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REVIEWS OF Boston Market IN New York

Adolfo Paredes

Good plate for a quick bite

P.S. Barbie

What I ate was yummy..I had a chicken pot pie...perfect crust...the sides weren't as good as I remember them to be..I will have to try it again before I give my critique.. maybe they were having a bad day

Lady J

My daughter and I went there today for lunch, the food was cold and tasted old. The candied yams had oats in it which I had to returned because of my allergy. Is this a new thing to add OATS?? I asked the staff No ones knows. We had ordered a few sides but they all tasted horrible we had to dump everything . The Staff WAS VERY NICE. THE 1 STAR is for the staff NOT the food.

Ming W

Cashier doesn't give you any time

Michele Escobar

This place no matter how much they try to revamp it has gone down the drain. Very stingy with meats, side order choices are lacking(loaded potatoes have chives and Mary and cheese) and their once soft delicious buttery warm cornbread now comes cold hard and flavorless straight out of a box. This used to be my sort of healthy go to place but back to salads I go.

Timothy Bang

Good chicken and side dishes. Clean. Honey habanero sauce is the best

David Lu

Good Food

ronald modeste

Food is good servers not so nice

Marsha Newman

This place is all right for what it is. Casual dining. The prime rib was good, but the horseradish was too sharp.

Aida Vazquez

The food was great! I was trying to eat less due to my medical condition and the young lady who assisted me suggested a kid meal that hit the spot.

Zlobin Ilya

The family meal is a great plan with a whole chicken!

Laurraine Gbagba

Chicken is salty

Nieta Moya

Food is good but delivery service is awful.

Ben G

Foods okay. Prices are on the high side. You can definitely get more bang for your buck elsewhere. Environment sucks. Over rated fast food joint.

cesar prado

I believe the workers here need to pay more attention to their customer, they had me waiting really long for my turkey. They were busy taking pictures or each other.

Eben Bronfman

Typical Boston Market... no surprises

Robert Joiner

Great holiday menu

editing with Pikachu

The chicken was pink and didn't taste good

Paul Walia

Friendly and quick to help.

Daniel Dambrosio

Food is agreeable, I never experienced stale sides. The staff can be variable, but I'm sympathetic. Kew Gardens customers can be overbearing bastards who treat service people like menials. I know this very well from my time working for NYC Transit. At any rate, I understand the staff's seeming "attitude". My experience is that every time I've visited this location, I extend some friendliness towards the staff, they seem to respond in kind. I'd recommend Boston Market readily.

Dennis Brand

Excellent food. Tasty veggies.

Leza Samuda

it's highly popular in the area because they cook like this screen's background.

Nicole M

This is really unacceptable I just found a cockroach on the table. I have addressed to the manager and he did not even apologize for the inconvenience. I hope he will call exterminator as he responded to me.

David Florez

Excellent service great food

William Henri

They treat me very good.

Mad daM

The staff is alittle lost and confused. Thankfully the food is decent when not cooking. The sweet potato mash is extremely tootachey sweet!

Devika Bholan

Awesome chicken

Konstantin Sarichev

Has a comfortable upstairs eating area. Generally clean, and food tastes good.

Nicky ann

The smell makes me hungry and the free refills are great. I have never had a bad meal here but its business as usual and crowded.

Novaid Khan

It's a good stop for quick chicken eating. I like the juicy chicken and the simple sides. The staff are nice and keep the restaurant quite clean. What can I say? Just go eat at BC!

Troy Eastwood

The corn bread taste like the steam it

The Makeup Tech Girls

Food is so good . It all started when my friend told me about it . No parking but very nice staff .

Jodie Peng

Its rotisserie chicken is not always juicy but for the most part it is. If I ever craved chicken, this is the place I have in mind. The service is fast. I especially loved the home baked cookies. They are irresistible. They usually have good deal on the half chicken.

Diego Buzon

Excellent service and staff

Latavia Perkins

Food is good


Great healthy fresh food

Kyan Man

Excellent service with friendly staff. Crowded during peak hours.

Kara Ryles

The food is good

Patricia Greaves Greaves

I bought an individual dinner it was fantastic

Anthony Ng

Roasted Chicken and mashed potatoes.

Jennifer T

This is a semi-suburban outpost of the popular chain. As it is, the atmosphere inside is a cross between KFC dining and your local high school cafeteria. Everything is too salty - the chicken, the creamed spinach, etc., but then it's a chain and everything is spiced to taste good. Still, they make decent chicken pot pies and is a good place to stop when you've got a craving for BBQ.

Anthony Pelaez

the chicken in this place is much richer than in other places where I have visited

Sasha Volkova

I love boston market. Their food is amazing and they never let you down. It is also always clean there

Patdar Patdar

The chicken used to be tender, now the chicken is hard and not well cooked. DISGUSTING !!!!!!!

Ema Gloria

Not a bad place to grab dinner on the go. Could get a bit crowded during peak rush hour, but the lines moves quickly. If you're eating in, try to grab a table in the upstairs seating section. Taking your food to go is recommended, however, since the upper seating area is a bit dark and cramped, and lacking sunlight. Food favorites are the roasted chicken and the creamed spinach.


The food is really bland

Jonathan Chang

Ordered the St. Louis style quarter rack of ribs. The food is mostly good but also tastes mass-produced, if that makes sense. The cornbread was cold and stale.

StanChou Illustration

Good old fashioned food. Most people seem to get the 3 piece dark chicken with mashed potatoes and mac n cheese, but woe get some vegetables, you know? Lots of old people, meaning the food is somewhat healthy, prices are reasonable and supports the old folk in the area.


Always good; a chain restaurant; always busy.

Scott Zawalski

Well it's Boston market, apparently that's still a thing.

jasonsoutlook1 .

Food fabulous turkey with bbq sauce delicious roasted chicken WOW all sides perfect unlimited drink refills tea juice YES JOIN CLUB VIA WEBSITE EMAIL 4 COUPONS SAVE $ EAT HEALTHY!!!

David Rodriguez

Great food options. Great big 2 floor location. Very hard parking to find

Priscilla Salib

Love the Prime Ribs&peach cobbler for Easter

Prof Mike

Quick service, very good food. Clean bathroom, decent seating upstairs. Quiet and pleasant. Highly recommend this place!!!!

Kenson Xu

Food is standard. I usually order to go, because 2nd floor made me want to stay away... Few staff is friendly, but most of them are not. Get my order wrong, as I need gravy on side...

Akaren Wilson


William S

Typical Boston market. Service and food good.

John Nazryk

Food is great. Service is quick and efficient. Prices reasonable

Nacho Pani

I like the Boston Market I have visited in Orange, Connecticut, but the one I visited in NY. I was happy about the place/restaurant.

Jason M. Tenenbaum

Sometimes the staff produce inaccurate orders

Nina M Heyliger

Great chicken!


Never have I ever received such horrendous service in the last four years that I have been a loyal customer at this location. As I am waiting in line to place my order the young lady who’s taking orders walked away to avoid me until the next customer came in to order. She greeted him and preceded to take his order as if I wasn’t standing there for the past two minutes. I had to say “ hello, do you not see me standing there?” she said nothing. To be Spiteful as she was making my food she put a half of spoon of macaroni on my plate. I had to ask her if she would use a full spoon as I watched her use while making others food before me. She didn’t wear a name tag but the Manager told me her name was Andrea. Once I reached the register to pay I asked the young lady named Jaline P if she would apply my civil service discount and I should her my ID. She immediately caught an attitude. I explained to her I never had a problem using it here. After going back in fourth me me she finally found it on the register and applied it to my order. She rang up my order and tossed the bag of food at me. She didn’t say thank you or asked if i wanted to donate to the foundation. I took a seat to watch how she interacted with the customer who came behind. I watched her smile, say thank you, and pleasantly hand over their food. She also asked if they wanted to make a donation to the foundation. Everytime I come here I’m offered that option. As I’m siting down watching her she looks over to me with a smirk on her face, letting me know she doesn’t treat everyone that way. I went over to her and asked to speak to a manager and, she laughed in my face. I was appalled that she would find this humorous. I told her that was extremely disrespectful and her response was “ I can’t laugh?” I felt humiliated. I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. I could barely concentrate when I went back to work because, I kept thinking about what I just encountered. I visited this location 12/22/2017 8:30pm night crew

Mr. Anderson

Side Orders


Amazing Chicken with the rice,beans,corn!

Matt Eckstein

Decent value but seems like the sides have been under heat lamps for days....Like they are always serving yesterday's green beans.

Romaine Paige

For those days when you have nothing else to do and you're hungry and you can afford it, bring yourself here, try the cornbread it's amazing!!!

Nataly Delgado

Excellent Staff! You can never go wrong with Boston Market. Food is taste fresh and it's a good place to go to during your lunch break.

Karina Velez

Love it, they still have same flavor than years ago.


They catered my office party wonderful job

gustavo c

Love Boston Market :)

Gary Reid

Very good

Michael Brydges

Food and staff are nice, but the place can get pretty dirty on the second floor if someone isn't looking out for meals that have been left behind from customers who seem to lack the knowledge of what a trash can is.

aortic Alex

Food is OK but you get tired when eat this for a while.

Luis Velez

Boston Market was open at 7:15 PM for Thanksgiving Dinner on 11/23/2017. Lifesaver. Great food and I had a $4.00 coupon off the price.

Saneisha Mainor

I love Boston Market food!!!

Joe Scsepko

great food fast service

Anthony Colletti

Good fast food.

Mohammed Shahid

Tha lady who took my interview was very friendly and helpfull.

anna caldero

Food is always mediocre.

Lenny Lam

Prices are decent for a family night out. But the chicken has gotten smaller over the years. Workers are nice. Wish they took mobile payment. They won't even let me use Samsung Pay, which is basically the same as a swipe.

Andrew Tishecko

Great place

Miguel V. Palma

Very clean and very courteous staff. Will definitely visit again

Steven Gravitz

Basic comfort food at reasonable prices, that your doctor would probably not approve of. Large seating area upstairs.

Michael Trotman

Always a treat to eat here!

Pano Cato

Considering and contributing consistent service. The food is delicious.

Rafael Hernandez

Food was great but they didn't pay attention to having a clean bathroom.


Food us fresh and inexpensive

David Chiang

Convenient but the seating area on the ground floor is small.

Christopher Jefferson

Great fast food restaurant. Food tastes good. Extremely clean. The staff is so fast and efficient. Two staff members who caught my eye are Yanir and Jaline, so friendly and energetic make me never want leave.



Mukesh Shah

Food was good but dinning area and restroom were not clean!

Christopher Zurita

Good for the price would go again.

Bart Fried

Very busy and very popular place in a great location. The food is always hot and good, although there can be a struggle for them to keep the place really clean. But they seem to try. The extra tables upstairs help a lot.

ej shortell

Not a bad fast food (cooked slow) restaurant. There is a selection of rotisserie chicken with three different sauces (sweet chili, honey habanero, or bar b que). The selection of items include turkey, chicken pot pie, ribs, meatloaf, sandwiches, sides, salad, soups. Not a bad deal. They also offer family meals for 3, 4 or more persons. The corn bread is good. I like the chicken pot pie. The vegetable stuffing is good, as well as the mac n cheese, and the sweet potato casserole.The prices are moderate. Cash only.

James Man

This place is always packed for dinner crowd. The staff is fast and relatively efficient.

David Mciau

Same food as other Boston market. Good and freshly made

Cleovan Jordan Sr.

Easy in and out.


Good meal for a good meal almost close to home

Rita Guerra

The food is good but the place is not clean. Upstairs is always dirty and tables as well. I think they need a person who takes care of the cleaning. Bathroom is disgusting. No one deserves to eat under these conditions. Location of the restaurant is excellent.


Tasty hams

Mirjana Glavan

The chicken was juicy but cooked just right,

David A. Holmes

Never awnser their telethone

E. A. Woke Brother.

Don't feel like cookin'? Come here.

Jamilah Dacosta

ZERO STARS for this Austin Street location. Just left here. Didnt even finish my meal. Side walk is stained and smells of garbage to greet you as you enter this establishment. Then the employees were nice but not very knowledgeable. But the FOOD was Sh$tty. Yes sh$tty. It was so OLD and room temperature. I had the new bourbon bacon chicken and the chicken was room temperature while the sauce was ice cold. Thank you guys!! Bacon is imitation and super hard. Candied yams now have oatmeal

Amazing Alvee

Worth it


It's food

Josh Torres

Fast food done right. Both chicken and meatloaf meals are excellent, and the sides are really good. The cornbread is great.


Dining area is always dirty specially upstairs. Garbage bin is always over flowing. I come here every week and the situation is always the same.

Ben Jackson

The food was really good, but I wish they had more vegetarian options for meals.

Joseph De Marzio

It's okay

Vex Sin

Its okay...

Anatori Shalkie

Haven't visited Boston market in years, thought it would be nice to have a quick bite there. had a quarter chicken and vegetables. It was disappointed. Will not be looking Boston market again for another few years.

Ernie Searle

Adequate Rotisserie Prime Rib. Very good Roasted Potatoes. Excellent Creamed Spinach. Do we see the issue here?

D. Scott

The food is Good! Always busy in the afternoon.

Andrew CrushFitness

Found young and rude employees not very family friendly.

Corinne Cruz

First time here. Service was slow, apparently joking around was more important than the line they had waiting to be served. I order to Kids Meal and the guy went straight to the other customer. He could have asked me if I wanted something else, clearly I have a family of 4 on a table. I just had to interrupt a person that already placed his order to get mines thru. Food was good. Again, at the register the cashier was just simply careless. Maybe I got the worst staff that day.

Jackie Chavarro

I used to eat here a lot before I went vegan so I was excited to read that a lot of their sides are just seasoned with garlic and olive oil. But when I asked the servers, they said it’s all butter and garlic. So I wound up leaving because I wasn’t sure and the servers were adamant that they’re cooked with butter. Updating the ingredient signs to demonstrate dairy/eggs or vegan would be a great start. Sad I couldn’t eat there again.

Luis Gomez


Ray North

Best rotisserie chicken around


I like that you can buy a whole chicken here, although they are more pricey than what you would find in the grocery stores. Boston market is supposed to have hormone free chicken so it may be worth the cost to know what your getting. This location is very busy in the evening, so even if you are just buying a whole chicken be prepared to wait on the line as people choose their sides.

Rock Abitona

Typical Boston market, rotisserie chicken but it's consistent with taste. They roasted Chicken Is seasoned well, not overly salty and not bland. I like the creamed spinach and mixed veggies on the side of you're avoiding carbs but the potato wedges look inviting. The store is clean, looks older but clean.

Nicole Marie Kesoglides

Staff often did not know what they were doing. Came here for years out of convenience. Saw a roach crawling down the counter... when the employee was not fazed and simply killed it and insisted I still pay for my to-go order (which I was not taking bc uhm roach!) I never came back.

Francesca Buono

The ladies behind the register were very sweet.

Gia Ken

The food is ok, had it first time at this location didn’t even understand what i was getting.

Daniel Suh

Undecided on where to eat? Boston Market won't disappoint you. The food here is typical American chicken and sides (green beans, mashed potatoes, veggies, etc.) Nothing too spectacular, but enjoyable and filing to eat. There are plenty of seats upstairs.

Rami M

I eat here on a regular basis. It's close to home inconvenience. I think their chickens have gotten smaller over the years but the quality of food is relatively okay. It's Boston Market nothing to brag about.

Tessier Ashpool

Soup and sides r not bad

Michael Hermidaz


Brandon Yates

The staff are fine but the food is samey and the shop can do with some renovating.

Rajan Bhavnani

Good food

Raymond Cusumano

Great food! Affordably-priced!

Brian Hettich

Kind rude

Robert Alvarez

I go to this Boston Market location, every once in a while. The staff is friendly, and the foods are quite delicious.

Lu G

It says a lot about a business when different customers seem to have very similar complaints time and time again. The place can get disgustingly filthy; the food portions are getting smaller; cold/old food keeps being served; they don't seem to really know how the food is supposed to be prepared; etc. Although someone who claims to be the owner seems to only care about putting a facade that they care.... And yet, the same similar complaints continue. You always take a gamble when you eat out, but that's when you weigh the odds... I'm not willing take that bet with this location and you shouldn't either.

Luis gonzalez

(Translated by Google) Very good excellent (Original) Muy bueno exelente

Cindy Alvarez

What happened to Boston Market?! No stuffing? Overpriced too. This location is so dirty. People don’t clean up after themselves. Smh.

Del Urdina

Food was good. Place was clean. Great service.

mary digiulio

Food is delicious, ample portions, very friendly service

Gabriel Yengle

Good food for cheap, especially when purchasing with a group

Guo m

It was great to stop by at Boston Market after all these years! The layout and ambiance of this BM location has remained the same. Menu has remained largely unchanged too. I went straight for the usual:

E Williams


Lor McL

Elaine is always great. The vegetable medley was very good.

Pepe Babak

Very fast .good and friendly service

Christal Williams

The turkey dinner with the sweet yams with marshmallow along with the mashed potatoes and gravy was sooo tasty It was the best dinner I've had in such a long time and it was made to perfection I'm certainly buying from here again ☺☺☺


Food sucks at this location

Jerianna Gottschalk

The costumer service sucks and when i called to speak to a manager she said they're busy right now and hung up on me.

Lorna Cuebas


Adriana Morote

Fast and fresh food


Really **** good chicken

Anita M C Endeman

It's okay

Kenneth Smith

Good food and good service


Good food.


They have great chicken pot pie, cream spinach, and turkey!

Mark Lee

Love their rotisserie chicken and the tasty sides. I go there quite often as they offer healthy home cooked style food.

Detty Tagama

Clean and good service !!!

shahriar khan

Their grilled chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy taste really good. Try out. You won't be disappointed.

Lord Zerto

Looking for parking sucks

Gale Sampson

Great place to eat

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