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1418 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106, United States

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REVIEWS OF DG's Deli IN New Mexico

Michael Marcotte

Classic sandwich shop. Fun retro hip decor. Wide menu but mainly sandwiches... really nice sandwiches!

Christian Denny

Really good deli. Their sandwich are really good. My go to is the green chili philly. Today they had a red chili philly if you are into that kinda stuff. The staff are super nice and the owner is quirky. They also have Cherry Coke which is great! The place has a fun atmosphere. Old movie posters, record albums and other entertainment things posted all over the wall. There is a counter too to sit on. Check the times the place closes in the afternoon.

Ken Bond

Great deli sandwiches!

Dougie Passa

I am a regular at DG's Deli and must say that they have the best sandwiches in town. The atmosphere and the service just add to this wonderful deli. I would highly recommend the green chile philly if you are looking for a hefty meal, but you really can't go wrong with anything on the menu there. Best deli in town!

Will Wright

Great sandwhiches in comfortable atmosphere. Some of the bad reviews are older.

John Paiz

Tasty and fast.

Kern Borlin

Authentic "back east " Philly Cheese steak sandwiches and really Italian hoggies.

Michelle G

Huge menu that never disappoints

Eric Bruno

Never fails! I try something new every time I go

Brad Jacobsen

Good selection of fresh sandwiches both hot and cold.

selene ortiz

It was ok, they forgot the bacon on my to go order, when I read hot sandwiches I assumed they would melt the cheese and grill the meat as well but it wasnt, the bread was toasted. I should have clarified that, might go to try something else but not anytime soon.

Paul Dee

Best sandwich

Guillermo Ruiz

Price is okay for the great taste of the sandwiches!

Sherri R.

Wonderful locally owned shop! My co-workers and I go often and they never disappoint!

Michael Adams

Best philly in town! The staff is awesome!


I don't know their secret to such great bread, and wow do they make great hot turkey breast and green chili sandwiches! Great bread, great turkey, excellent green chili!

Raul Munoz

Good food, yet kind of pricey........

Niki Cardenas

Always get fantastic food!!

Alex S

Jose Rodriguez

My boss introduced me to this awesome deli one afternoon we got out of the office for lunch and I must admit, I was thoroughly impressed! I believe I got the chicken and Turkey sandwich and it was delicious! I definitely recommend this to anybody who's looking for a quality meal for a great price!

Sylvia Rude

Awesome sandwiches. The Italian grinder is ssssoooo good. Then of course the carrot cake Yumm!!


Good food

Jill Johnson

I can't decide on a favorite sandwich because I love them all, especially with green chili!! DG's is a very clean establishment and has a great friendly staff. I would recommend this restaurant to everyone!!!!

Daniel Unzicker

NY style deli with a retro flare close to UNM. Extensive menu with dozens of choices. My favorite is Build Your Own Chef Salad.

Ron Richey

Best sandwiches in Albuquerque...

Ryan Matthew

Frank Cavalier


Kevin Klein

Tasty sandwiches!

Amy M.

Was my first time here! I got the Rueben, corned beef and 1000 island. it was AWESOME! and the pickle was good too! Its pretty quick too, but we were there after the lunch rush at 1pm. Ill definitely go back! Love a good NYC deli!

Alese Barkas

Delicious sandwiches but no ambiance.

Jackie Fenolio

This is a great place the food is outstanding the bread for the sandwiches are amazing. Service is also great.

charles coker

I had the Cajun chicken and it was great

Robert Lidyard

Nick Bachicha

Great Sandwiches! Order online and it makes things a lot quicker if you're in a hurry!

Aaron Carrillo

ABQs Treasure. Try the Cajun pasta salad

Jeffrey Lusk

If you LOVE deli food this is the place!!! In my opinion best deli in Albuquerque!! Amazing food. Needs more parking but there is really no place to expand lot.

Marcos Gallegos

Locally owned and great food


I really like this deli. It is close to my work, and the food is fast and delicious. There are so many options for customizing sandwiches, I can eat there often without getting "burnt out". The macaroni salad is really tasty, the chicken salad is full of dill and grapes which is really refreshing, and the cookies are really yummy too. I highly recommend eating here.

Carey Mann

Christine Kamoss

Quality food at an affordable price. DG's has been a local staple for longer than I can remember.

Me You

Not clean bought a lemon cake from display it was old and hard.

Hamilton Noel

Great little sandwich shop. They have a good selection of sandwiches that are made fresh.

Keith Watson

Best deli in NM

John Litherland

Carla Ortiz

Nick Ethier

Get the Green Chile Philly, you wont be disappointed. Wish the cups were available in larger sizes.

Mercy Quinones

Loooooveeee there Philly cheese steak sandwiches. I'm from back East and Is the closest thing to a real Philly out here. Very tasty

M .

Oh, The Philly!

Chris Tornillo

Kirk Swinney

Quaint store with good food

Geoffrey Johnson

I had a build your own sub they use Boars head meats it was tasty but the bread was kinda hard

Nick C. Silvas Sr.

Sandwich was delish, had the cheese steak with green chile, had to bring half home, couldn't rate it all. Large sandwich

Bridget Rogers

These guys are phenomenal. I tried their food once at a party in Albuquerque. Loved their food so much I had to have them cater my birthday party in West NM .

Gary Lucero


Daniel Sullivan

Great sandwiches. Always quality and quick. Been around forever.

Zeb Westrom

Don't expect a quick lunch, but do expect a delicious lunch. This place is almost always packed and busy, with good reason. The sandwiches are made from fresh, quality ingredients. The menu is extensive - there is something here for everyone. Don't forget to try the macaroni salad.

Ryan Matthew Lutheran

One Of my Favorite Places for Lunch, Breakfast and Dinner!!

Kim Pound

DG's is so good! I wish I lived closer or there were more locations!!! Best sandwiches in town!

David Nelson

Good but less than sum of parts. DGs has good ingredients and fairly good bread. Sometimes the sandwich doesn't taste as good as it sounds. Avoid cajun spice which drowns out other flavors.

Samantha Brawley

Love this place. I have tried several different sandwiches and they have all been amazing.

benny trujillo

Good food but parking was tight.

Georgia Montgomery

Chris LeDoux

Love this place never been let down even when they are extremely busy.

Henry Swantner

Nice wide selection of sandwiches.

Frank H McKinnis III


G Russ

It seemed like the sandwiches were lacking the meat and cheese that we are used to I don't know if it's 4 the cook ??

Chef 73 Carmine

I don't know what garbage most of you are use to, but the only thing good at Dgs is the brand of cold cuts...We were there again today.Wheres the meat people ???? I don't what bread the one person said was good , but today the bread was old and dense. One slice of ham N salami N cheese , wow the worse. If you want a good sandwich for the money try Tullys on San mateo. The old owners of Dgs made a goddess sandwich , but not now.

Steven Graham

The meatball sandwich with marinara sauce is unreal. Even though the sandwich is sliced in half those meatballs are HUGE. Almost too big to wrap your mouth around for a big bite! Delicious! The grilled Reuben sandwich is just as huge and generous. Can’t really go wrong here!

Gloria Henderson

Mr. Spoon

Great place. The tuna melt is top notch

Clayton Benedict

Excellent sandwiches, great customer service and fair prices. I love all the classic vinyls and posters on the wall.

Linda Chavez

Love the food but not enough parking. Im on oxygen andthe cab driver had to park a block away and go get my order cuz i could not walk that far with my Oxygen tank

michelle michelle

Best sandwiches in town

Jason Kimble

Not a bad place at all to stop and get a sandwich. The food is consistent and the service has always been good for me. I usually get the philly cheese steak , which is really good.

Maxx Phillips

Great sandwiches

Kelli Prine

Green Chile Philly tasted great. Always fun to browse the walls!

Elijah Kamermans

My favorite sandwich place

Mr. President

Nic M

Dg's deli is a rock star sandwich shop! I've never had a bad sandwich here. I usually order the great steak with green chile. They are one of those restaurants that just does everything the right way every time, and I'm sure they have been for longer than I've been alive. They do have rock star hours so get there before 3pm. The shop is always super clean and the posters that adorn the walls are nostalgic and totally fit the vibe. I will continue to go Dg's as long as its available.

Lloyd Rantanen

Great sub sandwiches

brian seylar

This place is a staple for the UNM area. Great sandwiches!

Noel Seiler

Pretty good deli

Username [Redacted]

Great atmosphere and great sandwiches! I could sit and look at all the art on the walls all day. Service is great and the people are friendly.

Lisa Meza-Heuft

Re free

Abraham Marquez

jman c2

Best sandwich shop I have found in NM!

Bea Stuto

Super sammy, thx DG's!

justin barney

The sandwiches here are wonderful! I usually get the green chili philly and my wife loves their meatball sub! This shop is a little known treasure in the University area, not to pricey, friendly staff and great flavors! Their decor is a variety of items depicting classic rock and alternative music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80,s. The owner “Bev” is an incredibly nice and down to earth lady who makes sure everyone is happy and enjoys their food! Highly recommend eating here!

skeezah mcleaza

Very good sandwiches and affordable. Great selection and many side options

Melissa Lucero


Brittany Cadieux

The great steak is the best dang sandwich ever!

Ryan Jones

Trevor Wentz

Too expensive. I honestly think subway is better in general, but especially when you're talking $10+ just for the sandwhich.

Bennett Welker

Quick, good sandwiches

Joshua Cordova

Ezra Depperman

You don't need the ten incher-it's HUGE

Karl Siegler

Jumbo Green Chili Philly sandwich awesome and meal for two. Coleslaw rich and creamy

Sonja Codding

DELICIOUS; especially their Reuben! I do recommend you call ahead of time, as sandwiches made with TLC take time. I will definitely return!

Charles Parker

The Albuquerque Turkey is second to none!

mr. nice guy

Great great food okay well good service I mean and very low-key vibe nice place to go sit and relax

slwstang mcgee

Staff was rude. Tables dirty. And hard bread. Don't waste your time. Jimmy John's was better

Julio Martinez

Wish I would have caught the Rude lady who answered the phones name. Called in an order for deliver since I've heard really good things about this place... apparently being "super busy" is an excuse to be rude as hell and impatient with someone who has modifications to their sandwich. Probably won't be going nor calling back because of one wack and obviously unhappy with her job type of employee ruining the name for the whole company.

Jon Pouncey

Best sandwich in town.

jennifer evangeline archuleta

Great service great sandwiches.

Craig Bailey

Great sandwiches with boarshead meats.

William Moore

The BBQ Cajun roast beef is delicious and the staff is friendly and helpful

Tisha Goebel

Carpe DM

I've been going to DG's since I was in college back in the 1990's. The quality of thier subs is still the best in all of Albuquerque. They do a take on a Phlly Cheese-Steak that's called "The Great Steak". It comes with Bacon in it! I highly recommend it! Great place, great service, and amazing sandwhiches. The Great Steak will change your life

Mike Donahue

Reminds me of the real old deliesfrom philly

Cindy-Lu Oxley

Karin T

The service was good. The bread was delicious, and the sandwich was pretty tasty. However - I really feel like, for the price, I was shortchanged in the amount of meat and cheese I received. It was almost like they put as little as possible on there and then spread it really thin. Plus, I found a hair in my sandwich that was definitely not mine. :(

Sarah Albright

Neat place, filled with music and movie pictures and posters. Great food, we tried several sandwiches and loved it all!

chicha roni

I totally love DGs. The food is always super fresh. I adore the philly cheesesteak. The Ruben is awesome. I've been going here for years,and its fabulous!

Victor Mike Golf

Authenticity is the name of the game. Really about the only place for an east coast style sandwich in all of Albuquerque.

Chris Garnache

I LOVE this place. The absolute best cheese steaks in Albuquerque, bar none. The Great Steak is phenomenal.

Andrew Rael

Triple isotopes sandwich!!...enough said

Nickiel Patel

Pretty good sandwich. It was made fresh and I didn't have to wait too long. The potato salad wasn't the best, but good. The staff was super Friendly and the place was very clean. I had a cold sandwich, next time I will try a hot sandwich. I will be back!

Philip Sauer

Great sandwich and awesome atmosphere.

Art Hogarth

Wonderful steak sandwhich! Just killer and affordable too!!! Dont misd this great little deli! Well worth a visit!

Daniel Rowan

Great place for a Philly.

Adam Ski

Awesome people great food

Tristan Karns

Genuine deli near UNM

Jude Griego

Best Philly subs in Albuquerque

Adam Hudson

Love the hot sandwiches! Usually go for a grilled turkey breast or grilled chicken and cheddar.

Roberto Vasquez

Too expensive

Lydia Craig

Great subs. A little pricey for what you get but it runs rings around Subway.

Steve Green

Moni Martinez


Keith Cannon

I had the philly cheese and it was great. I got the philly cheese with red Chile for my Hispanic and she didn't notice it was there. She didn't notice any heat or flavor of anything resembling red Chile. I thought the experience was positive.

Chad Simpkins

Adam D'Amore

Best sammies in town. Hands down.

Donna Vigil

Absolutely love dg"s. Been a regular for 20 years

S St

Great sandwiches. I only wish they were open a little later.

Jesse Watt

Slow at lunch time

Matt Johnson

I love the Albuquerque Turkey is my favorite, however any sandwich that I have had was delicious. The staff is also very helpful and friendly.

Adam Hayes

Amazing food the Italian grinder looks kinda cheap but looks can be deceiving. By far the best grinder I've had in years

Gabriel Michaud-Verreault

There was mold on our cheesecake. Will not go back ever again.

Justin B

Frank Garcia

Want a sub look no further.

Ethan Sterk

Makes good sandwiches.


Best Sandwiches in town 100%! If you like clean Subs, that are reminiscent to Euro style Bocadillos, look no further. D to the G's.

Phil Sperandeo

Amazing Reuben Sandwich!

Michael Griesel

Quality food supplies, good meat and cheese, good bread options. Good portions. Friendly service. I like how they put the sandwiches together. The Philly cheese steak is one of the better ones I have had in NM (I am from Philly...) They are a notch above, more than a basic sandwich shop. I have need there several times and will go back. 4.5stara

Philljg TV Cordova


Willard Eastman

Consistently good sandwiches and service


Another Albuquerque standard. This has been around since my college days in the early 90s, and to me ..there is simply no better sandwich place in town, and ive been to all of them. If i HAD to complain about anything..its that there not open 24hours a day.

Geneva Johnson

I love this place

Diego1613 .

Excellent sandwiches and wonderful personnel

Cynthia Kelly

Good sandwich, but just meat on bread. No pickle, no sauce, no cheese -- nothing. Took forever - 24 minutes from time of order to order up. Parking is HORRIBLE!

Rick Archuleta

Excellant sandwiches with good dreen chile too


Great sandwiches! Service on the unfriendly side.

Chris Melendrez

Best deli in Albuquerque.

Lorenzo Pena

Food was amazing!

Stephanie Mascarena

Amazing delicious sub sandwiches amazing drinks great service friendly people I must go for Travelers and people who live in New Mexico

Kimberly Leppots

This has been my absolute fave sub shop in ABQ for years!! ALWAYS worth the drive because of service, price and QUALITY!! The Great Steak is my usual for so many years but the Isotopes sandwich is becoming a great alternate lol

Micci Boyce

Great sandwhiches and friendly staff. Quick service at lunch. Parking can be challenging in the small lot.

Robin Burris

Amazing sandwiches with a cool vibe.

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