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REVIEWS OF Antalia NYC Restaurant/Caterer IN New York

Burak A

Great food, good environment. Delicous items reasonible prices.


Turkish/Mediterranean menu. Great lunch...decent location and environment. Friendly servers.

Henry Kon

Very good Turkish food, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the staff was very amicable. It's a little touristy, but overall one of the best places to go in NYC if you're looking for Turkish cusine!

Ming Wu

A surprisingly spacious and neatly decorated Turkish eatery tucked away on 45th Ave. We dropped by for lunch and it was a delight! The appetizers and bread are fantastic. Entrees (I had the Chicken Shish Kabob) were cooked to perfection and the portions are generous.

N Dashti

Delicious charcoal food with great flavors. Very good customer service. Will eat there again.

Maher al gogazeh

Tired more better Turkish food, chicken was ok but meat gyro taste bad....

Mohammed AlAwamy

Overall good Turkish food. I feel it's a bit overpriced personally, but maybe that's how downtown New York pricing is.

Gary Allen Vollink

Mucvar or Zucchini Pancakes are one of my favorite Turkish appetizers, and at Antalia they were slightly overdone but good. Everything else at the meal was really great, everyone at the table chose a lamb dish. Very pleasing overall and the water service was very attentive. Recommend.

Sachin Sahu

It's okay

Omair Khan

We had the lamb gyro (diner) lunch special and the chicken Adana lunch special. Both were amazing especially the lamb gyro !! Best lamb I ever had. The server also gave us a free dessert on the house. Definitely would come back for the food and ambience!

shorabji ssp

Very nice food......authentic. prices are reasonable too.....a must visit place if you like authentic Turkish food. Very good ambience and very friendly staff

Tayyib Siddiqui

One of my favorites in NYC. I have not had a meat dish here that i haven't liked so far. The chicken Adana is my favorite followed by the vertically grilled gyro.

Arman A

Rude personal. Enforced 20% "Service charge" without any prior notice. We found this only after given receipt. When asked for manager I got very rude reply "Manager is not here". It took me a lot of arguing and complaints, however the guy didn't drop it below 15%. It's not about penny-counting, but more about customer service and money fraud. I always thought the tip is paid as a customer gesture. However this is a pure scam. This place has to be reported to the relevant authority. Save yourself good mood and avoid the place.

Iron Zhopa

Although the place became hugely overpriced lately they still serve decent food there

Eric Vanderwaren

Good food and attentive service. Enjoyable

Chieko Steely

Food was decent. A bit high priced.

Sennaa Gudeta

It is geat food i dont never ever see like this nice foods and best servic i just want say thank you very much

Tuncay Kola

Hummus and eggplant sauce wasn't my favorite at all. Besides those to everything else was good. Service and ambience good.

Afnan Islam

Loved the ambience and the food.

Myla Rodriguez

Quick & Honest service, Food was amazing! excellent Vegan options and the entire menu is labeled with Vegan/Vegetarian/ and Gluten-Free options which make it so easy for me to decide on what to eat. The Hummus and Falafel was to die for.

Tina Skorn

Had a couple of appetizers and main dishes and literally everything was delicious. Staff was very welcoming and service was prompt and awesome. Highly recommend.

Domenic D

Good size portions of food for lunch. There is an affordable lunch menu. The chicken and lamb were delicious.

busra kaya

This place is amazing! The best Turkish restaurant in the city. I have been there with my friends and service was great, we enjoyed a lot. Employees were very friendly, especially the hostess :)

Nora Alghais

One of the best restaurants in the USA and definitely the best Turkish restaurant in NYC. The place is nice and clean. The staff are really friendly and courteous. The dishes were tasty and generous .. and Halal :)

Elad Bassevich

Good food, big portions

Mohammed Arshad

Great Turkish food, lunch specials are a good value

Sulaiman Alsowaina

Good service and quality of food and ambience. The humus is average. The adana chicken and kebab iskender are a must try. The cacik is good as well. The only problem I had was the food to me was salty, of not mention the bill..

Boris Mizhen

Good quality Mediterranean food. I had a salad and falafel appetizer.

aziz obeed

I like the alinazik kebab

Eray Tiryaki

One of the best Turkish restaurants you can find in New York true quality and top service

Tracy Boothman

Good lunch menu and tasty lamb dishes.

Samuel Tang

Good food and well sized portions

John Doe

Ordered the lamb burger. overpriced but I was craving a nice juicy lamb burger. However the burger patty was dry as a bone and the French fries were soaking in oil. So much oil that the fries were limp and soggy. I could not get the oil to drain off and get the fries crisp even after leaving it in the oven at 350 F for over 10 minutes and soaking two paper towels full of oil. Not sure if this was a bad batch of fries that got fried in a cold oil and they absorbed all the oil. However the worst fries ever. Will not be ordering these over priced and frankly disgusting burgers for $18.50 ever again!

Jackie Dack

Great food. Delicious and clean. Lovely staff.

Rundong Zhao

I agree with the comment from Arman A: the waiters here behave somewhat rude and I actually planned to gave a < 10% tip at the beginning. However, after the dishes being served, I found them tasted better than expected, so I changed my mind. The funny thing is, I finally found from the bill that a "gratuity" term is already contained! Yes, this is not about penny-counting, but more about customer service and money fraud. Imperative tip charges always make me very uncomfortable. 4 star for the food, 2 star for the service. So 3 star in total.


Good Turkish food closest to times square. And quick service too

Carol Klitzner

I've been to Antalia twice and found the food really good. My friend had lamb that she said was excellent. I've had the chicken kabobs and thought it was very very good. Appetizers were also nice, and the wine list is surprisingly good. The prices are fair for the neighborhood--right off Fifth Ave, after all. Service was excellent with very friendly staff. The dining room is quite pleasant, butI don't think I would like the area in the front as much. That seems a bit hectic. I will definitely return.

Mauricio E

This spot is worth trying. They have big portions for affordable prices. Regularly neat and with good atmosphere. Would recommend to others.

hu iris

i like the restaurant. The food and atmosphere are so fabulous. I like the lamp kabob and grill tomato that are juicy and have a wonderful rich flavor! I will come back to eat again definitely.

Kris Kasprzak

I love this restaurant wonderful food and great service.

achiou fares

The best

Brooke Robey

Great food. Comes on time. Lentil soup is delicious. Pancakes were a little burnt but still had great flavor

Ahmet Cakirca

Pretty good

S R Larson

Absolutely great food! We ordered a three-sample appetizer and two different entrees. Well prepared, GREAT taste, we will definitely be back! Some of the other reviews complained about the waiters. I think that's unfair. They are hard-working immigrants who are still learning to interact with unforgiving New Yorkers. Cut them some slack; the service is actually pretty good. Also, they have taken seriously the criticism about the mandatory gratuity charge. That was first included in our check, but they corrected it, apologized deeply and gave us a small dessert, free of charge. These guys are definitely trying their best, and the food is very good, even by Manhattan standards.

Qasim Naqvi

Chicken shish kebabs are the best

Raghav Kumar

Good lamb kebabs and lemonade. Polite service.

Tim Gustafson

Great food, great service. Loved the gyro! Lunch specials very affordable.

Cyndi Wang

Nice food with reasonable prices

Georgio N

The food was excellent so was the service, This was our first time visiting that area and since we have been to Turkey we know the real taste of Turkish food, by far this was the closest food to what we had back in Turkey. They also made us comfortable, the server brought us a complimentary dessert at the end as well. You should definitely try the mix appetizer plate. It was has a great variety of appetizers (mezes). Would love to return again when in the area A+++

Priyanka Dave

I an a vegetarian. So it was nice to have those options. I liked the ambience.

Mia Mia

Delicious Food and Friendly Service. The ambience is lovely. Lentil soup is fulfilling. I ordered the Ali Nazik (beef over eggplant in yogurt sauce) I loved it.

Sara Sleiman

Amazing food and very friendly staff. oh, and the bread is just so delicious!

Donald Thompson

I LOVE TURKISH FOOD! This place is great!

Peridot Nelson

Wonderful, authentic Turkish food. So nice to have a flavorful healthy option in this part of town.

Mamoun Kilani

Very nice place and excellent food

Chrisstell Parrales

The Turkish gyro is amazing!

büşra barbaros

I’ve been to many Turkish restaurant in the city but this has to be one of my favorite ones I’ve tried couple of their appetizers and their shepherd salad which was amazing and very well seasoned! Being a native Turk I know how this food should taste like and it was no different then the food in Turkey. I was happy to meet couple of their servers which were very lovely people and like doing their job with enthusiasm. The place isnt so loud either, i enjoyed my time listening to soft turkish music with a little mix of other Mediterranean music they played. Highly recommend making a reservation as i saw them pack up really quickly.

peri cetinkaya

Amazing food. Friendly environment. Decor was fresh and inviting.

Opo Herrera

Good service and food. Chicken kebabs are really good.

Kerith Perreur-Lloyd

Just goes to show, street advertising works! We took a flyer from someone pretending to be a billboard and gave the place a try. We weren't disappointed with the food or service! The ambiance was a little lacking, however it was lunch time, so perhaps the place looks more authentic in the evening...??

Anna Pietrzak

Great, authentic Turkish food. Very filling portions. Quick service so good for lunch as well.

Joseph Ricca

The food was delicious. The staff courteous and attentive. Very comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere. Don't skip the Turkish coffee and tiramisu.

Mohamed Shams

Average quality Turkish food for a price, probably owing to being located in an extremely busy area with lots of tourists and business buildings. I ordered the lunch special for $20.95++ for my choice of Calamri appetizer. The Turkish bread was reheated and a bit dry. There was a single smallish piece of kebab in the entree which was ok but smallish for the type of place (I've had the same order in an insanely large number of restaurants). The restaurant refused to honor a $10 coupon that I had purchased online saying that it only applied to alacart orders (it would have cost more even after the coupon to order that way). Long story short, if you order the same two plates for a light lunch as I did, a'la cart with a soft drink, your bill would be around $50/person. For lunch which puts this in league with really nice restaurants; not recommended. But not really bad. 3 stars for the value and so-so quality.

Mark A

Food was ok, service was awful.

Albert V. Whaley

I was there on a Friday night with couple of my friends visiting from another country, Because we did not have a reservation we had to wait about 10 minutes for a table to open up which made my friends a bit impatient, but they handed couple of complimentary drinks to make up for the wait so it all worked out fine. The food was just top notch. They prepare salads just as you order so makes a alot of difference. We will return as long as we are in New York in our next business trip.

Mohammad Alam

Its a nice sit down restaurant but really pricey for even their lunch options. A small sandwich cost more than a proper entree at any other restaurant so will avoid this place in the future.

Cheryl Cardamon

Absolutely GREAT FOOD and service. Authentic & delish.... experience Turkish coffee-you won't be sorry you tried this restaurant :)

Ken Mcmahon

5 stars! Had a great time at this restaurant. Food was very authentic, I liked having a conversation with the servers about Turkey and Istanbul.

John Heath

Very good and Turkish approved

Jose Martinez

Their lunch specials are great. The gyro is very delicious

Alan Lash

Just ok, lamb was not as tender as I would have expected. Portions small.

Bryan Brighton

Amazing place, Love the food and the ambiance.

Fitra Arifin

very good Turkish restaurant. The food taste are great and the service as well.

Michael Pedersen

My team goes here for lunch at work regularly. The food is great, service is fast, staff are courteous. Couldn't ask for better.

Yasir Jamal

This place had the best Turkish food ever! I highly recommend everyone to go eat here!

Syed Ali

If you're looking for great Mediterranean Turkish food, this is where you need to go. The food is fantastic & just after my first visit I can say that this place is just Amazing !!!!. It's also priced extremely reasonable for the portions that you receive. Lastly, the space itself is beautiful. A perfect date night or dinner for the family. Casual, yet elegant.

Kwaesi Laguer

Pretty good

Stephanie Roberts

Excellent!! Tried the lamb sauteed, It was out of this world.I think I just became obsessed.

Sinne Han

Honestly, I love Turkish food, so delicious and very satiation. The reason why it's very satiation is because of their generosity. Unfortunately, not in this restaurant. Although the food tasted good, but it was a small portion for its price. I ordered the mix grill and I only had a very small lamb chop with almost no meat on it. It clearly states on the menu, "lamb chops" with a plural. Other else than that everything was good.

Utsav Sinha

Ordered delivery, food was great and nicely packed.

Tanu Aggarwal

Aweful experience. Went at 9pm for a dinner, very bad service, no food available

Aditya Kiran

Great food, decent options for vegetarians. Loved the atmosphere!

Warren Hays

This spot is one of my favorites! Good prices, large portions and the employees are constantly friendly.

Patricia Shorback

Food was excellent and the service was warm and inviting.

Shashank Dixit

Decent Turkish Mediterranean place to hang out with co-workers. They could introduce a couple of other vegetarian options other than Falafel and Vegetable kebab which apparently turned out to be grilled vegetable only. It's okie to visit once to experience Turkish cuisine.

shayenne milane

I ordered a kebab and fish for me and my daughter . The meat was dry , the fish had the weirdest taste ever and when we complained we received the most unprofessional customer service ever. I asked to speak to the manager who instead of apologizing for our discontent ask us a million of questions on the specifications of what was wrong with the meal. I am not a "foodealogist" If the food is nasty it is nasty will never go back there

Ursula Melendi

Great Turkish appetizers, hot and cold, and well prepared entrees. Good service, nice atmosphere.

Shannon Cohen

Ordered the lentil soup and the zucchini pancakes. Both delicious! The soup and dips come with a hearty sesame bread. Highly recommend

Álvaro Martínez

They forced us to give more tip than we wanted

Shafi Ghansar

Food was amazing. Great service.

Vipul Singh

Went with a vegetarian friend, and we had their two main veg entrees - baby okra and the platter. Okra was served with too little rice. The red lentil patties for appetizers were good, but I think serving them hot would have been even better. The yogurt drink I had was basically just an Indian lassi.

Joanne Nichols

Delicious food, excellent service by friendly staff! Their service is EXEMPLARY!

rohith rai

Loved it. Food is good, service is good.

Sergey Klevsky

Solid food 4/5, but fairly unimpressive decor and expensive prices are cons imho

Saugat Dhar

Excellent food but super expensive. Not worth the price. Lunch will easily cost you $25.00 ...

Ryan Shatford

Legit Turkish place. Had the manti, which was perfect.

Upper West

Food was no different then in Turkey. You have to try their home made baklava. Amazing !!

Joel Michalak

The portions were large, the food was amazing and reasonably priced! The staff was friendly and attentive. Finished off our meal with a Turkish coffee and they even brought out a free dessert. Overall all experience was great. Definitely recommend!!

Sevana Lake

Very pleasant atmosphere n people.Best meal I had on this trip.

Johnny Quid

Enjoyed my meal and the service was great also. Comfortable recommending this place.

Henry Schuster

We went with a group of 6 and the food was amazing. They have the best Iskender kabab in the city. Falafel was delicious as well. We will be back.

Siavash Sarrafan

Tastes good.

Karen Maskarinec

Delicious food, reasonable prices, impeccable service....oh, and Turkish coffee!

Walaa Alwan

The food here is delicious! Some of the best traditional Turkish dishes that I’ve tried! Don’t even get me started on the bread! It was so fresh and delicious! They even gave us a complimentary pudding dessert!

Caroline Layton

Very tasty meal and plenty of it. The service charge they automatically put on was the only negative for me and quite high in my opinion. Prices were average for New York. Fast service and pleasant surroundings.

Vijay Balasubramanian

Excellent appetizers (calf liver, Turkish sausage, baba ghanoush), entrees are nicely portioned and tasty, very nice bread as well.

Noor Pamiri

Amazing food, and beautiful place. Loved the environment.

Stefania Mogollon

100% recomended. The appetizers were delicious and the fish super fresh. Clean and nice place to eat and have some drinks. The waitress were incredible and even the manager was attentive to the public. Very nice people, place and food!

Kamuti Kiteme

Not very good Mediterranean food. Nice people and good service but mezze plate was not very tasty. You’ve got to get the mezze plate right if you are a Mediterranean restaurant.

Lei Jin

The dishes were tastety, but a little expensive. The tea was not good.

Valeria Eugenia Likhova

Veggie Options !

Mukaram Syed

We were five of us in the dinning party. The American steak was a bad choice. All other ethnic food was fine but expensive.

Naveed Sheikh

Good quality traditional Turkish cuisine. Tried Kofte kebap and it was delicious. Staff is nice and helpful. However no flexibility if ordering from set 3 course meal.

Shoaib Akhtar

Nice place to eat great and authentic Turkish food. I recommend there Lamb Shish and Donor kebabs. Bits price but that's something you expect in the middle of Manhattan.

Swati Thakkar

Great food. Great service.

Grace Rangel

Recently introduced to this Restaurant and was so impressed that I went back with other friends a few days later. I never ever eat lamb but i do so at Anatalia. The hummus served with warm bread is delicious. Love the Shepard's salad and the chicken kebab is seriously one of the best I have ever had. You are not rushed out of the restaurant. I recommend you got there if you like Greek and are near midtown.


This place is one of the best place I’ve been to in NYC. Not only the food was great, the service was very prompt and professional. This will definitely be my go-to for delicious Turkish food.

Rafael Sanchez

One of the best food i have tried in the city. I also loved the front decor

Garima Gupta

Some of the best Turkish food I've eaten in the states, the salmon wrapped in grape leaves is fantastic. It's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the beef kebab is also really superb. I honestly thought it was as good as the food I had in Turkey when I visited a few years back. Definitely worth the price!

Vangala Pradyumna

Good food and great service

Ordan Burdan

OMG!!!!! best bestttt besttttttttt !!!!!!!!

Dominador Pascual

Food is so slow to cook and prepare. Outrageously slow but food was ok.

Chris Mason


mohammad alabbad

Way over priced.

Olagbaju Olufemi

Heaven on earth..... Leading in hospitality.

Atilla Iyibas

Excellent food and service. I’ve been to many restaurants but this had to be hands down the best one. The ambiance was very fresh and inviting.

Amy Isaacson

Absolutely delicious! After living in Istanbul for 4 years, I am pretty picky about my Turkish food. This place was really delicious!

Ratheesh Rajan

There are party menu, that's good and will cover most of the items in the was decent!!


Great lunch spot!

Joan English

Great food. Best bread I ever had

John X

Pretty good Mediterranean food. Been there a few times, the protons will def fill you up. The gyro sandwiches are huge, a lot of meat.

Ferhat Uzuner

Avoid this place. Old. Broken platters. Not authentic. Waaay overpriced. We paid about 15 USD for a bottled water, which we could not even drink entirely since the waiter removed it from the table after filling two glasses. The same waiter also said that he does not know what a "gratuity" as we asked him, so that we (non-natives) tipped twice. Come on...that's just fraud. You shouldn't be a waiter if u don't know what that is. Their food is ok, but nothing special. It is just ashaming that my fellow countrymen are repressing us Turks and our worldwide know hospitality in such a bad way. Never again! Edit after response: It's 15 Usd with taxes and gratuity. So what about the broken platters. What about the waiter who doesn't know what a gratuity is? What about taken away the water bottle? You say you want to clear a few things, but do not comment on anything besides the (net) price of the bottle, which even wasn't opened at the table. Weak stuff

Hakim Ghazzai

MEDIOCRE for a turkish restaurant

Denise Aaron

Overwhelmingly delicious. Got the lunch special. The chicken soup was THE best I’ve ever tasted.

# 17

Very good and I thought the servers were all very nice. The kebab platter was full and plenty. Very good flavors. Bread was sourdough, not pita which was a little weird. Grape leaves were kind of sweet? (I've have millions of grape leaves and these were not to my liking) DEFINITELY GET THE TURKISH TEA!! Such a great way to end the dinner.

Amber Jeffers

My husband and I first time eating Turkish food. And it was great. The food was very good. The staff was wonderful.

kudret oksuz

I can tell this is the best Turkish restaurant in Nyc. Me and my friends enjoyed our meals. I got beef and lamb Adana same like in Turkey. Servers are great, they are willing to respond. We had a great time. Me and my friends definitely will be back. Thanks again

Tural Aliyev

If you want to try Turkish food in New York, this is a good place to be. Recommended

Dilan Paca

Food was amazing, I felt like home... the staff was lovely and the food was definitely authentic I will be visiting this place more often...

Dinara G

I love Antalia Restaurant. I love the fact it's halal, has moderate prices and very close to Times Square and Rockefeller center. I love the fresh bread they serve along with pureed olives with olive oil or olive sauce (I'm not sure what it is). Food is delicious. They serve coffee and tea in very cute Turkish cups. See the photos I uploaded. FYI A bottle water could be price there.

Jeffrey Rossi

Fantastic genuine Turkish cousine... Staff were very accommodating when we had a short window to eat in and ensured we got all our food with plenty of time to spare! Highly recommend this is you're in the neighborhood everything from the bread with olive tapenade at the beginning to the baklava at the end was authentic and delicious! Plus got to enjoy a surprisingly delicious Turkish Pilsner while the rest of our party had yummy sangria!

Tuan Nguyen

Service is horrible.


Price, food portion and quality are not the best. We had a large group for a birthday get together, it was a very unpleasant experience, including a shocking "without notice" extra charge for bringing our own cake. Watchout for unexpected charges. Had better Turkish food, reviews are overrated. I recommend looking elsewhere.

Paul Zarubin

One of the best meals we have had while our visit to New York City, Everything from appetizers to desserts were phenomenal. They were very busy at the date we were there but the hostess managed to get us a great table, So i would really recommend a reservation.

Gökhan Tukacı

Friendly and hospitable servers and also delicious kinds of meat

Bill Page

My third time in for lunch. This time I dined alone before a meeting. Fresh, healthy food with attentive service. I visit NYC frequently and will try it for dinner. Btw, the Turkish tea is amazing.

Jill Diamond

Great service & the food is amazing!

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