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Here you have all the opinions of people like you who consume the products of Corner House Inn (Catering) in the area close to New Hampshire.

To this day the business receives a rating of 4.3 over 5 and this score was based on 139 reviews.

As you can see its rating is good, and it is founded on a very large number of reviews, so we may say that the valuation is quite accurate. If people have bothered to value when they are satisfied, it works.

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REVIEWS OF Corner House Inn IN New Hampshire

Jonann Petty

Red One63

Kenn McCreary

Renee Woods

Peter Smart

Abigail Hambrook

Good place for a drink after work!

Cindy Campobasso

Martin Glenday


Miller Krauss

Stoytelling night a lot of fun, nice meal, Great Place.

Joe Sampson

My family and I hit the Corner House most Friday nights for local music, good food and a great pub atmosphere that is somehow kid friendly at the same time! Split a corner house salad, never go without the nachos and order a cranberry crusted haddock for your main course. The Corner House is a local hangout with a lot of heart.

Chad Jackson

Joseph Newman

Erik Snyder

I dont know where you can get great service, a perfectly cooked meal (including bread, salad, and a bottle of wine) for two and walk out spending less than $50. Their "Wine Not" on Mondays is worth the frost heaves.

Kelsey Trites

Dean Dexter

Patricia Finch

The food very good and the bartender a lovely kind lady. Had a nice time. Merci

Taryn Flynn

Great food & atmosphere !

Jeff McCarthy

(Translated by Google) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! (Original) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Corina Alexander

Service was blah. Food tasted like sawdust. They need to learn to make vegetarian meals. Very over priced. My husband said his steak tips were ok, but the asparagus was tough.

leonardo somana

Excellent food

Tamara Mahoney


Very busy

Monica Derr

Chip Stata

Attended one of their story telling dinners. The story teller was excellent, but was over shadowed by the poor attitude of the wait staff and bland food. Our waitress seemed annoyed and defensive. My impression was the large group drawn by event was an unwelcome stress for the staff. The meal was reminiscent of a low sodium, TV dinner with a heavy sauce covering either apathy or a lack of skill in preparation of fish. Even still, I felt sympathetic toward our waitress and was inclined to over tip until the bill arrived with a 20% tip already included. While I expect "6 or more" gratuities... in general I find the practice insulting, and a bit tacky and certainly did not expect it at an event designed by the house specifically to draw a crowd. Left with the sense of being duped and a strange urge to find a salt lick.

Irene F

such delicious burgers, fish and chips and great pub far all around. We usually eat upstairs in the pub and its comfortable and has a bar as well.

Linda Souliere

Always a pleasant enviorment.

C R Brady

"Jane's Salad" with grilled shrimp - yum YUM!

Jeff Reed


Justin Egan

Jeffrey Boynton

David Boyce

We have been enjoying The Corner House Inn for years and always have a good meal and great service.

betsy jancic

Just stopped in on a Monday night after restaurant being closed for a while and had a inexperienced hostess tell us we could not even go into bar because he is too full and 6 people just walked in..... ??btw there were empty seats at bar...get help instead of turning people on away or a better bartender

Bill H

Great food and atmosphere.

Michael Doyon

Good food. Really nice bar upstairs. Good selection of drinks too.

Lobin Frizzell

Delish and the atmosphere amazing.

Richard Provost

Great Food

Thad Richardson

Paul Helfinstein

Great live music in a very quaint pub

Bill Gassman

Story night was a great time. Good food selection at a fixed price, fun family style seating and good stories.

Tom Condon

I have been dining at the Corner House for over 20 years and it was always a family favorite. The last time I was there it was average at best. This visit was down right awful. The food did not live up to the expectations and the approach to their famous mushroom and lobster bisque was not the same. Overall, a big disappointment.

Papa Joe Gaudet

I've been coming here for Thirty years. And it's because it's great.

Glenn Woodard

Good food. Live local music in the pub on certain nights.

Chase Taylor

Brenda Dye

Mike Nolan

Butternut Pumpkin Ravioli and Fried Oysters!!

elizabeth a keyes

Joe Williams

The service was great and the staff were friendly I ordered the NY. Sirloin Oscar the steak was over cooked and tasteless the lobster was fozen and tasted like it was freezer burnt there are too many restaurants near by that serve way better food I will not be returning.

kim Cullins

Susan Hunt

Stephen Reynolds

Greg Reed

Definitely try the roasted chicken sandwich, fantastic sandwich to eat in Sandwich NH. Also try the onion rings with the orange ginger mayo. Great atmosphere and very friendly service. Reasonably priced! Almost forgot to mention the French Onion Soup... Best I've had!

michelle Greene

Avard Brann

Good food, friendly, great music! A touch on the high side for price.

Ryan Lally

The best everything!

Kaleb Phelps

Food is great and is a awesome deal for the price.

Michelle A Gerrior

Amy Ormonde

Jamie Brunt

Excellent service, food and atmosphere..

Finnian O'Connell

Gemma Shay

Awesome little gem hidden away. We were recommended by a friend I love all the Ambiance the decor and the service was amazing the food was on point

Theresa Hlushuk

Ate in the pub. Good music and great atmosphere.

Julie Scott

Sunday Brunch is always delicious

Jack Sengstaken

New owner fired Hisan the face of the corner house for 30 years. Rest of the staff quit. That’s all that needs to be said. She won’t last through the winter.

Andrea B. Johansen

Sweet potato polenta was good, Corner House salad also great with grilled shrimp. Very good hot apple cider. Make sure to notice the decor touches upstairs!

John Morrissey

Pablo V

Food was greasy, bland and over priced. Go to Common Man instead.

Kathy Starke

Great place to go. Love the Wednesday music gigs.

Jon Boynton

To bring a little context to the review that I'm about to write, my family and I have been coming here for years to enjoy a quality meal in a rustic and warm environment. The waitstaff was always pleasant, and we would always be made to feel welcome and cherished as frequent customers. We loved coming to this place, so much so that my wife and I had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding at this very location. And now, the juicy part... We decided to revisit the Corner House this evening, and were surprised to hear that the business had transitioned into new ownership. Immediately, I knew we were about to dive down the proverbial "rabbit hole"... First off, the welcoming at the door was lackluster; we were told that we couldn't sit anywhere in the dining room, and that we had to take a place up on the second floor tavern area...this can be a problem for some of the older generational guests that I often see patronizing this restaurant. Once we got up to the tavern area, we were told that we couldn't sit at a corner table, and that we had to pick another...okay, that's fine...but did we have to grab our own chairs and place them at the table we ended up eating at? Yep, we sure did. The table itself had multiple salt and pepper shakers, and was missing silverware at every placement; not a great start to a restaurant experience. Second, the servers were clearly NOT trained very well; as a former restaurant employee of ten years, I was taught early of the "1-3-5" rule. To clarify, within 1 minute of a group sitting down at their table, they must be greeted and have their drink order taken. Within 3 minutes, those drinks should be on the table in front of the guests. Within 5 minutes, their food order must be taken. This rule is specifically designed to ensure that each group of guests that come into your restaurant are all treated fairly and justly, and to make them feel like they matter. The server, clearly not trained very well, didn't arrive to take our drink orders until well past the 10-minute mark. Even after he did, we still didn't receive our drinks for another 5 minutes. Then, after dropping off our drinks, he took our food order and walked away, only to return about 20 minutes later to tell us that he had forgotten to send our order to the kitchen...strike two. Strike three was much simpler: the food... I must admit that I was too hungry to complain at the time that my meal was sub-par. I ordered the Chicken Parm, and the pasta was extremely overcooked, the marinara sauce tasted like it came from a can, and the plate on which they placed my food was much too small to hold the entirety of my dish. Was it worth the 26 dollars I paid for my dinner? Absolutely not. My wife, who recently became gluten-free, was not happy with the food selection that the menu offered, and I happened to agree. A final point: I find it extremely cheap and lazy to take formerly popular dishes from the previous ownership and try to make them yours; it shows inexperience, ineptitude, and arrogance...three extremely detrimental things to a restaurant. In conclusion, one thing that newcomers in the town of Sandwich should be aware of is that residents of Sandwich HATE change. If the reputation holds true, the new owners of the Corner House Inn have got a serious roadblock ahead of them, and they would do well to quickly figure out ways to wow their customers...because I certainly was not impressed. The way I see it, when this business went up for sale, and prospective buyers were engaging with the outgoing owners, all the incoming owners saw were dollar signs...nothing more. Restaurants can be great money-making machines, but only if you're willing to do the work. Google needs to reset all reviews for this restaurant and start fresh with the new owners, because the 4.4 stars this place currently has is extremely misleading.

William Robinson

Great service

Mastercraft Roofing Siding Windows Awnings

excellent food and service. A little out of the way from our Moultonborough cottage but well worth the drive!


This was magical dinner to say the least. Went out for burgers and a beer on Thursday night. The new ownership is better than ever and I didn't think it could top the last 15 years I've been a patron. My burger was excellently cooked well done and the cheese was practically infused into the burger. LOVED the touch of uncooked mushrooms - never thought to do that as it added a nice flare. The entire staff as helpful and on top of things as I could hope for. We loved our experience and could even hear others at other tables saying the same. Anyone who doesn't love this place clearly needs to take it easy on the drinks. Certainly set a high bar!


Alex22 Marshall

Chris Bernau

I've never had anything that wasn't delicious. The French onion soup is especially good. Nice ambiance and friendly and efficient staff.

emily y

Jon Lappin

Outstanding restaurant. Go every year for our anniversary. Steaks, seafood, wines are all great. Excellent zucchini bread.

Rae Louise Hull

roger ames

We had a great lunch at Corner House today. The fried fiddleheads for a appetizer was awesome. We had a great meal as well. Not our first time thier and won't be our last. Be back soon.

Camille Buckley

My drink, rum fire was disappointing, very watered down. Pot stickers were described as "lightly" fried. They were deep fried. Would have preferred steamed but there wasn't an option. Food was edible but very average. Noisy atmosphere, hard to have a quiet conversation.

Matt Unger

Alex Michaelis

Simply perfect in every way.

Katherine Melanson

Michel Prause

Leo Greene


Nancy Sullivan

Menu has completely changed under recent new ownership. There were 6 of us and we have all been here many times, none of us was happy with the new menu, and struggled to find a choice from the offered selections. I wish I could rave about the changes but cannot. The menu was a mishmash and for the most part, very overpriced! $11 for a house or caeser salad is too much, it’s lettuce!! Food was fair at best. The bright spot was the waiter who was excellent. After being patrons for more than 20 years, sadly we won’t be returning or recommending to others. As the saying goes” if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, it’s broken now!

Hayden Craft

Terrific food and a high-speed wait staff couldn't ask for more house was packed

Theodore Pike

Has been always a great stop for food and drinks in a beautiful new england style looking restaurant. Just foun out that they are under new management and I have not been there in about nine months

Bruno Coppola

Delicious food and a great Pub area!

Ed M

Went out to grab a burger and a beer at the Corner House, which was once one of our favorite places in the area. Under new ownership the last few months, each time we’ve gone we’ve been disappointed. This last visit I feel removed the Corner House from our list of favorites. Burgers and beer is setting the bar low for a Wednesday night out. The wait staff has been nearly completely replaced and unfortunately that service has been compromised and is now lacking, except for one waitress, Erin, who seemed to be doing everything including mixing drinks and serving tables. The wait for our medium done burgers was over 45 minutes in a half empty upstairs tavern. As the only burger on the menu at $14, it was boring, and well done to the point the cheddar cheese was nearly melted away completely. The added mushrooms came uncooked! You can sense the disorganization as there were other complaints from other tables within earshot of ours. Sad to say the magic of the Corner House is gone for us after being patrons for 14 years. Ed Tamworth

Avery Hazelton

Great food music and service

Jeffry W. Good

Wonderful place to eat with the hole family

Jim Mykland

Great food, great atmosphere.

Donald Tongue

A wonderful secluded spot with tons of character and charm and terrific food.

John Saunders

I recently visited the Corner House Inn for the first time. I enjoy finding these diamonds in the rough and have made it a point for many years now to seek out this type of establishment when I go out. I liked the atmosphere, a cozy old time country /rustic type theme. The server was excellent, very attentive granted the restaurant was not busy at that time.. The prices where a bit high in my opinion but not totally unexpected when going to these type of places. The food was simply unimpressive. I don’t think anyone disliked what they had, but there simply was no wow factor. I personally had the prime rib @34$ and quite frankly I’ve made better at home. Another thing that really bugged me was my wife wanted a sandwich, and it seems that none of the burger/ sandwiches comes with fries? It cost extra.. This boggles me a little.. That would seem as a standard side especially when you pay 13$ for a sandwich.. The place was nice I just have had better for less elsewhere in terms of food..

Steven Brown

This place used to be great but lately not so much, we used to frequent this establishment, way over cooked steak, over cooked fish that can be eaten raw why overcook it, freezer burnt lobster in what used to be amazing chowder, last time we where here for breakfast there was food from the night before on the floor how gross, you don't clean up? Management take notice, please make this the place it used to be, the options in this area are very limited.

Kerry Lynch

Genuine New England ambiance, great drinks (check out the 2nd floor Adirondack lodge style pub), scrumptious food, including the seafood.

Jim Hart

Andrew Ziegele

Upstairs has a great bar if you can't get a reservation, you can probably just eat upstairs!!! Great food, great value, great place!

Stephen Littlehale

Wesley Wallace

Usually a good place with nice atmosphere a good food. Service last time we were there was very slow in spite of fact that we said were going to a show

Christopher Morgan

Mark Cheney

Jane Harris

Great food, great atmosphere. One of my favorites

Jo Radner

Micah Mickelboro

The food portions are large and delicious!

Robyn Latta

Had my rehearsal/welcome dinner here and it was great. We were all in a private area and the service was really good. We ordered ahead of time from the catering menu so had limited choices, but everything was really, really delicious. I'd love to come back here and have a meal off the regular menu

Jean Dupre

Nice atmosphere, live music Friday night. Food was good, lots of staff on the floor. Food was carried upstairs by heavy footed staff and used dishes back down. Quite distracting. Prices were high for standard fare.

Jeff Ell

The atmosphere and people are very nice food is always great they have some of the best specials on the weekends and then having the ability to go upstairs and listen to music in a super cool atmosphere is all perfect

Crofton Marshall

Good food

Helen LaRowe

Craig Towle

Tony Raymond

Shana Drew

Amanda Twaddle

Cheryl H.

This was my first and only visit to the Corner House. My family and I came for the storyteller dinner and to celebrate my husband's birthday. I didn't realize we were getting a predetermined meal so that was disappointing. Also the wait staff was really grumpy and harried right off the bat. Then a misunderstanding over my son's order only made matters worse. I was desperate for a pleasant interaction but it never came. I felt like I was being judged in advance for something I didn't do. They also charged us an automatic group gratuity. All this leads me to think the usual crowd that attends the storyteller dinner is cheap and rude. However I'm neither.... Idk but this experience doesn't make me want to come back. I read the other reviews and it sounds like the Corner House has a loyal clientele. They won't miss me.

Tom Pinckney

We were staying in the area and wanted a change from cooking dinner at our cottage. We drove over to the Corner House Inn on a recommendation. The Inn is in Center Sandwich which is a small town barely bigger than a cross roads. Food I had the chicken piccata and my wife had the baked haddock. Both were well done versions of comfort-food. The chicken was not over cooked and the lemon butter wine sauce was tasty. The baked fish had a good crust of buttery bread crumbs on top. Both were served with the ever-popular "summer vegetable medley" of grillde summer squash and zucchini. There was also a side of overly herby rice. Decent list of wines by the glass. Decor We ate downstairs in the inn's dining room. It was comfortable and "country casual". Pleasant enough. Service Our waitress was apologetic about being new, but quite competent and efficient without being too chatty. Value Reasonably priced for being in a touristy area. All in all, I'd go again and recommend it.

Charlie Emmons

Marie Hentges

Storytelling night was fun food was great too.

Theresa Goodwin

G Colv853

Don't get the prime rib, save your money and go to The Bob House. It was tasteless, no au jus for dipping, over cooked and zero seasoning and very expensive considering this.

Dianne Chase

Catherine Anderson

Great food and atmosphere

Bud Patterson

Very good food and live music when I went.

Shawn W Dagon

Stick with the steaks and burgers- Seafood was fair.

Doug Maynard

1st time there. Very pleasant server. Food was ok. I love sea scallops and had the scallop special but found their sea scallops tough enough to cut it with a knife. Tasted fine and had a great newburgh sauce but were tough.

Joan Calarese

Limited menu

Mark Garland

Great food. Was sorry Not so now great staff food needs help this was post from be for

aimee manfredi-sanschagrin

Atmosphere is great we've been going to the corner house for years but to be honest the menu is in desperate need of updating. Don't think they've added anything new to their menu in the last 8+ years. We were pretty much regulars now we go once a year and not sure we will go back again unless they change/add to their options.

MattnJeni M

Warm New England atmosphere. Great food and drink. Fantastic. Will always return.

dick johnson

Good value for money

Collin Sheehan

Ian J. Fair

Great little pub and restaurant in the middle of Sandwich. If you catch the right time you can enjoy live music too!

Richard Comer

Samantha K

Love this place to the moon and back!!! Was brought here on our first day almost 2 years ago and fell in love with the atmosphere. The kids love it there as well. I love sitting beside the fireplace on the blue sofas. Of course it makes it a little more challenging to eat but I love those sofas. It's great that they have live bands and musicians there. I've been trying to catch a venison dish like I had my first time coming to this place and have not been successful. Anyways great place to bring your family and friends. The upstairs dining is my most favorite spot. Very cozy relaxed atmosphere. :)

Kimball Packard

Great food, setting and staff. The pub upstairs has music on Fridays, and in the winter, Wednesdays too. Their Monday Night, Wine Not dinner is not to be missed, 40.00 for two people, with a bottle of wine, 2 entrees, (they do 6 different ones each week) salads, their homemade rolls and coffee or tea. They even do it year round! The regular menu is creative and the portions are plentiful.

Neysa Packard

Had a great time, enjoyed the music and always get a delicious meal. Highly recommend.

Sally Buta

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