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REVIEWS OF Baz Bagel & Restaurant IN New York

Thea Buchan

Great service.

Stefanie Duch

Wasn't feeling well and needed some soup. Got the chicken and matzo ball soup. Extremely salty. Would not order again. Such a shame.

Amber Isam

A bit busy and cramped but lovely food

Charity McKuhen

Had my first flagel! Very cute place, with so many options. Bagels, cream cheeses, diner food, milk shakes, etc. I will look for this place again when I come back.

caitlin little

Adorable little bagel place in little Italy. Bagels are fresh, but a little pricey for what you get. The staff wears cute white deli jackets and nothing is finer than dining under a large pic of Barbara Streisand!

Ryan Labrador

Best bagel I've had in my life, hands down. I was blessed to have a friend who used to work here recommend this place when I went to NYC for the first time and it is now the golden standard to how a bagel should look and taste. Small little place, but packed with a great crew and delicious food. Can't wait to go back!

Noam Mantel

Such consistently good sandwiches.

Rey Geminiano

The bagel comes with few flavors but tastes good.

Jessica Sullivan

Fantastic bagels and great, attentive staff

Ra Jassir

Staff were friendly, and the place was clean. I had the EGGS A LA BAZ for Bfast which is two latkes as a base layer, topped with two eggs, and Nova salmon. It was delicious. It came with a small fruit cup which wasn't that fresh for 10am, but I will give them a pass.

Christine Kulumani

Cute bagel shop. Their gluten free bagels are the best I've ever had. Only hang up was that when we ordered tea, the water wasn't hot enough to steep it. When we pointes it out, they tried to get us hotter water but it was still too cool. We were then charged for two teas that we were unable to enjoy.

Alyssa Montgomery

Service was fast, and the bagel was delicious. I didn't sit down, so I can't speak to table service, but the staff were friendly. I appreciate that they are Eco friendly. The only slight negative that I have was that it was a bit more pricey than I was expecting (about $1 more for a bagel and cream cheese, so not a huge difference). I will definitely be going back.

Juni Frizell

Our waitress got in touch with us as soon as we entered the restaurant, even at 10 in the morning we got seated after 8 minutes, and I ate the best breakfast I’ve ever had

Gina Gordillo

If you are looking for a fresh bagel then this is the place. This place is very busy but it is worth the wait for you will get exceptional service and great food.

Lina Fatin

Very cosy and nice place, the staff are super friendly and the food is really delicious. Defenitely recommend it.

Jerry Shepard

Best bagel I have ever eaten

Žanet Floriánová

Great small restaurant in Little Italy. Absolutely fantastic breakfast. Try garlic bagel! Luxury!! :)

Nicholas S

Fast paced take out and eat in bagel shop that also offers catering services. Very great food, but the prices are a little steep. Other than that, it's a great store.


I love the decor here, ordered a Baz bagel to go. Nova, scallion cream cheese, on a pumpernickel everything bagel. The portion was generous and this could have been lunch for two, but I ate it all, yummmm.

Cla Ro

Delicious gluten free bagels

Peter Buckingham

Bagels and fillings were excellent. The bagels themselves were priced extremely reasonably. The fillings were a little pricey but not unreasonable. Service was quick and friendly, too. Loved the ambiance. It was fun to have a diner feel but also one that served better fare than your average "greasy spoon." I will say the latkes left much to be desired. They were too dense and not crispy and didn't have all that much crunch. That said, I will definitely return for the bagel game.

Eben Bronfman

Very nice bagel shop... good sandwiches! But a little small inside

Wassim Ayass

A superb experience in New York. The food was very delicious, the service was very satisfying and friendly. The music is right, the design and everything was great. Oh and the coffee was more than great. Loved the place


Hip ambiance, servers are cute, but the price is 'Hip' too... I paid almost 20 for a bagel with salmon and another white fish on top, yet the bagel was cold when it's served.... I didn't finish the whole thing and asked the bar guy to wrap up my leftover, however he only wrapped the bagel without all the fish left there..I didn't find out until I got back to the office. I want the fish!!! Not sure why he didn't wrap up the fish for me......You go there for the hip vibe, but I don't think the bagel itself has outshone any local delis...

Cliff Rodriguez

Always reliable. Great menu. There is always a friendly person ready to help you and amazing music playing.

Andreas Klein

Nice bagels, friendly staff, good service.

Lillian Meyes

Not good bagels as they once were, last time I came was 7-8 months ago and the taste isn’t the same as back then. Used to have the best bagels now not anymore. Bring back the old bagels!

Sandra Tang


Mabel Lee

I got the supernova. The menu price is honestly kinda pricy but I guess that is nyc for you :P

Ling Watson

Good bagels and excellent selection. NYC has hit me with limited selection in the restaurants and bakeries I have been. So I read it specialty is the way to go. In any case this is a specialty but all about bagels and fixings There is a about a dozen or so flavor choice on bagels that are better than you get in conventional bagel shops. There is a ton of cream cheese options too. Look at the photos and cured fishes. Mm... yum. You can opt to either take out to go or sit in the cozy dining room for some hot coffee and a yummy bagel on a cold day. Happy eating

Alessandro Mautone

Amazing place! Atmosphere is so "American" and I loved it. Bagels are super good, and breakfast in general is just top (example: avocado + salmon + bagel

Jimmy Svitjod

Best place to get breakfast! A cozy hole in the wall that has excellent service and good vibes!

christian colasuonno

Slow. Overpriced food. I would avoid

Jim Finster

Super friendly staff; fun, kitschy 80s music; and great food: the whole package.

Danielle Fox

Garlic and onion bagel was awesome. Fun food and nice staff.

Nicholas Pinto

Pros/cons: Bagel was ok in a pinch. A little too dense Cream cheese was decent. Not many flavors Expensive $$$$ at $4.90 for a bagel and schmear Plus would have been an extra $2 to do half another flavor (never heard of such a charge before) Also bagel was kind of small. Overall very meh.

Darcie Plaster

Great place for a quick bite to eat!

Zheng Liu

Bagels are good, coffee is strong and delicious. Staff is friendly. Visited 2 times during my trip. Totally busy at Saturday morning.

Caroline El ayoubi

The place is really nice and cozy. Great experience overall. My plate was served cold though. Nonetheless, my friends loved their food. Very nice service!

spectrumom1 .

Very tasty lox and onion scramble. Great bagels. Staff very friendly.

Allison Snider

Delicious food! Service could have been better. Great atmosphere. We would most definitely would come back

Nicholina O'Donnell

We had bagels here twice on our NYC trip. They were fresh and tasty. There is a decent amount of seating if you want to eat there with bagel sandwich choices as well as plenty of smear choices, including tofu based for the vegans. Bright and cheery.

Jason M

Great place for any breakfast but especially bagels. They have a 50's diner atmosphere which is very charming.

Benjamin Allen

The staff was extremely friendly. I got the Mooch and it really was mind blowing. The only downside for me would be the coffee which was sub par, but hey, it's a bagel shop not a coffee shop.

Nicole Borczyk

Ridiculously expensive. They charge $5.50 for a bagel with vegetable cream cheese while Tribeca bagels (located right down the street) charges $2.70 for the exact same order. Will never be going back here even though I was usually charged $3.50 for the same order at Baz. After I kindly explained to the cashier that I was incorrectly charged - he explained that they charge $1.95 for the bagel plus $3.75 just to have they spread a thin layer of vegetable cream cheese.

Ali Ghaderi

Bagels taste delicious. Menu is very diverse. You can even have your sandwiches are even custom make your sandwiches. Depending on the person who takes your order you may need to explain it properly or else they'll mess bbn it up. But overall the food is great.

Mike Long

Breakfast was very good well cooked and the staff was great. And they gave us free postcards.

Paul Quella

Excellent place. Highly recommended by Men In Blazers. Great food.

Reinout de kort

Fresh Italian food. Love the sandwich with Root Beer.

gehan ghanem

Went their for their pizza bagel. The bagel was very good but their tomato sauce was more bland. I did see many spreads and other bagels that I was interested in. So I know I will be back.

Michelle Yi

Excellent coffee bagels and service!

Mohammed Khan

First time here and was pretty impressed. Great customer service and a lot of good options. My wife and I got their smoked salmon bagel which was really good. I definitely recommend this place.

Orran Diaz

Nice staff quick service and the bagels passed my kids taste test.

Azriel Abramovich

Regular bagel is good. But we came for the gluten free ones which are adequate. Service is good and breakfast is tasty.

Jack Crawford

Went back recently, not as good as it used to be

Andre Mahathirath

Small space but amazing food. Went back two days in a row. They have some of the best bagels and cream cheese I've ever eaten.

Nico Smith

Yum. Yuuuuuuuuum.

Prof Mike

Friendly, attentive staff. Good music playlist. Excellent quality food. Not exactly cheap, but not horribly overpriced for the area.

Scott Glacken

Awesome classic american diner. Staff were really attentive and friendly. Awesome menu selection and meals with bottomless coffee!

Ellen Ciuba Parkhurst

Not only was the food delicious, but their ability to deal with a gluten allergy was impressive. My mom is incredibly sensitive. They clearly took care to thoroughly clean every surface that touched her food (lox and eggs over latkes). She didn't react at all. I will bring more friends and family here when they come visit!

Kavin Moreno

Stingy pathetic quantity of food. Wow, I have never been to a bagel place that cheaps out as much as Baz does. The picture shows a whole wheat bagel with Lox and onion (very sloppily made). There were literally one or two strands of onion at most and the flimsiest single, thinnest slice of lox. Didn't realize how little it was or I would have never paid for such a petty amount. They got me. Feels bad man. Never going back, I suggest you find a place that will give you at least half your money's worth. Shame!

Lillian Quinones

Most amazing bagel. So fresh I had the onion and garlic bagel with scallion cream cheese. Staff is pleasant. Next time I will sit at the counter. Love the decor and the vibes.

Katelyn Prieskorn

Stopped in while at the office for an early take-out lunch after reading the reviews and deciding that the 10 minute walk from city hall area was worth it. Immediately noticed how many bagels were present, some lunch shops seem to run out at the lunch rush but Baz definitely had a bunch. I went with a cinnamon raisin bagel and their regular cream cheese. By the time I got back to the office, the bagel was still deliciously fresh, slightly crunchy outside and soft in the middle. The ratio of cream cheese was excellent and had a good flavor. Only reason for 4 stars is that the price was a little more than I would've liked to pay, but should be expected in this area.

Keren Shwartzman

One of the cutest diners in the city. Food is really good, prices are affordable and staff are super friendly. Definitely a place to come back to.


Salmon ratio way off :( bagels with almost no salmon!

Samantha Rosado

I wanted to love this place. The customer service was amazing and the ingredients were incrediblely fresh. However I ordered lox bagel and the amount they gave was insultingly small. There are other bagel places that give a sufficient amount of lox like Tals bagels and Pick A Bagel. Mind you these bagels are not cheap. More salmon please.

David Clark-Bell

If you're in Lower Manhattan and you fancy a wander over to the Little Italy please traverse over on Howard Street or grand street to Little Italy and you'll find this nice little gem where they sell fresh bagels with all types of the flavours and you can get a wonderful array of feelings that had delicious as well if you have the patience and are willing to wait then you should enjoy a nice Cedar there they go bar or if you just need to take something by a quick and efficient service is available so that you've got your coffee and bagel and you're on your way it's a nice lively shopping everyone is very helpful I think you'll find something nice about New York in a gem like this.

Patricia U

Good bagel, various options.

Pheba N

Amazing but long wait. It was so worth it

Vickie Bowden

Fantastic bagels and lox. Fast, friendly service and a quintessential New York breakfast experience.

Chris Diaz

A must if you are in NYC

Adrian Smith

Loved our visit here, we'll be visiting again. Sit at the bar for the real experience.

Mattew Balic

I was staying in New York City with friends just a block away from BAZ Bagels. I made it my mission every morning to bring back some fresh NYC bagels to our Air BnB from BAZ Bagels. Boy I miss those bagels! I am sure there are proper ways to describe a bagel just like there is a proper way to describe wine so I guess ‘fantastic’ won’t really sum it up so I’ll do my best. The bagels had a lovely ‘crust’ with just the right density of dough with a beautiful ‘chew’ and a beautiful ‘mouth feel’ and taste. If you like cream cheese on your bagel you won’t be disappointed. The cream cheese is light and plentiful. If you like lox then you also won’t be disappointed. Creamy, buttery and fresh describes it. The menu at Baz Bagels has many choices for how you would like your bagel ‘dressed’. You are also able to eat in at a lunch counter or sit at one of the few tables they have. ( My mouth is watering as I write this thinking about eating one of their bagels) If you are anywhere nearby the Little Italy and Chinatown area of NYC you have to stop by. You won’t be disappointed!

Clark Sandlin

Wonderful breakfast, happy music, and wonderful wait staff. Couldn't ask for more.

Dennis Sutch

Very cozy restaurant. Excellent bagel-based sandwiches. Large portions. Even though this place is busy, the staff are attentive. Very easy to miss the storefront when driving.

Kasia Mieszczak

Really cool decor with tasty bagels. We were seated by the bar and shortly we were poured a coffee and recommended some bagels. I had the 'Baz' with smoked salmon and cream cheese - so much food! You can pick one of their menu combinations or make up your own bagel. There is about 7 different types of bagels, including rainbow. The decor is what I expected an American diner to be like.

Viktor Hernandez

It was nice, bit cramp..but overall nice.

Bryan Goldfarb

This place looks warm and inviting. The decor and inviting nature does not constitute good food. The bagel was dry and stale and not remotely close to a fluffy New York bagel with a crunchy exterior and soft interior. The bagel was way over buttered and ruined. The only bright note was the fresh orange juice. Would probably not recommend to a friend.

Gonzalo Marquez

Good food.

Justin Wait

I'm from the West coast, so bagels of any true value really strike a chord with me. The lox is amazing. Seating is tight, but we didn't mind.

Paula Cramer

My favorite place! Absolutely delicious bagels (and other breakfast delights) for really fair prices. Super friendly and positive service!

Lena Dahlberg

What a surprize in Little Italy! Guess it's a family busines, nice people ang great bagels and stuffings.


Never had a bagel before so you can’t rely on my review, but it was awesome! Really friendly and helpful staff

Laura Hoerner

Pretty pricey for even just a bagel with egg. The bagel sandwich was huge, but to the point where is was tooo much. Really cute interior though! It’s decorated like an old school diner.

Stephane Wenric

We used to like Baz, but today's visit was disappointing. The bagels were too hard, there sure wasn't a ton of salmon (which was bland anyway), they tried to push moldy strawberries on us, and they seemed to be overwhelmed.

Marian Spector

All the yum without the crazy lines and prices at Russ & Daughters cafe. Great food and service. They play an awesome Motown track in the background.

Don Fanucci

This place is fantastic. Great service as well. Best bagel shop in this part of city.

Josh Knepfle

Great bagels but very expensive


Damn i love that pizza bagels

Patrick McLoughlin

Great place with generous, delicious portions and a bright, lively atmosphere.

James Arthur

Awesome place. We loved it. Good quality food and bagels. Nice atmosphere. Staff were all really nice. Definitely get good bang for your buck here. Would highly recommend.

Charbel Fares

A good bagel place in NYC, has a wide selection of interesting bagels but the presentation exceeds the taste. Seems to be always packed like any place in the city, worth the try though.

Illia Syniuhin

pretty overpriced, bagels are good, coffee is rough

Derek Sommers

Excellent food, bagel with smoked salmon

Allan Heckford

Absolutely fantastic spot. When you're in NYC you tend to find that the main streets like Broadway, 5th Ave and The 40's have food spots that fill up with people really fast. It's hard to get served with all the folks waiting for their bagels or ruebens or whatever. Baz' is just far enough away from W Broadway that you won't be waiting long, if at all. And even if you did wait it'd be worth it. Friendly, knowledgeable and efficient staff and all your fave deli foods done to perfection. The corned beef and latke hash was amazeballs. You won't be disappointed.

Charles Manning

SCAM: Automatic 20% "tip" charged on all to-go credit card orders. Watch out! This place has set up their card reader to automatically charge you a 20% tip when you pay for a to-go order with a credit card. The way the receipt prints out, you don't even see a final total that includes the tip, just your purchase total after tax and then another number below it for the tip. They even highlight the pre-tip total so you will think that is all you were charged (see the attached photo of my emailed receipt from them). If you're not paying attention, you can easily miss it, especially since every other restaurant allows you to opt IN to tipping, rather than forcing you to opt OUT. The people working there know what they are doing is shady, too. They refunded the tip when I noticed and brought it up, but how many people have they managed to trick with this tactic? It left a really bad taste in my mouth and I will never go there again because of it. The bagel and lox I had were fine, but there are plenty of great bagel places in New York that don't engage in this sort of scummy behavior. STAY AWAY!

Demi Lai

Nice food, nice service.


Good service and convenient location. Bagels are good. Very fun atmosphere, especially for families and kids. Food is not cheap (think $14/bagel) and there isn’t much space. Still this is a cool spot and the food is solid. There are a lot of offerings in the traditional deli style, all of which are well done. Their catering is very good as well so it’s a good option for at an-hole brunch party.

Ihtisham M

Walked in , they take to go order at the door, stay and eat means going a little further in and talking to the host. I ordered a pizza bagel and was surprised by the 12 dollar price tag. Now it has something to live up to. Waited a little while, music was like the oldie but goodie kind and the counter guy was nice. The to go bag was nice , white and big (logo). Ate the pizza on the Q train, was AMAZING. Sauce was good, cheese fantastic and the bagel had like a crunch to it. I think it was garlic. Overall , 9/10. You owe it to yourself to try it once. #Scott’s pizza tours from YouTube. The one who goes around bothering Mark Iacono.

Tamara Banbury

So glad I found this spot for breakfast. Friendly staff and great food. Pumpernickel Everything bagel is the best.

Ava Bai

Classic New York deli brunch spot, it’s casual enough to come in your sweats if you want, no judgement here, for some great bagels and some eggs and lox. Ironic 80s and 90s music was blasting on loop when I was here and the small tables and booths felt like a throwback. Staff was super friendly and helpful, A+ on service! Only one of two bagels came toasted even though we asked for both, but food came within 10 minutes us ordering and fruit salad and avocado on plates were fresh. Salmon lox was delicious, perfectly cured and sliced. Lots of bagel flavor options but they are well known for their pumpernickel which was perfectly doughy.

Az Am

Great bagel place (Y)

Mostafa K. Attia

Food was super good and fresh, I had the Baz breakfast but added extra eggs into it, and it was amazing, coffee is ok, and the staff was very friendly, the menu is misleading though because it said breakfast comes with a fruit, etc.. but look at the pic to see what they mean!! I paid $20 for a single bagel and coffee!

Tom Jin

Really delicious bagel with smoke salmon and whole grain tomato’s cream cheese it is really different than regular sandwich doesn’t easily breaks off during biting it’s fueling also. Looks small but it is a lot. Best bagels New York is good bagels and bread

Lysa J

Crowded but excellent staff and love the crowd and people.

Donald Dockman

Great place! Tasty bagels, latkes, and matzo ball soup, just to name a few. Friendly people too. I'll be back for sure.


Cute diner experience. Pretty delicious bagel, filled us up all day! Coffee isn’t free so turn it down if you don’t want it or prefer another type of coffee, we didn’t realise. Not very spacious fyi but still a nice little spot.

Yair Tal

I just paid $16 for a bagel and iced coffee, among what was apparently with every 7-foot-tall pasty-white 20 year old in new york city. Would not recommend unless the survival of daddy's hedge fund is contingent upon your regular instagram sightings here.

Hannah Shapiro

SO DELICIOUS. Got the whitefish salad on a pumpernickel everything. Very quick service.

Amy Wise

Fun spot, good bagels and lots of other tasty food like the latke hash with eggs. Yum. Definitely get white fish on your bagel.

Haleigh Brown

I was in town for 24 hours for work and googled bagel shops in my area before I had to catch an Uber to the airport. Little did I know, it would route me to the best bagel I’ve ever had in my life, THE BAZ BAGEL. I’ve always loved a bagel & lox but this was NEXT LEVEL. With the chive cream cheese and pumpernickel everything bagel, oh my goodness, It was unreal. I especially loved how thinly sliced the lox was. I will definitely be coming back here next time I’m in NY.

Larissa Osterbaan

These people understand the proper cream cheese-to-bagel ratio necessary for a truly amazing breakfast. Also, you have to get the challah french toast!

Michael Baquerizo

this isn't a bagel. round bread with a hole yes. bagel, no.

David Ayala-Alfonso

Too expensive...same as Sadelle's even?

Matt Dole

Cute, but overpriced, and mediocre. $3.25 coffee? A lox sandwich that costs $14 and has only a thin layer of salmon? Just not good enough to be worth your money.

Mats Watney

The best breakfast sandwich in NYC. And I know because I tried 30 different breakfast sandwiches from 30 different places in Manhattan last October. Baz is the hands down best Bacon Egg and Cheese in a bagel and the winner of my weird breakfast contest that was actually one of the best months of my life.

Bo Maen Fu

Love their food selection & taste good too. They have normal stomach size bagels. That's important.

Richard Sonnick

Very slow service....I was waiting for chicken soup to go for over 10 minutes. On the plus side I got free bagel with soup.

Joshua Hardin

Outsanding food and service. A bit small, plan ahead and make a reservation if you want a table.

Sophie Smith

Amazing food and service :)

Joseph Algieri

Went for the first time today. The food quality is so high; some of the freshest Nova I’ve ever had. Didn’t break the bank. Highly recommend.

Juan Jose Herrera Espinoza

Nice place to eat!

After Hours Supply Co

Stumbled upon this place while searching for another bagel shop. We were not disappointed!

Nicola Jones

Awesome bagel I've ever had x

Shaul Jolles

Great place, amazing bfast and service. Came 3 days in a row.

Simona Quinzi

This Bagel Restaurant located in the heart of Little Italy was a surprise. Very nice location, clean premises, friendly and organized staff. Specialized in bagels, for all tastes with vegan and gluten-free options. I recommend the one with salmon. You have the possibility to choose directly from the window the creams you want to add and ... Done your beautiful Bagel is ready. Of course you can also enjoy various salads, accompanying everything with homemade fresh Te’, extracts and juices. Enjoy your meal

Nerea NY

Nice and cozy place. Large variety of bagels. Good and quick service. Price ok.

Yuna Braska

Bagels not good as they once were

Frederick Chang

Bagels were delicious and creatively done. Service was good.

Andre Tenenbaum

Great place and breakfast. Love it!

Anil Mepani

An amazing place - must for bagel fans. It is a tiny place though so maybe difficult in getting a table though but you can take away as an alternative.

Rich Cebada

Incredible bagels, as a born and bred New Yorker, this has to be some of the best bagels in the city. They can get expensive, but they don't skimp out on quality ingredients. A bit of a wait as well, so keep that in mind especially on the weekends.

Zach Corenblum

Decent BEC on everything. It was just very expensive. 15 for a BEC and an iced coffee is too much. Looked cool inside but I got mine to go.

Mackenzie Weber

Anytime I come to NYC for work, I have to stop here. It's across the street from our office (convenient) but also they serve gluten free bagels, and as a Celiac, I'm thrilled to eat a bagel outside of my home. It's a bit pricey, especially since the gluten free bagels are quite small, but they are always generous with toppings. The options are so varied and delicious. I recommend this spot if you're already in the area, but as far as bagel shops go, there are plenty options wherever you are in the city.

Vatsal Gandhi

Smoked salmon is really good


More style than substance. The food was mediocre but the vibe was good.

Jordan Stewart

What happened to the bagels here ? :(

Yumi L.

Solid bagel joint. Great decorations and music selection. Good throwback, low key diner feel.

Law Tem

Baz is a gem! Found this amazing place on a wet May17, 2017.I fad a plain toasted bagel and cup of coffee... All was great. A 5 star rating is the verdict... Plus clean restrooms, always a plus!

Claudia Craig

I love u baz bagel. I love u.

Andrew Bristow

I've been going to Baz for years - since I moved to NYC. They used to be a convenient spot to grab a bagel (~4 years ago), now they've become a pit stop for the influencer crowd. The quality of the food has remained consistent (that is to say, good bagels), but the overall experience has deteriorated. Couple that with the fact that they can't get their delivery sh** together and you've got a recipe for a slow demise.

Diana Ramirez

Loved the breakfast today! Also pretty good bagels

Matt Simpson

Amazing service! amazing food! Really cool atmosphere! Definitely got to make a trip here on your visit!

Michael Mohr

Order online. Pick up, quick & simple. Supernice bagels

Rachel Martinich

My sister buys coffee here all the time so I thought it would be nice to send her a gift card (I live out of state.) I messed up her address and they were nice enough to cancel the old one and send her a new one to the correct address. I greatly appreciated their customer service and highly recommend giving them your business


I paid four dollars for a bagel and cream cheese. Damn, I expected it to be better. The deli style sandwiches looked really good, but at fourteen bucks a pop, I shouldn't be complaining about my sesame and cream cheese...

Cynthia Wang

Tasty but felt nauseous after eating here. Given that Staph food poisoning has a quick onset and comes from handling of uncooked foods I'm not exactly confused as to where it came from. Won't be back.

Jeff Keleshian

Stopped by for breakfast while we were in new york for the week. Breakfast sandwich was good and bagels were what you would expect from a bagel place.

Lawrence Smith

Top bagel bar, pumpernickel bagel, wow

Jimmy S

Very nice place. Cool atmosphere and super friendly staff. Great food. And the constant refills of coffee is a big +.

Andrew York

At first I was a little skeptical as the Baz Bagel was $14! But I was so full by the end, it was a hearty bagel with plenty of goods on it. Salmon, onion, cream cheese on a delicious toasted bagel. I loved every bite. Didn’t get a chance to try their coffee, but maybe next time. I would love to try their other offerings too, they have a ton.

Ashley Newton

I love a bagel with lox and cream cheese and this place does it perfectly! Wonderful atmosphere, incredibly pleasant and helpful waitstaff. I really enjoyed my experience here. My husband and I plan to start each of our vacation days here!

Frederic Tyson

Perfect for delivery and standard NYC bagels. Nothing superb

Mark Peterson

Friendly staff and great food

Eric Holloway

We ate our last breakfast here in our yearly NYC trip and it was delicious. The menu is varied without being too much, the bagels are tasty, but where this place really stands out is the staff. All the wait staff we interacted with were friendly and wanted to chat with us.

Luis A

Everything was fresh and delicious! Good service and a decent variety of different foods. Good tunes playing all the time too

Mia Rodriguez

Bagels are large, lox were tasty, the everything bagel was a tad on the hard side, but very flavorful. We dined in and it took about 25 minutes for our bagels to be served after we ordered so expect to spend a good chunk of time here.

Costin Busioc

The bagels are a little pricy but they are definitely worth it. I had the pink rainbow which was full of cheese and salmon and the taste was incredible. You have quite a few options, you just can’t get wrong with this place!

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Antalia NYC Restaurant/Caterer
Antalia NYC Restaurant/Ca...
Catering - New York

Turkish restaurant

Mangia 57th - Midtown Italian Food & Corporate Catering NYC
Mangia 57th - Midtown Ita...
Catering - New York

Italian restaurant

Tribeca 360°
Tribeca 360°
Catering - New York

Event venue