but not what it was anymore step it up d d

Christina Wedderburn

There are a lot of different stations with good variety. It was very busy but the lines moved fast

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef

I have always loved this store! It's pricey so sometimes I just go to look at the food like it's a museum. Yes, you can get many of their products for less money elsewhere, but it is a beautiful food store and everything is very temptingly displayed. They have a particularly good selection of chocolates. It's also a good spot for grabbing a hostess or homeware gift.


Me and my bestie were starving and needed food, it almost felt like food was not meant to be nearby and there it was dean and deluca. So happy this bistro is in the cut of all those damned Soho stores

Hannah Song

Place where you could get fancy and fun products but I was so disappointed by the sushi.. paid $18 for brown rice chirashi and it looked really good but the rice got hard by the cold temperature i think the ingredients are good and i get that you gotta keep it cold to make sushi fresh but it’s not so pleasant to eat and paying $18 makes me feel im a fool customer.

Morten Kristoffersen

Just been, this is heaven for food lovers !

Danny KidSuper Lin

Love the vibe in this place and of course the food and drinks are uniquely outstanding.

Oleg Appassov

Very clean and organized place. It has so many breakfast and lunch items to choose from. Sushi is very good, you just have to walk all the way back to the end of the store to see their selection. They have coldcuts, different varieties of chocolates, and great coffee. The lines look huge due to tourists, but they move quickly.

Aria Smith

I go hear so much they know my bagel order lol... which in itself is impressive considering how long the line is every morning. The staff is super friendly and I love the diversity. Might want to get a new guard at the door though... I constantly see people coming off the street stealing your produce or juices. Great location though. Yes it's pricey but that's Dean and Deluca. Mixed berry lemonade is 7 bucks a bottle but I shamelessly admit I've bought quite a few bottles lol.

jose arroyo

Great place for food, coffee and finding unique items.

Kathryn Mauch

Not only is everything amazingly fresh and beautifully displayed, the staff is extremely helpful. Also they are very convenient for my local market shopping in soho.

Brian Miller

Amazing sandwiches and fun location.

Keith Abraben

This place rocks. Clean, superb quality, excellent staff....what's not to like...tad on the pricy side but quality costs money. Cookies and prepared food is of excellent ingredients and quality......I wish I lived next door!!!

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