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3475 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

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REVIEWS OF Chipotle Mexican Grill IN Nevada

Dani Kay Degraw

Very much got food poisoning :( not worth it, not even enough flavor

shawn connolly

Good quick sevice

Brandon Hughes

Burrito seemed kinda skimpy. No wonder previous customers were asking for more of everything.

Brandon Davies

Decent price and fresh food. I wouldn't say tasty though. Guacamole scoop is two dollars extra.

deepak kumar

The good part is unlike the Chinese food joints the food here is not sweet. The taste is good.

Cynthia Cherry

Love the Food but its never HOT enough

Tracy Stanzione Rothwell

The employees did a pretty good job dealing with the 2 guys in front of me. When I got to the register, the guy apologized for my wait and patience. The girls who dished up my food were not so friendly or happy. They also don't give as much food as the other Chipotle places I've been to in San Diego, but the food was very tasty.

Jacob Cameron

Affordable food on the strip.

Argel S

Love burritos.

Pat Scherf

Smaller store, quality still just as good

Sean Dyer

I do love Chipotle, but these guys here have been stingy on more than one occasion. They're very hesitant to put a little extra anyting on the meal. I sure wish there was a more traditional Taqueria close by. This Chipotle assembly line is not my favorite, the employees must have their hands tied by management.

phdiemer .

Good food, good prices.

Dragana Vila

Very delicious

Darryl Rich

a meal in a burrito made before your eyes with high quality ingredients. the fresh cilantro rice make these burritos a notch above the rest. great for a quick but filling meal.

Kathleen Espiritu

Quick food when you are on the go. They have healthy options. If you forgo the cheese, sour cream and chips you pretty much have a clean meal. Good selection of vegetarian and vegan items.

Stephen Parsons

The app is a pain point for them right now. I've been giving them my business through the app and maybe the first time I walked over and my food was ready. So I get I can just order and have the app scanned but the app gives me the option to order ahead so I expect my food to be ready, right? They need a designated spot for mobile pick ups, so I don't have to wait in the regular line but several times now my food wasn't ready and once, the girl started my order(I was at this point waiting at the register end, she had the receipt with the list of stuff in the bowl) but then proceeded to help people who walked up while I had to wait for the cashier who had stepped back to then come and finish my bowl. That didn't make sense... The food is good and the people are nice(maybe could use a larger sense of urgency?). Even if they had a designated mobile pick up spot I'd be so frustrated if I continued to experience my food not being ready(I've ordered 45 minutes ahead, showed up 15 minutes after my pick up time, but most of the time it just isn't ready).

shivam bhandula

I personally loved it so much that i literally mailed them asking if they had any plans of opening outlets in India, to which they said no.


Great boritto. Filled really good.

Anabel Gonzalez

The manager caroline helped me pick out a very good bowl! Thank youu ! Ill be back soon

Michael Chansley

Right in the middle of the strip. Fast service and don’t have inflated prices due to location.

Rishi Jain

This particular chip employee are worst, They just try to give you half the stuff what you paid

S Khoury

Next to Harrahs across from forum shops at Caesars Palace, looks like a mini food court with pizza, Panda Express and Chipotle next to each other. A little bit pricier of course bc you are in Vegas but much cheaper than the restaurants or buffets at the hotel. We ate at a few buffets and they are minimum $49 per person and food isn’t that great, if you like Chipotle then This is the place, same great taste! $25 for two bowls, 2 bottles of water and a bag of chips!

karuppasamy kanagaraj

Enjoyed the food

Houston Guy

I like this place and in the mix of all the food options in Vegas if u just want a bowl of rice meat and veggies quick this works. The chicks working here were rude af and seemed like they hated their job.

Shripad Deshpande

Best Mexican food outlet

Selvaganesan Saminathan

Not up to their usual mark.

MaryJo Snyder

Yum! I had them add pico and med hot salsa! Fast and efficient! Clean and bright!

sunny sandhu

Good food, Health food... Anytime favourite..

Nathalyn Hernández

Chipotle is easy and yummy, also inexpensive.

tina neer


Entertainment Concierge

For lunch you can never go wrong with a burrito. Chipotle is known for have quick dependable service. I would like to thank Chipotle for making my experiences with "Mexican" food an enjoyable experience. The cultural food has really grown on me.

Bharat Ramesh

Nice easily accessible lunch place, but not like usual chipotle’s. I never felt hungry after eating chipotle elsewhere, as this location serves only half the quantity like other chipotle locations.

Virginia Schneider

I have not been there in yes....I will go there soon, it's only one bus there too for me.

Some Guy

Surprisingly quiet place to grab a quick meal.

Fabian Feary

Staying at Harrah's, this was the closest place I could get some vegan food. Their food is delicious to the degree where you actually miss when you're home (if you live in a country where there aren't 10 on every block) Staff are always friendly no matter what time.

Altan Cabal

Good, but I felt the quality of the food was a little lower compared to other Chipotles I visited

Ivan Blanco

Un a save place to eat

Rio McGee


Susan Blanco

This Chipotle share space with two other resturants. The eating area kind of gross with a leak in the ceiling. I was desperately hungry, but next time I would plan better and eat somewhere else.

Raja Singh

Ezy in ezy out

Andrew Tull

This Chipotle is like the ones in Texas they give generous portions


Y’all need two facilities this wait is terrible especially for delivery drivers!

Evelyn Scipio

Food is amazing

Jeremy Thompson

Very good food that's typical to Chipotle. As far as this specific location, it's very tiny with very little inside sitting area. There's a decent size outdoor covered patio area. It's in a fairly low traffic corner

Morgan Adams

Always amazing service and love the order ahead option. This location specifically gets my order correct and super fresh every time! No matter how long the line, the wait is never more than 5 minutes. Love it!

Brian Shealy

Love Chipotle!!!Any time is a great time for Chipotle!!!Keep up the great work!!!

Cheryl Johnson Benjamin

Loved it and plenty for two meals.

Angel Haggwood

Chipotle is normally a place I enjoy but I had to download the app just to order because ordering online seemed impossible. Then my co-worker go and pick up our food and my bowl was barely filled. It didn't even hit the line in the bowl. Needless to say very disappointed. This however is the store on Gervais I normally go to Forest Drive!

William Hutchison

Love the place. Great food. Love the staff

Tripp Pollard

Good, but I prefer Moe's. Let's compare. For those who don't know, Chipotle is a Mexican/Southwestern restaurant selling burritos, bowls, tacos, salads. The menu isn't large, but is quality. Their burritos are quite good and they offer a wide variety of meats (steak, chicken, barabcoa, carnitas and sofritas), but they still lack the variety of menu options that Moe's has. They don't have salads with tortilla shells or quesadillas or stacks, but their chips are definitely the winners when I compare these two restaurants. Chipotle's chips are awesome, and I think that their guac is better. Moe's does have more salsa options and if you go to the right Moe's, (the one on 914 North Lake Drive in Lexington is great), you'll get real bang for your buck on Moe Mondays and throughout the week as they give you generous portions in my experience, especially on their bowls. But in general, Chipotle is quite good and I'd go for the bowls and burritos, and it is actually more consistent than the Moe's in Columbia (really hit or miss).

Blaine Bjorken

Friendly and fast service and this location. I love Chipotle

Jeremy Frankum

Short staffed and still amazing service.

Vulsar Mods

I love eating here! The food and staff are amazing!

Maggie Brousaides

used to be a loyal customer but the three previous trips have all been a disaster. from waiting at the front of the line for 15 minutes while the employees make the online orders and neglect the in-store customers. the second time almost every ingredient had run out before 9pm and I was forced to eat elsewhere. the third and final strike was ordering my meal and by the time I got to the register, half the order was missing and my bowl was hardly filled and left me very unsatisfied. will not be returning while the current staff remains.

Marcello Wheeler Sr.

Great service.

Kris Mattingly

Barbacoa is the bomb. The other meats are good as well. Always fresh. The only hit or miss item is the tortilla chips.

Tyler Terry


Patrick Lardner

Very healthy menu and ordering on line beats standing in line. Very clean inside also has covered porch for outside dining.

Zelda Benjamin

My first time there. I had the chicken bowl with black beans and brown rice. It was topped with guacamole mild cilantro with cheese. I was not disappointed.

Katrina Livingston


Ewa Ojo

Great food! Especially loved the chips.

Matt Sampers

Fast, fresh, friendly

Harrison Saint

Great spot. Can't wait for the queso

Christopher Wilson

The food is great

dana dilley

Some locations SOOO slow with call ahead orders. Friendly staff.

Mark Campbell

My food was delicious, but the serving line was out of guacamole (my wife's favorite element, and the reason she came with me) and the cooked peppers and onions she normally gets in her burrito bowl. Our was clearly labeled up front but still thoroughly disappointing for her.

Timothy Brown

Great food but get there before it gets crowded

Glinda Love

Loved my dish. First time in this establishment around noon on a Sunday. I ate the rice/ steak bowl. The seasoning was was mild. Will return and do recommend

Brian Miles

This place gets 4 to 5 stars because the food is always good but this night there were a few this normally offered missing. It was about 8pm when I visited. This review doesn't tell the tale of the restaurant as a whole and I'm not trying to be too critical. It's just that I would like to see what I feel makes this place special to me available especially if it is an item that is regularly on the menu.


Great food and great people that work there

Jorge L. Berrios

Great food and CV customer service

Chuck Gaillard

Great food, friendly staff. A positive experience.

Rachel Bond

Literally the worst restaurant ever. When I first walked in i noticed the floor was covered with trash and so were the tables. Went i went to order for my daughter, I was rudely told that they didn't have a kids menu. My not even two year old daughter waved at the women who told my daughter to go take a seat or she wouldn't eat. Next I ordered a burrito which was absolute garbage. I mean real low standards Chipotle. I guess just smashing ingredients into a tortilla and then balling it up is standard procedure at this restaurant. After all this i ask the cashier if they sell sweet tea. She assured me they did. After i purchased my meal and drink. I could not believe the look on the woman's face when she told me they had no sweet tea and she seemed to relish the fact that she sold something that they didn't have.. I will for the rest of my life tell everyone to stay away from this franchise. I successfully told several would be customers as they approached the restaurant that there were rude lying employees using cheap car salesmen like tactics at this restaurant. The would be customers turned around and left. Oh and your not fooling anyone Chipotle. The customers can see the the bags of chips you purchase from Publix from across the street and sell them marked up versions as your own. absolutely pathetic.


Great Food and experience

Bartlett Dave

Get it delivered with DoorDash

Pam Helland

I liked the food, however, we went at lunchtime and they had run out of some menu items.

Harrison Mill

The line will wrap around the entire store because they make online orders before the orders or the ACTUAL CUSTOMERS THEY HAVE STANDING IN THEIR BUILDING. I had 10 people in front of me and it took THIRTY minutes for them to get to me and take my food order. So unprofessional and unacceptable.

Sonya Fearrington

Always friendly staff. The service is quick during lunch service which is important. The food is always fresh. Anytime there's a global issue with the company I.E. food issues the staff informs the customers.


First time tasted good

P Clark

Great food, I usually order online..a steak bowl so when I get there I don't wait in line to order..its way more convenient. The restaurant has a nice vibe

Elaine McDevitt

Excellent food every time!!

Stacey Jordan

The establishment is absolutely filthy. None of the tables are clean, the floor hasn't been swept or mopped in ages, some staff members aren't in uniform. Instead of giving me a full serving of meat, the employee just scraped the bottom rather than refill the container. This place reeks of laziness.

John Buckley

I'm not a big Chipotle fan. The best thing about this one is the free parking.

Rick C

I have been to this Chipotle a handful of times, and the experience is consistently bad. There is always a line wrapped around the entire store, sometimes even going out the door. I went today because I had a free burrito coupon, and they had only two people working the line plus one working the cashier. Meanwhile, there are plenty of open tables and parking spaces. They simply do not have the ability to quickly serve the number of customers they get. It takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes to get your food. The food itself is fine, though more often than not my burrito quickly falls apart. The prices are also too high, as not only guac costs extra, but also chips if you want them, plus even more if you want salsa with your chips. I'd rather go to Moe's, get more bang for my buck, and be in and out much faster.

Rob McC

Always good.


Food good asf

Á Coruña

Its Chipotle, so you get cold expensive so-called Mexican food.

Shane Veldhuizen

Great food but tends to be a bit clogged.

Steven Kranendonk

Just curious why your chip bag clearly states "just a few moments ago. We make batch after batch in our kitchens, by hand, throughout the day"? I just got what tasted like a 3 day old bag of chips that I could hardly bite into. When those chips were replaced, the second bag was identical. I was informed the chips are only made in the morning and I could not have fresh ones. This was my first, and now last experience with your establishment. Please increase your food quality for the sake of future customers.

Ray Alekel

Love the food

Pratik Bhatt

Really crunchy fresh and tasty food here. Convenient as they are everywhere. Get your mexican fix here.. i rate it better then taco bell

Our Heroes' Homes Inc

Its chipotle! The same as the other locations but waaaaayyyy more expensive! I like chipotle so I paid for it. But I'd recommend waiting until you get back home, if you have one in your state.

Everin Malpica

Great food, good quality, but the serving amount wasn't as big as other Chipotle's I visit before.

Lacey Machuca

Only give you a half a spoon of rice and half a spoon of beans ! Not happy then I asked for more rice and I would pay and the girl was rude and only gave me like 1/4 scoop of rice . I’m not happy ... do NOt go here

Guruprasad Ramarao

Tasty food . Quick bite

Laura Christ

Never been here before, food was good!

Gagan Kumar Goyal

Quality is not even near to standard chipotle food. Staff is rude, sitting place is not cleaned. Prices are higher than other chipotle store. Sometimes smells like any thing. Quantity of food is also leas, I requested additional beans but she added only one spoon of beans. I told her that I will pay extra for beans but I need proper quantity beans in food but wonder she gave me one more spoon of beens and charged me $2

Jb TechFanatic


Ran Noy

Got veggie bowl, The beans looked old and/or not cooked well, tomatoes didn't look the best one reason were missing color. Lettuce definitely set down there for good amount of time. And even the rest of things.. LA Chipotle restaurant have better quality especially my usuall Brentwood store! Hope they will work to fix it Though price was great compare to the rest of the strip restaurant

Vrijmati Persaud

too much fried foods - chips made of white flour in almost all the meals need vegetables pls

vidyut shah

Good food for. Indian vegetarian

Jen Chang

i love their food its healthy and taaty. they offer beer here. the fountain drink doesnt have unsweetened tea.

Tomas Vobruba

Quute good mexican food.

Brian Nebeker

Chips were stale but otherwise was good.

Valerie Madrid

I love chipotle, the food is amazing as well as customer service.

Jay Johnson

Good choice for the strip. Fast service.

Aman Bodawala

It was good to have it from here

Rukshan W

Right on the strip, but well hidden. Great comfort food (if you can call it that), and very reasonable prices. The location shares a roof with Panda Express and a Pizza restaurant. Meaning, the sitting area is shared. So don't be surprised if you have a hard time finding a place to sit.


Not too crowded perfect bowl and burritos

Prakash Bhandari

It's fresh food. Nice chips. Value for money. Good option for veggies.

Jitin Yadav

It was new experience for me to have Chipotle here.....I like it..

Alex Cuevas

This location was ok

Quality Sounds

The service was terrible and they only put a little of food on your plate. As we were eating other customers came in and they gave them better service and more food then me. We come to vegas often and i will never eat here again . In NC the service is much better and they treat all customers the same.

martin gomez

Honestly this is a great restaurant, but what makes it better are the people. My two favorite people from there are Norma and Victor. If you ever get a chance to see these make sure to thank them for bringing great no amazing no outstanding no SPECTACULAR customer service!! Long live Victor and Norma!!! These days aren’t numbered just yet!

Nate Kemp

Good barbacoa burritos. The cilantro-lime rice is very tasty. The decor is very modern and above average for a fast food restaurant. The service was a little slow but they are on the strip and they are very busy. Overall I would give it a B. I would come back to eat.

E Var

Not quite on par with most Chipotle's. Good service.

Dave heff

employees are very nice. but thats it. All the meats look dry and old. It is not clean around the serving station on the inside and it is very dirty and disgusting around the register and the counter on the outside. for being on Las Vegas Blvd. yo would think this location is the cleanest especially after all the negative media they had last year

Kyle Olsen

Lost all your money gambling? It's okay. Chipotle is here with its prices untouched by the lavishness of Vegas. Good food for after losing at craps. But you'll probably play again after digesting this meal. ;)

Pritesh Bheda

Great value for money and clean place

Nicholas Pappagallo Jr

Food tasted ok but I was sick before I even got to the room. Im not sure i’m not sure what was wrong with the food but it definitely got me sick almost immediately. I have to check out other reviews and see if this is a common problem

V.Terrell Short

I enjoyed Chipotle it was my first time eating here. They have a good vegetarian mix.

Pat Green

The queso was meh and the meat was in a ball in the middle, but come on, you were already expecting that. go with a burrito bowl if you don't want the night to end early

Matthew Terry

They are in a bad spot, but the food was great and not overpriced like 80% of everything else on the strip.

Crandall Kyle

Pretty good for a chain

Enrique Romero

If you like spicy food go there otherwise don't eat there

Dee Lee

Twas ok

Jahan Hassan

Great Fusion food

Shelby Domino

Wasn't expecting much as it was just a random chipotle and most of the locations are hit or miss, but this location definitely was a hit! The white rice was different but in a good way. Everything was super fresh too. Ladies were fast and nice as well.

Abby Campbell

They gave good service and there food is amazing!!

Maria Ramirez

I love this place they have great service and good food

branden thomas

Mediocre food.

Shervin Oloumi

Great service and fresh food as always.

Suresh Kotha Naga Venkata Hanuma

Super tasty

Veronica Rolon

Sofritos are actually good


Food Is Great One Fresh At All Times Best To Order Before You Go . Always Filled Up

andrew deleon

We all know about this place

Ben Shields

Mediocre Chipotle. It has a good location in the Vista; however, I constantly have issues at this specific location. The employees are often short with customers, and two visits in a row I had to wait at least 5 minutes for chicken to be cooked.

Becky McCarty

I loved the way the menu was sèt up so that everyone can build their meal the way they want. The food was great! The restaurant. Was clean.

Danii Bright

The young ladies that work here are very friendly and respectful. You won't be waiting in line without acknowledgment. We were quickly welcomed and informed that someone would be with us momentarily. They were so kind that I gave one of the cashier's my gift card from Kaminsky's Dessert Cafe (since I won't be returning due to only working in the area once a month). I would recommend this location to anyone. The line moves fairly quickly as well.

Abraham Carcamo

Might have just been a bad day or inexperienced new employees. Most looked lost and kept forgetting to give me extra sauce that we ordered. Had to go up 3 times to remind them.

Chuck Kopp

Meh. Moe's is overall better than this location.

Angela Fowler

Yummy food! Fresh and great service!


I love fresh American-Mexican food.

joseph safford

They were quick and the food was great

Latrice Combest

This is the best chipotle in the Carolinas

DeRante Parker

I can see why this place, not Chipotle, but this specific Chipotle location, gets mixed reviews. Some days are good and some are not. Unfortunately, for me, most times are not; and mostly because the staff is rude or they might be out of the little things like chips or salad dressing. As far as the speed of service, well it's Chipotle and also one near a university so of course it'll be busy at times. The staff tries to move fast but you can only go as fast as the customer goes. Plus, add on all the online orders that come in, you might have to wait a little bit. But, I wouldn't dock points for things that this place have little control over. However, most of the staff can definitely be more polite, and especially act like it matters when they're out of something. A person might really look forward to those chips only to find out before they pay that you're out of them. It's not hard to deal with the fact that you're out of them. But it IS hard to deal with the fact that a staff person don't care about a person's dining experience, for whatever personal reason that staff person is going through.

Mike Morris

The best

Eugene Russell Johnson IV

I ordered online and showed up 15 minutes later. They weren't busy at all, hadn't made my food yet, and proceeded to make 3 people who were in the line's food before making mine. I ended up waiting 10 minutes for my food and the employee didn't even apologize.

Tanita Gaither

Always packed, but always pricey. 3 stars because you have to have a taste for it.

Tracy Jones

The food was just meh!! Tables hadn't been wiped down. They were very busy but not enough to not have a single person getting tables ready or cleaning.

rob kelly

reasonably priced healthy food

Joshua Griner

This was my first time at a Chipotle! I can't believe it has taken me this long. I went during their nurse appreciate day today and they handled the large crowd well. The food was delicious and fresh tasting. I had their bowl with shredded beef, and tasted great! The portion was huge. It was enough for two meals.

tomas Perez

Food is bad and it's dirty. Tables and floor are disgusting with food and dead bugs all over. Food is just not that good. Burrito doesn't taste good and the chips are bad. An offbrand Moes southwest grill.

Kiros Wright

These guys do their absolute best to make sure people get they want!!! The only problem it that people want more than what their supposed to pay for... Every single pinch of food costs them... They spend like thousands of dollars a day to serve their food. And they try their best to make everyone happy!!!!

Mark Baxa

Super food, super fast!

Avery Dabe

A better version of Moes without free chips.

Angela Hernandez

Great service

Tauri Clarke

It's always a pleasure eating at Chipotle eat all good food and not worry about gaining weight it's all good wholesome food

Christopher Bolling

Quick. Get there before the lunch rush

Harold Roacher

Customer service could be better and portions should be more consistent

Gerardo Garrido

Good food but never think is a Mexican food

Cy Belton

Custimer servixe has been better, but still good all around. This must have been a bit so good day for them.

Esteban Sierra

I love going to Chipotle for lunch after church. The burrito Bowl is the way to go , you get more food than you can fit in a burrito wrapped in tortilla. Also the carnias and steak double meat are the best . The chips have lemon and are very good , the workers are great . Sometimes the line gets long but they take care of everybody so it works out .

Cynthia Harris

The line sever was great. Will be back

Gayle Edmonds

I haven't been to Chipotle in at least 2-3 yes stopped at one on Gervais St. They still give small amounts if meat with too much Dayuum rice to where you have to ask for extra meat if youre a conavore which my partner is so therefore the charged me extra of course so I had 2 bowls both with rice chicken and beef and the cost was 22.00 + change. Now they don't take anything off for not getting all of those other ingredients that they will sale to.someone else because I didn't use them. They are still a rip off and I don't know what came over me but I guess I'll keep my behind out of there like I've been doing.

sydell humphries

So good first time their and really enjoyed my self

Jose De La Cruz

I have visited several Chipotle's in my lifetime. But this one is the best one. You can tell the manager really cares for both the customer and the employees. Ambulance was great. Food even better. Thank you, great experience!!

Thirsty Bites

How can this place ever be anything but delicious?

Ryan Gaddy

The food is good. Very customizable. They do charge extra for some things like guac. Service is usually fast

Roshonda Butler

I love the food here....

Eilleen V

Excellent service and great location. Staff are super quick and really friendly. Sometimes you just want a quick and easy meal without having to navigate the casinos. This spot is great and the shared space with the other fast food restaurants means there is something for everyone.

Ryan VanDorp

My eyes lit up with excitement when I first discovered a Chipotle on the Vegas strip. I was sitting in my hotel room and just hoping to come across a somewhat reasonably priced and healthy lunch option, and sure enough, this is one of very few such locations in that entire area. For the 4 days out of the week I was in Vegas last year, I alternated between chicken and steak bowls for lunch. Nothing exceptional, and nothing particularly negative about the quality of the food. It tasted like standard, delicious Chipotle food to me. The only part about this restaurant that became a tad irritating was nothing more than a consequence of its popularity and prime location -- the place is constantly BUSY and packed. It was so busy that while I was attempting to navigate through a maze of people, my tray got caught up on something (or someone), my chicken bowl started sliding and 1/2 of the contents spilled on to the beverage and napkin area. I went back to order another bowl, explained the situation - admitting that I had made a mess - and the people at the counters were kind and understanding enough to provide me with the replacement at no extra cost. Good food, good staff - it's just BUSY. And if you have a few clumsy bones in your body (like me), be alert and prepared to run the gauntlet after you receive your food. Claustrophobes, you've been warned!

shawn simons

Just what I needed and it was fresh, quick service at lunchtime. Employees were friendly too

Rod B

Love the bowls

Mayan Eartheart

this is a far above average franchise . Glen Matthews is the glue that holds the kitchen together . on the surface, it may appear as if he scoops beans, bit the extent of his importance transcends that simple role by miles . If this man doesn't get a promotion stat, he should start his own chain of Mexican restaurants and put Chipotle out of business . Long live Glen !

Suvigya Agrawal

Only place to have vegetarian options. Always love the bowls

James Abbott

Get a burrito bowl and ask for a tortilla. You can portion control it.

Aswini Kottakota

Very bad service and quality. You can't justify bad quality because of the demand. The lady serving was like putting samples into the bowl. My first terrible experience at a Chipotle.

Joe C

Inexpensive, healthy, and good portion. Chipotle is one of the healthiest fast food restaurant out there. All of their ingredients are non GMO. For a satisfying bowl of your choice, it only costs ~$7.5. Same bowl will cost me $9 in NYC. If you want healthy and affordable food on the strip, this is it.

Bernie Balandran

Good tscos

Solar Born

Good food

Josselyn Rodriguez

So different from their Canadian counter part. So spicy :(

Mary Tan

We were satisfied eating here, as it is a healthy alternative to most restaurants on the strip. Needed a break from the overindulgence of food so went to Chipotle for something fresh. Our family of 4 shared a chicken bowl and a steak bowl. When they were making it, I noticed that the bowls were not as full as they could be, so I asked if they could add an extra scoop of brown rice. I think the extra rice made for the perfect ratio of rice to meat/beans/veg. Our meal felt substantial and my kids absolutely loved the flavors. This location is directly located on the strip so it is dingier, older, and has a food court atmosphere, but the food hit the spot for us that day.

Shawn Ward

Good food

Akka TV

The taste is gud but like spicy

Peggy Frank

It was nice to find a familiar spot with reasonable priced food options. The buffets can get expensive. It was right next to the LinQ casino

Ben Ortega

This location always is very stingy with their meat, usually about a half scoop full instead of the full scoop.

Thea Echandy

Clean, tucked away in a small hole right next to a panda express. Both had people with genuine smiles.

Juan Rodriguez

Very clean location ,great food and gread services and recomend very well Clean -5 star Food -5 star Costumer service -5star

Nikhil Sheth

If you are looking for a quick, healthy (kindof), cheap meal then this is your place. Service was ok.

Jackie Neely

This chipotle is open 24 hours! Dream come true.

Aundrea Rajamaki

Friendly staff. Fast service

Anthony Horsley

The Rebound King - Barbacoa Bowl with Brown Rice

Laura Ramirez

Fake service and food

Narender Goyal

Portion is too less, sitting area is not cleaned, smell all over the place. Quality is not that great, slow service.

Bob Henderson

Very good food

s bates

Goo food clean friendly staff

Andronica Gonzales

I dont understand why they can load a plate full of meat in front of me and then literally have 2 bell peppers on a tortilla because mine is vegetarian. Last I checked vegetables dont cost more than meat. This seems to be the only one I go to that they always have an issue with vegetarian orders. If I'm paying just as much as anyone else I should get a normal sized item filled just like anything else. If you dont want vegetarians eating here then dont have an option on your menue or train your staff how to portion a plate without meat.

Wayne Papillion

Very slow service is terrible

Will Livingston

Didnt get e-coli

Jacob Shockley

Great food wish fresh ingredients


I love this place they are fast, friendly and clean. I come here alot!!!!

Roy Strang

I liked it, it was good! Very Fresh, Very Fresh; Earthy, Wholesome. Like My Girl.

Kayla Mallard

Great food!

william lloyd

Jacob was amazing, great service

T Lev

I've yet to come across a bad Chipotle. The service is Swift, and consistent each time I go! Plus the food is extremely good. My only gripe because the food being so good is that they are stingy with the helpings lol. 5 Stars!!! All The Way!!

John Littlefield

Not easy to find but well worth the effort. This location is near the college so it is very busy. I ended up ordering using the excellent Chipotle app. My only complaint is there's no notification when the order is ready. There is a big rack for mobile order pickup but they don't seem to use it. I had to ask for my order, which thankfully was ready; waiting for me to pickup.

Kasha harmon


Kunj Mishra

Nice staff and delicious food

Daniel Fieldstone

This is a wonderful Chipotle location that is frequented by a college crowd. If you are walking or biking from place to place this could be one of your stops to grab a bite to eat. This is also a sure way to get some cheaper food in the area that is on the healthy side. No complaints on the staff or location.

Jennifer Dellacroce

Long line and slooooow. Seems like they are optimizing the mobile orders experience over the in person orders experience. Yet the mobile orders sit on a shelf for a while before anyone picks them up

Nick Rioux

Slowest staff at chipotle. Don’t manage cooking new food with the amount of customers in line. Cashiers are inconsiderate and on their phone during busy times.

Marcus Osborn

Lettuce wasn't great but everything else was fine. Better than Moe's.

tee timmons

Food was too cold.

Lana Lu

I agree with the previous user that said it was dirty and unkempt. When I went last week around 6pm there was food all over the serving counters, tables, and even floor. The forks were all out but it was way too busy to go ask for one so I just left without silverware. A couple behind me in the line noticed how dirty it was and actually left! But I was pretty hungry so I stayed. Apparently my mom went there for lunch today (about a week later) and it was clean, which is a good thing. Employees moved at a crawl and looked absolutely miserable. Online orders were coming in really fast and seemed to take precedence so that people were standing in line for 20 mins before even ordering. Most of the food was gone from the containers. I think that this could all be alleviated if management assigned one person dedicated to filling the online orders so the other employees could help the in-person customers. The only bonus was that the portion size on my bowl was good, but overall I would not come back to this location if it is that dirty again

Duana Mender

Delivery for a Postmates customer

Lorie Bush

Always great food and service

Robert Laffoday

Chipotle is always a high choice, but the caveat is that they don't have a location without having to cross the river.

Don Churn

I use to like Chipotle until I tried Moe's. Moe's is much better plus you get free chips and the salsa bar.

Victor Collado

Great service the big beard guy is super friendly & all the other staff members are very helpful also! Feeling great on my first visit to a restaurant at SC, I'll always come back!

Jim Larson

Don't know what you guys are crying about I have been too many Chipotle restaurants on the West Coast and on the East Coast and this Chipotle did well! Was well stocked from start to finish, wonderful employees that did a wonderful job! I see why this excellent Chipotle has long lines as all of them do, Only negative is that their chips weren't as good as usual, and had a lot of broken ones otherwise would I recommend this Chipotle? You betcha don't you know! LOL Enjoy!


Love Chipotle but this location is the worst. They’re always out of ingredients, today was the third time they’ve been out of chips and 2 hours before closing weren’t planning to make any more with a packed line of customers. Even after I said I’d wait I was told it would take 30 mins to cook more.... they must be hand making them??? And then I got charged $3 for chips and salsa. Be prepared to wait a while also, with only 5 people in front of me it took 20+ mins to even order. Save yourself the time and get what you actually came for and go to Moes, Tios, or Cantina 76.

Sharon Sharon69

Love this place! Great, fresh foods. Lots of choices. Large portion sizes.

sherri barton

Clean and fast

Kaieku M

Typical Chipotle. Good, fast, delicious.

Joshua Candler

Awesome food, fast, friendly, clean, just perfect

Kevin Staley

Such a great place, great food, and helpful staff. Manager Mike is very helpful.

Rice Nasoe

Chipotle Mexican Grill met most of my expectations, and gave me an overall good fast food restaurant experience. Here's why I liked and disliked this Chipotle Mexican Grill: This Chipotle Mexican Grill is easy to find, and has accessible parking. However, during all meals the parking spots fill up quickly, so be prepared. I never liked driving to this Chipotle Mexican Grill because of how hard it was to come by a parking space; and it was also hard to get out of the parking lot due to all the traffic on Gervais. The customer service at this Chipotle Mexican Grill is incomparable to any other fast food restaurant. The employees at this Chipotle Mexican Grill are prompt, professional, courteous, helpful, tactful, and knowledgable. Every time I have eaten at this Chipotle Mexican Grill all employees that I have ever interacted with go above and beyond for me. I have never had to wait an unreasonable amount of time in line for my food. Even when the line is out the door at this Chipotle Mexican Grill, service is still exceptional. Chipotle Mexican Grill has such a wide variety to choose from on their menu that I could eat their everyday and every meal. They also have an extremely healthy menu, and something for everyone. With the variety also comes freshness, it doesn't matter what menu item you get, everything's fresh! I can personally taste the freshness and difference in all of Chipotle Mexican Grills meats, vegetables, rice, tortillas, and fruits. It doesn't matter if you get a meat bowl, quesadilla, taco, salad, or fruit, it's always fresh; and gets better and fresher every time I go to this Chipotle Mexican Grill. I always get a chicken, steak, or meat bowl of some-sort, with a quesadilla, and chips. On an average trip to Chipotle Mexican Grill my total comes to be about $20-$30, and I feel that this is reasonable. For the variety, quality of natural and organic food products, freshness of all food products, and customer service, I feel that Chipotle Mexican Grill is reasonably priced. There aren't many other restaurants that have an all natural and organic menu. Out of all the restaurants that do have an all natural and organic menu, I only choose and trust Chipotle Mexican Grill due to their ingredient promise. Every time I eat at this Chipotle Mexican Grill there's excellent speed of service, fresh food, great customer service, great climate control, and great seating. The atmosphere at this Chipotle Mexican Grill is inviting and comforting, and this is why I will continue to go back time and time again. My only complaints of this Chipotle Mexican Grill are the following: This Chipotle Mexican Grills overall cleanliness (inside and out) was below average to average, there were a lack of chairs, and employees were sweating into the food. The inside always had trash on the floors, and leftover trash from previous customers left on tables; and sometimes even the chairs. I made the mistake of eating outside, and there were birds fece all over the outdoor tables and chairs. I don't understand how an organic and natural restaurant filled with clean food can lack cleanliness (both indoors and outdoors). When I eat out anywhere, and especially somewhere that has clean, organic, and natural food, I expect the restaurant to have all around cleanliness (indoors and outdoors)! Also, this Chipotle Mexican Grill needs more tables and chairs to meet their high volume demands. Many times I had to take my food to go, when I wanted to dine in! Lastly, I have been to this Chipotle Mexican Grill on several different occasions, and observed employees sweating through their caps and onto their faces. The sweat would then cover their faces, noses, and then drip into the food. I have personally seen this happen! I only wish the employees would clean their faces when this is happening, or ask for a break. I honestly would like to see the manager watching the employees to ensure this doesn't happen!

Olivia Davis

As a person that has serious allergies with most animal products, I’ve had to convert to being vegan. Chipotle was always my favorite place to go because I felt like I could easily get a nice meal that had my accommodations. My usual bowl includes: white rice, black beans, softitas, mild, corn and guacamole. Recently, I went to this specific chipotle. They were really busy. The person in front of me ordered cheese and sour cream. Since the man was in a rush, he quickly poured the sour cream over the corn, which luckily didn’t get in it. He then sprinkled the cheese on the bowl getting it In the guacamole container. Once he got to my bowl, I said I wanted corn and guacamole. He noticed that there was cheese in the guacamole, so he stirred it in, and put it on mine. Saying this, I will not be going back to chipotle. Although they have vegan options, they do not accommodate people that have allergies. I just thought I should make this aware to people.

Paul McManigal

Moe's is better in my opinion.

Nwww Cwww

Good food!.. and I said good food because no better taste of mexican food around this 1 mile radius area!..

Ryan Brown

Stopped by around 7:30 and they happened to be out of steak and were cooking more. I decided to wait. Staff were very courteous the entire time. They gave a generous portion of the freshly cooked steak and comped my meal! Great bless and great people.


Slow, terrible customer service. Waited 15 minutes after ordering through the app.

Torkiya Ramage

First time eating there and the food was amazing I will be back

Rodolfo lassalle

They didn't have the food ready to pick up.

audrey leverette

Love this place

Angela Robinson

Stays open late..staff is friendly...good fasr food

Vincent Van Brunt

Still can't get anything right

Brian Humphrey

Great food

Sagarbocheer K J

Not many options. Decent enough

Cindy Longmire

This is my favorite chipotle. They have the best staff. The look like they enjoy their jobs and the best team work I have ever seen at any restaurant in columbia⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Darlene Page

Good food

Bravo chino

Eating healthy is possible even when you in vegas. Very busy but they are still maintain the work flow and customer service.


They have new employees and made the burrito with all the extras but didn't inform but didn't charge because of this. Manager was very nice yesterday around 6pm. She mafe the impossible monster burrito fold just right.

eran levy

As much as I love Chipotle this brach is bad!! In the morning they served food from yesterday and didn't poor generously like in other branches

Anthony Hernandez


Nikhil Gudla

Always loved burrito bowl and that too from Chipotle. But this is the first ever time we experienced bad service from this chain. Ordered couple of bowls and the lady was in a hurry missing out on what I was asking for, skipping some items and filling in with very little of everything that was put. She was not even listening to half of what I asked for. Even though asked again, it didn't work as it won't matter to this store as it's on the strip. It's crowdy as it has there restuarants combined in a small place. Difficult to catch a spot to sit too. Ignore this Chipotle if you can. Else, don't get disappointed if you get bad service and low quality food.

Aj Fulmore

First time having Chipotle. Chicken burrito. Pretty good.

Tommy Hemp

I love Chipotle except for when you say a little bit of hot and they give you a lot of hot but it's still good

rugged nw

Chipotle on the strip! One of the least expensive places to eat on the strip and one of the healthiest! Service was fast and friendly. A great location to stop and grab a bite. When I visited the area wasn't crowded and there were plenty of spots to sit and enjoy the meal. All the food is what you know from every other Chipotle, and the quality was as expected.

Pooja Khatadia

I now understood why all Americans love it. It’s healthy, happy and quick food that fills your stomach completely. Their sour cream is the best

James Banks

Really good

Roxana Smith

Never have lemon. How can you sale Mexican inspired food and no lemon ?!

Shania Chatterjee

Service was quick. Food was fresh. However, the portion size is too less compared to other Chipotle's. The attendants are in such a hurry to complete the order that they throw in such small portions.

Jose camin

I give it 4 stars just because of the fact that seating is limited shared with two other restaurants. Food was great and not marked up just for being on the strip.

Varun Krish

Not as good as before and not as good as other Chipotle's but still decent enough.

Krishna Murthy Gurumurthy

Very different from other Chipotle's. Wrong proportions and don't usually have most of the add-ons on the menu. Disappointed.

Markus Boese

Big steaks, nice cocktails and good service but a little bit expensive.

James Cole

Always good and dependable. This location was fast and nice

ayarana robinson

One of my favorite places to eat!! Love the freshness service never have a problem

martin p

What's with the small portions? I always get the bowl and have it served generously everywhere I go, which is why I keep going. This location needs to get their act together with the portions.

Green Mile

I personally didn't like the food at all. It was really low quality and overall disgusting. Im surprised since Americans seems to like it alot, however they dont know about any better. They are used to settle for less and poor quality. So if you are a tourist, visiting usa just skip this food chain. You'll do yourself and your wallet a favor.

Shyam Reddy

Quantity served is way to less and the staff was arrogant when asked for more sour cream

marcus manley

Rice was undone portions were very small

MsTooMuch .

Love Chipotle's!! This location should improve on having properly working fountain machine.

Christofer Markou

Small joint in small shared space with pizza and chinese food. Clean and good place. Love the Burritos.

Kenny Kolberg

Fast service, good food

Yesica Escalante Garcia

I don't like very much the salads...

rakesh thadishetti

Good restaurant to have bowl or burritto

shabbir hariyanawala

My experience was no good as in my burrito there was plenty of beans and very less chicken...didn't taste any good

mickey35 800


EZJ Medical

Not really clean. Not really flavored well. Not going to do it again. Bland

Julien Dos Santos Reis

Good Tacos !

Paula Robinson

Disgusting... Whatever you do... DON'T EAT HERE. I was vomiting for 4 hours after eating one of their burritos. Avoid at all costs!!!!!


We all love chipotle!!

Ansley DeGraaf

Obsessed with this food chain & friendly service

Chloe P

Generous servings at a fast pace.

Sowmya Rani


Melikte Paulos

Chipotle is the best Mexican food I've ever had. Feels healthy but is still very tasty... Big thumbs up!

suse Antunez

Good place good worker at night food always fresh

Celese Moss

The service was quick and friendly.

Ashim Prasai

Not upto the best. What I was expecting from chiptole, food didnt taste good. Not worse as well.

Joceline Lopez

Fast service in a centrally located area. Here’s a chipotle hack to maximize your purchase- order a bowl and ask for a tortilla on the bottom or on the side :)

Isabel Ramirez

Their food is always fresh an serving is so fast, from a bowl to a burrito or chips and guacamole can't go wrong!

mark mccurry

Food is fast, good and tasty. Servers are polite and very helpful. Good gluten-free options. Best chips ever

Alma Hemingway

Great food. Great service

Stephi Dalen

Food is delicious. High quality and large portions for the price. However, the customer service is seriously lacking. Not a single cheerful smile or face. I am hard of hearing and had issues hearing the questions they asked and asked them to speak up and they just kept mumbling and acted VERY annoyed by my very simple request. The location is nice, out of the way of traffic and has its own free parking lot which is large. It also seemed very well maintained and clean inside.

Nathan W-I

Always a fan of Mexican food, but I just wish their guac was a little cheaper. Having said that, it is super tasty all round and I always enjoy when I eat there even if it is a little pricier than it should be.

Rukia Brooks

Quick, courteous service and delicious food

Isaaq Chouili

I got 2 burritos and the lady couldnt roll either one. She also appeared deaf as she put the wrong things i asked for in my burrito. Lack of caring, and one simple job to make a burrito. Worst chipotle i have EVER been to and i go at least 5x a week. Trash employees.

Jeffrey Hesson

Mess..mess..mess..what can I say..the work station was a mess. The tables were a mess. We didn't move in line and the line didn't move for like 5 minutes..just standing there looking at my half made salad. There were some hard workers back there.. And my good was good..but I wouldn't go back unless I had to..just poorly managed.

Allison Broschart

There are a few employees that work at this location that are extremely nice and friendly. Unfortunately, I seem to only go in when those people aren't working. My mobile order is wrong more often than not, and there is no consistency on how much food I'll get each time. My mobile order is generally ready on time or early, which I appreciate. They also call when they are out of something on your mobile order. This is a huge improvement considering I have shown up before just to be told they are out of something. It's not bad, but I would go to a different location if there was another just as close.

Apollo Seven

I love the grill tho i feel this location needs at lest 4 Hispanic people. For the taste of the culture. Hispanic people just get them Beans and bread right.

Tyler Bergeron

Great vibe cast service

Reach Church

Fast and fresh

Bob Riggleman

OK, this place is good about half the time. The white rice I had recently was wet and flavorless. I could tell that the manager must have been off this day. I did not like the carnitas and the guacamole needed salt and lime juice. IF you catch them on a good day, things are great.

Catherine Brosemer

Good food but always so loud

Antwanika Saxon

The best chipotle I've been too. Also the staff was great.

tyra riley

I like this place it can be slow at times but the service is good

Sal Kindel

Great food! Love it. Very nice people!

Derrick Williams

personally they need to do better with food service. no smile no greeting, just str8 to the point. no personality, no customer service. other than that it was okay. food was ok wasnt great.

Michael Bohm

Nasty filthy place. Not one table was wiped off and no-one cared, soda area was gross. My wife and I had immediate stomach issues. For your own health stay away.

John Merriam

Great food, and atmosphere, but I'm still a Salsarita's fan...sorry :(

Tyler Pope

Love this restaurant and the location but I have to say I like it when a certain staff is in. White chicks and males always skimp out on portions like they own the restaurant and are trying to save on cost. Food is always delicious but again; certain staff knows how to treat the customers better. More engaging and better overall portions and experience!!

Trisha Pope

Will not go back to again.. Workers standing around looking no smiling faces cashier dang near dropped my money in my hand. Will not go back. Worst customer service. Food was low standard. Bottom of the barriers..

Anthony Scrivener

Not as good as it used to be. Old dry steak tough no flavor. Shame. Was pretty good for a while.

Martina Davis

My first time and I was pleasantly surprised!! Crowded, but lines moved quickly and food was great!

Laurie Melton

Line was long with students and it only took about 12 minutes. Food was good


Not horrible but I have had better experiences with Chipotle. Food was good overall but I ordered online 15 mins ahead and still had to wait when I arrived. I also feel I wasn't given as much food as when I ordered from other locations.

Casey Jenkins

This Chipotle has very poor service. The staff didn’t seem very happy to be there. It wasn’t crowded, but they were out of 3 different items and couldn’t seem to keep up. The portion sizes were so small that the person in front of me and behind me both asked for additional scoops of things. My bowl was about half the size as ones I get from other Chipotle restaurants. If they are going to skimp sizes that much for the amount I’m paying, I’ll definitely stick with other Chipotle restaurants.

Thom Kelly

Usually chipotle is a nice full burrito. This one was cheap with the fillings. Workers couldnt roll the burritos either

Bruce Blackmon

Food was good service good price a little more than expected

Tamarah Staschiak

Quick order and tasty food

Valerie Rucinski

Quick service during a busy lunch with the same good quality standard

Nia Ford

Excellent veggie bowl, fresh and correct. Clean facility, music was just right volume. Service was poliet, and quick. Thank you again.

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