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REVIEWS OF Cafe Rio IN Nevada

Stephen C

It's Cafe Rio...just delicious. The ability to customize your burrito or salad is a bonus...I have them hold the cilantro, which for me adds the wrong flavor.


amazing service and really good fresh hot food everytime we go is amazing

Troy Asuncion

Why waste your time reading reviews, y'all heard about it everywhere, cafe Rio kills it. Tortillas on point guac on point.. not sure if it's 100% vegan friendly but I kinda don't want to know... It's that good.

Vanessa Chatman

Food was very dead service was into good have to try spot in LA and see what I think

Edward Vodek

The good is not jot enough I have them run it through the oven twice and it's still only warm. They also charge extra for evetything. Sauce cheese sour cream guacamole . Everything is extra just add it to the price and quit nickeLing and diming everyone to DEATH. It's a bit expensive when you pay $13 bux for a burrito.

Michelle Yuro

Love the fresh food. Fast service.

Yeisy Diaz

This is the only location that I go to even if it's far from my house, the food is always fresh and the customer service is always very friendly.

Trucking With Woody


Dahkia dust

Best Mexican food on the west coast. Hands down. Grilled chicken burrito can cause a state of delirium, it's so good!

Daniel Peckham

This is my favorite Cafe Rio! I'm from Salt Lake, where they are everywhere and the people making my food here are way better. They always take their time to make sure my food is perfect. Love it

Elizabeth Hewko

My favorite place to eat. Safe to say I eat here to often. I love their options and food quality!

Justin Kerr

The service was great, and the food was awesome!

Wesley Donahue

It's a good alternative to Chipotle. It's nice, nothing too special. It's the typical build your own burrito type place, but with more variation.

Kari Gonzalez

I love this place. It has absolutely the best food. Unfortunately the staff isn't that great. They don't always listen to you. The lines are always long. The staff complains about the line, they complain about the work load, they complain about special requests. If it wasn't for the food I would probably go to a different location.

Mary Jones

Wonderful fresh and tasty food! One of my favorite places to eat! Sooo good, I always end up eating too much! Thank you to all the friendly hard working faces!

Victoria DaCosta

To busy for good customer service

Stacy Bronson

good environment and good food

Dexter Thomas

Over priced


Great sweet pork salad. The prices are low and young children can get a free quesadilla. If you get the opportunity to do their survey ( it will be on your receipt, random) do it. It's short and easy and you can get a free dessert or chips and salsa on your next visit!

Frozen Apple

Spent $11 on a salad only to get more cilantro than salad while the guy behind me got the tostada and got a damn mountain of lettuce and toppings. No portion control. I went to smiths and bought romaine to add to my salad because there was a long line and I wasnt about to ruin it for everyone. Learn to portion your items. I posted pics. Hope yoi get to see them corporate.


Always fresh and never disappointed!

Lisa Luciani

Good food, service is great, great price.

Juan Zuniga

Good fresh food

Joseph Belmonte

Great as usual

John Fischer

The food was very good. Everything was fresh. The staff, howerever, were not friendly at all. The couldn't answer simple questions about the menu and even seemed frustrated by being asked. They were also very disorganized which did not help the situation either.

Roxy Baghdadlian

Excuse me, what happened to this location? Extremely rude staff. They appear very unhappy and it reflects on their level of service. I feel management at this location is hurting everyone, I have met her and she’s not very friendly. I ordered a salad today, minus the tortilla. I know they always used to put cheese on the tortilla so today when I asked for cheese she told me it’s an extra charge. Why? If I had the tortilla there is no extra charge for the cheese. Get it together or I will not be coming back. Was an extremely loyal customer but no longer am

John Salisbury

Most unorganized restaurant around. The only reason I go is because my wife likes it. Inaccurate charges and distracted employees.

Chris Davis


Jose Munoz

Great food

Brian Mejia

Cafe Rio has some of the best options as far as "fresh" mexican food. I always go for the grilled chicken tostada salad; to die for.

Terry Cahow

Love the tortilla soup.

Blair Canfield

Not a huge fan of pulled pork but these guys make a great burrito. Clean, friendly, and inviting.

Ken Wilkins

We visited the restaurant with a party of 4 people. We all ordered the burritos. They were delicious. The waiting line was long indicating that a lot of people like the food in this restaurant. It is hard to find an open table when the line is long. As you are in line your order is taken, you pay for your order, the food is prepared and is given to you at the end of the line. My daughter and her husband come here nearly every week. We met them there last week and were very satisfied with the tasty meal. We will definitely be back for another meal.

suzanne ellison

A place my daughter frequently goes, Enjoyed the food, especially the tacillos! Salsa is good also.

Kay Harmon

Absolutely terrible experience on 4/25 at night. Came in to get burritos and the young crew working we're extremely rude and had no customer service training at all, didn't do my burrito right, didn't do any of the order right, threw my half done burrito into the oven, when I asked her about it she started laughing. The entire night crew needs retraining and I should've just walked out without paying. Terrible staff, will be talking to corporate


A typical Mexican fast food sit down establishment. Not a ton of vegan options but their burritos seem to be the crowd favorite.

Eman Urban

Great staff and clean environment. Staff was helpful and friendly, and went by everyone's table to see if everything was to their liking. The service here is definitely worth mentioning as you can tell.

toby schmel

This s place always to crowed. They need some one in line taking orders not very efficient. Maybe a kiosk.

David Freeman

Always great, long line moved fast.

Kodiak Grizzed

Horrible unprofessional staff and cleanliness is bad.


Food is excellent. Efficient location but staff not overly friendly

chris phelps

The food is good for a fast casual place. However, I always feel like I'm getting jipped! I ordered an "open burrito" which I'm just used to calling a burrito bowl and a drink cost me almost $16.00. Was told I cant substitute pico for cilantro which is cheaper for them anyway, so they charged me extra...for cilantro lol. And if I wanted to ad some cooked bell peppers or "fajitas" it would be $2.00 extra so my burrito and drink would've came out to almost $18.00 if I got fajitas. Also anything else I would've ordered would've been extra..didnt even ask about guac..probably woulda put me up to $21.00 for a single burrito and a single drink. Which you can get at Chipotle for close to half the price at a similar quality. Come on guys, you're a fast casual place with slow formal prices.

Abrina Dees-Leon

Love the salads burrito are huge

Julie Humpherys

Yummmmm. Sweet pork burrito all the way!!!!

josh ealey

Place is pretty much clean, with good customer service

Recco Mendes

Good Food, Good Service, Friendly Staff

Sharon Lutkin

like their salads

Jenny Jacobo

I have been here many times, but this time despite that the services was good, staff was nice, and the food is your tropical restaurant Mexican food, the clear counter top above the food prep was VERY dusty. It was a bit disappointing to see that of all the counter tops, this seemed to have been missed on the cleaning routine. I do recommend this place to eat and enjoy and nice atmosphere, just make sure the counter tops are clean.

Drake Driscoll

I have an order for pick up an noon. I show up and stand by the pick up register for 15 minutes before someone talks to me just to find out my order has been sitting in the back the whole time. I get back to work and they forget my $8 quesadilla. Terrible service and would not recommend.

wolfboy2222222222222 .

Well kept and clean. Looks great with the recent remodeling. Speedy and friendly service as usual.

chris wolff

Love this place

Tremena West

I love Cafe Rio I live there enchilada style burritos OMG! The cilantro dressing is my ultimate favorite even tho I don't like cilantro by itself.

Dana J

Food wasn't up to normal expectations

Bri Noori-Wilson

The Coconut shrimp tacos are yummy!


The lady that said she is the store manager was very rude and the food area was disgusting you couldn't tell the difference between the Lettuce cheese or tomatoes because everything was one big mess everyone looked so unhappy

Brennen Crinklaw

Bunch of brand new people working the front, my burrito had little to nothing inside of it on top of it be folded like. 2 year old it fell apart when I first picked it up, I'll never eat this this location again

Brandon Stewart

Great food for individuals and families

Andrew Parker

Get the App. Cafe rio has a great rewards program with surprise food a drink credits it you go there often. They also offer a great military and police/fireman discount. The Salads are amazing too. P.S. Love the new modern clean look.

Kenny W

Awesome food. Can be slow at time however its expected. Dont go during rush hours or lines can be long.

linda loucks

Cafe Rio has great prices and the food was outstanding.

April Knox

A little pricey

Kelley Peters

My family loves this place. It's our Fav go to place when hankering for a quick bite. Staff is very friendly and fun. Food is on point (in my book). And love their app- especially when you win in points.

Susan Morales

Best ranch ever!!

Humberto Ocampo

One star-

Sean Fagan

Unbelievably slow, Rio doesn’t seem to care about speed or service anymore, it continues to worsen. Food is always delicious, and my visit here I met a couple nice employees, but I counted 15 workers on shift and 30 minutes to get through a medium sized line.

Martin Rowinski


Shawn Obrien

Fast, friendly service. Better than a Mexican drive through restaurant.

McPappy Racing

Cafe Rio is consistently outstanding. My wife and I could eat there 3 times a week and never get sick of it. Quality food and always fresh.

Perry Whittaker

Best place to get quick great quality Mexican food fresh homemade tortillas you just can't beat it!!!

Yasmeen Nurdeen

Cheese enchiladas with salsa verde

Adrian Rendon

Skinny black girl, with no name tag, has the worst customer service. Did not greet me, did not smile, did not say anything to me, other than "what kind if meat" and "would you like a drink" Cafe Rio has amazing food but it seems like every restaurant, they have horrible customer service OR they always tend to mess up an order. After reading some other reviews, i thought i was the only one that they would get my order wrong

Rafael Mejia

Staff are often inattentive and add toppings that you specifically ask them to keep off and the location isn't exactly the cleanest to eat at. Used to be my favorite location and favorite chain but I doubt I'll continue to go, at least to this location.

Beverly Barker

One of my favorite places. Great grilled chicken salad. I love the cilantro lime dressing on it.

Maria Paula

Everything is good here

Frieda Bronfin-Morgan

Very good and fresh.

Amanda Goodavish

Super delicious and the staff at this location is very friendly. The chicken tortilla soup is my favorite, but I recommend the sweet pork in a quesadilla. The only thing I wish they had here were more vegetable options.

Steve Moore

The sweet pork is great!

Shaye Rich

Pricey, buttt, Good!

kRiS B

I love this place food is always good and fresh. Just wish there was more seating. Pretty busy during lunch time but why wouldn't it be the food is good. And why do they charge for guacamole

Nick Muir

This location is bipolar: it's either amazing and spot on service, or everything looks like it was prepared in a primate enclosure at the zoo. Probably the most Vegas restaurant on the Northwest side, because you're always rolling the dice.

Sylvia Harrell

1st time here very good I had the 2 tacos and it was a lot. The rice water was on hit

Tonya Hartsoe

Great food ! Doesnt hurt to sign up for rewards and earn free meal too

Rob Fiedler

Food is mediocre and the packaging is the worst design ever. How many time have you gotten food to go from here an got in your car and wrestled keeping one or all of the dishes upright. It is always the one that tips over is the one the lazy cashier put on poorly.

Carla Claybrooks

Cashier was friendly but servers rush you a lot. Like the food but hesitate to go back

Alexa Hysi

This location is better than others and has excellent service. We enjoy all the meats and meals. You really can't go wrong with anything you order.

Zorsha **

Decent food. Great salsa. Meat is always seasoned just right but I wish they would drain their lettuce.

Shelby Turner

The food is always good but the staff wasn’t particularly nice. No one was on the same page with what the menu items came with and what they didn’t. They weren’t courteous or apologetic for the mistakes. The older man in a blue shirt was particularly not interested in serving people or making the customer happy it seemed like. Didn’t go at a busy time, paid $40 for three people, 10/10 would never come to this cafe rio again.

Chandler Duvall

Good food, OK service.

Lisa Dodson

Super discount for my law enforcement nephews is honored. Food is fresh and made to order quickly.

Jackie Pallas

Employees are very unfriendly and rude!

Amie Renegar

Food is ok, nothing remarkable. Definitely more expensive than it should be

Giri Chelian

Pretty standard Cafe Rio, the lines here weren't as long as other locations but I'm sure it really just depends on the day of time.

Luke Pearson

Great military discount!

David Lessnau

Food was good, as usual. But the place was packed with screaming kids. For that price, I sure don't want an experience on par with ChuckeCheese. We won't be going back.

J Reed Eckman

Love it!

Natali S

The food is always great. Only 4 stars because the restaurant itself is usually in a state of needing cleaned. Debris on tables, water all over the bathroom, trash overflowing...

penelope neil

Favorite lunch date place.

Princess Buttercup

Very poor service. Everyone that worked there was socializing instead of working. I complained sbout my order and they argued with me. I will not return to that location.

beef o'malley

good, fast and relatively cheap option. i really like the wet burritos and the quesadillas are above average.

Hisani Jaliwa

Very good

michellemh78 .

Sweet pork is to die for. Staff are mediocre, but as long as the food is good I'll keep coming back.

Vickie Erickson

I love this restaurant,. I moved to northern California and there isn't one so I only get to have my fire grilled chicken salad with tomatio ranch when I go to Las Vegas.

liz carmen

This place will forever be my favorite

Mr. Brightside

Horrible staff and don’t even think about ordering postmates can’t put grilled steak on “grilled steak nachos”

Lora Erickson

We eat here as a family as often as we can. Pricing is good, selection is excellent (you can't go wrong on this menu), and everyone is friendly. LOVE Cafe Rio!

Tammy McCullough

The food is good. I just wish, when the line is really long, the employees try a little harder for efficiency and friendliness. The look on most faces is pretty much "I guess I'll help you."

Be Happy!!!

Absolutely love this place!!! My husband got a burrito and I got the salad and it was good. I have to say that they make their flour tortillas. You can see the people making them from scratch. Cafe Rio is one of my favorite restaurants. I highly recommend it.

Aleesha Jensen

It had good food. I wanted to wash my hands before eating. They have one bathroom for women. No way to really tell if someone was in there. A little awkward.

Brooke Needham

They literally messed up our entire order. We ordered a burrito, a quesadilla and 2 tostadas without the tortilla, cilantro, beans or rice. One of the tostadas came with with the tortilla and 1/4 of the veggies it was supposed to have. The other one came with tortilla strips on top and extra cilantro. The burrito came very poorly wrapped and was falling apart. The quesadilla was fine but the quac that came with it was brown. The customer service was fine and the meat tasted good. They were friendly, but that is not enough to make me go back there again.

Michael Hargraves

The food was great except it said spicy and I felt for habanero pork it was mild. Flavor was stupendous. I recommend eating here. I'll be back for more.

Raymond Pfand

They had a long line because they were really slow. The employees were not very friendly. The drink bar was terrible. One drink was completely out and the horchata was horrible, no flavor at all.

Karen B

Food is fresh. Service is fast

robbie schneider

Let me start off with. I love the food.....i placed a order for pickup. I go pick it up. bring it home. And it was the salad. With the house dressing. Only no dressing... i call them and let them know. They just said ok come get some. No sorry or anything. And when i go back to pick it up i get nothing but attitude from them like its my fault. Or like its no problem that they forgot part of my order. Now here i am eatin my salad da that has sat and gotten soggy. I am never going to that location again!!!

Jacob Nagle

Worst service ever. Every other person who handled our order got it wrong, then rolled their eyes at us when we asked them to make it the right way, then then charged us extra for a teaspoon of guacamole and a regular portion of cheese. Staff were literally throwing food around, then using filthy towels to clean up after themselves. To top it off, when we later called to speak with the manager, she expressed zero interest in actually fixing the problems, but instead kept insisting that I take a voucher for a free burrito. I didn't want a free burrito. I wanted to go to a restaurant with polite, competent staff and a manager who cared to fix problems with her staff.

Andrew Parsley

The food was Really Good. I was able to see a close childhood friend of mine for lunch. It was a good experience.

Andronica Gonzales

I love the freshness of the food here and they portion really well. Theres another restraunt similar to this that I wont name that portions are a third sometimes less compared to what you get here. I love the fresh made tortillas and the habanero salsa. Soooo soon good. Theres usually a line when I come but I dont mind the wait for the good food.


Good salad but with no meat, a vegetarian salad not worth 10 bucks. A bit expensive for some lettuce and a scoop of rice.

Jose Medina

WOW. Went up to the register and said I was picking up... no acknowledgement from anyone. Three people and no one could even tell me "be right with you" or anything to that extent. Have been here before with hit or miss employees but has been ok for the most part. This is just bad.

Jogos Fishing

Food was great, service was fast. Awesome drink choices besides just soda.

James Barden

Best fresh enchiladas in town!

Joel Rand

Great food, selection and wonderful staff. Marquise made the best burrito

Vickie Shelton

I love Mexican food... taste so good authentic... always a line so you know it's good... people are friendly too...

Nate Taylor

Busy but fast. That is what you want in a restaurant.

Bridget Carilli

I very much enjoy eating at Cafe Rio. I like the different options to choose from. I usually get the shredded chicken. Sometimes I put it in a quesadilla, and this last time I put it in tacos. I like the sides like beans, rice, lettuce and guacamole. I have brought my 11 month old baby to eat with us, and it worked out really well. I like how fast you get your food, but it isn't unhealthy like normal fast food. I am always very satisfied after eating here.


Great energy from the staff

Sarah W

Love this location. Never had a problem.

Ashleigh Kincaid

Food is good. Service not so much.

Tori Phillips

Just as good as Utah

Jesse Hoel

Quick and good food.

Team Aguilar

Slow service during lunch rush.

Doctor Webinstein

Used to go a lot more but the quality and selection just is not there. We understand how busy of a location it is, but to wait in line for 10-20 minutes only for them to constantly be out of certain proteins ( Salmon ! ) is frustrating. We started ordering online and picking up, only to walk in time and time again to either not have our order ready, be told the salmon would be another thirty minutes, or go home and receive our order and find little to no meat at all. We have never been compensated, or really felt like they cared whenever we called back, so we stopped going. Too bad because when they do get it right, it is great.

Vernae Williams

The food was alright! I didn't like the fact that they charge extra fees for everything. I'm doing low carb, so I omitted beans, shells, and rice... But got charged for extra cheese, meat, and sour cream.

Donna Kibby

amazing food! wish Cafe Rio would come to Illinois

Larry Adeboi

Food is always awsome

Teresa Alexander

Quick, fresh, delicious!

Don Wlliams

Great food slow service

Wendy Nagy

Excellent food. New decor Is terrific

Rachel Payne

Very fast service! They forgot to give me my salsa so I went back and they gave me a code for a free chips and salsa on my next visit.

Tiberiu Iepan

Love the food, but I wish they had half portions for like 6 bucks or something, their salads it's 2000 calories, basically 2 meals in one. I always end up taking half home

Eric Fuller

Best location in town... always amazing

Pete Tellefsen

My family and I love this place they know how they kick out delicious food and fast and the restaurants always nice and clean

kainalu bachiller

This location is the location I always go to because of the customer service provided, employees are friendly and food quality is good. The past several times I came to this location it seems the customer service level is not the same. There are times that I would go in to order my normal Shredded chicken salad and the chicken seems to be less than before and more lettuce than everything. I walked in last night at 9:23pm I was not greeted and the cleaning process already started in the front line while walking up to order. Employee asked what can I get for you and I responded a chicken salad. She asked grilled or shredded I responded shredded. Then asked the cook is there more shredded chicken his response was “No”, when he could have said no we do not have but let me make more. Person helping said we can make the shredded chicken but it will take 10 mins as if it was a bother that I wanted shredded chicken and from a customer stand point that’s no how you provide quality customer service. So, I agreed to wait and asked if I could pay first while I waited. Sat down at the table to where I waited for 20 mins with no apology that it took longer than the 10mins. I feel the staff has no urgency that customers should feel valued and to provide great customer service. Instead all employees are focused on closing the restaurant. As a long time customer I don’t feel like I would go back again because of the poor customer service and the quality of the food is now poor. Few times I ordered there the chicken seems to be less and less and the preparation of the salads are messy and always spicy when I eat my salad. Effective immediately action should be taken to uphold the customer service of all employees and food quality.

baby aemiliano Loera

I love how they spend so much money to renovate the place but they still want to keep there employees at 8.25 an hour at that pay rate ill spit at your food too

S LaBean

I am a cafe rio addict love the queso and sweet pork tacos- just wish they wouldnt charge for sour cream and put it on the side in a container if for take out. Also, the other cafe rio has a little salt on their chips which tastes better but overall -- love this place.

tonya Del Toro

This location always is efficient and speedy. Food is always spectacular!

clare laidlaw

Great service! Great food!

Anthony Debay

Excellent quality. I prefer this over my favorite, chipotle!

Carol St.Denis

The only thing wrong with this place is the noisy environment. Music is loud. The building reverberates badly, so every sound is amplified. The food is great, but I can't stand the atmosphere

Queen Soto

Twice now I have gone to the centennial location & they don't have salmon prepared. If you run out of it so quick why don't you stay on top of it like the rest of the meat?? I can not eat meat other then seafood so that is why I loved Cafe Rio so much. Complete dissapointment.

Richard Randell

Very good burrito. And I enjoy the cheese dip a lot, like a lot. I can eat that forever!

Karen Brunner

As always the salad with fire grilled steak was perfectly delicious. Service was fast as usual. We went for late lunch/early dinner so things weren't super busy so someone could have done some cleaning of tables and sweeping of floors as there was quite a bit of food and paper trash underneath the tables.

Valerie Elise E

Great food. Reliable.


The staff is rude and not friendly at all they don't even say hello they wait for you to order. I ordered the grilled chicken salad and the chicken was burned over cooked it was hard to chew and the rice was under cooked almost raw and the tortilla tasted like it was left out for a while. I throw it away and left I am NEVER coming back ever again.!

marissa roshan

Yummy as always

artrisa fulton

completely turned out over this place. Im not a huge fan of chipotle, but this place REALLY takes the cake. Had the taco platter with sweet pulled pork and was in food heaven. Plus they give you a good portion, wish i could have ate more but i was full!!

Louise Nielson

Great food! I normally have a burrito, which are big and delicious. Today I had enchiladas. They are less than half the size of the burrito, so I was glad that I had 2. I also tried their fire-grilled chicken, instead of my usual pork barbacoa. The chickens flavor was fine, but it was very dry, perhaps because it was not ordered as much and had been sitting a while. The pork is delicious, it is slightly sweet. The horchata there is fantastic!

Garrett Roberts

Use the app to not only collect points but to order ahead. Great food and a great price. Staff are courteous and willing to help. Our order took a little longer than expected so the cashier offered us a free drink.

Meetu Singhal

Crowded but orders are made fast and perfectly .

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