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302 San Felipe St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104, United States Located in: Old Town Plaza Hacienda Properties

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REVIEWS OF Hacienda del Rio Restaurant & Cantina IN New Mexico

Patricia T

Waitress was great but the high cost for very subpar food was not acceptable. Had the combination plate. Tamale looked and tasted like the canned variety,the Chile relleno was in a thick coating of half cooked greasy batter and was cold. The taco meat was cold. The green chili was tomato with a few chilies put in. It was unseasoned and tasteless.The beans were the only half decent thing about this meal. At $16.99 so not worth it. My grandson ordered the $11.00 quesadilla and ate 1 quarter of it and he was hungry when we arrived. Great location. Great pictures that lured us in. Will not revisit.

Deborah Lbsraoui

Food is bland. Even the hot sauce has very little flavor. Chips were cold and greasy. Soda tastes watery . The rellenos were just ok not much flavor though. Rice was way undercooked and hard. Waitress was more interested in some guy who kept walking up to the patio and handing her things than she was in serving customers. The stuffed soppapilla had no flavor at all . Very basic food .

Adriana Vazquez

Waited 20 minutes without anyone telling me anything there was a woman in a white shirt who would just look at us and didnt even have the courtesy to say anything to us not even welcome or we will be right with you ... so disappointed in how this place has downgraded and how we had to leave without even getting a chance to sit down ... never coming back

Brian Armendariz

Our server was the saving grace. Severely under staffed, but she ran around doing her best. As native New Mexicans we used to love coming here. We were SO disappointed. Our margaritas were awful. Watered down and sour. I would have ordered a regular cocktail, but $9 for a vodka drink is ridiculous. Our food took well over an hour and was bland and barely warm. The carne adovada was greasy and chewy. Our 2nd boat of chips were greasy and soggy. They were out of sopapillas, how does that happen? Such a bummer. This is NOT a good representation of Old Town nor mexican food. We definitely will not be back.

Don Hindman

Glad we shared a plate. Dried out Frijoles, tempura relleno!?? Store bought chips...maybe dollar store. You can find better. Minimum service.

Bernadette Maestas

It's Tuesday evening first time eating at hacienda fifteen minute wait to get ice tea and water two waitresses and two tables food had so much chilli that was so hot couldn't even enjoy and a waist of chilli asked for honey and the bottle didn't even have enough for two Sopapillas asked for more and same amount would not recommend to any one or eat there ever again o and i forgot they had no sour cream no coke and no lemonade???

Donna Hoskins

This restaurant leaves a LOT to be desired. We went for drinks and appetizers...happy hour beer was okay. The frozen margaritas were marginal. We asked for some sangria in them and then over charged us. We decided on the nachos....DON'T order! They were made with can cheese and some of the ingredients were missing. The salsa is bland. Old town was disappointing and this restaurant was just terrible...will never be back!!! Wish we had read previous reviews before eating here...our time was wasted.

Jeffrey P

The staff were friendly and the environment was very welcoming, unfortunately for a Mexican restaurant to be out of guacamole and chicken was a bit... odd. Disappointingly, the service was incredibly slow and while the building had the charm, the restaurant did not.

sue Ribeiro

Had a Fiesta Bowl, not that great. No sour cream( they ran out? It was noon!). The lettuce hardly filled the shell, the cucumbers were sliced thick, nothing exciting here.

Renata Smotts

The food was delish and the service great!

Paul Tabet

The one thing you should be able to count on in a New Mexican Restaurant is the ability to enjoy a Mexican Beer. But not here, the new management from Gardunos doesn't seem to understand phasing out. So it means no Mexican beer. Then the waiter didn't understand the menu and what we ordered based on his knowledge wasn't what we expected. All in all the worst experience and the idea of spending money with the hacienda del Rio ever again is a reality.

Justin Lindsey

Horrible service. Took over an hour to receive our food which wasn't made to order and tastes bland. Completely disappointed.

Becky Hunter

DINERS BEWARE ...... If I could give this restaurant zero stars, I would. We have eaten here many times so we decided to go again.....:"OMG" it was so bad!! The salsa was some kind of greasy "olive tasting" black horrible dip .... no one liked their meal .... nothing had any flavor and the chili was nonexistent. We were told the manager was trying new ways to cook New Mexican food. HUGE MISTAKE. When we go to Old Town, we want traditional New Mexican food. The sopapillas were so heavy and greasy .... so unlike anything you would expect from a restaurant in New Mexico! Our bill was $199 and I had such a hard time paying for food we left on the table to be thrown in the trash where it belonged. I know the wait staff was embarrassed to clear our table and they apologized for our horrible experience. No one was happy and we WILL NOT be going to this restaurant again!

Shirley Collier

Literally the worst fake New Mexican food ever. Here tonight and no posole and no fajitas. How is that even possible?! Waited 15 minutes to be seated. They have me 10 chips and watery salsa. There was no hot sauce and the food was bland. Terrible. .DO NOT EAT HERE

Susan Bauer

Post poor management, not bartender and 1 waitress on are visit. Walked out like many others.

Danny Bratcher

This was by far the worst restaurant experience I have ever had. I love Mexican food and was really looking forward to a meal in the south west. I was looking for authentic but got bland and to top it off they had no hot sauce, really! The server told us that they only had Tobasico sauce but they were out and suggested that "we could go buy some down the street if we wanted", I am not making this up. The server had no personality and was absent most of the time and lacked proper server manners serving plates. I am tempted to move for a hostile takeover to buy this place and fire the entire management staff, the entire kitchen most of the servers! This is an easy fix but also explains the lack of local support for Old Town. Establishments like this are an embarrassment to the community! I am 62 years old and this was the first time in my life that I did not leave a tip, sad! Really, NO HOT SAUCE!

Steve Stephenson

Short handed, it happens, but no excuse for poor service even after waiting. Food was poor. Drink order wrong, food order wrong, a Mexican restaurant with no chips and salsa even after asking. I will NEVER go back.

Michiele Stapleton

1st time we went there they were out of salsa! We thought we'd try it again and ordered a margarita (no prices on the menu) with an extra shot knowing how weak restaurant margaritas are. Didnt know I'd have to pay $23 for a 12oz margarita that tasted like juice. I said something to the manager and he said too bad that's what you ordered.

Nick Marquez

I'm in love with the Hacienda Combination Plate its one of my favorite Traditional Plates on the menu.

Carla Garcia

One star only because I had to give it. 4 tables of people and still waited for 45 minutes for our food. Told us there were strawberry and coconut margaritas then came back and said they were out of the mix. House margaritas were horrible. Food was cold and potatoes not fully cooked. SO disappointed. $52 bill TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT!!!!

ashley peterson

2 hr wait, greasy cold food, watered down salsa greasy half cooked chips. Probably my worst dining experience. Seated right away waited 10 minutes for a drinks. Not given any sugar. Given greasy half cooked chips and clear watery flavorless salsa. Was not informed about the kitchen being behind until hearing another table asking and being told they are 45-1hr behind. There were only maybe 6 other tables in the restaurant. Got our food and it was pouring with grease and everything was over cooked and cold! Management was too busy being a server to assist us with our check until finally every other server there went to tell her we were waiting at the front. Asked us to pay the entire 30$ check when all we consumed was the drinks. Server was great but food was disappointing and gross. If we had hungry kids it would not have been a good time. Never coming back and never recommending this place to anyone.

Rachel Reitz

Service wasnt as bad as others have said. Our food came quickly and our server was pleasant. However, the menu was very limited and the food was not very flavorful. The only thing you could taste was the sauce. Pretty setting.

Paige Christensen

Came here because we stayed in old town. They were out of basic food items, from what I was told the recent storm did not allow the food trucks to deliver, I gave that a pass and said to myself they must still have something tastey on the menu without sour cream etc....well we ordered enchiladas and tacos. The food was not authentic and as soon as my hus and bit into his taco, there was a ball (not exaggerating one bit) of hair that went right in my husband's mouth. We got up and left. Unfortunate for such a charming area.

Patricia Lujan

Been eating here for years. Still my favorite place for Chile rellenos. Service is amazing.

Nikita Barnes

I knew this place wasn't going to be good because of the gift shop on the front. The only thing that was good was the service, chips & salsa they give at the beginning and the fried ice cream. Everything else was dry, bland, & the whole restaurant is dark and dingy. There's a difference between vintage and old - and this place is just old. There's no love in that food, and you can taste it.

Matt H

Nice restaurant on the located on Plaza, but slow inattentive service. The restaurant wasn't even busy. Tried asking for seats on the plaza for the Old Town plaza atmosphere/experience, but lack of staff kept my group inside. Even inside, the service was slow and it took 45 minutes for anyone to even take our orders. Our group nearly walked out until a waitress finally arrived. The good food was the saving grace.

Anonymous Customer

I seldom leave a negative review and walk out of a restaurant not leaving a tip, but this unfortunately was one of those times. The service has to be the worst I have ever experienced in my 49 years on this Planet. When asking for our tab to walk out and eat around the corner, the bartender was absolutely rude. Unacceptable and no way to run a business. I recommend going to Church Street Café behind the church. Excellent service, great atmosphere, history and friendly owners with well trained staff.

Jewell Fritz

No. No. No. I know a lot of wonderful people who've worked there and they suddenly stopped receiving paychecks with the promise that it was temporary and that they would be paid soon. Last I heard, a lot of employees have taken legal action and have been pursuing justice for a year or two. The owner is disconnected from this business, there's no passion. I heard it was a great restaurant at one time when it was owned by someone more capable and involved. They've also had many roach and rodent issues I don't think the food is anything special. It's overpriced because it's in Old Town. There are many better restaurants to experience great New Mexico cuisine. There are fantastic restaurant options in Old Town including The Saloon, which is a little pricier but fantastic. The ambiance and the look and feel of the restaurant are unique. I'm in love with her upside down Christmas trees hanging from the ceiling during the holidays. The Margaritas are phenomenal. The staff is wonderful as well.

Geraldine Ann Alyssa Martinez

Gross food. Taquitos heated from a frozen bag. The clue was when waitress said they only have chicken....

Angela Hummingbird

Oh my. Where should I begin? It was nice looking, but that's all I have to say. The waitresses were somewhat rude and didn't listen to what we said. Our table, all the silverware, and all the plates we got were dirty. The food was extremely mediocre for the exorbitant prices we paid, and they got our order wrong in more ways imaginable. Black beans and pinto are not the same! Definitely a waste of our money and we hope to see this establishment close its doors soon.

Lindsay Marlowe

Absolutely the worst service I have ever had. It took 30 minutes to get our margaritas. Once we got them, they had coconut in them. We complained to the bartender because I am allergic and she said there isn’t any. Every person tried it at our table and what do you know, I broke out in hives. There was only 2 other tables in the place and 1 person at the bar. The server blamed one of his mistakes on the fact that he forgot something because he was thrown off because he was “supposed” to be a bartender that day. We had to leave because I was so upset about the fact that I knew I ate coconut that we had to leave before our food canes. $100 during happy hour for bad food and terrible margaritas. We were only there for 35 minutes. Awful experience and no one apologized.

Darren Guido

Tried to go on a busy night. Hostess was giving different times to everyone walking up. 25 min to one group 2 hours to another 1 hour to a different party. They didn’t have any formal list to write our names down. Everything seemed completely unorganized. The hostess rolled her eyes when we told her we decided to go to another restaurant. We asked to talk to a manager and the hostess said she wouldn’t get them for us.

Heather Carmignani

Beautiful location....awful gross food..... especially the booth they had at the NM State Fair.......what a rip gross food!!!!!

Wendy Martin

This was the worst experience that we had the food was gross and the staff weren't friendly at all don't know if we will ever be back

Edward Ayoub

Could not use gift cards they are suppose to accept. Steak fajitas made with processed meats that have wheat in them. Will have to return gift cards for refund. Found hair in my appetizer and one of our guests got food poisoning. May have to try another restaurant next time we are in Old Town.

Rob Gosnell

Good food, service a little on the slow side

Cassandra Falardeau

One of the worst Mexican restaurants I’ve ever had. Normally don’t do reviews, but this place needs help. A lot of help. My chicken tacos were just boiled down chicken between a cheap shell and lettuce. Green salsa was watered down and unflavorful. Beans and rice were terrible and lacked flavor. Service was good, but unfortunately couldn’t make up for the food. Will not return and do not recommend unless you want terrible food.

Marzanne DeLapp de Anaya

My family and I stopped in here on a Friday evening around 5pm, as we were exploring Old Town. We spent almost two hours enjoying happy hour drinks and the live Mariachi band that apparently plays every Friday night. We can't speak to much more than the margaritas, the chips & salsa, and the company, but based on those three things, we highly recommend it!

Nikole Feliciano

Cannot rate them on food as I didn’t eat here, but they kindly let My pregnant self use the restroom with no questions asked. In terms of hospitality, this place gets 5 stars in my eyes. Thnak you!

Alfonso Salazar

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER.. food sent back twice and still was wrong. Waited over an hour . STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE....

Una Campbell

Sorry but this place has the best location and could be stellar. However, this is the forgotten restaurant. Terrible food, 7-11 is much better and the servers are terribly dumb. The bartender was the only outstanding person here. Unfortunately on a Friday night he was working solo. They haven’t cleaned since 1984, back when this restaurant was actually cool. If I was in this area I would choose Gardunos at Hotel Albuquerque before this place any day. Revive this place and it could be super cool.

Tracy Specht

I have never walked out of a bar for being to incompetent to make a margarita..... Untill today. We had to have three different discussions on type of tequila, salt and it being a jalepeno margarita. After 15 minutes in this sleepy dead place she managed to rim one glass and needed to know where to put the pineapple juice. She had a recipe.... We saw the recipe to pick a drink. No where was pineapple mentioned. I was to frustrated and we told her we would get a drink else where. What a relief to her. We were polite and patient the entire time. She's way under qualified for her job.

Bev McAfee Sprecher

We had a great time! Salsa had a kick. Margaritas were great! Pablo made us one that was beyond great!! Yum! Yum! We went back later that evening!

Kekoa Bullough

Sadly this place has really gone down. The food was absolutely horrible. The combo plate is not what is on the menu. They give you whatever items they feel like. The refried beans were dry and hard. Food is tasteless and greasy. The WORST part was the fajitas. They used processed beef and chicken! (Similar to meat in frozen meals/sponge like). The only thing good was the salsa, but then the chips tasted like they were made in old grease. Very sad that this restaurant may be the only experience of NM food that some visitors may have. Management, please do better. You have a prime opportunity to make a great impression.

Marisol Sosa-Vigil

#DISGUSTING What happened to the food that i used to love like 5 years ago. Went in to eat with my sister and dear god! NEVER AGAIN! The food was HORRIBLE. I ordered the taco salad and sister ordered nachos. Our waiter and bartender Robert were AWESOME but some heavy set caucasian woman that works there in a white shirt was yelling at the employees (assuming she was a manager) VERY unprofessional made the environment even more uncomfortable. We walked out and will NEVER go back. Food sucked and don't know how this place is in service. Pretty sad to see this restaurant that once used to be my favorite go down in such a lovely tourist area I grew up at. Perhaps they need to bring the old management back.

John Nail

Nice cafe in Oldtown ABQ! Chips & Salsa & Margs sublime!

Kaye Anderson

Worst taco salad bland and no guacamole. Incredible wait for all this.

kevin disick

I love this place. The taco salad was amazing just as the margaritas. I will for sure come back here again.

Sheila Randall

The food was delicious and attentive service.

Jessica Wilkey

Waitress was good. Cheese enchiladas were bad. Fajita salad was not that great.

Ty Wil

Absolutely disgusting, burnt rice was scraped the burnt pan. They were out of everything (they didn't even have salsa). The chicken in the burrito was 100 percent re-refrigerated. This is hands down the most nasty food I have ever eaten... I would strongly advise against trying this place.

Martin Maestas

Second time to this restaurant. First time was mediocre at best, figured was an off night and gave it a second chance. The atmosphere is clean and promising, but the food is less than ok. It’s a shame this quaint historic home has the potential to set the bar for New Mexican quisine. Instead they have taken the same approach to food quality for this prime location and used the same standards they employ for the drive up burrito joints they have across town. Tortilla chips were made fresh but undercooked and soggy, salsa was bland and lacked flavor. Chicken fajitas were made from what appeared and tasted to be from frozen premade patties. Same for the beans and rice bland no flavor. What a shame for such a historic and iconic opportunity for delicious New Mexican food in the heart of old town.

Eduardo Calderon

What, no rolled tacos? Beans and arroz saltless, tasteless. Chicken dry and chewy. Enchiladas questionable. Salsa and tostadas good.

kyle aragon

FPlace was open??? But closed....there were ppl in there but door was closed and tried to call to check....with two hangups and then just rang the rest

Audrey Padilla

I expected better service being that they represent Albuquerque's Old Town. Instead we got treated poorly. First we asked to sit outside and they said the outside patio was closed. We placed our order and told they had no chicken. The next party came in and asked for chicken and to sit out on the patio. They got both right after we were told no patio no chicken. I felt discriminated by my own jente in my own city. Never again will we go there.

Kourtney Lopez

Hacienda Del Rio is one my favorite places to come and get a drink and eat some chips and salsa. I've been coming here for the past 2 years, every Friday for a Coconut Margarita. BEST PLACE TO COME AND GET A GOOD MARGARITA. I truly recommend this place to everyone!!!

Sarah DiPaola

By far, the worst NM food I have ever had. We did not eat the food. The salsa was brown, had no flavor. The tamales were cold, and the sauce on top had no flavor. Located in the heart of Hatch chili, surely you can at least try!!! Upon expressing our dissatisfaction, we received 10% off the meal we did not eat. The only bright spot , our waitress was very nice and the frozen mango margarita was very good. Terrible this place in in the heart of Old Town, giving tourists a terrible example of our (usually wonderful) NM food.

Dora Gomez

I've been here before and was pleased but my experience yesterday was a disappointment. The waiter was excellent but the food was bland. The fajitas were more onion and peppers with very little meat or chicken. I recommended the restaurant to my friends and there were 6 of us total. It was very disappointing.

Etienne Santini

Slow service, and all of the food we order was just bland. You can get better food at Taco Bell

Mary Hammonds

Good food but service was slow

Sherylyn Bernardi

Was looking for the original La Hacienda it was not even close. So disappointed but I'm sure the out of town people don't know the difference. Will never go back.

coby prins

Sorry we’re out of taco chips, sorry, no more beans! What kind of Mexican hospitality is that?

Kristi Dangelmayr

Food seemed to set a while, long wait but tables were not full, slow service, refills on chips and salsa and drinks extremely slow, out of certain beers and drink mixes, margaritas very expensive, total time 2 hours at this restaurant, man was painting the wood rafters as everyone was eating. By the time your food arrived you were frustrated and ready to go.


The food is tasteless, aside from the pepper they put in their beans. I'm guessing the cook meant to grab the salt instead, because who adds pepper in their refried beans for flavor? The food was lukewarm, even though the waitress cautioned that my plate was hot-it wasn't. Even the sopaipillas were tasteless. Guess they don't care about the quality of the food because they figure the tourists are just visiting and won't be back anyway. Super disappointed!

Sierra Lee

Traveling through for the fiestas decided to come here and had the BEST salsa I’ve ever tasted. Staff was very kind and attentive. Still decided to come here after reading all the reviews and it was a good decision on my part. Ordered the red chile chicken enchiladas and they were AMAZING. margaritas were highly recommended on here and so I decided to order one and it was amazing.

D Bailey

Worst red and green chile I've ever had. Food was bland. Overpriced. Lousy Margarita. Will not be returning.

Karl Mitchell

Terrible service, disgusting food. Don't go.

John Marrs

I dont know if the problem here is that they were short staffed or what. There didn't seem to be enough support to provide good service. The food was edible but bland. I used a groupon so it was very affordable but it would not have been worth it at full price. Also, the menu is very dull and uninspired. Its such a great locale that it's a shame not to have a better restaurant there.

Lucio Abeel

I just left this place and i'll for sure come back. The food was amazing, i came during happy hour and our bartender was wonderful with her service.

Guillermo Ulloa

No greetings were given at arrival. Exquisite food. Very reasonable prices.

Lori Hawhee

This place is probably the worst Mexican Restaurant we’ve ever been to. The service, food and margaritas were terrible. We asked to sit on the patio which was large and looked inviting but was told they can only sit 6 tables at a time. So we were seated in the empty dining room and were served overpriced, disappointing food and drinks. We were not given utensils and the waitress spilled my margarita on my phone and didn’t offer an apology or napkins which we had to request.

Arlene Chavez

it was horrible we were waiting 30 minutes and they didn't Evan get us our drinks, the waiters are so rude. its an horrible place.

Jesse Robinson

Went for lunch here today and it was amazing!!! I will for sure come back here with my family again.

Monique Rodriguez

If you know true Mexican food do not waste your time and money at this restaurant

Mallory Wolff

Astounded that this place is still open. Boyfriend and I decided to give it a try despite the horrendous reviews. Easily the worst Mexican restaurant I've ever been to, and I've been to a LOT. Also didn't take our gift card that we got at Costco despite being advertised as a participating merchant. Please save your money and go literally anywhere else. Seriously. Try the Burger King a few blocks away. At least the wait staff was nice.

Bruce Darr

An employee at the hurricane w i m a prep cook in a line cook so it's a great restaurant and great people that work there and the customers are good people too mr. To please the public to go to the restaurant back up to the first star standards I'm very very hard the employees that work with good people and we put our love into our work I hope I get good standings for our group we work very hard and and we will all work together thanks very much

Laura Gomez

God awful. My partner and I walked in and were seated, and then never served. The indoor seating area was empty, and the outdoor seating area had only 12 people, in four or five groups. They kept asking us "has anyone gotten you drinks" and then never followed up on it. One of the servers, if not the manager, didn't bother to take our drink orders as she chatted with a nearby table, evidently not rushed at all. We walked out. Also, the table they sat us at sucked - I'm 5'4 and it came up to around three inches below my collarbone, and was very uncomfortable to sit in.

E Baum

My family and I went to dine here on 6/9/19. We were a party of 5, the hostess told us "I only have tables for 4, you can add a chair to it." The restaurant was not full, she could have easily pulled two tables together. The restaurant was HOT inside, it was cooler outside (90 degree+ day). We sat at the table and waited 15 min before a server took our drink order. Drinks came as quick as the waitress could get them (bar drinks). We then ordered. Our food took over 45min to arrive. When we got it it was wrong. The waitress sent it back and had new plates within 5 min, but it took over 45 min to make it the first time? While eating another party came in, the manager approached them and introduced their waitress by saying "this is one of our new servers, but I assure you one of my BETTER servers" umm....very professional. Way to throw your other servers under the bus. Whom Im sure YOU hired. Lastly I asked for our bill, over $100 for trash. Our waitress then expressed her apologies and said it was her SECOND day on the job. Second day, shouldn't she still be following someone? I read our receipt, sure enough she put the order in exactly as we asked. So the cooks (who took 45 min) made our meals wrong. We left the waitress a good tip, it wasn't her fault for the poor management/cook staff. This place could be a great restaurant, its in a great location. Unfortunately it seems like it has very poor management.

David Gallegos

Here July 4th. We ordered margaritas. They are decent. Friendly waitress. We proceeded to order. I ordered double beans no rice. She said they ran out of beans. I told her I can’t eat rice. I asked her why she didn’t tell us before. She just found out. The cook should have said something. Too bad.

Jeff Newell

Typical Mexican limited menu. Food is ok, good service. You walk thru a gift shop entering and exit. Limit on street free parking.

Rebecca Acquistapace

The food was awful. Not good service either.

Kenny Dillingham

Expensive and doesn't taste good at all. I had a BOGO coupon and still feel ripped off. Most plates are 15+ and taste like they came out of a can. The server was nice. I'm embarrassed that for many tourists visiting Albuquerque, this will be there first meal and they'll think this is normal Mexican fare.

Karla Lopez

Craving Mexican food, just go to Taco bell. The place is nicely decorated and our waiters was cordial with us. Menus where very dirty. Sadly food was bad, I ordered beef fajitas and the meet was salty and they used frozen veggies, my husband ordered some tacos and the meet was salty but the rice blend and less desirable.

Manuel Pérez Leindekar

The food was not the worst but not the best either. That being said, the young man that seats you at a table barely greeted us, he got us a table on a corner and when we asked him if we could change it he told us that it was not possible and gave us a lame excuse (the restaurant was almost empty so table availability was not a problem). The icing to the cake was the order, my wife ordered one of the custom made enchiladas and asked only for cheese as she's a vegetarian, when the dish came it was a chicken enchilada. Great first dinner at Albuquerque.

Bill Hodgson

Used to be a 5-star destination. New generation/management is letting it go downhill. They opened late, while people gathered outside. Toilet paper in only one stall, etc. Food used to be both excellent and pretty. Now it's more like a cheap Mexican chain. Even the sopapillas were awful. Only cheap booze. Still some good staff, who try not to admit their frustration. Still a comfortable place, and outdoor seating offers a nice (and dog friendly) view of the square, but if the food is not good, there are better choices within a block or two.

Maria Quezada

The food was absolutely horrible Taco Bell would have been better ! You could tell the enchiladas had been made who knows when and Frozen you could tell they were taken out of the freezer put in the microwave and they just threw flavorless sauce on top of them the rice was not homemade had no flavor and was mushy and the beans were canned beans plus the food wasn't even hot they were barely warm in the enchiladas were still cold on the bottom . I can't believe a restaurant like that would serve food that was worse than a TV dinner. I'm so disappointed I came all the way from California Desiring to have a wonderful New Mexican enchilada plate like I had many years ago with the blue corn tortillas and everything freshly made. this was a horribly terrible disappointment ! I highly did not recommend it !

Ernest Montoya

Waited ten minutes to get water . Waited five more minutes to have a nasty native waitress to come to our table and her first words were: "What do you want." I ordered a Corona, but they were out. I saw a Modelo sign so I ordered a Modelo but they out. We then ordered our appetizer and were told we had to order our meal at the same time. We hastily chose from the limited amount of food offering. The waitress abruptly left the table and we left the restaurant. Poor service, poor employees and terrible overall experience.

Ghvvn Hvcbnhvb

I remember when this place was delicious, now a fast food Mexican place would be ten times better. First off I order Chile relleno, which they were out of. Right before I'm about to leave they say Chile relleno are back in stock, I wait for my food all of the cheese isnt even melted enchilada at the bottom with no chile at all. What a joke ruined place

Jane Fiedler

Great waiter last night and the food was good. Drinks not too strong which helps with driving.

Amy Schroll

We didn't have any food on this visit so this review is purely for drinks and service in the bar area. We were greeted when we first walked in by the host (I think his name was Ivangato? Or something similiar.) He told us a little about the restaurant and nearby activities when he saw us browsing the cart with all the "to-do" brochures. Obviously realizing we were from out of town, he even picked up one that had a large map on it and pointed us to the Rio Grande (where we said we wanted to visit next). Totally great customer service and some really cool tattoos. We then walked past him through the restaurant to the bar in the back, which sits under a wonderful sunroof, so lots of natural light spills in. Another table of people had food nearby and the couple next to us had chips and salsa that looked delicious, but we were only in there for a beverage or two or six. Hey, we were on vacation. ;) Elecia was the awesome bartender who gave us great service and poured some nice loaded Milagro shots ($9.95 each; and Bud Light is $4.50 ea). She was really friendly and even hooked me up with a safe place to plug my phone in. The other locals sitting at the bar told us the margaritas here are the best around - they looked great! We stayed for about an hour before making our way to dip our feet in the river. Great experience.

Marcus castillo

WOW this restaurant is amazing from outside and inside. The service was amazing and the host is very welcoming and truly amazing.

Richie Sambora

Very good. Great servicio!

Simone Rodriguez

Despite what all of the reviews said, I decided to take my family here for a dinner. Didn't know what to expect, but I do have to say this is one of the BEST places I've dined at. Our server was very kind and although it was busy, she made sure to check on us every chance she got. The margaritas were AMAZING!!! We sat on the patio and it was an amazing view. Very family friendly as well. Definitely coming back!

Alex Ladysh

Hostess couldn't seat us because the manager wasn't around, food is way overpriced, margaritas are small and watered down, chips are soft and cold, and the queso is the best melted Kraft cheese that money can buy at Walmart. And watch out for the suggested tipping on the check... it includes tax. Don't visit this tourist trap.

Carolyn Ramirez

Manager cert cordial.BUT the food was horribke. just finished a $18.80 lunch plate of Raw dough for a Rellenos plate. Center was doughy Mgr said she would bring it to the attention of the cook. I received a 1.91 dollar discount. The rice was cold and reheated with gummy sticky consistency. Does not know how to make spanish rice. The Chile's were still raw and when you tried to cut them they slid on the plate. 1 they need a brand new batter of egg not flour. Beans should be fresh and rice should be fresh. Sopapilla offered with the dish but never. Came. Fire the cook or close it down. tabke next to me complained about the rice and she told them he will turn yp the flame

Brandon Trujillo

SHAME THE OWNER AND ALBUQUERQUE!!! This place is nasty and is a blemish on Albuquerque the food is bad and the last time I was there the staff was telling me they were not being paid it’s sad the city has not stepped!

Estrella Juana Dimas

Great atmosphere, right in old town. Love it

Eric Santiago

Waitress only checked on us twice. My father ordered the senior taco plate that is supposed to come with 2 tacos. He got 4. Argued with the waitress to charge the correct price. Ordered my 2 year old daughter the "children's burrito plate" When it arrived,it was a ful"l size burrito that even I could not have eaten. Asked the waitress why it was so big. Was told "that's the size the manager says it is" I myself ordered the Old Town Burger which was more of a children's size. This place has their portion sizes backwards. The hostess informed us it was all new staff and management. I would like the old staff back. They know what they are doing. These new people have no clue what they are doing. Fiid is way too expensive even for Old Town. Horrible staff and an bad experience. Would not go back and will absolutely not recommend.

Evan Drumwright

It ‘s almost funny how bad this food was. They screwed up chips with queso even! Store bought sauce would have been an improvement over the sauce in the enchiladas. There were three tables and service was glacial. TLDR: awful food, awful service, awful prices


This place was ok. I ordered the cheese enchiladas. The cheese wasn't melted at all. The waitress was a bit spacey, but she was nice.

Jane Ann Carr

Young man that was host was excellent! Food good too!

marie muniz

***Please don’t eat here with the expectation of *Authentic NM food**** We asked for soft drinks and water and were told they had a cup shortage so we could have two drinks... Then received chips that were greasy and chewy. Food was grainy with very flavor and little chile. Beans were gray and pasty. We asked for sopaipilla that we’re supposed to be included in our meal, we’re told they didn’t have any because someone didn’t make them right.

candis chavez

There was only two tables with people. We ordered and the server forgot to bring our drinks. The food was gross. They didn’t carry any of the happy hour drinks advertised. Waste of time and money! Do not go here!

Stan Alexander

While the restaurant is nicely decorated, and conveniently located in Old Town, we were unable to experience their cuisine. The reason that we were unable to experience the food is that, while the restaurant was basically empty, we were never approached by a server to even offer us drinks. Given that the restaurant had at the most 12 patrons, such poor service is simply not acceptable. I highly recommend against visiting this restaurant.

Ashly Hernandez

Came here for lunch after church and i'm in loved. My server was amazing and fast and very kind. The food was amazing, as i was eating my food the flavoring was melting inside my mouth of how good it was. All the staff here are very amazing. I will for sure come back here again and will recommend people coming to this amazing restaurant.

John Hardy

The bean burrito place was good.

Sandy Teall

Decent margaritas but the service was terrible. Nachos were a plate of chips with cheese sauce all over them, I expect better from any restaurant in NM, much less the heart of old town. I wont be back.

Santos Fuentes

Food not bad! Server not friendly and not attentive!

Tim Hatch

Average food, above average prices. Very nice dinning rooms

Kenneth Fry

The quality of food has gone down in the past 2 years....cannot recommend

Gary David Jordan

Manny our Waiter was the only positive experience eating here. I’m a native of New Mexico, and what we were served was anything but authentic. The place was dirty, no Hostess to greet us and I had to go fine someone to seat us. Someone please train the cook to make Chile! Why is Management or the Owners not paying attention?! Such potential in a great location and it’s going to waste. Management PAY ATTENTION!!!


This place is understaffed and the customer service is horrible. The hostess said there was only one server for the entire restaurant. We decided to sit at the bar since we were here for the happy hour and we were told by the manager there would be an additional 20 minute wait because she didn’t have the staff at the bar and the manager was the only one there to serve. This place looks nice from the outside since it’s located right across the plaza but once you get inside it’s nothing but complete foul treatment towards its guests.

Jon Gokey

Expect slow service and cold food. Flavor was just okay. Appears to have a full bar but all the signs are things they dont carry. Looks like a bar in a college kids basement.

Christopher Monague

Awesome Mexican food, top notch.

Bruce Morin

Sad. We went in for lunch on Tuesday. And was told they were our of sour cream and guacamole. Go in on Wednesday for drinks. No orange juice. With this is a Mexican restaurant.

Nick Marlo

We sat on the patio and it was an amazing view. Very family friendly as well. Definitely coming back!

Tex-Mex Gal

We ordered a dos xx's and amber on draft, they didn't have either. I ordered green chicken enchiladas the waitress told me they were out of chicken when she delivered my husband's food and asked if I wanted something else, chicken knocks out half their menu so I asked for posole. They were out. I ended up getting the tamale plate. Beans tasted like they came out of a can, the rice was gummy, and the tamales were small, the plate was $14.50. I definitely would NOT recommend this place, plus it's WAY overpriced for what you get!!!!

Ashley Martinez

Terrible. Waters came with limes floating in them. Who knows if they were washed. Sopapillas were cold and chewy. When I asked if we could get some fresh ones, our server said, "nope, those are it". The manager had fresh ones sent after I spoke to her, but the rest of the food was just as bad. I had the worst green chile stew that I have ever tasted. An old, tough hamburger patty dropped into a bowl of canned green chile and it's liquid does not equal green chile stew. My kids said the beans tasted funny and wouldn't eat them. We definitely won't eat here again.

Elizabeth SMITH

We were here today, a saturday for lunch at 1:30 pm. We had super slow service, we were on patio and there was only 4 tables out there with us. Inside was the same, there was a hostess, who knew very little, 2 waitresses and no bartender, and obviously absolutely no cooks in the kitchen because after waiting an hour plus, 4 tables walked out, unfed, including our table... oh, our waitress was on her phone after we asked her how much longer our food would be and she told us she would check on it. Old town is supposed to be a place to visit and enjoy, we won't go back...

David Millien

Good food, nice waitress and better sevice.

Chris Rios

WOW ! I just left this restaurant and its now my favorite place ever. The host was very friendly and nice. The drinks and food were amazing. LOVED IT!!!

RJ DigitalX

Quaint little spot in a historical part of old town, however. Service was absolutely terrible. Some of our food was not cooked completely. Can you say raw tortilla. Smallest half pound burger I've ever seen with minimal toppings. Soda cost as much a mixed drink in other places.

Lilly Diamond

The Hacienda has great food and is in a historic building. The tree is worth seeing. (No spoilers) I cannot give it five stars because there are better places to get local NM food. But if you’re in Old Town and want quality food, a decent margarita and like history- this is a great stop!

Jay Thompon

Favorite restaurant in Albuquerque ! Staff is amazing as well as the food. I will for sure come back here with even more guest!!!!!!

Derek J

Lived in NM my whole life. This was easily the worst meal/service I’ve ever had. Even the margaritas were awful. Great location though... We saw one gentleman that was nice and smiling but unfortunately he wasn’t our server. new management is badly needed. Save your money and go elsewhere.

Alec Mullet

Ordered the fajita nachos, and they tasted fine until I got to the fajitas. The chicken was bland and flavorless, and I could barely finish the one piece I had. Nothing was really good, it was all just mostly unoffensive, bland food. Try to find a better place, but if this is the only place you can go then it's fine.

Victoria Archuleta

The Coconut Margarita is to DIE for!!! Elicia not only knew exactly how to make it she went over and beyond to make us happy! Our server was attentive and so kind to us and our dog, Natasha and Elicia are the reason I will be coming back in the future! I recommend this restaurant as a born and raised New Mexican to both tourists and home town New Mexicans!

Dawna Hill

How does a Mexican restaurant not carry Mexican beer? That should have given us a clue about the place. Food was tasteless and they brought the check 2 minutes after they served the food. Worst food ever. Taco Bell puts this place to shame.

Laura Doll

Not my best stop in Old Town.

Bee Redfild

Nasty!! Shame on the city for allowing this place to be in business in the location it's in the owner should be ashamed

Ted A

Restaurant was very disappointing. Corona no lime $6. No quacamule. No shredded chicken. No flour tortillas. Service was fine. Prices too high for food. 65.00 for two and in correct order.

Corey Decardenas

Such a charming restaurant in an amazing location. That's about the only nice thing about Hacienda del Rio. I had the combination plate. For almost $17 I thought it was going to be great! The rice was terrible. The relleno was not edible. The tamale tasted worse than a gas station tamale. The enchilada was a joke (it was a corn tortilla with some cheese.) The taco was bland. The beans were downright terrible. My husband got the burger and fries. The burger tasted like it was a dollar tree frozen party with salt (maybe even worse actually) The fries were also dollar tree quality. I don't understand how this place is still in business. Do yourself a favor and eat somewhere else. Not worth the money they charge for extremely low quality food. Thankfully I was given a Groupon to eat here so I didn't pay for it, but if I had I would've asked for a refund. Bad bad bad!!!!!!!!! Service was decent. We didn't go thirsty and had plenty of chips and salsa.

Josphe Baca

Our sweet bartender was truly amazing. I will for come back here for some more drinks.

Xoci Morgan

Had our daughters Med School Graduation gathering there. What a great time! Food was top notch and our server, he was attentive and spot on making sure we were well taken care of. I will for sure come back here again !!!!

Brendan Spahr

Amazing patio and amazing drinks!!! Me and my girlfriend were treated so well by both the server Natasha and the bartender Elicia. 10/10 would highly recommend the coconut margarita!! Salsa is amazing too. THANK YOU!!!

Jarvis Barnes

Probably the worst place to go to for New Mexican food here honestly.

Gabby Mendez

Beautiful restaurant, but looks can be deceiving. Horrible customer service. We sat at the bar and it took at least 6 minutes to some one to even acknowledge us. The restaurant wasn't even that busy. Finally we ordered our drinks and while we were waiting on our drinks another couple comes in and they sat there waiting to be served for more then 10 minutes. They got tired of waiting and just got up and left. We complained to management and her answer was the same as the bar tender. ( we are in the middle of a shift change) and we said (when should that ever affect the customer). Wouldn't recommend this place they obviously don't care about the customers.

Lindsey Harrah

Such a great location for such a bad experience. There are much better choices in the area for great food drinks and service.


Horrible management. This place does not treat their employees with respect. Not only are they berated but the owner feels that he doesn't need to pay his employees for their work since "he has his own bills to pay". Customer service isn't great if the employees are unhappy.

Joshua Barker

We stopped here as we were passing through Albuquerque. It was withing walking distance from the hotel and right in the middle of the extremely charming old city. We were not impressed with this place however. Our food was not very warm, and while the interior seemed cleaned enough and appropriately decorated, we were the only two in the restaurant around dinner time. Our food was average, which was disappointing since we were expecting some good local cuisine, especially being in the Old City. But it was just your run of the mill Mexican cuisine that you can find anywhere in the county. The surrounding area is very charming and great to walk around at though.

Alex cortez

This is the best restaurant in Albuquerque to come and get your good margaritas during happy hour. The staff here are very sweet and helpful. My wife and I got this amazing appetizer but we couldn't finish it but it was worth the $17.00 dollars.

Heather Yates

Terrible margarita, no offers for refills on soft drinks, food was flavorless, and husband was sick for two days-he lost almost 10 pounds-taco salad with black, soggy lettuce and shredded chicken since there was no fajita meat. There was also no hamburger meat for our little one. No offer for sopapillas and when she brought them after I asked, she tossed the basket on the table and left. No plates. Not sure how they claim a 5star rating and the number 1 restaurant in Old Town. If they were busy, it might be a different story but 5 tables is not busy at 6pm. So much for showing our kids authentic New Mexican food in Old Town. Run away as fast as you can unless you’re looking to lose some money (Totally overpriced) and looking for a quick weight-loss plan. If I could give negative stars, I would.

Lilly Sanchez

Excellent food and friendly staff. They were very patient with ordering and we're happy to explain everything about all the dishes. Good atmosphere and great place for large parties of people. THE PATIO IS AMAZING TO WATCH THE SHOWS DURING THE WEEKENDS, I REALLY RECOMMEND GOING OUT THERE. .

Bee De vill

Food is bad and employees told me they were not being paid. City needs to step In is a mess!!! If from out of state please excuse this place and go Garcia's lol there at least 1,000× better because my experience was a joke at hacienda

Pamela Bayer

The staff was friendly but the food was terrible. Who makes a fajita salad with spring mix?? They were out of beef for fajitas, the chips were very thick and didn't seem fresh. We were very disappointed.

Solution Focused

A total embarrassment to Old Town and to the city of Albuquerque. Food was unedible. These people are obviously hanging by a thread and have no sense of quality or standards. We all had the Taco salad and when it came it had these 2" thick sliced cucumbers with industrial tomatoe wedges and taco meat that looked and tasted like dog food. We sent it all back, paid for our drinks and left. DISGUSTING!

Trina Trujillo

Chicken Fajitas are gross! Not chicken at's some wierd soggy mushy meat!! Eeeeww! Not sure about anything else...had my kids and they had decent burgers. For being so expensive and in "Old Town" and I'm from here....not your "GO-TO" Mexican restaurant!! Terrible. Better off Little Anita's a little ways up.... seriously!

Mandi Rose

WOW i'm truly in loved with this amazing restaurant here at old town located in Albuquerque, NM. The staff here are truly amazing and very welcoming i got a Santa Fe combination plate and it was the best thing i had ever tried in my life. I will for come back next year when i'm in town.

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