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REVIEWS OF Bagel Belly IN New York

Anu Jayasinghe

Good bagels and pretty quick in the morning before work.

Elias Marquart

Good bagels, what else would you want?

john boyle

Total ripoff. Two eggs and cheese on roll cost 3.25 add spinach and it's $7. I asked why the difference female cashier was nasty and avoided answering. Never going back what a dump and a ripoff. Finally opened omelet when I got to work. I asked the counter guy 5 times to put ketchup in and no ketchup.


Al Bar

Good bagels, but the service is slow and they use to much cream cheese.

Peter Thompson

Clean restroom,good tasting bagels and coffee and the best cranberry muffin I've had in a long time!

Justin Hauge

Inside bagel belly its good

Elvin Ramirez

It's not only bagels they I love your sandwiches

Greg Lowe

Their coffee is offensive. The bagels are mediocre. The cashier may pad your bill.

todd thomas

Quality spot for a quick bagel snack break. What makes this place special is top service and spacious area for eating.

Heather Tibbetts

Best bagels!! Whole wheat everything bagel is best bagel I've ever had. Love the option of a million different cream cheese or eggs. Even brought a dozen to the Florida family to try for Christmas.

daniel gonzalez

The best bagels I ever eat, they makes their own bagels and adds everything you want on your bagel. Is a good place, they have free wifi, is very comfortable and cheap

Rene C.S

Nice place

Lydia Y

The bagels here are pretty good, but I have a chocolate chip cookie that was in a big jar saying "FRESH BAKED" and it was NOT fresh baked. It was old and stale. The coffee was terrible. I will not be coming back here, sorry

Katie Chin

A really great gluten free bagel. Nice texture and very tasty, and plenty of cream cheese; not expensive at all!

Andy Xia

They have a 10% student discount, but the lady charged me more for no reason to make that 10% discount come to the original price. Why even have the discount?? Extremely shady. Coffee is terrible. Two stars because the bagel was okay.

Mathilde Clos

Michael Nemirovsky

Opens at 6am, knocked on the door at 6:10, but the employees didn’t let us in. Update the hours if this is wrong.

Michael Almeida

A. Lin

Fast service. Great bagels!

Gloria Appleby

Always enjoy my bagel here. A aimple sesame bagel, toasted with butter on one side. Delicioua! Pair with OJ!

David Clifford


Best bagel with cream cheese & jelly

David Blaut

Good bagels that are a bit overpriced. The shop is clean and the service is OK. There is a fair amount of both indoor and outdoor seating too.

Tony Wahlström

Friendly staff and fine Bagels

Audrey Salcedo

Disgusting. Ana the Cashier just allowed a friend, maybe a cc-worker invade my personal space when paying. After that they both insulted me, calling me names because I complained and indicated to please let me finish my transaction then it will be his turn. This happened today 1/16/17 at 7:25am

Daniel Sorochkin

Jenny Du

Nicola Benatti

Bad, bad bagels. They simply don't taste like anything!

Lara Vicich

This place is not nice. Not clean, unfriendly staff and the bagels are just ok. For NY there are tons of Much nicer and good bagels around.

Allen J

Georg Ribarov

Ellie .

Bagels are horrible, doesn't taste good. Service horrible. I waiting 10 mins for someone to take my order. There was 1 guy taking 3 people's orders. There was 2 cashiers, I asked if they could take my order, I just wanted a dozen bagels. They replied no the server has to, they only use the cash register.


A store that values the quality of bagels. So the bagels in this shop are delicious and fresh and fit well for meals or snacks. You can enjoy the new bagels with a whole variety of cream cheese, salmon, bacon and eggs. Whenever I think of Beagle, I stop by here. Make sure you visit it. It's a lively store. Personally, Raindow bagles are my cup of tea.

Nigel King

Great food, great customer service! Brian was extremely helpful in my bagel experience!

Andy Campbell

A classic lox special will run you 16 bucks (!!) because they don’t technically have one. The ingredients are a la carte and not great. Should have gone to Bagel Bob’s over on University!

Rich H

Mario Schantl

Preis , Leistung ist der Hammer. Riesige Auswahl an Bagel.

Vanessa Thompsett

Onion bagel with cream cheese is life-changing.


The cutest little deli I came across in Manhattan! It was my first time roaming around in NYC and I stumbled upon this little gem. There was plenty of indoor and outdoor seating (the outdoor seating is set up like a patio with great lighting and a mural). They have a huge selection of food and drinks AND their staff is super kind and willing to help with recommendations and such. TEA LOVERS: THEY HAVE AN ENTIRE WALL OF DIFFERENT FLAVOR TEAS. YOU ARE SO WELCOME. 5/5. :)

Will Capriola

Cinnamon raisin bagel + Cinnamon creme cheese was best bagel of my life

Azima Leyla

Great place for delicious bagels coffee smoothies and more

Stefano Libertini Protopapa

Sean Martin

Wide selection of bagels and a very unique array of cream cheese

kevin galvin

Still great

Andy Dremeaux

Awful bagels. Overly dense, overly large, and flavorless. The place feels more like a generic bagel place outside of the NYC area than a local NYC shop run by someone really dedicated to the craft. When there are so many other good options in the neighborhood, there is no reason you should come here. (While we're here, let's take a moment to discuss the everything bagel: poppy, sesame, sunflower seeds, oats. No garlic, no onion, no salt. Feels more like some healthy multigrain option than a legit everything bagel.)

Andrea Zee

Pretty good bagels. Staff gruff and was almost charged for extra items I did not order. Go to Bagel Bob's on University for a better, cheaper bagel!

Gabor Tikos

Eric Chung

Hard to find a chill place with good seating to grab a bite at an affordable price.

Dolores Ferreiro

Muy buen lugar para desayunar abundante. No es tan rápido el servicio como imaginaba... pero los bagel son muy buenos

Jeremiah Kipp

Helen Vilaro

GOOD food but expensive.

Weng Peter


cameron bertelli

Below average bagels

Juan De Carolis

Buena oferta de bagels y muffins. Pero me gustaría q sirvieran el café en Taza, no en vasos de cartón.

NY Plantings

Sorry, I dont like to give negative reviews I came in and got a bagel with tuna and a salad, now I dont feel comfortable eating anything from bagel belly. I'm really annoyed because I think the workers knew this food is no good but a few cans of tuna and a little time instead of feeding people old tuna fish is a necessity as you already know. It is bad enough we had to watch the demise of our local delicacies that NYC was once known for such as pizza and bagels because you really cant get anything like it used to be...but you dont care so lets not get into that. We make tuna at home, thousands of times in our lives. 1 day, fine, two days, fine, 3 days, fine, four days...well, maybe. I smell and taste it and it seems ok...but tomorrow it goes in the garbage. Now, what I got from your bagel belly must have been really old, left out, mixed with old tuna, something because even though it has lemon it still is old! How many days? Please do not insult my intelligence and tell me that tuna is made fresh each day. It just doesn't make sense. Example, If you came to my house, I would not give you old turned tunafish not fit for consumption and that gets spit out at first bite. I don't take it lightly that I place my faith in you, pack a bagel with tuna (that I was looking very forward to eating once I got 20 minutes to my destination and there was no other food nearby to make up for you pretty much left me without lunch on a hard day of work...Seriously, I'd like to come back and force you to eat this! Don't leave 20 something y o kids unsupervised to run your store especially from third world cultures where the less fortunate are not educated or taught about general food handling. The health department cant go around tasting tuna all day the man would poop his pants. (I'm the only one complaining? right.) I write reviews for about 1% of my business and purchases. Most other bagel belly reviews are "ok" because people don't dig too deep into the menu and order cream cheese or regular tuna (or think pizza hut is good food. There is even a reviewer who thinks the bagels are "hard to bite into" well, my bagel damn sure better be tough to bite into! I suppose the typical person now wants hot dog buns, which if you could, you would sell round hot dog buns and call them bagels, but the NYC bagel industry will likely evolve into round hot dog buns on it's own) Back to my terrible tuna bagel from bagel belly...I got the "spicy tuna" which I suppose just sits for days, I think the kid tried to warn me (looking back he said "just get regular tuna.) but I just wanted something with some zip not just mayo and canned fish (you know, you can add veggies and herbs to tuna and just call it tuna because that's how us Long island raised Jews make it at home. Just get a great recipe for tuna and put good stuff in there and that's tuna. I mean, it really is clear that no thought or care goes into your tuna. I feel that the cook doesn't even taste it. So, bring it (the fishy low tide tuna bagel) back to bagel belly? To bring it back in Manhattan costs more than the time is worth...but I do have time for this. Still..I'd really like to return and make YOU eat this terrible bagel with rancid tuna! The workers were just relaxing too so they could taste it or simply throw it away after some time. I could see this was going to be there another day at least so someone else is going to get a really nasty bagel, or, a child who doesn't know is going to get sick. The food behind the glass. all fixed nice neat, spackled smooth. Really, no excuse. It isn't like you have so much to handle in a small bagel place. I really wanted to eat this, even a little old tasting but truly is too nasty to eat and the only thing wrong is that the tuna is OLD!! Portions are not standard either like the overstuffed of the real bagel place! It's in one of the smaller plates, I could make that in about 10 minutes.

Marlon Pando


Daniel McCovel

Lots of seating and my bacon egg and cheese sandwich met expectations! Bagels are great, chewy on the inside with a crispy outer layer.

Jonathan Chan

It's NY. They got everything you need to survive!

Tom Wildes

Completely incompetent staff. Regularly screws up orders and they forget to make food. Subpar food when it's actually done right.

Michael Ramsay

Been here multiple times - Dissapointed with the amount of cream cheese on the bagel, also the bagels are usually tough to bite into, feels like you're ripping off a bite of a well done streak. $4.57 for a bagel with cream cheese and no credit cards for a total under $5 so has to be cash.

Gabrielle Tirone

They have vegan cream cheese and the staff are always the nicest


Bit pricey but great food and fresh bagels..

George Masters

Run by incredibly slow inattentive morons, lost my business after waiting in line for 10min only to be told that the line to order was elsewhere.

Ann Lautner

Love this place. Great food and service. Only thing is bottled drinks are not always cold but they will give you a cup of ice.

Liana Ruiz

Great salads!

Patryk Szepelak

Keizer Waterman

Ordered a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter and jelly. Bagel was soft but tasted not fresh. Maybe cause it was around 7pm when I visited.

James Lai Lai

A great place for good bagels.

S Yoo

First time in this place and their food and customer service was A+. Got the rainbow bagel and it was soooo good. On top of the tasty bagels, they have such a wide variety of cream cheeses, sandwiches, and beverages (tea, juice, and even beer for boozy brunch lovers) and has cute decor and an outdoor seating area that is Instagram worthy. Would highly recommend.

James Gibney

Horrible system to order your food there. First you wait in a line to tell the person behind the deli what you want, then you wait in another line to pay for your food, then you wait for your food, then you wait in line to have your food bagged with forks, napkins, etc. And finally, if you're unfortunate as I was, the person forgets to put the bagel in the bag and you only get half of your order. Sometimes I thought this was because it was crowded but it happens a lot and if you want coffee there's only one person at the register so they have to make it black and then you have to go to another area and make your coffee how you want it. Just a real hectic mess to deal with to start your morning. Good bagels tho... if they put it in your bag.

Noams Music

Always my go to place for a bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel


Really great choice for Bagels

Tracey C

Delicious and very friendly staff with a great sense of humour

Frederica Wang

Cute place with plenty of seating.

Hector Garcia

Cool place

Urvashi Umrao

Jeff Doering

The bagels are great and the bathrooms are fantastic. Bagel Belly is our favorite bagel place

Pedro Sousa

Bom lugar para tomar café da manhã, mas como tudo em NY é caro, esse não é diferente.

Joe Cho

Arrol Arzu

Great place and friendly

Jeremy Webner

Fast service when your in a hurry and lots of room if your not. Complete with charging stations and an ATM. Lovely view of the back yard

Beverly Bovian

Corin Perdomo

Great food great price!! Not best customer service but food is worth it

Andre Morris

Nice clean place with plenty of choices , even chocolate bagels if that's your thing

Vincenzo Molendino

Pulizia e cordialità al top

Matan Kadosh

The bagels are really good here! The price is a little bit high compared to other bagel places near by. Hope this helps!

Steve Carlin

Very good bagels for a chain. Pretty expansive breakfast/lunch menu. Would get more stars if it ends were not premium priced compared to other bagel places

Francisco Cordero

Nice place with a lot of seating and great options for food. However, my only issue is they need to come up with a formal way to get orders right. Time and time again, I ask for something in my meal and by the time it is mentioned, the staff forgets. They need a better system of communication of orders.

Anna Mosby Coleman

This place has truly excellent burgers. Unusual for a bagel place, but there you go. Especially good is their turkey burger.

sageartsarasota England

Good service - sweet donuts - convenient location.

terence gunning

Do I have to give them a star? Oh my, how many ways can one bunch of clueless halfwits stuff up an order? Bagel wasn't even good after all that either. Not GF (no idea about food handling).

Adam Trilling

Very rude. Asked for cream cheese and lox spread and they gave me actual lox and cream cheese. They then refused to re do the order making me pay 3x as much for the wrong order.

Bryan Goldfarb

Place was huge with lots of seating. Prices were good especially by NYU where the college could be a factor. Bagel was above average a little crunchier than I like but a good flavor. Overall a really good experience. Remember $5 for a credit card purchase which is neither negative nor positive.

Louis Kadetsky

Wide variety of fresh bagels, spreads, and toppings.

John Shin

Affordable price and leading products are available. Great bagels and coffee to have during commute with fast service and wifi. Love to chill out with ma buddies since they got charging station and clean bathroom. Even got a garden back side. ATM available too. I

April Moore

Blac Juelz

Need improvements

Mike H

I get the make your own salad most days for lunch. They do a great job, and you can't beat the price.

Elvis Jimenez

Beautiful bagel place great variety freindly staff very clean and fresh bagels

pasquale landriani

Sherrie Brindley

Surprisingly good menu options beyond bagels. Very busy but pretty quick. Coffee is good too.

Mike Mike

Very expensive and nothing special !!!!


Love this place.. yummy bagels

Haseeb Rehman

Yunyi Zhang

They always give me the wrong thing and it doesn't even taste good. And their attitude is just awful

Chris Claiter

Good value.

Ryok Eken

all nice,coffee OK.after paying for my order I waited 15 minutes, with an empty shop. they forgot the order


Staffs are very kind and several kinds of bagels are excellent!!!

Shay Murnin


Veggie cream cheese was AWFUL. Worst I've ever had. Also this place is SO expensive, even by Manhattan bagel place standards. 2 stars only because the outdoor space is really cool.

rana1837o .


Wide selection including tasty bagels, nice coffee, and real fresh squeezed juice.

Samuel Flax

They have gluten free bagels! They’re the largest n chewiest ive ever had but you gotta get there early my friend they run out

Denise Cuttita

They charge an extra $0.25 for an everything bagel.! The service at the register was terrible. There was one person and she had to stop and make a smoothie.

Alexandra di Guglielmo

Tastes sugary and very weird

lenny reyes

Steve Bae

Great bagel and nice place to hang out.

Merline VOLCY

I love it for one thing! The backyard! They have everything you could wish to see with bagels, they have some tasty boxes of meal choice. It's clean and the atmosphere is not cozy or relaxing because they did everything for that, the beams, the lights, the table, the charging station. I can't put the finger on it but I won't say the vibe is like a warm and welcoming one. But the backyard!! Ohhh!! If you take your meal to the backyard.... dear.. I can swear you that you won't believe you're in the city.

Stephanie Moya

So the food was great! Bagel was a good, normal NYC bagel. Lots of cream cheese options. Our issue was the service - the people working there didn't really seem like they knew what they were doing. Checkout took way too long, we ordered a coffee from their menu and they had no idea what it was or how to make it.. hope that wasn't typical for them although I'm not sure we'll be back!

freedom fighter

Best bagel that i had really good

JuniorCedrick St Cyr

Eric Montgomery

Maybe it was a bad day but the bagels weren’t very good.

Jonas Jacobsen

Its an alright place. Good service


I'm a home grown New Yorker, born an raised in Nyc. I've tasted numerous bagels around Manhattan and all the other boros, and by far, this place has the best tasting sesame seed with creme cheese bagel I've ever, tasted! Also, comfy seating.

Liudmila Rebro

This is a beautiful cozy place! The prices are very affordable. Good choice of pastry and beverages

Begoña Arellano

Tirza Samola

The Bagel is hard not fresh

Babatunde Awosika

Kimmy k

Took way too long , unoranized. People were getting wrong orders n bagging their items themselves.

Torrie Brunson

Love there bagles so fresh and pretty

Leonore Berger

Rob Morse

Good bagels if you're willing to endure getting barked at by the deli guys and cashiers. Outdoor nook patio is pretty cool too for a deli.

Ms. Z R

Wasn't impressed with the service but the bagel was good. A little sweeter than I'm used to for a whole wheat everything bagel, and even though it wasn't toasted there was a light crispness to it

Qiao Lin

Bagels and cream cheese are OK....Maybe just at the average level at NYC. And no so many choices there. The furniture and decorations in store are beatiful, better eating in store than to go. The girl assistant is so cute. She is able to remeber every student and automatically gives them student discount. And also has sweet smiles!

Carter Bergeron

Decent bagel place but it gets a little pricey if you add stuff. Also they have good iced coffee

jack side

I was very satisfied with the fresh ingredients and friendly services! Two weeks ago, I went to BagelBelly during my New York trip. I had fresh salad and salmon sandwich with orange juice which is made of fresh orange. It was so impressed to me. Also it was so touched that when I needed small amount money they changed it for me. I stopped by this store several more times for bagel. It is absolutely worth visiting again next time.

Do Lee

Stopped by this place by chance when I visited NYC. Surprised by their Rainbow Colored Bagel because I thought it was very unique, and I had never seen it before. Had a rainbow bagel with TOFU Cream Cheese, and it was yummy. The owner/operators are nice, the place is clean, and the foods were superb. A good experience overall. (especially with their backyard! Nice and Cozy)

Michael Murda

They are very welcoming on point and very curtious

Ryan McBride

Average bagel place. Location is good, nothing to go out of your way for.

Alternative Mindz

When they have bagels they are good

Andrea Klinker

I have only ever gotten salad from their salad bar. You can get quite a bit of food for $6.99 and still be fairly healthy. They also have a nice garden in back.

Chloe F

The bagels were lovely but the jalapeno cream cheese had a strange sweet after taste and a fake green color. After one bite we found a glob of bright food dye mixed in the cheese. Not cute.

Zaeem Nazir

This place is amazing. The food is really fresh, the selection is immense and the atmosphere is welcoming. Really enjoyed the paninis from here.

Brendon Candella

First place I got food on a trip in NYC and was amazed at how good it was.

John Hanley

New place in great location with a full menu. Family friendly with uncommonly clean restroom. Nice little outdoor nook that is usually, quiet, empty and clean. charging station and clean tables good staff, decent coffee and rainbow bagels... forgetaboutit No homeless smelly rif raf sucking the energy out of the place

elaine petry

The bagels were delicious! Lots of different cream cheese options, too.

Kapil Kaul

Decent affordable option.

Sally D

Good coffee - lots of bagel and cream cheese options as well as eggs/home fries.

Jose Partida

Ok bagel place. Its actually very expensive about $5 for 1 bagel with cream cheese but given the area it's a little expected. Other people have pointed this out but yeah these bagels are oddly sweeter than most bagels I've had before. Still a pretty good bagel

Trevor Brown

Really great little bagel shop with a wonderful little attached private outdoor patio. Lots of drink selections, good bagels, great atmosphere.

Robin Marzin

Curt Jacques

Slow service, confusing line setup... Not worth the trouble


It's really fresh. Im impressed with their quality. Good price and decent place with nice back yard

Cristóbal Rivas

Lily Yeung

Free wifi makes this dine in spot even nicer. There's an outdoor patio area too. The cream cheese is freshly made and the bagels are good too. Definitely give this place a try!


They make good nyc bagles with lots of other options. Almost like a mini mart as well.

Daniel Fagan

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