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7315 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89113, United States Located in: The Arroyo Market Square

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REVIEWS OF Los Cucos Mexican Cafe IN Nevada

David Escher

Try to make happy hour if possible. Hands down the best tableside guacamole in Las Vegas. Vast menu and friendly staff.


Overall is good. Food is delicious. Only one thing bothered me is the plates are not clean. You can see there is grease and smudge on them. Hopefully they pay more attention to the person who cleans the dishes

Constantin Sprengert

Excellent food and abundant portions. Margaritas good.

Dusty Rhoades

Even though the menu and website says Happy Hour days and times, they only honor it before 4pm. So lazy and cheap that they won't update their own menu and website. Beyond disappointed with staff and management

Lisa McGinnis

Food is good. Portions need to be more consistent and if you order online they trnd to forget to make your order. Then you are stuck waiting more time. Took an hour total time to do an online pickup. 20 minutes estimated, I came 20 minutes after the original estimate because they tend to make you wait and they still had me wait another 20 minutes. The order is prepaid, what's up?

Karla Valle

The food is good, the atmosphere is great, they have a mangonada drink that is delicious, but they do have to work on the girl that they have as a host, she has no personality, she is rude and definitely will make a big difference if they have someone with a different attitude, she never said welcome, thank you or enjoy, those are the kind of words a host has to use every time a customer comes in to the restaurant

??? name

Good food. Huge portions.

Jon Rushing

Great food great service, please make a nice red sauce.. If I had to describe it I'd say Tex Mex at a gourmet level.


There food was amazing...Same with the service...and will definitely be coming back!!

Tori Pelow

Sorry but the food was terrible. We ended up leaving full plates and left. Very disappointing and overpriced.

Greg Vravis

Not too busy. Slow service. Ordered Tacos. They were mediocre at best. Too many other great Mexican places in town to go back

Sergio Gonzalez

Great place!! Me and my wife go out and try new restaurants every week and this was one of our favorites!! Will go back!! Service and food were great

James Morasco

Some of the best Mexican food in town. Reminds me of the old Viva Mercados when it was on Flamingo and Jones. Great food, great prices, and customer service you won't soon forget. Definitely recommend.

Live Care Free Consumer Group

The restaurant is very nice and clean. Full service bar is also available for solo dining and drinks! Large waiting area with video menu. Good food reviews from foodies who tried it. Will revisit star score after trying the food!

Kayla Crevasse

The service and food were okay. My food came out barely warm and the beans were cold.

Fausto Sierrapeniche

Service was sub par. A/C was out. I know these things happen but never offered to move us. Other side of the restaurant was air conditioned and not full. They could have moved us. Ordered 3 Carne Asada Tacos a la cart but got 3 flour tortillas with meat. Was told they were rolled Tacos. Also ordered a puff tostada. It was a fried corn tortilla that puffed up like a puffer fish. Then they poured some kind of melted nacho cheese on top of it. Wouldn't have been bad except the tostada was stale. Was not impressed at all. I have eaten here once before for their Sunday brunch. I would go back for that, but nothing else.

frank madrid

Service was a little slow. Not enough staff..Food was great. Ceviche didn't have enough fish and shrimp..although it was tasty.. Steak was very good...high quality. Overall a nice dinning dining experience..


Service friendly, clean establishment. Just not a fan of the food that much. Other people will enjoy it.

Brian Martinez

Great service and delicious food

Tony Yee

I can't believe how fantastic Oaxacan tamales can be where they are wrapped in banana leaves instead of corn husks. These massive things cover a big serving plate with pulled pork that just drenched in its sauces. The margarita from the Anejo was awesome, the fajitas were sizzlin and flavorful, it is now my favorite Mexican in this part of Vegas!

Doreen Scialabba

This is one of the best Mexican restaurants that I have been to. Everything we ate was truly delicious. The service is excellent. Everybody who works there was extremely nice. It's not easy to find both. Great food and good service. This has both.

Kirk Hansen

We have eaten here often but this last visit was a disappointment. Our server was very inattentive (unusual compared to our previous experiences) and the portion of the salad that my wife always gets was half the size of normal. If it wasn't $16 it would be a different story. My food was good (I got the Chimichanga this time) but it all took a long time to come out. There was hammering going on in the kitchen area and it sounded like they were remodeling or something. I'm okay with that also. I've been in the restaurant industry for over 30 years so I'm pretty tolerant with things like that. Food quality and delivery time, restaurant cleanliness (not an issue here) and attentive service are non-negotiable in my book. We will probably take this one off of the short list and wait several months before returning (if ever).

Ryan Anderson

Food was very good and service was great!! Will most definitely be back

Jennifer Garcia

Ohhhmagawwwdd... this is now my favorite Mexican restaurant. The husband ordered this plate called ElSabroso which means "the delicious one" I ordered El Gringo... So u know in Ratatouille when the critic tastes Ratatouille and he gets transported to his childhood.. this is what happened to both of us. Then we found out that they don't use any canned foods, everything is the freshessssst it could be. The fajitas were on point. The flour tortillas are home made. They had us making all kinda noises eating that food that these people next to us started laughing and telling us how that was their favorite spot too

Wade Hatfield

Menu has all the standard things you'd expect for a Mexican restaurant, but it is not presented in the same way. It is a nice change up from everyone else. Reasonable prices, friendly service.

Jeffrey Vrabel

Good food and generous servings. The hostess is adorable, the wait staff is attentive, and the manager checked on us during our meal.

Akash Ramani

Really good Mexican food

Ketan Vaidya

Tasteless food, partially uncooked. Charged me for a dinner portion when I ordered from the lunch menu (at 1 PM in the afternoon). Their "red" salsa is brown and supposedly cooked - so no fresh red salsa. Horrible. Wouldn't recommend.

Shelly Owen

Went here while visiting son. So happy we went. We eat a lot of Mexican food living in Arizona and this restaurant had delicious food and very attentive employees. Our server, Armando was excellent, along with a female that kept our waters filled, and a third person checked on us as well. There were four people in our party and we all loved our food. The meat in the dishes was very tender and flavorful and the two salsas that came with the chips were very unique and we loved them! We will definitely be going back for more!

Jon Hill

Great Food and Service! Best Authentic Mexican Ever!


Best chile relleno I have ever had. Good margarita's too

Brandi sevilla

They make the best stuffed avacados!! Great menu and great service.

Marci Venegas

Yummy food for good price.

nallely soto

Went to eat there on Sunday, they have all you can eat buffet and everything was so delicious! They have the tipical Mexican dishes and seafood. Not expensive at all loved it!!

Mike Klemish

Great food, and outstanding service! The stuffed jalapeno appetizers are my favorite!! Will be going back!

Brandon Berryhill

As a person raised in California, my Mexican food standards are pretty high. This place wasnt exactly bad. In fact the atmosphere is pleasant. However, the food is meh. The salsa might as well have been dyed water. It had no spice and no flavor. You can tell a lot about a Mexican food place by their salsa. Remember that.

justin harms

One of the best Tex-Mex restaurants in las Vegas... take it from a true Texan I know tex mex... been here twice, great staff, clean restaurant Elizabeth was my server great woman

oscar sanchez

Restaurant was clean, Food was delicious. Food portion really BIG, the customer service was little slow and lack of communication, when I told the hostess that my 2 glasses of Sprite where out of syrup and test like sparkling water they didn't do anything to get it fixed. Until my waitress show up to take my order. So it was after 10 minutes to finally get the right one. I do recommend this restaurant if you want to eat something good or try something new. I'll go back for sure.

David Wyner

Incredible Mexican authentic food the best I've ever eaten in Las Vegas, big portions great taste

Brandon M

Very authentic Mexican restaurant. Food was delicious, plentiful and fresh. Definitely my new spot

Tom Baker

The food was average. Menu was a bit tough to follow. Prices were high.

Anna Eibert

Great and friendly service & great food.... my new fav

rachelle caldwell

Bacon wrapped shrimp was bomb! Good service.

Sherry Mcclaren

I love this place. Everyone is so sweet. The food is delicious. Even if you need something alittle healthier, The Cook's will prepare that for you. A great place to watch the Golden Knights hockey games

Will Bozeman

Great food recommended by the wonderful valet at Ceasars palace!

Charles Clawson

Surprisingly good. I'd go back just for the carne asada. What I received wasn't quite what I ordered, maybe they're still working out the kinks.

Henry McCubbin

Mexican food can be amazing! Los Cucos is a big chain without the name. Decent food and atmosphere like an Applebees. Reviews are overrated.

Garrett Miller

We came here when they first opened and the food was horrible. Came back a year later and instantly remembered how bad the food was. So much for working out the kinks. Everything is SO dry and when you try to supplement that with queso or anything, yoh end up paying more for the sauces than the dish. Margaritas were pretty much just as bad as the food. That's hard to do! We are done for good.

Lule Melgarejo

Great experience. Delicious, authentic Mexican food. Nice and courteous staff.

Doug Orr

We liked it, and plan to return if we are on that side of town. Food was good, portions good, service was ok.


Amazing food and great service. The restaurant usually keeps a sort of traditional Mexican vibe.

ELG5787 G

Amazing! First class service. Awesome menu!

Dennis Baker

I enjoyed the food. Our server was on top of his game. The price was good but the beer was great.

Cristal flores

all very clean the excellent menu and the very friendly employees always smiling ... I love it

sabrina aviles

This food is the bees knees. Handmade tortillas and food not dumped out of a can. This was absolutely delicious!

Kierra Hernandez

Food is amazing!! I've been to many different Mexican restaurants but this one is special. Their food is so tasty and has lots more options than most places. Will be coming here more often

Laura Lindstrom

I would never go here again. The Manager stood there and did nothing when other patrons insulted my special needs son, well I guess that is semi untrue he offered a $25 gift certificate to my family (our bill which we had just paid was well over $200) and did not remove the other customers. I will never go to this restaurant that is complacent in grown adults insulting a TWO YEAR OLD again.

Levi Blaney

Love eating here. Always great service and the food it's just amazing. They bring out your fajitas sizzling with steam rolling off the plate. It's all delicious, the beef, chicken, shrimp or the sauteed vegetables. Easily my favorite restaurant in Vegas. The portions can be large so be careful you don't over eat.

Tina Lawson

I've driven by several times wondering if the food was like and now I know. The food and service were very good. I will be back.

Fred McAnlis

Great Los Cucos salad with jumbo shrimp. staff is very polite and helpful and we have not had a bad meal there yet we eat there once a week

Felipe Ramos

Good service and the food is good

Moss Jam

I had a deep-fried stuffed avocado which came with rice, beans, a taco, and tortilla soup. Everything was excellent. Staff was very knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive.

Angel Jaime

Pretty good Mexican food. Homemade flour tortillas are above average. Carnitas are delicious. Service also above average. Rice a lil dry..

ka nk

My favorite place to eat authentic Mexican food, I can't wait to try a Sunday brunch there soon. Great staff, fast and friendly. See you guys soon!!

David Waters

Excellent customer service and good food.

Mike Martinez

Menu was pack sides with sides!! Good food!!

James Stevenson

Always great service! There is no waiting around for what you order. Everything is delicious and served fresh, and the wait staff is super friendly!

Nancy Thomas

Incredibly delicious. It's my new favorite Mexican restaurant! Seriously. I just wish there was one closer to home. But it's so tasty that it's worth the trip.

Jessica Saldivar

The food quality is GREAT. The meat tasted so good. High quality meat and service is great. Very clean restaurant. Great for family and date nights.

Jose Chavez

Food was great as it always is.The restaurant has a very nice and appealing decor. Too bad our waitress was forgetful and acted like she was doing us a big favor by waiting on us. Poor attitude. We usually go to Los Cucos 2-3times a month. We'll probably take a break from this place and return to Juan's Flaming Fajitas. We pay good money and expect good service.

Jeffrey Williams

First time at this restaurant. My brother took me here for dinner. I ordered the super burrito with ground beef and beans served with Spanish rice, guacamole and, pico. This burrito is like its name super good. If want a good meal in a friendly environment come to Los Cucos.

Mike Mcpherson

Best Mexican in town, no comparison.

Donna Bishop

Just picked up my order. I ordered ground beef enchiladas. When I got home I had three orders of fajita beef enchiladas. When I called to let them know about their mistake I was told in no uncertain terms it was my mistake and then they hung up on me. When I tried to call back the call went to some kind of voice mail. My husband and I have been eating there ever since they opened. We haven't had any problems until today.

Roxanne Harris

Friendly staff. Clean. Good food. Their salsa is excellent.

Ryan Hash

Always great food and service. The tortillas are the best around!

Richard Rice

Holy Frijoles!! The BEST Mexican food in town! They put a lot of flavor and love in their food! They give you quantity and quality at an affordable price! Clean and beautiful restaurant and great service! This is our go to spot when we're in the mood for delicious Mexican food!!!

Jayashree selvan

I love love love their green sauce that they serve with the chips. Apart from that the restaurant is so little and food tastes amazing. I loved the chicken fajitas. Definitely will visit again

ron bunch

Excellent food and service

Brandon Loyd

Best Mexican food I've had in Vegas. Even if it's more Tex Mex. Service was awesome and very prompt. Couldn't have asked for a better time. We ended up getting the Fajitas a la poblano and it was delicious!

Elly B.

Most of the food did not taste fresh the quality of the food has declined.

Joseph Coleman

I couldn't have been more surprised. My wife and I were initially going to Chili's but then decided to check this place out given neither one of us had been there. Right off the bat I was loving it. The level of service was unbeatable. I thought we had the one waiter, but there were multiple people looking after us making sure we had everything we needed. When my drink got low, another waiter from another section, just walking by, asked me what it was and took care of it. It happened with about three people. Manager Allen personally asked how everything was and if there was anything else we needed. The guy was super personable along with the rest of the staff. They are SUPER generous with their portion sizes and to boot, as I was hoping, the food was absolutely amazing. I'd like to check out the locations opening up soon, but I'm so very pleased with the experience we had at this one that I don't want to go anywhere else. If Jose, Allen or Jesus continue working there, that place should be around for a long time to come.

Alma Diaz

Great service and good lunch specials.

Eric Hamilton

Amazing service, a huge selection of foods with large portions.

Joel Francis

Great food and great service!

Nicholas Barb

Love the Mexican Bowl here (Mixed), and the Watermelon Margarita. Dont usually wait all that long for food, and staff is very nice professionally.

Jennifer Gordon

The cheladas had no flavor, maybe some more chamoy would have helped. We needed refills but the staff was too busy laughing it up in the back of the house. Why does the salsa have no flavor? Everyone at the table even said it. No napoles in a Mexican restaurant? Not the best experience. The server could not remember our drinks? Whats wrong with a pen and pad of paper so you get it right? Instead the server is coming back to our table 3x to ask us to remind him what were drinking. I shouldnt have to flag down a manager to get a drink...awful experience.

Andrew Garcia

Food and service good. Nice environment without the "chain food restaurant" feeling. Food came to our table hot. Employees and manager friendly too.

Gayle Scott

We truly enjoyed everything about this wonderful Mexican restaurant. It was my third visit for me and 2nd for my brother and his wife. Were from Pahrump so its our #1stop to eat now.The service was sabereb. The food is not your typical Mexican its the most classy Mexican food I've ever had . The sauces are to die for. The avocado salsa is my favorite and i was able to buy some and bring it home

Elaine Horta

I can honestly say I haven't been to a restaurant that tasted this good in a long time. The chips and salsa are amazing. I recommend this place and prefer this over chilis any day.

Luis Cypher

Good food, great service, great time. I will be returning.

John Foley

Loved the food, staff is super friendly. Very clean. Try the mango margarita

Elizabeth Devlin

We had a large party (13) and I don't think they're used to that. It took a very long time to get our food. Once we did get it everyone was very happy, the food was really good with large portions.

Sudeshna Gupta

Very nice place to eat...we had a great experience...our server Salvador was great... Alen the manager was very attentive...we will go back again...

Michelle Lance

Excellent food and pretty restaurant!

Manuel Sundiman

Awesome flavor on the meat and chicken, and the portion is pretty generous. A bit pricy for the non-seafood menu but the fish menus are reasonable. Definitely will be back 2 try fish plates

Michael Muncie

Great food... excellent service. Can't wait to go back.

Nick Fee

Happy hour has great priced drinks, but terrible appetizers. The quesadillas and stuffed jalapenos were god awful. The ceviche was only slightly better. They're salsa, if you can even call it that, is horrendous. The bar service was practically non existent. Once was enough to know I'll never go back! Oh, and maybe one day they'll get rid of the Mimi's Cafe decor that still lingers.

Rodrigo Rodriguez

Excellent food, great customer service.

Sarah M.

Met a friend here for lunch. It was pretty standard Tex Mex. Good food, decent service. I really liked the tortillas they offered for the fajitas. Food came out quickly. It was kind of loud, and that ruined the ambiance a bit for me. They sat us by the kitchen, which was really loud, and the atmosphere made it so that you kind of had to project your voice to be heard at your own table. It's a good restaurant though, and I'd go back. Maybe sit by the front? Perhaps it isn't as loud up there.

BBold Faith

Our 5th visit, 8/1/18, family celebrating son's birthday. Management, (Allan) and staff, (Jose) & others, helped celebration with us, to suit a homely atmosphere. Not alone great authentic food, super awesome staf. Allan, Thank you for desert, and my favorite coffee. Great service Jose.

Tammie Allen

Great food awesome customer service.

Shannon Munson

After Macayo's closed it's doors I've been on the hunt for a new mexican restaurant..So glad I found this gem..The food is delicious and very flavorful, the staff is very accommodating and attentive..Only one problem, whenever I order enchiladas there's never enough sauce...Other than that...Superb

jimmy graham

The food here is amazing. The beef has the best taste. Chicken is just as good. Foid arrived at a good pace. Will definitely make another visit to this location. Staff is nice and gives just enough attention to keep your drink full.

Mr Lopez

Amazing... just perfect. I was headed to Chili's, on a grey raw January day, and I saw this place and went there instead. Boy am I glad I did! Perfect comfort food for a chilly day. The ground beef chimichanga fit the bill. One of the best meals I have ever had! Everything was so fresh and flavorful. A real treat, I will be back.

Christoffer Karlsson

Very friendly and welcoming staff! Big portions for everyone in our group. Good prices and the environment was totally OK. I took the spinach fajitas with rice and black beans soup. Recommended!

Bob King

The food was very good, although the service was less than spectacular. The wait staff was attentive but the kitchen was slow, very slow. This was our first time there and based on the less than spectacular kitchen service we probably won't be back.

Rudy Macias

Great Food and Great service. Will need to return another time to try some of their adult beverages.

cody bitzer

Pretty solid sit down Mexican spot. Extremely clean inside. Bartenders are good and their margaritas are on point. Dishes are extremely authentic, only lost one star because I thought the food could be a little better. I have also only tried two different dishes so far, so I will definitely go back

m l

Very good food, pricey though. Our server is a little slow.

Jesse L

Came here with a group of 12. Everyone liked the food, service and prices except me. I wasn’t impressed with the Bloody Mary or my meal of Chili Rellenos. I normally wouldn’t even give another chance but everybody raves about the buffet for $18.99. So I may have to come give another shot. Food looks good but not much flavor.

Kevyn Hollowell

Hardly ever post reviews, but the service here by itself warranted 5 stars. At 95% capacity on a Friday night you'd usually expect poor to average service, but the servers were on top of it and the managers were helping out and checking on us as well with everyone being super friendly. The food is very good and I love the chips and salsa. Prices are reasonable. Highly recommend!

Robert Clemmer

Large party. Nieces birthday. Good food. Good service.

Michelle Juarez

It’s a great place to come and eat,it’s s cleaned and the service it’s excellent as well as the food.I recommend it to anyone who is stopping by !!

Nate Nate

Best Mexican food I've ever had! I love the stuffed avocado and steak taco

shannon richardson

Had a great dinner. The manager Allan was super friendly. The house margarita was made just right. Good chips n salsa. My burrito was way too big to finish. Yum

jamie Kirkpatrick

Oh my god this place is awesome. Excellent customer service food is outstanding...and modelo negra on tap!

Rachel Szpyt

Food and service are top notch. Drinks from the bar are fantastic. They have a limited happy hour but make a great margarita. Try the blood orange... It's delish.

Sensei Bob Diamant

Eloísa our server is the reason for the fifth star. The food was good and well prepared but I just do through around those 5 star ratings. This is a great place for family dinning. Something for everyone. The little girl at the table across from us was enjoying a plate of french fries while mom and dad sipped on margaritas and shared fajitas for two. We arrived on Sunday too late for the brunch, but it looked amazing. We will be back just to try it out. The buffet appeared to have dozens of hot and cold items including a dessert station that I must admit I helped myself to a sample. A delicious brownie covered in crunchy nuts. In a Mexican restaurant I know unexpected but quite pleasant .

Leo Santibanez

This is one of our favorite Mexican Restaurant, the Flan is to die for! Very Delicious!

Zak Mckernan

My new favorite Mexican place on Vegas.

Miss Leeeaaah

The staff is amazing, the food is great. Food was hot, delicious, and so tasty. I learned they have a buffet and will definitely be back to try it.

Vince Corcoran

Awesome food! Great atmosphere.

Kenneth Sawyer

Great service, great food. We live in the NE USA and we don't get good Mexican food.

Helen Burke

Wonder food and service

Brogan Jones

Amazing food, staff and drinks! Stopped by randomly while coming home and it was a choice decision. Was able to get in for happy hour where there were plentiful cheap drinks, great food selection and a wonderful bar tender! Immediately was served chips and salsa, promptly beer afterwards. The service was quick and straight to the point. Entrees and apps were awesome, a great portion size and the flavor was on point! Will be coming back.

John Black

Absolutely amazing! As always! Service, food, everything was great

21nix onme

Everything was pretty good. Service was decent, food, portions, cleanliness and price. Service was a bit slow and price was just a bit high but those are the only reasons I don't give them a 5 star. But I'll definitely be back!!!

fernando rojas

Not as good as the first time there. Service sucked and found a piece of plastic in my food.

Graham Harwood

Basically a diner but with Mexican food and margarita based cocktails. Nothing special but it will achieve the goal of providing you a decent amount of food.

Iris Miller

Exelant food and great service I recommend this for your family dinners. Great Mexican food

Micheal Wilson

A top scene for quality Mexican food. staff treated us so nice. it has a cool atmosphere.

Richard Bailey

The food was out standing. The service was great at first then it got a little on the I forgot a bout you faze. It took a while to get the bill and it was not very busy.

Trina Cardwell

My hubby brought me here for a valentines day lunch and the menu looked amazing! Food was great and we will definitely be back!!! The only thing I didnt care for were the beans that came with my meal.

fabio rios

Ok place. Houston locations are way better than this one.

bt sabra

I came here with friends to celebrate a birthday and the service was great. I ordered cheese enchiladas which were really yummy. My friends also enjoyed their meal.

Stephen Knipe

Great food, for Tex-Mex, great serice. Very friendly and attentive servers. Atmosphere is exactly what you would expect from a Tex mex restaurant. Good prices as well. Fajitas are excellent!!

Natasha C

Big portions. Good food. I has the El Sabroso. Its has carnitas, carne asada, tamatillo, beans and rice. We also got the family sampler. It had chicken quesadillas, queso dip, something else. I didn't get. I had a margarita of course. Very good. Left full and satisfied. Service was excellent.

Danni Ackerman

Very disappointing. Salsa and margaritas were good but service was poor.

Betty Paez

Good food expensive but good

Jesmesh M

Was absolutely surprised at the first impression upon walking inside. The decor and menu was very nice and unique. We expected to get a simple couplr of burritos but had to try these specialty dishes Once we tested the food.... WOW! I highly recommend it.

Ben C

Steak fajitas were very good. Good enough that I'll come back and try the other dishes.

Rey Alvarez

Nice and clean good service good food

Chris Roth

Possibly the best Mexican restaurant that I've been to! Ate here twice in a few days. So friendly! They need to open more across the nation.

Aeolian León

Food was okay, nothing out of this world. The service was some of the worst I've ever experienced. Our waiter and a waitress were flirting by a cash register in the back where we were sitting. They were unusually close to each other and were talking for several minutes. After being ignored our entire time there we asked for the check and he seemed annoyed about it. We were a party of 6. When we asked to speak to a manager they sent the girl that was flirting with the waiter. Do what you want with this info but I won't ever go here when nor recommend this place to anyone.

m f

Unbelievably great in every aspect. Food was amazing, portions were huge, margherita was massive and tasty with quality tequila, and the price was just right. The salsa and chips provided while pondering over the extensive menu were worth the trip alone.

Lanaya Miller

Omg the food is amazing! Great service! I totally recommend

MrAdrian338 .

Excellent food and service, good portions,fair prices

Kenneth Jasper

Excellent food, friendly staff!

Mark Guevara

Watermelon drink is off the chain good food nice atmosphere nice people what more could u ask for

Robert Rust

Dinners are good, Sunday brunch was fantastic. Service could use some attention.

Ammie Nelson

Nice atmosphere but didn't taste like authentic Mexican food though.

Susan roth

Best Mexican restaurant in Vegas!! Great service, great everything! Highly recommend!

Bruce Bowers

Very tasty Mexican food and great service. The best Mexican place in this area of town. Sometimes the food is good, and sometimes it's great (not always consistent), but I've never had bad food here.

Aaron Lugo

A friend said this is fairly new and we decided to check it out. Wasn't crowded so our big party got seated almost immediately and this was on a Friday night. Chips and salsa right away and they were good. My mom got an old fashion and it was very tasty. My wife had a watermelon margarita and that was good too. I ordered the El Gringo and that was really good. I usually don't like enchiladas from restaurants the sauce for these ones were really good. The fajitas were so juicy and flavorful with thick strips. The tortillas were home made and really good. Everything was very well done and definitely a spot to check out if you haven't already.

Eileen Mankinz

Due to our time constraint we sat at the bar, our Bartenders, Carlos and Brenda, were very attentive and professional. Our plate was called Parrilla San Luis, very exquisite!! To my surprise, the flour and corn tortillas are made here in-house. This is my second visit here, I can tell you that my wife and I love it. One of the few Tex-Mex restaurants that I'm glad to call home, being a Texan myself. This is like a slice of home, I hope to see y'all there. Military Discount: Yes

cholosforlife_ 14

Really good food chips and salsa really good I got the cheese enchiladas really small but filled me up good will definetly come back

J Courrech

Due to our time constraint we sat at the bar, our Bartenders, Carlos and Brenda, were very attentive and professional. Our plate was called Parrilla San Luis, very exquisite!! To my surprise, the flour and corn tortillas are made here in-house. This is my second visit here, I can tell you that my wife and I love it. One of the few Tex-Mex restaurants that I'm glad to call home, being a Texan myself. This is like a slice of home, I hope to see y'all there. Military Discount: Yes

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Catering - Nevada

Ice cream shop

Bandito Latin Kitchen & Cantina
Bandito Latin Kitchen & C...
Catering - Nevada

Mexican restaurant

Panera Bread
Panera Bread
Catering - Nevada

Sandwich shop

Cardenas Markets
Cardenas Markets
Catering - Nevada

Mexican grocery store