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Colin Cropley

it was amazing. the food is excellent and the wait staff is courteous! please come for the breakfast, it's simply the breakfast anywhere in Keene!

Jim Eklund

A very popular local breakfast diner. The prices are very fair and the food is fairly good. It is not a fancy or hip place but pretty "old school"

Rick Poisson

Awesome food and staff

Cindy Bergeron

Breakfast was great and prices were very good. Staff was very friendly and the service was great!

dan jones

Standard diner fare. I've only ever had breakfast here though. Very nice staff with good and prompt service.


Cheap diner food. That's the best way to describe it. It isn't spectacular, but it isn't bad either and it is inexpensive. I've been there many times. The staff don't have much of a personality, but aren't rude either. Would be 3 stars if they weren't so cheap there (and if they didn't offer breakfast all day)

Lisa Santaw

This was catered at the pub for my moms memorial service. Good job

Claudia Harvey

Love the Luncheon menu, good portions and good variety. Waitresses are always friendly.

Michael G

Service was ok. Big party and some got food right away and got food late..Fish and chips was all chips and three pieces of fish..

motocross 2015

Excellent old fashioned breakfast. Would recommend!

Travis Boley

Took 25 min to get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my son. The chicken wings were uncooked and disgusting. My wife’s club was terrible and the fries were awful. I’m lucky I didn’t end up sick. I will never return or recommend this place. If I could give 0 stars I would.

Bill Lemieux

Breakfast was great, waitress was excellent, very clean.

Lisa Hanson

Great taco salad. Fast friendly service

Ann Boucher

Food was great, good prices and good service!

Livy Auger

Alethea was an A+++ waitress! I recommend a raise! V good pancakes!

Reina Smith

I’m very upset as i come here often and lately the food has not been what I asked for. I ordered a bacon egg and cheese with extra crispy bacon and the bacon was not crispy at all eggs were not cooked how I asked. This has happened multiple times yet I always come back hoping it’ll change. Sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s not.

Michael Doherty

Sandwich was great but the French fries were cold!

Richard Bennett

The food is delicious and very inexpensive. The waitstaff is very friendly.

David Olsen

The pub provided catering for my mother's memorial service. The food was wonderful and enjoyed by all. The delivery was on time and all hot items were still hot. The staff was most helpful in assisting my family make decisions about quantity and selection. I would highly recommend the Pub. Kathie Olsen

Dj Harris

Just as good as it was 40 years ago

Iris Polley

Accommodating, friendly, good prices, have never had a bad meal; i go every 2 weeks

Terrence Schwinge

I went there tonight for dinner with my partner. We decided on the Two for $20.00 menu. We were there a few nights ago and it seemed a good value. The first time I ordered Chicken Parm. Tonight I wanted something different so I chose the Roast Pork with Mashed potatoes. The waitress asked if i wanted the gravy on the potatoes or on the side. I said over the potatoes is fine. After I finished, I was handed the bill and I noticed a charge of $1.25 for gravy! Are you kidding me? I have never seen anything like this. I asked to see someone in charge I waited a good deal of time and finally an older waitress asked if she could help me. I told her my disappointment with the restaurant. She then said that potatoes are served plain and if you want gravy it is extra! I said that my partner had Chicken Parm and spaghetti but was not charged for the tomato sauce. She said that is different. What about when I get a baked potato with sour cream, is that now extra? I was not looking for my $!.25 back, but I never got any satisfaction. She went into the kitchen to get the boss but after waiting about 5 minutes I left. Beware of this place they add on unreasonable charges and think that this senior Disabled Vietnam Veteran is senile. You lost my business and I hope that many people take notice of this rip off!

Erik Ranta

Good food good price

Tyler Mclaughlin

Always good food and service. Dinner menu is outstanding. Rigatoni Athenian with a salad and a glass of red wine is to die for!

Kaitlin McQueen

I have mixed feelings about this restaurant. Went for the first time yesterday with my family. We were served quickly which was nice, the waitress was fairly kind. First, they only have Blue Moon on draught. Second, I ordered the grilled cheese which tasted great and was only $5. But my complaint is that I got almost no fries. My family got grinders, a eggplant parm, chicken parm, and steak & cheese. They were pretty big and well stuffed. They all loved their sandwiches. Would go again.

Bryan butler

Last time I went I ordered an Italian sub, and it only came with one kind of meat, and a very thin layer of it at that. Not what I expected for a $10 sub. Service is usually pretty good though.


There was 3 kids running back & forth,.annoying as hell. Think they were related to one of the waitresses or the owners kids. They were in the kitchen, touching things. .Really unsanitary and disgusting seeing them all in the kitchen. Food was good & our waitress was good but kids running back & forth totally ruined our meal.

Jessica candelora

Friendly Staff & Excellent Food !

Vance Grant

Good place for dinner with the family also breakfast very good

Daniel Gogolen

Affordable and delicious. Friendly staff.

Hyo-Hyang Carty

Love the Aivaliotis’ and the food is always good.

Cheryl Russell

The best food ever

Holly A

waited a bit for seating as expected with today being the super bowl. the food was good and exceptionally priced. staff was deceant: forgot a few things but no wait on receiving missing items.

Cathy Barrows

Great staff. Exc. Home cooked meals.

Hans Hammarquist

I have visited this place a few times now and have been treated well each time. The service is flawless, the food is good and the prices are very reasonable. I have never seen the place empty which is another good sign. One good thing, they serve breakfast food all time of the day. I will continue to visit the place as I like it.

Sean L

Great restaurant for breakfast

Kyle .

Prices went up drastically. The entire menu is +$3 Same mediocre food.

Hailee Henny

This place is gone downhill.. If I could give no stars, I would. The last 3 times my fiance and I have been here for brunch we had terrible experiences (always a Belgium waffle for him and an eggwitch or eggs benny for me) the place is always over staffed, but yet we're waiting almost an hour for two very simple orders and they're still getting it wrong. What's going on guys?? Get your act together! I've been a patron here for 4 YEARS and sadly will no longer will be dining here. The photos attached are from today's experience of my fiance going in and ordering food to go. It took over an hour and my sandwich was supposed to be ham egg and cheese on Texas toast, it is in fact spam. Saddest sandwich ever

Megan Blaine

The breakfast is my personal favorite, the staff is always friendly!!!

Denis LaFortune

Good service nice relaxing atmosphere

Bryan Maloney

Excellent staff, great food. It would be nice to see gluten free pasta. But wonderful selection of gf bread.

Ernesto Franklin

Not what it used to be, still the best service and value in Keene for breakfast.

Marie Loranger

Great breakfast ALL DAY. Very inexpensive. Great service!


I had the lamb gyro. We all loved our meals. Great family restaurant. I'll be back!

Richard Clapp

Great prices for the quality of food you get

Thomasina StPierre

Always great food and friendly staff. Love that you can get breakfast anytime. Prices are very reasonable and proportions are perfect.

Linda Zehnbauer

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Tasty & Affordable!

Erica B

Great food great price. Can get a little loud at times

Kenneth Harvey

A nice place to dine, reasonable prices and good food & portion. Friendly atmosphere. Would recommend to all.

sara mabe

Their breakfast is fantastic and at a fantastic price; go for their grilled biscuits!

Jason Priest

Excellent family owned business. Breakfast all day and everything is home made! Prices are great, as well as the staff. Highly recommend........

Leslie Jordan

Cozy, good service, good seats clean, well kept

E Bizzie

Good food good people

Karen Williams

Good prices and food

George Curtis

Good service and good food

Lloyd LeBlanc

Great Great Great, food, atmosphere and low prices. Small and cozy.

Tyler L.

Best lunch in keene. Have not had a bad meal. Staff is extremely friendly.

Tim Harrington

Serving breakfast all day. I had a vegetarian omelette and a mimosa, good portion sizes.

John Gavin

This place is actually quite decent and the food is good and the atmosphere laid back enough and the prices very reasonable especially with their daily specials. out for other charges you might not be expecting or if you're like me, charges you would never expect because they're absolutely absurd. Ketchup is on the table and so is salt and pepper. But if you don't want o ions in your home fries you're all set. But if you don't mind onions in your home fries, get set to pay a quarter for lightly sauteed onions thrown on top for, get this, an upcharge of a quarter! Better yet, don't ask for Tabasco if you happen to like it on your eggs or whatever, another upcharge of a quarter! Good thing I drink black any event, the place is very decent and the prices extremely reasonable but hidden charges like a quarter for Tabasco is to me, absolute ignorance. I'd go back there a million times and have gone there at least a hundred before but, little things like that drive me insane.

Jamie Nadeau

My fiancé and I went to The Pub for dinner last Friday night. We had been for breakfast in the past and enjoyed it, but never for dinner. When we arrived they were busy, but no so busy there was any sort of line at the door. When we finally got seated, we had a waitress fly by our table to tell us she would be right with us after she took an order. 15 minutes later she came back. After an ordeal with what they could make for drinks and my fiancé's worn out NY ID, we finally placed our dinner order.He ordered a steak and I ordered a sandwich. Overall we waited over an hour to get our meals (we realized there was a large group before us, so we were understanding) and in the meantime, I pointed out that my fiancé's drink (a Long Island Ice Tea) tasted like nothing but flat soda. He agreed but didn't want to make an issue out of it, and just decided not to order another one. When we finally got our meals, right off the bat, he noticed something crawling in the side salad next to his steak. He pointed it out to me, and it looked like a MAGGOT. The hostess came by to bring us something and my fiancé (very quietly) mentioned the bug. At this point it had burrowed into the salad so he couldn't show her. She left to get our waitress. My fiancé found the maggot and placed it on his knife. When the hostess came back, he showed her and she goes, "Oh how cute! An inch worm!" It was clearly NOT an inch worm, but that shouldn't have mattered - it was a bug, nonetheless. Our waitress came out and said that the cook would make him another steak, but we both agreed we had last our appetite at that point. The waitress made sure to reiterate that it was an inch worm, not a maggot. Whatever. She then proceeded to give us a bill for our drinks and ran off. The Long Island came to $11.25! Another waitress noticed we were upset, and came over to our table to ask if she could help. We explained the situation and how we still got billed $18 in drinks, $11 of which was basically a flat soda. The waitress then says, "Oh, yeah... that's what we get for serving drinks like that. Let me see what I can do" and takesthe bill to the bartender. She comes back and says that because he never complained about the drink and still drank it, he had to pay for it. My fiancé says, "I just got served a dish with a maggot on it, are you really going to charge me $11 for a flat soda?" and the woman says something about NH state liquor laws and then goes, "and by the way, it was an inch worm, but I'm not going to argue about it" and turns her back and walks away! At this point my fiancé was furious (usually a calm and collected guy) and very loudly goes, "THAT WAS A MAGGOT." On our way out of the restaurant we asked our waitress to speak to a manager and she goes, "That was the manager. Her name is Laura." (What?!). We couldn't believe how poorly we were treated. If we had gotten a bug on our meal, but were treated a little more professionally, I wouldn't be writing this review. Any other restaurant would have compensated, not only our meals but our drinks too. Not copped an attitude and argued with us about what kind of bug we got served. We were extremely patient through the entire thing until the end. Needless to say we both left angry and hungry (at this point it was 8:30). If I could give them zero stars, I would. This place has really gone down hill.

Chester Lapointe

Great food locally owned. Highest caliber wait staff. Love the place!


I have been frequenting the Pub now for years and have always loved it. At times, food quality is lacking a bit, and service depends on which waitstaff zone you are seated in. (Hence the 4 star review). However, all in all, it is a wonderful experience enjoying a meal at The Pub! Historical photos hang on the walls and the property is unique. Comfortable dining and the prices are on point. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, you can't beat the atmosphere. Full Bar service is also available. My one suggestion would be- arrive a few minutes early to find a parking spot if you are going for breakfast. Overall, dining at ThePub is always a great time!

clarence bennett

The food was good and it is very reasonable and the price is very reasonable

Dino Drakiotes

Really good food for a low price

Joe DiMascio

One of the best breakfast spots in Keene

Help Desk

I have gone to the pub since I was a child. Recently we had a funeral and used them for the reception. The did the menu exactly the way I was delishes, well presented. Staff was attentive and cheerful. Everyone was happy with the meal choices and people that had never been there before promised to revisit. Great Job.

Ronald Trombley

Fish and chips was cold, sent back, put back in grease came back like burned rubber bands and chocolate colored fries. All six at table received cold food after hour wait. Manager was asked for and made things half way right. White fish four little strips like fish sticks. Other than that we had a lot of laughs mostly from frustration. One star is over rating.

Nikki Despres

Came with my family while visiting from Denver in August. I loved their sign, I had high hopes. The waitress was pleasent, however the food was tepid and unseasoned. Major bummer.

Matthew Healy

Food was good!

Brandy Campbell

Great dining experience! Extremely medioka home cooming!!!!

Bianca LaCroix

First time there was very busy but food came out in a timely manner. Nice family restaurant.

Elise Dearth

Great food and friendly service! Breakfast is all day and there are great weekday and evening specials!

Sandy Hanson

My meal was good and so was the service

Vanessa Baillis

Laura was pleasant and helpful we actually went for breakfast on the 2nd day and requested her! Highly recommend! We also had dinner the 1st night in town which was excellent!

Gitjana Bagley

Great food and great prices.

Elaine Hall

Always a good value. The atmosphere is dismal but the prices and wait staff good.

Kim Ioannou

The fact that this locally-owned family restaurant has been in business for 50 years under the same ownership, in a time when most tend to flock to the well known chains, says it all. You can't stay in business this long unless you are truly among the best. Delicious food, great service, and amazing prices! If you're craving it, they've got it! Stop in and see for yourself. I promise you won't be disappointed! :)

Karen C

Always great, friendly service! And the food is also never a disappointment

Nancy Stone

Prompt wait staff. Attentive. Good food. Fair prices.

NuLuumo .

I wasn't blown away, honestly. We went there for my great grandmother's 90th birthday as a surprise party and the food listed on the menu was limited. Food I would have ordered (burger and fries, chicken tenders and fries) and the drink I would have ordered (chocolate milk) were all only offered on the kid's side of the menu. It would've been nice to see the same food and drink options for adults but in bigger portions.

Candy Clough

Good service I liked my meal there was enough for me to take some home for later. And it was well priced

Zach Trombi

Great place to go with family. Good food. Cheap prices. Friendly staff

Jennifer Morrill

Great place, inexpensive. They're always busy so sometimes service is a little slow but if you've ever worked in the service industry, you understand

Kevin McKeen

Great experience every time!

Patrick McLoud

Order the blueberry pancakes

Fiorella Cruz Vite

Greek and american food! Great taste

John Hallengren

Enjoy going there, food is very good and reasonably priced

Steve White

Great food at unbeatable prices

Aiden Ioannou

It's the best place to eat in Keene! They have just about everything on their menu and they serve breakfast all day. The servers are really nice and the prices are REALLY affordable. Oh yeah, and the food tastes great! Stop by and give them a try...tell them Aiden sent you.

Jason Maslowski

Good food, great service!

hillarie brown

Waitress was rude and inattentive to our tables needs

Brent & Shawntel Cote

Good overall experience.

Amanda Edson

Very rude, slow, undercooked eggs over cooked hashbrowns, once asked to fix they said it was fine. Never going back, management is very rude and does not handle situations correct

Aspen Maria

+++Terrible food! Ordered an appetizer and two of the grilled cheese and soup special. The soup came out first, then the appetizer about fifteen minutes later. The potato skins were greasy and tasted like old oil. When the sandwiches finally came they were unappetizing: cold raw tomato and cold cheese. During all of this we saw the server a few times but she was brief and acted like she was too rushed to take the time to talk to us.


Great food, but service time is a little long.

Michelle Ferranti

Not my favorite

Kevin Young

Best seafood around! Try their many Greek dishes, they're tasty! And of course their breakfasts are feasts fit for the gods. Family friendly, clean, efficient yet relaxed service. We've never once left disappointed (or hungry). A frugal gourmet's oasis. Four star food, fast food prices.

Leslie Casey

Pub lunches prepared exceptionally well, and served by friendly staff in a spacious, tastefully-appointed space.

Rea Manderino

Quaint little place with diner options, upgrades and additions possible for most things. Breakfast menu is nearly all eggs, real maple syrup upon request, with nothing particularly that stands out. Simple foods with no fanfare.

gene lehto

Always great food and service!

James Grover

Simply the best.

Penny Dixon Gumm

Good food and great prices.

hawthrn13 .


Matt Beier

Great food and friendly atmosphere

James Smith

Always a great place for breakfast!

Amber Merritt

Food was cold and steak was not cooked right and my cheese on my omelet wasnt melted and was cold and the bacon was greasy and raw.. never going back again...

Anthony Adorno

Yes this is a place you can cosume food. Very middle of the road, however it is too loud for my taste. The food is also on the bland side, however it is cheap, and it is filling. You will find this place is often jam packed with people, as it is quite fun to be in. However, don't expect more than what you see, genuine through and through.

Jen R

I have been to the pub on many occasion and have always been very happy with food and service. But today was very disappointing I have never been to any restaurant where I had to eat my meal on my lap yrs we had a large party and I was late but there were open tables they coyld have offered me and my daughter to sit at. And they never gave us her order of french toast I was not pleased

Tyler Hecker

Always a good choice, good customer service and prices that make you think it's a different decade

Timothy Robare

That maple walnut chicken is amazing. Good service as well

Curt Hahn

Excellent huge menu, excellent service and an institution in Keene for decades. Great family restaurant, nice bar too!

Madison Billingsley

Had the baked scrod this time and it was great. I've never had anything bad at The Pub.

Stacey Mitchell

Local restaurant great for breakfast decent prices.

Lizabeth McLaughlin

A wonderful family establishment. The food is great and reasonably priced.

Shane Moynihan

Front of house need to focus on giving accurate wait times, being told 10 minutes but getting seated 30 minutes later is unacceptable. The host stand also favors customers and seats them before first time guest, prolonging the wait even more. Food was mediocre and old tasting. Wait staff lacked personality overall if I could give a negative star rating I would.

Beckuh Carmosino

The pub is the best place to go in Keene for breakfast. They are open all day and serve their delicious, inexpensive breakfast dishes all day and night. I have never had better chocolate chip pancakes. If I'm in Keene I have to stop by the pub because I am never disappointed by the food or service.

Suzy Noyes

Friendly staff. Good food. Reasonably priced.

Richard Castine

Pubs great I've lived here all of my life great service great food

bethanybechard .

The Pub is one of mine and my daughter's favorite places to go. The food is delicious. The service spectacular and the price point reasonable for any budget. They serve breakfast all day and pictured is my favorite meal, Chicken Cruz. It's fried chicken breast in a mushroom, marsala type sauce. The portion is easily enough for two meals, or two people (I believe they let you share a plate for a small fee). Really by far one of the most versatile places in town offering Greek salad, shrimp scampi, Reubens, chicken wings, filet mignon, lamb and pancakes all on the same day during the same hour!

Allyson Maloney

Had a great brunch, staff was friendly and prices are great!

Michael Golden

What you pay for what you get it can't be beat. The staff is great, so friendly!

Lisa H

Good food... Affordable prices... Nice atmosphere.

theresa murphy

Very good food as well ad service.

Tonia Magee

Great food great service and great prices

Edward Carreno

The prices are low and I would have gladly paid more. The staff was pleasant, service was good and the food was quality. Will recommend to a friend.

avaya Sullivan

Good prices, good atmosphere, good service

Michael Lynch

Great service, amazing breakfast, and good prices.

Jennifer Curtis

Good prices, good food, great service!

Dana Tandy

Good food and service.

Bruce Rokes

Food is good.

Emily Russman

Consistent food, nice staff. Great breakfast spot.

Brent Skinner

This is a great place with inexpensive, good-tasting fare.

Jean Mclendon

Went for breakfast, everything was ok but the biscuits we're undercooked

Dekotah Runninghorse

Great place to eat and enjoy for any occasion. Staff was great even when it was really busy. Food was excellent.

J Rousseau

Good service, reasonably priced

Claire Koutras

Always great

Harold Pollock

Good prices, slow service, might go back but I don't feel that I would change my opinion

Sarah Dunton

For price food was good

audrey christian

The food was good and like the idea of the portions it wasn't overabundance .

Ella Fleurant

We have been here a few times and have always been happy with the food and service. Our burgers were cooked to perfection and the onion rings are awesome.

Arnold Newman

Excellent service by a friendly waitstaff. Seating is prompt. Menu is extensive. Best Greek Salad ever. Have eaten there breakfast, lunch, and dinner. always had a good experience.

Anrold Newman

Great food at reasonable prices. Servers are pleasant and efficient. I enjoy breakfast that is served all day! Greek Salad is best i’ve had anywhere

Windmill Creek

This is our favorite place to eat in Keene. Prices are honest, fair and food is always excellent. Staff is great and go an extra mile to please. Menu has an adequate variety to choose from. Never had a bad experience and we have been going there for many years.

Kelsey Whittemore

Good cheap food with fantastic service!

Jack Bouley

This is the place I go 80% of the time. I order The Cameron with scrambled eggs, add feta, and grilled biscuits with sausage gravy on the side :) Great service, great prices. Breakfast all day.

cedric lamy

Go here for breakfast a few times. Great prices for decent food.

Robert Walker

Employees indifferent to the fact I damaged my car backing into a large rock protecting a flower garden. "Happens quite often!"

Mike Athansopoulos

Good food great prices the best service

Zoa Given

Go here often. Very casual. They have a wide assortment of menu items. Often noisy.

Colette Coppola

Great service, food was excellent, even though very busy I felt I was well taken care of and service was fast. Will go here again when passing thru area again.

Jeffrey Dumais

Service was great; food was very good

Virginia Ward

Great dinner! The lazy lobster was great! Everyone in our party was very happy with the atmosphere, staff, good & drinks!

George Gregoire

Food and service was excellent

Sean Jablon

Great affordable breakfast, with polite staff, awesome atmosphere, and delicious real maple syrup!

mikael mattson

They had awfully service and rude employees the food was cold and under cooked

Heather Castor

I love the Pub! Very accommodating with the diet restrictions I have always fast good and great service!

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