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2225 Village Walk Dr, Henderson, NV 89052, United States Located in: The District at Green Valley Ranch

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REVIEWS OF Ben & Jerry's IN Nevada

Lina Noland

Great place and excellent service

Super Shopper

Josué Fernández

jess Richardson

Austin Cochran

They have three delicous flavors of non dairy, almond milk ice cream :)

Kami Wilson

Nice servers and delicious chocolate cones.

A.J. Hamil

Emerald Wade

Love Joyce! She's so sweet and the ice cream shop is amazing

Mathew Snow

Michelle Ogaard

Mehdi Zarhloul

Benjamin Petrisor

Tasty Ice Cream

Paul Wade

ice cream and for a good cause

Ian Keogh

Zack Kennedy

Love their schweddy balls! lol tell them to bring them back.

James Lee

Yvonne Hernandez

Ordered the pecan ice. Horrible! Was very soft like almost melting with ice particles in it. Disappointed

Sherry sampson

Nina Adams

They don't take gift cards. They were short on staff & the wait was ridiculous!

Ginger Fox

Unhappy apathetic staff, broken down equipment, and generally messy. Better to save your money and buy it in the grocery store.

Jonathan Roberson

clean and fast

Aaran Linhart

Staff was friendly, store was clean, and the ice cream was frozen!

amanda hays

Super yummy!

Kelly Ledbetter

keith Farmer

Me: how is the Cinndoughrella? Teen Worker: cinnamony

Katya Gudkov

(Translated by Google) Nice. (Original) נחמד.

Chris Ukardi

Amanda Taylor

Server hooked me up with a hot fudge sundae in a waffle cone.!! Whoo Hoo!

Alex Smurthwaite

Alpha Trang Nguyen

dont like

Adam Kropff

John R Pesonen

All the kids had fun, as well as the Mother's for Mother's day.

Jonetta Hoffman


Shanon Stibor

Conor Duffy


Crystal Roberts

A little unkempt but who loves Ice cream I DO! I DO!

Michael Downey

Claudia-Aurora Bergman

Came across it on vacation. They had Phish food and all was well with the world.

Katy H

We made a special trip to go to Ben and Jerry's because I saw that they had dairy free icecream (the store I went to had a sign outside advertising for it) which was very exciting because I'm lactose intolerant. However, when I asked a staff member, I was informed that the only dairy free flavors were four types of sorbet. It was incredibly disappointing, and I hope Ben and Jerry's ACTUALLY gets dairy free icecream in the future.

Lynnette Foss

Clean facility and courteous emplpyees


Great ice cream

Tam Tam

Super small scoops and they just set it on top of the cone without filling it. My small was the same size as my kids cone at the location near pioneer square.

Danny Taylor

Soooo bomb!

Soumyodipta Mukerjee

Excellent tacos. Loved the food . They give more chicken pieces in tacos than others .

Hector Lopez

Chris Gann

Nelson Turner


James Haberski

Not That good Haagen-Dazs ice cream so much better

Chad Lybarger

Love this place!

Matthew Wellings

Staff are really fun, friendly and passionate about great ice cream

Megan Hall

Service was quick. My only complaint is the flavors listed online as available at this location wasn't accurate and they didn't have what I specifically came in for.

Nathan Lewis-Lusso

Rita Paje

Cozy ice cream place at the District. Good customer service.

David Ellingson

Awesome little shop. Tucked into the buildings with a great plaza just in front. The staff are helpful and friendly. PSU students and staff get 10% discount if they show PSU ID.

Nevada COOL

Ice cream hundred seven degrees outside good combination

Patricia Zier

Very disappointed with their lack of care and customer service. I bought 3 ice-creams there 1 minute after walking out the scoop of ice-cream fell off one cone, went back in with it and told them and asked for a replacement and they said no, we needed to pay for another one. Very petty of them and we won’t be returning.

Rachel Hughes

Derrick P

Melissa A.

One of my favorite ice cream joints.... Funky Monkey always a must have!!! It was pretty clean & they have an outdoor eating area!


Sam Kuzma

Anita Klein

Nora Cisneros

Emily Allen

Sean Smith


Jessica Latimer

Many flavours to chose from. Relaxed staff ready to offer a taste test whenever you are ready. The small scoop is huge!

Susan Ackley

I like their ice cream, but it would be nice if they had kiddie scoops for the toddler crowd.

Elita Mitchell

Took forever to get my ice cream order and I really didn't like the music that was playing!

Steven Acord

Its was not that great

Marypat Imlay

OUT OF OFFICE Adventures

Erynne Finn

Patty Teel Russo

Nice staff

Life in tha Fast Laine

Okay here's the get down my niece can't have dairy so her ice cream selection is very very slim to none. But since we were at "The District" spying on some people we decided to give Ben & Jerry's a try. We walked in and my niece screams "they have ice cream for me and it's not sherbet." They had three flavors for her to try and she loved every last lick. She made her selection and as you can see I was the best auntie ever. Thank you Ben & Jerry for having a selection of almond milk & soy milk base ice cream.

evelynne Siedler Gomes

David Laub

Rhonda G

He was busy

Larry Plummer

Kris Lodhi

Mary Grace Gusso

Love them, and they are always showing their love to the PSU community :)

Aye Gee

Good ice cream here

paul jun


You can't go wrong at a Ben and Jerry's!

Alex Laughnan

Delicious ice cream - duh! They had a really great event going on regarding all sorts of different activities and had a ton of departments and groups on campus competing!

Scott 3.0

It's a typical Ben & Jerry's

semyon lisun

The best ice cream around makes you want more and more

Brooke Kaseff

Alvaro Moreira

Sensacional, vários sabores, um melhor que outro. Atendimento rápido. Eles deixam provar antes de escolher. A colherzinha é de qualidade top. Dá vontade de não jogar fora hehe. Adorei, não vou esquecer nunca esse sorvete aê.


Very good experience, ice cream was delicious, of course, but the whole atmosphere was pleasant. Server/worker was extremely upbeat and helpful, you could tell she wanted to work there, it made a hudge different. In my opinion she deserves a raise. It was also nice of them to have a pitcher of water and cups out for anyone who needed a drink.

Sparrow Theis

Delish. Good sorbet for a nice sunny day. Service was good, even though it was packed with people.

Robert Apalategui

Rami Moshe

Ray El-Mousa

They don't know how to count changes

Joseph Chelhot

Jina Levell

Good service & friendly staff, but portions are so small & waffle cones weren't the freshest.

Damon Karr

Cheryl Roberts


Tyler House

KameronKLK .

Overpriced icecream

Roberto Colon

wow. what a JOKE! that was literally the worst milkshake I've ever had - a disaster!

Matt McConnell

Nice Ben and Jerry's location. Lots of flavors.

Brennan Wadsworth

What's not to like?

Jeremy bonham

Cassi Huffer

The staff was nice... but you get very little ice cream especially for the price. The large was basically a small serving. Better off to just buy a pint at grocery store.

Ricky Mok

Nice ice cream

Jonas MK

Richard Phillips

The ice cream was very good with many varieties to select from - however, the help was too busy with their private conversations at one of the tables to even clean up the tables (we had to get water and napkins and do it ourselves). Then while it is nice to have the windows open on a warm day, nothing spoils dessert than cigarette smoke wafting in ones face from just outside on the street.

Sarika M

I'm allergic to dairy but there are days when I need a hit. Really good ice cream and quick service. Don't go there on free scoop day. The wait is too long.

Darren Rolfe

Good stuff

Rebecca Lawson

Natan Meir

The servers were incredibly nice. Thanks for making my afternoon!

Taylor Combs


Short wait, but small scoop servings.

Miranda Belsher

The ice cream here is good especially for chocolate lovers but the price for the quantity is a little steep.

Corinna Loudon

The employees at this Ben & Jerry's are all super friendly and provide great customer service. My only complaint is that it's a little expensive, however right now this Ben & Jerry's has an offer on Groupon where you get SIX scoops for $15, and with a discount code, I got the Groupon for $12, making that only $2 per serving, SO, totally affordable! The sorbets are delicious, as well as the ice cream!

Jake Eff

VERY helpful

Corinne Bradley

Vicky Carreno

I needed a pick me up. And a good old fashion Butter Pecan (can or con) was delicious in its fresh waffle cone. Made my day.

Charles Koh

Great selection of ice creams! My favorites is the chunky monkey.

Yanet Cabrera

(Translated by Google) Good and fast attention (Original) Buena y rapida atencion

Michael Struck

Sylvia Drill

No opinion. I arrived after it closed

ben howard

I like ice cream, it's that simple

leedor boblil

Clean Nice service But the please don't have all the flever and the price not ceap on this store

Pilar Montejo

Great ice cream. I don't mind the calories when it's a very good ice cream. If you haven't tried, you should.

Aimee Goodwin

Friendly staff. This location can get crowded quickly!

Nick Matcovich

Scott Pierce

It's good ice cream.

jd woolworth

Good, but way spendy.

Jenifer Gibson

Just watch out for the crouchy old crowd; they will get ya!

Sebastian Fenimore

Delicious choices!

Rosie D

Noah Abrahams

It's Ben and Jerry's! It's always tasty!

Marie Brie

Strawberry cheesecake, frozen yogurt, low calorie ice creams... its all in here!!! My lil one loves this place!

Scott O

It's the chain but with very pleasant staff!

elastic lizard

Suzanne Fraser

Hermann Guerra

Jeff Finnell

Kyle McCall

Mark W

2 good vegan flavors.

Lola Rain

Jackie Baltas

Shayla Norris-York

Mateo Echeverria

Jaclyn LaMar

Friendly employees and great ice cream! :)

Tesca Fitzgerald

April Sunshine

Pretty cool place! It's never too crowded and on hot days when it would feel too crowded, they open up the HUGE windows and let the breeze in. Very comfortable and clean place. I go here rather than Salt n straw sometimes just because I don't want to wait in line. The ice cream is just as good anyway, and they also have toppings.

Cindy Reyes

good ice cream

Yuri Gudkov

Bryan Brewer

Amazing icecream and service!

KingCade TV

The service is great!

Rohan Sirupa

Gustavo Martinez

Amazing ice cream. Great foood!

Caleb Jackson

Lauren Venator

carlos avendano

Fun plave to eat

Liam Fay

I went for free ice cream and was not disappointed. It was a wonderful cone of ice cream.

david nguyen

Very small shop. Not a huge fan of ben and jerry's but the conveinent location is a bonus. Price is a little high when you can just buy a pint for the same price as a scoop.

Jarin Amick

$4.20 for a scoop small enough to fit on one of their tiny plastic spoons. The employee told me "yeah, I wouldn't eat here if I didn't work here." Worst Ben and Jerry's in the area. Small portions and horrible customer service.

Robert Chambers

Great shakes

Diamond s

Jefte Sistoza

Jason Troncale

Eddie McNally

Michael Limb

Great ice cream at reasonable prices! You'll find flavors here that you won't find anywhere else.

Tug Harris

They didn't even have vanilla ice cream...

Michael Zappia

Who doesn’t love Cherry Garcia! The shop in Henderson at the District is my favorite shop. Love the staff.

Dan S


Todd Ellner

It is like all Ben&Jerry's which means high quality

Robert Goldsmith

Okay. Not enough hot fudge. Cup was too small for three scoops

Gladys Gonzalez

Great people working there

Krista Heintzelman-Gomez

Non-dairy Chunky Monkey is the serious business.

Derek Johnson

Pete Katzler

Fast service and great selection. Ben and Jerry's is always amazing.

Cass Shum

Good selection of ice cream. Get one of those Groupon punch card and I get two pint of ice cream per month!

Jenna Abamonte

robert Holt

This ice cream is totally over priced!

Paul Struk

Howard Fan

Love the ice cream here! Nice and refreshing after browsing at Powells!

Dulce Diaz

casey lomax

The staff is so amazing especially taylor! Our favorite location!

Jared Bang

Always awesome ice cream and treats.

Meryvette C

Aspen Bernier

Great service and good ice cream!

Eyvonne Geordan

Staff is friendly, shop is very cozy

Becca Lamphier

I love Ben and Jerrys. It's the only ice cream I eat.

Anna Kasperovich

roland howard

Very yummy, great service and awesome chips and salsa

Derek Dye

Great service only negative is to tight of a space.

Kalen Larson

mark kuebler

Loves the coffee buzz buzz buzz milkshake

Vickie Glass

Didn't have cherries Garcia

Danielle Moore

Disappointed they didn't have green tea ice cream but the chocolate and peanut butter was amazing! Helpful staff and lots of variety!

Glen Mitchell

First time at an actual Ben & Jerry's. Didnt dissapoint.

Megean Duncan

Michelle Huseby

Stoney Rose

delicios pizza

Christopher Rauschnot

Teresa Ashby

Bryan Mantei

mariah walton

Sarah Desrochers

Best Ben and Jerry's in Portland! The workers are a hoot! They thoroughly make your ice cream experience wonderful. Always excellent quality and assortment to choose from. Great place to stop for a cool treat.

Silbestre Ceballos

Cierra Nope

Love this place, it's fun, the music is great, the employees are super nice, and the ice cream is delicious! It's pricey, but that's because it's better than other ice cream. If you're looking for cheap ice cream, there's a McDonald's on the next block. If you're looking for something delicious and high quality, get a scoop or 3 of ice cream here, or try a milkshake. Totally worth it, I promise.

Ken Boucher

Loved it. I'm old enough to remember Ben and Jerry serving ice cream in VT

Andrew Hassel

Maryanne Gale

Yummy ice cream

suzanne fraser

Mark Menger

Christopher James

Jesse Caballero

David M. Turnbull

David Peterson

First time here awesome ice cream

Jeremy Dempsey

Awesome service! Love this place

John Wendland

Coffee buzz buzz ice cream is awesome

Shelby Craig

Icecream was great. Staff jumped around helping customers instead of finishing our order completely they started helping guests that came in after us. 2 families left satisfied before we were able to even get our order.

Chat Veg

Contessa Albert

Bette Schnur

Christopher Cross

ajay chittimilla

yummy ice cream

Hrach Hovhannisyan

Very dissapointed! On march 12 (obviously spring) it's closed on 6:05pm and stuff shows me the tag on the door where is written winter hours! And google shows that it should be open till 7pm.

Chris Weber

Ruth Temple

Love the Coffee Buzz Ice Cream! A splendid touch of delight

Jacqueline Drahman

You can't beat delicious ice cream on a hot summer night!

Bob McDermand


Ben and Jerry's in NW is a nice treat. Their flavors are unique and well branded. The service team is friendly and professional.

mylee. _cheerleader

Angel Cara

Delicious treats and great staff!

nene mar

Ashley Randazzo

The ice cream was delicious but I couldn't get over the service; it was incredible!!! Colette and Taylor really helped me choose the best flavor. Will definitely come again!!!

Minghui Xu

Aleg Boxxer

Great ice cream and great service to go with it!

Heather Serpico

Joshua Ferguson

It's Ben & Jerry's. What's not awesome about it? :)

Jack W

Typical Ben & Jerry's especially nice when the temp is triple digits. Eat inside or outside and enjoy a cool treat on a hot day. Next to Bella Vista's off Village Walk.

Swae DoesDamage


Lillianne V

Great ice cream and great employees. One of the employees took me camping! How nice. They really go out of there way with their customers. Camping!

Joshua Keihl

The girl who served me my ice cream was very nice and the ice cream was of course delicious.

Jacob Raab

Melissa White

Navin Sadarangani

Cookie cookie milkshake is yummy

Jessica Dent

Much better experience at this location compared to yamhill! Everyone seemed happy to be working there, super friendly and helpful. They welcomed my service dog and even had a treat for him. Thanks guys for renewing my faith in Ben & Jerry's as a great customer company.

hg rosa

Has a very diverse ice cream flavors. great place for family

Scott Hensley

Not a lot of great hard ice cream places in Henderson. This one is excellent.

Robert McAdoo

Always nice to visit a scoop shop.

Christopher Anderson

Basic b&j. Service was good.

Madison Daisy

Right on campus so nice :)

Jennifer Quinton

Amanecer Lunar

Very thoughtful from them to have vegan icecream ♡

KTID Kayaktillidie

Charles James

Jayden Williams

The ice cream was delicious and I loved the service. Taylor, Colette, and Antonio were very helpful and patient. Would definitely come again!

Tiphane fleming

Jay B.

Mmmmm they had a caramel goodie

Marissa Findlay

Nice ladys that work here all ways have a smile on there Faces I recommend this place big time

Larry Carpenter

Offers vegan ice cream of the peanut butter and oreo variety. Awesome!

Fernando Carvalho

Too expensive and the store not that nice experience...

Kevan Acker

The district is great, and it's always nice to have some ice cream while you walk around.

Devon Sifford

Fast, friendly service and great ice cream to boot. Smaller than other locations in the area but great if you just need to grab some delicious ice cream down town.

Andy Bochmann

Delicious ice cream.

harold machado

Altima NEO

Very cool cone selection. I've cream is real ice cream, none of that frozen dairy desert stuff. Fun place and right next top a cupcake shop!

Karen S

Great lil shop. Friendly staff with knowledge of the menu!

Regina Bisner

Nate Henderson

Nice little shop in a great location

Alan Alford

Convenient location & excellent ice cream.

Kerri Dolphin

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