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REVIEWS OF Memphis Championship Barbecue IN Nevada

Roger Parkerson

Had never been here and went with a friend for lunch. We got right in and we were greeted by our friendly server right away. They don't have a lunch special menu, so I think you tend to order too much, but I tried the 2 combo plate. The meats were well prepared, the baby back meat fell off the bone and the brisket was tender and flavorful as well. I like their mild BBQ sauce and it definitely made the meal. One of the two sides I had was green beans, they were a disappointment with no taste. They were supposed to be cooked with bacon which would give them flavor, I think the cook forgot it this day. The cole slaw however was creamy and good. All in all a nice experience at a moderate but probably reasonable price.

Anthony Garner

Had better bbq.

Jessica T

New menu. Never should have changed. No green apple tea, no rolls, not as good as it used to be

heidi Ray

I always enjoy this place, been going for years, never have I had a bad experience. Food is always accurate and yummy. Place is clean and staff is friendly. Plenty of parking.

Christopher Jeremiah

Fine food but not fine prices! Sandwich, skins, 2 beers and other drink was over 50 bucks before tip

Andy Shreiar

Great food. Highly reccomend!

Amber Fuller

A lot of hype for overpriced and overcooked BBQ. My money would have been better spent at Famous Dave's. Probably won't be back, but I see why everyone enjoys it here. The restaurant decor is unique and interesting and the food is tasty. Just not as tender as I would expect "Championship" BBQ to be.

K Miller

Food was below average in taste and too expensive!

anthony Halsey

Friendly staff and GREAT Memphis-style BBQ!

Timothy Mara

Always great! I only wish there was one closer to me.

Damious Durugai

Every time I go to Vegas this is another mandatory stop. The burnt ends are amazing and I always get at least the two meat plate! Often times I'm more excited about getting food here than what I'm going to Vegas for to begin with, lol.

Gia Kamille

I was not impressed at all. The food was just OK and completely overpriced. The red beans and rice are really salty and you don't get enough sauce. The ribs were tender though and the Apple salad with Chicken was actually pretty tasty and filling.

Chris Herzog

Best BBQ I have had in recent memory. Go here if you want a good meal.

Ty Branaman

Nice place to have a good meal

Dina MT

Love this placed. Their sweet apple blossom iced tea is refreshing... And the creamed corn is to die for!!

Victoria Cramer

Not the best price for what it is. There seems to be drastic changes from the last time I'd been there, starting with drastic changes to the menu and quality of food. Some prior favorites were removed from the menu entirely, and others were renamed. The brisket was dry and seemingly oven baked, then slapped with a generous portion of watery sauce to make up for a lack of spice. The mac and burnt ends was mediocre at best, with small (raisin sized) burnt ends dipped in a sweet sauce that overpowered the mildly flavored (runny) mac & cheese, all topped with plain salad croutons to further detract from the flavor and texture. The service was the best part of the meal, as our server was polite, attentive and clean. After so many good trips to this chain and specifically this location, today's experience was a disappointment. The meal quality was not worth what I paid, but at one time it would have been. If this is the direction this franchise is going, I would not recommend dining here to others.

Mary Brackett

Great Southern style food. My daughter was born and raised in South Carolina and was so excited to find a place that made a great Chess pie and baked sweet potatoes. It was like being back home, right down to the Ball jar glasses of sweet tea and lemonade.

Leumas Kharzim

Good barbecue, friendly staff, nice restaurant.

Niko Dahlheimer

Went through the drive thru. Quick, easy, and tasted fantastic even after having to drive it home 30 minutes away. I wish there was some form of online ordering. Maybe one day. Regardless, still great.

Frank Fico

Haven't been here in a few years.... Not as you used to be. May wait a few more and see if it gets better.

Judie Pokakaa

Thus place was a favorite of our for years. Now it was just ok. The prices were a bit high for the amount of food we got. The place was empty for 2 in the afternoon. It was very clean and the staff was friendly.

Tamara Winyard

I DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL, I was a customer for 10+ years... the company is under new management... it is not the same place anymore except decor. They have lowered the quality of food, the atmosphere has changed and they have dramatically upped prices like $20 on some dishes... Although the staff is friendly the Social customer service is horrific, I would imagine run by the new ownership. They delete any feedback on Facebook (SHADY) that is not positive, they are condescending and rude... I could go on... this literally used to be my favorite restaurant in town I catered work events, hosted birthdays, went here for my anniversary... you name it... I will not go back. There are better BBQ places in town. Check the yelp Reviews.

T Madtindz

Great staff,vgreat food, we always have a wonderful experience when we eat here

Dale Bear

The ribs were amazing, pulled pork for days, and burnt tips that tasted like heaven! Sweet butter on fresh rolls, and red beans with rice was great! Carrie is our favorite waitress! Will definitely be coming back, or at least finding one on the East side!

Eric Varney

Worst place ever to eat. .food was decent the atmosphere and the people that work there is a joke highly recommend they close down and move back to Memphis

Frank Nicodemo


Spook Spook

Kind of disturbing that your menu has changed and food got mediocre. You once had good standards of quality and now it's gone. You have great waitress but even staff your are demoralized. I hope you change your ways. I'd hate to see you guys disappear.

Steve Fogarty

Family friendly. Delicious BBQ


Good service, small sides, so-so BBQ. Closer to 3 star than 4.

Sonet Guru

Awesome food and prices were not bad wait staff is a little slow bit over all I thought it was a good experience.

Richard Cramer

Oh how i love this place. If bbq is your thing this is the place to do it.

Noni Kaylor

First time and pleasantly surprised. Food was great and service was good. Will go back.

Brian Preis

The last few excellent barbecue places in the country.

Greg Willis

Really good pulled pork and beef brisket. Not sure who started pulled chicken but I'll pass everytime from everywhere.

Dennis Kesner

Always good food, always friendly help, and they have the best fried dill pickles anywhere in Las Vegas.

Gary Ring

Service was great and the Rib fell off the bone.

Danamarie Baraga

The BEST Bar-B-Que ever. I never thought Lucille's could be beat today I, was proven absolutely wrong! Tried Memphis today for lunch and I'm 100% sold, the food speaks for its self. The customer service was just like being back home, comfortable and so easy going yet they made me feel welcomed and important. I was so excited to try this new bbq that I actually forgot to take photos, which entirely isn't me! Next visit to MCB, I will take photos for update. Really outstanding food.

Jeffrey H

Burnt ends...good

Deb M

They've cut down the menu and raised the prices. The food was good but I like my food screaming hot. This was not. It's been about a year since we've been here. I don't know that we'll go back. Service was slow and it wasn't that busy.

Frances B

Great food reasonable prices and friendly staff

Yibby Avila

Great ribs very tasty will come back.


DO NOT GO HERE! The new owners (who do not live in Las Vegas) are using the good name of the man who built-up this business and reputation for years to take Las Vegas residents for a ride while offering little in return but savorless, canned food at exorbitant $$$ prices you wouldn't serve to a dog! Could not finish the meal it was so bad. Intially spoke to a supervisor who said he would refund my money, the manager Martini, then said the supervisor didn't know the policy. HE'S THE SUPERVISOR! I have asked to speak to her supervisor, the owner, who who has yet to call me back. It is not ok to trick people, take their money for disqusting, dry tasteless meat under the guise of another's hard earned reputation. They don't even offer a side of hot bar-b-que sauce with meat, just something watered down on the table in the most unsanitary way, and have replaced bread with hard-crusted cornbread that tastes as it was reheated in a microwave.The potato salad must come from a tub, nothing is freshly made, just horrible. STAY AWAY.

Courtney Guy

Table of seven. We ordered lots of different things. Pulled pork sandwich was good, the ribs were better. Barbecue nachos (pulled chicken) were really big and way to much cheese. The wings were good. The service was good and the atmosphere was nice.

Rebecca vautier

Went to the location on warm springs. The food came out 5 minutes after ordering and it was all dry. 10 dollars for a Bloody Mary with no vodka. Water had white things floating in it.

Bjarki Magnusson

Friendly helpful staff serving excellent meals. The King Sandwich is always a sure bet, but this time I had the apple walnut chicken salad. It is now my favorite. The sweet tea and homebutter are always a hit too. I'll be back for more.


Picked up a full rack of baby back ribs at the drive through tonight. The ribs were like beef (pork?) jerky. Dry and very hard to chew. The cornbread was cold like it just came out of the fridge. This what you charge 30 dollars for? Terrible food and service.

Anita Wegman

Food was amazing. Service was great. Decoration flawless. A combination that will be bringing me back. Will be recommending to others.

Jon Nelson

Nothing special about this place. The food was OK, and was just warm. The sauce was nothing to write home about. The decor probably hasn't been updated since the early 90's.

Marissa Gadow

Glad we got this delivered. If we'd eaten at the restaurant, we would have hurt some feelings. Spent $90 on dinner for three and only one pie was really edible. I had the chicken and biscuit sandwiches with coleslaw and mac. The sandwiches were not fresh and were rather dry. I had to add some honey to make them palatable. The coleslaw is vinegar-based and was not good. The mac was also very bland and tasted like plain noodles. My mom had the BBQ half chicken with baked beans. The chicken was gamey like it was reheated or held under a heat lamp for a long time. Grandma had the ribs, which she did like. We tried the banana pudding and the chess pie. The banana pudding was made with overly ripe bananas. The chess pie, however, was delicious. It's the only thing that we finished.

Rita Odom

ALWAYS amazing food. We went in around 2pm, and it was dead. The waitress was taking a break and seemed surprised to see Us. I had burnt ends and pulled pork, and it was flavorful, hot, and well-cooked. My date had fried catfish, which was equally enjoyable. We shared an appetizer of potato skins loaded with bbq pork, cheese, and chives with a kind of bbq ranch. Big ol' jars of root beer rounded out the menu. The food came fast, and We took home leftovers. One of My favorite places!

Mary P

Just wasnt for us. Waited. Food was ok. Dessert banana cream the bomb. Service ok. Price fair. My hubby out cooks them anyday!!

Seth Gordon

I'm honestly shocked that his place has stayed in business for this many years. I've eaten here 3 times - once back in the mid-90s and a couple times in recent years when friends chose the dinner location. Every time the result was the same - bad-to-mediocre quality food served without good customer service. I don't know how to account for so many good reviews citing delicious food; either Vegas people don't know decent bbq or every time I've been here the cooks were not up to par.

Oscar N

This used to be my favorite BBQ place to eat till they screwed up the menu and got rid of the apple sweet tea, what the hell

A Grandusky

2 . ..2 for 2; chicken, brisket, ribs, okra, fries, slaw, cornbread. ..

Bill Smith

Excellent service and food was great. Took a party of 8 and got us in and out quickly and cleanly. Highly recommend.

Charles L

RIP off. 32.99 meal .only had two small peace oc piece chicken super dry and some other meat...I would never come back again...tgi Friday are way better!!!

Ashley Snyder

The staff were friendly and my husband and son liked it but I thought the food was overpriced and very dry. Sides and salads were dry and not good. Ribs and meat dry and charred. Very disappointing and expencive. Also two orders were incorrect as things were left out of the orders. Staff fixed later what was forgotten but could not make up for poor taste and high price. We live right across the street but will not be back. Worst bbq i have ever had, sad to say, but true.

John Penland

Great food, great service. Priced great. Nice atmosphere. Enjoyed my meal and had a nice time.

Lisa Chapman

Seriously has gone downhill which is sad. I loved this place.

Greg Nichols

Great tasting food, but now the portions are smaller and some things just aren't the way they used to be.

Bonnie Brown

Went to an end of life VA benefits meeting and was served with a free small 3 meat plate. Their barbeque chicken was great! It had a 2 rib sample, which was ok... I ALWAYS love me some brisket! This was a one taste of brisket and throw it AWAY!! BLAH! It tasted like it was BAD MEAT! Even when free, I can say that I don't like whatever that cole slaw was made from & the "brisket" was immediately tossed out!

Steve West

Good food and efficient and friendly staff

ted rozman

Great bbq with great prices. Friendly staff too

Carolyn Jones

From Memphis, I wasn't impressed. I had pulled pork hopefully the ribs are better.

Don Mercer

Food was good, more expensive than I remembered it to be.

Robert Lynn

Good variety of BBQ reasonably priced either die in or drive threw

Brady C

Visited last week and was given a much smaller menu and no free rolls. Waitress said the place had been turned over to the owner/founder's kids. They have made the cardinal mistake of fixing something that doesn't need it. They have removed many popular entrees and side items. They claim there was a dispute with the supplier of the rolls. I don't buy it as they could have easily found another supplier. Message to the kids: PUT BACK THE OLD MENU AND ROLLS! Stop destroying what you have by trying to be fancy employing mail order degree for management type tactics. Continuing down this current path will lead to a for sale sign on the door.

Shannon Robertson

We went for Father's Day dinner the food is the best so delicious. I ordered the King pulled pork sandwich it was wonderful !

Sandy Brandenburg

The food has gotten worse each time we've had Memphis.Tonights dinner was the WORST! The fattiest brisket,NASTY!They actually put the sour cream ON the baker's,and of course it soured! NEVER again will we eat at Memphis.

Jennifer Staples

Delicious food and affordable prices! Carrie was our server and she was an absolute doll. Great customer service!

Noah Abrahams

It was okay, and it's right near my office, but that's about it. The brisket was boring, the pulled pork was eh, and the ribs were decent, but everything was dunked in sauce instead of just being well smoked. They did have collard greens, which is a plus, but in the end I care more about the meat than how much cornbread they give you or how much pie is on the menu. It wasn't bad by any means, but given the option, I'll drive the extra 10 minutes and go down to Big B's for better food at lower prices.

Leigh Chanin

Got rid of extra perks. Potato was so small the lump of butter in the potato was larger than the potato. They used to be at least a third larger. Not going back.

Siobhan Caffrey

Like many recent comments, this place has gone downhill so fast since the new management has been in place. Food quality in serious decline with many fewer options, no substitutions allowed like before and prices ridiculously inflated. Came back one more time to see if anything had changed or improved and completely disappointed in the food and even the servers were apologizing about the changes. If it wasn't broke, why try to "fix" it? Never getting my business again which is sad because this used to be a frequent go to place for our family.

Suzana Sanchez

Soooo delish. Wish they had a lunch menu( meal type menu)

Linda McCracken

In the past when we went to Memphis BBQ it was always super delicious. This time left us with a disappointing taste in our mouths. It wasn't horrible but definitely not the quality I've gotten in the past.

Jeffrey Chlebowy

Fantastic BBQ, my family and I enjoyed our meals. Service was fast and friendly. Would have been 5 stars but they were out of pork rinds the day we visited.

Leeann Nguyen

This place is pretty good. It's never busy. The staff is very friendly. Their chicken was a little dry but good flavor. Their Ribs are delicious. Cornbread and honey butter! Yummmm. They have fried okra which is pretty hard to come by. Kid friendly. Good for big parties. Most of their sides are good. And Bananna pudding is delicious! If you read this whole review... You should just go try it!

Sharon Cooper

Great BBQ and excellent service!

Michael B

Great food good variety friendly staff fair prices

CG Hill

Been going to Memphis for years. Since they opened in Las Vegas. Apparently there is new ownership. Sorry to say, too many changes in menu and taste of my personal favorites. Not going back...too bad. That's a problem with Mega sized corporate Las Vegas.

T Wood

Place was empty yesterday.... yet service was awful, other customer was wondering around looking for staff to wait on him. Food was all fat and was cold, beer was warm. Never again

Adam Nichols

Used to be a good place to go for bbq but like many others have said they’ve recently changed basically everything that made it good. No more complimentary biscuits. Most of the sides and meals you liked are gone. The portions are much smaller. And the quality has greatly declined. The baked potatoes are tiny and swimming in more butter and sour cream than there was potato. The chicken was try and the turkey was terrible. The price for what you get is ridiculous. I don’t mind paying for bbq but this was awful. Go to Lucille’s or Bells if you want any kind of quality. Sad that it has to be this way but I’ll never be back.

Patrick McMurrough

Beautiful and quite place. The food is sub par on almost every level. This place needs Gordon Ramsey in a terrible way.

Roger Bond

Changed the whole menu. Took a lot of things off. Quality of meat went down drastically. I have been going there for years. Now, I got to find another bbq joint :-(

Jim Richardson

Excellent service and food, well worth the visit.

Aimee Renee Thrailkill

They don't have apple sweet tea, rolls, Hush Puppies OR burnt ends anymore...which are ALL things that I specifically ordered every time I went there. AND you have to pay PER corn bread muffin...they no longer serve the baskets. But, what I COULD order was still pretty always!

Corbin W

Seriously 7 pm on a Monday, no one in here. Not even staff waited in a empty restaurant to be seated. Made eye contact with someone behind the bar. No one came up to seat us. Apparently they're doing good enough they don't need customers. Waited about 5 minutes and left.

Honda Zeke

Good food and people

JustHaveLove .

Best smoked wings EVER. Super inexpensive. The staff was def in good spirits; really funny people. Not a bad place to go eat. If I didnt have kids I'd be there all the time.

Jesse C

Been eating at Memphis for years, decided to go have lunch with my mom. Never have been disappointed with them until now. They no longer have many of the items they used to have, got rid of the sweet apple tea and anything pulled chicken, menu is tiny and prices have gone up also! Time to find a new BBQ place!

Coleman Pettit

Good food and Markini is really nice.

rhino rule

Was alot better years ago.

Pamela Symsek

Had the pulled pork sandwich slaw was terrible and the pork not much flavor . Got the banana pudding awful tasted like the refrigerator, old 5.99 for 4 spoonful said it comes in a Mason jar it did not. I wouldn't serve this to my worst enemy.

Bonnie Venzor

There ribs are awesome ..You have to try them they are truly to die for...My husband and I will be back....instead of a 5 star you deserve a 10.....

Adam Taylor

Food is good, as good as Lucille's but not nearly as expensive. It is much much quieter then Lucille's too. You can actually have a conversation at Memphis BBQ and not shout. Service is always good, the restaurant is clean. Wish they would lose that air horn by the register though.


We have been coming to this location for 20 years... since we moved to Las Vegas. Today, we came with our 6 yr old and 2 yr old twins. It was pretty empty for 2pm, but that was ok. We were seated in a booth and noticed the menu had changed completely and our favorite dishes gone, so we ordered something new. Into our lunch, one of our daughters had become upset and an older gentleman who, I will say was already disgruntled from the start, began rudely commenting that we should leave... I took our daughter outside, but he continued to the point that WE were told to leave!!! We had arrived before the man and were already enjoying our food before he got there. We were treated poorly due to having children and I believe that the staff could have handled the situation better. This is supposed to be a family friendly restaurant and we will not return, even though this was one of our favorite restaurants in town.

Rachel Garner-Sedgwick

They changed thier menu, prices and food choices. I used to visit here regularly and it would always smell like a bbq joint with the meats slow cooking all day. This last time I visited they were under new management. First off it did not smell like a bbq joint. All the rich flavors that used to fill the air were nonexistent. They swapped the muffins for corn bread and are over changing on their entrees. I am all for restaurants making a change and trying something different but I feel as though Memphis went too far. Very disappointed and will not be returning.

Brett Ogin

Ordered it tonight from Postmates, it's the worst food I've eaten in months. The brisket was disgusting, the baby ribs were easily the worst I've ever eaten. The Mac n cheese was gross, didn't bother with the corn. Threw it in the trash, waste of money on this inedible garbage

daniel blankstein


Thomas Pugh

Memphis is a shadow of its former self. They changed the menu, taking off the grilled catfish, and other southern favorites, and replaced them with generic food without any character

Nickolas Carson

Changed the menu and ruined a Vegas institution, over priced as well now

Jerri West

We the Red Hats had a lot of fun the food was delicious waitresses we had were a lot of fun too

Michele Haldeman

Not as good as it used to be.

Ray Mcdowell

Great barbecue, great service! Only thing that was a disappointment was the fact that I could not dine inside and order meat by the pound.

Craig Saint Vincent

Average decent food no great. But mostly disturbing was that NO one was there on a Sunday evening. I mean no one eating there. We ordered to go food and the place was literally empty. Is never good to go to a restaurant that is empty. Just sayin

Ruby Tullis

Went for a reception, their food was just okay. All the same taste. Never eat there again.

Ann A

I wouldn't even give it 1 star the food isn't even 1 star especially not the service there are far better BBQ restaurants the sides at this place are very salty and the taste is like they are out of a can. Went when it wasn't very busy the place looks understaffed they lost my order so the food took about an hour to get out , and to get the bill it took another 20 minutes just a terrible long process i would recommend anyone to avoid, it's very disappointing how this place has gone down over the years fast, i used to love coming here and now i would never come back again. Also don't use the bathrooms they are the equivalent to Walmart bathrooms will take away some appetite.

Denise Freeman

Glad they had a vegan/vegetarian salad and it was good

Alberto German

Great Ribs. I recommend this place.

Cristina Sanchez

Enjoyed a family dinner combo. It was delicious, except the chicken was a little dry but everything else was amazing, excellent service! Will come back for sure.


Best bbq ever!!! Love this place!!!

Rand Ingraham

Food and Staff are good but the portions of meat are very small co.pared to other BBQ Places around here.

sherrillgraff creativehairnails

Food was great, missed the blackened ribeye no longer on the menu

Brent Stoll

This use to be a goto for BBQ but after this visit I will NEVER be going back. They recently changed their menu and I mean completely. They also changed the recipe of many of their side dishes and main courses. The price also went up and the portions went down. It almost has a feel like they are trying to go out of business. We were there on a Sunday afternoon and the place use to be steady if not busy now it had 1 other table. Very sad to see it go down hill so bad.

Joan Collins

Stephen was great. Food average. And I use to like it there.

debra j kasenberg

Our favorite server is so sweet and wonderful. Kelly White! She rocks! Great food,too!

Stephanie Frank

Great place to eat. Fun and friendly

Daxton Brumfield

Very good. Loved the burger I got

Amanda Condley

So delicious. A bit pricey but most barbeque is. I'm a St. Louis style ribs fan and they were fantastic. My husband is a huge baby back fan and he loved them. The mac n cheese is heavenly. We drove 30 mins each way for takeout and everything was amazing and well worth the drive. We've been going here for years now and it's hard to find another place that compares and that is consistent. the only issue we had was the our collars greens, while bursting with flavor were slightly undercooked... I still smashed them because they were that good but I saved half of one order and a full second one for tomorrow so I could reheat them and eat them fully cooked. highly recommend!!! oh and their ribeye is soooo frickin good. that magic dust they cook everything with is amazing. get extra and put it on everything including the mac n cheese. ohhhh and my hubby also said the mashed potatoes were extremely good!

Kim Salguero

My first time I was introduced to this place it was the one on Rainbow & since then my husband & I have been loyal customers but today we went to the one on warm springs rd & the menu has changed no big deal but the prices were raised way to high... we decided it wasn’t worth it and walked out! 10 yrs & now this. I’m sure we will not be the only ones walking out. Sorry

Andrew Parsley

The Waitress was Nice, but the BBQ Sucked. No Championship was Ever Won with this Overpriced Food. It was Not even as Good as the BBQ at Famous Dave's which I Never Eat. I am from Texas where BBQ Originated, Not in Memphis. For the $100 Price Tag for two people to eat, the Food should have come with to go portions. On a side Note: The Pecan Pie Was Awesome. This alone was the Reason for the Second Star, Otherwise, this place was a Zero in My Book. I Won't go back there even if they Offered Me Free Food for Life and it's on My Way Home Every Day.

Michael Duncan

It will do in a pinch. Only place I found in town with decent sweet tea.

Andrea Adams

Have been coming to Memphis bbq for years they are now under new management and the food is no longer good portions are smaller and prices have gone up. Used to love the deviled eggs the changed the recipe and they are awful. The only thing that kept me from giving it only one star is they staff they are still wonderful. I feel bad for them as while I was there one table left because of the menu changes and the 2 others near me made comments about favorites on the menu that were no longer there.

Eric Roseth

This place was an amazing place to go to in past years. Now I believe it might be on its way to closing its doors. I heard that the original owner passed and now new management has made changes to their menu and quality of food. Decided to try it again last night and it will be my last. The pulled pork was something that tasted like it was straight out of a can, which I have had better from places like Costco. The baked potato was a bit raw in the center. The barbeque sauce even tasted different. They also have deleted many items off of the menu that we normally get. Sometimes change is good but in this case they should not have changed anything because it is now going to drive people away.

Duane Lamb

Memphis BBQ used to be on the weekly rotation.5 star every time. They had the best pulled pork sandwich (the king), best hamburger and best baked beans. The beans tasted like I had been cooking all day, and probably were. I remember the day we went in and the beans weren't as good as they always had been. Over the next few weeks it became clear that they change the way they made their beans. It stopped being our regular weekly lunch place. I still went back periodically though because to me they had the best hamburger in town. That too is changed over the years. It's still pretty good but it's no longer the best. They're fried okra's really good though and it's become my new main side when I go.

Rosemarie Tran

Customer service was fantastic

The Stahelis

Food wasn't very good and the selection was lack luster.

Philip Baum

Awesome food! Awesome service! Jessica did an outstanding job and our food was delicious! Great experience!

Mitchell Bigda

Many changes food ok staff outstanding

Courtney Donnelly [Wengert ES]

Ordered from ubereats and it was the greatest decision I’ve made all week! I’m not a fan of cornbread but that honey butter they give you is sent from heaven!! Everything was so good and I’ll definitely be ordering again or just going in there myself

Iri Lopez

Friendly staff food was great. Highly recommend when trying to eat somewhere different that I'd not on the strip.

carnie vegas

The waitress and hostess were wonderful. Very attentive and helpful. I felt the inside decor and ambience was pleasing and clean. The outside landscaping was in dire need of grooming. The food was not good. I paid too much for the quality. I was very disappointed in the taste. My partner liked it, so maybe it was just me. If it were much cheaper, I would return.

Christopher Langille

Popped in and had the brown bag lunch wow this might be the best lunch deal in town I will be back soon.

Debbie Adams

Always great food, whether it's BBQ or Thanksgiving dinner!!

Carolyn Fielding

Great Vegas place for BBQ

Tausha T

Food is delicious. Nice big portion sizes. Especially the sausage links.. Luv the honey butter I can eat that with rolls everyday. Banana pudding is good could use more wafers tho. Overall great food great customer service. A must try.

Dionte Johnson

Very good food and fast service!

jakkdup .

First time..Part-Time BBQ expert for over 30 years....this place was as ordinary as the bland flavors and the over seated server $60 lunch trying BOTH Baby Back and Memphis ribs..Chili that could have been better out of a can. Burnt ends that tasted like candy and watered down Mac&Cheese with no texture or cheese flavor. The "homemade" strawberry shortcake was watery and again with no Flavor..but hey, the place looked like a BBQ joint that keeps the Tourists and the uneducated happy.

Melissa Piacenza

Just close already you know it's going to happen. Everyone hates this place now.

eric debord

I had the pulled pork meal. The food came out on wax paper on a tray. The pork was cooked plain (no BBQ sauce). The BBQ sauce was added after cooking. The meat wasn't even covered with BBQ sauce. Dry ! So it's NOT BBQed.

Jeramy Garfield

Food is great. Love the flavors. This time the drinks were flat but normally good.

HookTink Furrble

Twice I bought biscuit from this place. It was mostly gristle and fat. You have to saw through a piece to get a piece to fit in to your mouth. This is some of the worst barbecue I have ever eaten. All for $18+ dollars a pound. Maybe this place used to be good but no more. Avoid this place. The truth. Walt Prill

a r

Please get lunch specials.

Daisy Vargas

Been coming here for the last 5 year's, I was excited to bring my husband to have some awesome Bbq just to be disappointed. First of all they ran out of potatoes!! So I couldn't order my bake potato loaded Second his steak was rubbery and no flavor. I ordered a brisket sandwich no flavor the baked beans tastes like they were out of a can. All I had to say to my husband was I'm sorry. They use to be very good.i ask they waitress what happened to this place it use to be so good. Did they change chefs or they with they do their prep!? She replied no everything is the same. Well I'll just take my $80 some where else.


Rebecca was terrific, she is the best.


Should've read the reviews before going.. Went with a 14+ year return customer (hasn't been back here since last year) and was caught by her excitement of how great of a place this was (was). I afford myself a decent restaurant outing twice a month at $70ish for two. Honestly felt ripped off. Absolutely nothing against the server! She was sweet! and i could tell there was a look of pride missing in standing behind serving what i felt was baked brisket (was gray) that then was smoked a couple hours. Baked wings that had a hint of smokiness... The smell of a barbecue joint, outside of the restaurant, is a great sign the food is done right! Sadly, it was clearly missing from the outside of this place. The new management deserves closed doors if they feel $70 for two people is what their food is worth, now. I feel you're lucky the staff is still with you. Wish i could've enjoyed the place last October; which is the origin story i was told of when the place was last great, apparently.

Debra Kasenberg

Kelly was our server. Wonderful personality and very informative about the menu. We will definitely be back and bring friends next time we visit. We will request Kelly (White's?) Section , everytime! Great food! Love the apple iced tea she suggested.The Chicken and St Louis ribs, and great selection of sides were delicious! Great place to order for a large group! Soon!

Lesli Leigh

The food was great! We had lots of fun. Our server Traci was amazing! Excellent to detail! We will be back!!

Coty Tanner

Always a great meal. First time at this location since the other one in Vegas closed, but it's just as good! Make sure you try the fried pickles!

greg tanner

Great place to eat we're from ga

Benjamin Abreu

We got a little of everything and it was all fantastic. Great service too. The mac and cheese is good enough to be its own meal.

Tim Cronin

Great bbq and good people

Robert Whitten

Sunday 8/19/2018 Have been going to this restaurant for years. For the fist time I was very disappointed. First they didn't have sweet apple tea, I was shocked. Ordered my usual BBQ pork shoulder, Cole slaw and baked beans. The pork was not as flavorful and tender as usual. The Cole slaw witch is normally vinegar base was not and had a funny after taste. I understand that some folks may not like the vinegar base but I prefer it. The baked beans were very good as usual. The other five members of my party all agreed there food was not up to there normal expectations.

Deric Lynch

Better BBQ to be found in Vegas, this place had dry ribs overpriced but it is Vegas! sauce was a little thin. sides were mediocre I like it as it was before,( Dave's Famous BBQ) in the same location


I'm not sure what happened recently We asked and they said their is like a new boss running the place or something But all I know is the food tasted better before

Caren Levenson

Place needs refreshing. Food ok.

Daniel Tibbitts

Excellent BBQ! great service and plenty of food.

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