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200 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036, United States

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REVIEWS OF Carmine's Italian Restaurant - Times Square IN New York

Keith Poole

Amazing food! Love this place. It's so fun to go here with a large group and order several platters of food to share. I think this place is very special how they serve the food family style. It makes you really enjoy the company you're with and just sharing food with someone else is a great conversation starter.

matthew cooper

Loved it great value and great food family style

Gina Kennedy

The food was great and the prices are reasonable. I love eating there!!

Ellen Saslovsky

In NYC from Florida. Had the Hot Antipasto and drinks at the bar. The food was awesome, the bartender was terrific, the people were fabulous! Had so much fun we didn't want to leave had show tickets and we're sad to go. We had strangers offer us to taste there food. One guy wanted to buy the Titanic dessert for all of us to share. Overstuffed... couldn't do it. I Love and Miss NY, the people and Carmine's!!

Taka Tanner

Great place! The food is great but go with at least 3 or more people. The food is served family style so the portions are HUGE. If you are with a group of picky eaters dont go here because you will waste money of everyone wants something different but if you can all eat the same dish its great. Be prepared to pig out. Staff very professional.

Trevon Henderson

Omg! This place was much more than I expected. I'm not big on Italian family style dining as it can be sub-par in terms of quality and taste, but this place is amazing. My first time, not my friends'. Have a reservation!!! This place was full, but once seated you get caught up in the friends/experience. It almost feels like you're in your own restaurant. Great food, great service, family stlye large portions, good dessert! I barely took any photos it was such a good time.

Jill Nygard

Lovely, loud and delightful. What a fun place to have drinks, eat and be merry! We had the Caesar salad and the mussels it was all delicious., the table beside us insisted we try their pasta, it was delish. The cheesecake for dessert was lemony and heavenly.

Samantha Plishka

The food was delicious which is why I am giving them two stars, however, the remaining of our experience was not so great. We had a reservation for 4:30 which you need because the place is packed. We checked in 10 minutes prior and were told it would be a few minutes. 20+ minutes later after watching several walk ins with no reservation get seated before us, we finally say something and they seat us immediately. It was not until I left when I realized open table sent me an email stating we missed our reservation which showed that they never even checked us in. We are aware of one other party waiting that had the same issue as us. If that was not enough, once we arrived at our table we had to wait another 10 minutes before even getting our menus. Food came fast and was good but once we finished we also waited quite awhile longer for our bill. Not sure if the food is worth the terrible management of reservations and customer service.

Will Hardy

Good Food and very large portions. We had the meatballs and the raviolis and could have easily fed 2 more people. Made for some nice leftovers. They were packed but the wait time was quick. The table service was a little slow and they could have been more attentive. We needed to ask to have our water refilled more than once. All in all, it was a good time and we will go back again.

joe R

Come hungry, leave full! Great food, energetic servers. Had the shrimp scampi and the chicken scallopine. Lemon butter sauce was incredible.

Yoav Gross

The food was great, the service not so much. We waited for our credit cards back for 30 minutes and not even a "sorry" was mentioned. Disappointing especially when you pay a decent amount of money and of course they automatically added a 20% tip to the bill without even asking.

Matt Taylor

Great overall experience, server was very nice once he came to the table (took a few minutes). Food was great and as everyone else says the meals are only for sharing unless you are taking some home. I wouldn’t say 3-4 people more like 2-3. We had the lasagna which was fantastic and the vodka penne which my wife loved. Would definitely make a return visit.

Hasan Irtija

The bartender was amazing. Great food. Nice atmosphere. Loved it.


Big portions. They call it “family style” dining, which means each dish is supposed to go in the middle of the table and the family shares the food. One pasta dish can easily feed 2 to 3 people depending how hungry you are

Tyneshia Smith

The atmosphere and family style meals was wonderful! Staff very professional and courteous. Would definitely go back again!!

Tori Shever

My mom and I decided to finally try Carmine's before going to see a broadway show. Didn't make a reservation in advance, so highly recommend! Luckily the wait for our table wasn't too long. Portions are shareable family size and very large. The fried zucchini was hands down the best I've ever tasted! Definitely a must try at least once in your lifetime, especially if you're just here visiting in the city.

Cool Ichigo

Came here with a large group about 10. We were welcome with open arms. Very friendly staff and very attentive as well they explain how everything work being that it was everyone first time there. They explain how everything is family style so food was server in larger portions for everyone to share. The food was delicious, and it was so much of it I don’t think we finished it all. Would definitely recommend to anyone who’s doing a group event. This place is not ideal for couples.

Carsten Hyld

Unique atmosphere, good and pleasant services. VERY popular, book a table in due time! Large plates of delicious food, ready to share... interesting local craft brew (beer) and good wine... We would’ve loved to eat there again, but... book in due time

Valentin M

I get to eat here a lot since I work close by. I like how their service is always excellent and they keep the place clean consistently. Prices are affordable and they serve big portions.

Andreea - Paula Zaharescu

Wonderful food, service, mood, style. So americano-italian. Enjoyed a lot, lovely! 5 stars plus. Very grateful for the experience! :)

Itay Madenfrost ADV

I only ordered one dish which is Ravioli in tomato sauce. So I can not express an opinion on all the dishes except that one. The service is great, professional and courteous. The staff is aware of the kosher restrictions of Jews. At the same time, the dish was terrible. Maybe the worst dish I've eaten since I came to New York. The sauce is exceptionally sour. Prices are not cheap but reflect the quantity. Due to large portions of diners are supposed to share them. So if you and your partner want a different dish and you have a problem.

Kevin J. Svidron

As we were reading the menu outdoors, a family exited and stopped us telling us not to hesitate that it was one of the best Italian dinners in NYC. Thankfully we listened. The bread selection was enormous for the five of us, and we chose the spaghetti and meatballs. To start, the sauce was amazing; it had been cooked with love, wine, and veal for hours, as you could taste all with each delicious mouthful. There is no way to describe the sauce other than perfect. Not too sweet, very succulent, and lacked the bite that causes heartburn. The pasta was cooked to perfection and copious. Not only did it comfortably feed the five of us, but we were able to go back for seconds easily. Now, for the killer. If you visit Carmine’s and you fail to order a meatball, shame on you. Each meatball was quite large, very tender, and absolutely danced on your tongue with each forkful. This dish, albeit family style, was a show-stopper next to Broadway. My only regret was taking a picture of the interior and not of our dishes. Bon Appetit

Naté Elias

We came, we saw, we ate, we had the experience and now I can check it off my list. It was good but I definitely expected more. Definitely paid for the name and the hype. Reservations are a must!!! The place is busy so don’t expect a quiet dinner. The staff was nice but I think they were stretched a little thin. The food portions were the only thing that impressed me. Good family style hearty portions - that’s about it!!! Again for the money we paid I expected a lot more.

B. Nosam

Always good and always a lot of food. Great for large teams and families. Not a quiet place so get those vocal cords ready but very fast food turn around. If you want a less crowded and busy environment head to the uptown one which will give to a chance to enjoy the food with less of the Times Sq tourist.

Wade Harris

What an amazing experience. The food was amazing and the service was great. The food highlight of our trip to Manhattan

Carlos Plascencia

This Italian restaurant is really good! Be sure to bring a large group of friends or go there on a nice Sunday family dinner. The portions are huge! Every main dish serves 3-5 adults so prepare to share! The meatballs are on point! Service and staff is excellent and attentive they’ll be around for everything you need! Uts definitely a must if you and your friends are craving for some Italian dinner and you’re far from Little Italy. The location is perfect for tourist alike and be sure to RSVP before you get there since this place gets crowded!

Naohiro Matsumura

The food is not as pricey as you think, as an order of pasta is for 2.5 persons. (Will not finish with 2 people) The food tastes good but it is more quantity over quality. The restaurant has a bar which we sat on, the bartender was very friendly with spot on service. The staff works really hard. I'd come here again if you want a lot of pasta, and decent bread, but don't come here for fine dining.

Craig Brandt

Wow, best Italian restaurant I have ever been to. The food was amazing, ravioli from scratch, best sauce ever at a restaurant, perfect blend of tomato and herbs. The bread was fresh and amazing. My wife have an Italian soda with her meal and loved it. I highly recommend it.

Bernardo Villela

Great food, great price, good service! Definetely worth a visit! Try to avoid going there after theater, because it will be super crowded.

Alain Duclos

Great Italian dinner. Loved the large platter of food that you split up on the table. Lasagna was excellent. Limited wine list, but you don't go there for wine! Very attractive service. We where there with 6 kids, and everyone had a great time.

Daniel Perez

Great place to enjoy an Italian family style meal in the heart of Times Square. Each meal on the menu is portioned to be shared among 3-4 people. It’s a great way to try several different items on the menu with your family. The service is quick and the food taste great! Make sure to make reservations as they fill up quick and waiting time can be up to one hour and a half if your lucky. I would highly recommend visiting this location when in NYC. We have also visited Carmine’s during the Christmas time where they decor the location with trees and garland.

Stella Garber

Soo much food. It's family style so one plate can feed a couple people. The 3 of us, we ordered garlic bread $15 (over priced), chicken parm and the chicken with lemon butter and spinach.. Not bad. We took a lot of it home. The calamari appetizer is about $40 that was ridiculously over priced. The host upfront could be a lot more nicer.

andrew mccolgan

Everything was fabulous. Dinner was amazing and the amounts were huge. We had Melissa as our server. She was outstanding. Very attentive. Very nice. Absolutely will return.

Tee A

Food was amazing and service with a smile. Will definitely be back and always recommend

David Thompson

Excellent service, pretty good food. Family style sharing- each dish is meant to serve 4-5 people. Standouts: the calamari and the Caesar salad all the other dishes we had were good but we were not blown away by them (lasagna, manicotti, mixed seafood pasta). The dessert titanic was great and they gave us a nice birthday song

Terri Lockyer

I'd have to say this is my favourite restaurant in the city. The dinner I had here yesterday was very sumptuous and their servings were huge. I have already recruited my besties to come visit the place and for sure I'll have a go at it again.

Lowell Barnes

Truly a magical experience. Definitely lived up to the hype. Not only were the staff knowledgeable about the food and wine, they were even able to detect my sarcasm and banter with me a bit.

Patrick Sullivan

Great food. Waitress knew we had limited time because of heading to a show. Orders all seem to be for 2 or more people. We had the chicken marsala and it was delicious.

Navi Chio

The pasta here is definitely on point but the plating is really big, family style. As far as pricing it is average since it is in the heart of times square. Also you have to make a reservation ahead of time to get a seat here.

Joseph Maurizio

Oh man, go hungry. Portions are massive. If you can, go with 4 people. We had 4 people and still couldn't finish everything. Food and service were fantastic. They have their systems down pat that's for sure. Would go again. Peter our server was great. Great conversationalist and definitely gave us a few laughs. One of those guys you wish you could have a beer with.

Paddy Palliser

We went here for a family dinner and the place was very cozy, friendly staff and what I loved in this restaurant is that they served their food in a family way/style and it was very delicious too! Definitely a must go place if you're craving for some Italian food!

Tom Marlow

Great service, giant family size plates (If you’re a family of 7!), great flavors. No complaints.

Johnathan Durr

Walked right in at 1 and got seated. Great service and a neat atmosphere. We had the white wine sangria and a Shandy, which were both good . We also ate a Caesar salad and stuffed manicotti, both of which were incredible. Ordering is family style and you get a lot of food. Err on the side of caution and order less. I would definitely eat here again!

Tom Mass

Came here because I saw all this reviews on google and it was really pleasant experience. They are definitely not selfish with their food and don’t be surprised with the portions.. really big!! Family size!! Tasty... delicious

Peter Perez

Great Italian food, awesome pasta. Group oriented. A bit noisy.

Erica Peterson

Absolutely excellent! Great experience and delicious! Our server was perfect and personable. So much food! We had the chicken parmesan because if you only like really good chicken parm, where else would you get it? You will probably want a reservation. We stood in line for them to open and got a table just fine, but it filled up very quickly. Since we were hitting the road right after eating there, we were able to gift our leftovers and they were thrilled! This place has a great history as well. Would love the chance to go back!

Marie Rice

Excellent. Seriously the best Italian food ever. This is the second time we've been here, we came here the last time in 2012, same time of year, celebrating my wife's birthday and our anniversary. Both times, everything was to die for. Today we only got the 1 dish, rigatoni with sausage and broccoli with the white sauce. You could taste all of the flavors in every bite. Delicious. Absolutely the best choice. The portions are huge, so make sure you're not eating alone! Or have a big family to take food home to. I'm excited to take it on the plane tomorrow :)

Caga Ozer

Great food. Huge line - usually 1 hour + if you don't have a reservation. However the bar is first come first serve, so ask the host if you can sit at the bar. The bartender was very friendly, the portions were huge, and the joy was great. Highly suggested if eating out with family, but do note that the prices are steep - but the portions are well beyond 2+ people each.

Saroj Daniel

Highly recommended. Enormous portions of food. Anything on the menu will easily serve 4 people. It's usually very busy so the service is a little slow but the food is amazing!

Lucio Iassogna

Very flavorful tasting Italian food. The linguine frutta Di mare tasted better than some of the dishes we had in Italy!

Ingrid Capy

Excellent customer service. Best experience ever! We had the York steak which was enormous for my husband and I. Don't matter though because we had an incredible time there. Our view from the table was the best spot of the restaurant.

Junior Bayliss

This place was our favourite when visiting New York! The portions here are huge, (meant for 2/3 people). So when you see the prices do not be alarmed as they’re very big dishes which are made for sharing. Prices however, were not high. Around 25/30 dollars for a huge bowl of pasta or lasagna which fed 3 of us sufficiently. Our waiters were always very friendly and smiling with a great knowledge of Italian food and drinks. It is a very big restaurant which is always buzzing with local Italians which gives it a great authentic vibe. The waiters bring the food over and offer a table service where they dish it out for you in order to give you properly equal portions. We loved the decor and location, really felt like something from an 80s mob movie! Being from Naples myself I can confidently say, this tastes like authentic homemade Italian food! Do not miss out, Make sure you visit if ever in NY!


This place is amazing. Food is outstanding and service is fast, respectable and very clean. Great for large parties and family events. Chicken parm!!!! Out of this world.

Niko R

Always great and a must do when on new york. Tiramisu best in the city Came back for more every time in NYC this time we had the Caesar salad baked clams and shrimp scampi the cheesecake for dessert and it was amazing like always make a reservation folks

Mark Guirgis

Don't see what all the hype is about. Service is great but average tasting food. I can cook better at home.

Nick D.

Wait time wasn't abysmal, service was great. Food left a little to be desired. I loved the entire package of this restaurant, so I'll leave the five star, but just know that the food doesn't live up to the hype that you build just walking through the restaurant.

Heidi Helfand

This place is family style and thank god a fourth person joined us because one dish and one salad was way too much for 3 people. We got the antipasto salad and some kind of chicken with ham thing that was mediocre. We drank Chianti. We totally should have gotten something other than that chicken. The place was busy and they seated us right away so that was great. It’s hard to have a ton of leftover food when traveling and we got into this situation so I felt bad to waste food.

Trish Sgambelluri

We made a reservation for 5:00 after show, they lost our reservation. Stuck us at a table after 15+ minute wait. After about 15 minutes took drink order. I felt like we were being punished. Decided we weren't going to stay and have dinner. Very disappointed by service and how we were treated. For a place that is dependent on tourists they should be more courteous to the patrons!


Fantastic mamas recipe food. Portions designed to feed 3/4 . So really good value.

Maria Fernanda Alvarez

Great place to come with a big group such as a family or friend gathering. The servings are huge and everything is to share. The shrimp scampi and penne a la vodka are my favorites. I went with a party of 15 people and we had 6 pastas and there was no food left over. We also had 2 calamari dishes as appetizers. This is not the best place to go out on a date, unless you are ready to get down and dirty with the food and watch your date pig out!

Kim Westermann

Huge portions. Like twice as much as your thinking even thinking huge! Very good food. 1 order would feed 4. Service great and fast.

Al Wood's Modelling Mayhem

WOW! The wife told me that this restaurant won awards in 2016, 2017 and 2019 for the best in New York ( I think that is right) and I have to say the food we had was just superb. Now be warned it gets very busy and you do need to book a table, in the evenings at least. The food portions were huge and we ordered one dish. I do not lie when I say we could have shared it with two other people! So great value for money if, like us as a couple, you like the same food. As I say the food was just wonderful, the staff attentive and polite.


Can I please add a sixth star?! Just this once?! Oh my god! This place was absolutely excellent! No way around it. Service? Jason was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and helpful. Never had an empty glass. Food? Stellar, outta this world awesome! Best Italian grub I have ever had. The atmosphere and ambiance were also excellent. I couldn’t say a bad thing about this place if I tried. If I’m in NYC? I’m going to Carmine’s. Nuff said.

Russell Eddington

talk about ambience! If you want to bring your date to an historic, iconic restaurant in the heart of the city, this is the place to do it. A bit pricey!

Natalia Andriano

Excellent food!!! Amazing service! Nice environment! Would come back every time!

Ger Noonan

Fantastic evening meal here. Wait staff were really nice and food was exceptional. Huge portions. Very good value too considering location. Go here! We will be back again hopefully. Thanks all.

Tony Seigafuse

They handled a big group easily. The place was very loud. The food was just ok but you got a lot of it. The bread was very good. They got us in and out so we could make our showtime.


An excellent experience. Great service. Great food. Highly recommended. ~Steve Sapato is the most famous unfamous speaker in America

Elizabeth Gomes

Crowded but I know why. Seated us on time for our reservation. Love everything, about the food, service & workers. Portion is enough for like 3-4 people. Totally get what you pay for. my husband and I love carmines

Ash GR

Great place, great food, great service!! I love to go to this place during the holidays season and it has really nice atmosphere. There is a good amount of wait time to get a table as it is close to times square, so it's better to plan rather than just showing up unless sitting at the bar is available. The portions are huge, where one entree filled two people of us. The bread served is really good. I love love love this place.

Mike Johnston

This is probably our most favorite place to eat while in New York City! Make reservations. The only thing I didn't like was that it's very much a family portion size restaurant. For example, if you'd like calamari for an appetizer, you're going to pay $32 and it's going to be enough for 6 people. It doesn't work so well when it's 2 people and you can't buy a half order. Other than that, highly commended.

Tim O.

Great food, huge portions...times square prices and crowds. If you go in during lunch or dinner, expect to be packed in like sardines. Otherwise, thoroughly enjoyable place to eat.

Annette Escobar

this is simply the best italian I have ever had. Everything is served family style and absolutely amazing!

Shadee Fredericks

The food is great!!! Just make sure you don't eat anything before you go there, the plates are meant to be shared for 2 (more like 3 or 4). The staff is very pleasant and the prices are good.

Deborah Samilenko

The food is served family style and beware ... the portions are large! We had a group of 10 and ordered calamari as a appetizer followed by prime rib, chicken parmesan, salmon, and 2 pastas for dinner ... all was cooked perfectly and we had A LOT of leftovers to enjoy at home the next day! I encourage you to save room for dessert. We ordered the Titanic for dessert. It was HUGE and didn't disappoint anyone! We passed it around the table twice and still couldn't finish it (see photo). Our wait staff was friendly and attentive to us on a very busy day. If you're in the Times Square area of NYC and looking for a good Italian meal, I definitely encourage you to make a reservation and try it out. Just make sure you show up hungry.

Miguel Bernardo

Wonderful Italian style restaurant with large (family size) portions. Just around the corner from Times Square. Highly recommended!

Fernando Almeida

One of the best italian restaurant i ve ever been. Just be carefull not to order more than you can eat. One order is enough for 2 or 3 persons.

Luis León

Elegant, nice, good service and near to Times Square (A few blocks away). Italian with great taste.

Brenda B

Very large portions! The staff here is awesome! Food is spectacular!

Trung Ly

Food was good, but it's just so packed and it took nearly an hour to be seated even though we had a reservation

Birukti Tsige

This place was mediocre at best. The only reason I even left two stars was because our waiter (Papa) was awesome. The place and atmosphere was nice. It all LOOKS pretty great actually, but that’s where it ends. We ordered the Chicken Marsala because we had heard such great things; it turned out to be such a disappointment. The chicken was bland and no one at our table enjoyed their meal. And it certainly was not enough to feed 4-6 people as they claim on the website—there was 3 of us and we left hungry. I guess we could have ordered more but with a disappointing $33 meal, we decided to just get some vendor food. Honestly wish we’d done that from the beginning; if we had, we could have spent $14 total for a great meal instead of falling into the hype of this restaurant. Won’t be coming back unless I’m rich enough to blow money on food that’s likely to disappoint.

david pinzolo

Super busy place. For the volume of business they do the quality of food, drinks, and service is good but if you are looking for a special culinary experience this is probably not the right place. On the other hand if you want to get the feeling of what Times Square is all about on new year's eve minus the cold, the rain, and the people pens then this place will surely do it. Go with the right attitude and the drive to have a good time and just ride the energy carpet. Enjoy!

Yoed Negri

Family size dishes that are tasty! The service was amazing. We didn't book in advance, went in at 21:30 and there was a long queue. We asked to seat at the bar and enjoined it a lot!

Cesar Ellison

Would absolutely recommend trying this spot. Awesome atmosphere, tasty dishes, awesome service. They never disappoint.

brittort wort

Great and quick service with drinks and food entrees. Friendly and could explain menu items and how they serve the food as family size portions. Inside was very pretty and red velvet curtains are draped over windows and pillars throughout the upstairs eating area. It is a very long wait list for reservations so I would suggest doing this way ahead of time in advanced. Like weeks/months if you are planning a trip to NYC. Prices are typical for NYC and the drinks were made well with a good amount of alcohol. We ate and drank as a big family at a round table which ended up being great because we all could face each other. Will come again.

Lisa Schain

This place is incredibly wonderful. I highly recommended it. It is a very unique dining experience. The food is incredible. The staff is so friendly. I do recommend making reservations and trying the garlic bread. The bathroom is nice and clean.

Pedro Lopes

Every time I go to NYC I feel the need to visit Carmine's. Since the first time I went there it became my favorite restaurant worldwide. The fact that I love NYC might influence this, yet the ambient is lovely, the employees are really fun and nice, It's really well placed, the food is amazing and the price is okay. The food is served in large portions and they taste great. The meetballs, lasagna and pasta are for sure my favorite dishes. And the food really tastes like Italy. It's a place everyone should try out at least once.

Hardcore Hiram

Me and my family has been coming here for years now and we love this place. Don’t forget to make a reservation because the wait is long and it depends sometimes on the time. The service is great and the people are friendly. The food is some of the best Italian food in NYC. Love this place.


If your looking to eat good Italian food are very hungry or have a group of friends or family equally as hungry this is a great place. Beware of portions this is a family style restaurant and serve like you haven't eaten in 3 days. It can be very cheap to eat here in groups each plate can easily feed 3 so 10 people can order 3 plates and everyone will be stuffed. Reservation recommended usually has long wait times. Enjoy!

Jamar I

I just loved their food. I always get fantastic customer service here. The place is well kept and the cashiers are always friendly. Would recommend to others.

sunay Chawla

Big portions, but the food is excellent and very filling. The chicken parmesan is excellent as well as the vegetable pasta. The staff is friendly and make small talk with you, and their fresh baked bread is amazing!

Kat Kealy

Wonderful Italian food served family style. Great prices and amazing food in a good location. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Oliver Alexander

I really love going to Carmine's when I am in NY. It is one of my favorite restaurants to dine in. If you get a good server that makes the experience that much more enjoyable. The portion sizes are large and it's meant to share, so ease keep that in mind. It's alright to ask for some marinara sauce for your bread and they will bring you the pizza bread only if you ask. I like the onion and pizza bread, so that's what I request. Where you sit in the restaurant can make for an interesting experience, so come back and try different sections and you will see what I mean. You might want to try the chicken parmigiana on your first venture out and then try new things from there.

Deborah Wokpetah

Carmine’s is always amazing!!! If you haven’t been then go! You will not regret. Food portions are large so keep that in mind

ענבל גרנט

Very tasty, very big plates, good service, usually long waiting to be seeted.... good location and good choice for times square visitors and for families or several friends to share dishes.

Mark S

This place is family style so bring a big group of a big appetite. We got the hot antipasto which allows you to try a bit of everything this place has to offer. The mozzarella is fresh and the star of the show for some of dishes. We had ravioli with oil and garlic and we liked it although the pasta dough was a bit too thick for my taste. The ravioli was stuffed with a generous amount of cheese.

Wendy Garcia

We ordered the gluten free rotini with white sauce and mixed seafood along with a Carmine Salad and it was excellent! The white sauce had great flavor that permeated the pasta. The clams, mussels, calmari, lobster, shrimp & crab were all cooked perfectly, melted in your mouth. My daughter-in-law is severely allergic to wheat and didn't have a reaction so that's an added bonus! It's pricey and you can't be in a hurry but it's worth it!

Chiara Cancio

This was our first visit to Carmine's and was recommended by a client. We came to the door and were immediately greeted and checked in for our reservation. The restaurant was gorgeous and bustling with customers. We were very early and were directed to the bar. We ordered a glass of wine and took in the ambiance while noticing how such a good time everyone was having. The atmosphere was incredible, the service top notch, everyone was so friendly and the food was positively phenomenal!

Robert Gutierrez

The prime rib was so good. Make sure you bring a large group because they will give you enough to feed about 6 people.

Sef A

Great food! Nice Atmosphere. Same owners of Virgil's BBQ restaurant. Nice portions for 2 to 4 people. Delicious baked clams and chicken parmigiana.

Joel Herzog

I really wanted to give Carmine’s 5 stars, but unfortunately it fell a touch short. The food was terrific. We had veal parm and Caesar salad, both were excellent. Now I know what you’re going to say, it’s always been this way, but seriously, the portions are silly. And thank you to Jonathan for giving us the heads up on this, although I’m sure they do that for everyone, lest guests find themselves with enough to feed all the tables around them. But if we both wanted something different, that couldn’t happen unless we were prepared to take an entire meal back to the hotel. Yea, the portions are meant for two (I hope that’s what they’re thinking). After serving our food, we never saw our waiter again. And the colossal salad wasn’t done before the main was served. I get it, we’re in theater district so keep it moving. But we got there early and had time. They didn’t need to rush us. Thank you Kristen for hosting us with a smile - delightful. All in all, great food here.

M Violette

Wonderful Italian restaurant, lot of old woods and older decor, great vibe, also very crowded. We had some great traditional Italian food like gnocchi, raviolis, and various other pastas. Fun place, but the staff was even better. Killer service.

Ricky Espinoza

The pasta is delicious! My favorite was the vodka sauce pasta and the other one with veggies and bacon. The plates are to share so you need to bring people to share a plate with because you can't finish one alone.

Megan Bowen

Grey popular family Italian restaurant on Broadway. Friendly knowledgeable staff helped make our first Broadway experience very memorable. The only thing that could've made it any better was a couples sized appetizer portion. Very repeatable.

Jake Tantorski

The entire staff was very cordial and the food was on the table before even a thought of wonder to where it could be. The Caesar salad was authentic as was the dressing and the calamari as good as it can get. The veal saltimbocca was divine and the meatballs were scrumptious although the spaghetti pairing was not worth the price($12). Overall, an excellent dining experience in the Big Apple

Oren Salzman

I most say it had been awhile since my last visit to Carmine’s. I remember the massive portions and friendly services. When I came back this week the food is still amazing, unreal but I think the service need some attention. Still love the place!

Lisa Cox

Italian is my Favorite!!! When I’m ever in town, I always eat at Carmine’s❤️ It’s a must for anyone visiting Times Square. And it’s in a easy location to get to. I love the atmosphere and the food comes in large platter portions! So you better bring a friend or more. I just love the calamari, and you can’t go wrong with any pasta’s to select from. But my favorites are spaghetti and the lasagna.

Terence Dupree

Great Italian food! I highly recommend coming with a group of at least 3 or more. The portion sizes are enormous! Or ask for the lunch menu. It consist of smaller portion sized meals but a "to-go box" may still be in order. Food is both beautiful and delicious! The staff was extremely friendly and very helpful. The drinks were great too.


My mom and I decided to finally try Carmine's before going to see a broadway show. Didn't make a reservation in advance, so highly recommend! Luckily the wait for our table wasn't too long. Portions are shareable family size and very large. The fried zucchini was hands down the best I've ever tasted! Definitely a must try at least once in your lifetime, especially if you're just here visiting in the city.

Darlene Liberty

In NYC for our annual girls trip and went to Carmine’s as we always try to do. We have always had great food and service, but today it was the best!! We were greeted at our table by a fantastic server named Fatos. He was so accommodating, extremely friendly and such a gentleman. Chicken parm and angel hair pasta was great!

Regina Edwards

I have been meaning to write this review for sometime. I am a corporate meeting planner with over 25 years experience. I invited a group of 35 investment staff and brokers from around the country for dinner at Carmine‘s. I made a reservation with who I thought was the special events coordinator. However once we arrived we were stuffed into a space that could hold maybe 15 people. It was so embarrassing. We climbed over each other and spent a good amount of time just trying to maneuver the space before ordering dinner. Horrible experience and career threatening for me. I don’t know who the person was at the front desk who coordinate the details but they should lose their job...whether she thought we were “just theater goers” or should not matter.

Ki-Anna Drayton

Haven't been here in over a decade. Ordered an a custom spaghetti with shrimp and red sauce with garlic etc absolutely delicious

Dimitry I

Wow just wow! This place is incredible, we came in due to the overwhelming amount of good reviews. And by golly it did not disappoint. Make sure you arrive STARVING!! The portions are massive we got one pasta for the two of us and therr was enough left over for 2 more meals. Service was impeccable, food tasted amazing and the the price for the portions was well worth it.

Mohamed Elgawhergy

Nice Italian restaurant. Can get very crowded, reservation is recommended. Service and food were good. Huge portions

Roni Goldberg

Loved this place. For three people we took two of these huge, enormous plates of pasta they are famous for and it was way too much, we had half of each of them packed and we kept enjoying them also at home. The pasta with shrimps is highly recommended. They have a separate, special gluten free menu with several nice options, and we received full explanation on how GF pasta is boiled and prepared separately. We'll come back here for sure!

joan elizabth ross

Was such a delight to meet one of the new staff on hand, Patrick Ross. He was very delightful and knowledgeable and very pleasant. Will be going back there soon and asking for Patrick. Great experience! Great food!

Robin Fox

This place is fun. It's electric, high energy, and family style. Great for groups wherever you are from. Some of the food is outstanding. Shrimp Parmesam is amazing. The caesar salad is fresh and delicious. I've always had top notch service from the hectic host station to the crazy crowded dining room. Super Fun Time Square Restaurant!


The wait time was long but worth the wait. The food was delicious

Jon Brown

We arrived at 4:30pm with no waiting to be seated. By 5pm they had a line out the door. The lasagna was great and enough to feed an army. The garlic bread center was great but the edges were hard, black and burnt beyond eatable.

Luis DeSilva Marquez

I was searching for Italian restaurant on Teddy's guide and I found this location. The food was amazing and they have a lot of traditional meal. They have really good wine. It is a good idea to call them and make reservations because the restaurant was full when I went there.

thaya williams

carmines was to die for! plates were massive and great for sharing :) food came out delicious and server was accommodating of my allergy! Would highly recommend!

Jesse Shelton

We recently went to Carmine's and boy was it a bad experience. The only redeeming factor was that the drinks were amazing, but keep in mind 1 drink is 16 dollars, we were fine with that. What we were not fine with. We were sat next to the waiter/waitress waiting spot and heard them trash talking customers the whole time, we never got our water refilled, they crammed us next to another family when there were open seats causing the other family to constantly bump into our chairs with theirs, and over all the food was really not that impressive. The price was not an issue, one of our meals was even around 80 dollars, but for this amount I at least expect good food. It upset my stomach two days in a row(confirmed when eating left overs) and the flavor was really nothing to excited be for. All five members of the group were really unimpressed with the service and food. I would not recommend.

Pat Daniels

Excellent food and staff from the beginning to the end. Food was very good and a lot, so just make you one plate cause it a lot. It feds 2 to 4 and trust me you can't eat it all. If you go to New York you have to visit.

peter winspur

Even though it only opened in 1990 Carmines is an amazing institution which feels as if it was established 50 or more years ago. Good food. Make sure you order half what you think you need as the servings are enormous. Excellent service.

Amy G

We came for a large business dinner on a weeknight. Fun, buzzing atmosphere, friendly staff, fairly clean. We wasted about half the food the was delivered to us, portions over the top. Eggplant lasagna was very dry. House wine was nothing to write home about. Bolognese was good, but the dish could have used more sauce. Service was good tho!


The portions are HUGE and meant to be enjoyed family style. The service was great... we had the Seabass special and the mixed seafood with linguine entrees and the mussels in red sauce as an app. Definitely would go again and I highly recommend.

Matt Stryker

Made reservations for 4:30 on a Saturday and was seated right away. Highlights were the Caesar salad (so good), stuffed mushroom app, shrimp scampi and the meatballs (they were huge but not dense at all.. delicious). The sauce for the chicken marsala was too thin and the pieces of chicken were pretty flavorless. The best part of the broccoli dish was the roasted garlic cloves. As many have mentioned the portions are enormous. For four entrees, one side, two appetizers, two beers and a martini the bill was $260. Our server was ok but she seemed really busy. One of the bus boys was actually sent by her to ask us if we wanted dessert which I found really odd. Overall a good experience and I would go back.

s lee

Excellent! Came here with the family for a birthday celebration. I could keep talking but maybe if you see some of the dishes you might realize what I am trying to get across. Even if you can't taste your eyes might fall in love.

Pam Blanchette

Once & done. food tremendous good portions. go upstairs much quieter

Craig Thurman

I'm giving 5 stars because the food is so good, it made up for the circus of a job they did seating people and keeping true to our reservation. I would go through it all again for the spaghetti with meatballs along with the raviolis we had. The wait staff was great and the food/drinks were phenomenal.


Tourist trap, but still I love this place! Food is so good! Family style servings, so be aware, lots of food! Always packed! Try to make a reservation.

Ben Forlaw

Meal was excellent. I'm a big fan of Caesar salads, and Carmine's was EASILY the best Caesar I ever had in my life. Also had the spaghetti & meatballs, and chicken parm. We were there with friends, including several kids, so our meal combined was well over $100.00. Very pricey but absolutely would do again if ever in NY.

jenn scudamore

What a great experience!! The food is incredible, the service is terrific and the atmosphere is outstanding. If you like eating in family style restaurants, this is the place to go.

Shari Clifton

The portions are massive (except for the wine) and very good. The service is friendly and efficient. We had the Carmine's salad and spaghetti and meatballs then had canollis for dessert. We were groaning we were so full. For women split those two dishes and couldn't finish. The decor is so beautiful. We went to the Times Square location.

Seth H

We had reservations, were seated right on time. The entrees are huge! Could easily feed for people on one entree ($30-40). It's served family style, and they give you a small basket of different artisan breads to tide you over while you wait for the main course. Excellent service, would definitely recommend. Nice bustling atmosphere, not too dark like some places.

Melissa Taylor

I’m not a pasta lover but this place was great. The server was spot on. The dinner portions are huge. Like enough to feed 4people. So come hungry

Brayden Mora

Everyone should experience a true Italian restaurant! It’s loud and crowded! The location was easy to find. The prices are at the top of the scale, but it’s definitely worth the splurge. We were delayed being seated using open table, but once we were, we knew we were among family! Top notch service was on tap from start to finish. The food did not disappoint and it is all family style. Don’t hesitate to try it, but make reservations!

Jason Haase

Very warm and inviting decor, feels like home. The lasagna and calamari were excellent and the portions were spot on. Service is what I have come to expect in NYC, bare minimum. Disappointed that our server did a whole welcome, is this your first time, etc..., to the table behind us and all we got was a cold and short debriefing of the service style. Will be back, hopefully w/ a better server!

Susan Sisco-Berry

We didn't have reservations for dinner, but got in quickly and received a good table. Their entire menu is written on a huge chalkboard, which was fun! The food was amazing, and the service was good. Great place to eat!

Marc Flynn

The food was amazing! It hurts my heart that I may never get back to Manhattan to eat there again. I don't even like chicken parmesan but here it was fantastic!

Only Reviews

Hands down one of the best restaurants in nyc! It’s always packed so make sure to get a reservation. Great food/serving sizes, great people/ customer service. The prices are fair for New York. It just feels like that true authentic Italian food that New York use to be known for. If you come to New York, you have to experience it, it’s in the heart of time square!


I tried using my GPS. I followed directions to it's location. When I got in the area as shown the location flipped to the area I was already in. Ultimately Carmine's was never found. I had very good ratings about the place, I have up. So if you think about it the rating is more a reflection on my GPS, Garmin. It doesn't work in big cities.

Allie E

Went here for mother’s day today not realizing they were only accepting parties with reservations, but the staff let us sit at the bar and helped find us empty seats. Leandro was the best waiter I’ve ever had! He was very nice and attentive, always keeping our drinks full and making sure we were satisfied with our food. When he found out we were on vacation from out of town, he gave us several suggestions of things to do while in the city. We had the four pasta special with garlic bread and it was HUGE and AMAZING, but the service was even better!

Dylan Smith

Carmine’s was a fantastic restaurant. Being right off of Times Square it was surprising on how quickly we were seated on a busy night. The service was prompt and friendly, explaining the family style serving that they do at the restaurant. Be aware of that when ordering, I can see it would be very easy to over order as the portion sizes are meant to share. The food was also very good the chicken parm was to die for for as big as the dish was my wife and I polished it off.

Cheryl Wieser

Fantastic food! Family style the way to go if you have a large party. Waiter was great we asked him to tell us how much food to order for 8 people he have us his recommendation and it was perfect. A must do if you are in New York City. Reservations required if you don't want to wait

Joshua South

Excellent location to enjoy before or after a Broadway play! Food was delicious. Great ambiance with white tablecloths and cloth napkins. Everything served family style makes it difficult for a couple to enjoy variety. To add a salad even requires a family portion at the cost of approximately $24. Service was excellent! We wish we could have ordered a half portion of both salad and pasta instead of the huge portions (serving 3-4).

Joseph Platia

The Carmine’s Catering team is amazing! I had a last minute request (a very large order) and they were able to accommodate me with zero issues. The delivery staff was great as well, they stayed the entire time of set-up to ensure everything was to our liking. Thank you Carmine's! I look forward to ordering from you again soon.

Emmanuel Olowu

Huge portions, tasty food. The environment is very family friendly. Parking is a huge issue, but it's understandable... its located in Times Square. My advice, don't drive here. This is one of the places you have to visit if you visit NY. Amazing.

rosella brzozowski

Better than ok. Only had spaghetti and meatballs but it was good. Service was very fast. Almost too fast

Anne Fernandena

We have eaten here many years ago. Thank goodness our server reminded us that portions are for two. The Cesar Salad was phenomenal and they served anchovies on the side. The Veal Parmesan was very good, but a little too much garlic. We ordered pasta which was a la carte. There was enough food for four. We were told there was a half hour wait at 10:00 PM and we got a table in ten minutes before we could order a drink at the bar. I like the place despite it's being pricey. The serve late and are in the center of the theater district.

Erma Shell

Very nice restaurant! We were seated very quickly, a table for two. The portion sizes are large. We had lots of leftovers! The salad, seafood pasta, and garlic bread orders are enough for three people to eat a hearty meal. The staff was nice and accommodating. We were celebrating my birthday, I was given a glass of wine and a dessert with a serenade. Very pricey, but the food, portion sizes, and ambiance were well worth the price.

Fabrizio Azzolini

Haven't been to Carmine's in years and it was just as good as I remembered it. We took our 7 year old twin girls to see their first Broadway show and had dinner here afterwards..I think we may have a new family tradition in the making. The four of us split an order of Scarparielo Wings..OMG..this was a rosemary roasted chicken wing..then we had the Rigatoni alla Vodka..ending the night with the great chocolate torte!! Everything was very good. The service was great all in all a great outing!!!

Foxy Cleopatra

This place was awesome!! Food and service were phenomenal!! Absolutely loved and will be back!! Thank you so much

Shachar Pooyae

Amazing! So Italian! Note that the dishes sizes are huge! I ended up eating only 1/4 of my pasta. A must visit in NYC.

Edna Banks

Been coming for almost 20 years! Food and service is consistently great ! Kudos to them for making my day. I love wings, and Carmine’s has terrific wings. A huge platter, which we could not finish but asked to be wrapped up to go. I don’t know if the waiter misunderstood, but apparently they threw out my wings! The waiter and manager did a wonderful thing and made me a new full order, TO GO! Thank you for your kind gesture! We will be back again, of course.

Sandra Dumas

Nothing but great food and fun with a group. Do wish they knew how to make more mix drink instead of being told no

Deborah Faber

I went there June 2018 for my 50th Birthday, the dish we ordered was too salty. And the service from the waiter was less than exemplary. I have had better food at there other Manhattan and Atlantic City restaurants.

Lara Croft

Me and my family heard about this place from Teddy's Guide! Let's start from the food! Huge portions! Everything was so delicious and fresh! We had sh5rimp scampi with angel hair. We were 3 people and it was hard for us to finish our food! When it comes to service - the service of this place is top notch! If you looking to get there i would definetly recommend to make a reservation few days before coming there! One of the best restaurants that i have ever been! Good job!

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