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REVIEWS OF Zena's American Mediterranean Cuisine & Catering IN New Jersey

ابو زهير شادي

Carlos Salazar Jr.

I was disappointed with the pizza I was told there was a large and when I got home and open the box it seems like a medium pizza and it was not cooked all the way.

K Mac

Small place! Great food! Lots of options!

alexander holder

Jennifer McClellan

I’ve enjoyed many Mediterranean restaurants and this is by far the WORST! The food was tasteless, cold and not at all what was advertised. The fish was undercooked and smelled horrible. The Gyro was flavorless and mushy and the Tzatziki was tasted like sour cream. The service was awful as it took 45 minutes for them to call me back to tell me that they did not have what I’d ordered...and yet they sent it out for delivery any way. One hour later we were left with $45 of not what we ordered and it all tasted awful!

laurie murray

The fried seafood platter was fried dark and not as described on menu. The restaurant had no patrons except us during peak lunch time. Our server was good. I did not like my desert and was not permitted to return it.

susan reyna

I ordered a falafel sandwich and what I received was a large pita wrap with shredded lettuce only, rarely any falafel or sauce in it. Baklava for dessert was ok, but not great. I’ve had WAY better falafel sandwiches/gyros elsewhere. I would describe the food and service I received as “ehh”.... I don’t plan on coming back here or recommending.....

Me Miller

Stephan Briggs

Solid food, not the best but easy and just down the street. Falafel sandwich is pretty big for the price. Beet dip was well done too, just needed a little salt sprinkled on top. Would order again, but not at the top of my list with so many other great options in our neighborhoods.

Sandeep Chug

The restaurant wasn’t busy i order walked in 8:50 pm I asked if food is ready, it was 9:22 he has not started yet . He was busy in his phone . He made a order for other person without gloves . How can i touch raw chicken and cooked pita together. You must be serious. I left without getting my food . And surprisingly there was no customer in the restaurant. Owner must made their fortune now careless. Just shut it down man . Sell the restaurant before it get worst

Kiki Star

Brandon Spinner

Kris Breslin

Omar Saifo

I love it

Zack r

Food was bad and staff was rude.

John Roccia

Delicious! Our first time, so we tried a variety of stuff, and it was all excellent. Recommended!

N Golan

Lamb Swarma disappionting. very scimpy amount of lamb. Better to Charge more and use more volume. Would not order this dish again. Bathroom not clean . Air conditioning off. Only turned on at a customers request, on 90 degree stiyfulling hot day. Only Fan running. Was empty at lunch time. 99% of Americans will turn and leave under such conditions. I braved it. I would have paid much more for a real meal. Owner must try competitions restaurants to survive. OWNER:Try Norma's Middle East, in Cherry Hill, grilled lamb sandwich and learn from your mistakes. If you want to survive you will have to do better.

Shannon Kelly

Terrible food

Chris B

I order from here regularly. Love the Syrian Seasoning Potatoes and the shwarma especially. Quick delivery time - never had a bad experience.

Corey Mcmurtry

Girlfriend invited people over last minute and didn’t have time to make anything, wanted to try to new place. Called in to Zena’s they were friendly and the delivery came before the guest did. Now they are our every Wednesday take out place.

Christopher Wallace

Didn't actually eat here because its filthy. Health Hazard!!

Ivette Torres

maryam iraq

The shawrma was really good

Maj Taher

Excellent food selection. Very tasty. Betty friendly. Quit atmosphere. Delicious Mediterranean food.

Mike Daily

First time ordering Mediterranean food. The mixed kabobs with the rice and vegetables were delicious. The vegetarian side was also great,hummus and grape leaves. Service was great. Will definitely be back in

Jeremiah Mendoza

Ralph Faris

My wife and I have eaten at Zena's restaurant on multiple occasions and found the food there to be original, delicious, very healthy, and prepared from scratch. We have found the kibbi, the tabouleh and grape leaves to be most excellent, and only a few of the many superb dishes we've had there (greek pizza, hummus, and even clam chowder. The expansive menu has enough choices on it to satisfy lovers of Mediterranean cuisine and a host of other ethnic delights as well. In contrast to the very few negative reviews we've read here, the owners, Omar and Susan, are among the nicest, most friendly and helpful people we've ever met. They are constantly trying out new dishes, genuinely love to create new entries, and use only the best ingredients in all of them. We strongly recommend their restaurant and its very hard working owners, and urge our readers to give them a try.

Jose Nunez

Well the food was great, the service as well. They were very kind and attentive. The best part is the hookah. A nice comfortable place to relax while you eat something delicious.. Thank you guys for the service


Got delivery from here once. Food was amazing enough to give it five stars without taking anything else into account.

Maria Pedraza

Allie Iacobelli

The food is great but the menu is a little on the nondescript side, so if you're not familiar with middle eastern/Mediterranean food, you may have to do some googling or stick to what you know. 4 stars instead of 5 only because the service is very slow; both dine in and delivery (over an hour, I live less than 10 minutes away) even though there was only one other four top dining in, as well as a friend I, but we hardly ever saw the waiter and it was a good twenty minutes to get the check after asking. I imagine the server was doing other work in the back, as they're very slow and he probably has many duties. The food was great, but a little on the bland side for "authentic", but I imagine this is intentionally toned down for westerners. The lamb samosas were good but definitely not "spicy". My friends kabob dish was half rice (which had the right flavors but again very bland in intensity), plenty of meat, and a few scarce grilled vegetables-one mushroom, one grape tomato, two mini peppers, and a few onion slices. Didn't really justify the entree price, in my opinion. My order of fries was huge for the price, and my gyro had nice thick juicy pieces of lamb, unlike the steak'ems or dried processed slices you get in a diner. The tzatiki tastes like it was made from sour cream instead of yogurt,and instead of being a cucumber sauce, it is a blob of sour cream with chopped pickles and garlic in it. Not bad, just not authentic. I hope to try their other 'traditional' items in the future so I can make a better judgement. I haven't tried any of the pizzas or Italian dishes because I've been in search of a proper local Mediterranean/Middle Eastern joint for years. Hopefully I find a dish to keep me coming back Zena's.

Mavis Roman

Everytime I order from here I am satisfied with the flavor of the items I choose. I am however disappointed that I paid $6.49 for four spinach and cheese samosas, I expected at least 6? I posted a picture of what I recieved, it was pretty sad looking. Ultimately, it did solve my craving for Mediterranean.

waqas ali

Mohamed Samir

Very good quality food and very good prices too! You will like the Syrian food served here

Zena Saifo

Delicious food

Rita Glace

Very tasty food, nice portions especially when the parents are there

Shanid Gafur

Efraim Production

I eat here everyday the food is awsome

John Melvin

The young man working there was really rude, and the order took forever. the food was good, though.

Rolf Dinsmore

Second visit to Zena's. We had to be sure that the first visit wasn't a lucky fluke. It was not! My wife had the Syrian falafel pita, sandwich. I had the beef gyro pizza. Both were outstanding. My pizza dough was very unique. Flaky, thin, and surprisingly strong. The edges were melt in the mouth buttery, while the center supported the gyro, Fera, and mozzarella without breaking. I dipped it in the tadziki sauce which was a great taste combination. My wife scarfed up half of her falafel, saving the rest for dinner. She said the falafel was wonderfully crispy and went very well with the lettuce, tomato, and pickles, with tahini on the side. Please try eating here... And try the pizza, which I've never seen at any other Mediterranean restaurant.

Cindy Scotto

Family ran business food is wonderful

Jason Anderson

If I could give a half star or no star I would!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! Gyro was horrible Wings are junk Buffalo chicken cheese steak looks more like an appetizer $25 plus tip- SAVE YOUR MONEY

David Middlebusher

Friendly staff and great food. And the delivery driver Dave is fantastic!

James Lopez

Love it

Faheem Lea

The best combination of American and Middle Eastern in the hemisphere!

Malcolm Byrd

Great service

Rockin Ramo

This is an amazing restaurant! The food they make is brilliant! Omg u guys need to go there for great Arab food experience!

Mercedes Allen

A little gem right here in South Jersey! This family owned restaurant is not only absolutely delicious but also quaint, and friendly! Thank you for bringing authentic middle eastern foods to our area as well as many traditional american foods! Thank you for offering so many vegetarian options too! I have to strongly disagree with any negative reviews. I have been coming to Zena's or ordering their take out for 3 years now and I have never had anything but exceptional foods and service! From my family to yours- thank you all again!

Harry P

The food is good,are you guys in beyondmenu?

tarek saifo

Pizza is very good!!

Demi Padilla

Gyros and shawarma sandwiches are the best here!

Steph PV

Very good, homemade food and great to be able to choose between authentic Middleastern and American. In the summer, they have al fresco dining and hookahs, too!

zack romeo

I was surprised initially by the obvious filth of the kitchen but then i went to the lavatory and was blown away. How can a business in the modern age be so oblivious to health standards. I was convinced to stay and try the food anyway and I must say i was thoroughly disgusted. The food was lukewarm and bland which i don't understand because it was literally prepared right before it was given to us. Avoid at all costs unless you want to risk food poisoning or like getting stared at by a owner who seems to have forgotten what country he is currently residing in. Terrible restaurant ran by terrible people.

Bara' S

Jeremy B

john ground

Very good food but terrible in house service. I would recommend take out or GrubHub. They did not appear used to having people dine-in, so I do not really blame them for the poor service as they are not properly staffed for it. The pistachio baclava is recommended.

Eric Rinehimer

Decent Food, so so atmosphere


It was a cute little place. I got the Baba Ganouj and Syrian Salad. The salad was amazing refreshing! Baba Ganouj was just what I was craving.

Charles Wilson

Food was delicious

Nikhyah Horne

They are racist food wasn’t really good super high and the people are just all the way around rude

Vasiljon Çobo

Mohamed Lotfy

Tanitra Rogers

Poor Customer Service. They made an error on my $50 order and refused to fix it. They offered me a credit towards my next order. There will not be a next order. They claimed I was lucky, they usually do not drive to Cherry Hill. Collingswood is right down the road. Road trip anyone?

Ioana Cucuteanu

Mark Costanzo

David Michaluk

Awesome food selection makes it easy to eat here with kids

noel ɐʞɾɐɯ

Ordered at 8:30pm didn’t get the food till 10:00pm when i was told 45 minutes for delievery. Food came cold and the containers of soup were half full. For 2 small containers of soup and bacon cheese fries the order cost me in total with tip. $22.37. I was very disappointed and will not order from this establishment again!

Sydney Newkirk

First time trying mediterranean food, probably my last. food was extremely lackluster and was not a pleasant experience. always imagined eating mediterranean as being hearty, seasoned, and flavorful, none of my food had any of that. i paid $10 for a salad that i could have made at home, but hey, i wanted to try it because for 9.99 it HAS to be some next level type of salad right? WRONG. really trash and disgusting. never knew what samosas were so i googled it and they look amazing, so i was excited to try them from here—NOPE. reminded me of a dry flavorless empanada. not to mention i paid $8 for 4 small flavorless samosas. also had a steak gyro, which was also terrible. i’m not sure if i should let this one bad experience ruin it for other restaurants but i’m literally still gagging from the aftertaste as i’m writing this review. waste of $30 overall, high priced food. and this is all coming from someone who’s tried many cultures food, and loves to eat and try everything and anything. Disappointed.

arshi rashid

If you want cold food and terrible service and being charged for water, then this is the place to go. We ordered cheese steak but meet was too dry and cheese wasn't melted at all. Food was expensive as well. There are other places that has better food.

Abdulla Almalki

Marcus Medina

Scott Kelly

Bob Schroeck

Tasty, generous portions of authentic Greek/Mediterranean food served in a cozy, casual setting.

Rudy Clark

Best Mediterranean food on the planet!!!

Daunielle Munir

Sanenyah Jordan

Food was mediocore to say the least. It tasted and looked like it was microwaved. Funny enough we heard the microwave beep in the distance. The meat was dry and the contents were lacking. You would think $9 for a sandwich, could warrant more than three charred pieces. The server wasn't attentive at all. He never came to check on us, ask about our meal and freshen our drinks. Did I mention he gave us warm water and forgot my feta that I requested. Truthfully, it was an overall bad experience and won't be returning on my next NJ visit. I was hoping to get some reprive from our Irma evacuation. But, hey... Thankfully we're safe!

Israel Arellano

Been there Before, Small Place, Really Good Food, I recommend this Place to anyone that comes around Here. That small pizza drove Me Crazy.

Reginald Harris

Debra Adams

Delicious new take on cuisine.

ALAADIN عبد ربه

Good but close without notice

Heather Harris

Enjoyed the Syrian potatoes, fūl medames, grape leaves and falafel. Very good selection of vegan-friendly options. The dining room is nice, will bring family and friends here when they visit.

Murtuza Kazmi

Angel Junior Quinones

The Big Rodboski aka ALPHA 3

Steven Piacquadio

ulyesses cruz

Decent hours, parking works, not a good view but service is polite

Faizah Izhar

A Gillespie

Pretty good lil neighborhood Mediterranean on a scale of 1 to 10 I'll give it 6 1/2...

David O'Neill

Used to be a great place for mediterranian food; now theyve cut back on food costs (without reducing their prices) and the quality is no longer there.

Moustafa Salman

Great food, nice people, and excellent service!

King Phillips_22

Ordered grilled chicken ceaser salad with creamy Italian dressing and they gave me shredded lettuce and regular extra oily Italian dressing and i order pizza it was was greesy and dry and i ordered a tuna salad and the tuna tasted unfresh overall best part about this order was the delivery they was fast and followed directions to bring me my crappy food

William Roohr

Food was ok. Fries were very good. But it cost more than I thought Cheeseburger,fries and 4 small pieces of samosas, 17.00 dollars? That seems kinda high!

Lindsay Oster

Megan Maxwell

Ordered through Grubhub and we got our food a solid hour later. We live in Audubon which isn't too far away. The food arrived cold but it tasted good. Probably won't be ordering again.

jennifer ayoub

I went there earlier today for the first time for lunch, and I ve been to many middle eastern cuisines but this is one of the best places in south jersey. Very fresh, hot, and tasty food !! Great service as well.

Larry Reese

this is one of the finest Mediterranean restaurants I have ever been to. Anyone visiting the Scottish rite theater or passing through the Collingswood area should look upon Zena's as hidden gem and as a wonderful stop for dinner or lunch. all of the various Mediterranean dishes that I have tried from the Turkish straws to hear flatbed pizzas along with the falafel and baba ganoush were some of the most flavorful dishes I've had at restaurants that were considerably more expensive. I have this far been there three times and I am looking forward to dining there many times more. The staff are friendly the place is deceptively small looking like a simple neighborhood pizzeria but is really quite nice. Whether dining in or taking out you can't go wrong. Enjoy!!

Jose Cerezo

Marcus Johnson

Place would be better if they would trim down the menu. They offer too much which equates to not being able to do anything very well. The meat in the gyros tasted like it had freezer burn and the "big" salad was just mostly shredded lettuce which went bad that night. On top of all that the fries were soggy and seemed like they had been sitting out all day.

AbdurRahman AbdulMujib

Theresa Tate

m .henry van nostrand

Good food, fast and with a pleasant attitude.

Alicia Krieger

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