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REVIEWS OF Au Bon Pain IN New York

Tess Brock

My sandwich was inedible. Bagel was soggy sk it fell apart and the paper stuck to it. What was worse was the egg was still frozen when I bit into it. Disgusting. Tomato soup tasted like bad marinara sauce. Had to throw my whole lunch away.

McGrath Hannah

The manager at this location (Jim), was very nice. I dropped my food as I was stepping out of the premise, and he rushed to help me and got me my food order again. Very good customer service.

Sans Prejudice

Decent pick 2 combos for lunch - better than cosi of Panera and tons of dessert options too

mike t

Wonderful! Everyone is so nice, very attentive and always smiling. Coming here always makes my day.

Valerie Lambert Kroll

For breakfast I highly recommend the asiago bagel if you're into cheese and calories - so worth it! For lunch I typically do a salad since you can customize and they chop them. This location is pretty spacious and has quite a few seats. When it's nice out they also have a small section of outdoor seating under umbrellas.


This is not a regular restaurant. It is where you go to purchase food and drinks and then you can either take it out or sit in to eat. You can select your own sandwich, salad, cookies, etc. Take it to the cashier and check it out. It allows you to select your choice of food and item.

Antonino Omana

From, wraps, oj, cookies and a hazelnut coffee. It hits the spot, and taste good! Reasonable price!

Valbona Quku

like the food button salty

MOT Mark

Nice sandwiches

Daniel Rodriguez

Typical mainstream eatery Food and coffee is good Great quick lunch place for nearby workers or tourist passerbys

Augusto Luca

Breakfast in NYC ?? Ones shold be in this place

Sefi Lor

Fresh food but small selection

Shamim Akhtar

Great place for a quick hot chocolate to warm up on a cold winter day

Tom Meares

The holiday gobbler was delicious

Timothy Murphy

Good for coffee

Jani Saarinen

Food ok but a bit messy and confusing

Ram Mohan Chalam

Nice Breakfast and Lunch!

ISM Doral

Good Service +Good bread

David Smart

Very poor and dirty

Stef Kiley

Service was slow. Food was decent. They were out of almost everything

Sebastian Fajardo

Great location staff needs retraining horrible attitude and no motivation to work. Place needs improvement

Sai Lohith Musunuru

Black bean burger with avacado!!! Yummm!!!

franc morshuis

Very unfriendly staff

Dwana Jones

Great variety and food tastes great!

bentley J

Good food but rude staff

Angel Perez Jr


Harold Stanley

Always Sandwiches and everything so Fresh.

Erin S

Tasty snack, service was friendly but slow.

Elaine Oliveira

Espresso is very good. Price and service is good.

Wit Derby

Great pastries and lemonade.

Xavier Rivera

Had to purchase an item for my 3 year old to use their restroom as their access code is printed on their receipts. Purchased a coffee, hot chocolate, and a water. All tasted fine, service was subpar at best.

Ger Fallon

Surprisingly good for a chain. The staff are super friendly

Ineiz Beiileiy

Stopped here while visiting the Canadian embassy while in NYC. I had a quick bite to eat with my wife and was surprised at how unorganized and chaotic this space is. I Had a chicken & brie sandwich and asked for it to be toasted without tomatos, it was freshly made, but to my surprise there were tomatos inside the sandwhich, poor service or poor listening skills!! Heavy crowd coming and going, and did not know where the line up to pay for the sandwhich was. I wanted a tea but the teabags were in an obsure corner but I could not find it. I had to ask a person who was cleaning up. He pointed me to a sad stack of boxes・the tea section) almost all the teas were gone! Got through the line quickly and happily found a table, because after that the tables filled up

Brian Harkness

Hot croissant machine broken for 5 months and counting. Go to another spot for breakfast

Kaitlin Johnson

Quaint bakery, wonderful breakfast options and helpful staff. Can get very busy during the morning rush. There are better bakeries in the area, but when in a pinch it was just what was required.

Patricio Ramos

Very mediocre coffee. The concept, the store decoration and the service is very nice. But the coffee must be improved

Mariya Parisi

Everything it's good..

Patrick Gabriel

Due to it's location it's generally crowded with barely any space due to the way the store is laid out but it's still an okay establishment. Lines generally go quick thanks to the staff, they also have a nice seating area inside as well as out.

tremusica higs


guillermo collazo

Does the trick for a quick stop .. Soup was ok ..

Christopher Singh

Great soup and mac and cheese wonderfully made

aubrey poole

Good food and coffee but very mis managed. 2 out 3 times I stop in for iced coffee they've run out. Employees are hard working but management needs to get their stuff together.

Ju Ferraz

The problem is that the food is made to go so even when you eat inside they give you the food all wrapped up. It hard to feel the moment that you're looking for in enjoying a meal. The prices are ok.

amanda mazzella

It was a little crowded since 2 other locations closed. The staff was friendly and handled orders and check out pretty fast.

Steph A

My first sandwich from this place was delicious. It took me a good 6 minutes to figure out which one I wanted but my eyes kept rolling back to the Turkey&Swiss with butter a pecan spread. It was an excellent choice where savory meets sweet. Must try! Great location, nice seating area and nice servers

Maima Postma

Nice to grab some lunch or a snack and something to drink

Peter Smith

Absolutely LOVE the jalapeno cheddar bagels, and especially the asiago cheese bagels!

Aldo F. Rodriguez

Good food, but pricey.

Google Reviewer

Always a must in nyc.

Enid Lambert

I like Au Bon Pain's food and would go to the location on the concourse in Rockerfeller by the subway and they always seemed to be on point, that location closed but, this particular location needs new staff. The weekends are worse! I work on the weekend nearby and first off it is hit or miss if they're open at 7. Second, the other person who commented that they're inexperienced is so right. They can barely make what you ask or know how to use the equipment! I stopped going. New staff please and better training.

LaJada Gonzales

Oh my I love this place. Rice krispies are life

Luis Perez

Excellent choice if you're in a hurry. The spinach and cheese croissants are good, and they have plenty of pastries.

Eric Crawford

Staff is friendly for such a utilitarian place. Good variety of coffee, drinks and breakfast sandwiches. Cleaner than the food carts, just as cheap, and you can sit down if you want.

Jess Kenyon

Super friendly staff, hot coffee, soups, yogurt and granola, fruit and made to order sandwiches for lunch and breakfast. Fresh pastries as well. Order your food from the chefs and then pay at the register.

Jeremy Mankin

One person making sandwiches at lunchtime. This place is slow.

Riya Biswas

Good place to get a quick bite while roaming the streets of New York

Uri uri

Very slow service

Dennis Dawton

Always like their Cheddar and ham on french

Honest E

Food was ok, but the bathroom needed to be cleaned and was trashy. The service was ok, as long as you could get someone to recognize you were there.

Betty Jo Bent

Great food

Lester P

Good place for a coffee break.

Linda Razak

The broccoli and cheese soup was amazing

Erdal Ensoner

5 star


It was a nice day so my co-worker and I decided to have lunch outside and try Au Bon Pain ! We were very happy about our choice ! I love the chicken with avocado. The multigrain bread tasted extremely fresh and the strawberry lemonade was good, not too sweet. I love the fact they have indoor and outside seating, variety of food and drink choices, and they have great customer service. I will definitely eat here again to try more food options.

Karsten Mraz

It's good.

Vanesss Diaz

Good a little pricey

Nicholas LK


Daniel Umbal

Looking for the Freshest Salad, Soup, Wraps, Danish pastries and Sandwiches !! Staff, the most Friendliest Guys I ever met Kudos to the Manager Marichu Padilla, Thank you so much for even Preparing my Sandwich !! :-) More Power to you Guys.

Monica Chimpay

The place is beautiful the staff was not the best the bathroom was awful it was mess and trash was in the floor the food is good the price is ok


For a firm whose name is "where the bread is good" not having bread is non sens!!!!


So you brought employees from the Au Bon Pain that was so bad it closed, to the actually good Au Bon Pain? Seem's logical, they've already started messing up my orders and just generally ruining the vibe of what was a really great ABP. Fix it Jesus!

Ivelisse Oleaga

I love this place

Erica JOY

Eat there every morning.

Lorine Pendleton

Good place to work from. Tables have electric outlets to charge your laptop or other devices.

francis myers

Has one of the best cobb salads

Michelle Finan

Decent spot to grab a quick bite for breakfast or lunch.

nicole case

The bread is so good. The service is friendly and its a good place to grab a quick bite to eat.

K E N N E C T E D .

Poorly laid out store which is always busy and at the same time, always out of items.

Ignacio I

They should check the expiry date and condition of their products more often

wangari muriuki

The brownie was not bad.

Ericka Pollard

Wish they had more locations. Great salad, soup, and coffee choices.

Pat McKeon

Simple !!

Jhon Velez

place people work there they do not have a courtesy....

David Keltner

Food was good. The help started cleaning up and hour before closing and had a floor drying machine that was so noisy we had to leave.

Damon Shodrock

I enjoyed their Harvest Chicken Wrap.

Douglas Lippert

Would be 5 stars if the prices were better.

Jacqueline Arisumi

Very nice atmosphere but the tables are messy because customers don't clean up after themselves

Bryan Kerkhoven

Great, quick and not expensive.

Raistlin McFly

very good bagels

Brian Berrryman

Great staff great food and snack will do again if in the area

Claire L

Clean and efficient for quick morning fuel

Heba El mouhssine

I love this store so much ,I usually get the chocolate crossaints and the chocolate muffins there frequently,but,on a Saturday ,I got this crazy allergic reaction and it was horrible so be really careful,it was better then before so if you have allergies like me,do not go here.

Jeremy Garcia

Bestest in the westest!!

Mary Joyce D'Aurizio

Fresh food, great coffee, and very reasonable prices for NYC! We have breakfast there almost every day when visiting NYC.

patricia dudar

Excellent brioche and coffee

Roman Patent

Pretty good, loved their cheese broccoli soup and hot sandwiches. And the baked / pastry items are really fresh and good. Chocolate croissant is awesome. Coffee is a bit on a weak side and tasted slightly burned, but not a big deal.

Soo Jung


Johan Windh

Great breakfast Bagels. Weak coffee though.

yameris jimenez

I love working with Veronica she is a good manager my kids love Aubon pain food the love daisy cuz she is so nice Aubon pain employee are so nice and friendly

Andreas Egger

Good food, good quality

Daniel James

Did is tasty, but did prices are a little too high for what they offer.

Frank Segura

Good place for coffee and pastries, cup of soup, clean,restroom available.very close to Rockefeller center and St Patrick Cathedral

Abhay Bhaskar

Fresh food. The chipotle bean burgers are heavenly.

Jan France

Great service, but a bit pricey.

Dave Winkler

Great lunch option in Manhattan. Reasonable prices for good food which is on the healthier side.

Emanuele Redaelli

Good for breakfast, nice, bright shop

damian taucher

Great bagels

May M


Michelle Meyers

My favorite chain ever. I can walk into any cafe and expect the best. Menu has many options that it is hard to choose. Healthy and vegan friendly options. Bread is fantastic as well as the coffee. A must for a well priced quick bite.

Ahmed TAZI

The person that makes the sandwiches was very rude. Very unexperienced, she burned the bread wrap, she wrapped it with another one ! I was ordering for 5 people. She asked to pay for the first 4 orders then order the 5th one. If you can avoid this place is better. Au Bon Pain is not what it used to be unfortunately !

Lorenzo Pizzi

My Go-To for baguettes

fraterro .

Looking for healthy and fresh fruit... and really Cheap !

Catherine Waffenschmidt

Quick trip in to see tree at Rockerfeller Center. Delighted to find Au bon pain. Have been in Syracuse past 29 yrs but grew up in NYC. Friendly & courteous checkout.

John McKenna

Great vegan soup, great service!

Tony Chen

Perfect place. Staffs are so nice and helpful. One of the best café in midtown.

Anna Sherman

Quick breakfast on a weekday morning.

Chi Leung

Big, and nice, comfortable seating, but if u want to hang out with your laptop here, forget it. The wifi is unbelievable slow...its pretty much unusable. I am here at 6pm, just a couple other customers here. I was hoping to do something with my laptop, if i knew its this bad i would have gone somewhere else. Ridiculous. If the wifi is this bad, dont bother put it out.

Maren Curtis

Very tasty desserts! Also huge variety of snacks, treats, and main dishes. Some healthy, some vegetarian, some not. Tons of options you grab yourself and check out with for reasonable prices.

Ruud Beeren

Jammy bagels, good price meals

Matt Bludorn

ABP is always the same wherever you go. This one gets busy at times but flows well.

Stephen Cosby

Excellent prices in the middle of Manhattan.. Excellent service and kind staff. Great quality food. Best sandwiches I've had in a while. Around $6 for a fresh, hot sandwich with fresh veggies and meats, and coffee!

Dennis Bodrick

I don't remember the guys name but he was really upset when I asked to use thw restroom. Don't ever think Ill go there again.

Jose Zepeda

Meh and bathroom was broke.

VintageDougers .

Used to love going to this Au Bon for breakfast or lunch. However the past few experiences I've had there have been terrible. Went in for lunch one day a couple weeks ago, ordered a salad at the bar and it was busy so I knew I'd have to wait a little bit. Got a cup of soup while I waited....then waited....and waited....after 10 minutes the girl who I could see making my salad put it down and walked away and went to start checking people out at the register. Seriously?! And my salad sat there while two other works stood 2 feet from it and bs'ed. I sat my soup on the glass, told them I couldn't wait all day, and left. So I thought I'd give it another try for breakfast, since it's the nearest place to my building for breakfast. The past two times I've gone in for breakfast I've had to wait several minutes before anyone took my order. Today, I walked in to find only 1 worker in sight. It's breakfast on a Monday, you seriously only have 1 worker around? Then she walked past me and informed me I'd have to wait to order my sandwich since "he had to run downstairs". So there's only you two working at 7:30 in the morning during the breakfast rush? Seems like pretty poor management to me. Needless to say I won't be back, which sucks because now I'll have to resort to McDonalds.

Eric Yeh

they have a great birthday program. free pastry and drink. thanks abp!

Hillary Jones

LOTS of grounds in the coffee, but good flavor.

Amita Gandhi

Great service and amazing staff

J J Peon

Almost all their stores are gone

Ken Nelson

The service sucks, I was standing at the counter and nobody took my order so I went and got a 2 dollar coffee that I made myself... also don't need the code for the bathroom since it's packed this time of of year.... yw

Joselin Holguín

Hot cocos very good!!

Varun Nambudiripad

It's a very good place to have a quick bite. Make sure you try the Caprese.

Jeromie Nowaczyk

Food was good but the guys behind the counter weren't. Couldn't hear him and frustrated when I reminded him it was for take away

Sean Johnson

Always decent for a quick bite or pastry. I usually grab a blueberry yogurt with granola. Bargain breakfast for midtown.

PJ Gonzalez

Very professional and polite staff they take a personal interest by learning client's name, food is good quality very clean location

Miguel Torres

Standard chain.

Amadou Diallo

Love their pastries, and also it is less crowded after 4:00 pm.

Jose Antonio Barreto

Very convenient and efficient for breakfasts. Service is outstanding. Food is great too. I highly recommend it when you are in a hurry and not looking for a fancy place.

Hampus Svensson

Deacent place :)


Nice place for quick bite and hot coffee

Jennifer K.

quick service. love the touch screen ordering system! love abp asiago cheese bagel <3

Jane Bowling

Good food at reasonable prices.

Jessica Smith

Nice food and fast service, but they started loudly cleaning around us and bumping into our chairs. We were there at 8:30 pm and they were don't close until 10 pm according to the door sign. We felt a little unwelcome.

Roger Moore

I love that place

Paul kerr-greenfield

Nice cheap place for a breakfast bagel, gets really busy at rush hour some happy helpful staff.

Attila Polacsek

Very good spot.

Brian Morelli

A sandwich shop we stopped at I had stew it was fabulous

Eric Lucas

A nice breakfast place to get a latte!!

Jarelis Jimenez


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