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REVIEWS OF Carmine’s Italian Restaurant - Upper West Side IN New York

Ru shena

Everything was delicious! We went for my friends birthday & the waiter was super attentive & friendly. We ordered the mussels & wings as appetizers. The shrimp scampi with angel hair as an entree. For dessert we had the cheesecake & tiramisu. Again...everything was delicious!!! This place does not skimp on portions! Each plate is to be shared between 2-4 people. I have absolutely no complaints!! I wil definitely be back. Oh, we had frozen drinks (can't remember the name) that were perfection.

Tiffany McLean

The food was great. I love the family styled portions. They were perfect for my daughters graduation celebration.

Kenneth R Stern

Very reliable classic italian fare prepared beautifully in family style dishes. Great for large parties with friends and family of all ages. Very much worth the trip!

kenya smith

Host was nice, full of character and very hospitable...the the food was simply ok. Very large, family style.portions. I ordered the lobster; it was okay to taste and Mom ordered the shrimp. It was too salty to eat. They removed that order from the bill

Yislen DeLuna

Classic no frills Italian. My go to for dinner when family comes over unannounced. Great service and take out is just as great

Jason Westerkon

100% impressed by the quality of service we received during our large party's time here for a birthday. The staff were remarkably helpful, honest, and friendly. Everything was served on time, and all of the food we had was hot, tasty, and fresh. My only slight knock is the portion sizes, which are ridiculous bordering on tragic. It's overwhelming heaps of food like this that gives American eating habits a bad name. Our hosts must have taken home 50 pounds worth of doggy bags, not an exaggeration.

Kimberly Gardens

This is one of the best restaurants in NYC. I've been to a lot of Italian restaurants and this is one of the ones with the best food. No Italian restaurant has anything on Carmine' s. The food is great and it's served just at the right temperature. The food and drinks are very fresh, I would recommend this place for a date, special occasion, something to do after an event. I suggest making reservation as this restaurant seems to be busy a lot especially during the weekend. I made reservations and was quickly seated when I came in. My table was in between a lot of tables. There's parties of many people. The restaurant is like a family oriented environment but the dim lighting makes it also a nice place for a date perhaps. Their portions are great all of them can feed four people. I ordered chicken parmesan and ravioli for a party of 2 and needed to take the rest home from how much it was. The food is delicious I don't think you can go wrong with anything on their menu. The deserts look amazing although I couldn't eat anymore. I like their drinks their not watered down. The restaurant is very sanitary, and all the employees are excellent from the people in the kitchen to the waitresses and waiters. I came here at night the only thing that was a bit complicated was finding parking but since it was after 9pm it was pretty easy to find a spot after 15 minutes. If you come to this restaurant you will not regret it. I've actually came here many more times for family celebrations and just a party of 2 the food is always fresh. The baked clams are to die for if you're a seafood lover. I've also had the manicotti it is so fresh and delicious. I've also had their lasagna which is very good and more than enough for an entire table of 4 or more people. I would recommend this location because it also isn't too hard to find parking.

Shannon Bunde

1st night IN town [ NYC ] good SERVICE & friendly atmosphere.

Steve Angel

Amazing food. Service was iffy. The bartender pours wat too heavy. Order singles. Try the wings.

Peter Reeburgh

Don't be afraid if you are gluten free or have a strict diet. They can easily accommodate and it's awesome. Great food well with the wait!

Lydia Y

I had such a wonderful experience here about 2 weeks ago. My BFF's family was in town so she arranged this dinner which I was invited to. She mentioned the reservationist was really pleasant and had heard the food was good. This restaurant is so comfortable and the staff were very welcoming. The food was delicious. The bread at the start was a focaccia and it was yummy. Caesar salad was really big, which we split 2 of amongst us. The meat lasagna was so terrific and fresh and one of us ordered the fried calamari, which was pretty much awesome. My main was the penne alavodka, which I absolutely loved.

James Binder

AMAZING food. Never goes out of style. You'll never be disappointed by the food. I give it 4 stars because of the ambiance. The tables are always too small. The spacing is tight. I know it is a popular place and there are always many patrons, but I wish the tables were wider. Servers are always busy too. Kinda hard to get their attention at times. Again, the food is amazing.

Marietta James

Great Atmosphere Service is Awsome!!! My waiter Charlie was outstanding, and my picky Bestfriend loved loved the food.

Carlos Vera

My family oriented great food, family portions just great

Josh Cooper

This was a horrendous waiter experience. The waiter kept touching my family and me, putting his sweaty hands on our shoulders, even after I told him to stop. He messed up the order and forgot to bring us water. Although, the food was excellent.

Danielle Borland

Wonderful Italian food. Great ambiance. Better than I imagined. Highly recommend.

Oriel Averion

Good food. Recommend reserving as they get busy. Difficult to get some attention from our server at times. Recommend ordering family style so you get to try everything. Picture is of their banana split (I think it's called) and tried to include a finger for scale to see how large it is.

krystal bak

Sharing my first experience at Carmines, my husband and I were in NY for our honeymoon and we were very excited to visit Carmines. We knew they were famous for their large pasta dishes and were excited to try them out. The service we got from our waiter was so upsetting that I cried on the way out. The waiter was going through the whole menu and I interrupted him to ask which pasta dish was most popular, I was meaning to save him time as we knew what we wanted already, the waiter seemed to take great offence and left without suggestion. Both my husband and I noticed this change in behavior and were wondering if we had offended him in anyway- the furthest thing from our intentions. But the whole night went downhill from there, the waiter rarely came - only to drop off food , I could see him talking to other wait staff and pointing to our table. The service we received the whole night was really upsetting and appalling as I could see him serve other tables right next to us in a completely different manner. At the end of our meal we still left a 15% tip and a thank you note to show our regret if he had felt offended in any such way. And as we left the restaurant we said thank you as we passed him and without a word in return , he turned his back to us. In retrospect I feel he was highly unprofessional, we received neglectful service at best- and to upset a customer to the point where she cries after a restaurant experience is pretty terrible. Other than this particular waiter, the food was great- atmosphere amazing and the bar staff were also very nice - we would have loved to have revisited but the experience with our previous waiter deterred us.

Benita Overton Little

A lovely dinner with delicious calamari, salmon and fettuccine with shrimp. Ample portions for our group of 30+! Austin was an attentive and gracious waiter.. Unlike the young lady who was abrupt and defensive for no reason. We had a lovely birthday celebration! Hope he gets most of the gratuity!!

Mauro Gabriele

Great food and service. Go hungry, order strategicly or bring friends. Dishes are family style.

Rafael Gonzalez

Place was pack when we got there and we had to wait on our reservation also services was little slow ( like I said place was pack ) food was great lots off garlic and herbs original Italian restaurant. Great atmosphere. Prices where $$$ because of the big portion they serve you plus lots off breads.

Nathan Maloney

Service was very good however the restaurant itself was very humid and warm. It can be very loud and hard to hear your table mates. There were 3 or 4 birthday dinners going on when I was there. I thought the food was average however as advertised, the portions are huge. Good value for the money however. You can add 12 ounces of pasta to anything for $12.

Lincoln Wettenhall

Family Size Italian. Been here a couple of times, for two people you will be pressed to finish any of their entrees. Food is well prepared and staff/servers are very attentive and helpful. Excellent place for a party and groups of 3+ or if you are a couple or party of two bring your appetite.

John Gallucci

Love it awsome food good service. If you go, be sure to bring a healthy appetite. You will not leave hungry. I recommend the porterhouse steak as one of your dishes. It's out of this world. Parking could be a pain though, but that's Manhattan...

S Ras

Huge family size portions. Great food, great service. The place has a a very old school feel to it. We go there everytime we visit Manhattan.

Tiffany Coleman

THE FOOD is so good!!! The service was great and they have gluten free options... just talk to the wait staff. They have a really nice atmosphere.

Brian Longacre

I don't know where to begin. Let me try. I am in the restaurant business managing one in New York and one in Atlanta. I flew my brother in town to celebrate our birthdays and go see the Cleveland Browns on Monday night. Once my brother got into town he wanted to go only to Carmines. He had tried it on his honeymoon in the Bahamas. The greeting we received was outstanding. Cool vintage spot and everyone smiling. I soon realized I left my phone in our Lyft. Scrabbling and frustrated I searched. No luck. I informed the management team in case the driver called. Every single person working at Carmines got involved to help. Meanwhile, about the food. The best ceasar salad I've ever had. The spaghetti and meatballs were as close to my mom's so no offense, Carmines might of been better. And the Bolognese was to die for. We finally had to move towards Penn Station. Luckily before we had to take the train to the game the Lyft driver called my bother and had my phone. The driver was on 47th street and we were on 42nd. What are the odds. Needless to say, I got my phone but the service and genuine hospitality at Carmines is something I will never forget.

William Zheng

Huge amounts of delicious food and they are proud of it. Definitely go with an appetite and a bunch of friends.

Magnus Cain

My first time. And I LOOOOOOOOVED IT!!! Excellent staff, some of the best food I've had in a long time and very versatile atmosphere. The wait was a little long (45 mins) but it's a Saturday night and I made NO reservations, so all things considered it was actually pretty impressive. Inside the place is busy and bustling with everything from birthdays, guys/girls night out, dates, and casual dining but the wait staff is on their "A" game and I felt like I was at small restaurant on a slow night. Our server was attentive, engaging, helpful, and then some. When our order came (pretty fast) one of the dishes was wrong and he quickly corrected and rectified the situation and was back with the right dish in seemingly no time. I'm not hard to please, but I'm also not easy to impress and while I mostly have very positive dining experiences, Carmine's just blew my whole mind.

Tori Drewes

Honestly, I TRAVEL to NYC to come here for the food. It's BEYOND AMAZING. I mean, just beyond. The staff is great, the prices are BEYOND great for NYC. Just... Wow. Make sure to book a reservation online about 2 weeks in advance. You CAN NOT just walk in.

Cortney Thomas

ALOT of food. I love their family style dining. Nice casual restaurant for the entire family. They bring your dishes out in stages and you just pass the bowl like Sunday dinners at home.

May Rivera

Great food ! Amazing service. !Our waiter Kervin was fabulous. Knowledge, easy going, very pleasant. We absolutely loved him! Thank you Kervin you made this first time experience so much more pleasurable

Jason Oliver

Food was great. Classic Italian food. The meatballs were incredible! The restaurant was packed, but its NYC, what do you expect. The drink selections were decent.

jasmine martinez

Food is good as well as service. The only reason is not a 5 stars is because the long waiting to be seated during dinner. But if you go during lunch there's minimal to no wait.

Phillip Rahman

They have this pineapple slush drink on tap...

Orlando Rodriguez

First time and I loved it! Our waitress was the best.

Luis Diaz

Fantastic food a little pricey but worth every dime.. Fantastic service.

Farid Noorai

Excellent large and tasteful family portions meat, pasta and other dishes with daily special and other salads as well as vegetable sides and great desserts. Fast kitchen and delicious food make up for wait to be seated. Reservation helps during popular hours.

Brandy Lewis

A lot of food. One dish can feed 4 people my family and I love it here. The atmosphere is great.

Temecia J

Food was excellent. Everthing was perfect up until unfortunately there we had a hiccup that was made on their part that wasn't handled very well by management at all. Please work on your staff owning their mistakes. Total lack of responsibility

David R

Friendly atmosphere the food was great, specially the Calamari, and the service was also great, well go back again...

Elliot Sabs

Another one of the best restaurants in new york. This place serves delicious itallian food. I would highly recommend you reserve seats as it does get very busy at certain hours.

Guy Zimmerman

Very happy environment. Great service But the Steak was overcooked. Limited sauce selection, no cream sauce to pasta.

Leana Lopez

Love, love, love this place. Great food & friendly staff. Makes you feel very welcome!

Thomas Mciver

Serving size is for 3-4 people. Reasonably priced for the huge portion you get. Everything is home made. Tastes great

Zoe DeVito

I've been coming here to eat the best Italian food my whole life. Carmine's is our #1 choice when dining in NYC. I'll update my review to 5 stars when they update the dining room. Broken lighting and cracked walls? Come on, now.

William Crawford

Huge portions and delicious food. Bring you hungriest group and prepare to leave stuffed.

Ze Pan

If you’re like me, who lives alone and can’t bear constant noise, don’t bother to visit here please. The dish, as described, is indeed very large, which actually satisfied my childhood fantasy. Hope my dog will like the pasta. I read that the restaurant has live jazz music, which I’m not sure about. What I’m sure about is the constant noise while eating from all the other people. I think the servants are friendly? Probably suitable for family gathering? Definitely not coming again.

Steve Banks

Busy place probably need to reserve. Family style and an over abundance of food. Great service. Solid menu and food

Christine Fisher

We love this location (2450 Broadway) & have been going there for years. It's a bustling restaurant, the waitstaff is attentive & good natured. The eggplant & their Saturday prime rib special are ridiculously delicious!! You definitely need a reservation for a larger group.

REGIS Sanchez

Well this is a place to come with a lot people who are in the mood of having fun and eat

Liberty & Major

Food was amazing! Great family atmosphere that is loud and full of life. Service is fast and friendly. Both of our kids are picky eaters but that night no one put up a fight! Can’t wait to come back for more!

Duncan Findlay

It's just great. Expect to be too full for too long afterwards

Digna Maria Arias

Omg always a great experience here!! Food and service never disappoints. The Titanic is my absolute FAV

Blanca Rosado-Diaz

Great Italian family style restaurant. Wonderful experience. First time taking the kids, they were thrilled. Ordered the Chicken Scarparrielo it was the most juiciest, flavorful experience ever. Great Penne ala Vodka. Will come back and you should too.


Seated immediately. Waiter was great! Food was delicious! plates can easily serve 3-4 people depending on your appetite .

Bernard Brathwaite

Visiting Carmine's is always a great experience. I never get a reservation, so I'm guaranteed to wait at least 45 minutes for seating. But believe me it is definitely time well spent. Carmine's is a place you would bring family. You order a dish and everybody gets served their first plate by the waiter or waitress, then its self service from that point on. Your server will come back and check on your table or tables. The establishment will always accomadate large parties. And the place stays packed. Great Italian cusine plus great service is a definite winner for all.

Constancia Bobbitt

The manager Alexander is a amazing asset to this restaurant. After having a 1 star experience with a waiter that didn’t pay my group any attention, manager Alexander came right over, took our order and served us our entire time. The food is amazing and now I can say the same about the service. Feedback: Black dollars matter !! if a establishment doesn’t make you feel like your money matters - DONT SPEND YOUR MONEY WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT !!

Giovanni Abbruzzese

Family servings, 1 plate is enough food for 4-6 people. Steak is expensive. Antipasto, salads, pastas, chicken, is the way to go if you're on a budget. Service is excellent. Food is very good. I rarely give 5 stars... which would mean there's no room for improvement. There's always room for improvement. I will go again, and recommended it.


Wonderful italian food. Plenty and very tasty. The best value for money in town.

Alvin Whitley

The Best !! Eggplant parm, white clam sauce, Ch Bread pudding and so much more. You can't go wrong here unless you'r eating alone. Lol

Tamara S

The calamari, spring mix salad w/fruit & nuts & the Sinatra's Iced Tea was delicious Wasn't found of the lasagna

Lamont Johnson

Food was great. Staff was polite. All was well until a water bug landed on my jacket from the ceiling. Staff tried not to acknowledge what happened. Will not be returning.

Minerva Soto

Great family style dining. The country style rigatoni is delicious. The staff is courteous and friendly.

Michael Quintana

Overall good “family style” Italian food. Portions are huge, they feed 4-6 so if you go as a couple expect lots of leftovers! The wine list was good but overpriced.

Rhea Graham

Nice place. Good food. Plus we had the BEST server, Jacob, who went above and beyond to make our experience so pleasurable.

jeremy thomas

Food was pretty good, if you're on a budget don't order alcohol unless it's beer. Beer is the only reasonably priced alcoholic beverage. Service is great and quickly responsive.

Joseph Torres

The food was excellent and the service was

Mike Watson

Just went in here for a quick drink. Raspberry mojito was excellent. Will come back for the food!!

Sissy Ichinohe

Nice Italian family style. I did my birthday lunch with my friends here The cakes they gave us had kinda weird shape though. That’s the thing I did -1 star. Other -1 star is , a server asked me a phone number while all of my friend were gone for restroom.

starship2001 .

Family style restaurant. Portions meant to be shared. Good Italian food.

Betsy Gonzalez

I love and have loved this place for many years! Food has never disappointed me. Love the porter house (for 2 or more). Pasta dishes delicious as well. Appetizers are yummy, fabulous for a large group with large family style portions, or intimate, share a dish, take home what's left. The one notable thing is that it is easy to spend way more than intended, not an inexpensive choice.

M Hicks

Excellent and flavorful food, I love the mood this spot has, and the workers were welcoming. Will definitely come back again.

Atiya In6ram

My first time but will not be my last. I'm particular when I eat out and this place was great! From the time we walked in I was impressed. The service, the food, the dessert! EVERYONE and EVERYTHING was amaze balls. Our server Zyaire was the best. He knows the menu very well very helpful. See you guys soon

Elainew Sparkman

Everything was great, Austin is the best waiter. My only observation was the bartender, he needs to keep his hands out of his hair when serving and handling beverages. I would hate to find to a hair in my drink.

Hannah L

Didn’t even bother to help us and basically just shoved us out. Extremely rude. Do not recommend.

Andrew Ghassan

Food is always delicious here and the staff is excellent. It’s the perfect spot for a party of 4 and above. The portions are huge, yet the food quality is great. You will be sharing everything you order so make sure you don’t order too much.

Sandra Munoz

Service and food was to die for!! Anti pasta and manicotti was excellent!! Definitely five stars!!

Nick P

This is yet another staple in the greatest city in the world. Awesome family style Italian cuisine. Perfect for large groups as well as that intimate date. Don't forget you wallet or Google pay though, it being 1 of my personal favorites (so i should know), be sure this will cost you but well worth it. Love the old school atmosphere. Treat yourself

Jonathan Pache

This place was amazing! I went with a party of 9 and we ordered multiple pastas and entrees to share. It was nice to enjoy a variety of what was on the menu, and everything was delicious! Our waiter was very attentive. I would recommend making a reservation.

Ariana Drobet

Must eat in new York. Friendly staff. Reserve your table!!! Big portions

Barbara Flowers

The portions were huge. The staff was friendly. The atmosphere was classy. The food was delicious

Poppy Nrie

Amazing foods and best server. Beautiful space, healthy breakfast I love this place.

Mary Ball

We held a surprise birthday dinner there for a dear friend and booked the private room. It was PERFECT! The service was stellar(!)--the waiter (Kervin A.) and his assistant were very attentive, personable, and attended to our every need--some of the best service I've had in New York. The room was beautiful, wood paneled, well set up with even a table for gifts, music of our choice we could pipe in, and if we wanted, a tv (which was available but unobtrusive). And the food was excellent!!!--service family style is great for groups (and kids)). Moreover, the hostess and waiter worked with us to enhance the surprise. I cannot recommend Carmine's Upper West Side enough for a private event.

Teresa C.

Oh cmon, like this place really deserves anything less than 5 stars? They're amazing, staff is attentive, and the food is what drags me and my family back to this place just about every holiday. Be sure to make reservations here! They get packed and you DO NOT want to miss out on their food!

Sandy Harrell

My husband and myself came to NYC for our 20 yr wedding anniversary. We chose Carmine’s for our anniversary dinner. We made a good choice! Charlie, our waiter, was awesome. He gave us a good run down of the menu and had great conversations with him. We also got a complimentary desert for our anniversary. For food was very good!

Anthony Wang

The meals are huge, we ordered a prime rib and a marinara linguini. They were all good and worth the buck. The only thing is that you have to go with a lot of people. We made a reservation and we got our table on time but we heard some people complaining about delays. Service is good but it is very noisy there.

Paul Riordon

Great portions for a family style restaurant. Not bad for a good Italian spot. 1 ingredient was missing though... Salt!

Kymberly McNair

My friends and I had a great time. The spinach was perfection on a platter, and Omar took great care of us by customizing our grilled chicken and pasta order. And the bartender made the best Bourbon Mule I've ever had!

Vanessa W

It's really a lot of fun but come with a big group they give a lot of food.

Martin Giura

Absolutely recommended! Everything is family size, lasagna and spaghetti with meatballs is our preferred. It is a must stop here if you like Italian food. When we go with my girlfriend we ask for 1 lasagna and we usually eat half and take the other half home. If you are 4 people one lasagna could be enough if you eat one portion each.

Raphaelina Rodríguez G.

This is one of my family’s favorite restaurant ever. You can never go wrong with Carmine’s. Food is delicious, plates are to share. It’s a very nice atmosphere and the service is espectacular. Everything here is amazingly good.

Frands Charles

Delicious food all around, if you around New York this place is a must. They have all kind of good Italian dishes. You have to experience this yourself, I would definitely recommended this place to anyone..

Anthony M

Came her with my family food was good so was service until our server had come out and we were after dinner now on desert already and I had mentioned that I dont want to sound rude but I don’t like cinnamon in my cappuccino And the waiter rolled his eyes in a very impolite manner And made me feel embarrassed that my wife felt his tension of anger said politely That she would drink it and to get me another even though she had a coffee in front of her Now that just doesn’t sit right with me very well even after hours leaving the restaurant even after I has left a more then generous over 18% Gratuity Why is it I feel very belittled over coming to this place It’s not Like complained on anything other then I don’t like cinnamon we loved everthing and said it was a joy to visit we drove from Connecticut very unhappy at this current moment

Nikki Kobayashi

The waiter was very helpful. We asked him how many entrees could feed a party of 8. Food was delish. Service was great!

Cicilia Buchanan

Nice place, can get very crowded sometimes. But, the food is so good and the portion is massive for NY.

Beth Loudin

Huge amount of food! These guys were very accommodating to my group who needed a corner for privacy.

Phoebe Jacobs

Food was amazing! Great family atmosphere that is loud and full of life

John Sames

Wow is all I can say. Family style plates are huge and delicious. Service is top notch.

Jeffrey Lewis

Service was great. Food was very good. I would go back.

Frank Brewer

A lovely spot for lunch. We were able to sit outside on a gorgeous day, and our dog with us was no problem.

Dana Sainte

First time at the 91st and Broadway locale. There for a surprise birthday party with a table for 25! Within 15 minutes of being seated, the wait staff brought out salad & mussels & bread & calamari. For dinner, 4 different pasta dishes, 2 chicken and 1 shrimp platter. The staff is great & accommodating! On a Saturday afternoon/evening expect busy & crowded! Make a reservation!

Will Williams

Nice Italian restaurant VERY Big portions to share. VERY family oriented Love

Peter Corsi

Boisterous family style Italian joint. The pasta dishes qualify as excellent Americanized Italian. The hidden gem of the place, are any of the beef dishes. I would put them up against the best Steak Houses in the city.


The veal sandwich for lunch was barely edible. The $18 cost is high.

Anthony Fitts

Noisy but great, family style so don't eat all day before going, lol. It's wonderful.

Steven DeGracia

Fun family style restaurant. A tad expensive but pretty good food. The chicken marsala is great!

Bernadette Bayles

Loved the food and can't say enough about the service staff!! Love Danielle!!!

Jennifer McLaughlin

Visiting from NC and our first stop is always Carmines. Delicious as always but best part was the server, Charlie. He was so nice and funny and even showed us pictures of the specials from his phone. That made our decision to order them so easy. Thank you Charlie for making our meal so much better!

peter bleech

Service was incredible. Pasta dishes were spectacular. Our waiter advised to go easy on our portions in order to enjoy all of the forthcoming courses. Sure glad I listened.

Jeff Berwick

Loves this family style Italian style restaurant. Never disappointed. Great experience.

Gabriella Juanita Maya

Great vibe and food! Service and food were amazing. Definitely would come again for a formal dinner.

Isabella Pugliese

The portions was huge. The price was perfect. The service fast, and stupendous! Even had plenty of leftovers to enjoy the next day.It might be worth visiting this location if the other locations are typically busy.Food was delicious and atmosphere wonderful..

ariel solomov

Sherry Solomov and my husband Ariel here with a review on Carmine’s UWS! We came here on a Sunday with reservations for my birthday which seemed busy for a Sunday. I approached the hostess station and met Carla. In front of me we’re a few demanding customers (I’ve been a hostess before and know how stressful it could be) and Carla was nothing but sweet and accommodating to them. I checked in with her and expected the usual “I’ll seat you once your party is here” deal but she gave me such attention and consideration as if I was the only one in the whole place. She was as chill as a cucumber and held down that place like a rockstar. She sat us at a table where Raheim was our server. Now Raheim is another pro that you can just tell loves what he does. He took control of the order, suggested a few things, kept us smiling and came back multiple times to check up on us. Food and drinks were awesome as always.... my ONLY remotely negative remark is to lay off the raisins in the bread pudding. I used to be my favorite dessert and seems like it’s taken over more and more by raisins each time we come in.

Melanie Chan

Food was really good.. The place was not busy for Friday lunch but our server was hardly around. Constantly looking for her to get service. Dessert was awesome!!!

Mary Martinez

The waiters were great. Food was great. The hostesses could use some work. They are the face of restuarant, and all they do is speak rudely and make faces at you for stepping out for two minutes. Not great. Should be working somewhere in the back so no one can see their faces.

Vickie B

Love this place . Food is amazing. Staff was great. A little pricey but so worth it

Michael Gardner

Would have received 5 stars because the food is consistently amazing but the waiter didn't say his name to us or anyone that he was serving. The ravioli with the chicken cutlet was great. The frozen drink "great berry cosmo" or something of that nature was strong and tasted very good. They also do great with birthdays! Many birthdays tonight.

Julie Rose Dizon

Great service! We went for lunch and had to be in and out in 1 hour. They were able to accommodate our request and food was delish!

Jay Shapiro

Big groups - that's why you go to Carmine's. If you are looking for a location uptown for a group of 8 or more (20+?) and you want a rowdy, loud, accommodating place, that will setup a huge table for you and where your family/friends can all talk and laugh without really giving a thought to the food or ordering or disturbing anyone else, then Carmine's is there place for you. It's truly a New York institution. The food is fine, the staff professional. Nothing is fantastic or even cause for notice, which is exactly what you want when you just want to go out with your huge group and celebrate... anything.

Caroline with love

This was so delicious! Great atmosphere and food for the family of 8. The service was good too.

Louis Tentindo

Huge portions. Very popular. Busy. Good flavors. Very good service.

Robert Drummond

Spectacular destination for large groups seeking authentic Italian food. Enjoy the house red!

Alexis Santiago

Fine location for delicious Italian food. Visited about four, it was not full. Certainly worth going back to. Feels similar to a restaurant in Philadelphia that I enjoyed visiting.

Rosanna Veras

Delicious food! This place is a family or group oriented, the plates are huge and serve about 4 people each. I went with my work team and the service was excellent. We all ate lots and lots of food and had dessert and the bill was not even high including the tip.. definitely going back again with my entire family!!


Great food and staff! Pretty pricey but definitely worth it. Cool menu and interior. Best Italian I've ever had!

Ray Martinez

Food is always delicious. Be sure to make a reservation,the wait times can be crazy. I highly recommend the Broiled Porterhouse

Wendi Russo

Average at best- not worth the hype- clams aren’t great and service is only ok

Raul Sanchez

No really pricey when you consider that one plate feeds 2-3 and the desserts are HUGE, again, for 2-3 people. Great food, great service, great ambiance.

Angela Ianculovici

The food was amazing. Big family style dishes so I would definitely recommend going with a group. Enjoyed the whole experience, the friendly service and the delicious drinks, food, and desserts.

Jessica Rodriguez

Never a bad meal. Always a pleasant experience. So many other places but we choose Carmine's to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and....well...just because. The food is excellent. The style and reasonably priced

Victor Padilla

For the best and authentic Italian restaurant in the lullaby of Broadway! You can also visit the one in Atlantic City as well.

Paty López

This is the greatest Italian food I have ever tried. The waiters and the waitresses are loving and kind. I will come back again when i get the chance!

Joseph gershoff

Disappointing. The chicken dish we had was less than generous. There was 6 or 8 small cutlets. The service was good. We were also charged for a second glass of seltzer at $3.75 each.


The people, the food portions, and the ambiance was excellent!

Justin Carter

Great place to eat. Food was so good! Their servings weren't overwhelming like other places. We even had some room for dessert and we never do that! :) Definitely would come back to try other stuff on the menu.

AJ Gallegos

Charlie made our experience to our first time in Carmine’s restaurant very enjoyeable & He was friendly and very attentive to our group. We hope to get him as a waiter next time we come.


Wow! Best lasagna I have ever had the privilege to eat! The portions was huge. The price was perfect. The service fast, and stupendous! Even had plenty of leftovers to enjoy the next day. I will definitely be back one day!

Melba Sanchez

Too dark while you are eating food. For the amount of food that was given it was too expensive. I like the Carmines in 44th manhattan better

Ibrahim Johnson

I brought my girlfriend here as she was visiting from Texas and we both really enjoyed their food. Their portion sizes are huge, but perfect. There food is properly seasoned and is well worth the price. However, their dessert is potentially overrated. We had the titanic and was definitely a bit much.

Randy Thomas

Service was good. Food was better. Really enjoyed the calamari. One of my favs

Miriam De Jesus

The sevice and food was great. Family place just what I was looking for. Great place to celebrate a special occasion.

Richard Fuchs

Great location, great service, great food. I had a fantastic experience at Carmine's.

Vanessa Edwards

Mushroom parm is so good here I know it sounds odd but the mushroom is fried to perfection then topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese so delicious!

Mariane Janikian

Excessively garlicky food. Italian food is about balance. Atmosphere is great.

Jeffrey White

I had such a great experience. The waiter was very helpful when it came to recommending dishes. I'd love to go back there at some point in time.

miss cannabis

This spot was good. I highly recommend for people that Love pasta. Customer service was great and on point. Definitly coming back!

Ce s

We walked in thinking it was a regulsr italian place. However we didnt know the massive portions that they served. The food was great and had good value. I would recommend coming with your appetite and many friends!

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