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Where is Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream?

REVIEWS OF Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream IN New Hampshire


Cool way to enjoy ice cream! They also accommodate most allergies.

James Knox

Robert Zeller

A very cool way to customize your ice cream concoction!

Matthew Mosso

Really nice to have multiple dairy free and suger free options. Really friendly service as well. Will be going again.

Nadine Bergeron-Nutt

So cool

Phillip Nichols

Best ice cream ever. Staff is always pleasant and patient! Great place to have an after work social hour. Plenty of space as well.

Jeremy Gelinas

Paul Williams

Great ice cream and experience for kids!

Alicia Negron

Good ice cream, cool experience.

Fred Ramos

Perfect place to stop for cool treat on a hot day like today.

Denise Corbin

Lauren Frazzetta

Fun experience, tasty flavors!!

Jenna Mullin

Alexander Del More

Ashley Baumgarner

They have a ton of different flavors to pick. And you get to watch them make your ice cream.

Sheryl Forkey

Excellent...Really Really Excellent Ice Cream and getting to watch while they make (not just scoop) the ice cream and then build my custom made treat. I Love it. They even made a custom ice cream pie for me to take home. Two of my cousins were laughing and crying when I gave them the Mud Pie. Rita did an awesome job making it look like the Mud pie I made them eat as children. We ALL agreed it tasted MUCH better.

Peter MacGown

Interesting concept. The icecream made to order was good.

Kirsten Biel

Nick Jarek

I came in on a Saturday evening with some friends and ordered the siracha ice cream. The staff was AMAZING and really made the experience. 10/10 would come again.

Jennifer Schelly

Cool to watch your ice cream being made with liquid nitrogen. Takes a little while, so plan on being there for 20-30 minutes.

Miaka Kirino

You can pick out ALL the elements of your ice cream and watch them make it for you! SO much fun! They freeze it with liquid nitrogen, which is always a blast to watch!

Ginely Bartholomew

Well worth my 90 minute drive! Friendly staff, tons of flavors and mix ins. Healthy and Allergy friendly options to choose from in different sizes. Made to order with liquid nitrogen, awesome sight for the science lover! Highly highly recommend it!

swaleha bhala


Rafael romero gomes

Very nice

Samantha Bourrie

Bill Lincoln

Allison Lammi

Rita Covarrubias

Do you guys serve Dragon Breath ?

John H

Always excellent!!

Tuna Siraci

David Hussey

Good place to choose for an after dinner dessert

Jamie Stein

We LOVE Sub Zero. It is by far the freshest ice cream in Nashua! Their process of making the cream right in front of you is really cool. The best part is, it tastes amazing!

B Medina

..It’s simply AMAZINGGGG!!!!

Sarah Cuozzo

Michael Philbrook

Decent flavor, not great. Sticky, gummy consistency and very sweet. Service is kind of slow. Nice people working there.

ballistic drawings

Its a great experience! I have eaten there 3 times!go try it!

Walmart Mods

Was a very cool experience and was cool for a one time thing. It is so expensive and the ice cream isn't the best I've had. Would be fun for kids but isn't for the wallet.

Maurice Marquis

Definitely gimmicky. Thought my child would be more impressed with the liquid nitrogen, but got bored quickly. Ice cream was petty expensive ($11 for the two of us to get smallest size) and the flavors are created artificially, so it's not like it was even that tasty. 3 stars for the novelty, wouldn't go again.

Courtney Costa

Went out of my way to come here, and it was just an average experience. I have had better ice cream. Place was very dead at the time I went.

Chrissy Nilsen

Kind of expensive, but has many options including lactose free ice cream

Ryan Grawin

Good ice cream, cool experience, kids would love it. Price is probably on par with Cold Stone.

Nick Cerce

tracy cavanaugh

This is not your ordinary ice cream. It is super neat to watch them freeze your own creation right in front of you. They have everything you could want frozen. Cream, yogurt, custard you name it!

Erika Q Stokes

Great ice cream made from cream right in front of you with your choice of flavor mixed in. A nice place to go for a treat.

derf 213

Josh Poirier

Love this place awesome ice cream

Misty Greenwood

The overall experience of using liquid nitrogen is pretty cool to watch, and I enjoy being able to create my own combinations easily! One major key thing for me is that there is a variety of dairy and non-dairy options. The staff is pretty nice and helpful too. The reason I gave it a 4 star instead of a 5 is because the atmosphere is awkwardly quiet, as the facility does not have any music playing in the background. You can hear the employees conversations, not because they are loud, but because nothing to drown out the sounds of voices. I do recommend visiting a shop and trying it out! Matcha is my favorite!!

John Latham

Sonia Prince

So many yummy choices

Jennygurlbree .

Michael P. Reilly

Good ice cream, but careful on the mixes. Some add-ins seem to overpower the flavors.

Sara Siedzik

The most options you'll find anywhere. Friendly staff, pleasant environment, decent prices.

Joe Trolo

Where science meets DELICIOUS! YUM!

Robin Reynolds

Excellent ice cream!

Janethekitty 7744

Sub zero is probably the best ice cream shop in the WORLD! I went here for my 9th birthday when I was little and we had a blast! So cool with the liquid nitrogen and how you can make your ice cream! It's also tasty now matter how old or mature you are!

Beth Flasharty

The employee was very attentive to all customers while I was there. Friendly and explain everything so well.It is always nice to get someone that is nice and happy.

Lisa B

Clean, friendly, and delicious. It was cool getting to watch it being made.


Fun and tasty

Jeff Krauss

Meredith and Kyler were our servers for my first experience at subzero. Both were very personable and lots of fun. Great showmanship and knowledge of product, process, and company history. I had a hard freeze raspberry ice cream that was absolutely amazing. Will definitely go back!

Conall Barrett

Good ice cream. I would not recommend getting the mountain dew ice cream. It's a very strange taste.

Brandon Jeralds

So unique and So good!

Tiia Mariie

extremely tasty ice cream, interesting vibes from the atmosphere

Michael Gignac

Rating the Italian ice. I find the process fascinating. The quality was decent. I had the lemon and it was great, not over powering. The texture was different. I can compare it to whip cream. I want to try the Tiger Blood next time, which is raspberry, strawberry and a hint of coconut.

Chris Connelly

Sudheer Padala

Krista Tockey

Sub zero catered at our wedding, and it was a HUGE hit! I highly recommend Mark and Rita for any event, and if you don't have an event, stop into the Nashua stores - they hire fun, nice people, too!

C Levell

Love the keto ice cream variety

tyler young

Not good service. Went in tonight with my girlfriend and the woman serving us treated her like she didnt know what she was talking about and made her feel ridiculous when asking questions about the process. The woman then proceeded to make her order wrong and refused to change it even though it was written correctly on the cup. We paid and left.. hopefully next time will be a better experience.

Pete Marin

It is good but very expensive

Carley LaMalva

Derek Pollitt

Great Icecream!

Ella O

Super cool concept. Great taste


So cool

Liv and Aves Vlogs

Me and my family are from Weare NH. We drove for 50 minutes down to Nashua just for nitro breath for the first time. So we get to the register and the cashier explains what we need to do. And then I asked for nitro breath, the woman said sorry we just sold the last one. I suggest next time either take down the nitro breath display on the counter. Or say right up front before you start explaining if, you have not been there before, by the way we just sold our last nitro breath.

Gary Comeau

Great place to enjoy something Cold mmmmmmm

Peter Hipson

Serving size is tiny. Bowl was only half filed. Going somewhere else next time.

Spencer Triehy

Whole new twist on ice cream. We brought my son here for the first time on his 3rd birthday, both him and my 5yr old daughter loved that they got to fully customize their orders and watch it be made right in front of them. Rich creamy ice cream with a cool science twist. What's not to like? We will be back again!

Ed Izzo

It was a great educational experience and the best ice cream I've ever had.

Gavin Ayling UK

This place is awesome because you get a Cold stone like dessert, but it's actually fresh made ice cream, and much creamer. Also watching the Nitrogen making steam in the air is great fun. Recommended. They mention gluten free, but the staff only know how to be careful, not what has gluten in it, so be prepared to look after yourself. They have a list of allergen free ice cream ingredients, so that's good.

Derek G

Expensive concept that needs some work

Aynsley Potter

Number 1its very expensive number 2 Don't order the mint chocolate chip ice cream it's disgusting it taste like wierd tampered with toothpaste I'm giving them a two star review because there're nice

Eric Knuuttunen

This place was awesome. The owner, I think her name was Rita? She was super nice, very patient and great with our 3 year old girl. I have a diary allergy, so she made sure to make my dairy free ice cream in a new clean bowl, away and safe from getting anything in my food that would be bad. Really appreciate that they're so careful and mad that effort for me. We will be back.

Mandy Kilgore

Leland Lesnever

The nitrogen show was cool, but ice cream turned out very hard and not particularly enjoyable. I would advise against the artificial flavors. Staff does not wear gloves (if that bothers you), and they do not close at 9:30—they close at 9.

Stacy Merriam

Our first experience at Sub Zero in Nashua NH was great. The employees were very outgoing, positive, and appeared to truly love what they’re doing. They were patient and answered all questions regarding the process. Not only was the ice cream great but the experience even better.

Stephanie Aguilar

Julia Holter

Cool flavor options and concept but it had a interesting flavor that isn't reminiscent of ice cream. It's much lighter. But not quite frozen yogurt definitely something to try but not my favorite thing. Very cool to watch be made though. Prices are a bit heavy for the amount you get similar to Ben and Jerry's or any other premium ice cream joint. However I personally don't feel it's as good.

Eric Morris

Bobbi Stewart

Yuck, way overpriced for ice cream that tastes like chemicals

Lori Stankiewicz

Nancy Struckman

SubZero makes ice cream using liquid nitrogen to order while you watch. The choices of bases (all-fat all the way to non-dairy), flavors, and mix-ins are endless and delicious. Bring the kids and learn more about science. I highly recommend SubZero to all. They also do science presentations at schools and remarkable catering.

Kim Rusch

Irish Phoenix

The staff is friendly and helpful. You get to watch them make the ice cream right in front of you. It's pretty amazing to watch, and the end product is delicious.

Nathaniel White

Good ice cream with a little show to see how it's made in front of your eyes.

Harry Barnes

You can create any type of ice cream you like.

Megan Provencher

All I can say is amazing. One of the coolest experiences I've ever had. So cool to watch them make it with the LN2 and it taste great. So much better than other froyo places.

Chris P

Simply yummy. It was the best ice cream and so fresh and creamy. Customer service was great too.

Ava Porto

The guy that was behind the counter was a bit quiet, but he was a nice guy! The food was fantastic and my whole family enjoyed it! It was our first time and when we saw the nitrogen come out of the tubes it was so cool! Definitely would go again!

Andy M

Brian McInnis

Ice cream was good but almonds were minimal and they were the almond slivers, not the full almonds like a slide show they have playing shows.

Sean Orion

Got some unique flavors but an average tasting ice cream. It's cool to see it made in front of you though!

Tina Louise

Did not like choise of flavors,

Gary P

Awesome service and a really cool ice cream experience.

Rosey Jane Trahan

Really cool idea, tastes great too! Thanks Devin from Sub-Zero!

Theresa Tibbetts


Jeff Curless

Awesome ice cream, and you get to watch it be made!

Rynn .

Ever since we found the place it's been our go to for ice cream! Very creamy ice cream and it's really neat to watch it be made.

Feline Kittykat

Try the mango cheesecake custard! So good!

John Hurley

Michael Austin


The experience of how the ice cream is made makes the visit unique. Delicious flavors and portions are better than other ice cream parlors. Will definitely be back!

Shane Allessio

They make the ice cream in front of you. The idea is cool. The taste is ok.

Daniel DeNinno

Their ice cream is delicious and affordable! You can even just get a pint or quart to go if you want. There is a huge section of great flavors and mix-ins. They also accept these special coupons from my work which make it even more affordable. So good.

James Landry

Love it! staff is awesome. If you don't know what to get roll the dice and have them whip something up for you

Rob Cook

Expensive for the portions, but decent ice cream.

T Putnam

Carolanne Caron

There are no kiddie size options here.

Gina Davidson

Constance Torname

Great tasting ice cream, with an awesome fun experience with it. I will be back!

Jake Knowles

Yinny Peguero

Really Good!!

Sherry Kahn

Delicious had sorbet mango and mixed berries. Refreshing, good sized portion, friendly service. Unique and varied options to suit dietary needs. Will custom blend. Prefer versus other ice cream.

Robert Hufault

Fun to watch as they make your icecream with liquid nitrogen and it tastes great as well!

Clyde Waite

The Averill House Vineyard crew loves our new line of #WineCream mad by Sub Zero!

Raymond Girard

Was a Awesome experience. Ice cream was delicious

Michael Sullivan

A cool dessert experience. I designed my own ice cream flavor and watched as it was created in front of me. When the liquid nitrogen fog spills over the counter you know you are witnessing science!

Ashley Bishop

This place is very interesting, and has a wide variety of flavors and toppings, but their dairy-free selection just really wasn't that good.

Lauren Ritter

Very cool process, good selection of flavors/mix-ins, just not very fast. It's not somewhere to go if you're in a hurry, but otherwise totally great.

th3rdshift .

This place is really awesome . Sujper friendly staff and great quality ice cream. I'm glad I made the stop

Jeni Kozubal

blaine gehret

Jared Christian

I was skeptical, but now I like this better than normal ice-cream. Will be going again.

Steve Long

Unique, plenty of choices, fun to watch

Vanessa Valentin

One time event. Kids wanted to experience the sub zero hype. They were fascinated by the process, but weren't too thrilled with the ice cream. Ice cream was too sweet. Expensive too.

Joseph Correia

Really cool concept.

Jennifer Bryant

You can not do better! Best ice cream and other frozen items around! Staff is really wonderful at both locations! Always a must visit when I am near! And, sometimes when I am not)

Anthony Godfroy

Harry Cheema

Great place for all ages!

Mark Lefebvre

Unique and d er delicious icecream with a dash of fun science thrown in.

louis darvirris

What can I say freshest ice cream I've ever had any mixings any toppings any flavor you want they make. And on top of it all the experience was really fun

John Wilkinson

Norman Lavoie

they even have vegan ice cream

Nicholas Lupoli

Crazy concept.

Sukanya Chowdhury

Its good

Matthew Rushton

This was the best icecream I have ever had, 5 stars, also! you get to watch them make your icecream.

Joseph Cullen

VenomPlays .

Kinda pricey for what you get. Otherwise, tasted great.

Richard Bouchard

The ice cream process is unique, but I found the product too dense. Good quality ingredients, just not my personal preference. The PoS system tries to shame you into tipping. The staff was quite friendly, and very child friendly.

Skyla Mackenzie and Sage Abigail

1st trip there, the experience is neat, the pricing wouldn't be so bad if the sizing was a bit more reasonable. Cold stone small is close to if not double the small here for same price and honestly similar quality. Flavors seemed a bit off too but overall neat. Probably won't be back.

Debra Brock

Carol Rood

Any flavor you want, they can make. Its also fun watching it being made with the liquid nitrogen. Great place.

E Hart

Wicked cool! Wicked good!

Lindsey Bashelor

A big THANK YOU to the Subzero staff for their science presentation and ice cream treat for our field trip. I was quite impressed with how they were able to not only hold everyone's attention, but the science was much more "sciency" than I expected. It was awesome!

Aubrey Perry

Always a great experience! Wonderful service, a million options - and not just ice cream, so great for children and adults, reasonably priced, and always so clean. We love this place and often go several times in a week. I have never had anything but a great experience here. :-)

Keith S

Make your own ice cream. Kids loved it.

Francisco Garza

The concept of this shop is to provide you with a way for you to create your own ice cream right at the stop by using liquid nitrogen right in front of you. You pick all the ingredients so you pick your type of liquid base like regular milk, lactose free, yogurt, etc. And then pick you flavours and finally mix in ingredients. Be careful because this flexibility can be your downfall. Because you can always mix ingredients that in the end do not go well with each other end end up with an ice cream flavour you don't like. The amount of ice cream you get for the price is small and the show of using liquid nitrogen to make the ice cream in front of you is not worth it. If you do want to try it, I would recommend that you try one of their own pre-picked recipes.

Allison Dejesus

Thought it was really cool .. good place to bring your family

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