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REVIEWS OF Bagel Cafe and Catering IN New York

Elizabeth Andie

Bagel was awesome, I would give four stars for the bagel alone, but unfortunately I was disappointed by size/price compared to other bagel options in the area. The bagels here seem to be very small compared to other places, barely the size of a fist. Additionally the price point for this size bagel, seems high. An everything bagel with lox spread came at $7, considering there wasn’t much lox in the spread I was disappointed. Would definitely have given 4 stars because the bagel was chewy and delicious, except for the overall experience. Would go back for regular bagel and cream cheese though

Raymond Chelsea

Good bagels! Cinnamon raisin with butter and jelly is like heavy ! I wish their prices were a little cheaper that would be great but other than that good bagels overall!

Gina Gordillo

Good bagels !

Mark Pine

Not loving it. The bagels are OK. The coffee and toppings, not the best. The location is good if you are located in Murray Hill, but I wouldn't travel too far for this cafe. The bar is too high in NYC for coffee, bagels and snacks for me to be excited about places like Bagel Cafe. The decor is a little of a downer and the quality just doesn't have that wow factor.

Affan Baka

Delicious and the Best bagels in NY!

Max Pargament

To avoiding going on a huge rant I'll just sum up my bad experience: 1) Got food poisoning here 2) Prices here are insanely high! I paid almost $10 for a bagel with tuna lettuce tomato!? 3) There were only 2 people ahead of me on-line, took over 20minutes to check out. Unreal Will not be going back here

Imer Dervishi

$10 for lox n bagel, there was barely any lox I it.

Aldo Lauria Santiago

Another Manhattan bagel shop? Yeah...bagel was good and lox and cream cheese generous. But not cheap. Lox not cheap! Otherwise acceptably generic.

Nate Lockhart

This is a great place to occasionally grab breakfast for the office. Fridays I usually stop in and grab a box from them, it is a great assortment and great price and takes care of the whole office. I'm usually in and out pretty quick. great operation.

Jason Oh

ive had many bagels around nyc and this place is definately one that i wont be coming back to

Joshua Westin

Nothing is worse than getting to work and realizing that your order is messed up, I've never had this happen since I started stopping here every morning. I've never had a bad experience. I loves topping here for the most important meal of the day!

Qwentin Greer

Love their bagels there.

David Warren

Definitely the best bagels in the area and would put it on the shortlist of top bagels in NY.

Diana Freytag

As mention here before , bagels are quite small . Also taste didn't impressed me .

Ed Lee

Completely overpriced, and not worth it. The food here is nothing special, and they will do whatever they can to increase the price.

paula victor

joseluis pr

The sandwiches,Coffe and bagels are good but the staff has a real attitude problem. Service is rude at times and unprofessional. If this was changed would give it 5 stars. The owner needs to look into this.

Mark Shah

Food looks great but wow what crap. Had a chicken panani and it was like cardboard. The service was rude and prices to high. Recommend other places.

Nicholas Purpura

Delicious bagels


Everything is good except the price way to expensive

Amelia Hart

This is my new favorite on the go breakfast spot. The bagels are really good and fresh. I don’t like how it gets really crowded but that just means the quality is great.

Hilary van Santen

The most expensive bagel I've ever had in all of NYC, completely overpriced. My bagel was cold and so not worth what I paid. You can find better bagels for a dollar in Brooklyn.

Michael L. Granat

Quick easy and convenient 1

Rosemarie Amelia

Has specials when it is cheaper to buy bagels otherwise service and prices are deterring. Good selection of bagels though.

Arko Shatyan

Worst service. Asked this idiot guy to make sure toasted bagel cools down a bit, so it won't melt a cream cheese. He rushed it so much and I was the only customer. Melted mess. And they charge 4.08 for a plain cream cheese. Overpriced place with worst service.

Fernanda Villafuerte

Since they change the ownership this place looks amazing, the food is delicious they have a lot good new food i love the yogurt parfait and the bagels i got a delivery on Saturday it was reasonable fast ill order again for sure.

Meryl Fernandes

45 mins for 2 bagels!!! & you leave without one. I visited this Deli for a quick bagel on a Sunday morning but it turned out to be anything but quick. I was pleased to see they offered gluten free bagels but not only did it take forever to order but they also forgot my order and made me wait for almost 45mins. They were completing a bulk order so I guess my order seemed less important. 10 people came & went but they still didn't look into my order and lied that it was being "prepared".Please make sure you continuously check on your order if you ever want to get your food. They weren't even apologetic. I got a refund and I won't be going here ever.

mr deedalito

The bagels were crap. The everything bagel was more like a plain bagel. Way too expensive for the low quality bacon egg cheeses.

Jason Elliott

Great and comfy place for bagels, sandwiches, eggs. Cafe food here. Gets busy on weekends.

Anthony Russo

Delicious bagels!!

Freddie Lewis

Nice fluffy everything bagels! Delicious!

Luis Ramos

Great bagels

Erhan Yzc

High priced lack of staff slow 1 bagel 1 juice 16$

mariaantonietta barbe

(Translated by Google) I used this diner every morning for my breakfast, always varied and excellent: yougurt stuffed. In biscuits and fruit, beautiful leavened pancakes, bacon eggs and big potatoes, nice staff (Original) Ho usato questo diner tutte le mattine per la mia colazione , sempre varia e ottima : yougurt farcito. In biscotti e frutta, pancakes belli lievitati, uova pancetta e patate abbondanti , il personale gentile

Natalie Hernandez

High-quality, delicious breakfast for a very reasonable price. Customer service is also one of their strong suites. I've never had an unpleasant experience.

Elizabeth Trudell

Slow service and high prices

vitaliy pak

Very expensive! One bagel with tuna and small coffee $12.76!!!

Arthur Reynolds

GREAT BAGELS!! I always buy a dozen bagels when I come here

Johanna Mendez

Literally THE BEST BAGELS I'VE EVER HAD. I just moved to the area and I was looking for a breakfast spot when I came across this location. Everything is baked fresh daily & it's delicious.

Dan Swanson

Good Variety. Reasonable Prices

Caroline R

Delicious bagels

Aris Baka

When I need something to grab and go or have a quick bite, I can always count on their AMAZING bagels! Their bagels are the best in the block. I had a cream cheese bagel with jelly and it was spot on delicious ♥️ Bring your friends. Period.

Gregory Habeeb

came into this bagel place for first time to try as walked by many times keep in mind this is a tuesday at noon and it was slow. one work TERRIBLE!!! asked for a simple toasted onion bagel with plain cream cheese and egg platter (eggs over easy) their first try got a toast bagel with scallion cream cheese and the eggs so well done the coffee luke warm at best the second try the bagel was right but barely any cream cheese and the eggs still over cooked enough not to ever return waste of money and for quality in city like NYC this is a let down they should take the bagel out of their name as not even a good bagel the one good thing. as i try to find in a situation like this, the guy tried a 3rd time with eggs and they were basically raw and he politely stated we can do eggs that way. i guess they are use to people that want them overdone on a sandwich too bad for them

Hassan ElSayed

Coffee and a wheat bagel with cream cheese for breakfast at 6.30am, this is the best place to get it, although service got little late due to morning rush but i m satisfied and food was worthwhile to wait :D. Five star from me.

Bret Scheinfeld

Rude service and absurd prices, even for NYC. $13 for a small iced coffee and a tuna sandwich with nothing else on it, condescending attitude from the cashier when I asked her how much the sandwich cost. All three people in my group ordered black iced coffee, and we were all served hazelnut coffee. There are countless bagel shops in the city with better service, better prices, and better food. Do yourself a favor and go to one of them.

Ava Wilson

The lines are long in the morning, but that's because this is literally the best place to get a famous NYC bagel. The line means nothing when you get a taste of one of these old-fashioned, freshly made bagels.

Rick Combes

Very average, overpriced, inefficient

Nicholas Montoya

The bagel is pretty decent. However a $6.50 bacon egg and cheese is a little steep especially for other options nearby. You can get a bagel of the same quality somewhere else for the same price.

Prometheus oraleus

AJ Chester

Incredible bagels, I come here every time I’m in town. Before I leaving I also buy a dozen bagels and take home to freeze for later! If you want the best selection of bagels, get here early!! The line is typically pretty long in the mornings but they keep it moving pretty quickly. Highly recommend these bagels

Fatih Argin

Worst bagel shop ever!! Ordered a vegetarian egg platter and got a western style. Than the guy who took my order yells at me and tried to convince me that I ordered western style. I'm a muslim, so why should I order western style?

Avadaiappan Rajendran

Very unassuming place - really delicious food. The house coffee matches our typical Indian coffee palate. Surprised that my wife loves it. Bagels are great and so are the sandwiches & pancakes. Would surely try more of them.

Carlos Perez Schael

Pésimo servicio y muy mala comida. Nada recomendable.

Marcos Rivera

Great bagels! Fresh and delicious. Love the everything bagel With smoked salmon

Mariah Murray

Best bagels in the area!

Grace Choi

Bagel cafe is by far my favorite bagel/breakfast spot. Their bagels are awesome and have the perfect amount of chewiness to them. I also love their breakfast burritos and home fries. The home fries are seriously to die for!

Yonggyun Lee


Paul Despirito

The bagels are very good: good texture, crust and flavor. It's pretty pricey, but the sandwiches are pretty decently big. Everything, cream cheese, Nova lox, tomato = Excellent!

Mark Mercer

Great bagels, wide variety of cream cheeses and bagel sandwiches, friendly efficient people. Excellent example of the classic New York corner bagel joint.

Light Aris

I love the bagels here! I came here with a friend recently to grab a quick bite because we were in a rush. Their service was quick & amazing and there are seats to sit to enjoy the view of the streets. Would always come back for more delicious bagels!

Jenny Finnigan

Jonathan Falk

Disrespectful staff. Overpriced. Terrible NY bagels.

Grace Ellison

Delicious crunchy and great New York bagel

Publiflex Ventas

Pricey. 3 regular pancakes were 8 dollars and were just ok. Bagels are delicious though. Good quiet place for a quick bite.

alon f

Mouth watering food always clean always tasty simply good and straight to the point I eat my breakfast there every other day! Fair prices and high-quality We also use them for our catering needs at the office Always displayed nicely and arrives on time Absolutely five stars across-the-board! Fresh Great quality aesthetically served and fairly priced ! Great place for your breakfast

Leon Lin

Alright bagel, alright price.

Kimberly Losano

I stopped here while I was passing through town and I must say THIS IS THE BEST BAGEL SHOP I'VE EVER BEEN TO! The workers were friendly and pleasant and there was a nice variety of bagels to choose from.

Stephanie Bohlae

Good bagels! Delicious and mouth watering :)

Daniel Yehuda

Had a flat bagel here. It was alright. Ill revise my review once I try something else.

Zia Al-Khalil Ott

The bagels here are outrageously small for the prices they charge, and the staff, while nice at times, can be very unprofessional. The dijon chicken salad was tolerable at best. Don't go here unless you absolutely have to.

sharone bakal

Service was rude bagels were burned they took forever to prepare my bagel There are so many other bagel places within a quarter mile radius that far exceed this dump Don't make the mistake of going there just because it may be convenient

Nikole Crass

Home of the best bagels in NYC. Everything is made daily from scratch and it's so tasty. It's a very popular breakfast spot so get there early if you want the best selection of bagels!

Don Citarella

Even though their posted hours are until 10pm, this place has a tendency to close at 8pm. I'd recommend going elsewhere.


Burned my order and wrapped it up to go. Not very considerate.

Ashley Benson

Extraordinary bagels! Probably the best I’ve ever had!!!!!! Definitely recommend this place ! Make sure to buy a dozen of these bad boy !

Ronald Brooks

Big and delicious bagels better than their competitors

draft xy

Great catering options for office meetings, nice presentation, plenty of food for everyone, fresh, on time delivery and the delivery guys always helps to setup the food. Good for breakfast and lunch.

Paolo Sabatinelli

Avi Bador

Best bagels in town!

Chris Torgersen

Good bagels and good service!

Lingbo Jiang

I live in this neighborhood and I sometimes went to Bagel Cafe for breakfast, but people are rude there, they kept making mistakes on getting wrong bagels on my order. The hygiene is another concern, it has been a couple of times that the lady at cashier made her hand-cream scent on the coffee cup, which ruins the coffee. I do not recommend this place.

Jeff Thompson

Good bagels but usually a long line

Martin Allie

(Translated by Google) To get away from conventional places we chose this place to have lunch with our three children. We had bagels with cream cheese. Several flavors available. We enjoyed our lunch. (Original) Question de s’éloigner des endroits conventionnels nous avons choisi cette endroit pour déjeuner avec nos trois enfants. Nous avons pris des bagels garnies de fromage à la crème. Plusieurs saveurs disponibles. Nous avons bien apprécié notre déjeuner.

Steven Stickland

I stop here daily because the food and service is so good. The bagels are always cooked perfectly and my order is never messed up.

Emily Pierce

It's a small fast food place but the food is good and service quick. There was amble seating allowing me to eating my meal is peace. The view was great for people watching.

Johnathan Boev

Best coffee and the best bagel in the city

Juan Munoz

Lists the Breakfast Box online that can be ordered, but then charges you $2.25 more when our get there because there is a "10 item minimum" for the price online that is not on the ordering website.

Elad Korish

Best place in New York! Not kidding! Sure, the service may be slow. The table can be a little wobbly. But if you had enough of robotic service That's the place for you. Real people,real food. A sane place in the middle of the jungle. Didn't want to leave!

Coralee Brown

They have great breakfast packages for corporate meetings, we hire them once a month for our company socials. Very pleased with the experience and service each time, and I haven't heard any complaints about the cost.

Mike Mike

Love the nova Scotia bagel, the coffee is very good also.

Josef Shaul

Oh wow what a place! Clean, organized, food was amazing and reasonably priced! If your around stop by and if not they do catering. I would Definitely go back!!

Denise Danielle

Soft and chewy bagels! The Nova Scotia is the best with scallion cream cheese on the Everything bagel! Will come back again!!!

Nathan Hawkins

We use Bagel Café for all our office meetings. They fill our large orders on time, every time. The catering driver is always on time also. Everyone I've worked with here is really friendly and professional.

Sarah Browne

Good bagels but way overpriced even for NYC. Find a different bagel shop!

Bob Hunter

Bagel was so so and the nova was way too skimpy for the $$.

lihi bashari

Amazing bagels! The best in town!

Murat Oğulcan Şahin

2 bagels 1 orange juice $16.06

Nathan Riddle

David Y

normal neighborhood bagel shop

James Arthur

Awesome place. We loved it. Good quality food and bagels. Nice atmosphere. Definitely get good bang for your buck here. Would highly recommend.

Alex Urcola

Nice place for bagels

Laura Pierre

Food was good but too expensive

Nyota Muhammad-Llenas

Worst bagels and coffee ever and over priced. Who doesn't have Brown Sugar. I really should not have bypassed Starbucks for this!

Curtis Schmitt

Ordered a sesame bagel with tofu veggie. While I was waiting to pay, the guy behind the counter said "veggie cream cheese, right?" I corrected him "no, veggie TOFU." Arrived back at my office with, you guessed it: a sesame bagel with dairy veggie cream cheese, not tofu. Also, it cost $5.71. Worst bagel shop in Manhattan. I'm impressed they have a 3.4 rating here on Google, it's 2.5 on Yelp. That seems more accurate.

Kris Mahaney

The bagels are delicious, and they are heavy handed with the cream cheese which I love. They also had good coffee. There was adequate seating and it was never too crowded. Great sitting or getting to go.

Norman Promise

You will never have a more delicious bagel in your life, or better nova or white fish salad. Don’t waste the calories and carbs on other bagels, it’s just not worth it! The everything bagel is the best here !!!

Jeremy Berney

Nothing special about the bagels

Yaniv Oren

Nice place good food

Katherine Bartol

Some may say this is a pricey place for breakfast, but for the quality of service and food it's well worth it. I've never eaten anything from here that I didn't like!

Zakary N. Roles

This shop is pricier than others, but the food and the customer service is much better than you'll get somewhere else. I stop in every morning on my way to work.

Eden Bador

Excellent old style bagels!! my favorite!! The recipe they use for their dough to the bagels makes their bagels have the perfect combination to soft on the inside and crunchy with a soft twist to the outside. They also include many spreads for the bagels and all the varieties of different bagels as well. They also include all kinds drinks to have with your bagel. Including to their menu they include all kinds of delicious deserts and many other foods to chose from. Other than the shop itself, they have a very well organized online website which I recommend to check out! Also included on the website is their catering business where they do all kinds of deliveries sent right to you that come in all different ways to platter the food! This cafe and their catering is a place I’ve been to many times and am impressed every and happy with the food more and more every time! Very recommend to all!!

Sameer Iqbal

Delicious bagels, nice staff. Been coming here since i first moved to murray hill. A lot of options to choose from as well in addition to the bagels.

Anna Bas

Crystal Monica

DELICOUS BAGELS!!!! Hands down the best in the city !!!!

Shannon Lynch

They did not know what to charge me for adding Turkey to a bagel. The cashier just looked around and kept asking Turkey and someone said yea Turkey and she just randomly punched in 10 dollars. The man in the back preceded to laugh and said not even lettuce and tomato haha. I am all for charging you more for additives but the last time I was there I was charged 10 for the same order plus a large coffee. I will be taking my money elsewhere from now on and you should as well!

Alexander Wagner

Bagels are fresh and awesome! When passing through I always pick a few up.

Kennedy Small

We hire them for breakfast catering on our social events and everybody is totally in love with the bagels. They are local, always fresh, and made from scratch, you can't get anything like it!

Andres Blanco

Mason Henderson

Really good quality fresh bagels, can stop in and bring a dozen home for a great price. They keep well and taste amazing. Love this place

Gio Nocio

Bagel ottimi e super farciti, personale gentile. Qualche tavolino dentro e fuori il locale se si vuole fermarsi per la colazione. Anche per asporto. Se si soggiorna in zona o si è di passaggio in un momento di fame la sosta è più che consigliata.

Mindy Graden

Nice owners. Delicious bagels and homemade spreads

Jason Pearson

Laura Smith

Great bagels, soft and chewy like a REAL NY Bagel


A small bagel store with a variety of sandwiches, cream cheeses and premade salads. Staff was a bit gruff. There's a small eating area. The interior can stand a bit of a upgrade.

ely doron

I had a magnificent unbelievable Professional Service by Bagels Cafe and there competent staff. The owner is a warm friendly and very supportive kind of guy. He was fast with his personal service and attention to detail for our company holiday's party which at the time have used BAGEL CAFE catering signature line which was needless to say ...was delish. Best of the Best. In regards to my own personal experience grabbing a fresh home made "bite of joy " of " everything bagel" and smoked salmon before heading to work in the morning is an up lifting experience. At Bagel Cafe the products are all fresh made and presentable.The staff of Bagel Cafe are friendly and professional and most of all prices are really reasonable and fair. I will recommend Bagels Cafe for your next catered event or walk in service at any time . JOB WELL DONE BAGEL CAFE. Al Doran VP Ardcome inc.

Yuna Braska

The bagels here were just so good and delicious. I can’t explain them, they were crunchy and doughy and they were always fresh when I bought them. They made the cream cheese there and they tasted so good. The lox was amazing, I don’t know where they get it from, but it has such good taste.

A.V. R.

Get there before 11AM on weekends to avoid the line. Although 3rd Avenue houses MANY bagel shops - this one is often worth the wait. Now, if only we could get someone to create the "perfect" bagel - a hodgepodge of their sunflower seed, multi-grain, egg & wheat...mmmm.

Jeremmy Montes

I have a small function once a month with about 10 "higher ups" and we always get their smoked fish platter. Amazing stuff. Great price. Couldn't help but comment on the excellent customer service as well.

Bryan Margaca

Delicious place; convienentc on doubt! But very expensive. Paid $17 & change for two bagel sandwiches. No drinks. There are other neighborhood bagel places that are much much cheaper.

Harry T

Great bagels

Nicole Oren

Аркадий Казанский

Carolina Waterfowl

Yummy and love the vegan options

Melanie Cruz

For a first timer being in New York, everyone has said to try the bagel there and the bagel here is amazing. It is actually better than Ess A Bagel and Zucker’s too which is nearby the place. It’s sad that tomorrow is my last day but their bagels are to die for and hopefully next time I come to New York I’ll stop by here. Try the everything bagel with nova it’s delicious.

Lindsay Barnes

They call it the "NYC bagel," nothing else like it! I love this place. I pick up a dozen for the office several times a week and we never get sick of them. Made from scratch, excellent service.

Stephane Loizeau

(Translated by Google) A little expensive. (Original) Un peu cher.

Olivia Gerth

Been here multiple times and the line men have been rude. They have made snide remarks about orders and made us feel bad as customers.

Mohamed Samir

I like the salad bar

Sharon Polski

They handled a very last minute order from my team for a social because our other catering bailed on us. They were on time, with a great quality breakfast package and we were all very impressed with them. Now we go straight to them and they've never let us down.

Jason Badichon

Bought 4 bagels at 8am. They were rock solid around noon. Tried to toast 1 of them. It was chewy like bubblegum STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!

Elizabeth Lee

Good and delicious bagels! Better than Ess A Bagel bagels! There’s something about the bagels that make it so good!!!!

Julie Douglas

Great bagels and friendly staff!

Juwana Montgomery


Tasha Antoine

I've been using their catering services for years and have never been disappointed, tasty food and wonderful staff.

Zam Zambrano

Rosie Marie

Awesome place to hire for breakfast for a function or something like that. They can take care of 120 people no problem and they're always on time with great service. Amazing breakfast foods.

Christopher Priebe

Bagels rate 4.5 stars. Very good not the best. Counter staff unfriendly grumpy and abrupt. Cashier officious. Acts like she’s in charge of gold bullion at Fort Knox. Every transaction is painfully slow. And she makes pouring coffee into a major production. To top it off she drops your bagel out of the wrapper onto the floor 25% of the time. The prices? Murray Hill gouging at its finest... Guess they have to cover the cost of the bagels she drops on the floor

Talmadge Farringer

Expensive burnt bagels. Yum.

Ninise Alexander

Bagels with cream cheese is over priced.

Carla Bauer

Recently had a business meeting catered by Bagel Café. It was the first time we've hired them, and we were really impressed. The driver showed up on time and everything was set up and ready to go before the meeting started. Everything was delicious also!

jordan dennison

Great atmosphere! The strawberry cream cheese is incredible!

Afia Baka

Great bagels, big and soft. I recommend the tuna sandwich to anyone!! You won’t regret having a bagel there

Juan Navas

OMG this place, 40 min to get my food , and when I finally get it , stone cold ... also over priced even for NYC . Attitude for everyone in the place, specially the cashiers . I’ll never come to this place again or recommended , and if someone reads this,please . Save your time and money and go other place ( like there aren’t more bagel stores in NYC )

Taylor Mustakis

Everything you could want in a bagel shop. Delicious bagels and cream cheeses liberally applied. Other deluxe items also sold here. Lines can be long, but they move incredibly fast.

Francisco Ramirez

Good bagels! Best I’ve ever had. Will be back again soon

Heidi Rosario

This company is very dedicated to their clients. I've made several last-minute orders for catering and they've never failed me. Always fresh breakfast packages that takes care of my staff no problem. Great service.

Ksenia Prilepskaya

Stay away from their smoothies!! They are not “fresh fruit” smoothies as the sign says, so that’s false advertising right in your face. They are extremely sweet; mine “strawberry, mango and pineapple” separated into liquid and pulp two minutes after I got it from the cashier which suggests they are using frozen fruit purée to make it, from my understanding. I went to inquire about it and she looked me in the eye and told me they only use fresh fruit! There were no seeds or bits of fruit in it and it tasted nothing like mango, strawberry or pineapple, together or separately - just a generic extremely sweet fruity flavor. I ended up leaving my “mango strawberry and pineapple” on their counter because I was feed up with them; now I wish I’d asked for my money back. PS their cappuccino was okay and their bagels are generally fine, but overpriced. NYC indeed has a ton of bagel shops to choose from, so may be better go some place else.

Emily Rosemary

Best bagels in the area. Chewy, moist and just delicious. Whenever we have office sponsored breakfasts, this is where I go for the bagels. Believe the hype. It's that good.

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