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REVIEWS OF Agata & Valentina IN New York

Katherine Lee

Lovely premium grocery selection. Really nice meats, cheeses, prepared foods and locally sourced produce. Quite pricey but they offer an NYU discount!

mimi tran

Andrii Bondar

silvio garola

MammaItalia recommended

Gerard Sanz

Awesome cute supermarket with everything you may need to cook an awesome meal. From fresh fish to great butchery. It has a great sekection of cheese and cold cuts too.

DavidCampbell3141 .

Get the $6 sandwich special. Every. Single. Time.

Sang Kang

Will Jessop

Inedible prepared foods. Do not go here.

Noreen Davisson

The muffins are fantastic!

Lauren Wyatt

How disappointing. I used to love this place until a bug was found in my food. Told the managers about it and they couldn't care less. Definitely made me feel like they don't value my business. Silly considering that I shopped there two to three times a week for a full refill of my pantry and fridge. NEVER AGAIN.

Julian Coldrey

Beautiful range of gorgeous food. Enough said!

Jim Marnell

We are really pleased to have A&V around the corner. I'm in there almost every day. Their promotional meals are a great bargain for very good food. Wide range of foods from sushi, terrific prepared dishes in the back, excellent fruits, and all sorts of specialty products. Staff couldn't be nicer. Does it sound like I like it? Yup.

George Arnold

Great place. Food wonderful!!! Yo need reservations.....

Jelena Laban

Rafael Rivera

Hawraa A

This store is just one minute walk from my place. It helps with last minute shopping but the place is pricey.

Mitchell Schneider

Murray Levi

Highest quality items, some very difficult to find elsewhere. If you shop carefully there are even some great bargains.

Margaret Grimes

Agata & Valentina in our neighborhood is at 79th St. & First Ave. in Manhattan; we're not familiar with the one downtown. The uptown store at 79th & 1st carries extraordinary gourmet foods from France and Italy and other parts of Europe, and fresh produce, dairy products, and baked goods (probably mostly local), and imported delicacies such as caviar and truffles, along with high prices for practically everything. Most of their fare is way beyond our budget, but we can press our noses against the windows and dream while eating a plain bagel, like Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Tiffany's," can't we?

Mitch Lake

Overpriced like all small grocery stores in Manhattan but they have a nice variety of things.

irma duena

(Translated by Google) Great service (Original) Buen servicio

Nicolò Sbuelz

It’s a very expensive Italian oriented grocery store. However, it’s the only place (other than Eataly, which is way more expensive) where you can find Pan di stelle and sometimes Gocciole, my favorite cookies.

Naresh Dipnarine

Great food and reasonably priced specials

Ronald Grace

Fabulous little store. Reminiscent of the great Balduccis

Erica Cerón

I like it, food is really good and I think is not expensive, great food to great price

kirsten sonnenberg

Pre-cooked food is good but not great. They have a excellent sushi bar though. Nice prix fix hot lunch and dinner. Wonderful cheese selection

Katherine Deats

Great selection but overpriced

Javier Alvarez

Great local neighborhood store assortment. Their prepared food and cured meats are bar none.

tatiana zagar


Matt Paul

Love this place. Great lunch deals.

Joseph Henry Huppert

Decent gourmet market. That being said, there’s better in Manhattan. Unlike Zabar’s, no discounted parking. Baby artichokes are the best I’ve ever had.

James Foehrenbach

Good produce, not cheap. A wide variety of meats, cheeses, prepared foods, bakery and butcher sections as well.

Annie Weaver

You really can't beat Agata and Valentina. The quality of their prepared food is superb and I always eat there whenever I am walking down University. The cafe has great lunch deals and they also make surprisingly really good sushi as well. In addition to that, how can you beat their fresh Italian groceries? Affordable fresh pasta and ravioli, homemade sauces? Amazing

Xander K

I'm only giving it one star because I have to. If I could give it no stars I would. They have a good selection of foreign products. We buy a lot of stuff from there. There are a few major problems with it though. They try to sell things that have already expired and things that are not fresh. I've seen mold on their bread and cheese multiple times. And all this expired food is insanely expensive.

Joseph DeFrancisci

Very friendly staff. Great coffee.

Marc Silverstone

laoda li

Elizabeth Gruters

Wonderful delicious food all made in house. The deli is particularly tasty with a nice selection of meats..

Craig Heitczman

Jerry Wong

Great Italian grocery in the middle of the Village. Extensive cheese, antipasti, and meat selection!

Paul Saks

Excellent but slightly pricey gourmet grocery.

Norma Garbo

Great for cheese, pasta, produce, but a bit pricey.

Gabriele De Gaetano

Good selection of italian products, cheeses and prompt service.

Alan Klebanoff

Always has fresh food and a wide variety. The people that work there are nice and helpful!

Alex Savits

Michele Opton

Atmosphere and great food!

Diego Fernández

Darren Allen

Nice clean

Fabio Kasper

Stopped by for a fast food for my wife. She loved it.

Derek Dass

Great fruit, vegetables, prepared foods, meat, fish, cheese, lunch and dinner specials, sushi, bread, cakes, desserts!

Eric Taubman

Kurt Brown

My fav specialty grocery in Manhattan. Great meat and fish selection without any of the associated smells so common with these items. Plus great produce and gourmet ingredients and pleasant helpful staff.

Andrea Monti



Unique Market, has lots of great food. Just expensive.

Daniel Gomez

Best ever. A pity people think Trader Joe's is good. For quality fish, meat, produce you name it. Agatha and Valentina is our destination. Unbeatable grocery store for all your needs. No Baloney!

Lulu Verlaine

smells FUNK

Brittany Miller

Absolutely wonderful customer service from employees who seemed completely knowledgeable and genuinely dedicated to customer service. The store was bigger than initially meets the eye and had tons and tons of options.

Joyce Chao

I go to Agatha pretty regular for lunch since I get a corporate discount. It’s definitely on the pricier side if you’re trying to do normal groceries but they have pretty decent lunch specials ($6 for a sandwich & drink, $9 for a protein, two sides, & drink). I also regularly buy their fresh raviolis! See my photo for the cute lobster ravioli they had for valentine’s day!

Maria Almendarez

Madeline Wahl

Great food, however it takes forever to get through the store. The prices are a bit overpriced, but again, the food more than makes up for it. The free samples are delicious, and that was how I bought a wonderful new brand of fig jam.

Nikhil Goyal

Their lunch pre-fixe menu is $8 with a can of diet coke / water. The pre-fixe has a choice between chicken / fish fillet + vegetables + some carb - rice/mac n cheese or some such. There is also a hot food bar in the back. The food is wholesome - I do wonder about the quality of the chicken / fish - whether it's Natural / loaded with rbgH / anti-biotics - No Way to Tell - but it's a good choice for hot tasty food.

Greg Knudsen

The cafe area is good place for a quick bite. Love the shrimp salad!

Marion Kabengele Lanouziere

Not an italian grocery but an international grocery with a lot of italian goods... at an extremely high price... Citarella got the same goods for better price...

Judith Steinman

Lovely meat. Always good for an enjoyable take meal, entrees, salads, outstanding fresh fish selection.

Kenny Swanson

Harry Frank

Mostly over-priced, service is terrible. Staff is unpleasant.

Aida Ortiz

Ernest Achenbach

Like many places in NYC, it may be hard to tell what to expect from the outside — but once you're inside, the treasures to be found keep presenting themselves. A hot homemade food bar of enticing food selections that are ready to take home (or back to your hotel) are many. Look around and find specialty meats and cheeses, authentic packaged pastas to go, spices, sauces, and impressively fresh produce (wow the heirloom tomatoes!) can inspire you to either grab a delicious meal right away or to stock up and impress your friends for a future culinary spread. The prices are totally reasonable and worth it!

Joe Norml

It's a NYC "gourmet" food store... need I say more?

Ruby Bartolomei

super rude women working behind the food layout. Didn't explain any of the spread or specials, they cared more about talking to eachother than the customers

Bartek Socha

Arturo Tapia

(Translated by Google) Good place for shopping (Original) Buen lugar para compras

Ger Cee

Love this place! Great produce, deli and bakery.

Laurent FO-YAM

Epicerie bien achalandée avec tout ce qu'il faut pour faire de petites courses ou si on a une petite ou grosse faim

Mary Mcwilliams

Great lunch

Steven Leath

Best combo!! Can't beat 6 or 7 bucks in manhattan for lunch.

Alex Dormelus

Michael Donegan

Great Sandwich

Yoeun Pen

Limited options for anything not "yuppie gourmet", but decent prices for groceries and the pre-made food selection makes this my favorite local store. Cheaper than Gourmet Garage, but higher quality than Gristedes. The lunch and dinner specials are the best thing about this place: cheap and delicious.

Matt D Romer

Nice selection but service can be horrible. Avoid packaged soups as they are let sit on shelves for days and are often gone bad.

Jose A. Delrosario

Best quality food in town. Delicious healthy cooked meals at cafeteria area.

Doretha Spencer

Nice market and spot for takeout lunch

Alex Kramer

Great local market. Very high quality prepared foods, and produce, friendly staff, but a little bit pricey.

Katia Silvetti

(Translated by Google) quite sought after for Italian brands a little expensive (Original) abbastanza ricercato per marchi italiani un po caro

Tara Salloum

They close at 9, but we got quicked out 30 mins early because the guy wanted to clean...

Nicole Brinson

A lovely Italian grocery store.

Alyssa Harder

Beautiful local grocery store while visiting my brother for Thanksgiving. He wanted to make clam chowder from scratch in his NYC apartment and Agata & Valentina provided the freshest, reasonably priced clams and the rest of the fixings we needed for a wonderful holiday. Their specialty selection made me want to cook a feast and everything was laid out in a beautiful display. Wonderful neighborhood gem

Peter Griffin

James Swarthout

Cathy Wikowitz

Great food but short of help especially in deli section.

Panagiotis Adamopoulos

Hilary Hardy

Favorite as usual even when they don't have what I want!!

Sharona O

Nice family market with cooked meals in the back. Breakfast lunch and dinner specials

George Sakhnovsky

I went to Agata & Valentina to get a Giannone chicken. The chicken I purchased there was spoiled, had a sour smell, and really should not have been sold. I will not be back.


Love the food

Alex C

Cant beat the lunch special. It's a great price, filling, and tasty. They also have some of the best baked goods I've had. I love trying new things from this spot.

Ronak Shah

Expensive, expensive, organicy

Blake Saunders

Lucas Eller

Very good food, and friendly staffers!

Carlo Di Giulio

Good quality produce. A bit over priced.


I love this market! A bit pricey but worth it, great selection of fresh foods with friendly service provided.

Terrell Roberson

Not bad. My pastrami arugula and swiss with mustard was awesome. My sandwich was missing the arugula however.

Colin Hanson

Best grocery store in the city! The food is all top quality and the service is wonderful too. I go out of my way to do all of my grocery shop here.

Devletsah Alhanlıoglu Ozcan

Michael Moses

The food is mostly good, but definitely on the higher end for boutique grocery. Go to if you want to avoid the hassles of Whole Foods and TJs (no lines), but you'll save money at the alternatives if you have the patience for checkout lines.

Jude Williams

Awesome store. Expensive but all you could possibly need is here.

Mike Peterson

Torre Wenaus

Never miss a chance to provision an indulgent evening here

Lee Zuckerman

My daily go to for everything. Especially the meat and the produce. Fresh pasta and bakery goods prepared right there, in full view. Lines can be annoyingly long and slow, but if you're local it beats the pants off Citarella on 6th Ave/10th..

Michael Klurfeld

This is a truly great grocery store. While selection is limited compared to Whole Foods or for those of us used to Asian markets, the produce and meat and fish are all exceptionally high quality. The best part is how reasonable the prices are. $12 per pound parmigiano pushes on Arthur Avenue prices, and often for about the price you can get a giant porterhouse steak that can feed two or three people for dinner. Some things are oddly overpriced, such as milk, but for the most part you can feel good getting most anything here.


Renee Lavigne

Short staffed at ready made food area. People complaining and rude due to long wait and only 1 employee there to help people. Other wise no complaints.

Rumi Takaki

My favorite grocery store. Just 1 min walk, veggies and fruits so fresh, I love this place!

Shahrzad Changalvaee

Affordable fresh pre-fixed lunches.

Tatiana Zagar

Nice selection

Mary Raphael George

We just did a spin around this store but I plan to go back. Their breads and prepared foods looked awesome. Staff was really nice. People shopping there were more stuck up though. The store was very clean and organized.

Lucio Gianicoli

Nice selection but service was awful. Waited 10 mins and still couldn't get someone behind the butcher's counter to help - staff were talking among themselves and ignoring customers.

Paras Ghelani

Aurelio Antonio Nogueira

Deyna Thompson

Vitas Tamkevicius

Great place for Italian type of gourmet food and beyond. Always great variety and top notch quality.

Candace Wade

Abel Beyene

Great service

Adam Segal-Isaacson

Good gourmet grocery. Lots of cheeses. Prepared foods too.

Jorge Picado

Nice supermarket, staff always welcome to help you.

David Tucker

Griseliris Concepcion

Very fresh food there lunch hot dishes are very good. If you go during lunch youj will find good deals with sandwiches and the hot food.

Rita Khaimov

Love it

sabrina drago

Love this place, staff is very courteous and helpful. Found my favorite nespresso compatible pods here, right from Sicily, same brand (ONE by Torrisi) that I buy whenever I am back home in Palermo. The baby brioche rolls are delicious and remind me about the ones you can find in any Sicilian bakery and gelateria. Went just to buy the coffee, but will definitely go back to try out all of their imported specialties as well as their fresh products.

Mindy Winston

This location catered our bris, was amazing! Both the food,Service and delivery!

Judith Nemzer

Love the manageable size, variety of fresh and prepared foods

Randy Bognatz

I love this place! A little pricey, but it has always been worth it. Every piece of meat/fish I have bought has been phenomenal, great cheese selection, homemade pasta and bread, and amazing cakes!

Camilo Flores


Elsa Baxter

Great food, kinda pricey, weird store layout

Marlou PeY

Great place for fresh meats, poultry and seafood!


Their vodka sauce penne noodles was delicious

Keith A

Sara Wagschal

This grocery store has high quality food for sale in a compact arrangement. Very clean a d very well maintained. But it doesn't have everything you might need and so the 4 stars. It still is a pleasure to shop in the store

Geraldine Costa

Fabulous shopping experience with high quality foods.

pinar onal

Jorge F Barreto Andrade

You can find the best products available

Mr. Who

I am extremely dissatisfied here at Agata & Valentina. I ordered a breakfast consisting of Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, French Toast and freshly squeezed Orange Juice. Everything was such a disappointment. The eggs were overly salty, the sausage was dry, French toast was very under par, even the orange juice wasn't good. I decided to say something, which I now see was a mistake. When I complained (very kindly) I was told "we're busy, we'll deal with you later." I'm in the heart of NYC, so excuse me if my expectations were higher. I'm giving 1 star for the service and the food. I won't be back! -Mr. Who

Jim Collins

Very nice Gourmet grocery shop and not outrageously expensive, except for the meat proteins which come pretty dear. But the produce, breads, and most of the canned goods are not outrageously expensive. They also have a number of prepared foods that you can eat in at the front of the grocery. Overall recommend.

flora avani

I was surprised by how fresh and delicious their baked goods are. They have a pretty good variety. Next time I will try their prepared foods. Huge variety and everything looked incredible.

Isha Hooper

The treats employees worst than a dog

Matthew Anderson

John Colbert

Great selection, friendly staff, specially priced sandwiches very reasonable.

Daniele Palmigiano

Negozio molto hello con molti prodotti italiani Italiani originali

Evelyse F

Love this place!


Ava Brown

Always love the sandwich lunch specials from this place. Reasonably priced and includes a water-no more soda, but that is fine because I don't drink the soda, but my daughter does. The ingredients are too rate and they have occasional food sales. You have to shop and compare but it's the only gourmet store left in the neighborhood besides the one on 14th between 5th and 6th. I like it in the Summer because you can go to WSP and eat. They also have sushi deals on Wednesdays, and if you get there before 12 you might have a choice of fresh hot lunches (meals) which are delicious. I hesitantly recommend the fresh baked cheesecake-not the small ones- because I like to buy them for myself.....

Curt Jacques

best gelato in the city

omz zuri

Poor customer service nobody knows where anything is if you need help finding anything. Only met 2 workers that were helpful everybody else in there is rude

Douglas Bass

Best gourmet grocery store ever! Great prepared foods...lunch and dinner specials are more than enough to eat.

Jeremy Block

Fantastic gourmet grocery. Excellent deli lunch special and fresh made mozzarella.

Rossana Bassi

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